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This Volume contains a complete transcript of the Registers of Durham 
Cathedral from the first entry on the 23rd of September 1609 to the end 
of the year 1896. They were transcribed for the Harleian Society as far 
as the year 1877 by the late Captain Edwabd A. White, P.S.A. (the 
permission of the Dean and Chapter having been obtained in November 
1876), and his leisure time for several years was occupied in annotating 
the numerous entries. 

The publication was, however, deferred from different causes; and 
ill-health, and eventually the lamented death, of Captain White prevented 
the completion of the work. 

His Sister, Miss Ella White, however, most kindly handed over the 
manuscript to the Society, and, by the desire of the Council, I have 
undertaken the completion of the Work. 

The manuscripts contained a complete and accurate transcript of the 
Register and a book of Notes to the various entries. By the help of 
Canon Gbeenwell, the whole of the proofs of the Register has been 
compared with the original, and the Members of the Society are deeply 
indebted to him for the generous assistance he has thus given to the 

The Notes have been transcribed from Captain White's manuscripts, 
except in the cases where he referred to certain pedigrees which he had 
compiled, in which case the notes thus referred to have been abstracted 
from the pedigrees by the Editor, and acknowledged accordingly. 

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A few loose notes by Captain White contain the following remarks, 
which I think it is desirable to print fully : — 

* Where " the College " is mentioned it refers to the enclosure or collegium 
{i.e. Collection) of prebendal houses lying at the south side of the Cathedral, 
which is so termed at Durham, and answers to the " Precincts " or " Close " of 
other Cathedral towns. 

' " Bow Church " refers to St. Mary-le-Bow ; locally " Big Bow." St. Mary's 
refers to St. Mary's in the South Bailey, or, as it is now commonly called, St. 
Mary-the-Less ; and locally, but very wrongly, " Little Bow." 

' " CrosBgate " refers to St. Margaret's, Crossgate, and Elvet to St. Oswald's, 
Elvet. These being without the City proper and places of themselves being 
styled legally Crossgate and Elvet in the County of Durham. 

' " BaHva " is the Bailey, the long narrow winding street running round the 
Abbey ; " Baliva Boreali " and " Baliva Australi " being the North and South 

* Colonel Chester's invaluable "Eegisters of Westminster Abbey"* first 
prompted me to do the s^me for my own Cathedral. Then when I compared my 
Work with his I began to think I had been too ambitious, and my heart frequently 
failed me. Colonel Chester, however, took much interest in the work, and fre- 
quently wrote to cheer me and urge me on. 

^ I hope it may find some favour with the Members of the Society, and that it 
will be received in the Cathedral City as a not unwelcome addition to the domestic 
history of her Citizens.* 

The text of the Work is a true transcript of the original, omitting only 
such constantly occurring phrases, as " were married,'* etc. 

In annotating. Captain White has followed Colonel Chester's plan 
very closely, especially in taking as much pains in elucidating the par- 
ticulars of persons in humble positions as of those of superior rank. 

The following is a table of the Contents of the Registers : — 







1610 1723 










Like most Cathedral Eegisters, the entries principally relate to the 
Clergy and ihe families within the precincts, who were mostly connected 
with the Cathedral. 

* Published bj this Society in 1876, as Vol. X. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


I do not propose to make special reference to the many distinguished 
persona who are mentioned in these Eegisters. Their names are fully set 
forth in the Index^ and considerable biographical notes will be found in 
the text. 

It is interesting to call attention to the Burials in Woollen at page 
100. They refer to an Act of 1666 (18 and 19 Car. 11., cap. 4), made 
more stringent by one in 1678 (30 Car. II., cap. 3), for burying in 
Woollen; the object being to lessen the importation of linen and to 
encourage the woollen and paper manufactories of the Kingdom. The 
first Act enacted that after March 25, 1667, no person should be " buried 
in any shirt, shift, or sheete other than should be made of wooll onely." 
These Acts, however, fell into disuse long before their final repeal in 

The entries subsequent to Captain Whitens manuscript have been 
transcribed by Canon Greenwell, and I venture once more to express, on 
behalf of the Members of the Society, their thanks for this additional 
assistance to the undertaking. 

It now remains only for me to state that in 1891 Captain White 
obtained the permission of The Queen to dedicate this Work to Her 
Majesty, and that, on renewing the application on the completion of the 
Work, I have had the honour to receive Her Majesty's most gracious 
continuation of that permission. 


Man. Secretary, 
Harleian Society. 

* In a Work entitled " Parish Eegisters in England," by B. E. Chester Waters (new edition, 
1883), the whole matter is set out and adequately discussed. 

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IRegfeters of Burfjam Cat|)eliral 


1609 Sep. 23 William, Bonne of Edward Smith.^ 

1610 Feb. 28 Eobert, sonne of Edward Smith.^ 

1611 Nov. 24 Ciprian Suddick,^ sonne of M' George Suddick, divinitie lecturer 

in this Cathedrall Church. M' John Barnes, esquier, M' John 
Bicheson the yonger, gentleman, and M" Cooper, witnessies. 

1612 May 6 Edward, sonne of Edward Smith.* 

1615 July 2 James Huchinson,^ sonne of M*^ Eichard Huchinson, Organest in 
this Cathedrall Church. 

1621 Mar. 24 Bichard,* sonne of M*^ John Bobson, parson of Morpeth, in this 

Cathedrall Church (upon Sonday). The right wo. Bich. Hunt, 
Deane of Durham, Doctor Cradock, and M^*» Birket, suerties. 
This child was y« first that was baptized in y* newe fonte. 

1622 May 26 Dorothie,^ dau. of M' [blank] Midford of [blanki (uF>n Sonday). 

M^ Jo. Cradocke, Mistris Dorothie Cradocke, and Jane Cradocke 
were souereties. 

*, \ ^ The father organist of the Cathedral ; see his burial 4 Feb. 1611-12. 

* Dr. Suddick, the father, was son of Philip Suddick of Monk Hesleden, co. Pal., gent., and 
named by him in his will dated U Nov. 1623. See the marriage of his niece (?) 8 Nov. 1639. 
[Richard, son of Philip Suddick, oordwainer, baptized 4 April 1689 at St. Nicholas. There are 
also several Philip and other Suddicks at St. Oswald's.] 

* The &ther occurs as organist as late as 20 June 1634 in the Treasurer's Accounts, but not 
so on so Sep. following ; see (perhaps) his burial 26 July 1666. For the sponsors see Mr. Barnes's 
burial 19 July 1613 ; Mr. Richardson's 7 Feb. 1639-40. Mrs. Cooper was second wife of the sing- 
ingman, whose burial see 18 Nov. 1623. 

' See his burial 28 March 1644, and his father's 12 April 1645. The mother was Margaret, 
dau. of Dr. Cradock, prebendary, whose burial see 30 Dec. 1627. Of the sponsors, see Dr. Hunt's 
burial 3 Not. 1638. Mrs. Birkett was wife of the prebendary Dr. Birkhead, whose burial see 
27 Nov. 1624. ** Y* newe fonte " was not the present unworthy pseudo-Norman one which yet 
remains, testifying to the terrible series of " improvements " carried out at the commencement of 
Dr. Waddington's Deanship. 

7 The father's name John ; see the baptism of her sister Anne 30 Not. 1626, and brother 
Bulmer 11 May 1628. The mother [probably Anne, baptised 16 Sep. 1599 at Gainford] was 
dau. of Dr. Cradock, whose burial see 80 Deo. 1627. 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1624 Feb. — Johannes,! filius M" Johannis Eobson, p'bendarii, & rectoris de 
Morpeth. Johanne Cradock, generoso, et Eichardo Cradock, 
& uxore D"* Gierke, aponsoribus. 

1622 July 7 Eichard,^ sonne of M^ James, prebend. M' Geo. Walton (for 

Mister Deane), M' Edward James, and M"* Ewbanke, suerties. 

1623 April 20 Elizabeth,^ dau. of M' Nicholas Heath. M' Clarke, M'*' Smyth, 

and M'** Martyne, suerties. 
April 29 Elizabeth, dau. of Jo. Awbrey.* Christopher Boucke, Elizabeth 

Eangall, and [blank:]. 
May 11 Bulmer,^ sonne of M' [blank] Midford. Sir Bartram Bulmer, 

Knight, Doctor Cradocke, & M' John Eobson, suerties. 

1624 April 1 Harrie,« sonne of M' Will'm James, prebend. M' Ewb., M' 

Clarke, sponsores. 

1625 April 20 Anne,7 dau. of M' Will'm James, prebend. 
June 21 Marian,^ dau. of Jo. Awbree. 

Nov. 12 Sarah,' dau. of M' Lyreley. 

Feb. 9 John,!^ sonne of Eichard Curtions. 

Mar. 16 Sarah,ii dau. of M' Fardinando Morecroft. 

* He was admitted at St. Peter's College, Cambridge, same day as his brother Bichard (see 
(Mte), and was the only surviving son at the date of the will of his father, whose burial see 
12 April 1645. The sponsors were two sons of the prebendary. [Mrs. (Mildred) Clerke was the 
wife of Gabriel Clarke, D.D., Archdeacon and Prebendary of Durham. See her burial 14 Nov. 
1659, in the Cathedral. MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ See his burial 15 Sep. 1623. Of the sponsors, Edward James was third son of Bichard James, 
a brother of Bishop James, but who does not appear in Surteee' pedigree, vol. i., 216 ; Mr. Wal- 
ton, the Dean's proxy, was Mayor in 1616 ; Mrs. Ewbanke, wife of the prebendary. 

' Eldest child ; afterwards wife of Archibald Waddell. Her father of Little Eden, co. Pal., 
Esq. See Surtees' pedigree, i., 38, to which this baptism adds. 

^ John Aubrey and Alice Page were married 17 April 1620 at Darlington. Mr. Boyoke or 
Boucke, a sponsor, was probably Beotor of St. Mary's in the South Bailey, although his name has 
not appeared in the list of rectors ; he married there, 9 Nov. 1596, Anne Bothwell, by whom he 
had nine children, bapt. there and at Billingham, of which he was made vicar 1603, and where 
both he and his wife are biuried. Elizabeth Bangall was widow of John Bangall, buried 6 Jan. 1622-3. 

' See his sister's baptism 26 May 1622. Sir Bertram Bulmer, a sponsor, was of Tursdale, oo. 
Pal. ; he married at Byton, 13 July 1600, Isabel, eldest dau. of Sir Nich. Tempest of Stelhi, first 
Bart., and was buried 6 May 1638, aged 54, at St. Oswald's. Doctor Cradock and Mr. Bobson were 

•, 7 See their father's burial 21 Jan. 1659-60. 

" See her sister's baptism 29 April 1623. 

' Her father, B.D., Vicar of Crainford and of Kelloe 1625 — 1651, was probably brother to 
Edward Lively, constable of Durham Castle under Bishop Neile. She married Anthony Bichard- 
son, and was living and had a son Balph 3 March 1650-51, the date of her father's will. The 
" Bishoprick Garland " says : 

" Here lies John Lively, vicar of Kelloe ; 
He had seven daughters and never a fellow." 

^^ See the father's burial 30 June 1670. 

^* She married 20 June 1649, at Merrington, Francis Ghiynes (baptized 28 Aug. 1618 »t 
Heighington) of School-Ayoliffe, co. Pal., son of Christopher Gaynes of the same place, gent., by 
his wife Eleanor Hall of Newsham. They had issue Christopher, baptized 16 April 1650; 
Margaret, 28 Oct. 1651; Frances, 11 June 1654; Anthony, bom 9 April 1656; Sarah, 7 July 
1659 ; and Jane, 13 May 1662 ; all baptized at Heighington, 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 














1626 Nov. 30 Aiine,^ dau. of M' John Midford (sonne in law to M' Doct. 

Nov. 30 Katherine,* dan. of M' John Lively. 

1627 June 3 Elizabeth,^ dan. of M' William James. 

Feb. 24 George,* sonne of M' John Cosins, Prebendary. Sir George 
Toong, M' Marmaduke Blaikston, prebendary, godfathers; 
M'** James, godmother. 

1628 Sep. 7 Susanna,^ dau. of Xpofer Cookeson. M' Eobt. Pleasant, M''» 

Susanna Smart, & M"* Eliza Cook, surties. 

Francis,* dau. of Xpofer Richardson, tanner. 

Elizabeth,^ dau. of Toby Brooking (S* Mark's day). 

Richard,® sonne of Henry Palmer. 

Margarett,' dau. of M' Jo. Geers. 

Richard,^^ sonne of M' Elias Smith. Richardo Hunt, Decano 
Dunelmensis, Augustine Linsel, Decano Lichfeldi©, Margareta 
Robson, p'bendarii uxore, sponsorib'. 
1632 June 24 Gulielmus,^^ filius M'* Gulielmi James, p'bendarii (natus vicesimo 
die Junii) . Gulielmo Shaw, S** Theologi® Prof essore ; Johanne 
Eubanke, generoso ; & Margareta Commin, sponsoribus. 
Oct. 2 Johannes,^* filius Johannis Geers (natus ultimo die Septembris). 
Johanne Cosin, SS. Theologi® Professore, & Johanne Robson, 
SS. Theologiffi Bacchalaureo, hujus Ecclesi» prebendariis, & 
M** Margareta Smyth, sponsoribus. 
Nov. 1 Elizabetha,^^ filia Johannis Wheers. Gt^briele Clarke, SacrsB 
Theologiffi Professore, & Elizabeth^ Blaikeston, & Ann& Chap- 
man, generosis, sponsoribus. 

^ See her sister's baptism 26 May 1622. 

' See her sister's baptism 12 Nov. 1625. She is not mentioned in ber father's will. 

* See her burial 21 Nov. 1628. 

^ He is stated to have died in infancy ; his burial occurs neither here nor at Brancepeth, of 
which the father (who was afterwards Bishop of Durham) was Hector. 

' The father, a freeman of the Mercers' Company, was Mayor in 1641, and was buried 28 Nov. 
1650 at St. Nicholas. Dying intestate, his widow, Frances, was granted administration. A dau., 
Dorothy, baptized 9 Aug. 1648, and a son, John^ buried 3 Dec. 1641, appear in St. Nicholas 
Begisters. Of the sponsors, see Mr. Pleasant's burial 14 May 1685 ; Mistress Smart would be wife 
or dau. of Peter Smart, " the turbulent prebendary," who was appointed to the sixth stall in 1609, 
and afterwards to the fourth. See further of him in Low's " Diocesan History of Durham." 
(S. P. C. K., 1881.) 

' The parents, Christopher Bichardson and Elizabeth Hopper, were married at St. Mary-le- 
Bow 1 Nov. 1625. Their other children baptized there are Jane, 18 Oct. 1627 ; John, 18 Nov. 
1632, and buried 7 Aug. 1638 ; Anne, 12 Feb. 1684-5 ; Christopher, buried 16 Aug. 1638 ; Mar- 
garet, 29 Sep., and buried 28 Nov. 1688 ; William, 29 Sep. 1689 ; Mary, 2 Dec. 1641. 

7 See her burial 14 Aug. 1646. " See his burial 7 July 1638. 

• See her burial 19 Oct. 1681. 

^" See his burial 7 Sep. 1684. Augustin Lindsel, a sponsor, was a prot^g^ of Bishop Neile, 
who made him a prebendary : he was afterwards successively Bishop of Peterborough and Hereford. 

" See his burial 8 April 1684. 

" See his father's burial 4 March 1641-2. 

IS The sponsors were Dr. Clarke, the prebendary ; Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Bobert Blakiston, see 
her burial 18 Oct. 1684; and see Anne Chapman's marriage 19 Feb. 1682-8. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1632 Dec. 23 Thomas,^ filius Nicolai Baulin. Philippo Ebutte, Thoma Coquo, 

& M™ Morecroft, sponsoribus. 
Mar. 10 Margareta,^ filia Johannis Gajdon, liujus ecclesiffi psaltis. Thoma 
Wright, generoBO, et M** Margarets Sobson et iBabellA Sciason, 

1633 Mar. 27 Johannes,^ filius Henrici Pahner, hujus ecclesi® psaltis. Johanne 

Cosin, S. Theologiffi Professore; Johanne Heath, armigero; 
et Elizabeth^, oxore M^ Eoberti Blaikston, hujus ecclesisB 
p*bendarii, sponsoribus. Natus autem erat Johannes Palmer 
die S^ Cuthberti, yicessimo die ejusdem mensis supradicti. 

Aug. 15 Margareta,^ filia M'^ Jacobi Ghreen, hujus ecclesis minoris 
Canonici. M'® Bichardo Smelt, ludi literarii didascalo ; Mar- 
garets Coquo ; et GhratiA Smith, sponsoribus. 

Feb. 24 Elisabetha^ Smith, filia Eli» Smith, artiu' magistri, et hujus 
ecclesiffi minoris Canonici. Anthonio Maxston, artium magistro, 
et hujus Ecclesise Praabendario ; M" Elisabeth^ Hunt ; et M™ 
Maria Smith, sponsoribus. 

1634 May 19 Maria,* filia Gulielmi James, p*bendarii. M" Johanne Heath, 

generoso; M"* Jane Plesunst; et M"* Margareta Coates, 

1636 May 23 Elizabeth.,7 filia M"^ Geeres. M~ Nailor et M« Elizabeth 

Phenicke et Philadelphia Ubanke, sponsoribus. 
June 20 Francisca & Johanna,^ filiae Thom» Burwell, Artium M", Epi. 

Dunelm. Cancellarii. • Hujus vitsB amaritudinem tantum 

gustarunt, et eodem die 8Btem& fruebantur felicitate. 
Jan. 6 Eatherina,' filia Jacobi Green, hujus EcdesisB minoris Canonici. 

^ Mary, dau. of Nicholas Bawlin, and Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas and Barbara Bawlin, were 
baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 8 Feb. 1630-31 and 1 June 1640, respectively. Thomas Cooke, a 
sponsor, husband perhaps to Margaret Cooke, a sponsor on 11 Dec. 1688 ; Philip Ebutts was 
married 27 Jan. 1627-8, at St. Mary-the-Less, to Grace, dau. of Dr. Bobert Button (by his wife 
Grace Pilkington, whose burial see 23 Not. 1638), and was buried 28 Deo. 1660 at Houghton-le- 
Spring ; Mrs. Ebutts does not appear in Surtees' pedigree of Huttov, i., 149. 

^ Also entered at St. Mary-le-Bow, where she was buried 7 Dec. 1634. The father, John 
Gaydon or Guidon, as in Bow Register, was married there 29 May 1632 to Agnes Hall, widow. 
There also is recorded the baptism of a son John, 16 Aug. 1685. ThonuM Wright, a sponsor, 
was husband of Jane Button, whose burial see 5 Oct. 1635. 

* See his burial 11 Sep. 1634. 

* See her father's burial 14 May 1667. Of the sponsors, Bichard Smelt occurs as master of the 
grammar school in 1633 ; Mrs. Cooke, a dau. of Dr. Morecroft, and wife presumably to Thomas 
Cooke, a sponsor on 23 Dec. 1632. 

< See her burial 28 Jan. 1651-2. Ber godmother Mrs. Hunt, widow of the Dean, left her £5. 

* See her father's buriai;21 Jan. 1659-60. Of the sponsors, see Mrs. Pleasant's burial 15 March 

7 See her father's burial 4 March 1641-2. Mrs. Naylor, a sponsor, was wife of the prebendary ; 
the burial of " Mrs. Elizabeth Fenwick, widow," occurs 8 Jan. 1667-8 at St. Oswald's, where she 
was married 31 Jan. 1615-16 to Tristram Fenwick, gent, as Elisabeth Green. 

* These children are by error called Francis and John in Surtees' (really. Sir C. Sharp's) 
pedigree of Bcbwbll, vol. iy., ii., 168. See the marriage of their parente 19 Feb. 1632-8. 

* See her father's burial 14 May 1667. Of the sponsors, see Mrs. Duncan's burial 12 Jan. 
1642-8 ; Mrs. Comyn, wife of Timothy Comyn, Esq., whose burial see 19 March 1689-40. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


M'^' Bichardo Newhouse, Doia Dunkon, et Doia Cummin, 

1636 May 6 Margareta,^ filia Eli» Smith, hujus Ecc. minoris Canouici. Tho'a 

Burwell, Cancellar; M*^ Margareta Heath, et M^ Elizab*a 
Smith, sponBoribuB. 
July 27 Seth,^ filiuB Thom® Burwell, Cancellarii. Johanne Heath, 
Henr'o Smith, armigeris, et D'na Hunt, Bponsoribus. 

1637 Dec. 18 ThomaB,^ sonn of D^ NaUor, prebend. The Bight hon^e L'* B»»p 

of Diirham and the Bight w'*^ M"^ Thomas Burwell, Chancellor, 

and M^ Hunt, witnesses. 
Mar. 4 Mathew,^ filius M'* Geers. M*^ Levett, prebendarius (He) hujus 

Ecclesi», et M"» Tobias Swinbome, et M" Cassandra Baddeley, 

Mar. 15 Duleebella Smith,^ filia Elia Smith, artium magister (tu;), et hujus 

Ecclesi® minoriB Cannonici. M'^ Johan'e Heath; et M^ 

Nailor, et M™ Penniman, sponsoribus. 

1638 Dec. 11 Margareta,* filia M" Boberti Aisley, generosi. W^ Gulielmo 

James, p'bend. hujus ecclesis; et M'^ Morcroft, uxore M'* 
Ferdinand Morcrofte; et M'* Margareta Cooke, filia sua, 

1639 Mar. 25 Gulielmus,^ filius Henrici Palmer, laici cler. hujus ecclesiae. M*^ 

James et M»" Maxton, prebendarii ; et M'' Duncon, sponsor'. 
Sep. 6 Joseph,® sonn of D^ Nailor, prebend. D^ Clarke and M' Bichard 

Badyley and M" Machall, witnesses. 
Oct. 1 Joane,' dau. of James Greene, minor Cannon of this church. 

M' George Blades, and M" Viner, and M" Barb. Newhouse 

the younger being wittnesses. 
Feb. 20 Gulielmus,^^ filius Johannis Geers, hujus Ecclesiie, psaltis. 

> See her father's burial 9 Dec. 1635. 

' See the baptism of his sisters 20 June 1635. 

* The father, Joseph Najlor, D.D., was oollated to the second stall 18 Not. 1636; arcbdcAcon 
of Northumberland 1682 ; Sector of Sedgefield 1634 ; and chaplain to Bishop Morton. He was 
deprived of his rectory and fled during the rebellion, but returned and died, 1667, at Sedgefield, 
where he is buried in the church. By his wife Dulcibella, dau. of Bichard Baddeley, Esq. (see 
note to burial of William Bridges 15 Aug. 1634)^ he had, besides the children here registered, 
Maiy, whose marriage see 25 Oct. 1668, and Dulcibella, Mrs. Morton, whose burial see 22 Sep. 

^ See his burial 21 No?. 1688. Of the sponscMV, Mrs. Baddeley was second wife of Bichard 
Baddeley, Esq. ; see preceding note. 

* See her burial 18 Dec. 1689. 

' Eldest child of her parents, whose marriage see 80 Jan. 1637-8. 

7 See the mother's burial 14 April 1688. Of the sponsors, see Prebendary Maxton 's marriage 
29 June 1637. 

^ See his brother's baptism 18 Dec. 1637. Mrs. Machell is perhaps an error for Machon, 
which, written phonetically, assumed yarious forms. 

* See burial 14 May 1667. Of the sponsors, see Mr. George Blades' burial 29 No?. 1661. 

^^^ See his father's burial 4 March 1641-2. Of the sponsors, see Dr. Marley's burial 8 April 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Cubto. Marley, sacrse Theologi» p'fessore, Ever* Q-ower, 
NortlmmbriaB Archidiacano, & Susanna Caldwell, sponsoribus. 

1640 June 24 Sarah,^ filia Eli» Smith, hujus Ecc. Minoris Canonici. Guli'o 

Church, generoBO, et Elizabeth^ James et Jane Maxton, 
generosis, sponsoribus. 

1641 Dec. — Elizabetha,^ filia Henrici Morecroft. Jacobo Peniman; Elizab. 

James et Anna James, sponsoribus. 
Jan. 10 Susanna,^ filia ElisB Smith. Jacobo Peniman, Elizab. Bridges et 
Anna James, spon*. 

1642 Nov. 2 Prancisca,* filia PauU Neele, Militis. 

Feb. 10 Henricus,^ filius Eli® Smyth, Artium Magistri, et hujus ecclesisD 
Minoris Canonici. 

1643 July 21 Stuarta,^ filia ThomsB Thin, Militis. Gualtero Balquancallo, 

Sacro sanctffi Theologi® Professore, et hujus EcdesiaB Decano, 
et Domin& Elizabeth^ Hammon et M'* Barbarft Wren, spon- 

1646 Mar. 1 Marye,^ dau. of James Greene. Cuthb. Bellamye and M" Auti 
James and Grace Lofthouse being wittnesses. 

1646 Aug. 2 Ann,® dau. of M^ Henrye Morecrofte. M' DaUiyall and the lady 
Ham*ond and M*^* Margarett Morecroft, wittnesses. 

1648 June 26 Peregrina,' dau. of John Burrow. Ann James, M" Copas, and 
M' Mudd, wittnesses. 

1652 Feb. 5 Francis,!^ gonn of M^ Francis Foster. M' William James, M' 
Bichard Baddelay, and the Ladye Penniman, wittnesses. 

^ See her father's burial 9 Dec. 1676. Of the sponsors, see marriage of Mr. Church's dau. 
80 Not. 1676 ; Mrs. Maxton was wife of the prebendary, see her marriage 29 June 1687. 

' The fatlier, Henry Morecroft (probably brother of the Prebendary), and Barbara, dau. of 
James Hilton of Dyons, gent, (whose burial see 6 July 1638), were married 28 Sep. 1687 at 
Houghton-le-Spring. See the baptism of her sister Anne 2 Aug. 1646, and the burial of her 
brother (George 28 June 1642. [" iLatheme Moororoft," another child, was baptized 1648 and buried 
an infant at St. Oswald's]. Of the sponsors, see Lady Pennyman in note to baptism 6 Feb. 1652-3. 

* See her other's burial 9 Dec. 1676. 

* [She was the daughter of Sir Paul Neile, Kt., by Elizabeth, daughter of the Bey. Gabriel 
Clarke, D.D., Archdeacon of Durham. See her burial the next day. MS. Ped by E. A. W.] 

* See his burial 6 July 1696. 

' See the marriage of her parents 6 Sep. 1642. 

7 See her burial 8 Nov. 1660. 

" See her sister's baptism Dec. 1641. Of the sponsors, Mr. Delaval was Thomas Delaval of 
Hetton, 00. Pal., Esq., who mar. at Houghton-le-Spring, 6 May 1646, Elizabeth, widow of Francis 
James of Hetton, Esq., and was buried 20 Oct. 1663 at St. Mary's ; Lady Hammond, wife of Dean 
Balcanquall ; Mrs. Morecroft, the Prebendary's wife. 

* See her burial 26 Oct. 1649. The father probably identical with John Borrow, buried at 
St. Nicholas 17 Jan. 1684-6, of whom Jacob Bee writes in his Diary under that date, " John 
Burrow departed this life, and 'twas reported y' he see a ooach drawn by 6 swine, all black, and a 
black mann satt upon the cotch box ; he fell sick upon't and dyed, and of his death seyerali appara- 
tions appeared after." Of the sponsors, Mr. Mudd was the organist. 

i^' See his burial 26 Jan. 1653-4. The fiither, Francis Forster, Esq., of the South Bailey, was a 
younger son of Thomas Forster of Edderstone, Northumberland, Esq. (see the pedigree in Baine's 
" Northumberland," to which this adds). The mother was Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Gabriel Ckrke, 
Prebendary and Archdeacon of Durham, whofe burial see 12 May 1662. Besides this child they 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1653 July 11 Gabriell,! sonn of M' Francis Foster. M' Mudd, M' Grey, and 

M" Martin, wittnesses. 
Oct. 4 Thomas, son of Eobert Gray. D*' Gray^ and M' John Walton 

and M^ Jane Pleasants, witnesses. 
Jan. 16 An,* dau. of M' John Farrer. M' William James, the ladye 

Penyman, and M" An Graye beinge wittnesses. 
1665 June — Isabell,* dau. of John Durye, sometime Epistoler of this Church. 

John Nailor, M" Sibby Gierke, — Frizzell, witnesses. 
1657 Dec. 8 John,^ son of M' Francis Foster. 8' John G [illegible from a 

blot] and M^ Roger Kirbye and M'' Hellen Karnabye, witnesses. 
Dec. 14 Jane,^ dau. of Ezerell Tonge and of Jane his wife, was borne on 

Thursday the third day of December, and baptized on monday 

the fowerteenth day of the same moneth in the yeare of our 

Lord sixteene hundred fiftie and seven, and of the foundation 

of Durham Colledge the first ['* and the last " has been added 

in another hand], 

1661 Feb. 27 Margarett,^ dau. of John Foster, Organist of this Cathedrall 

Church. M' Ambrose Myars and M" Church and Sarah Smith, 

1662 April 22 Samuell,** son of John NichoUs. M' Samuell Davison and M' 

George fiarchas and M" Maxton, wittnesses. 
Mar. 17 Susanna,' dau. of Samuell Bolton, minor Cannon of this Church. 
M' William Church, M" Susanna Smith, and M" Margarett 
Tempesti wittnesses. 

had Gkibriel (whose baptism see next entry), John (whose baptism see 8 Dec. 1657). Two children, 
Matthew, baptised 12 Bee. 1678, and Frances, baptized 11 July 1680, occur in the Begieters of St. 
Mary's, but query if by the same mother P The father's will is dated 15 July 1681, when he 
mentions his wife Elizabeth and only two daughters (eyidently his coheiresses), viz., Elizabeth 
(see her marriage 8 Sep. 1685) and Frances. " The Lady Penniman," a sponsor, was wife of Sir 
James Pennyman of Ormesby, co. York, Knt. and first Bart., and dau. of Stephen Noroliffe, Esq. 
The baptism of their son Thomas Pennyman, afterwards second Bart., occurs at St. Mary's 29 Aug. 
1642, as also that of an elder son James Pennyman 6 April 1637, who was buried there 13 April 

^ See his brother's baptism, preceding entry. 

^ ' Of the sponsors. Dr. Robert Grey, Prebendary of the eighth stall and Rector of Bishopwear- 
mouth, was half-brother of the first Lord Grey of Warke, and dying 9 July 1704, set. 94, was 
buried at Bishopwearmouth ; see burial of John Walton's sister-in-law 25 March 1631, and Mrs. 
Pleasant's burial 15 March 1676-7. 

* See her burial, where the name is Drury, 9 April 1662. 

* See his burial 22 April 1658. 

' See her burial 27 June 1660. " The foundation of Durham Colledge " refers to Cromwell's 
short-lived university, a brief account of which see in Low's '* Diocesan History of Durham " 
(8. P. C. K.), p. 265. 

7 See her father's burial 21 April.1677. Of the sponsors, see Ambrose Myers' burial 18 March 
1667-8, and the marriage of Mrs. Church's dau. 30 Nov. 1676. 

^ See the father's burial 6 June 1681. The above Samuel made his will 21 July 1719 ; by it 
he leaves his estate at Trimdon to his nephew William Burletson, son of his sister Thomasine, 
whose marriage see 30 Deo. 1686. Mr. Davison, a sponsor, was the third husband of Elisabeth, 
Lady Burton, whose burial see 14 Jan. 1699-1700. 

* See the marriage of the parents 24 June 1662. Mrs. Margaret Tempest, a sponsor, may be 
the eldest dau. of John Tempest, Esq. ; see next entry. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1664 Mar. 29 John,^ son of John Tempest, Esquir; for bow church. 
June 19 Christopher,^ son of Christopher Mickleton ; for bow church. 
Dec. 21 John,* sonn of Samuell Bolton, minor Cannon of this Church. 

Elias Smith, M' Broughton, M" Prudence Charlton, wittnesses, 

Anno 1664. 
Jan. 25 WiUia',* son of John Foster, Organist of this church. Anthony 

Pearson and Willia' Jordan and Elizabeth Myers, wittnesses. 

The 1 in the new font. 
Jan. 31 Gleorge,^ son of John Spearman. M"" George Barchas and Anthony 

Lodge and M" Mary Jackson, wittnesses ; bow church parish. 

1665 May 15 Elizabeth,* dau. of M' Anthony Lodge. M' George Barchas, 

M" Merrill Sissons, and M" Elizabeth Spearman, wittnesses ; 

bow church parish. 
Nov. 28 Margarett,7 dau. of Christopher Stones. Elizabeth Myers, Mar- 

garett Greene, and Balph Johnson, wittnesses. 
Dec. 12 William, sonn of Mark Todd. 
Dec. 28 Isabell,^ dau. of John Miller, bellringer. Isabell Smith, Alexand' 

Shawe, and Elizab. Martin, wittness. 
Jan. 25 John,' son of George BuUocke. Anthony Lodge and John 

Poster and Elizabeth Kirby, wittnesses. 

1666 June 26 Eattem, dau. of John Brass. Kattem Hubbuck, [blank] Eowell, 

et George Kirby, wittnesses ; bowe Church. 
Sep. 4 Thomas,^® son of M' Nicholaus Conyers. Collonell Tempest, 
My Peacocke, and the lady Coale, wittnesses. 

^ The father, John Tempest, Bsq., of The Isle, Sedgefield, M.P. for the county. The mother, 
Elizabeth Heath, sole heiress of John Heath, Esq., of Kepyer, Esq. See both their pedigrees in 
Surteee, vol. iv., part ii. 

^ See his burial 15 April 1718, and pedigree in Surtees, vol. i?., ii., 140, to which these registers 
make additions. 

* See the marriage of his parents 24 June 1A62. Mrs. CarleUm^ a sponsor, was wife of Dr. 
Guy Carleton, Rector of Wolsingham (where she was buried — " Laday Carlton, wife to Bishop 
Carlton "—24 May 1672), afterwards, 1660, Dean of Carlisle, and made same year Prebendary of 
the twelfth stall at Durham (installed 2 Not.), which he retained until his death ; Bishop of 
Bristol 1671 ; and translated to Chichester 1678 ; he died 6 July 1685, and was buried in Chichester 
Cathedral. The Bishop had issue Hester, aged 15 in 1670, who married George Vane, Esq. ; Eli- 
zabeth, married at Wolsingham 26 Oct. 1665 to Thomas Swinburne, Esq. ; Jane, wife of Robert 
Carr, Esq. ; and Prudence, named in a lease of Wolsingham Park 1676. 

^ See the other's burial 21 April 1677. Of the sponsors, Mr. Pearson was appointed under- 
sheriff 1663 ; Mrs. Myers was wife of Ambrose, the Cathedral plummer. 

* Bom 28 Jan. 1664-6 ; eldest child of his father, whose burial see 22 Sep. 1708. See his own 
burial 4 Peb. 1664-6. 

* See her father's burial 21 July 1687 ; she was living 12 Nov. 1683, the date of her grand- 
father Lodge's will. Of the sponsors, see the burials, 1 April 1690, of Mr. Barkas, and 4 April 
1688, of Mrs. Sissons. 

7 See her burial 12 Nov. 1668. 

* See her burial 8 Jan. 1665-6. 

* His baptism entered at Bow as 2 Feb., and more probably the correct date. See his 
mother's burial 12 May 1678. 

»• See his parents' marriage 16 Nov. 1664. Colonel* William Tempest, a sponsor, was M.P. for 
Durham 1678, 80, and 80; Mr. Peacock, probably Simon Peacock of The Bailey and Bumhall, 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1666 Nov. 80 Frances,! dau. of M' Anthony Lodge. Colonell Steward and 

M" Mickleton, senior, and M" Barclias, wittnesses ; bow church 

Dec. 7 Elias Turvill,* a greek by nation, bom in Constantinople, a jew 
by religion, having beene instructed, and being desirous of 
Christian Baptisme, on the thirtieth day of november, w^ was 
S* Andrewe's day, was presented to the font by Daniell Brevent, 
d*' in divinitye, and Dennis Greenvill, m' of Arts and Arch- 
deacon of Durham, Prebendaryes of the Church of Durham, 
godfathers, and by Frances Basiere, wife to Isaac Basiere, d^' 
in divinitye, godmother; and was in this Cathedrall Church 
solemnly babtized by the said Isaac Basiere, prebendary of the 
same church, by the name of Andrew, and afterwards did 
solemnly receive the confirmation by the hands of the Eight 
Reverend father in God John, Lord Bpp. of Duresme, and on 
the 2 day of december following did also receive the holy 
sacrament of the lord's supper at the hands of the above named 
d*' Basiere. 

Jan. 6 Christian,* dau. of Arthur Phillips. M' Lancelott Hilton et 
M.'** Martin, wittnesses ; being for bow Church parish. 

1667 Mar. 25 Doritye,* dau. to John MOler, bellringer. John Charlton, Doritye 

Scruton, and Elizabeth Donna', wittnesses. 
April 30 Elizabetha,^ filia Johannis Spearman. Joh*e Brown, Dorothea 

Spearman, et Elizabeths Barkas, sponsoribus. 
Sep. 29 Christianus,^ filius M" Johannis Foster, hujus EcclesisB Organist®. 

(festo S** Michaelis Archangeli). 

1668 July 1 Robert Hilton,^ y« son of M' Cuthbert Hilton. 

Esq. ; Lady Cole was Margaret, second wife of Sir Nicholas Cole of Branoepeth, first Bart., and 
was buried 15 Nov. 1675 at St. Oswald's. 

> See her father's burial 21 July 1687. Colonel Steward was probably quartered with troops 
in the city; Mrs. Mickleton probably second wife of Christopher Mickleton of Crookhall, Attorney ; 
Mrs. Barkas, wife of George Barkas, notary, buried 1 April 1690. 

' The date 7 Bee appears to refer to nothing in the context. Dr. Brevint, a sponsor, was a 
native of Jersey, and Fellow of Jesus College, Oxon ; Bishop Cosin obtained for him the tenth 
stall and the Rectory of Brancepeth, both vacated by himself ; in 1681 he became Dean of Lincoln, 
retaining his Durham preferments; he died in 1696. See the burial of Dr. Granville's wife 
14 Got. 1691, and of Mrs. Basire 27 July 1676. 

' She was perhaps by a third wife (being bom several years after the last child baptised at 
Bow) of the father, whose burial see 80 May 1681. 

* See her sister's baptism 28 Dec. 1665. Dorothy Scruton, a sponsor ; see her marriage 
11 Nov. 1669. 

' Bom 25 April 1667. See her marriage 4 July 1687. Of the sponsors, see Mr. Brown's son's 
baptism 80 June 1670. See Spbabmjln Pedigree, Surtees, i., 95. 

• See his burial 26 Nov. 1688. 

7 Bom 29 June 1668. Is also registered at Bow. He was an Attoraey-at-Law, of Bishop's 
Auckland (where he was buried), and Begistrar of the Consistory Court, an office in which he 
snooeeded his mother's brother, Ghibriel Newhouse, Aug. 1706. See his son's burial 8 Sep. 1724, 
and his fother's 28 April 1686 ; also pedigree of HiLTOK in Longstaffe's " Darlington." 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 

Nov. 29 

Jan. 26 

Jan. 6 

April 12 

June 29 

June 29 

June 30 


1668 Oct. 21 Elizabeth,! dau. of Bichard Neele, eq^ M" EUzabeth JefFerBon, 
M'* Elizabeth Stapleton, wittnesses. 
Georgius,* filius Nicholai Barwick, G^nerosi. 
Eranciscus Spearman,^ filius Johannis Spearman, Attumati. 
Nicholaus,^ filius Georgii Bullock. 

Margaretta,^ filia Bichardi Neile, Dunelmensis Subvicecomis (tic), 
Jana,* Nicholai Barwick filia. 
Dorothea/ filia Johannis Spearman. 
Johannes,® Johannis Brown, Attumati, filius. 

1 [She was buried 17 June 1672, at St. Oswald's. MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] Mrs. Stapylton 
was wife of the Bishop's Secretary, whose burial see 10 May 1686. 

' He married at Crossgate, 4 June 1689, Elizabeth Bobinson. He was living 1687 at the date 
of the will of his father, whose burial see 7 Bee. 1687. 

' Bom 21 Jan. See his burial 22 June 1678, and his father's 22 Sep. 1708, 

* His birth, 1 June, is given in Bow Register. See his mother's burial 12 May 1678. 

' [Administered to her father 8 April 1693. She afterwards married Stephen Harwood, and 
died ante 4 Beo. 1696. MS. Fed. by £. A. W.] 

* See her father's burial 7 Dec. 1687, when she was living. 

7 Born 19 June 1670. See her father's burial 22 Sep. 1708. She married (licence dated 
21 July 1690) John Cuthbert, Esq., Seijeant-at-Law, of Gray's Inn, Recorder of Durham and 
afterwards of Newcastle. In her will, dated 23 April 1731, she mentions her father and mother's 
and "auut Crompton's " pictures ; she was buried 5 Oct. 1731 in St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle, 
with her husband. They had the following issue : i. John Cuthbert, whose burial see 16 Oct. 1700. 
II. William Cuthbert, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 23 March 1692-3, Serjeant-at-Law and Recorder 
of Newcastle, who purchased in 1743 the Witton Castle Estate for about £15,000, and died, aged 54, 
28 Aug. 1746, and was buried at St. Nicholas, Newcastle ; he married, firstly, 27 Jan. 1721-2 at 
St. Nicholas, Jane, youngest dau. of John Stevenson, gent., by whom he had a daughter Margaret, 
married at Kendal, 27 July 1747, to Joseph Reay of Newcastle, merchant (he died 9 Dec. 1785, 
Kt. 69), and left issue ; he married, secondly, 29 Dec. 1730 at St. Nicholas, Dorothy (who survived 
him), dau. and coheir of — Robinson of Black Heddon, gent, (whose other dau. and coheir mar- 
ried the last Clennell of Clennell), and had by her : 1, John Cuthbert, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A., of 
Witton Castle, baptised at St. John's, Newcastle, 17 Nov. 1731, and died s.p. at York 15 Dec. 
1782, aged 51, and was buried at St. Nicholas, Newcastle ; 2, William Cuthbert of London, 
merchant, baptized 27 Oct. 1732 at St. Nicholas, and died s.p. circa 1766 in the East Indies; 
3, Fhiladelphia, baptised 24 Sep. 1733 at St. Nicholas, and married Ralph Hopper, Esq., 
Barrister-at-Law, of Bishop-Middleham, co. Pal. (where she was buried 1780), and had issue, 
with others, a son, John Thomas Hendry Hopper, Esq., who inherited Witton Castle from his 
uncle John. iii. Robert Cuthbert, baptised 12 April 1693 at St. Mary-le-Bow. it. Richard Cuth- 
bert, baptized at Bow 6 April 1696, B.D, and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Vicar of 
Kendal 1733. See his widow's burial 26 June 1767. v. Charles Cuthbert, whose burial see 
18 Oct. 1700. Yl. John Cuthbert, baptized 24 Feb. 1700-1701, M.D., of Portsmouth, where, 
according to the newspapers, he died in 1772, leaving a dau. Dorothy, wife of Sir John Carter, 
Knt., Mayor of Portsmouth, vii. Theophilus Cuthbert, whose burial see 9 Aug. 1703. 
YUi. Margaret, baptized 27 Dec. 1704 at Bow. rx. George Cuthbert, baptized 4 Jan. 1705-6 at 
Bow, who was aged nine when named in a Bishop's lease of 26 Oct. 1714. z. Ralph Cuthbert, 
baptized 3 Feb. 1708-9 at St. Nicholas, Newcastle. 

^ Died an infant apparently. The father, an Attorney -at-Law, living in the North Bailey, 
died, according to Bee's Diary, 8 July 1684 ; his will is dated 6 March 1683-4 ; in it he mentions 
his uncle Jerrard Brown, his sisters Abigail and Elizabeth Hutchinson, wife Jane, dau. Elizabeth, 
and dau. Jane, whose marriage see 30 April 1683.^ See baptism of a second John 9 Nov. 1675, 
and another son 18 Feb. 1678-9. 

* The mother was Jane, dau. of Richard Hutchinson of Framwellgate, who entered his 
pedigree at Dugdale's Visitation, 1666. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 






















1670 Oct. 27 Barbara,! Cuthberti Hilton filia. 
Maria,^ Johannis Yape filia. 
Cutbbert,' JohanniB Brasse filius. 
Elizabetha,* Tho. Battersbie filia. 
Maria,5 Willfredi Clarke filia. 

1672 Mar. 28 Frances,* filia Bichardi Neile, Dnnelo Subvicecomis (sic), 
JohanneB,^ JohanniB Spearman filius. 

1673 May 6 Anna,® Gualfridi Clarke filia. 
Paul,' filius Eich'di Neile, generosi, Dunelm : Subvicecomis (sic). 

1675 June 7 Carolus,!® filius Thom» Cartwright, Sacrse Theologise Professoris, 
& hujus Ecclesi® Praebendarii. Isaaco Basire, Sacr© Theologi» 
Professore, & Eoberto Gray, Sacr® Theologi® Professore, hujus 
EcclesijB P'bendariis, et D'na Anna Brevint, sponsoribus. 

Aug. 17 Jana,!! filia Joh'is Yapp. 

Oct. 28 Gilbertus," filius Joh'is Spearman, Gen««. 

Nov. 8 Bichardus,i» filius Wilfridi Qerke. 

> Alio entered at St. Mary-le-Bow, where she married, 27 Dec. 1694, GeofiVey Shaw of Barnard 
Castle. See her son's burial 12 Deo. 1746, and her father's 28 April 1686. 

' See her burial 26 Jan. 1704-6. 

' Cuthbert Brass and Ann Forster were married 28 Nov. 1699 at St. Oswald's. He appears to 
have been a joiner, and had a son, another Cuthbert, a singing-man at the Cathedral. They have 
several children baptized at St. Oswald's. 

* See the burial of her father, to whom she was sole executrix 6 No?. 1716. 

* See the father's burial 16 March 1679-80. 

' [Administered ** de bonis non " to her father 4 Dec. 1696, then wife of John Settou of 
Durham City. Living in Newcastle 1699. MS. Fed. by £. A. W.] 

7 See the father's burial 22 Sep. 1708. This child was born 21 March. Afterwards of 
Hetton-le-Hole, co. Fal., Esq., J.F., and was buried at Houghton-le-Spring. By his wife Anne, 
dau. and coheiress of Robert Bromley of Nesbltt, Esq. (see her sister's burial 26 Jan. 1700-1701), 
who was buried at Houghton 22 Nov. 1703, he had issue, Elizabeth, whose burial see 22 Feb. 
1605-6 ; and (these all baptized at Houghton) 2, John Spearman, 16 Feb. 1690-1, afterwards of 
Hetton, Esq., who died unmarried ; 8, Isabella, 26 June 1698, and buried 11 Dec. 1767 unmarried ; 
4, Dorothy, 18 July 1699 ; 6, Anne, 30 March 1700, and buried 4 June 1766 unmarried ; 6, 
PhiUis, 10 May 1702, who lived in the North Bailey, where she died 16, and was buried 21 Oct. 
1792 at Houghton. She died unmarried, and by her will, stating that she was " entirely against 
leaving the little money for the education of boys and girls, as they want sense to make the 
proper use of it," she founded a charity for the relief of " servants when they grow old, and not 
so capable of service. As far as it will go to unmarried women or widows, that will make their 
lives more comfortable, which I hope it will be doing more good." Five such persons, each 
reoeiring £20 a year, have at the present time reason to bless the name of kindly Miss Phillis 
Spearman. The above dates will be found to add to Surtees' pedigree. 

> See her father's burial 16 March 1679-80. 

* [Buried 21 Aug. 1674, at St. Oswald's. MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

^° See his mother's burial 6 Jan. 1682-3. The father was installed in the fifth prebend 
15 Nov. 1672, and became Dean of Bipon 1676, and Bishop of Chester 1686. See a good Memoir 
of Dr. Cartwright in Bliss's " Wood's Athen«." Ann Brevint was wife to the Frebendary, see 
baptism under 7 Deo. 1666. 

" See her burial 11 Aug. 1676. 

^ Bom 21st. See his marriage 1 Sep. 1701. 

» See hit burial 18 Deo. 1678. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Nov. 9 

Dec. 2 

( ) 

Feb. 8 


Nov. 1 

Nov. — 

Dec. — 

Feb. 18 


Jan. 1 


May 2 

July 17 

Dec. 31 

Jan. 5 

Jan. — 

Feb. 18 


July 23 


Sep. 25 

Man 9 


Joh'es,^ filius JoVia Browne, Gten". 

Laiicelotus,^ filius ThomsB Lowther, G^en•^ 

Joh'es,^ filius ThomsB Batersby. 

Eob'tus,* filius Joh'is Mitford. 

Gulielmus,^ filius Georgii Bullock. 

Mana,^ filia Joh^is Simpson. 

[blanky filius Will'mi Horsman. 

Isaacus,^ filius Isaaci Basire, Advocati. Dionysio Greenvile, 

S.T.P., GUberto Gerrard, Milite, & D*na Vane, vidui, sponsori- 

Margareta,' filia Cuthberti Hilton, Gen^ 
Gulielm*,^^ filius Gulielmi Stagg. 
Pryscilla,^^ filia Tho. Battersbie, Ludim*g*ri. 
Joh*es,^^ filius Joh'is Bowman. 
Joh'es,i« filius Nich'ii Fewster, CFici. 
Margareta,^* filia W™* Snawdon. 
Gerrard*,^^ filius Joh'is Browne, G^en•*. 
Martha,i« filia Cuthberti Hilton, gen««. 
Eobertus,*^ filing Joh'is Dury. 
Anna,^® filia Johan'is Mickleton, Armig., Bapt. die Martis (viz.) 

* See his brother's baptism 30 June 1670. 
^ See his marriage 4 June 1698. 

' See his burial 14 Aug. 1676. 

* Also re^stered at St. Mary-le-Bow, where his birth Is given 2 and baptism 11 3iaroh. See 
his burial 6 Oct. 1678. 

* This date is given in Bow Register for the birth. See his burial 6 June 1681. 

* See her burial 15 July 1603. 

7 See the father's burial 17 Jan. 1723-4. This nameless child may be the William Horseman 
who has a son baptized 12 Deo. 1726, or Timothy Horseman buried 12 April 1694. 

" See his burial 2 May 1678. The father, Isaac Basire, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of 
Dr. Basire, the Prebendary (whose burial see 14 Oct. 1676), was baptized 22 Nov. 1648 at Eggles- 
oliffe, and married, as her fourth husband, 4 July 1672, at Stanhope, '* Lady Elizabeth Burton," 
whose burial see 14 Jan. 1699-1700. This appears to have been their only child. Of the sponsors, 
Sir Gilbert Grerard, created a Baronet 1666, was husband of Bishop Cosin's eldest dau. Mary. 
** Domina Vane " was probably Frances, dau. of Sir Thomas Liddell of Bavensworth, second 
Baronet, and widow of Thomas Vane of Raby Castle, Esq., who was elected M.P. for the county 
21 June 1675, but died of small-pox four days afterwards. Mrs. Vane remarried Colonel Sir 
John Bright of Badsworth, co. York, Bart., the distinguished Pftrliamentarian, to whom she was 
third wife. 

* See her father's burial 28 April 1636. She was living unmarried 1717. 
^^ Also entered at Bow. See his father's burial 19 Feb. 1692-3. 

*^ See her burial 15 Jan. 1682-3. 

» See the father's burial 27 Jan. 1695-6. 

1* See his burial 22 Aug. 1681. 

^* See her parents' marriage 1 May 1678. 

** See his brother's baptism 30 June 1670. 

1* See her burial 26 Nov. 1681. 

^7 The father son of Rev. John Drury, Epistoler ; see baptism of one sister June 1656, and 
marriage of another 29 Aug. 1682. 

>* Her baptism is also entered in French in Bow Register, where she is stated to have been 
bom 29 July previous ; see her burial 16 July 1710. Of the sponsorB, see Mr. Robert Smith's 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


9^ die AuguBti, 1681. M«> Bob. Smith, M~ Anna Bell, et 

M" Eliz. Dobson, Bponsoribus. 
1682 April 2 [blank] ^ the dau. of Francis Hanby. 

July 11 Gulielmus,^ filius Gulielmi Tempest, Armigeri. M'" Rob. 

Delavall, M"* Sudall, et Doia Moore, sponsoribus. 
Aug. 22 Dulcibella,' filia D*ni JoVis Morton, hujus EccVisB Prebendarii. 

D« Smith (Decano Carleol), D'n& DulcibellA Naylor, et D'n& 

Eliz. Blakiston, sponsoribus. 
Aug. 29 Jacobus,^ filius Joh'is Yapp. 
Aug. 31 Johan'es,^ filius Nieholai Barwick, G^n. 

burial 28 Feb. 1708-4, and Mrs. Aon Bell's burial 6 Deo. 1787; Mrs. Elizabeth Dobson 
(" widow *' in Bow Register) was probably wife of Wheatley Dobson of Durham, mercer, Mayor 
in 1692, 1098, 1696, and 1697, and in her marriage licence, 1670, she is described as Elizabeth 
Welbury, spinster. Welbury Dobeon, her eldest child, was baptized at St. Nicholas 27 Aug. 1671. 

> The parents, Francis Hanby, Proctor of the Consistory Court, and Isabella (see her brother's 
marriage 1 July 1679), dau. of William Brockett, were married 22 Oct. 1667 at St. Oswald's. 
The birth-dates of their six older children are all recorded together at Bow, although baptized at 
St Oswald's. This was Frances, the fifth of eight children, and was bom 80 March 1681. Two 
younger are baptized at Bow, where the mother was buried 81 July 1702, and the father 24 May 
1706. The Proctor was perhaps a son of " Mr. William Hanby " (buried 8 May 1698 at St. 
Mary-le-Bow), who was Undermaster of Grammar School under Elias Smith and Thomas 
Battersby, and by the latter amotus ob negUgentiam et contumaciam, Mickleton terms him 
gentleman. " Mrs. Biary Hanby," buried 13 June 1688 at Bow, was probably his wife. The 
Hanbys remained in the parish to a later period, and there is a flat tombstone of the family close 
at St Oswald's, close under the Vicarage. 

' Fourth son of Colonel William Tempest, M.P. for the City (see baptism of Thomas Conyers 
4 Sep. 1666), by his wife Elisabeth Sudbury, niece of Dean Sudbury. He was living 1729. See 
baptism of a sister 29Jan. 1683-4, and the Tbhpbst Pedigree in Surtees, vol. iv., part ii., p. 93. 
Of the sponsors, Mr. Robert Delavall was Mayor 1686, 1687, 1688, 1689, in which last year it is 
recorded that he, " by reason of many debts and incumbrances and judgements entred against him 
and his estate, hath withdrawn himself," a course approved by the Bishop. Ho was eldest child 
of Thomas Delaval of Hetton, Esq., who occurs as a sponsor 2 Aug. 1646, and was baptized at 
Houghton-le-Spring, where his birth is given as Sunday, 17 April 1646. 

* Daughter, by his first wife Dulcibella Naylor (whose burial see 22 Sep. 1688), of the Bev. 
John Morton (Line. Coll., Oxon. BA. 1664, M.A. 1667, B.D. 1674, D.D. 1692), installed Pre- 
bendary of the seventh stall 16 Oct. 1676, of the sixth stall 29 Nov. id. ann., and of the twelfth 
18 July 1685, and collated to the Archdeaconry of Northumberland 5 Oct. following ; Bector of 
Egglescliffe 1672—1711, and Rector of Sedgefield 1711, until his death there 10 Nov. 1722, et. 78. 
He lies buried in the chancel of his church, and a tablet lengthily records his virtues. The child 
Dulcibella, baptized as above, married at Sedgefield 30 Dec. 1718, as second wife, William Davison 
of Beamish, Esq. {ffide pedigree in Surtees, ii., 227), and dying 15 Jan. 1737, was buried with her 
husband at Tanfield. She was ancestress of the present Lord Auckland, Sir William Eden now 
seventh Baronet of Windlestone, and of the late John Eden (formerly Methold) of Beamish, Esq. 
Her great-granddaughter, Mary Anne Eden, became the wife of Lord Chancellor Brougham ; 
and her granddaughter, Catherine Eden, married Dr. John Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury 
(see baptism of their son George 19 Nov. 1770). See the baptisms of her brother, sisters, half- 
brother, and half-sister hereafter. Of the sponsors. Dr. Thomas Smith was Prebendary of the 
fourth stall 1661, and of the first 1668 ; afterwards, 1684, Bishop of Carlisle. Domina Dulcibella 
Naylor was the maternal grandmother. Domina Elizabeth Blakiston was wife of Henry Blakiston, 
Esq., whose burial see 15 May 1683. See the burial of Dr. Morton's second wife 12 Feb. 1724-5, 
and MoBTONS in Index. 

^ See the marriage of his parents 8 Feb. 1667-8. 

• See hit burial 16 Oct 1682. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 











June 14 

June 20 












1682 Nov. 29 Jana,! filia Joh'is Bowman. 
GeorgiuB,* filius Wil"" Snawdon. 
Johan'es,^ filius AndresB Wilkinson. 
G^eorgius,* filius Edwardi Carlton. 
Elizabetha,^ filia Johan'is Simpson. 

1683 June 14 Eobertus,* filius Joli'is Mickleton, Armigeri, Bapt. die Jovis 
(viz.) 14^ mensis Junii. M«> Bob. Smith, M« Tho. Blakiston, 
et lyf* Margarets Smith, sponsoribus. 

Maria,^ filia posthuma Ambrosii Heighington, Gen. 

Samuell,^ filius Boberti Adamson, Crici. 

Georgius,' filius D*ni Joh*is Morton, hujus Ecclesiffi Prebendarii. 

Elizabetha,^^ filia Gulielmi Tempest, Armigeri. 

Johannes,^^ filius Johannis Taylor. 

1684 April 2 Henricus,^* filius D'** Henrici Bagshaw, Prebendarii nonffi Preb. 

hujus Eccl., et Eectoris de Houghton in le Spring. Bob. 
Grey, S.T.P., W"»<> Tempest, Arm., et D'na Musgrave (Preb. 
uxore), sponsoribus. 

^ See the burial of her father 27 Jan. 1695-6. 

' See his parents' marriage 1 May 1678, and (probably) bis burial 4 Nov. 1780. 

' See the marriage of bis parents 20 Sep. 1682. 

* See the baptism of another child of Edward Carlton 24 Feb. 1684-6. 

* See her burial 4 Oct. 1685. 

* Also registered at St. Mary-Ie-Bow ; the entry is in French, and he is styled " fils ain^," 
his birth date, 4 June, being recorded. See his burial 20 Aug. 1684. Of the sponsors, Mr. Robert 
Smith was the second husband of the child's grandmother ; Mrs. Margaret Smith was aunt. See 
Mr. Blakiston's burial 25 March 1711. 

7 She was buried at Crossgate 27 Aug. 1684. The father was a younger son of William 
Heighington of Durham, gent.,* and was baptized at Crossgate 30 May 1654, where, dying 4th 
(Bee's Biary), he was buried 5 May 1683. The mother was Catherine, dau. and coheir of Dr. 
Thomas Musgrave, Prebendary of Durham and Dean of Orlisle ; see his burial 30 March 1686. 
Their marriage licence is dated 26 Sep. 1676. Besides this child, they had William, baptized 
12 March 1677-8 at Crossgate, Musgrave, baptized 2 March 1679-80, and Catherine, all men- 
tioned in the will, dated 13 March 1692-3, of their grandfather, William Heighington, who was 
buried 29 Nov. 1693 at Crossgate. [" Richard Heighington of the North Bayley, cordwyner, and 
Ghirtrett Waller of this parish, spinister," married 1 May 1654 at St. Oswald's.] 

' See his mother's burial 10 Aug. 1684. Observe the burial 9 Aug. 1680 of a Samuel 
Adamson, who might be the grandfather. 

» See his burial 22 Jan. 1690-91. 

^ Dau. of Colonel William Tempest, M.P., of Old Durham (whose baptism see 31 Jan. 1653-4), 
by his wife, Elizabeth Sudbury, niece of Dean Sudbury. She married 26 Feb. 1714-15 at St. 
Oswald's, Anthony Salvin of Elvet, gent., and died at the birth of her first child, Anthony, who 
was baptized on the day of his mother's burial at St. Oswald's 26 Feb. 1716-16. 

" See his burial 20 June 1684. 

» See his burial 14 Feb. 1684-5. The father, D.D. of Christ Church, Oxon, was instituted 
Rector of Houghton-le-Spring 13 Dec. 1677, and installed in the ninth Prebend 20 July 1681. 
He is described on his monument in Houghton Church as son of Edward Bagshaw of Morton 

* William Heighington, barber, of St. Nicbolaa, and Frances Heighington of St. Margaret's, 
married 1 Dec. 1636 at St. Oswald's. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 











June 11 

June 28 




1684 June 12 SobertuB,^ filius Johan^is Wood (Gardiner). Marmaduco Allen- 
son, G^n., Roberto Delavall, gen., et D'n4 Eliz. Kirkbj, spon- 

Brigida,^ filia Gulielmi Horseman. 

Johan'es,' filius Gulielmi Wilson, Gen. Gulielmo Tempest, 
Joh'e Sudbury, Armigeris; et D'na Elizab. Spearman, spon- 

Anna,^ filia Jolian*is Morton, hujus Ecclesiie Prebendarii. 

Martha,^ filia Edyardi Carleton. 
1686 May 18 Cuthbertus,* filius Joh*is Bowman. 

F7 [blank] Joh'is Martyn. 

Maria,^ filia Tbo. Butler, Gener. 

Jacobus,* filius Joh*is Benson. 

Putney in the ooonty of Northampton, Esq. By hia wife, Biary WiUhere, who died 10 and was 
buried 18 Oct. 1703 in Houghton Church, he appears to have had three sons and fl?e daughters, 
yis., Ralph, whose burial see 7 Jan. 1681-2 ; Henry, as above ; Edward, whose baptism see 21 July 
1690; Mary, buried 21 Oct. 1680, and Anne 18 Feb. 1686-7, both in Houghton Church; 
Prudence, baptized 25 May 1685 tt Houghton, her father's executrix and only surviving dan. ; 
and Elisabeth and Sarah, whose baptisms see 15 April 1689 and 22 Dec. 1692 respectively. Dr. 
Bagshawe in his will, dated 10 Nov. 1708, with a codicil 20 Deo. 1709, mentions his nieoe 
Mrs. Dorothy Wilsher and nephew Peter Lancaster, and a silver tankard given to him by Lady 

* See baptism of another (;hild 80 Jan. 1686-7. The father, doubtless, was college gardener. 
Of the sponsors, Marmaduke Allenson of West Baiuton, co. Pal., and a mercer of Dorham, whs 
Mayor 1684 and 1685. He was baptized 18 July 1630 at Croesgate, the son of Ralph Allenson 
of Durham, Mayor in 1685, 1642, and 1643 (son of Anthony Allenson of Bishop's Auckland), by 
his wife Mary, dau. of Archdeacon Blakiston, Prebendary of the seventh stall, which Balph was 
buried 29 Jan. 1656-7 at St. Nicholas ; Marmaduke Allensen died 19 and was buried 20 Jan. 
1689-90 at St. Mary's, leaving a numerous family, and his widow Alice proved bis will 25 id. 
men. See the burial of Mrs. Kirkly, another sponsor, 16 July 1721. 

' See the father's burial 17 Jan. 1723-4. 

' See the parents' marriage 18 Dec. 1677. This child probably died young, ts be is not men- 
tioned in a Bishop's lease of 1691 with his brother and sistern, viz., Elizabeth, stated to be 
eldest dau., and then aged 11 ; Bridget, whose baptism see 15 Dec. 1685 ; Mary, baptized 13 March 
1686-7 at Bow ; and Sudbury, youngest child, whose burial see 6 Jan. 1700-1701. [Perhaps of 
this family was Richard Wilson, gent., who married 13 Dec. 1740, at St. Oswald's, Bridget, then 
aged about 50, dau. of Colonel William Tempest, M.P., who is a sponsor.] John Sudbury, 
another sponsor (whose sister Elizabeth married the before-mentioned Colonel Tempest), was 
nephew of Dean Sudbury, and LL.B. (1682) of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and was created a 
Baronet 1685 ; he married Bridget (she remarried Edward Carteret, Esq., M.P., and had issue), 
dau. of Sir Thomas Exton, Knt., Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, by whom he had an 
only dau. Anne ; at his death in 1691 the title became extinct. Mrs. Spearman was wife of the 
Undersheriff, whose burial see 22 Sep. 1703. 

* See her burial 28 Dec. 1685. 

' See her brothers baptism 17 Jan. 1682-3. 

* See the father's burial 27 Jan. 1695-6. 

7 The father perhaps the Minor Canon whose burial see 11 Nov. 1697. 

' See her marriage 80 March 1709 ; also the pedigree of Butlbb (to which this date adds), 
Snrtees, iii., 49. 

' See the father's burial 19 Dec. 1696. This child apparently by a second marriage, for see 
burial of Isabell Benson 20 June 1682. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Dec. 15 

Jan. 5 


Sep. 21 

Dec. 12 

Jan. 20 


April 2 

April 8 

April 22 

April 15 

Sep. 17 


Dec. 1 


( ) 


July 21 


Nov. 4 

Feb. 1 


Sep. 4 


Brigida,^ filia Gulielmi Wilson. 

Elizabetha,^ filia Francisci Hanby. 

Elisabetha,' filia Joh'is Benson. 

Thomas,* filius JoVis Proud (Bow). 

Johan'es,^ filius Joh'is Wood, ap^ Bow church. 

Jacobus,^ filius Michaelis Mickleton. 

Johan'es,^ filius Joh'is Proud. 

Elisabetha,^ filia JohHs Morton, Prebendarii. 

Elisabetha,' filia Henr. Bagshaw, S.T.D., Prebendarii. 

Eichardus,i<> filius W™^ Grahme (S.T.P., Decani Carliol, et hujus 

EcclesisB Prebendarii). 
John,^^ son of John Lisle, Minor Canon. 
Anne,*^ daughter of John Proud. 
Edward,^* son of D' Bagshaw. 
George,^* son of William Greggs, Organist. 
Samuel,^ ^ son of John Lisle, Min' Canon. 
Hamond,^* son of John Clement. 
Sep. 29 Elisabeth,^7 dau. of W" Horseman. 

* See her brother's haptism 17 Aug. 1684. She was, doubtless, named Bridget after Lady 
Sudbury. She probably died an infant, as she is not included in the lease of 1691. 

' Born, according to Bow Register, 25 Dec. 1685, being fourth dau. and sixth child. See her 
sister's baptism 2 April 1682. 

' See the baptism of her brother 21 July 1685. 

* See the marriage of the parents 17 Jan. 1685-6. 
' See the baptism of his brother 12 June 1684. 

* Bom 27 March preceding. See his parents' marriage 4 July 1687. He was afterwards a 
Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's.Inn ; he married Hannah (baptised 26 Jan. 1685-6 at St. Helen's), fifth 
dau. of Sir Robert Eden of West Auckland, first Bart., but died s.p., circa 1717, according to 
Surtees' pedigree., iv., ii., 140, probably in London. His wife was sister to Dr. Eden, whose 
burial see 6 March 1754. His sponsors were Sir Robert Eden (afterwards his father-in-law), and 
his grandparents James Mickleton and Mrs. Spearman. 

7 See his (probable) marriage 22 Sep. 1713, and his brother's baptism 12 Deo. 1686. 

> See her burial 24 May 1697. 

' Died an infont, and was buried in Houghton-le-Spring Church 26 May 1689. See her 
brother's baptism 2 April 1684. 

>® Bom 80 Aug. preceding ; see his burial 23 Deo. 1689. 

" See hb burial 28 June 1690. The father graduated at St. John's College, Cambridge, 
B.A. 1680 ; MA. 1684. See the baptisms of his brothers, Samuel, 1 Feb. 1691-2, and Henry, 
81 Aug. 1693. [" Mr. Biaurice Lisle, Master of Arts," who has a son John baptised 4 Sep. 1683, 
and others, at St. Oswald's ; and Mrs. Rowe, whose burial see 22 Oct. 1707, were perhaps relations.] 

" See her brother's baptism 12 Deo. 1686. 

>* He is mentioned on his father's monument as the only surviving son. See his brother 
Henry's baptism 2 April 1684. 

i< The father, appointed Master of the Song School 19 Feb. 1690-91, and Organist on the 
death of John Foster 1677> was buried in the churchyard of St. Mary's 16 Oct 1710, where the 
inscription on his altar-tomb states that he died 15th in the 48th [?] year of his age, and " was son 
of Jo. Greggs, gent., of York, a snfl'erer for K. C. I." 

^* He entered, then aged 17, at St. John's College, Cambridge, 8 May 1709, and graduated 
BA.. 1712, MA. 1716, and BJ>. 1724. See hb brother's baptism 1 Dec. 1689. 

1* See his burial 4 March 1732-8. 

>7 See her burial 17 April 1695. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1692 Oct. 4 Frances,! dau. of John Proud. 
Dec. 22 SaraV dau. of D"- Bagshaw. 

1693 May 1 Ositha,* dau. of D^ Morton. 

Aug. 31 Henry,* son of M' Lisle, Min' Can. 

1694 June 26 Thomas,^ son of D^ Morton. 
1696 Oct. 25 Jolm,« son of D' Smith. 

Oct. 18 John,^ son of John Clement. 

169^ Aug. 11 Penelop Dobson,® dau. of D' Dobson. 

Aug. 29 Thomas,* son of Tho. Rudd. 

Jan. 26 Mary,io dau. of D' Smith. 

1698 Sep. 22 Eliz.,ii dau. of D' Dobson 
Nov. 24 John,i2 ^j^ ^f xho. Rudd. 

1699 Aug. 9 ," son of D' Smith. 

170^ Aug. 16 Dorothy,!* dau. of D' Dobson. 

Mar. 20 John,*^ son of W NicL Burton, Schoolemaster. 

1701 April 29 Joseph,i« son of John Smith, D.D. 

^ See her brother's baptism 12 Deo. 1686. 

' She was buried in Houghton-le-Spring Churoh 18 May 1694. See her brother's baptism 
2 April 1684. 

' Dau. of Dr. Morton by his second wife, whoee burial see 12 Feb. 1724-6, and her own burial 
23 May 1702. See her half-sister Duloibella's baptism 22 Aug. 1682. 

* See his burial 27 Nov. 1608, and his brother's baptism 1 Dec. 1689. 

* See his burial 28 Jan. 1720-21. 

* See his burial 24 Nov. 1731. 
7 See his burial Oot. 1696. 

» The father, the Ee?. Henry Dobeon of Magdalen College, Oxon (B.A. 1674; M.A. 1677; 
B.D. 1689 ; D.D. 1693), was appointed Beotor of Boldon 1692, and installed in the sixth 
Prebend 8 June 1695 ; he died in London, aged 67, 23 March 1717. See baptisms of other 
children Sep. 1698, Aug. 1700, and Feb. 1704-5. 

' The father, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, was at this time Head Master of the 
Grammar School ; he had afterwards (1711—1725, when he became Vicar of Northallerton) the 
Vicarage of 8t. Oswald's, where the registers all carefully kept by himself are a specimen of most 
beautiful and indeed wonderful penmanship, a standing reproach to the often undecipherable 
writing in our modem registers. See Budd Pedigree in Surtees, toI. iv., part ii., p. 107, where a 
full account will be found of both father and son. They are now represented by Wilbraham of 
Bode, Cheshire. See baptism of another son 24 Nov. 1698. 

'® See her burial 5 Dec. 1698, and her brother's baptism 25 Oct. 1696. 

" See her burial same day, and her sister's baptism 11 Aug. 1697. 

^> Bom 12 Nov. These dates add to Surtees' Pedigree. He died 30 June 1720, and was 
buried 2 July in St. Oswald's Churoh, where his M.I. describes him as " optim» spei juvenis ; in 
flore ipso setatis diuturao morbo consumtus et tandem (magno suorum dolore) eztinctus." The 
Ticar invariably spelt his own name Bmd in the Begisters. 

1' His name was William ; see his burial 11 Aug. 1702, and his brother's baptism 25 Oct. 1696. 

^* See her sister's baptism 11 Aug. 1697. 

^* Son of the Bev. Nicholas Burton, M.A. (whoee sedbnd marriage see 18 May 1704), by his 
first wife, Anne, who died 10 (M.I.) and was buried 12 Aug. 1703 within the communion rails of 
St. Mary-le-Bow beside her dau., whose baptism see 80 June 1702. 

** He graduated B.A. 1721, and M.A. 1725, at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was after- 
wards presented to the Vicarage of Houghton, Sussex. He is stated in Surtees' Pedigree to have 
married Elizabeth Woodgt^r, and to have died at Cambridge, 1734, s.p. 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 

















1702 June 30 Martha,^ dau. of M' Nich. Burton, Schoolm'. 
Fitz-Herbert,^ son of Hen. Dobson, D.D. 
William,' son of John Smith, D.D. 
W"*, son of Eliz. Smith, a Traveller, privately bapt. 
Elizabeth,* dau. of Jo. Rymer, Clerk. 

John,^ son of Jn® Waring, was bom Feb. y* 27***, and baptised 
March y« 13"» by y« Eever^ M' Eob* Leeke, PrflBcentor. 
1726 May 31 Frances, a new-born infant left in the Abby Church and Christned 
in the Vestry. 

(Eobt. Pigot, Sacrist, Nov. y« 20t^ 1726.) 

Dec. 12 Robert,* son of William and Mary Horseman. 

1729 July 14 Margarett^ and Mary, daughters of Hammond and PrisciUa 


1730 Feb. 2 James,® son of y« Kev^ D' Thomas Sharp, Arch-Deacon of North- 


^ She was buried 26 May 1703 within the oomm union rails at St. Mary-Ie-Bow, of which 
her father was Beotor. She is termed " filia homotina" on her mother's M.I. See her brother's 
baptism 20 March 1700-01. 

' See his sister's baptism 11 Aug. 1697. Br. Fitz-Herbert Adams was at this time Prebendary 
of the Tenth Stall ; and Colonel William Tempest, M.P., several times before mentioned, had a 
son, bom 1687, named Fitz-Herbert. This name probably came from one source in each instance. 

' Youngest child. See his burial 24 Nov. 1780, and his brother's baptism 25 Oct. 16 

* See her burial 7 Oct. 1728. 

» The father, the Rev. John Waring of St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A. 1709; M.A. 
1713), a Minor Canon, was appointed Vicar of Billingham 1715, Sacrist 1719, afterwards 
Precentor ; and, 1721, Bector of St. Mary's in the South Bailey, where he was buried 26 Nov. 
1732.* The son baptized as above was probably the John Waring who graduated at St. John's, 
Cambridge, B.A. 1737, M.A. 1741. 

' The parents, William Horseman and Mary Smith were married 11 Jan. 1725-6 at St. Mary- 
le-Bow. The father may have been that nameless child of William Horseman (whose burial see 
17 Jan. 1723-4) who was baptized — Dec. 1676. 

7 See the burial of Margaret 21 Sep. 1729. 

' [The father was the son of Archbishop Sharp, by Elizabeth, youngest dau. of William 
Palmer of Winthorp, co. Leicester, Esq. He was bom 12 Dec. 1693 and baptized 1 Jan. 1698-4 
at St. Martin's in the Fields; of Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1712; M.A. 1716; D.D. 
1729) ; Bector of Bothburj, Northumberland, 1720 ; one of Lord Crewe's Trustees ; Archdeacon 
of Northumberland (collated 27 Peb. 1722-8) ; Prebendary of the tenth stall in Durham Cathe- 
dral (installed 1 Dec. 1732) ; and Prebendary of York and Southwell ; official to the Dean and 
Chapter of Durham 1755. He died 16 March 1758 and was buried in the Gralilee Chapel in 
Durham Cathedral. The mother was Judith, dau. of the Bev. Sir Oeorge Wheler, Knt., 
Prebendary of Durham, and Bector of Houghton-le-Spring ; bom 1700 ; died 2 July (according 
to M.I.) and buried in the Gralilee Chapel in Durham Cathedral, near her father, 9 July 1757 ; 
married 19 June 1722 at Houghton-le-Spring (the Bothbury Begister gives the date of her death 
as 1 July). James was the seventh Fon, of lieadenhall Street, London, ironmonger. He 
married 3 May 1764 Catherine, dau. of John Lodge of London, who died in 1834, »t. 95. By 
her he had a dau. Catherine, his sole heiresf (who placed the monument in Durham Cathedral), 

* He married Barbara (baptized 18 Nov. 1694 at Bow), fourth dau. of Peter Burrell, Notary- 
Public, of the Bailey, and sister of Lady D'Arcy of Navan. See Bub££LL8 in Index. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1738 Nov. 25 Judith,^ dau. of y« Rev*^ D^ Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of this 

178a Nov. 21 Graiiville,^ son of j* Eev* D' Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of this 


1787 April 19 Ann,8 dau. of y« Eev^ D' Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of this 


1788 May 6 Frances,* dau. of y« Eev^ D' Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of this 

1740 Sep. 11 Henry,5 son of Robert Pigot, Sacrist. 

1744 May 9 Barbara,* dau. of y« Eev^ M' James Lesley, Prebendary of this 


1745 July 8 Mary Ann,^ dau. of y* Eev* D' James Lesley, Prebendary of this 

Jan. 27 Wadham,® son of y« Eev^ D' Wadham Knatchbull, Prebendary 
of this Church. 

and who married at Queen Square Chapel, Bath, on July 30, 1817, the Bev. Andrew Bowlt of 
Bamborough, who upon his marriage assumed the name and arms of Sharp only. James died 
6 Nov. 1783 and waa buried at St. Mary Axe, London. MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ [Sister of the above, died unmarried 20 and buried 25 March 1809 in the Galilee Chapel. 
MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' [Brother of the above, the celebrated Philanthropist whose name will ever, be connected 
with the abolition of the slave trade ; bom 10 Nov. 1785 ; died 6 July 1813, buried in Fulham 
Churchyard. M.I. Cenotaph (by Chantrey) was erected to his memory by the African Insti- 
tution in the Poet's Comer, Westminster Abbey. MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' [Ann, sister of the above, bora 1 April 1737 ; buried at Durham Cathedral 22 April 1738. 
MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ [Frances, sister of the above, bora 6 May 1788 ; died 2 Sep 1799. MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* The father, Uie Bev. Bobert Pigot, one of the Minor Canons, graduated at Peterhouse, 
Cambridge (B.A. 1715 ; MA. 1719), was inducted Vicar of Northallerton 15 Oct. 1748 ; died 

10 and was buried 14 Jan. 1775, aged 79, in the chancel of Northallerton. By his wife Elizabeth 
(who died, aged 80, 27 Feb., and was buried with her husband 4 March 1776), the Sacrist appears 
to have had, besides this child, Bobert, bora 1 Sep. 1724, and Mollis, born 80 March 1726, both 
baptized at St. Oswald's, where the latter was buried 9 Jan. 1726-7 ; Thomas, baptized 27 Jan. 
1727-8, and buried 15 Oct. 1730; Bichard, baptized 25 Aug. 1780; Edward, baptized 14 May 
1731, and buried 18 Deo. id. ann. ; Edward-Loyd, baptized 21 Dec. 1738; Charles, baptized 

11 Nov. 1735, and buried 2 Jan. following ; William, baptized 23 April 1737, and buried 11 June 
1738, all at Croesgate. 

* She died ante 1773. The father (D.D. of Trinity College, Dublin) was Curate of 
St. Nicholas', Dublin, and Chaplain to Dr. Chandler, Bishop of Durham, whose great-niece he 
married. He was collated (1741) to the Bectory of Wolsingham, which he resigned for Sedgefield 
1747 ; installed in the eighth prebend of this Cathedral 20 July 1743 ; in 1755 he exchanged his 
stall and rectory with Archdeacon Lowth, afterwards Bishop of London, for the Bishopric of 
Limerick, which had been offered to and declined by the latter, who, however, obtained permission 
to effect this bargain, which was much more to his own advantage than to the Diocese of Limerick. 
Bishop Leslie died at Dublin. The mother was Joyce (died 1773), only dau. of Anthony Lyster 
of Lysterfield, oo. Bosoommon, Esq., by his first wife Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Bichard 
Warren, Esq., by his wife Joyce, sister of Bishop Chandler. See next entry. 

7 According to Burke's " Extinct Baronetage " (the Bishop's eldest son received a Baronetcy in 
1787) she married Francis Warren Bonham, Esq., although in the " Landed Gentry " {** Bonham 
of BalHntaggart ") she is called Joyoe. The " Gent. Mag." says she died aiUe 1798. 

" See the burial, 81 Deo. 1760, of his father, of whom he was the eldest child. He died in 
1778, aged 27. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1746 Jan. 5 Edward,^ son of y* Rev^ D' James Lesley, Prebendary of this 


1747 Feb. 8 Elizabeth,' dau. of y« Eev^ D' James Lesley, Prebendary of this 


(Samuel Dennis, Sacrist, Nov. 20, 1748.) 

1748 Dec. 25 Harriot,* dau. of the Eevn<> D' Wadham Knatchbull, Prebendary 

of this Church. 

1749 May 18 Richard,* son of y* Rer* D' James Lesley, Prebendary of this 


1750 June 4 John, son of John Ellington and Mary his wife, was rec*' into y^ 

Oct. 10 Windham,^ son of y« Reverend D' Wadham Knatchbull, 
Prebendary of this Church. 

1752 May 24 Mary, dau. of John Ellington and Mary his wife. 

1753 Jan. 18 Catherine,* dau. of y« Rev^ D^ Knatchbull, Prebendary of this 

Sep. 8 William,7 son of Jn« and Eliz. Potts. 

1755 Jan. 14 Robert, son of Tho* Clark and Catherine his wife. 

1756 Oct. 16 Anne, dau. of Tho* Clark and Catherine his wife. 

1760 Oct. 17 Martha,^ dau. of y« Rev»* D' Robert Lowth (Prebendary of this 
Church) and Mary his wife. 

* Eldest son, afterwards of Tarbert House, oo. Kerry, and M.P. for Old Leighlm. He was 
made Hon. M Jl. of Wadham College, Oxford, 1769, and created a Baronet of Ireland 1787. He 
married Anne, dau. of Colonel Cane, B.E., M.P. for Tallagh, and had by her an only child, 
Catherine Louisa (she died 1851, s.p.), who married in 1807 Lord Douglas Gordon-Hally burton 
of Pitcur, M.P. for Forfarshire, only son of Charles, fourth Earl of Aboyne, by his second 
marriage, and half-brother to Charles, fifth Earl, who succeeded as ninth Marquess of Huntly. 
At Sir Edward's death the Baronetcy became extinct. See his sister's baptism 9 May 1744. 

' She died before 1773, as also her sister Joyce. Dr. Leslie had also two other daughters, 
Catherine-Elisabeth, wife of James Scott, Esq., and Martha, the widow in 1798 of the Bev. James 

* She apparency died young ; she was the elder dau. of her father, whose burial see 81 Deo. 

^ Afterwards a clergyman, and succeeded, in right of his mother, to her moiety of the Lyster- 
field estates. (Burke's ** Extinct Baronetage."} 

* Second son of his father, whose burial see 81 Dec. 1760. He married 12 June 1790 his 
cousin, Catharine- Maria (she died 1807), second dau. of Sir Edward Knatchbull, seventh Baronet, 
and died, aged 83, in 1833, leaving issue. See Burke's " Baronetage "; also ** Landed Gentry." 

* Youngest child of Dr. Knatchbull, whose burial see 31 Dec. 1760. She married Thomas 
Knight of Chawton House, Hants, and Godmersham Park, Kent, Esq. (who died 1794, devising his 
estates to his third-cousin, Edward Austen, Esq., brother of the immortal Jane), but died s.p., 
14 Oct. 1812. 

7 The father perhaps identical with John Potts, Surgeon, Mayor of Durham 1787. His 
arms. Azure, two bars and a bend or, on a copy of Bishop Egerton's Charter, pemes the Editor. 

* She died unmarried 12 March 1812, in John Street, Berkeley Square. (" Gent. Mag.") 
The father was the son of the Bev. William Lowth of St. John's College, Oxford (BJL. 1679; 
M.A. 1683 ; B.D. 1688), Prebendary of Winchester, and Sector of Buriton, Hants, " a dis- 
tinguished figure in the republic of letters," author of '* A Vindication of the Divine Authority 
and Inspiration of The Old and New Testaments " (1692), " Directions for the Profitable Beading 

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Mar. 6 
Mar. 26 


Julj 28 
June 30 


Noy. 17 
Jan. 6 


Isabel, dau. of Thomas Hogg and Anne his wife. 

Robert,! son of y« Rev~" D' Robert Lowth (Prebendary of this 

Church) and Mary his wife. 
John, son of Tho* Hogg and Anne his wife. 
Margaret,' dau. of y« Rev^ D' Robert Lowth (Prebendary of 

this Church) and Mary his wife. 
Thomas,' son of Thomas Hogg and Anne his wife. 
Richard Mark,* son of D' Samuel Dickens (Prebendary of this 

Church and A^^^D"* of D™) and Margaret his wife. 

of the Holy Scripture,'' " Commentaries on the Prophets," etc., who died 16 May 1782. His yet 
more distlngoished son, Robert, was bom either in the Close, Winchester, or at Buriton, 8 Dec. 
1710; he was first of Winchester College, Oxford, but afterwards of New College (B.A. 1783 ; 
M.A. 1787 ; D.D. 1754) ; he was appointed Rector of Overton, Hants (a sinecure), 1786, Arch- 
deacon of Winchester 1750, Chaplain to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1755 ; Prebendary of 
Durham (see note to baptism of Barbara Leslie 9 May 1744 regarding this), and rector of Sedge- 
field 1755—1777 ; Bishop of St. David's May 1766, but translated to Oxford July following ; and 
finally translated to London. In Feb. 1768, being then Bishop of Oxford, he writes to the Dean 
and Chapter that he has ** received his Majesty's dispensation from keeping up a statuteable resi- 
dence in the Church of Durham,*' and he held his stall i» eommendam until his death 8 Nov. 1787, 
being buried in Fulham Churchyard. He declined the Archbishopric of Canterbury on the 
death of Archbishop Comwallis in 1783. He was a very considerable scholar, and author of 
" Prelections on Hebrew Poetry," " Life of William of Wykeham," " A Short Introduction to 
English Grammar," " Translation of Isaiah," etc. Except the above Martha, all his five daughters 
predeceased him. Mary, the eldest, his favourite child, was bom 11 June 1755, and died 5 July 
1768, being buried at Cuddesden, Oxford. Although she does not come into these Registers, the 
Editor cannot refrain from giving the epitaph written by her father : — 

" Care, vale, ingenio prestans, pietate pudore, 

Et plusquam natie, nomine cara, vale ! 

Cara Maria, vale ! at veniet felicius »vum, 

Quando iterum tecum, sim modo dignus, ero. 
CMra, redi, beta tum dicam voce patemos 
Bja age in amplexus, cara Maria, redi." 

His third dau., Frances, who was baptized at Sedgefield 27 Oct. 1757, died most suddenly 21 July 
1788, at a reception by the Bishop at London House, St. James's Square. She was handing a 
cup of tea to the Bishop of Gloucester when she dropped down dead. The Bishop married in 
1752, Mary, dau. and heiress of Lawrence Jackson, Esq., of Christchurch, Hants; she died 
14 March 1808, in her 84th year, and was buried in Fulham Churchyard. The Bishop had a 
strong prejudice against iutra-mural burial. See baptisms of three other children in 1762, 1768, 
and 1765 respectively. See also ''The Oxford Sausage," p. 80, and Nicholas "Literary 

1 He was a clergyman, and of Christ Church, Oxford (B.A. 1788 ; M.A. 1786) ; he married 
Miss Frances Harington, by whom he had issue. See his sister's baptism 17 Oct. 1760. 

' She died 10 March 1769, in her sixth year, and was buried in Fulham Churchyard. See his 
lister's baptism 17 Oct. 1760. 

' He probably died very young. See baptism of another Thomas 28 June 1771. 

^ Afterwards Colonel of the 84th Begiment. See his son's baptism 27 March 1787. The 
father. Archdeacon Dickens, died 80 Aug. 1791, »t. 78, and was buried at £asington,co. Durham, 
of which he was Hector. His M.I. there terms Bishop Trevor his " Relation and Patron." The 
mother, Margaret, was dau. of Dr. Mark Hildesley, Bishop of Sodor and Man, and previously 
Master of Sherbom Hospital, oo. Pal. 

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Anne, dau. of M.^ Thomas Hogg aiid Anne his wife. 

Charlotte,! dau. of the Rev°^ D' Rob* Lowth (Prebendary of this 

Church) and Mary his wife. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Hogg and Anne his wife. 
William,^ son of M' Thomas Hogg and Anne his wife. 
Jane, dau. of Tho' Hogg and Anne his wife. 
Erances-Anne,* dau. of the Rev"»* D^ Henry Vane, Prebendary 

of this Church, and Frances his wife. 

1770 Nov: 19 George,* son of y« Rev"** D"^ John Moor (Prebendary of this 

Church) and Catherine his wife. 

1771 Feb. 28 Henry, ^ son of D' Henry Vane, Prebendary of this Church, and 

Frances bis wife. 
June 23 Thomas,^ son of Thomas Hogg and Anne his wife. 
Oct. 23 Thomas John,^ son of y^ Rev^^ Jonathan and Elizabeth Branfoot 

his wife. 
Nov. 1 Henry John,® son of D"" Samuel Dickens (Prebendary of this 

Church) and Margaret his wife. 
Dec. 23 Charles,' son of y« Rev^ D^ John Moor (Prebendary of this 

Church) and Catherine his wife. 

1772 Oct. 8 Edward,i<> son of Charles Weston (Prebendary of this Church) 

and Arabella his wife. 

(M' Deason, Sacrist.) 

1 She died 29 May 1768, in her third year, aDd was buried in Fulham Churchyard. See her 
sister's baptism 17 Oct. 1760. 

' See his burial 13 March 1767, and his sister's baptism 6 March 1761. 

* She married the Bight Hon. Michael Angelo Taylor, M.P. for Durham City (sou of Sir 
Robert Taylor, Knt.), who died, aged 77, 16 July 1834. Her father, the Prebendary, married 
3 March 1768, at St. Mary's, Frances, dau. and eventual heiress of John Tempest, Esq., M.P. 
for Old Durham and Sherbum (she died 19 Jan. 1796, aged 51), and by her had, besides this 
dau., an only son, whose baptism see 28 Feb. 1771. Dr. Vane, who succeeded his father (see 
his marriage 27 Sep. 1722) in the Long Newton and other estates, was created a Baronet 13 July 
1782 ; he died 7 June 1794, aged 66. 

* He was Bector of Wrotham, Kent, and Canon of Canterbury; he married, by special 
licence, at Lady Finch's, in Hereford Street, London, 11 Oct. 1806 (" Gent. Mag."), Harriet 
Mary, youngest dau. of Sir Brook Bridges, third Baronet. The father was afterwards Archbishop 
of Canterbury. The mother was dau. of Sir Bobert Eden of West Auckland, third Baronet, and 
sister to the first Lord Auckland. 

* See his sister's baptism 12 May 1769. He assumed the additional name and arms of 
Tempest, under the will of his mother's brother, John Tempest, Esq., M.P., of Old Durham, 
Wynyard, and Brancepeth Castle, uUimu* suomm. Ho married in 1799, Anne-Katherine 
(McDonnell), Countess of Antrim in her own right, and by her, who died 1834 (having remarried 
Edmund Phelps, Esq.), had issue an only child and heiress, Frances Anne Emily Vane-Tempest, 
second wife of the third Marquess of Londonderry, K.6., and grandmother of the present and 
sixth Marquees, E.G. Sir Henry Vane-Tempest, who was M.P. for Durham, died 1 Aug. 1881. 

* See his burial 14 June 1772, and his sister's baptism 6 March 1761. 

7 The fiither son of Bev. John Branfoot, Minor Canon, whose marriage see 31 Jan. 1733-4. 
> See his brother's baptism 6 Jan. 1764. 
' See his brother's baptism 19 Not. 1770. 

^® [Eldest son, of Somerby Hall, oo. Linooln, Esq., Deputy-Lieutenant, bom 18 Sep. 1772; 
sometime aa Officer in the 11th Light Dragoons, with which regiment he tenred in Flanden ; 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1778 Mar. 16 Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Hogg, Treasurer to the College. 
April 27 Stephen, son of Christopher Creed. 

1783 Feb. 20 Robert,^ son of John and Penelope Ann Cracroft (EsqO- He is 
Captain in the Royal North Lincoln Militia, and she daughter 
of M' Weston, Prebendary of this Church. 

1787 Mar. 27 Samuel Richard,* son of Richard Dickens, Esq', Ensign in 44^ 

Regiment of Poot, and of Mary his wife, and grandson of 
D' Dickens, Prebendary of this Church and Archdeacon of 

1788 July 17 George,* son of Richard Dickens, Esq' (now) Captain in the 

44**» Regiment of Foot, and of Mary his wife, and grandson of 
D' Dickens, Prebendary and Archdeacon of Durham. 

1790 Dec. 16 James,* son of the Rev** James Britton, Head- Master of the 

Ghrammar School, and Isabella his wife ; bom Octob' 25^*». 

1791 Jan. 24 Elizabeth,^ dau. of Thomas Gibbon, Junior. 

died unmAiried 27 Jan. 1844, and was buried at Somerbj (in the oburohyard). His father, who 
was bom 25 Oct. 1731 in Charles Street, Westminster, was of Christ Church, Oxon (B.A. 23 June 
1752; M.A 18 April 1755) ; of Somerby Hall ; Archdeacon of Wilts 1763 ; Rector of Therfleld, 
Herts, 1762 ; installed in the ninth prebend of Durham Cathedral 11 Aug. 1764, and of the sixth 
(being removed) 2 Aug. 1768. He died 31 Oct. 1801, and was buried in Somerby Church. His 
mother, the dan. of Henry Delabene, Esq., of York, married 14 May 1771 at St. James's, Picca- 
dilly ; she died 30 May 1799, and is buried in Somerby Church. MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* [The father John Cracroft, Esq., of Hackthorn Hall, co. Lincoln, was High Sheriff of that 
county in 1797. The mother was bom 11 Bee. 1763, and was baptised at St. James's, Pit cad illy, 
13 Jan. 1764 ; she married 4 Feb. 1782 at St. Mary-Ie-Bow, Durham, and died 29 Sep. 1821, and 
was buried at Hackthorn. MS. Ped. by £. A. W.] 

' See the baptism, 6 Jan. 1764, of the father, Richard Mttrk Dickens, afterwards Colonel 
of the 34th Begiment. The mother (married 8 Jan. 1785, at St. James'?, Westminster) was 
Mary, elder dau. of George Hoar of Middleton Oeorge, oo. Pal., gent., Deputy-Keeper of the 
Jewels in the Tower (by his wife Frances, dau. of William Sleigh of Stockton-on-Tees), and sister 
of William Hoar, afterwards Harland, Esq., whose burial see 22 No?. 1833. 

' See preceding entry. 

^ Of Christ Church, Oxford, B.A. 1813 ; M.A. 1815. The parents were married — Jan. 1790, 
at Brancepeth. The father (to whom a Tery painful monument is erected between two of the 
souUi piers of the Cathedral nave, representing him reclining on one elbow, in an attitude of 
oontemphition, on a sort of mattress) was of Christ Church, Oxon (B.A. 1781 ; M.A. 1784 ; B.D. 
and D.D. 1819), Perpetual Curate of Crossgate 1783, and, on resigning the headmastership, 
became Yioar of Bossall, co. York, 1809, and of East Acklam, same county, 1819. The mother 
(bom Oct and baptized 17 Nov. 1766, at St. Nicholas, Durham), was eldest dau. of Henry Mills, 
Esq., of WiUington, oo. Durham, J.P., and a banker at Durham, by his wife Elizabeth, eldest 
chUd of Robert Fenwick, Esq., of Lemmington, Northumberland. 

* Afterwards Mrs. Bussell Bowlby. Her parents were married 28 Deo. 1788 at St. Oswald's. 
The fkther, who died 26 Dec. 1792, aged 27 (tombstone), and was buried at St. Oswald's, was the 
son of Thomas Gibbon and Grace Chapman (" both of the College "), who were married 3 June 
1764 at St. Mary-the-Less. The mother was Elizabeth, elder dau. of ... . Liddell of South 
Shidds^ by his wife Jane, dau. of John Hubback of Coopen, co. Pal., and sister of Barbara 
Hubback, first wife of Thonuis Carlisle, and by him mother of Sir Anthony Carlisle the King's 
Physician. Elizabeth Liddell's younger brother, George Liddell (bom at Durham about Aug. 
1771 ; died 10 April 1851, buried at Sutton, near Hull), was grandfather of George William 
Liddell of Sutton and Keldy Castle, Yorkshire, Esq., who died at Oxford, 17 Nov. 1888, aged 21. 
Elizabeth Liddell's younger sister was wife of Stephen Gee, Esq., of Cottingham, Yorks. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1791 April 21 Henry,^ son of the Eev** Charles Egerton (and Catherine Egerton 

hifl wife), Eector of "Washington. 

1792 Mar. 24 Eliza,^ dau. of the Eer^ James Britton and Isabella his wife ; 

bom February 26*^. 
April 15 William, illegitimate son of Dorothy Chumside from South 

Shields, but now in Jail for Debt. 
Sep. 21 Ann,^ dau. of Thomas Gibbon, Junior, Deputy Treasurer. 

1794 Feb. 4 Matthew, son of Benjamin and Jane Eenwick of Hamsterley, 

now confined in Durham Jail. 
Dec. 25 Thomas, son of Elizabeth Learmouth (illegitimate) of Blackwell, 
now in Durham Jail. 

1795 April 6 Isabella,^ dau. of the Eev^ James & Isabella Britton ; bom Jan^ 

22^ 1795. 
April 25 William,^ son of Colonel Barrington Price and Lady Maria 

Price; bom March 29. Bapt. by M^ Burgess. Privately 

before bapt. by M' Bouyer. 
Aug. 24 Jane,* dau. of Anthony Mowbray Crofton and of Jane Crof- 

ton his wife of Kinnesworth alias Kimblesworth, near 


> Of Linooln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law ; he married Mary (who died 1864), daii. of the Bev. 
(George Sayer, LL.B., Sector of EggleBcliffe, but died s.p. The Bev. Charles Egerton, the father, 
was a natural son of Francis Egerton, E«q., youngest brother of John, Bishop of Durham 1771—- 
1787. The Bishop was a grandson of John, third Earl of Bridgewator, and his sons, John and 
Francis (whom his father made a Prebendary), ultimately became seventh and eighth Earls 
respectively. The mother was dau. of ... . Leake, a bookseller at Bath ; she died 11 July 1801, 
»t. 35, and was buried at Washington. M.I. 

' See her brother's baptism 16 Dec. 1790. 

' See her sister's baptism 24 Jan. 1791. 

^ See her brother's baptism 16 Deo. 1790. 

* The father was a son of Bobert Price of Fozley, Esq., by his wife the Hon. Sarah Barring- 
ton, eldest sister of Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham. The mother. Lady Maria Price (Mary 
she is called in Burke's " Peerage "), died suddenly, on her SSth birthday. May 1806, at Cemey, 
Gloucestershire. She was dau. of John, ninth Earl of Strathmore, by his ill-fated Countess, the 
great heiress of the Bowes fiimily, and so, unhappily, handed down to posterity as the wife after- 
wards of Andrew Bobinson Stoney (Bowes), who assumed her name. 

* Bom at Kimblesworth, near Durham, 22 Jan. She married at Brancepeth, 4 Feb. 1817, 
William Stoker of Durham, Surgeon, and by him was mother of the late William Stoker, Esq., 
J.P., M.B.C.S., of Durham. She was the second dau. and child of Anthony Mowbray Crofton, 
gent., then of Kimblesworth, afterwards of Holywell Hall in Brancepeth parish (son of 
Bichard Crofton by his wife Ann Mowbray of Kimblesworth), by his wife Jane (whom 
be mar. at Hamsterley 6 Nov. 1792), dau. of James and Dorothy Best of Kayslee, Hamsterley. 
Anthony Mowbray Crofton died 15 Feb. 1809 and was buried at Witton Gilbert. His wife died 
31 Jan. 1821, »t. 57, and was buried at Hamsterley. Besides the children baptised here there 
was a son Thomas Crofton, bom at Kimblesworth 9 Jan. 1798, who married 26 April 1836, at 
Edenhall, Cumberland, Elisabeth Jane Bus ton, and left issue ; also Ann, bora 8 Aug. 1798 at 
Kimblesworth, and bapt. at Croesgate 18 Oct. following. In the Begister her mother is called 
Dorothy JBoHo Crofton, the only explanation of which is that, as stoted above, her maiden name 
was Best, and that it was a jumble of the clerks. Ann Crofton married, 31 Jan. 1815, John 
Wood of Kimblesworth, and died at Darlington 26 Nov. 1880, leaving issue. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1796 Aug. 31 Eobert,! son of D' Bathurst, was privatlj bapt. December 10*»», 

1795, hj D' Bathiirst, Prebendary ; and publickly bapt. in the 
Abbey on the 31»' day of August 1796 by the Sacrist. 
Nov. 18 John,^ son of John Nevill, a soldier in Surry Militia. 

1797 Aug. 14 Catherine,' dau. of the Rev*^ Francis Haggitt, Prebendary of 

Durham, and Christina his wife ; bom July 10"». 
Oct. 24. Caroline,* dau. of the Eev^ D' and M" Bathurst. D' Bathurst 
is prebendary of this Church. 

1798 Jan. 9 Elizabeth,^ dau. of Anthony Mowbray Crofton and of Jane 

Crofton his wife, of Kimblesworth, near Durham. 

(J. D., Sacrist.) 

* Bom 27 Nov. preceding ; of Christ Church, Ozon (BA. 1815 ; M.A. 1818); mmrried, 1816, 
Jane, dau. of Bev. Soger Norris ; was Sector of Belaugh and Framingham Pigot, co. Norfolk ; 
died 25 Dec. 1828, »t. 82, leaving a widow and eight children. In the first rank of the many 
eminent men who have held stalls at Durham, the father. Dr. Henry Bathurst (D.C.L., New 
College, Oxon), was bom in London, either in Hereford Street or at his maternal grandfather's 
house, Westminster, 16 Oct. 1744. He was the second son and third child of Benjamin 
Bathurst (a younger brother of Allen, first Earl Bathurst) of Lydney, oo. Gloucester, Esq., 
M.P. for Gloucester City and Monmouth Borough, and eventually " Father " of the House of 
Commons, by his second wife Katherine, only surviving dau. of Dr. Laurence Brodrick, Pre- 
bendary of Westminster and Bector of Mizbury. He was Bector of Saperton (which he 
retained until about 1888), and became Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, 1774, resigning 
it in March 1795 for the second stall at Durham, where he was installed 20 April following. 
This same year he refused an Irish bishopric. He was made Bishop of Norwich circa April 
1805. In Aug. 1881 Lord Grey offered him the Archbishopric of Dublin, which he declined. 
He died in his ninety- third year 5 April, and was buried in Malvem Abbey 14 April 1887. He 
married, 15 Aug. 1780, Grace, sbter of Charles Henry, second Lord Castlecoote, and only dau. 
of Dr. Charles Coote, Dean of Kilfenora, Ireland (by his first wife Grace, dau. of Thomas Tilson, 
Esq.), whose second wife was Dr. Bathurst's half-sister, Catherine Bathurst Mrs. Bathurst died 
16 April 1823, set. 67» and was buried in Malvem Abbey with her husband. They had eight sons 
and three daughters, of whom one son, Charles Henry, died 5 and was buried 7 Dec. 1795 at 
St. Mary-the-Less, not St. Mary-le-Bow, as the " Memoirs*' say. Dr. Bathurst's Life has been 
(1850) well and readably written by his second dau. Tryphena, Mrs. Thistlethwayte, of Southwiek 
Park, Hants. He was one of the most liberal, high, and yet simple-minded men who have sat on 
the Episcopal bench, and was a zealous supporter of the Catholic Emancipation Bill, and of reform 
generally. In searching for his baptism at Mizbury the following baptisms of his brothers and 
sisters were found, which it may not be amiss to record, vis., Mary, 25 April 1747 ; Susannah, 
2 May 1748; Selma, 29 March 1749; Hester, 4 April 1750; Frances, 29 July 1751; Charles 
WiUiam, 10 May 1758 ; Bobert, 7 Nov. 1754. 

' The barracks at this time were on the Palace Green, next Bishop Cosin's Library, and the 
Surrey Militia were quartered there. 

' She was the only child, and married as first wife, 14 Dec. 1819, at Marylebone, London, the 
Bev. James Baker, Spiritual Chancellor of the Diocese. The mother was Dr. Haggitt's first wife, 
and died about Jan. 1811. Dr. Haggitt died in Bruton Street 1826, and was buried at Nuneham 
Courtenay, of which he was Bector. He was also D.D. and Chaplain in Ordinary to the King. 
His second wife was Lucy, dau. of William Parry, Esq., of Herefordshire. 

^ She married, 19 July 1820, at Norwich Cathedral, the Bev. Heaton Champion de Crespigny 
(fourth son of the second Baronet), who died at Ballarat, Australia, 15 Nov. 1858. See her 
brother's baptism 81 Aug. 1796. 

' Died young. See her sister's baptism 24 Aug. 1795. 


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1798 Feb. 15 Hannah,* dau. of Matthew Woodifield, Dep^ Treasurer, and of 

Hannah (formerly Gibbon) his wife. 

1799 April 18 Elizabeth,^ dau. of Matthew Woodifield (Depy Treasurer) and of 

Hannah (before Gibbon) his wife. 
Dec. 27 Richard,^ son of Anthony Mowbray Crofton and of Jane his 
wife, of Kimblesworth, near Durham. 

1800 July 3 Coote,* son of the Eev^ D' and M" Bathurst (Prebendary of 

Aug. 5 Ann,5 daughter of Matthew Woodifield and of Hannah his wife. 

1802 July 1 Matthew and James,^ twins, sons of Matthew Woodifield and of 

Hannah his wife. 

1803 Mar. 24 Maryann,^ daughter of the Eev^ James and Isabella Britton. 

1804 Jan. 7 Ann, dau. (illegitimate) of Elizabeth Dee, in Durham Jail for 

Mar. 15 Agnas Wilson,^ dau. of Biehard Wilson, Gentleman, of Lymm 

in Cheshire, was baptised 15*^ of March in the Cathedral 

Church of Durham. 
June 9 Charlotte Belasyse,^ dau. of the Bev^ George Barrington and 

Elisabeth his wife. Bom March SO^ 1801. Privately baptised 

June 9*'* 1804 by the said Bev* George Barrington, Prebendary 

of Durham (11**" stall) and Bector of Sedgefield. 
Sep. 25 Harriot Jane,*'^ dau. of the Bev^ James Britton and Isabella l^is 

wife, was born July 12***. 

^ She died unmarried in the College, set. 23, 31 March 1821, and was buried 8 April at Cross- 
gate. The parents married by licence at Crossgate 7 May 1797. He was buried 31 Aug. 1824, 
set. 67, at Crossgate. She (probably sister to Thomas Gibbon, junior, see baptism of 24 Jan. 
1791) died 9 and was buried 12 Jan. 1808, set. 34, at Crossgate. The Woodifields, Widdifields, 
or Widdowfields occur in the Weavers* books from an early date. John Widdifield was bound 
apprentice to his father Matthew for seven years 24 June 1751; Robert Woodifield's eldest son 
admitted free 1784. Matthew Woodifield, "a very aged man," was buried 4 June 1748 at 
St. Oswald's, where there are numerous others of the name. 

* See preceding entry. 

^ Bom at Kimblesworth 21 id. men. ; died 9 Nov. 1839, and buried at Hamsterley. See his 
sister's baptism 24 Aug. 1795. 

* Born 1 Oct. 1799. See his brother's baptism 31 Aug. 1796. 

* Died unmarried, and buried 27 Feb. 1822, set. 21, at Croasgate. See her sister's baptism 

15 Feb. 1798. 

' Bom day of baptism. James, the younger twin, died 24 and was buried 27 June 1803 at 
Crossgate. See the burial of Matthew, the elder, 6 April 1857. 

7 See the baptism of her brother 16 Dec. 1790. 

' Query whether the father was not of the family of Fountayne- Wilson (now Montagu), and 
thus connected with Prebendary Charles Westen. See Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

* She married, in 1845, Bev. Henry Burton, Bector of Upton-Cressett, Salop, and died 

16 June 1873. The father, nephew of Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham, youngest son of 
Major-Greneral the Hon. John Barrington, and grandson of the first Viscount Barrington, was 
bom 16 JtUy 1761 ; he succeeded to the Peerage in 1813. He married, 1788, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robert Adair, Esq., by his wife Lady Caroline Keppel, dau. of the second Earl of Albemarle. 
He died 1829, and she died 1841. Their other children were all born at Sedgefield, I believe. 

^^ See her brother's baptism 16 Deo. 1790. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1805 April 20 Anthony Jamee,^ son of Anthony Mowbray Crofton and of Jane 

his wife, of Kimblesworth, near Durham. By J. Deason, 

1806 Dec. 17 Phyllis,^ dau. of Anthony Tyler, the Virger, and Elizabeth his 

wife. Born October 22«' 1806. 

1807 April 16 Francis Daines Barrington,' eight [*/<?] son of the Rev^ George 

Barrington (Prebendary) and Elisabeth his wife ; bom Friday, 
March 20"» 1807. 

1808 Oct. 24 Edwin,* son of Anthony Tyler, the Virger, and Elizabeth his 

wife. Bom Sep' 19**^ 1808. N.B.— M' Anth^ Tyler is the 
Dean's Virger. 

1810 Aug. 81 Susannah Tyler,^ third dau. and fourth child of Anthony Tyler, 

the Dean's Virger, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William 
Bates. Bom June 25^ 1810. 
Dec. 2 Charlotte Cassandra,^ third dau. of the Rev^ Henry Phillpotts, 
Prebendary of the 9*** Stall in the Cathedral Church of Durham, 
and of Deborah Maria his wife. Bom September 20*** 1810. 

1811 Oct. 6 Harriet Sibylla,? fourth daughter of the Rev** Henry PhUlpotts, 

Prebendary of the 9'*> Stall in the Cathedral Church of Durham, 
and of Deborah Maria his wife. 

1812 Sep. 24 Agnes Tyler,® fourth dau. and fifth child of Anthony Tyler, the 

Dean's Virger, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William Bates. 
Bom Aug* 24«> 1812. 

1813 Mar. 6 Edward Copleston,^ son of Henry and Deborah Maria PhiU- 

* Bom 18 id. men. He married at SunderlaDd, 5 Jan. 1847, Mary Elizabeth Agar, and died 
(buried at Brancepeth) 29 Aug. 1876, leaving issue. See his sister's baptism 24 Aug. 1795. 

' Was the second child ; she married at St. Mary-the-Les-s 22 Oct. 1833, William Caldcleugh, 
Postmaster of Durham, who dying, et. 49, 15 Nov. 1854, was buried at Crossgate ; she died 
23 Sep. 1847, leaving issue, and was buried at Crossgate. S^ her father's burial 14 July 1849. 

3 See his burial 29 Feb. 1808, and his sister's baptism 9 June 1804. 

* See hb burial 27 Jan. 1871. 

* Living 1889, unmarried, at Lancheeter, co. Durham. See her father's burial 14 July 1849. 

* So named after her mother's sister, the wife of Sir John Caisar Hawkins, Bart. ; married 
Benjamin Cherry, Esq., D.L., J. P., of Brickendon Grange, Herts, and had issue. The father 
(see Burke's ** Landed Gentry," " Phillpotts of Porthgwidden "), afterwards so eminent as Bishop 
of Exeter, held the living of Stanhope, co. Durham, one of the richest in England, which he 
resigned when appointed to the bishopric of Exeter. He held his canonry till his death. The 
mother (see " The Landed Gentry," " Surtees of Dinsdale ") was bapt. 4 April 1782, at St. John's, 
Newcastle, and younger dau. of William Surtees, Esq., of Seatonburn, Northumberland, and 
niece to the wife of Lord Chancellor Eldon. Mrs. Phillpotts very much disliked the rooks, which 
had their oolonies on the beautiful river banks surrounding the Cathedral, and caused their nests 
to be destroyed. It was a curious circumstance that at her death, though they had been absent 
for years, they reai^>eared. 

7 See her burial 21 Feb. 1812 and preceding baptism. 

* She married at St. NichoUis, 6 Feb. 1850, William Thompson, chemist, of Durham ; she 
died 1 May 1853, and was buried at St. Oswald's. See her father's burial 14 July 1849. 

' He was third son, Beotor of Stoke in Trigishead ; married at Exeter Cathedral, 8 Sep. 1840, 
Georgiana, fourth dau. of Jtev. B. F. Hallifox, Rector of Richards Castle, Herefordshire, and 
gianddau. of Samuel, Bishop of St. Asaph. See his sister's baptism 2 Deo. 18ia 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


pottB; College, Durham; Prebendary of Ae 9"" Stall; By 
H. PhillpottB. 

1814 Jan. .26 George,^ son of Henry and Deborah Maria Phillpotts ; College, 

Durham ; Prebendary of the 9«»» Stall ; By H. PhiUpotte. 
Dec. 16 William,^ son of Anthony and Elizabeth Tyler ; Porter's Lodge, 
College, Durham; Porter & Verger; By Jn® Clarke. Bom 
Nov' 3«> 1814. 

1815 Sep. 26 Arthur Thomas,* son of Henry and Deborah Maria Phillpotts ; 

College, Durham; Prebendary of the 9^ Stall; by H. Phill- 

1816 July 17 Julia,^ dau. of Henry and Deborah Maria Phillpotts ; CoUege, 

Durham ; Prebendary of the second Stall ; by H. Phillpotts. 
Bom June 19^»» 1816. 

1817 Jan. 10 Eobert,^ son of Francis and Caroline Baker; College, Durham; 

Captain in the Boyal Navy ; by James Baker. 
Nov. 11 Charles,* son of Anthony and Elizabeth Tyler ; Porter's Lodge, 

College, Durham; Porter & Verger; by D. Haslewood, 

Dec. 12 Caroline Mary Anne,^ dau. of Francis and Caroline Baker; 

College, Durham; Captain in the Boyal Navy; by James 

Baker. Bom Nov. 17. 

1818 Aug. 2 Sibella,^ dau. of Henry and Deborah Maria Phillpotts ; CoUege, 

Durham; Prebendary of the second Stall; by Thos. Baker, 
o» Min'. 

1820 May 15 John Scott,' son of Henry and Deborah Maria Phillpotts ; Col- 

lege, Durham ; Prebendary of the second Stall ; by D. Durell, 
oflS Min'. 

1821 Feb. 9 Amelia Catherine,^^ dau. of Francis and Caroline Baker; Col- 

lege, Durham ; Captain in the Boyal Navy ; by James Baker, 
o» Min'. 

* See preceding entry. 

' Bom 8 Nov. 1814. See hu burial 6 Sep. 1825, and hi^ father's 14 July 1840. 

' Bom 23 May id. ann. Seoond-Lieut. Boyal Artillery 21 June 1834 ; First-Lieut. 10 Jan. 
1837 ; Seoond-Captain 21 May and Captain 30 Nov. 1845 ; Lieut.-.Golonel 24 Sep. 1855 ; Brevet- 
Colonel 24 Sep. 1858 ; Colonel 9 Feb. 1865 ; Major-General 6 March 1868 ; rewarded for dis- 
tinguished services. See his sister's baptism 2 Deo. 1810. 

* See preceding entry. 

* See the father's burial 15 April 1823. The mother, dau. of Dr. Price, Prebendary of 
Durham, was married to Captain Baker at St. Marylebone, London, 16 Jan. 1816 ; she re-married 
at Millbrook, Southampton, 19 April 1825, Thomas Barrington Tristram, Esq., who died s.p. 

* Bora 18 Sep. preceding ; married at Marylebone, London, 1 June 1851, Emma^ dau. of 
James Bubridge, coachmaker ; died, leaving issue, 30 Sep. 1867, buried at Finchley Cemetery. 

7 She married firstly John C. G. Seymour, Esq., and secondly, 1858, Henry Chaytor, Esq., 
J.P., D.L., of Witton Castle, co. Durham, fourth son of Sir William Chaytor of Croft, first Bart. ; 
living 1889. See her brother's baptism 10 Jan. 1817. 

" Becte Sybella ; married 16 July 1836, at St. Marylebone, London, Bev. Francis Du Boulay, 
Rector of Lawhitton, Cornwall, and had issue. See her sister's baptism 2 Deo. 1810. 

* See preceding entry. 

><» See her brother's baptism 10 Jan. 1817. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1822 June 4 Elizabeth Jane,* dau. of William Nicholas and Elizabeth Darnell ; 
College, Durham ; Prebendary ; by W. N. Darnell, off*^ Min'. 

1824 Sep. 7 PhUip Wheler,i eon of William Nicholas and Elizabeth Darnell ; 

CoUege, Durham ; Prebendary ; by W. N. Darnell, offic* Min'. 

1825 June 3 Thomas Charles,^ son of William Nicholas and Elizabeth Darnell; 

College; Prebendary; priv. bapt^ Aug. 9, 1824; received 
into the Church by W. N. Darnell, officR Min'; bom July 26«». 
1829 Nov. 12 Jane Grace,^ dau. of William Nicholas and Elizabeth Darnell ; 
College, Durham ; Prebendary; by W. N. Darnell, office Min'; 
bom Sept' 8*^ 

1831 June 23 Frederick Dawson,^ son of William Stephen and Jane Char- 

lotte Mary GiUy ; College, Durham ; Prebendary ; by &. 
Townsend, offic* Min' ; bom & privately baptized Peby 6, 1881. 

1832 Mar. 12 Anne,' dau. of Edward Chaloner and Sophia Ogle; Sutton 

Benger, Wiltshire, but now resident in the College ; Clerk ; 
by Edward Sneyd, office Min'. 
1844 Jan. 28 Alice Anne,* dau. of William Stephen and Jane Charlotte Mary 
GiUy ; College, Durham ; D.D., Prebendary of Durham Cath* ; 
by William Stephen Gilly ; bom Jy 26"" ; received into the 
Church by the Dean of Durham, March 5*^. 
April 4 Charlotte Georgiana Mary,^ dau. of Henry, Viscount Chelsea, 
and Mary Sarah ; College, Durham ; Gentleman ; Bec^ into 
the Church by Gerald Valerian Wellesley, D.D., Canon of 
Durham Cathedral ; privy bapt. Feb. 20*»» 1844 ; bom Nov' 
27«» 1843. 

' The father was the Bev. William Nicholas Darnell, B.D. ; he was baptized 16 April 1776, 
at All Saints, Newcastle ; of Christ Church College, Oxford (B.A. 1796, M.A. 1800) ; Itector of 
St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham (June 1809) ; Yicar of Stockton-on-Tees ; Prebendary of Durham 
(Jan. 1816) ; Bector of Stanhope, succeeding Bishop Phillpotts ; died there and was buried at 
Durham Cathedral 24 June 1865, »t. 89. The mother was the eldest dau. of the Bev. William 
Bowe, M.A., of Scorton, co. York ; married 15 June 1815 ; buried at the Cathedral 7 April 1864, 
«t.76. [MS. Ped. hy B. A. W.] 

' The father, William Stephen Gillj, was bom 28 Jan. 1789 and baptized the same day at 
Hawkedon; of Catharine College, Cambridge (BA. 1812, M.A. 1817, D.D. 1833); Bector of 
North Fambridge, Essex, 1817 ; Prebendary of Durham 1825 ; P.C. of Crossgate, Durham, 1828 
(circa) ; Yicar of Northam, Northumberland, 1831, where he died 10 Sep. 1855 and is buried. 
The mother, who was the second wife, was the only dau. of Colonel Samuel Thomas Colberg, 
90th and 58th Begiments; bom Nov. 1804 at St. Helier's, Jersey; married at All Saints, 
Langham Place, Loudon, 12 Dec. 1825. Frederick Dawson Gilly was the eldest son of the second 
marriage, born 6 Feb. 1831 ; died at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 24 March 1880, s.p. 

' Bom at Kirkley Hall 19 Jan. preceding. Called Annie-Charlotte in the " Landed Gentry/' 
which see. The father, third son of the Bev. John Savile Ogle, D.D., a Prebendary, of Kirkley 
Hall, Northumberland (in which estate this Edward Challoner succeeded him), by his wife (married 
at Southampton 14 Oct. 1794) Catherine Hannah, dau. of Edward Sneyd, Esq., of Dublin. 

* See note above O as to parents. She married at Manewden, Essex, 27 Aug. 1878, (George 
Holmes Blakesley, Barrister-at-Law, son of the Very Bev. Joseph Williams Blakesley, B.D., 
Dean of Lincoln. 

* See her parents' marriage 18 July 1836. She married at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, 14 July 
1874, Bev. Maynard Wodehouse Currie, who died 1887. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1845 Nov. 30 Charles Pudsey,^ son of William Stephen and Jane Charlotte 

Mary Gilly ; College, Durham ; Canon of Durham Cathedral ; 
by WUliam Stephen Gilly. 

1846 Sep. 16 Frederick John,^ son of John and Maria Thomas; College, 

Durham ; Clerk ; by J. B. Chester. 

1847 Feb. 10 Bertram Savile,^ son of Arthur and Caroline Amelia Ogle; Col- 

lege, Durham ; Officer in the Army ; by The Very Rev^ George 
Waddington, Dean of Durham. Bom Dec' 24^>* 1846. 

1849 Jan. 1 George Charlton Leugers Barnard,* son of George Fyler and 

Georgina Townsend ; College, Durham ; Vicar of Branting- 
ham ; by George Townsend, D.D., Canon of Durham. Bom 
July W^ 1848. 

1850 Sep. 10 Lucy Elizabeth,^ dau. of William and Frances Darnell ; College, 

Durham ; Minister of Bamburgh ; by H. Exeter. 

* See note O p. 29, as to parents. 

' Born 5 Aug. preceding ; died unmarried 28 Deo. 1876, and buried in Addington Churchyard, 
Croydon. The father, the Rev. John Thomas, D.C.L., Trinity College, Oxon (Exhibitions at 
Wadham 1828 and 1829; Craven Scholar 1829; Schohir of Trinity 1830; Latin Verse Prize 
1832 ; Vinerian Scholar 1834), was Fellow and Tutor of Durham University ; Canon of Canter- 
bury 1862. He is son of Thomas Thomas, Esq., of Cefneethin, Carmarthenshire, D.L. and J.P., 
and was bom 23 Sep. 1810 ; living 1878. The mother was Maria, youngest dau. of John Bird 
Sumner, Prebendary of Durham and Bishop of Chester, and afterwards (1848 — 1862) Archbishop 
of Canterbury, by his wife Marianne, dau. of Captain George Robertson, B.N. ; she was married 
6 June 1842 at St. Gorge's, Hanover Square, by her uncle the Bishop of Winchester ; she died 
1 Feb. 1862, and was buried in Addington Churchyard. 

' Eldest son, born 24 Dec. 1846 ; of Alveston House, Gloucestershire, and Hill House, Steeple 
Aston, CO. Oxford, J.P., Barrister-at-Law ; married, 1885, Edith, elder dau. and coheiress of Arthur 
Edward Somerset, Esq., son of Lord Arthur Somerset, son of Henry, fifth Duke of Beaufort, K.G. 
The father. Major in the Army (late 9th Regiment), was seventh son of the Prebendary (see 
baptism of 12 March 1832), and died 28 Deo. 1878. The mother (married 10 Sep. 1844) was 
fifth dau. of Vice- Admiral William Lechmere of Hill House aforesaid, co. Oxford, died 21 May 

* Eldest son and second child, a Paymaster R.N. ; living unmarried 1877. The father (son of 
Rev. George Townsend, D.D., Prebendary, whose burial see 28 Nov. 1857) was bom 12 May and 
bapt. 7 July 1814 at Littleport, Isle of Ely ; of Trinity College, Cambridge, M. A. and D.C.L. by 
the Archbishop of Canterbury 1876 ; Vicar of Leominster 1857 — 1862, and Incumbent of St. 
Michael's, Covent Garden, 1862. He married at St. Maurice's, York, 1 May 1845, (Jeorgina 
(living 1877), second dau. of John Ditmas of Walkington Manor, co. York, Esq., formerly an 
OflBcer 27th Regiment, a colour of which he carried at Waterloo. Their other children are 
1, (Jeorgina-Elizabeth-Frances, bom 30 Nov. 1846, and baptized 2 Feb. 1847 at Camberwell, 
Surrey; 3, James-Frederick, bom 9 Feb. and baptized 12 May 1850 at EUerker, co. York, who 
married 27 Sep. 1877, at St. Sampson's, York, Henrietta-Marian, eldest dau. of Captain William- 
Frederick- Lowrie, Gk>veraor of York Castle, and formerly 63rd Regiment; 4, Charlotte- 
Constance-Spenser, born 26 Sep. and baptized 7 Oct. 1852 at Brantingham, co. York ; 5, Charles- 
John-Henry-Fyler, bora 12 and baptized 26 Oct. ISo^i at Belfry Church, York; 6, Mabel-Surtees, 
bora 30 Jan. and baptized 25 March 1856 at Ellerker ; 7, Stephen-Chapman, born Oct. and bap- 
tized 26 Deo. 1859. 

* The father was the Rev. William Darnell, bora 19 Nov. 1816 at Stockton Vicarage ; of Christ 
Church, Oxford (B.A. 1838, M.A. 1843); Vicar of Bamburgh, Northumberhmd ; J.P. The 
mother was the eldest dan. of the Ven. Charles Thorp, D.D., Archdeacon and Prebendary of 
Durham, and Rector of Ryton ; married at Ryton 2 Jan. 1844. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1853 Jan. 6 Mary Christine,^ dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; The 

Grove, Durham; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham; by 
Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Nov. 30 Edward Harcourt,^ son of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; 
The Grove, Durham ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham ; 
by Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1854 Feb. 8 Henry Edmonds,^ son of Henry and Elizabeth Margaret Anne 

Holden ; Bellasis, Durham ; Head Master of the Durham 
Grammar School; by Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. Bom Dec. 17^ 

1855 July 25 Elizabeth Antonia,'* dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; 

The Grove, Durham ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham ; 
received into the Church by Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist ; privately 
baptized July 16*^. 

1856 Oct. 20 Louisa Maria,^ dau. of John George and Prederica Louisa 

Edwards ; Pittington Vicarage ; Vicar of Pittington ; received 
into the Church by Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist ; privately bap- 
tized in Scotland Sept. 8^*». 

1858 Jan. 25 Annie Maude,* dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; The 

Grove, Durham ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham ; by 
Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1859 Oct. 8 Cecilia,^ dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; The Grove, 

Durham ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham ; by Edw^ 
Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1860 Feb. 17 Beatrice Blandina,® dau. of Henry and Q^orgiana Bailey Holden ; 

> Living onmarried 1889. The father (living 1889) of Pembroke College, Oxon (B.A. 1845 ; 
M.A. 1848), Minor Canon and successively Sacrist, Librarian, and Precentor of the Cathedral, 
1862—1872, and afterwards Eector of Croxdale, was born 1823 at Burton-on-Trent, the youngest 
son of Thomas Greatorex, Esq. (see the burial of his widow 30 July 1868), who was bom in 1758. 
[It is remarkable that a man, born in the reign of George II., should have a son taking his 
degree in 1846.] The mother (married 8 July 1851, at St. Mar^'-the-Less) was the third dau., 
by his second wife, of the Venerable Charles Thorp, Archdeacon of Durham and Bector of Byton- 
on-Tyne ; she died 1888, and is buried at Croxdale. 

' In Holy Orders ; living 1896 unmarried. See preceding entry. 

» The father was born 7 July 1814, baptized at St. Martin's ; of Balliol College, Oxford ; 
matriculated 30 Nov. 1832 (B.A. 1837, M.A. 1839, B.D. and D.D. 1857); Hon. Canon of Durham 
1867 ; Head Master of Uppingham Grammar School 1845—1853, of Durham Cathedral School 
1853—1882 ; Bector of South Luflenham, Butland, in 1881. The mother, who was the first wife, 
was Elizabeth Margaret Anne Edmonds. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* Living unmarried 1896. See her sister's baptism 6 Jan. 1853. 

* Bom 26 Aug. preceding ; living unmarried 1876. The father (Trinity College, Cambridge), 
son of Canon Edwards (whose burial see 8 April 1862), was burn 27 May 1822, and baptized at 
Warboys, Hunts ; he became Vicar of Pittington 1854, and is buried there, dying 16 Oct. 1862. 
The mother was dau. of Thomas Octavius Powles, Esq., of London (son, by his second wife, of 
John Diston Powles, who had a grant of arms), and was married at Hackney 31 Aug. 1854 ; 
living at Bury St. Edmunds 1876. 

* Living unmarried 1896. See her sister's baptism 6 Jan. 1853. 
7 Living unmarried 1896. See last entry. 

" See note above (') as to the father. The mother was the second wife Georgiana Bailey 
Aldham. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Bellasis, Durham; Head Master of the Durham G^rammar 
School ; by Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1861 June 24 Bose,^ dau. of Henry and Georgiana Bailey Holden; Bellasis, 

Durham ; Head Master of the Durham Grammar School ; by 
Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1862 Mar. 25 Constance Mary,^ dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex; 

The GroTO, Durham ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Durham ; 
by Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Aug. 11 Florence Tovey,' dau. of Henry and Gteorgiana Bailey Holden ; 
Bellasis, Durham; Head Master of the Durham Grammar 
School ; by Edw^* Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1863 Sep. 19 Josephine Fanny ,^ dau. of Henry and Georgiana Bailey Holden ; 

Bellasis, Durham; Head Master of the Durham Grammar 
School ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1864 May 15 Charles Thorp,* son of Edward and Elizabeth Greatorex ; The 

Grove, Durham ; Minor Canon and Precentor of Durham ; by 
J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. Whitsunday. 

1865 Mar. 18 Yere,^ daughter of Henry and Georgiana Bailey Holden ; Bellasis, 

Durham ; Head Master of the Durham Grammar School ; by 
J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1866 May 14 Georgiana,* daughter of Henry and Georgiana Bailey Holden ; 

Bellasis, Durham; Head Master of the Durham Grammar 
School ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1867 July 29 Margaret,^ daughter of Benjamin Charles and Margaret Caffin ; 

South St. ; Second Master of the Durham Grammar School ; 
by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

Oct. 5 Hyla,^ son of Henry and Georgiana Bailey Holden; Bellasis, 
Durham ; Head Master of the Durham Grammar School ; by 
J. C. Lowe, Sacrist ; bom Sep. 14. 

Nov. 7 Hilda Diana,* daughter of Henry Evelyn and Caroline Howley 
Turner Oakeley; Bishop Cosin*s Hall, Durham; H.M. In- 
spector of Schools ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

> See note (") p. 81. 

* Living unnurried 1889. See her sister's baptism 6 Jan. 1868. 
' See her sister's baptism 17 Feb. 1860. 

* A chrisom child. See his burial 3 Deo. 1865. 

* See her burial 23 Aug. 1865, and her sister's baptism 17 Feb. 1860. 

* See her sister's baptism 17 Feb. 1860. 

7 Eldest ohild. The father (died 1895) appointed Second Master of the Grammar School 
1862, and Vicar of Northallerton Jan. 1877 ; he is son of William Caffin of Blackheath, Kent, by 
Bethia, dau. of George Crawford, Lieut. B.A., and is brother of the late Admiral Sir James 
Crawford Caffin, K.C.B. 

" See her sister's baptism 17 Feb. 1860. 

* Born 12 Oct. preceding. The &ther, bom 1883, Her Mi^estj's Senior Inspector of Schools, 
formerly Fellow and Senior Mathematical Lecturer of Jesus College, Cambridge, is third son of 
the Bev. Sir Herbert Oakeley, third Bart., Prebendary of St. Paul's. The mother (married 6 Sep. 
1862) dau. of William Hallows Belli, Esq., Bengal Ci?il Servioe, by his wife, a sister of Dr. Wil- 
liam Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1869 Feb. 20 Eachel Belasyse,^ daughter of Henry and Georgiana Bailey 

Holden ; Bellasis, Durham ; Head Master of the Durham 
Grammar School ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1870 Jan. 6 Ernest Gregory,^ son of Benjamin Charles and Margaret CaflSn ; 

South St. ; Second Master of the Durham Grammar School ; 
by Edward Greatorex, Precentor. 
July 13 Rosamond,' daughter of Joseph and Rosamond Waite ; Uni- 
versity College ; Master of University College ; by Thos. 
Saunders Evans, Canon of Cath. Durh. 

1871 Feb. 9 Sophia Louisa,* dau. of John and Georgiana Lambton Cham- 

bers ; South Bailey, Durham ; Head Master, Sandbach Gram. 
Sch., Cheshire ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

Aug. 16 Marie Louise,' dau. of Louis Bernard and El^onore de Karp ; 
South Bailey, Durham ; Professor of Modem Languages, 
Durham University ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

Aug. 30 Arthur,* son of Joseph and Rosamond Waite ; University Col- 
lege ; Master of University College ; by George Bland, Arch- 
deacon of Northumberland. 

1872 Oct. 25 Henry, son of Robert and Rebecca Jon ; College ; gardener to 

Archdeacon Prest ; by J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 
1874 May 13 Norman,^ son of William Henry and Frances Henrietta Robert- 
son ; South St. ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of D™ Cath' ; by 
W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. 

' See her sister's baptism 17 Feb. 1860. 

» See his sister's baptism 29 July 1867. 

' Bom 15 June preceding; died at Norham and was buried there. The father (see his 
brother's burial 7 Feb. 1848) bom 1824 ; formerly Fellow and Tutor and afterwards Master of 
University College, Durham, which he resigned on becoming Yicar of Norham Jan. 1873 ; is 
Hon. D.D. of his Uniyersity ; living 1896. The mother (married at St. Mary-le-Bow 7 Sep. 
1869), bora 1851, is elder dau. of Bev. Thomas Saunders Evans, Canon of Durham and Professor 
of Greek in that Univers^ity. 

* The father (M.A. St. John's College, Cambridge) then Mathematical Master at the Grammar 
School. The mother, who was married at St. Mary the Less 31 Dec. 1885, was the dau. of Tho- 
mas Marsden, Procter of Durham. See his burial 3 July 1857. 

' Bom 2 July preceding. The father, a teacher of foreign languages in Durham, bom 14 
June 1824, son of Maurice de Karp of Lille, Franoe, by his wife Augusta de F(^lice ; he died 
26 April 1876, and is buried at Bournemouth. The mother Eleanora, dau. of Dr. J. 6. Baiter, of 
Zurich, Switserland, by his wife Susanna Drummond, was married at St. John's, Netting Hill, 
Middlesex, 12 July 1870; living at Zurich 1877. 

* Living 1889. See his sister's baptism 13 July 1870. 

7 Bom 20 April preceding ; living 1889. The father, bom at Buxton, Derbyshire, 14 Feb. 
1840, was son of William Henry Robertson, Esq., M.D., F.B.C.P., J.P., of Buxton, by his wife 
Eliza, dau. of John Slater Gill, of Chesterfield, same county ; of Christ Church, Oxon (B. A. 1863 ; 
M.A. 1866) ; successively Curate of Thorpe Mandeville and Houghton-le-Spring ; Minor Canon of 
Durham Sep. 1866 and Sacrist 20 Nov. 1872, and also Sub-Librarian ; he died 2 Aug. 1885 at 
Buxton, and is buried at the Cathedral Cemetery, Durham. The mother Frances Henrietta, 
second dau. of the late Bev. Francis Jones, M.A., Oriel College, Oxon, and Vicar of Moreton 
Pinkuey, Northamptonshire, by his wife Mary Anne Georgiana (living 1896 at Durham), dau of 
Lieut.-Colonel Peter Taylor Boberton, of Tiverton, Devon, by his wife Mary, dau. of Vice- 
Admiral Sir William Parker, first Bart., of the Harbum family. 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1875 June 28 Marion Adela,^ dau. of Henry Evelyn and Caroline Howley 

Turner Oakeley ; North Bailey ; H.M. Inspector of Schools ; 
by W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. 

1876 Sep. 19 Eleanor Mary,^ dau. of William Lyall and Mary Gertrude 

Holland ; The College ; late Vicar of S* Peter's, Auckland ; 
by H. B. Tristram, Canon. 

1877 Jan. 20 Hilda,'* dau. of William Henry and Frances Henrietta Robertson ; 

South St. ; Minor Canon and Sacrist of Diirham Cathedral ; 
by W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. 

1878 Aug. 31 Archibald Harvey, son of William Henry Robertson and Frances 

Henrietta his wife. 

1879 April 6 Gerald Edward,* son of Gerald Rivers Maltby, Gentleman, and 

Hercy Eliza Cecilia his wife. 

1880 Aug. 15 Allan Aylmer, son of John George Wilson, Gentleman, and 

Anne Louisa his wife. 
1883 April 22 James Arthur, son of James Hinson, Coachman, and Isabella his 

1885 Mar. 19 Dorothy Kate Gwyllyam, dau. of Henry William Watkins, Arch- 

deacon of Durham, and Kate Maiy Margaret his wife. 
Nov. 28 Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Blackwell Guest Williams, Clerk 
in Holy Orders, Second Master of the Grammar School, and 
Catherine his wife. (Bom at Comhill on Tweed Rectory 
Sep. 11, 1885.) 

1886 Oct. 18 Helen Margaret Gwyllyam, dau. of Henry William Watkins, 

Archdeacon of Durham, and Kate Mary Margaret his wife. 
Dec. 10 Warren Kirkham, son of Samuel Blackwell Guest Williams and 
Catherine his wife. (Bom at Durham Nov. 11, 1886.) 

1888 Feb. 20 Alyn Arthur, son of Samuel Blackwell Guest Williams and 

Catherine his wife. (Bom in Durham Jan. 22, 1888.) 

1889 Sep. 19 Wynne Austin, son of Samuel Blackwell Guest Williams and 

Catherine his wife. (Born in Durham Aug. 10, 1889.) 
1891 Aug. 17 Edmund Nelson May, son of George William Anson Firth, 

Sacrist of Durham Cathedral, and Louisa Caroline his wife. 

(Bom July 10, 1891.) 
1893 Feb. 5 Geoffrey Leonard, son of Percy John Heawood, M.A. Oxon, 

Mathematical Lecturer in the University of Durham, and 

Christiana his wife. (Bom at Durham Jan. 5, 1893.) 
April 4 Eichard Howard, son of Samuel Blackwell Guest Williams, and 

Catherine his wife. (Bom at Durham Feb. 27, 1893.) 

> Born 4 June 1875. See her sister's baptism 7 Nov. 1867. 

' The father, M.A., sometime British Chaplain at Biga ; now Vicar of Cornhill, Northnmber- 
land. The mother eldest dau. of Henry Baker Tristram, LL.D., F.E.8. (Lincoln College, 
Oxford, B.A. 1844 ; M.A. 1846) ; Canon of Durham ; the eminent naturalist and author, 
by his wife Frances-Eliza Bowlby. She was married at Greatham, co. Durham, 1 Nov. 1872. 

' Bom 22 Deo. preceding ; living 1889. See her brother's baptism 13 May 1874. 

* Gerald Bivers Maltby was son of Bev. Henry Maltby, Beotor of Egglesdiffe and Canon of 
Durham, who was son of Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1894 Oct. 24 Clnistian Florence,^ dau. of John Henry Eden, Lieut. -Colonel 

H.M. Army, and Florence his wife. 

1895 July 31 Sybil Frances Eleanor, dau. of Edward Jepson, Doctor in Medi- 

cine and Mayor of Durham, and Jessie Maria his wife. 
All Saints* Day (Not. 1) Gwendolen Edith Gwyllyam, dau. of Henry 
William Watkins, Archdeacon of Durham, and Kate Mary 
Margaret his wife. 

^ John Henry Eden ww son of Rev. John Patrick Eden, Rector of Sedgfield and Hon. Canon 
of Durham, who was grandson of Sir Robert Eden, Bart. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 



Feb. 3 


Feb. 3 


Oct. 9 

Jan. 28 


June 10 


Jan. 22 

Feb. 7 


Alice Sugar maried to Matthew Blunt, of Newcastle. 

Jo. Johnson, of Newcastle, and Barbaire Eeedshaw, of Gaitshed. 

Tho. Tyler, lay singing man of this church, and Anne Sheffeild, 

Mr. Robert Eden and M'** [blank] Millet. 
Henricus Smith,^ armiger, uxorem duzit Elizabetham Chapman. 
Johannes Wright uxorem duxit Saram Dodsworth. 
Anthonius Thompson,^ regrarius Dunelmensis, uxorem duxit 
Aliciam Goodayre. 
1632 Feb. 14 Johannes Yasius,^ generosus, uxorem duxit Franciscam, filiam 
M" Fardinandi Morecroft, hujus Cathedralis ecclesiae p«ben- 
Feb. 19 Thomas Biurell,* Artiu' magister, Episcopi Dunelmensis vicarius 
in spiritualibus & cancellarius, uxorem duxit Annam Chapman, 
Decani Dunelmensis priuignam. 
1637 June 29 Anthonius Maxson,^ ecclesia Cathedralis dunelme*8s, uxorem 
duxit Jane fetherstenhailgh, vidua'. 
Jan. 30 Robertus Aisley,^ generosus, uxore' duxit Joanna*, filiam m'* 

* He of West Herrington, co. Pal., Esq., Counsellor-at-Law ; was aged 6 in 1615, when bis 
father (whose burial see 17 Dec. 1631) entered his pedigree at St. George's Visitation. She dau. 
of Mrs. Hunt, the Dean's wife, by her fintt husband Seth Chapman, of Edmundsbury, gent., and 
is mentioned in her mother's will 16 May 1645. Their dau. Philadelphia married William 
Cooper, gent., of Scarborough, and had a dau. and coheiress Mary, wife of Dr. John Smith, the 
Prebendary. See baptism of 25 Oct. 1696. 

' He son of Mr. Thompson, of Crossgate, and baptized there. See the marriage of his grand- 
dau., Mary Church, 30 Nov. 1676. 

? [" Mrs. Joan : wiffe of m' John Vasey, gen.," buried 2 Nov. 1631, St. Oswald's.] 

* He (rede Burwell), LL.D. and Chancellor of the diocese, was aged 63 in 1666 ; buried at 
St. Margaret's, Westminster, 25 March 16/3, set. 70. She the dau. by her first husband, Seth 
Chapman, of Edmundsbury, gent., of Mrs. Hunt, wife of Dr. Richard Hunt, the Dean (whose 
burial see 3 Nov. 1638). See her burial 28 March 1640, and the baptisms of two children 20 Jane 

^ He Rector of Middleton Teesdale and Wolsingham ; he married firstly, 10 May 1617, Anne 
(baptized 21 Jan. 1597-8 at Byton), dau. of Ambrose Dudley, of Chopwell, oo. Pal., Esq., by his 
wife Isabel, dau. of Richard Grenville, of Wootton, Bucks. She was buried at St. Andrew's, 
Auckland, 6 Jan. 1678-9. 

* He was of Coves-houses, near Stanhope, co. Pal., gent. ; she (second wife) dau. of the Bev. 
Ferdinand Morecroft, Prebendary. See the baptism of their dau. 11 Dec. 1688. 

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Ferdinandi Morecroft, hujus Cathedralis ecclesisB pre- 
1639 Nov. 28 Jacobus Moorecroft,^ clericus, uxorem duxit Franciscam Sud- 

1641 Oct. 23 Jacobus Foster ux. duxit Jana* Hall ; per lie. pet. 
Oct. 28 MatthsBus Hall uxore* duxit Isabella* Smith. 

1642 Sep. 6 Thomas Thyime,^ Miles, uxorem duxit Stewartam, vena"* viri 

Gualteri Ballcanquall, hujus ecclesiae decani, filiam. 
1654 April 20 John Walton,^ Alderman, and Marye James. 

1662 June 24 Samuell Bolton,^ minor Cannon of this church, and Sarah daughter 

of m' Elias Smith, minor can*on of the same ; it being mid- 
somer day. 

1663 Oct. 15 Thomas Davison^ and Mary Nailor. 

1664 July 9 Willia* Metcalfe et An Bobson, of the parish of Bronspeth. 

Eli. Smith. 
July 27 Robert Dand et Alee Embleton, of the parish of Shilbottle. 

Eli. Smith. 
Aug. 16 Richard Wrench, prebend of this church, and An Baddelay. 
Sep. 6 John Harison, of Elwick parish, et Ann Patteson. Eli. Smith. 
Sep. 12 Rowland Kell et Mary Hubbocke, de Billingha*. 
Oct. 27 Mr. Thomas Bellay, of the parish of all Saints in Newcastle, and 

Jane Burton, of the parish of Catherick in Yorkshire. Eli. 


> He Yioar of Heighington, oo. Pal. ; she dau. and heir of Michael Suddick, of Monk-Heeilden, 
yeoman. She re-married Uie Be?. Gilbert Wildbore, Vicar of Heigbington. 

' Sir Thomas Thynne was youngest son of Sir Thomas Thynne, of Longleat, Wilts, Knt. 
(ancestor of the present Marquess of Bath), by bis first wife Maria, dau. of George Touchet, 
eighteenth Lord Audley. Stuana Balcanquall was dau. and coheir of Dean Walter Baloanqoall. 
^ See the baptism of their first child 21 July 1643. Sir Thomas and Stuarta (who was first wife) 
were parents also of Thomas Thynne, who eventually succeeded to Longleat, and is so well known 
to posterity as *' Tom of Ten Thousand/' In a Ibt published circa 1655 Dean Balcanquall (bis 
name was spelt in many different ways), then deceased, appears as having compounded for his 
estate for Dame Elizabeth Hammond his late wife. Lady Hammond was dau. of Anthony 
Aucher, of Bishopsbourne, Esq. (by Margaret, dau. of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York), and 
widow of Sir William Hammond, of St. Alban's Court, Kent, Knt., and was married at Bishops- 
bourne 21 Sep. 1624 to Dr. Balcanquall, who became Dean of Durham in 1639. He was of 
Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. In 1640 he, with the rest of the Cathedral clergy, fled before the 
invading army of the Scottish Insurgents, the Bishop himself retiring to Yorkshire. The Dean 
died 25 Dec. 1645, and was buried at Chirk, co. Denbigh. [The Durham baptismal registers 
afford numerous evidences of this incursion of " Scotishemen,'* and many of the " baise-begotten " 
children of that time are, rightly or wrongly, assigned to both officers and men.] 

' He a mercer, son of Hugh Walton, draper, several times Mayor of Durham, and in 1615, 
when he had a grant of arms from St. George ; she dau. of William James, the Prebendary, 
whose burial see 21 Jan. 1659-60. 

* He died June 1681. [Bobert Bolton occurs as h^odidateuUu 1595 — 1600.] She died 
1691. See her father's burial 9 Deo. 1676 ; see the bi^tisms of their children 17 March 1662-8 and 
21 Dec. 1664. 

' He Yioar of Norton, co. Pal ; she dau. of the Bev. Joseph Naylor, Prebendary. See the 
baptism of her broUier 18 Dec. 1687. 

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1664 Nov. 15 Mr. Nicholaus Cony era ^ et Margarett TempeBt, widdow. 

Jan. 2 John Fowler et An Hall, of the parish of Ghunforth; with 

1665 May 16 Christopher Stoddert,^ de Hellen Aukland, et Frances Heron. 
Feb. 9 Ottiwell Ryder and Elizabeth Gouerueger, of S* Andrew Auk- 
land ; having a licence. 

1666 April 25 Willia' Wood, of the parish of Gisbrough, et Elizabeth Dowth- 

waite, of the parish of all S** in Newcastle. 
May 14 William Sands and Margarett Portesse, the one in the parish of 

Darlington, the other of Smeeton. 
May 22 John Litster, of Hart parish, and An Walker, of Sedgfield parish. 
June 11 Willia' Agar et An Crawforth, being both of the parish of Bw 

weremouth ; w^ Licence. 
Sep. 4 Thomas Fowler and Isabell Bracke, both of Merington parish. 
Oct. 13 WiUia' Smith, de Billinga', et An Boyce, of Hart ; w*^ Licence. 
Nov. 27 John Thompson et An Emerson, both of the parish of Stanhope ; 

with licence. D^ Basiere. 
Nov. 29 Thomas Stoddert et Jane Jurdison, both of Easington parish; 

with licence. 

1667 April 27 Thomas Knaggs, de Whitworth, uxorem duxit Isabellam Hey. 
May 4 Christopherus Ward, de Sockbum, uxorem duxit Catherina' 

May 6 Joh*is Hanson uxorem duxit Margaretam Ainsley. 
May 25 Joh*is Huntley uxorem duxit Dorotheam Wilson. 
May 28 Carolus Middleton, de Guteshead, uxorem duxit Annam Jurdison. 
May 28 Richardus Todde, de Novocastro, uxorem duxit Barbariam 

June 5 Georgius Kipling,' hujus Eccl'aB virgifer, uxore' duxit Alicia' 

July 10 Thomas Greenwell* uxorem duxit Janam Ayre, de Wolsingha', 
Nicholaus Barwick,^ Q^nerosus, uxorem duxit Hellenen Green. 
Nicholaus Farrow uxorem duxit Mariam Farrow, vidiuun. 
Thomas Lowther and Margaret White. 
John Yappe^ and EUenor Hilton. 

1668 April 11 Will' Oliver and Jane Sidwick ; w"» a Licence. 

' Mary, their eldest ohild, was baptized at St. Mary's 10 July 1665. 

* He was son of Christopher Stotbard, and baptised at St. Helen's Auckland. The eldest 
child of this marriage, Margaret, was baptised there 18 March 1666-6, and Frances and Barbara 

' See his burial 26 July 1670. She dau. of John Spenceley, chandler, was baptised 6 April 
1848 at St. Nicholas. 

* Also entered in Wolsingham Register. The Greenwells, a numerous clan, were seated at 
Greenwell in Wolsingham parish from the twelfth century. The first volume of the register is 

* See his burial 7 Deo. 1687. 

* See his burial 2 Dec. 1691, and hers 4 Aug. 1718. 









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1668 April 14 GteoTge Dunn and Merriell Pattison. 
GulielmuB Taylor uxorem duxit Margaretam Williamson, viduam. 
Johannes Burnet uxorem duxit Mariam Bell. 
Johannes Jeckell uxorem duxit Elizabetham Wood, riduam. 

1669 May 20 Johannes Gray uxorem duxit Elizabetham Hopper. 
Henry Nat^by and Mary Key. 
MatthfiBus Brewer uxorem duxit Annam Shawter. 
Thomas Watson uxorem duxit Isabellam Em'erson. 
Robertus Wilson uxorem duxit Annam Thomson. 
Henricus Arrowsmith uxorem duxit Mariam Kirtley. 
Josephus Rosden uxorem duxit Isabellam Murton, vidua'. 
Johannes Harrison uxorem duxit Elizabetham Smith. 
Johannes Sparke uxorem duxit Annam Allinson. 
Christopherus Paxton uxorem duxit Janam Reed. 
Gulielmus Anderson uxorem duxit Annam Johnson. 
Antonius Harrison uxorem duxit Mariam Suretyes. 
Gulielmus Paxton^ uxorem duxit Barbariam Taylor. 
Thomas Chapman uxorem duxit Margaretam Maddison. 
Georgius Johnson uxorem duxit Dorotheam Bradford. 
Johannes Davison uxorem duxit Elizabetham Arrowsmith. 
Johannes Midford- uxorem duxit Dorotheam Scruton. 
Gulielmus Wright uxorem duxit Elizabetham Langstaffe. 
AnthoniuB Ayre, Katherinam Gtufoote de Woolsinga' duxit 

Michael Welsh uxorem duxit Annam Moore. 
Thomas Westgarth uxorem duxit Saram Meggison. 
Christopher Messenger uxorem duxit Elizabetha* Story. 
Robertus Melbanke uxorem duxit EUenoram Harrison. 
Robertus Lambe^ uxorem duxit Franeiscam Airson. 
Johan'es Shepheardson uxorem duxit Elizabetham Smith. 
Jacobus Harrison uxorem duxit Elizabetham Cooper. 
Johannes Mudspeth uxorem duxit Annam Currye. 
Johannes Gargrave uxorem duxit Franeiscam White. 
1670 April 6 Nicolaus Kendall uxorem duxit Annam Raine. 

Johannes Simpson uxorem duxit Aliciam Peverell. 
Gulielmus Kitching uxorem duxit Elizabetham Savage. 
Gulielmus Mason uxorem duxit Janam Dunn. 
Gulielmus Dameton uxorem duxit Susannam Bainbridge. 
Christopherus Bell uxore' duxit Annam Mickleton.* 

^ He a meroer. Baptisms of their children occur at St. Nicholas. 

' Also recorded in Bow Register. See his burial 4 Oct. 1704, and hers 18 Feb. 1684-5. 

' He the son of John Lamb» of Durham, was baptized 14 June 1642, was a tobacconist and 
Alderman (chosen 10 April 1704) ; free of the Weavers' Company. He died 2nd and was buried 
3rd June 1705 in St. Nicholas Church. Will dated 28 April 1705. His wife the dau. of Alder- 
man John Airson, of Durham ; she was baptised 21 June 1646 ; buried 12 Feb. 1685-6. [MS. 
Fed. by B. A. W.] 

* She was dau. of Christopher Mickleton, of Durham, Attorney-at-Law (whose burial see 
29 Aug. 1669), by his second wife Anne Dodshon. See her burial 6 Deo. 1737. 











June 19 




















































[ 6 



April 21 






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1670 May 26 Christoph. Hawdon duxit Janam Gilpin. 
Georgius Nicholson, Elizabetham Harrison uxore' duxit. 
Gulielmus Chipchase uxorem duxit Janam Wheathey. 
David Ells^ uxorem duxit Margaretam Willson. 
Robertus Peverell uxorem duxit EUenoram Shaw. 
Simonus Pattison uxorem duxit Annam Buttler. 
Georgius Johnson uxorem duxit Janam Lackenby. 
Johannes Day uxorem duxit Elizabetham Makins. 
Gulielmus Watson uxorem duxit Elizabetham Sheraton. 
Johannes Dent uxorem duxit Margaretam Bainbridge. 
Jerimiah Hobson uxorem duxit Annam Reed. 
Nathaniel Robinson uxorem duxit Franciscam Clayton. 
Petrus Taylor uxorem duxit Janam Mason. 
Radulphus Moon uxorem duxit Franciscam Harperley. 
Gulielmus Johnson duxit Margeriam Raddon. 
Richardus Wilson uxorem duxit Janam Elstob. 

1671 April 28 Richardus Heighley uxorem Thomasinam Parkins duxit. 
Gulielmus Peverell duxit Annam Oliver. 
Richardus Coultman, Annam Blithman, viduam, duxit. 
Joseph Williamstone, Margaretam Bromwell uxore' duxit. 
Johannes Wright uxorem duxit Aliciam Sampson. 
Jacobus Snawdon, Magdalena* Horsman duxit. 
Johannes Harrison uxorem duxit Mariam Lynn. 
Richardus Arrundell^ uxorem duxit Margeriam Smurthwaite. 
Gulielmus Johnson uxorem duxit Trotham Lambe. 
Gulielmus Doeshon, Margaretam Renton uxorem duxit. 
Lancelotus Maughan, Annam Mowbrey duxit. 
Henricus Wheldon duxit Elizabetham Hutchison. 
Richardus Marshall uxorem duxit Mariam Adamson. 
Richardus Hawdon duxit Annam Dunne. 
Michaell Bumop uxorem duxit Mariam Atkin. 
Robertus Swaineston, Eden Fowler duxit. 
Randulphus Adamson uxorem duxit Isabellam Hutchinson. 
Georgius Emmerson uxorem duxit Janam Russells. 
Gulielmus AUenson duxit Jannam Shafto. 

1673 May 6 Radulphus Middleton uxorem duxit Hannam Bateman. 
Thomas Grim uxorem duxit Isabellam Dossy, paro. de Weare- 

mouth ep. 
Anth. Johnson uxorem duxit Marg*tam Watson. 

1674 May 27 Edvardus Kirkby,® Eccli'ae CathedraHs Dunelm. Minor Canonicus, 
uxorem duxit Eliz. Thompson. 

Joh*es Pickering uxorem duxit Bridgetta* Carr. 
Will'us Munday uxorem duxit Jana* Pallacer. 

1 See his burial 2 Oot. 1681. This was his second marriage. 

* The name of Arundel! frequently occurs in St. Nicholas Registers. [" Christopher Arundell 
& Alice Bullmer " were married 11 May 1641 at 8t. Oswald's.] 

* See his burial 19 March 1668-9. 





June 13 

June 20 





























June 16 

June 28 



June 21 



































June 20 



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1675 April 7 Rich'us Roberts, hujus Eccli'ae Minor Canonicus, duxit Mirriama' 

Jacob Maire uxorem duxit Marg'tam Maxwell. 
Q^orgius Pearte uxorem duxit Annam Brack. 
Ricb'us Richardson uxore' duxit Dorothea' Hall. 
Thomas Harperly uxorem duxit Mariam Davison. 
Johannes Milner,^ hujus Eccli'ae Minor Canonicus, uxorem 

duxit Joannam Stones, viduam. 

1676 Mar. 27 Michael Hodshon uxorem duxit Anna' Thompson. 
Joh'es Collin uxorem duxit Annam Boasman. 
Franciscus Catterick uxore' duxit Anna* Harrison. 
Tho. Hixon uxorem duxit Marg'tam Atkinson. 
Henricus Gierke uxorem duxit Joannam Lodge. 
Josephus Bitleston uxore' duxit Marg'tam Swinburne, vid'. 
Christopher Deanham uxore' duxit Janam Bainbridge. 
Joh'es Tweddell uxorem duxit Margaretam Smith. 
Rich'us Nicholson uxorem duxit Mariam Fewler, vidua'. 
Samuel Duxbury uxorem duxit Mariam Maddison. 
Baldwynus Pitt,^ Ar., uxorem duxit Alicia' Johnson. 
Rich'us Waugh uxore* duxit Anna* Hutchinson. 
Joh'es Barker uxorem duxit Franciscam Hutton, viduam. 
Joh'es Chilton uxorem duxit Margaretam Hett. 
Thomas Bowser uxorem duxit Mariam Church.^ 
Henricus Shawe uxorem duxit Ciciliam Harrison, vidua'. 
Gulielmus Atkinson uxorem duxit Saram Shaw. 
Thomas Tucker uxorem duxit Annam Wilson, viduam. 

1677 April 3 Gulielm* Agar* uxorem duxit Janam Reed. 
Gulielm" Jurdison uxorem duxit Elizabetham Johnson. 
Joh'es Mitchell uxorem duxit Annam Hutton. 
Lancelotus Shawter uxorem duxit Mariam Lodge. 
Gulielmus Croft uxorem duxit Eliz. Bishoprick, viduam. 
Edvard" Harrison uxorem duxit Maria' Crawforth, 8p^ 
Rob'tuB Clayton uxorem duxit Franciscam Paxton. 
Thomas Ward uxorem duxit Annam Atkinson. 
Gulielm' Aire uxorem duxit Aliciam Chaimbers, viduam. 
Joh'es Sanderson uxorem duxit EUenora' Blarton, vidua'. 
Gulielm' Stagg^ uxorem duxit Alicia' Scurf eild, vid. 
Authonius Watson uxorem duxit Mariam Watson, vid. 
Georgius Hills uxorem duxit Margeria' Hutton, vid. 
Alexander Shaw uxorem duxit Ellenora' Foster,* vid. 

> See his burial 5 June 1705. She was probably widow of Mr. Christopher Stones, who has 
a daa. baptised 28 Nov. 1666. 

' Marriage licence dated 10 Aug. ; he described as of the Middle Temple iind she as spinster. 

> She was dau. of William Church, gent., Under Sheriff of the county, by his wife Margaret, 
dau. of Anthony Thompson, of Crossgate, gent. 

* See (perhaps) his previous marriage 11 June 1666. 
^ See his buri^ 19 Feb. 1692-8. 

* She was widow of John Forster, orguiist, whose burial see 21 April 1677. 




















June 17 

June 26 





















































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1677 Dec. 18 Gulielm" Wilson,^ Adv«, uxorem duxit M"° Maria' AUenson. 
Joh'es Pallacer uxorem duxit Marg'tam Forrest. 
Gulielm* Conyers uxorem duxit Saram Watson, vid. 
Samuel Bawling uxorem duxit Martham Dale. 
MicHael Bumopp uxorem duxit Elizabetham Coulson. 
Joh'es Toe uxorem duxit Mariam Snawdon, vid. 
Bich'us Apleby uxorem duxit Bebeccam Welsh. 

1678 Mar. 27 Gulielm* Gibson uxorem duxit Annam Lightfoot. 
Thomas Stainsby uxorem duxit Janam Tyndall, vid. 
Thomas Bawling uxorem duxit Magdalenam Forster. 
Joh*es Burrell uxorem duxit Ciciliam Crawforth. 
Joh*e8 Jeffreyson uxorem duxit Jennettam Dobson. 
Joh'es Lamb uxorem duxit Mariam Butlidge. 
Gulielm* Snawdon* uxorem duxit Barbara' Wilson. 
Leonard* Bobinson uxorem duxit Maria' Bobinson. 
Timotheus Hiekerongill uxore' duxit Anna' Bobson. 
Bob'tus Hutchinson uxorem duxit Alicia' Banson, vid. 
Bob'tus Webster uxorem duxit Marg'tam Wood. 
Gulielm" Marley uxorem duxit Eliz. Iveson. 
Gulielm* Skurrey uxorem duxit Barbara' Cosins, vidua'. 
Joh'es Bownas uxorem duxit Isabella Watson. 
Gulielm's Wharram uxorem duxit EUenora' Todd. 
Bich'us Faxton uxorem duxit Catherina' Forster. 
Bich'us Pollett uxorem duxit Francisa' Peirson. 
Thomas Brumley uxore' duxit Anna' Gordon, vidua'. 
Joh'es G^ldert uxore' duxit Annam Hilton.' 
Joh'es Todd uxorem duxit Jana' ^tewart. 
Bad'us Bookby uxorem duxit Susanna' Jackson, vidua'. 

1679 April 10 Gulielm* Emerson uxorem duxit Margaretam Smelt,- vidua*. 
Bich'us Wilson uxorem duxit Maria Baw. 
Bich'us Porter uxorem duxit Marg'tam Parkinson. 
Bad'us Foreman uxorem duxit Maria' Pickering. 
Gulielm* Brockett* uxorem duxit Eliz. Coulson. 
Parcivallus Wheldell uxorem duxit Emmettam Bartram. 
Gulielm" Marley uxorem duxit Elizabetham Kirkby. 
Bob'tup Gierke uxorem duxit Marg'tam Maire. 
Martinus Forster uxore' duxit Maria' Steadman. 
Stephanus Peart uxorem duxit Marg'tam Lee, vidua'. 

> See his burial 7 Dec. 1690. 
< See his burial 16 Oct. 1692. 

* See her second marriage 23 Deo. 1699. 

* Also entered at St. Mary-le-Bow, where the date is 1 July. He was a plumber, perhaps to 
the Cathedra], and son of William Brookett, of St. Oswald's (buried there 1688), yeoman and 
baili^ where he is registered as born 25 Aug. 1655 and buried 1705 ; she " inkeeper in South 
Baily, bury'd near her husband " 25 July 1724. Their children are baptized at Bow, St. Nicho- 
las, aud St. Oswald's. One dau., " M** Elirabeth Brocket of y* South Baily," married (as second 
wife) 5 Sep. 1702, at St. Oswald's, Mr. Patrick Boss, schoolmaster, who lies buried at St. Oswald's, 
under an altar-tomb, with a lengthy Latin inscription. 





























































June 10 

June 80 











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1679 Au^. 19 Joh*eB Bobinson uxorem duxit Hannam Croft. 
Anthonius Sharpe uxorem duxit Annam Hall, yidua*. 
Cuthbertus Thompson uxorem duxit Eliz. Emerson. 
Rob'tus Welf oot uxorem duxit Franciscam Bee. 
Q-eorgius Bullock^ uxorem duxit Marg'tam Waistell. 
Joh'es Phillipson uxorem duxit Janam Richardson. 
G-ulielm* Hume uxorem duxit Janam Raw. 
Georgius Shepherd uxorem duxit Agnetem Young, vidua'. 
Joh*es Peirson uxore' duxit Eliz. Emerson. 
G-eorgius Emerson uxorem duxit Anna' Adamson. 
Milo Eubank uxorem duxit Aliciam Fletcher. 

1680 April 8 Gulielm* Elstobb uxorem duxit Janam Spark. 
Thonuis Fairbames uxorem duxit Anna' Qallowly. 
Q-ulielm* Thompson uxorem duxit Lucie Ord. 
Thomas Harrison uxorem duxit Ellenora' Trotter. 
Joshua Sanderson uxorem duxit Francisca' Ward. 
G-eorgius Robinson uxorem duxit Marg'tam Loanesdall. 
Q-ulielm* Skinner' uxorem duxit Mariam Fulthorp, vid. 
Mattheus Downes uxorem duxit Eliz. Drizedell. 
Joh'es Sanderson uxorem duxit Mariam Wells. 
Joh'es Simpson uxorem duxit Jana' Brackenbury,* vid. 
Jacobus Wales uxorem duxit Marg'tam Gibson. 
Rad'us Ironside^ uxorem duxit Ursula' Hogg. 
Rich'us Hull uxorem duxit Catherina' Wilkinson. 
Carolus Hedly uxorem duxit Marg'tam Marley, vid. 
Thomas Butler^ uxorem duxit Mariam Foster, vid. 

* See his burial 2 Aug. 1699 ; she was the second wife. 

' In same hand but paler ink, and evidently omitted and written in afterwards. 

' He was undoubtedly nephew to Dr. Cosin, Bishop of Durham, although considerable 
research by Charles Jackson, Esq., F.S.A., of Doncaster, has not been successful in establishing 
the marriage of a sister (Mary) of the Bishop with a Skinner, shewn by Surtees (vol. i., cxiv.), 
who, however, is also wrong in giving the Bishop two sisters married to ... . Norfolk and .... 
Daniel. The Bishop, writing about Hull, in an unpublished letter, 12 Feb. 1669-70, to his 
Secretary, Miles Stapyltoo, mentions " my nephew Mr. Skinner, an alderman of that towne." 
This William Skinner was sworn a Free Burgess of Hull 3 Sep. and fined 8 Oct 1657 ; elected 
Alderman 16 Oct. 1662, and Mayor 25 Sep. 1664 ; died at Peckham, Surrey, 19 and buried at 
Holy Trinity, Hull, 28 Sep. 1680, set. 53. M.I. Will dated 13 Sep. 1680, and proved at York 
30 March 1682. He married thrice, and all his wives are buried at Hull. The above, the third 
wife, was dau. of Peter Smith, of London, and widow of Timothy Fulthorp, of London, and Tun- 
stall, CO. Pal. ; she died 5 and was buried 9 Oct. 1719. 

* She widow of William Bowser, of Auckland. By this husband she had (at least) a dau. 
Eliabeth, bom 28 March 1682, and another Anne, bom 22 Feb. 1684-5, who married Michael 
Pemberton, of Bainbridge Holme, oo. Pal., gent., and had a dau. Mary, living 1725. 

* He was baptized at Houghton 1650, and died 1729 (see Ped. of Ironside, Surtees, vol. i.) ; 
he is ancestor of the present Henry-Oeorge-Outram Bax-Ironside, of Houghton-le-Spring, Esq. 
(see " Landed Gentry '')• She dau. and coheir of Christopher Hogg, gent., by his wife Eleanor, 
dau. and coheir of Michael Beed, of The Cragg, Northumberland, gent. 

* He of Old Acres, co. Pal., Esq. ; he was buried 28 Oct. 1712 at St. Oswald's, the register of 
which states *' he dyed in a public-house here.'* His son Hylton ww baptized and buried at St. 

































June 10 



















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1680 Feb. 12 Gulielmus Morrison uxorem duzit Anna' Jackson. 

1681 May 23 G-eorgius Bobinson uxorem duxit Janam Hudd. 
May 24 Joh'es Chipcbase uxorem duxit Annam Comer, yid. 
May 24 Job^es Fetberston uxorem duxit Janam Vipont.^ 

July 27 Tbomas Nicbolson^ uxorem duxit Maria* Cbipcbase, yid. 

Aug. 11 Job*es Lem*an uxorem duxit Isabellam Sowerby, vid. 

Oct. 9 Tbomas Crosby uxorem duxit Elizabetba' Myres. 

Oct. 11 Cutbbertus Pbilipson uxorem duxit Marg'tam Miller. 

Oct. 22 G^orgius Eobinson uxorem duxit Mariam Tindall. 

Dec. 20 Tbomas Smitb uxorem duxit Margareta* Mickleton. 

Jan. 18 Jacob Colson uxorem duxit Annam Hauzly, yidua'. 

1682 May 9 Edrardus Furbank uxore' duxit Maria* Westmorland. 
May 13 Tbomas Hall uxorem duxit Annam Brougb. 

May 29 Tbomas Parkinson uxorem duxit Elisabetbam Speare. 

Aug. 12 Joban'es Adamson uxorem duxit Dorotbeam Eirtly. 

Aug. 29 Joban'es Taylor uxorem duxit Jocosam^ Dury. 

Sep. 20 Andreas Wilkinson uxorem duxit Annam Burdess. 

Oct. 27 Joban*es Kirkbam uxorem duxit Elianoram Stokeld. 

Feb. 17 Tbomas Burletson* uxorem duxit Dorotbeam Lackenby. 

Feb. 19 Tbomas Palmer uxorem duxit Annam Mason. 

1683 April 30 David Dixon ^ uxorem duxit Janam Browne. 

May 8 Tbomas Davison uxorem duxit Marg*tam Darbysbire. 

Aug. 18 Tbomas Hutcbinson uxorem duxit Annam Askew. 

Jan. 29 Oliverus Kearsly uxorem duxit Francisca* Hobman. 

1684 May 1 Joban*e8 Sbaclock uxorem duxit Francisca* Harrison. 
July 12 Gilbertus Potts uxorem duxit Janam Tbompson. 
Oct. 29 Jacobus Harle uxorem duxit Bacbel Atkinson. 

Jan. 12 Tbomas Jopling uxorem duxit Anna* Sbipley. 

Feb. 18 Bicbardus Pilkington uxorem duxit Isabellam Hall. 

Feb. 19 Gulielmus Boutflower* uxorem duxit Elisabetbam Hutton. 

1685 April 18 Henricus Hutcbinson uxorem duxit Anna* Guy. 

^ A Thomas or William Yipont occurs in Mickleton*8 MSS. as Under Master of the Grammar 
School about 1630. 

' See his burial 9 Nov. 1707. 

* " Jocosam " has been written over " Joyce.*' See her burial 26 Jan. 1709-10, and the 
baptism of their child 29 Jan. 1683-4. 

* See the baptism of their first child 15 Jan. 1682-3. 

* He was an Attorney-at-Law ; married secondly 24 June 1721, at St. Oswald's, " M" Eliza- 
beth Steele," dau. of Ralph Steele, baptized 5 Deo. 1693, at St. Oswald's (she was buried there 26 Deo. 
1734), and he was buried there also 12 May 1728. She was dau. of John Brown, gent., Attorney, 
and died 19, buried 21 Deo. 1718, at St. Oswald's. See her brother's baptism 80 June 1670. 

* He merchant of Newcastle (Sheriff 1701), and son and executor of Thomas Boutflower, of 
Appleby, Westmorland, who was buried at Whittonstall 5 Jan. 1683-4; he was buried at St. 
Nicholas, Newcastle, 26 May 1712, and is ancestor of the present Venerable Samuel Peach Bout- 
flower, Archdeacon of Carlisle. She, the second wife, was buried with her own people at Bishop 
Middleham 22 April 1688. As will thus be seen, Surtees is incorrect in making her re-marry. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Sep. 3 

Nov. 26 

Dec. 29 

Jan. 17 


Dec. 30 


July 4 

Feb. 2 

Feb. 2 


July 14 

July 25 

Mar. 18 



Oct. 1 

Oct. 29 

Nov. 6 


Jan. 5 

Jan. 24 


June 2 

Jan, 7 


Carolus Montagu^ (Armig'') uxorem duxit Elisab. Foster. 
EdvarduB Elstob uxorem duxit Aliciam Rippon. 
Johan'es Midleton uxorem duxit Anna' Harrisou. 
Johan'es Proud ^ uxorem duxit Marg*tam Shacklock. 
Bryanus Burletson uxorem duxit Thomasina' Nichols.* 
Michael Mickleton uxorem duxit Elisabetham Spearman.^ 
Josephus Hall uxorem duxit Franciscam G-ibson. 
Robertus Allenson uxorem duxit Annam Wilson, yid. 
Thomas Liddell uxorem duxit Elizabetham Robinson. 
Wrightington Taylor uxorem duxit Rutham Turner. 
Johannes Eldridge^ uxorem duxit Margareta' Lowther. 
XpoferuB Wyvill* (Decan* Rippon.) ux'em duxit Margareta' 

Markendale, yid. 
Q-uliebnuB Applegarth uxorem duxit Anna' Heckles, yid. 
Jacobus Peirson uxorem duxit Ellenoram Wilkinson. 
G-ulielmus Thompson uxorem [duxit] Ellenoram G-ray, spin'. 
Laurentius Sayre ux. duxit Cathannam Burdon. 
Nicolaus Homesby ux. duxit Elisabetham Humble. 
Joh'nes Stockdell u. d. Margaretam Crawford. 
Joh'nes Smith ^ u. d. Mariam Cooper. 

^ He was a younger son of the Hon. George Montagu (by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Anthony Irby, Knt.), who was son, by his third wife, of Henry, first Earl of Manchester. He 
was returned as Member for Maldon, and afterwards for Westminster, and became a very 
eminent Statesman temp. William III. ; while Chancellor of the Exchequer he projected and 
issued in 1695 the great re-coinage of siWer; he was created, by recommendation of the 
Commons, in 1700, Baron Halifax, and advanced to an earldom 1714. He married seoondly, 
in Feb. 1688, Anne, Countess-dowager of Manchester, widow of his nephew, and dau. of Sir 
Christopher Telverton, of East Mauduit, first Bart., but died s.p. She, first wife, dau. and 
coheiress of Francis Forster, of the South BaUey, Esq. See baptism of her brother 11 July 

' See baptbms of their children. She was buried at St. Mary-le-Bow 3 May 1711. 

3 She dau. of John Nicholls, whose burial see 6 June 1681. See also her brother's baptism 
22 April 1662. 

* See her baptism 80 April 1667, her burial 14 Not. 1704, and her father's burial 22 Sep. 

* See his burial 24 Feb. 1697-8. 

* He, D.D., was third son of Sir Christopher Wyyill, of Burton Constable, oo. York, third 
Bart., by Ursula, dau. of Conyers Darcy, first Earl of Holdemess ; he died circa 1710. She was 
widow of Eyers Markendale, of Old Park, co. Pal. (buried 28 March 1686), and dau. of John 
Brabant, of Page Bank, gent, (whose only child she was in 1686), by Jane, dau. of Bichard Best, 
of Middleton, Ebor, whom he married 31 March 1646, at Witton-le-Wear ; she was baptized at 
Bnmcepeth 12 Oct. 1652. 

7 The father was of St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A. 1680, MA. 1684, D.D. 1696) ; he 
was baptized 10 Noy. 1659 at Lowther, WestmorUnd, the eldest son of the Bev. William Smith, 
MA., Bector of that parish, by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Giles Wetherell, Esq., Mayor of 
Stockton, by his wife Anne, sister of Sir George Marwood, of Little Busby, Yorks, first Bart. ; he 
was appointed Minor Canon circa 1683, and Sacrist 20 Nov. 1689. The only instance of a Minor 
Canon becoming a Prebendary of Durham, he received from Bishop Crew, to whom he was 
Chaplain, the seventh stall (collated 25, installed 26 Sep.) in 1695, having shortly before been 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1691 Feb. 3 Bicbardus Wall u. d. Mariam Bicbardson. 

1692 April 30 Thomas FairbarneB u. d. Mariam Jopling. 
Oct. 22 HeuricuB Clerk u. d. Annam FairbarneB. 

1693 Sep. 5 JobanneB Wbite ux. d. Isabellam BaiBbeck. 
Nov. 25 Tbomas Coplin ux. d. Annam Bicaby. 

1695 Nov. 12 BobertuB Spencelay ux. dux. iBabellam Perkins. 

1696 Feb. 11 Bobertus Thompson^ uxorem duxit Margar**" Bichardson. 

1697 Dec 2 Badulp. Wilkinson uxor, duxit Dorotbeam Hilton.* 
Jan. 26 Tho. Talbot, de Stockton, uxor, duxit EUenoram Howell. 

Mar. 2 Bicb. Camaby, de Corbridge, uxor, duxit Hannah Gibson, de 

Bywell S* Andrew. 
Mar. 5 Georg. Liddel uxor, duxit Ann Easterby, de Hesleden Mona- 


1698 June 4 Lancelot Lowther,* of South Bailey, uxor, duxit Jane Smith, de 

Aug. 5 John Mason, de Heighington, ux. d. Jane Lodge. 
Aug. 20 Dan. Smallpage ux. d. Ruth Ord, paroch. de Sedgfield. 
Aug. 25 Hugh Watson,^ de Allandale, Dioc. Ebor, u. d. Hester Hall, de 

Sep. 5 Geo. Smithson, de Gateshead, ux. d. Deborah Heighington, ead. 


1699 May 31 John Hudspeth, de paroch. S^ Johannis, Nov. Cast., ux. dux. 

Ellen. Lackenby, ejusdem parochisB. 
July 19 Joseph Dixon* & Ann Waugh, serv** together att y* Deanry. 
July 31 Thomas Dodds* & Mary Young, of S' Oswald's. 

preferred to the rectory of Gateshead ; he was presented to the rectory of Bishopwearmouth in 
1704, and dying 30 July 1715, st. 56, he was buried in the chapel of his college at Cambridge. 
He had a grant of arms. She was Mary, dau. and coheiress of William Cooper, of Scarborough, 
00. York, gent., by his wife Philadelphia Smith (the marriage of whose parents see 10 June 1680), 
and had, besides the above John, and an elder son George Smith, of Bumhall, co. Pal., Esq. 
(M.I. St. Oswald's), afterwards in orders of the Non-juring Church and Titular Bishop of Durham, 
the following, whose baptisms see — Mary, 26 Jan. 1697-8 ; William, 9 Aug. 1699 ; Joseph, 29 April 
1701 ; and a second William 22 Sep. 1707. Surtees says (Pedigree iv., part ii., p. 98, to which the 
foregoing dates add), " Dr. Smith enjoyed the deserved reputation of an elegant scholar and a 
sound divine, and his fame rests securely on the magnificent edition of Bede's ' Historic Works,' 
which he had completed for the press with the most devoted labour and industry." 

' This marriage is also entered in Register 2, among the baptisms, as follows: "Robert 
Thompson, of Brawnspeth, and Margaret Richardson, of y* College in Durham, were married 
Feb. y xi* Ann. Dom. 1696." 

' She was baptiied 1651 at Heighington, the dau., by his second wife Dorothy Wright, of 
Lancelot Hilton, of Durham and Hilton in Staindropshire, Attomey-at-Law, whose burial see 
29 May 1685. See her burial 16 Deo. 1708. 

> See (presumably) his baptism 2 Dec. 1675, and his burial 18 Dec. 1706. Lancelot, son of 
Thomas Lowther, was bound apprentice 7 April 1690, and admitted free of Mercers' Company 
2 Sep. 1701. 

* Jane, their eldest child, baptised at Stanhope 18 Sep. 1699. He then of West Allen. 
» See his burial 24 Feb. 1707-8. 

• " Hylda, dau. of Tho. Dodds, bom y* 5* Nov**, but no notice given (tho' desired) till y* 4* of 
March" [1708]. St. Oswald's. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 










1699 Aug. 6 Joseph Williamson,^ of Bishop Wearmouth, & Mary Williamson, 
of S* Hellen Awkland. 

Bryan Atkinson & Susan Thompson, of y* parish of Bpp. Wear- 
Abra. Phillips & Ann Claypeth, Cap'sB Sc't® Hildae. 
Mr. Richard Baddeley^ & Ann Q^ldart, wid., of y* parish of S* 
Mary le bow, N. Bailey. 
Feb. 12 Mr. Eob. Burnet,^ Phys., & Mrs. Frances Richardson, both of 

8* Mary le bow parish. 
Feb. 13 Tho. Taylor & Mary Yapp, both of Bow parish. 
Mar. 16 George Pickering & Isabel Fairbams, both of Witton-Gilbert. 

1700 April 23 William Smith & Isabel Pattison, both of y« Parish of Elwick. 
April 28 Abra. Yap* & Ann Battersby. 

July 15 Thomas Bateman & Mary Dear, serv** in y« Castle. 
July 23 Nathaniel, Lord Crew,^ and M^"» Dorothy Forster. 
Aug. 8 William Apedail, of Bpp. Awkland, & Ann Brack, of Merrington. 

* Four children, at lea9t, of " Mr. Joseph Williamson " are baptized at St. Helen's Auckland, 
the first 3 Oct. 1700. 

> See his burial 16 Jan. 1713-14. 

* He buried 18 March 1706-7, and she 27 Nov. 1702, at St. Mary-le-Bow, where their (probably) 
only child Thomas was baptized 17 Noy. 1700, and buried inf. 

* See his burial 23 Dec. 1728. She second wife ; see her burial 17 Oct. 1732. 

* This great prehite, who filled the Palatinate throne of Durham for nearly forty-seven years, 
was born at Stene, Northants, 31 Jan. 1633-4, a few hours before the death of his grandfather, 
Sir Thomas Crew, Seijeant-at-Law, Speaker of the House of Commons in two Parliaments, and 
"of proverbial abilities." Sir Thomas, younger brother of Sir Randolph Crew, of Crew in 
Cheshire, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, married Temperance, dau. and coheiress of 
Beginald Bray, of Stene. Their eldest son John Crewe, M.P. for Northants, a shrewd, clever 
man, took an active part against Charles I. He was, nevertheless, greatly instrumental in the 
restoration of the second Charles, and was by him created Baron Crew, 1661. He died in 1679, 
having married Jemima, dau. and coheir of Edward Waldegrave, Esq., of Lawford, Essex, by 
whom he was &ther of a fifth son, Nathaniel. Nathaniel Crew or Crewe was entered a Com- 
moner of Lincoln College, Oxford, Sep. 1652, but did not take Orders until 1665, when he was 
ordained Priest and Deacon the same day by the Bishop of Winchester. After that he became, 
in rapid succession. Chaplain to the Royal Household, a Lenten Preacher, D.D., Deputy-Clerk of 
the Closet, Rector of Lincoln College, Clerk of the Closet, Dean and Precentor of Chichester 
1669, consecrated Bishop of Oxford 2 July 1671, translated to Durham 1674, after the see had 
been vacant nearly three years, and 9 June 1675 he entered into his new bishopric with great pomp. 
This last preferment was due to the interest of the Duke of York, whose marriage ceremony with 
Mary d'Este he had performed. On the accession of James II. he was made Dean of the Chapel 
Royal and a Privy Councillor. In 1697 he succeeded his brother as third Lord Crewe. He 
married firstly, 21 Deo. 1691, Penelope, dau. of Sir Philip Frowde, Knt., and widow of Sir Hugh 
Tynte ; she died 9 March 1699-1700, and was buried at Stene ; he died 18 Sep. 1721, let. 88, and 
was buried in his chapel at Stene 30th Sep. He left no issue, and the peerage became extinct. 
The "Gentleman's Magazine" for 1801 pronounces that the Baron- Bishop "in his private 
character was hospitable, generous, and charitable ; In his public a rigid high-churchman and a 
favourer of popery," and in this latter respect he was, no doubt, a harsh, stern man. However, 
be will always be remembered gratefully by posterity for the munificent charities he founded. 
Thomas Forster, Esq., of Bambrough and Blanchland in Northumberland, the Bishop's brother- 
in-law, forfeited his estates in the rising of 1715, and these his lordship bought, and by his will 
vested in trustees, who still administer them for various charitable purposes which he lud down* 

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1700 Oct. 23 Ralph Hodgshon & Jane Garthwaite, of Winston pariah. 

Jan. 7 John Snawdon & Susanna Deemster, both of y* Parish of 

Feb. 13 Rob. Johnson & label Ferraby, of y« Parish of Bpp. Wearmouth. 
Mar. 4 Michael Bawling & Eliz. Thompson, both of Easington Parish. 

Shrove Tuesday. 

1701 May 31 Anthony Wilde,i of Bpp. Wearmouth, & Dorothy Robinson, of 

Houghton in le Spring. Saturd. 
June 24 Thomas Wake, a Borer, & Ellenor Miller, spinster, parochiaB de 

Gateshead, Dunelm. 
Aug. 10 Tho. Horseley* & Barbara Walton, of Woolsingham Parish. 

Sep. 1 M' Gilbert Spearman^ & M" Marg. Pierson. 
Sep. 22 Jo. Andrew & Mary Middleton, both of S* Nicholas Parish in 

Sep. 23 Jo. Watson* & Mary Emerson, both of Stanhop in Weardaile. 
Dec. 11 M' Bob. Spearman ^ & M" Han. Webster. 

1702 July 18 William Richmond & Barbara Thompson, both of Easington 


Abra. Yapp, Sacrist of the Cathedral Church of Durham. 

Aug. 1 M^ Cristopher Hunter, de Stockton, & M** Eliz. Elrington, of 
Shotley, both in y* County of Durham. 

Sep. 5 Joseph Alderson, of Readmarshal Parish, & Jane Walton, of Pres- 
ton in y* chappelry of Stockton. 

Dorothy Fornter was only dau. of Sir William Forster, of Bambrough Castle ; she died, aged 42, 
in 1715, and was buried by the Bbhop's first wife in Stene Chapel. It is a tradition that Lord 
Crewe had offered to make her his wife befbre his first mariiage. Her life is vividly, if fancifully* 
pictured in one of the most delightful works of fiction, bearing her name, by Mr. Walter Besant 

* [Mary his dau. and coheir married, 1731, William Ironside, Esq., of Houghton-le-Spring.] 

' Also entered in Wolsingham Register, where their children are baptized. She was buried 
there 28 March 1712, and he 28 July 1713. 

> He was tried at Durham Assizes, 10 Aug. 1693, for drinking the toast " Here is King James, 
his prosperitie ; here is the confusion of King William." She his second wife ; she was baptized 
at Bishop Middleham 26 June 1679, and was younger dau. and sole heiress (a brother and sister, 
older, baptized at Startforth, dying young) of Robert Pearson or Pierson, Esq., of Startforth and 
Foroet, co. York, and of Bishop Middleham /iirtf uxoris [son of Robert Pearson, gent., of Start- 
forth, buried there 8 Sep. 1673 ?], by his second wife the Hon. Mary Cockayne, dau. of Charles, 
first Viscount Cullen, in the Peerage of Ireland, by his wife Lady Mary O'Brien, eldest dau. and 
coheir of Henry, fifth Earl of Thomond. Mrs. Spearman was buried at Bishop Middleham 12 May 
1781 ; her mother the Hon. Mrs. Pierson 23 May 1682 ; and her father 2 Oct. 1702. 

* Their eldest child, " Ann, dau. of John Wateon of Thimbleby in Stanhope," baptized there 
30 June 1702. 

* Of Old Acres, co. Pal.; see his burial 20 Oct. 1728. She dau. and heiress of William 
Webster, of Stockton-on-Tees, merchant. In right of this marriage her son Robert Spearman, 
of Old Acres, Esq., quartered for Wbbstbb, Sable, a bend wavy, and in sinister chief a mullet of 
six points argent. She was, apparently, not related to another merchant family of Webster, 
settled at Stockton a little later, who bore different arms. See " Landed Qentry," " Webster of 

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1702 Oct. 27 Mr. John Durant & M« Isabella Taylour, widow, both of S^ John's 

in Newcastle. 
Oct. 27 John Bobson & Ann Nelson, both of the Parish of 8^ A ndre w- 

Jan. 2 Edward Crosby^ & Eliz. Arrowsmith, both of Whitwell House 

in y* County of Durham, were married by vertue of a licence. 
Jan. 26 Mr. Humph. March A Mrs. Ann Elstob, both of little S* Marie's 

Parish, in j^ South Bailey in Durham. 
Jo. Tiplady and .lane Wilson, both of y« chappelry of Stockton. 

1703 April 24 Geo. Carlisle & Margery Short were married in the Cathedral by 
vertue of a licence. 

John Heslopp & Ann Hunter, of Lanchester Parish. 

(Abra. Yapp, Sacrist.) 
James Wilsby & Hannah Johnson, both servants to Mad. G-rey 

in y* College. 
Anthony Johnson & Marg. Barker, both of Stranton parish. 
Tho. Browne, of S* Nich. Parish, and Ellinor Hauxley, of South 
Bailey in Durham. 
Aug 7 David Shethum, of Ghiteshead, and Eliz. Roxby, of y« Parish of 

Lanchester ; by vertue of a Licence. 
Oct. 12 Tho. Wood, of Merrington, & Elizabeth Whitfeild, of Pittington ; 

by vertue of a license. 
Dec. 21 Ralph Johnson, of Branspeth parish, & Mary Priend. 
Dec. 21 Roger Wilson, merchant in S^ Nich. Parish in Newcastle, & Ann 

Middleton, of Barfoot in y* county of York. 
Sep. 9 Aurelius Headlam,^ of S' Nicholas parish in New Castle, & Mary 

Marlay, of All Saints. 
Feb. 19 John Clark & Ann Pallaster, both of Witt. QUbert. 
Feb. 28 John Q-ibbon, of Hamsterly, A Ann Thompson, of Bpp. Wear- 

1704 Mar. 25 Mr. John Willcocks & Eliz. WaU. 

April 29 John Hopper & Eliz. Kirkley, of Lanchester parish. 
May 18 Mr. Nich. Burton^ & (" my" erased) Lady Fenwick. 

' See poesibly his second marriage 10 Jaa. 1718-19. 

' Probably related to G^rge Hedlam, of Newcastle, who by his will 1738, and codicil 1744, 
namea his wife Ann, ex'or ; daus. Ann and Hannah ; sons Oeorge, Ealph, and William ; late 
father George Hedlam (will 1725) ; late sister PhoBbe, wife to Thomas Vasie, of London, 
merchant, deceased, who left three children, Mary, PhoBbe, and Aurelia. 

' He Head Master of the Grammar School, and son of Archdeacon Burton, who is buried in 
York Minster; of Christ Church College, Oxford, B.A. 1695, M.A. 1698; Rector of St. Mary- 
le-Bow 1703 —1705, and Lecturer at the Cathedral ; he was buried at Bow, within the Com- 
munion rails (which he gave) 1 July 1713. His first wife Martha was buried there (M.I.) 12 
Aug. 1708, with her dau. Martha, whose baptism see 30 June 1702 (see also baptism of a son 
20 March 1700-1701). Lady Fenwick, second wife, was previously widow of Sir Robert 
Fenwick, of By well, Northumberland, Knt., sister of Sir Richard Graham, first Viscount Preston, 
and dau. of Sir C^rge Graham, of Esk and Netherby, second Bart., by his wife Lady Mary 
Johnstone, dau. of the first Earl of Hartfell (grandfather of the first Marquess of Annandale), by 
his wife Lady Margaret Douglas, dau. of the first Earl of Douglas and ninth Lord Drumlanrig, by 
bis wife Lady Isabel Kerr, dau. of Mark, first Earl of Lothian, by his wife Margaret, dau. of Sir 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1704 June 8 John Waietell & Alice Garthwaite, of Bernard Castle. 

June 22 William Eobson, of Simondbum, & Eliz. Todd, of y« Chappelry of 

Aug. 12 Cuth. Newton, of Bywell S* Peter Marg. Pattison, of Tanfield 

in y« parish of Lanches'. 
Aug. 22 Rob. Armstrong, de Hexham, .... Sarah Teasdaile, of y* North- 

Bailey in Durham. 
Sep. 18 Will. Marley & Mary Richardson, of Staindrop. 
Jan. 2 Michael Brabant,^ Apothecary, in y« Parish of S* Nicholas, & Jane 

Hutchinson, in y* North bailey. 
Jan. 13 Thom. Bownas, of Aikcliff, & Mary Eeid, of Sedgfield. 

1705 April 28 George Welfoote, of Heighington, and Jane Catherick, of 

May 5 John Stephenson, of y* parish of Aickliffe, Ann Arrowsmith, 
of y* Chappelry of Trimdon. 

1706 April 4 Rich. Man and Mary Lupton, both of Gateshead. 
April 27 Giles Rain,^ of Dalton parish, and Mary Greenside. 

May 14 George Carlisle, of Readmarshall, & Marg. Story, of Sedgfield. 

June 11 Will. Wilson, parochisB de Wearmouth, & Mary Lamb. 

July 28 Robert Fells, of y* parish of S' Andrew Auckland, and Jane 

Gargett, serv\ in S* Oswald's parish. 
Aug. 8 Robert Wilkinson & Suzanna Watson, both of Morpeth in y« 

Diocesse of Durham. , 

Sep. 9 Eob. Marshall & Alice Richardson, both of S^ Nich. parish, 

Sep. 12 Christopher Selby and Rebecca Wilson, both of Aickliffe, 
Sep. 30 Mr. George Bowes' & Ann Machon, wid. 

Joho Maxwell, Lord Henries of Terregrles. She was sister also of Dr. Graham, Prebendary, the 
baptism of whose son see 17 Sep. 1689. Lady Fenwick was buried at St. Mary-le-Bow 8 Nov. 1744. 

' He was Mayor of Durham 1712, 1714, 1718, 1725. The name was generally oorrupted into 
Brabin, and is so spelt at St. Oswald's, where this marriage is also recorded. She was the only 
surviving dau. of John Hutchinson, Eiiq., of Framwellgate, Alderman and Mayor of Durham, a 
man of considerable local importance, the marriage of whose grandson (and Mrs. Brabin's nephew) 
see 20 April 1732. 

' Son of John Baine, of Cassop, co. Pal., gent. ; admitted (by servitude) free of Mercers' 
Company 16 Nov. 1705 ; Alderman of Durham 1715, and Mayor 1720, 1727. He appears to 
have been thrice married. This was his first wife, and she was perhaps buried at Dalton-le-Dale. 
He married secondly, 5 April 1708, at St. Oswald's, " Mrs. Elizabeth Stokeld ** (baptized 27 March 
1687), dau. of Mr. John Stokeld, vintner, who was buried there 18 Feb. 1727-8 ; John Stokeld 
and Eliz. Sympson, both this parish, married 27 April 1684 ; and thirdly, 29 Oct. 1728 (being 
then described as " of Hart "), at St. Mary's, Alice Johnson, of Monk-He8ilden,co. Pal. He was 
buried 20 Dec. 1738 at St. Oswald's, where he has chiMren buried. 

' He D.C.L., Solicitor-General to the Bishop of Durham, and Recorder of Durham 5 Peb. 
1706-7 ; son of Thomas Bowes, of Streatlam Castle, co. Pal., Esq., by his wife Anne, dau. and 
coheir of Anthony Maxton, Prebendary of Duriuun, and younger brother of Dr. John Bowes, 
Prebendary, whose burial see 16 Jan. 1721-2. Mr. Bowes was buried at St. Mary4e-Bow, dying 
14 May 1724, let. 65, s.p. She Ann dau. of Anthony Salvin, of Sunderhmd Bridge, co. Pal., Esq. 
(a younger son of Gerard Salvin, of Croxdale, Esq., see ped., Surtees, part iv., vol. ii.), and widow 
of Gilbert Machon, of Lichfield and Durham, Esq., to whom she was married 3 May 1696, at 
St. Oswald's. See her burial 18 Nov. 1715. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1706 Jan. 28 William Snowden & Sarah Fox, of Wearmouth. 

1707 April 15 James Barras, of 8* Nich., Durham, and Eliz. Newton, of y« 

parish of Byton in y^ county of Durham. 
April 20 Will. Wright & Marg. Walker, both of S* Andrew Awckland. 
April 23 Will. Browne,! of S^ Giles's, and Eliz. Hickson, of S» Oswald's 

in Durham. 
May 1 John Logan & Marg. Byerly, both of S' Margaret's, Durham. 
Aug. 7 John Pemberton, of Bp. Wearmouth, <& Thomasin Shadforth, of 

y^ North baily in Durham. 
Jan. 25 John Spark, of Bp. Wearmouth, & Eliz. Paxton, spinster, of y« 

same parish. 
Jan. 29 Robert Hixon, of S* Oswald's, Durham, and Ellinor Lever, of 

S* Mary le Bow in Durham. 
Math. Morrow & Jane Q-ibbon, in y« parish of Darlington. 

1708 May 29 Will. Mowbray" * Eliz. Oibson, in y« parish of Chester. 
Rob^ Douglas & Mary Q-ilkin, both of y* parish of S' Nicholas in 

John Dawson, of Haughton, & Jane Swalwell, of Lanchester. 
James Richardson, of S* Nich., & Jane Chipchase. 
Lancelot Q-arret, of S^ Nich., Newcastle, and Eliz. Hodshon, of 

all S^, Newcastle. 
John Bell & Mary Fetherston, both serv** in y* Deanry. 
Mat. Prat A Jane Nicholson, both of S* Nich., Newcastle. 
Will. Clayton, of Richmond in y« County of York, A Eliz. 
Maugham, of y* chapelry of S' Giles's, Durham, in y* County 
of Durham. 
Sep. 4 Robert Lindsley, of y« College in Durham, serv', and Isabel 

Hudson, of 8' Nicholas in Durham. 
Nov. 1 Mr. Will. Tumer,^ of y« CoUege, & M" Marg. Butler, of S^ iMary 

Le Bow, Durham. Fest. Omn. Sanct. 
Nov. 18 Lamerick Tuart & Dorothy Cork, both of y* parish of Heighing- 

ton in y* Dioc. of Durh. 
Nov. 29 Tho. Humble & Alice Lawson, of Ryton, Count. Durh., y* one 

Fourscore years of age at least, y* Woman ab* 18. 
Dec. 30 Math. Lowthian A Marg. Shadforth, both of Elvet. 
Jan. 29 Tho. Liddel & Jane Fenwick, both of Chester in y* Street. 

* Also entered at St. Oswald^ where she is called Hixon. 

' Their child Elizabeth born and baptized 6 Jan. 1708-9 at St. Oswald's, when he is described 
as yeoman, and later as of Old Durham. 

* He, William Parthericke Turner, was son of Rev. William Turner, Mus. Doo., Vicar-Choral 
of St. Paul's, and Lay-Vicar of Westminster Abbey, where he was buried 16 Jan. 1739-40 ; he 
married secondly, 17 April 1718, at St. Mary-le-Bow, Elizabeth Wall, and had by her, who was 
buried 26 July 1780 at St. Mary's, a son John, baptized there 26 Dec. 1719. Margaret Butler 
(baptized 4 March 1687-8) was second dau. of Thomas Butler, of Old Acres, Esq. (whose marriage 
see 20 Nov. 1680), and was first wife to Mr. Turner, by whom she had a son, whose burial see 
20 Aug. 1713, and another William, bapt. and buried 1710 at St. Mary's. See her burial 
6 June 1713, and her sister's marriage 30 March 1709. [Mrs. Theophila Turner buried 31 Oct. 
1730 at St. Mary's.] 



May 29 
June 18 





Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1708 Feb. 23 AmbroBe Procter, of Biton in y* County of Durham, & Jane 

Erington, of y* parish of Chester. 

1709 Mar. 30 Captain Butler^ & M" Mary Butler. 

April 30 Rob' Story, of Easeington parish, & Doroth. Robinson, of y* 
parish of Houghton in le Spring. 

May 6 Mr. Tho. Ogle & Sarah Knewstob, of y« pansh of Felton. 

July 1 Anthony Todd and Isabel Dent, both serv^ in y« College in 

Sep. 16 Ezekiel Thompson, of y« parish of Heddon, & Sarah Watson, of 
y® parish of Allendale. 

Sep. 27 Tho. Dawson, of y* parish of Bp. Wearmouth, and Eliz. Sander- 
son, of Monk Wearmouth. 

Sep. 27 John Bippon, of Aickliffe, and Eliz. Bippon, of S* Andrew Awk- 
land, both in this County. 

Oct. 6 James Fynney,^ D.D., Prebendary of Durham, & Jane Newhouse, 
Relict of y* late Register Newhouse. 

Nov. 26 Rob' Hutchinson, of Kelloe, and Ann Duckett^of Merington parish. 

Feb. 16 Mr. Peter Burrell & Mrs. Mary Wilson. 

1710 April 18 Mr. Thomas Hanby,^ of S' Nich. in Newcastle upon Tine, and 

Mrs. Dorothy Watson, spinst^ of y** parish of Bp Wearmouth. 
May 2 John Johnson & Ann Sheppard, both of y* Parish of All S**, 

May 29 Rob* Nicholson, of y* parish of Tinmouth, and Marg. Wallass, of 

y« chapelry of 8' John's in Newcastle. 
John Garth & Ann Crow, both of Jarroe Parish. 
Will. Stephenson and Doroth. Todd, of S' Hellen Awkland. 
Tho. Wainwright, of Newbume, and Ann Blakiston,*of S' Oswald's 

in Durham. 
Hen. Story, of Witt. Gilbert, & Eliz. Jopling, of Brancepeth. 
James Bell & Isabel Bambrough, of Wearmouth. 
Hauxley Sureties,^ of y« Parish of Ryton, and Ann Watson, 

spinst', of Chester in le Street. 
Robert Sober & Mary Shaf toe, de Pettington. 
William Watson, of Bp. Wearmouth, and Mary Busby,* of 

Branspeth parish. 
Feb. 23 John Stawart & Jane Wake, of y« Par. of Whitburn. 

^ He James, an Irishman, no relation, and bearing different arms, as appears by the M.I. at 
St. Mary's. She eldest dau. of Thomas Butler, of Old Aores, Esq., whose marriage see 20 Nov. 
1680. See her baptism 23 June 1685. 

' See his burial 13 March 1726-7. She widow of Mr. Newhouse, Kegistrar to the Dean and 
Chapter ; re-married Anthony Emerson. 

* He perhaps son (baptized 9 Aug. 1670 at St. Oswald's) of Mr. Francis Hanby, Proctor, the 
baptism of whose child see 2 April 1682. 

* She was dau. of Boy. Francis Blakeston, M.A., Yicar of Whickham, co. Pal., and was baptized 
20 May 1688 at St. Oswald's, where she was buried as a widow 7 July 1784. 

* He a younger son of Robert Surtees, of Byton, gent., by his marriage with Catherine, 
younger dau. and coheir of John Hauxley, of Crawcrook, gent. 

* She probably granddau. of William Busby, of Cassop, and his wife Mary, dau. of Bev. John 
Lively (see note to b^>ti8m 12 Nov. 1625). 








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1710 Feb. 13 EoV Harrison, of y« parish of S^ Nich., and Eliz. Eowell, of 

S* Margaret's, Durham — memo", forgot to be registr** in its 
proper place. 
Mar. 20 Tho. Pahnerly & Ann Mason, of Houghton le Spring. 

1711 April 10 Garrard Sidgewiek & Eliz. A damson, both of Bp. Wearmouth. 
July 3 Tho. Busby 1 and Eliz. Fawdon, both of Brancepeth parish. 
Oct. 6 Rich. Henderson, of Kelloe, & Isab. Forster, of Witt" Gilbert. 
Nov. 17 Rob^ Smith & Barbara Lindsley, both of Bp. Wearmouth. 

Nov. 24 Tho. Grundy, of y* Parish of Brancepeth, & Ellen"" Ranson, of y« 

parish of Houghton in le Spring. 
Nov. 24 Rowland Wilkinson & Jane Parker, both of Lanchester in y* 

Diocesse of Durham. 

Robert Leeke, Sacrist. 
Feb. 2 Robert Adamson^ & Dorothy Paxton, both of the Parish of S* 

Nicholas in Durham ; by vertue of a Licence. 
Feb. 6 W" Barkas & Anne Walton, both of the Parish of Houghton in 

the spring ; by Vertue of a Licence. 
Feb. 14 W" Green, of Houghton in the Spring, & Margarett Harle, of 

the Parish of Sedgfield ; by Licence. 

1712 Mar. 25 Rich. Huntley & Jane Burletson, both of y« Parish of Pittington 

in y* Diocesse of Durham. 
April 19 John Potter & Elizabeth Palmer, both of y« Parish of Houghton 

in y* Diocesse of Durham. 
Oct. 8 Thomas Stevenson & Elizabeth Slater, both of the Parish of 

Aukland S* Andrew. 
Nov. 16 James Clark & Frances Allen, both of the Parish of Darlington. 
Nov. 26 Joseph Paterson & Margaret Kay, both of the Parish of Gateshead. 
Dec. 16 Robert Readshaw, of the Parish of Shotley, & Jane Cockerell, of 

S' Nicholas in Durham. 
Feb. 14 Valentine Allison & Elizabeth Snawdon, both of the Parish of 

Feb. 26 Edward Willis A Elizabeth Hull, both of the Parish of Lanchester. 
Mar. 7 W" Hugall & Mary Watson, both of the Parish of Houghton in 

the Spring. 

^ See note to marriage of (probably) his sister 19 Deo. 1710. 

* He was only surviving son of Ealph Adamson, Attomey-at-Law, of Durham, by his wife 
Eliiabeth (married 17 March 1673 at South Shields), dau. and coheir of William Blytbman, of 
Weetoe, gent., and was buried at St. Mary's, his will being dated 7 March 1782-3. She widow of 
Thomas Paxton, gent., of Claypeth, Durham (who was buried at St. Oswald's only 9th Dec. 
preceding), and dau. (baptized 2 Nov. 1686 at St. Oswald's) of John Martin, of New Elvet, gent. 
Their only son William Blythman Adamson (baptized 17 May 1715) sold his Westoe property to 
Robert Green, of South Shields, gent. Mary, the other dau. and coheir of the William Blythman 
mentioned above, married Henry Eden, of Shincliffe, Esq., M J)., and had, with other issue, a 
dau. Jane, second wife of Cuthbert Adamson, gent, and Feltmaker, of Durham, and had a son 
(which has caused some confusion), also Blythman Adamson, who is ancestor of the Bev. Edward 
Huasey Adamson, Yicar of Heworth, and Lieut.-Colonel William Adamson, of Cullercoats, 
Northumberland. It is not known what, if any, relationship existed between these two familiei? of 
Durham Adamsons. 

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1712 Mar. 20 Thomas Carr, of Heighington, & Elizabeth Andrew, of the Parish 

of Easington. 

1713 April 18 John Hall, of the Parish of Tinemouth, & Elizabeth Jopling, of 

the Parish of Woolsingham. 

May 2 Balph Sheild & Mary Dowson, both of the Parish of S* Andrew 

May 2 W"» Eowell & Mary Heard, both of the Parish of Sedgfeild. 

May 4 Francis Wood, of the Parish of Stockton, A Eliz. Merley, of the 
Parish of Branspeth. 

July 2 Godfrey Phillipson & Sarah Nattress, both of the Parish of Stan- 
hope in Weardale. 

July 17 Thomas Bailes, of the Parish of Bomaldkirk, & Dinah Heslopp, 
of the Parish of Gkiinford. 

July 18 John Clark & Mary Haswell, both of the Parish of Pittington. 

Aug. 1 Jeremiah Langstaffe, of the Parish of Eumoldkirk in the Diocesse 
of York, & Anne Morresbye, of the Chappelry of S* John in 

Aug. 1 Henry Langstaffe, of the Parish of 8* Hellen in Aukland, A Eliz. 
Sedgwick, of the Parish of Staindropp. 

Aug. 3 George Hutton, of Staindropp, & Catherine Robinson, of Easing- 

Aug. 10 John Pattison & Margaret Seed, both of the Parish of S* Hill in 
the Diocesse of Durham. 

Sep. 10 Thomas Wilkinson, of All Saints Parish in Newcastle, & Mar- 
garet Hudson, of Houghton in le Spring. 

Sep. 19 W" Hopper,^ of the Chappelry of Aukland S* Hellen, & Jane 
Bichardson, of the Parish of Hamsterley. 

Sep. 22 John Proud,^ of Bear Park in the Parish of Witton Gilbert, & 
Catherine Watts, of the College in Durham. 

Oct. 21 Mr. Nich. Fenwick, of the Chappelry of All S*« in Newcastle, & 
Eliz. Barker, of the North Bayley in Durham. 

Oct. 31 Thomas Pearson, of Aukland S* Andrew, & Elizab. Joby, of the 
Parish of Hart. 

Nov. 13 John Hutchinson & Mary Arrowsmith, both of the Parish of 
S^ Andrew Aukland. 

Nov. 16 Jacob Dunn <fc Anne Hutchinson, both of the Parish of Billing- 
ham in the Diocesse of Durham. 

Jan. 9 John Eichardson & Anne Smith, both of the Parish of Branspeth. 

Jan. 22 John Hudspeth, of the Parish of S^ Johnleys in the Diocesse of 
York, & Isabell Coulson, of the Parish of Pittington in the 
Diocesse of Durham. 

Feb. 7 Tho. Browne & Anne Newton, both of the Parish of Long 

> He of ETenwood. She buried 80 Oct. 1721 at St. Helen's, where their eldest ohOd Mar- 
garet was baptised 18 Sep. 1714. 

> See (presumably) his baptism 8 April 1688. He buried 23 Feb. 1746-6 ; and she 9 May 
1760 at St. Mary-le-Bow, where they had a son buried 1722. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1718 Feb. 8 Eob» Coxon & Dorothy Man, both of the PariBh of Chester in 

the Street. 
Feb. 8 W» Walton, of Sedgfeild, & IsabeU Harding, of the Parish of 

1714 April 16 Peter Snaith & Isabell Downes, both of the Parish of Norton. 
May 1 Edward Shipley^ & Mary Bell, both of the Parish of Aikcliffe. 
May 1 W"» Gregson* & Hannah Thompson, both of the Parish of 

May 8 W» Wanlesse A Jane Bell, both of the Parish of Kellowe. 
May 18 Waistell Pinkney & Mary Stubbs^ both of the Parish of Gateshead. 
July 31 John Dawson & Elizabeth Swinsed, both of the Parish of Bp. 

Aug. 1 John Young, of Aukland S* Andrew, & Lucye Bownas, of the 

Parish of Aykcliffe. 
Aug. 24 M' Delaval Beaumont^ A M" Eliz. Wilson, both of the Parish of 

Bp. Wearmouth. 
Sep. 21 Bob' Young, of the Parish of Houghton, & Mary Artus (this 

name has been either Aytus and altered afterwards to Artus, 

or vice versd, which I cannot confidently say), of the North 

Baylye in Durham. 
Oct. 12 Joseph Parkin & Eleanor Dickinson, both of the Parish of 

S^ Nicholas in Durham. 
Oct. 16 Peter Stone & Mary Fewster, both of y« Parish of Witton Gilbert. 
Oct. 20 Bob' Byers, of Bp. Wearmouth, & Dorothy Paxton, of the Parish 

of Easington. 
Oct. 23 W^ Atkin & Elizabeth Bichardson, both of y^ Parish of Easington. 
Nov. 27 Thomas Hall A Sarah Palmer, of the Parish of Jarrow. 
Dec. 11 James Croft & Mary Bichardson, both of the Parish of Witton 

on the Wear. 
Jan. 3 W"* Harebottle A Jane Man, both of the Parish of Chester. 
Jan. 4 Thomas Trotter, of S* Nicholas's Parish in Durham, <& Hannah 

Thornton,* of S* Oswald's in the same. 
Jan. 24 Geo. Eaw, of Bernard Castle, & Margaret Smart, of Staindropp. 
Feb. 10 Matthew Henderson, of Bp.wearmouth, & Mary Jackson, of 

Feb. 24 Gbirret Starkin, of All S** in Newcastle, & Mary Sidgwick, of 

Bp. Wearmouth. 

1 Possibly "Edward, son of Michael Shipley, draper and taylor/' baptized 23 Deo. 1688 at 
St. Nicholas, Durham. 

' He probably identical with William (baptised 16 March 1685-6 at Dalton-le-Dale), son of 
Geor^ Gregson, of Murton (bora 28 Oct. 1657, Dsilton Begister), a younger son of Thomas 
Gregson, of Murton and Dalton (ancestor of Gregson of Murton and Burden, see " Landed 
Gentary "), who married, 15 Feb. 1684-5, Deborah Burton or Buston, at Dalton. See a marriage 
8 Dec. .1719. 

> He son of Hammond Beaumont, Esq., and baptised 12 Deo. 1688 at St. Mary's. 

* She probably (although her baptism is not at St. Oswald's) a dau. of Boger Thornton, yeo- 
man, of El?et parish, by his second wife Margaret Harrison, whom he married 1 Nov. 1692. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1714 Mar. 24 John Smith & Isabell Eussel, both of the Parish of Hup- 


1715 April 29 Christopher Waistell, of the Parish of Maskin in the Diocesse of 

York, & Sarah Heslop, of the Parish of Middleton S' George 

in the Diocesse of Durham. 
May 4 Thomas Peverley A Anne Ushaw, of the Parish of Aukland 

S* Andrew. 
May 11 John Q-ill & Anne Archer, both of the Parish of Branspeth. 
May 28 Joseph Martin* & Ellinor Smith, both of the South Bayley in 

May 28 Richard Burden & Anne Burdon, both of the Parish of Witton. 
July 16 G^eo. Wall & Mary Hull, both of the Parish of Branspeth. 
July 31 John Wilson, of y® Parish of Aukland S* Andrew, & Jane James, 

of y* Parish of Woolsingham. 
Aug. 6 Bob^ Filmoor & Joan Dipper, both of the Parish of 8^ Nicholas 

in Newcastle. 
Aug. 20 John Wilson, of y« Parish of Eumbold-Kirk in y« Diocesse of 

York, & Alice Dobbison, of y* Parish of Hamsterley in y* 

Diocesse of Durham. 
Aug. 20 Eichard Smith & Anne Cole, both of y« Parish of Grindon. 
Aug. 22 Eob* Eeay A Anne Thompson, both of the Parish of Merrington. 
Sep. 19 Henry Stainesby & Anne Davison, both of the Parish of All 

Saints in Newcastle. 
Oct. 19 G^o. Cowlin, of the Parish of Aickliffe, & Anne Wennington, of 

y« Par. of Heighington. 
Oct. 29 John Johnson & Frances Pattison, both of the Parish of 

Not. 22 Samuel Bume & Elizabeth Nicholson, both of the Parish of 

Dec. 15 James Martindill & Isabell Dixon, both of y® Parish of Hartle- 
Dec. 16 George Dale,* of y* Parish of S* Nicholas in Durham, & Hannah 

Sowerby, of the Par. of Sedgefeild. 
Dec. 27 Captain Cuthbert Morland* & M" Margaret Lamb, Wid., both 

of the parish of S* Oswald in Durham. 

^ They bmd two obildren, John and Anne, baptised at St. Mary's, and she was buried there 
80 Not. 1731. She was dau. of Richard Smith, of Ramside, near Durham, gent., by his wife 
Eleanor, eldest dau. and ooheir of George Crosyer, of Newbiggen, oo. Pal., gent., whose youngest 
dau. and ooheir Jane married Edward Surtees, of Mainsforth, gent., and was great-grandmother 
of the immortal Robert, the Historian. The tombstone of Richard Smith, thereon stated to have 
died 22 May 16S9, let. 44, with his arms — On a chevron, between three besants, as many crosses 
pat^ fitch^e ; impaling Cbostbb, On a fcss, between three crosses-crosslet placed salterwise, as 
many martlets — was standing in St. Giles's Churchyard before the recent enlargement and restora- 
tion — that usual destruction of all old surroundings. 

' He, an Alderman of Durham and Mayor, was buried at St. Oswald's 80 May 1780. 

> He (" M' Cuthbert Morland, Captain of a Foot Company ") buried 6 May 1720 at St. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1715 Feb. 4i Tho. Wright, of y« Parish of S» Andrew, & Eliz. Dale, of y« 

Chappelry of All S'', both in Newcastle. 
Feb. 6 Edward Clark & Eliz. Dobson, both of the Parish of Whickham. 
Feb. 17 Francis How, of y* Par. of Lamesley, & Cath. Dobson, of All 

Saints in Newcastle. 
Feb. 28 W™ Aire & Jane Weems, both of y« Parish of S' Giles in 


1716 Mar. 23 Tho. Gbrfoot, of y« Parish of Aicliffe, & Elizabeth Alderson, of 

y* Par. of Bishopton. 
April 14 Q-eo. Hodshon, of y* Par. of Gkunford, & Catherine GKbbin, of 

Aukland S* Andrew. 
April 23 W" Lee, of Gkiteshead, & Anne Lee, of y« Par. of Darlington. 
April 27 W" Stephenson & Margaret Pinkney, both of y« Par. of Middle- 
ton in Teasdale. 
May 1 W" Ridley & Catherine Belwood, both of the Parish of Norton. 
July 10 Henry Carter & Anne Lee, both of j^ Parish of Gbhteshead. 
Aug. 7 Q-eorge Spencer & Margaret Swainston, both of y* Parish of 

Sep. 25 John Trear, of y* Par. of S^ Nicholas in Durham, & Anne 

Mensforth, of y* Par. of S' Mary Le Bow. 
Oct. 18 Ralph G-oodchild & Anne Johnson, of the Parish of Bishop- 

Oct. 18 Benjamin Blaklock, of y* Par. of Eggscliff, & Mary Walker, of 

Bishop- Wearmouth. 

John Powell, Sacrist. 

Dec. 4 George Smirk, of y* Parish of Wearemouth, & Joanna Reed, of 

y* Parish of Houghton le Spring, Dioc. Durham. 
Dec. 13 John Bailes & Margaret Lodge, both of y^ Parish of Staindropp, 

Di. Dur. 
Dec. 18 George West, of y* Parish of Gttteshead, A Margaret Olliver, of 

y* Parish of Hamsterly, Dioc. of Durham. 
Jan. 5 John Markup, of y« Parish of Winston, & Ann Renny, of y« 

Parish of G-ateshead, Dioc. Durham. 
Jan. 8 Jeremiah Dikes & Isabel Dodds, of y^ Parish of All Saints in 

Newcastle upon Tyne, Dioc. of Durham. 
Jan. 20 M' William Owen & M" Mary Winshipp,i both of y« Parish of 

Chester in y« Street (Di. D.). 
Feb. 26 Anthony Harrison & Jane Cartington, both of y* Parish of 

Conscliffe (Di. Du.). 

1717 April 22 Roger Wilson & Elizabeth Anderson, both of y« Par. of S* 

Nicholas in Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Durham. 
April 23 M' John Paxton, of y* Parish of Wearmouth, & M" Barbara 
Middleton, of y« Parish of Little S* Mary in y® South Baily 
(Dio. Dur.) ; per M' Leek. 

1 She dau. of William Winship, of Whitehill, gent., and baptised 27 Feb. 1693-4 at Chester- 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1717 May 26 Thomas Bobinson, of y^ Chappelrie of S^ Jolin, & Jane Humble, 

of y* Par. of S* Nicbolas in Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
May 30 William Boantree, of y« Parish of Bishopton, & Jane Wilson, of 

y« Parish of Aickliffe, Dioc. Durham. 
June 8 George Thompson & Frances Leighton, both of y* Parish of 

Easeington, Dioc. Durh. 
July 1 William Bobinson <& Elizabeth Watson, both of y« Parish of 

S^ Nicholas in Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
July 8 John Lamb A Jane Colling, of y« Parish of Q-rindon, Dioc. Dur. 
July 14 Stephen Holland & Dorothy Nesham, of Darlington Par., Dioc. 

July 16 John Mills, of Bichmond, Dioc. York, & Ann Halliburton, of 

S* Nicholas in Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
July 20 Thomas Wilkinson & Alice Fawdon, of Brancepeth Par., Dioc. 

Aug. 8 Thomas Bamsay, of Monkwearmouth Par., & Ann Liddle, of y^ 

Parish of Wearmouth, Dioc. Durham. 
Aug. 15 Joseph Brownbridge & Mary Johnson, of y* Chappelrie of 

S^ Margaret in Durham, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 29 Jonathan Newton of Barnard Castle, & Margaret Douthwaite, 

of y« Parish of Winston, Dioc. Dur. 
Sep. 26 Jonathan Carlisle & Ann Bace, both of All Saints Parish in 

Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 14 Bobert Earle, of Winston Parish, & Ann Wyckliffe, of y« 

Chappelrie of Whorlton, Dioc. Dur. 
NoY. 17 John Tarn, of y^ Parish of AUton, Dioc. Dur., & Alice Teasdaile, 

of Knarsdaile, Dioc. York. 
Nov. 28 William Nedby A Mary Beadnell, of Norton Par., Dio. Dur. 
Dec. 17 Mr. Thomas Wilkinson,^ of Xgate Chappelrie, & M" Mary 

Fetherston, of y* Parish of S* Mary Le Bow in Durha', Dioc. 

Dec. 24 Nicholas Palmer &, Catharine Finch, of y^ Parish of Little 

S* Mary in y« South Baily in Durham, Dioc. Dur. 
Dec. 27 Cuthbert Lee A Isabel Gibson,* both in Stanhope Parish in 

Weardaile, Dioc Durh. 

' He Thomas Wilkinson was the second son of William Wilkinson, of the City of Durham, 
merchant, who made a large fortune in urade, by Margaret Taylor. He was baptised at Groasgate 

7 Jan. 1667-8; of the City ofBurham, Barrister-at-Law ; admitted free of the Mercers' Company 

8 July 1702. Died on the 16th, and was buried in a lead coffin within the Communion rails of 
St. Mary-le-Bow Church, Durham, 20 Feb. 1733-4. M.I. Will dated 26 March 1733 and proved 

9 Aug. 1734 at Durham. He wainsootted the chancel of St. Mary-le-Bow in 1731. His wife 
was the dau. and heiress of William Fetherstonhalgh, of Brancepeth and Stanley, by his wife 
Elisibeth, dau. and coheir of William Aubone, Esq., Alderman and Mayor (1684) of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne. She married secondly, as second wife, Sir William Williamson, fourth Bart., High 
Sheriff for twenty successive years of the Palatinate. She died on the 17th and was buried in 
Brancepeth Church on the 20th April 1752, aged 68. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

' [? Isabel, dau. of John Gibson, of Wearhead, bi^tiMd 18 Jan. 1683-4 at 8tanhq»e.] John, 
their eldest child, baptised 24 Jan. 1718-19 at Stanhope ; others. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1717 Dec 27 Thomas Watson^ & Mary Nattrees, both in Stanhope Parish in 

Weardaile, Dioc. Dur. 
Jan. 2 Simon Meek, of Gtbteshead Parish, & Ann Ewbanck, of y^ Par. 

of S* Nicholas in Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 3 William Lawson & Jane Warcup, of y« Par. of Patrick Brunton, 

Dioc. York. 
Feb. 12 John Morgan^ & Isabel Emerson, of Stanhope Parish in Wear- 

daile, Dioc. Dtir. 
Feb. 22 Pardval Yarrow & Isabel Bume, of Lamesly Parish, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 24 John Jefferson, of Sedgefeild Parish, & Elianor Thompson, of y* 

Parish of Monk-Hesledon, Dioc. Durha*. 
Mar. 20 William Q-allaly, of Lanchester Parish, & Isabel Cook, of y« 

Parish of Witton Gilbert, Dioc. Durham. 
Mar. 20 Thomas Jon & Susanna Hodgshon, of Woolsingham Parish, 

Dioc. Dur. 

1718 April 8 John Gibson & Mary Young, of Bishopton Parish, Dioc. Dur. 
April 12 George Robinson & Jane Watson, of Wearemouth Parish, Dioc. 

April 14 David Revely, of S* Nicholas Parish in Newcastle upon Tine, A 

Mary Stevenson, of Whickham, Dioc. Dur. 
April 24 Richard Ingram, of Elwick Par., & Ann Arrowsmith, of Easeing- 

ton Parish, Dioc. Durham. 
May 1 David Smith, of Houghton le Spring, A Alice Johnson, of Ease- 

ington Parish, Dioc. Durham. 
May 8 Joseph Gibson, of Stockton Par., & Jane Ord, of Elmdon Par., 

Dio. D. 
May 10 Jacob Wray & Ann Ward, of Lanchester Par., Dioc. Dur. 
May 13 Jonathan Wooler^ & Isabel Forster, of Woolsingham Par., Dioc. 

June 3 Mr. Cuthbert Hilton, of S* Andrew Par. Awkland, & Mrs. Jane 

Hodghson, of y* Par. of Witton on y* Wear, Dioc. Dur. 
June 21 Joseph Woodmas & Elizabeth ShafEeild, of S^ Nicholas Par., 

June 28 Henry Wilson, of Houghton Par., & Margaret Humble, of 

Chester Par., Dio. Dur. 
July 11 Robert Proud, of Yarum Par. (York Dioc.), & Cicilia Morgan, 

of 8* Margaret's Chappelrie in Durham (Dioc. Durha'). 
July 15 Joseph Wheelright & Jane Latimer, of All Saints Chappelrie 

(Newcastle upon Tine), Dioc. Dur. 

1 Their eldest child Mary baptised 22 Oct. 1718 at Stanhope. 

' Their eldest child, " John Pilkinton, ton of Mr. John Morgan of Langlee," baptised 10 Dec. 
1718 at Stanhope. Later he is described in the Register as of New Park. 

' He (probably eldest) son of <'Mr." Anthony Wooler (buried 8 April 1736) by his wife 
Elisabeth (buried 8 Dec. 1728) was baptised 14 Oct. 1688, and buried 22 Oct. 1762. She 
(baptised 28 Oct. 1691) was dau. of John Forster, gent., and buried 8 May 1788, set. 92. All 
these dates from Wolsingbam Begiiter. The descendants of this marriage still reside at that 
place, in a fine old mansion called Whitfield House, formerly the property of Robert Whitfield 
of Whitfield in Nortiiumberland, Esq., whose marriage vee 2 June 1730. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1718 July 29 Mr. James Sayer, of Stockton Par., & W* Thomasine Middleton, 

of S^ Nicholas Parish in Durham, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 4 George Simpson & Dorothy Wheatley, of S* Margaret's Chappelrie 

in Durha', Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 19 Michael Thompson & Ann Gibson, of Stanhope Parish, Dioc. 

Aug. 19 Salph Q^lson,^ of S' Nicholas Par., Dur., & Eebbecca Bowel, of 

S^ Margaret Chapp. in Durha', Dioc. Dur. 
Oct. 23 Bichard Harrison, of Cleasby (York Dioc.), & Margaret Duel, 

of AicklifFe Par., Dioc. Dur. 
Oct. 27 Peter Maugham, of Eglescliffe Par., & Elizabeth Lyn, of Sedge- 

feild Par., Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 1 Edward Seamer & Ann Wheatly, both of y* Parish of Whickham, 

Dioc. Durha'. 
Nov. 11 Thomas Lay A Isabel Lindsly, of S* Mary-Le-Bow Par. in 

Durha', Dioc. Durham. 
Nov. 19 Thomas Scott, of Merrington Parish, & Mary Sparke, of Sedge- 

feild Parish, Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 24 Jonathan Hanby & Mary Bobinson, of Bamardcastle Chapp., 

Dioc. Durham. 
Nov. 24 Thomas Armstrong, of Heighinton Par., & Elizabeth Hutchinson, 

of Grundon Par., Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 26 Joseph Forster & Mary Wilson, of All Saints in Newcastle upon 

Tine, Dioc. Durham. 
Dec. 7 Bobert Spoor & Margaret Smith, of All Saints in Newcastle 

upon Tine, Dioc. Dur. 
Jan. 10 Edward Crosby ^ & Ann Pruddus, of Brancepeth Parish, Dioc. 

Jan. 26 Thomas Brass, of Bichmond Par. (Yorkshire), & Ann Sowerby, 

of Sedgfeild, Dioc. Dur. 
Jan. 29 William Coates & Ann Peareth, of Monk-Hasleden Parish, Dioc. 

Feb. 3 Bob* Huntly & Jane Dent, of Wearmouth Parish, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 26 John Scott & Mary Burdon, of y* Parish of Houghton le Spring, 

Dioc. Dur. 
Mar. 3 John Mason & Mary Speck, of y* Parish of Heighington, Dioc. 

Mar. 12 John Catcheside, of Jarroe Par., & Dorothy Brack, of Washing- 
ton Par., Dioc. Dur. 

1719 Mar. 28 Thomas Greenwell & Eliz. Stobbert, of y« Par. of Chester in y« 

Street, D. D. 

1 He son (seTeral children before him) of Ralph Gelson, and baptised 14 March 1692-3 at 
St. Nicholas. He is called cousin and " house dyer," and made her ex'or, by Isabel, widow of 
William Adamson, of Durham, in her will dated 3 Feb. 1780-31. The eldest child of this 
marriage, Ralph Qelson, was baptized at Crossgate 16 May 1719, and was afterwards a Minor 
Canon of Durham and Vicar of Merrington. 

' See, possibly, his previous marriage 2 Jan. 1708-8. 

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1719 May 19 James Maitland & Anne Raw, both of y« Par. of Oviugham in 

the County of Northumb., Diet. Dur. 
May 24 Geo. Emmerson & Anne Stot, both of the Parish of Woolsingham, 

Dioc. Bur. 
May 24 Robert Cunningham, of y* Chapelry of S* John, & Elizabeth 

Beachman, of All Saints in Newcastle, Dioc. Durh. 
May 25 Rob^ Swainston & Mary Allan, both of Barnard- Castle, Dioc. 

May 81 W™ Taylor, of the Par. of Pittington, & Anne Craggs, of the 

Par. of Chester, Dioc. Dtir. 
June 11 W" Byers & Mary Anderson, both of the Parish of Houghton 

le Spring. 
June 11 Ralph Conyers^ & Jane Blakiston, both of the Parish of Chester, 

Dio. Dur. 
June 19 John Burton & Elisabeth Dobson, both of y* Parish of Wear- 
mouth, Dioc. Dur. 
July 27 Aaron Law & Elisabeth Wild, both of the Parish of BishP Wear- 
mouth, Dioc. Dur. 
July 31 Will. Davison A Ann Sureties, both of the Parish of S* Nichol. 

in Durham. 
Aug. 6 Tho. Chapman, of Brough, Dioc. Carl., and Marg^ Jacques, of j^ 

Parish of All Saints in Newcastle, Dioc. Durh. 
Aug. 16 George Bell & Mary Wearmouth, both of y« Parish of All Saints 

in Newcastle, Dioc. Durham. 
Aug. 23 Fletcher Partis,^ of 8* Nicholas in Newcastle, & Ann Bromely, 

of BishP Wearmouth, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 25 Tho. Wilkinson, of y* Parish of Hurworth, & Prances Loyselure, 

of y« Parish of Heighington, Dioc. Dur. 
Sep. 3 Tho. Partis & Ann Peacock, both of y* Parish of Sunderland, 

Dioc. Durham. 
Sep. 7 James Sheppard & Jane Drum'er, both of y« Parish of Dalton, 

Dioc. Durham. 
Sep. 10 Mr. Jo. Wilkinson,^ of y« chapelry of S* Margaret's, & Jane 

Smith, of y« Parish of S* Oswald's, Dioc. Dur. 

^ He waB baptized at Chester-Ie-Street 20 Juiie 1697, and succeeded hb second-cousin Sir 
Baldwyn Conjers as fifth Baronet in 1731, and died 1767. She dau. of Ealph Blakiston, gent., 
grandson of Sir William Blakiston, of Gibside, Knt., and his wife Jane Lambton, of Lambton. 
Blakiston, Nicholas, and Thomas, sixth, seventh, and ninth (and last) Baronets were the sons of 
this marriage. With the unfortunate history of Sir Thomas, the last heir male of this ancient 
line, aU North-countiymen are acquainted. Suffice it to say here that he died in 1810, shortly after 
his removal, too late, from Chester-le-Street Workhouse. See Burke's " Vicissitudes of Families." 

> He of Tklentire, Northumberland, Esq. She buried 26 April 1768 at St. Nicholas, New- 

* He was the third son of William Wilkinson and Margaret Taylor, and was baptised at 
Orossn^te 19 April 1670. His father left him his lands at Seamer, co. York, and Stobilee and 
Edderacres, co. Pal., Durham, and £1750 ; admitted free of the Mercers' Company 10 Feb. 1690 ; 
died 22 and was buried at St. Odwald'8 24 Nov. 173i, s.p. Will dated 25 Nov. 1725 ; proved at 
York 23 Boo. 1734. His wife was remarried 23 April 1735 at Chester* le-Street to Robert Hull. 
[MS. Fed. by B. A. W.] 

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1719 Oct. 5 Hiunphr'y Arrowsmith, of y« Parish of Easington, A Eliz. 

Jurdieon, <Jf y* Parish of Pittington, Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 14 Will. Hallyman, of y« Parish of Easington, & Elisabeth Ord, of 

y* Parish of Middleham, Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 16 George Gibson, of S*^ Nicholas in Newcastle, & Hannah Kelly, 

of Gateshead, Dioc. Dur. 

Jo. Waring, Sacrist. 
Nov. 20 Tho. Watson & Jane Wanless, both of y« Parish of Kelloe, 

Dioc. Durham. 
Nov. 26 Jo. Comeforth, of y« Parish of Kelloe, and Mary Ghrainge, of y« 

Parish of Billingham, Dioc. Dur. 
Dec. 3 Tho. Todd^ A Ann Gregson, both of the Parish of Dalton, 

Dioc. Durham. 
Dec. 3 Jo. Walton, of y« Parish of Gateshead, A Isabell Todd, of y« 

Parish of Washington, Dioc. Dur. 
Dec. 12 Thomas Charleton, of y« Chappelrie of S* Marg*», A Prances 

Ovington, of y* Parish of S* Mary Lebow. 
Jan. 25 John Allan A Marg* Hood, both of All Saints in Newcastle, 

Dioc. Durh. 
Jan. 30 Will. Gascoigne A Dorothy Bilton, both of y* Parish of Sunder- 
land by y« Sea, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 2 Mr. Tho. Bowlby, of y« Parish of S* Mary Lebow, A M" Mary 

Burell, of y« Parish of little S* Mary's. 
Feb. 3 Jo. Toward^ A Mary Burlison, both of the Parish of Wolshingham. 
1720 April 4 Tho. Swainston A Alice Creyton, both of y« Parish of Gainford, 

Dioc. Dur. 
April 23 Tho. Atkinson, of y« Parish of Brancepeth, A Jane Trotter, of y« 

Parish of Aukland S* Andrew. 
April 30 Will. Joplin A Isabell Busby, both of the Parish of Lanchester. 
May 3 John Coultas A Sarah Abbs, both of y« Parish of Sunderland by 

May 15 James Hutchinson, of S^ John's, and Frances Salkeld, of All 

Saints, both in Newcastle, Dioc. Dur. 
May 26 Will. Gibson, of S^ Nicholas in Durham, A Thomasine Hutchinson, 

of S' Marie's in y* South Bailey in Durham. 
June 4 Rob* Nicholson, of y« Parish of Staindrope, A Martha Wheatley, 

of y* Parish of Escomb. 
June 7 Rich*' Thomlinson, of Bemardcastle, A Eliz. Homsby, of y* Parish 

of Dalton. 
June 7 Michael Dobbinson, of y« Parish of Seadgefield, A Mary Croft, 

of y* Parish of Witton on y* Wear. 
June 14 Rob^ Smith A Mary Cooke, both of y* Parish of Hart, Dioc. Dur. 

> She H>pear8 in a MS. pedigree ot the family as dau. of Thomas Gregson, of Morton and 
Dalton, oo< Pal., but as her parents were married 6 Feb. 1668-4, she is more probably granddau. 
of Thomas, and perhaps sister of William Gregson, whose marriage see 1 May 1714. [Ann, dan. 
of William Gregson, of Morton, baptised 23 April 1672, also oocurs at Dalton4e-Dale.] 

' Anne, their first child (others follow), baptised 18 June 1721 at Wolsingham. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1720 June 18 (Jeorge Emerson A Elizabeth Burden, both of y« Parish of 

Lanehester, Dioc. Bur. 
June 21 John Cutter & Barbara Errington, both of Newcastle upon 

Tyne, Dioc. Dur. 
July 18 Bob* SSoutheron &, Eliz. Cowle, both of the Parish of Greatham, 

Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 4 Philip Hall & Eliz. Milbome, both of the Parish of Monke 

Wearmouth, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 11 John Hutchinson, of Bemardcastle, & Marg* Armstron, of y« 

Parish of Gateshead, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 11 Joseph Davison A Anne Craggs, both of y* Parish of Sunderland 

by y* Sea, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 13 Rob' Whetherell, of S* Nicholas in Durham, & Alice Wetherell, 

of Kirkleyinton, Com. Ebor. 
Sep. 8 M' Will. Forster,! Minor Canon of y« Cathedrall, & M«» Joan 

Newby, of y* Parish of Pittington. 
Sep. 17 Will. Reed & Mary Ingo, both of y* Chappelrie of Low Heweth, 

Dioc. Dur. 
Sep. 22 Tho. Lynn A Jane Harrison, both of y« Parish of Merrington, 

Dioc. Durh. 
Sep. 25 Jn« Dodds A Eliz. ChamberB,^ both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas in 

Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Sep. 27 Andrew Hutchinson, of All Saints in Newcastle upon Tine, A 

Cath. Milbom, of y* Par. of Gtbteshead. 
Oct. 4 George Clapham, of y* Parish of Aukland S* Andrew, A Cibelle 

Harper, of y* Parish of Sunderland by y* Sea, Dioc. Dur. 
Oct. 6 Will. Scorer A Jane Allan, both of jr* Parish of Pittington, Dioc. 

Oct. 7 Jn<» Button, of y* Parish of Branspeth, A Marg* Lister, of y* 

College in Durham. 
Oct. 8 George Lock, of jr* Parish of Lesbury, A Marg* Whithead, of y* 

Parish of Longhoughton, Com. Northumb., Dioc. Dur. 
Oct. 15 Conon Stephenson A Anne Coatesworth, both of y* Parish of 

Middleton in Teasedale. 
Oct. 20 Thomas Dobson A Mary Hillary, both of y* Parish of Stocton, 

Dioc. Dur. 
Oct. 29 Jn^ Hutchinson, of y* Parish of Trimdon, A Mary Wilkinson, of 

y* Parish of S^ Nicolas in Durham, Dioc. Dur. 

> He, then Vicar of Ajoliife, inducted into the Vicarage of St. Oswald's 24 Jan. 1726-6. 
BaptJimi of his children occur there. [The Rev. Christopher Thompson, Vicar of Pittington, 
was married there 6 July 1691 to Ann Newbj.] 

' She dau. to Richard Chambers, <»f Newcastle, and, jure uxorU, of Warden Law, co. Pal., 
gent., by his wife Eleanor, youngest dau. and coheir of John Beckwith, of Newcastle, gent., and co. 
heiress to her cousin Judith Beckwith, an infant, of Warden Law. See Surtees, vol. i., and 
''Landed Gentry " — " Chambers of Clough House." No issue of this marriage is mentioned in 
wills of her relatives which have been examined. She was aunt of Sir Robert Chambers, Chief 
Justice of Bengal. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1720 Nov. 21 Philip How, of y® Parish of Monk Wearmouth, & Isabel Pringor, 

of y* Parish of Sxinderland by the Sea, Dioc. Dur. 
Dec. 31 Jn9 Hazard & Rebec' Vipont, both of the Chapelrie of S* Marg^ 

in Durham. 
Dec. 31 Julius Coninsby A Mary Welsford, both of y« Parish of Aukland 

S* Andrew. 
Jan. 9 Jn° Humes & Eliz. Pate, both of All S** in Newcastle, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 18 Will. Garth, of y« Parish of Witton on y« Wear, & Eliz. Cooling, 

of Witton Gilbert. 
Feb. 19 Christopher Emmerson & Eliz. Walton, both of y« Parish of 

Hamsterly, Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 20 Jn® Newton & Alice Downes, of y« Parish Tynemouth, Com. 

North., Dioc. Dur. 
Feb. 25 Jn» Eedshaw & Jane Salkeild, both of y« Chapelrie of S* Marger*« 

in Durham. 

1721 Mar. 26 Jn® Mall, of y* Parish of Lenchester, & Dorothy Ogle,^ of 

y« Parish of Woolsingham, Dioc. Dur. 
April 11 Jn° Blacklock, of y* Parish of Hexam, Dioc. Ebor, & Alice Shaw, 

of y* Parish of Ryton, Dioc. Dur. ^ 

April 11 Will. Potter, of y« Chapelrie of S* Marg^, & Mary Baine, of y« 

Parish of S' Mary Le bow, both in Durham. 
April 15 Will. Baines A Eliz. Rooksby, both of y« Parish of Branspeth, 

Dioc. Dur. 
April 20 George Middleton, of y* Parish of Darlington, & Marg* Bishopbrig, 

of y* Parish of Haughton, Dioc. Dur. 
May 20 Will. Carter, of y« Parish of Sunderland by y« Sea, & Maiy 

Bilton, of y« Parish of Monk Wearmouth. 
June 24 Jn® Hutchinson, of y* Parish of Washington, A Mary Smith, of 

y« Parish of Lanchester. 
July 11 John Webster & Jane Sum'erside, both of y« Parish of Aukland 

S* Andrew. 
July 15 John Borrow, of S* John's in Newcastle, & Jane Proud, of y* 

Parish of Branspeth, Dioc. Dur. 
Aug. 17 Will. Bobson, of y* Parish of Chester in y« Street, A Elianor 

Watson, of y« Parish of Houghton in y« Spring. 
Aug. 19 Bartholomew Andrew & Jane Henderson, both of y« Parish of 

Houghton Le Spring. 
Sep. 4 John Gt)odchild, of y« Parish of Bp. Wearmouth, & Grace 

Nicholson, of y« Parish of Stainton. 
Oct. 27 James Readshaw & Sarah Brown, both of All S^« in Newcastle, 

Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 4 Eobert Smith & Joan Whight, both of y« Parish of Sunderland 

by. y« Sea, Dioc. Dur. 
Nov. 9 Jn® Brack, of y« Parish of Washington, A Marg* Wheatly, of y« 

Parish of Houghton Le Spring. 

She dau. of George Ogle, gent., baptixed 24 May 1698 at Wokingham. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1721 Nov. 11 George Priestly & Eliz. Carter, both of Parish of Chester in y« 

Nov. 13 Jn® Douthwait & Dorothy Dixon, both of y* Chappelry of 

Nov. 17 Tho. Stothart, of j^ Parish of Haughton, & Anne Leivers, of y* 

Parish of Houghton Le Spring. 

W" Parthericke Turner, Sacrist. 
Nov. 28 Rob* Snaith, of the Parish of Grundon, and Eliz. Eobson, of y* 

Parish of Sedgfield. 
Dec. 6 Jos. Sisson & Esther Sisson, of the Parish of All Saints in 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dioc. Dun. 
Dec. 13 Henry Heaviside & Isabel Briggs, of y® Parish of Hartinpoole, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Jan. 13 John Harrison & Eleanor Hobson, of the Parish of Chester in y^ 

Street, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 1 Humphrey Norton,^ of y* Colledge, & Ann Eyles, of the Parish of 

S' Oswald^s. 

1722 Mar. 27 Edward Ayre, of the chappelry of S* Helen's, & Mary Readhead, 

of y* Parish of Whitworth. 
April 15 W™ Milbume, of y« Parish of Gtiteshead, A Marg* Newton, of y« 

Parish of S* Nicholas in Newcastle upon Tyne, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 29 Rob* Heath & Jane Graham, both of y« Pari^ of S* Nicholas in 

Newcastle upon Tyne. 
May 31 Tho. Wilson, of y« Parish of Fosset, Dioc. Ebor, & Eliz. Farrow, 

of y* Parish of Brancepeth, Dioc. Dun. 
June 12 Dan. Albert, of y® Parish of Gateshead, & Mary Procter, of y* 

Chappelry of Benwell, Dioc. Dunelm. 
June 15 Rob* Wheat & Catherine Claxton, both of the Parish of Hartle- 
pool, Dioc. Dun. 
June 19 Char. Nailor & Marg. Dawson, both of the Parish of S* Nicholas, 

June 30 Rob* Swalwell & Eliz. Smith, of the Parish of Easington, Dioc. 

July 5 Andrew Forsaith & Dorothy Prockter, of the Parish of Ryton, 

Dioc. Dun. 
July 9 Bob* Milboum & Eliz. Browell, of the Parish of Sunderland by 

Sea, Dioc. Dun. 
July 14 W™ Stell, of y® Parish of Monk-Weremouth, & Eleanor Harrison, 

of y® Parish of Houghton le Spring. 
July 21 Bob* Readhead, de Jarrow, & Is. Wilson, de Washington, Dio. 

Aug. 3 Edw* Dickenson & Ann Ord, of the Parish of Sedgfield, Dioc. 


' He, the boo of Roger Norton by his first wife Catherine Hewitson, was baptized 1 Jan. 
1682^, was organist of Sedgefleld ; he was buried 9 May 1726 at St. Oswald's. His wife Ann 
was dau. of Thomas Eyles, of New Elvet, and was bom on the 26 of Maroh 1702. She re-married 
22 June 1782, at St. Oswald's, " M' " Bobert CUfton. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1722 Aug. 19 Tho. Golboum, of y« Pariflh of 8* Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne, 
& Ann Hall, of the Parish of Elsdon, Dioc. Dun. 
Aug. 21 Thomas Elder A Jane Clark, of the Parish of Warkworth, Dioc. 

Sep. 2 Joshua CoUedge & Mary Martindale, both of y^ Parish of 

8* Nich., Durham. 
Sep. 5 Cuthbert Forster & Mary Watson,^ of the Parish of Wolsingham, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Sep. 11 Geo. Hewison & Mary Henderson, both of the Chappelry of 

All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Sep. 20 John Hall, of S' Andrew's Auckland, & Ann Nicholson, of y« 

Parish of Wolsingham. 
Sep. 27 Geo. Vane,- Esq., of Long Newton, & Ann Machon, of y* 

CoUedge, Durham. 
Sep. 80 Cuthbert Davison & Johanna Stukeley, of y« Parish of Tyne- 

mouth, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 8 Tho. Wake, of y« Parish of Sunderland by Sea, & Mary Shafto, 

of y* Parish of Gtiteshead, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 26 Obadiah Emerson, of y« Parish of Stanhope, &, Hanna Dickinson, 

of y* Parish of Alstone, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 27 W°* Watson &, Alice Dobinson, of y« Parish of Sunderland by 

Sea, Dioc. Dun. 
Nov. 11 Eob^ Hawksworth & Marg* Watson, both of y* Parish of Stranton, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Nov. 16 Rob* Makepeace, of y* Parish of S* Nicholas, & Marg* Wilkinson, 
of y« Chappelry of All Saints, widow, in Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Nov. 28 Rob' Mitchinson & Frances Atkinson, of y« Parish of Lanchester, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Dec. 7 W" Shaw & Muriel Green, both of y« Parish of Darlington, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Dec. 10 Rob* Ramsey A Cath. Morisby, of y* Parish of S* Nicholas, 

Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Dec. 11 John Errington, of y* Parish of Gosforth, and Ann Wright, of 

S* Andrew's, Newcastle sup. Tyna'. 
Dec. 26 John Webster, of y« Parish of S* Nich., Newcastle upon Tyne, & 
Susanna Ayre, of y* Parish of Gateshead, Wid., Dioc. Dunelm. 
Dec. 30 James Smith & Mary Barnes, of y* Chappelry of Lamesly, Dioc. 

1 She presumably a second wife, as " Abigail, wife of Cuthbert Eonter," was buried 19 Jan. 
1720-21 at Wolsingham. 

' He eldest son of Lionel Vane, of Long Newton, oo. Pal., Esq., and father, by this marriage, 
of the Bev. Henry Vane, of Long Newton, Prebendary of Durham (see the baptism of his dau. 
12 May 1769), who was created a Baronet 1782. See Pedigree of Vanb, of Long Newton, 
Surtees. She younger dau. and coheiress of Gilbert Machon, of Lichfield and Durham, Esq. (see 
the second marriage of her mother 30 Sep. 1706, and Machon in Index). She was sole ez'or 
and residuary legatee of her father's cousin, the Rev. Gabriel Blakiston, Rector of Danbj-upon- 
Wiske, Torks, whose will was proved at York 21 Aug. 1721, and inherited his share of his "cole- 
mines" at Azwell and Swalwell. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1722 Jan. 21 John Carr & Mary Fewler, of y« Parish of Stockden, Dioc. Denelm. 
Jan. 81 Rob. Thompson & Jane Lodge, of y« Parish of Darlington, Dioc. 

Feb. 21 John Benton, of f Parish of Stockton, & Jane Stephenson, of 

y« Parish of Gateshead, Widow, Dioc. Dunehn. 
Mar. 6 David Kennebye, of y« Parish of Stanhop, & Eleanor Moor, of 

y« Chappelry of S* Margarett's, Durham. 

1723 April 1 Richard Warren A Isabel Brown, Widow, of y« Parish of Bishop- 

Middleham, Dio. Dun. 
April 7 Geo. Laws, of y« Parish of S* Nicholas, and Ann Taylor, of the 

Chappelry of All Saints, Newcastle sup. Tinun, Dioc. Dunelm. 
April 23 John Dixon, of y« Parish of Haughton, and Mary Bell, of y« 

Parish of Staindrop, Dioc. Dun. 
May 6 Geo. Purvis <& Marg* Uall, of y« Chappelry of S* Andrew, 

Newcastle upon Tine. 
May 7 John Thompson, of y« Parish of Chester in y« Street, and Grace 

Lpftus,ofy« Chappelry of S' Margarett's, Durham, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 11 Robert Mitchinson & Mary Thompson, of y* Chappelry of 

S* Andrew's, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
May 15 Gerard Heckles & Isabel Pattinson, of the Parish of Gbiteshead, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 23 John Wascoe & Eliz. Bradely, of the Chappelry of Witton upon 

Were, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 30 Ralph Dunn & Eliz. Darnell, of the Parish of Lanchester, Dioc. 

June 3 Henry Stephenson and Eliz. Moffett, of the Chappelry of 

S' Margarett's, Durham. 
June 4 John Willans, of Hamsterly, and Mary Bell, of y* Parish of 

S* Andrew's Auckland, Dioc. Dun. 
June 8 Abraham Stout,^ of y« Parish of S^ Nicholas, Durham, & Ann 

Brack, of y® Parish of Branspeth, Dioc. Dun. 
June 8 Ralph Hodgson, of y' Parish of Sedgfield, and Fortune Dixon, of 

y* Parish of Bishop- Weremouth, Dioc. Dunelm. 
June 11 John Harrison & Mary Taylor, Wid., both of y« Parish of 

Haughton, Dioc. Dunelm. 
July 8 Welbery Winshipp* & Eliz. Harrison, of y* Parish of Chester in 

y* Street, Dioc. Dun. 
July 9 William Morgan & Ann Ghrainger, of y* Chappelry of Bernard- 

Castle, Dioc. Dun. 
July 29 John Graham A Ann Coulson, widow, of the Parish of Wolsing- 

ham, Dioc. Dun. 
Aug. 2 Nicholas Jefferson, of y* Parish of Long-Newton, Dioc. Dunelm., 

and Ann Thompson, of the Parish of Crathome, Dioc. Ebor. 
Aug. 31 Thomas Blenkinsopp & Susanna Rippon, Widow, of y^ Parish of 

Lanchester, Dioc. Dun. 

* The family of Stout, or Stott, has been long seated in Durham. 
' He buried at Chester-le-Street 18 Aug. 1737. Of Whitehill, gent. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1723 Sep. 17 Cliristopher Kitchin & Marg* Grosier, of the Chappelry of S* 
HQda (Shields), Dioc. Dun. 
Sep. 18 Robert Major and Mercy Winshipp, of the Chappelry of S* Hilda, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 16 Joseph Stott & Mary Wilkinson, of the Parish of Darlington, 

Dioc. Dnnelm. 
Nov. 9 Andrew Wood, of y* Parish of Chester in y* Street, & Jane 

Selby, of y^ Parish of Lanchester, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Nov. 28 Thomas Taylor & Catherine Lewin, of y« Chappelry of All Saints, 

New-Castle upon Tyne. 
Nov. 30 Thomas Parkin, of y* Parish of S* Andrew Auckland, & Mary 

Browne, of y* Parish of Heighington, Dio. Dun. 
Dec. 14 Joseph Turner & Mary Bell, widow, of y« Chappelry of All- 
Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Jan. 10 Thomas BailifFe & Esther Williamson, of j^ Chappelry of All 

Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Jan. 25 James Dobson A Marg^ Close, of the Parish of Kelloe, Dioc. 

Jan. 27 Edward Milboume & Ann Heads, Wid^, of y« Parish of Gbites- 

head, Dioc. Dun. 
Feb. 2 John Wilkinson & Dorothy Simpson, of y* Parish of Darlington, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Feb. 6 Mark Farrow ^ & Mary Beckfield, of y« Chappelry of S^ Helen's 

Auckland, Dioc. Dun. 
Feb. 6 Robert Bamblett, of y* Parish of Ecclescliffe, Dioc. Dunelm., and 

Mary Marker, of y* Parish of Stoxley, Dioc. Eborac. 
Feb. 15 George Craggs A Mary Layne, Wi^^, of y* Parish of Esh, Dioc. 

1724 April 25 Thomas Marley, of y* Parish of Chester in y« Street, & Ann 

Comeforth, of the Parish of Branspeth, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 1 John Grainger, of the College, and Mary Errington,^ of y* Parish 

of S^ Oswald, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 4 Richard Paul, of j^ Parish of East Harlsley, Dioc. Ebor., and 

Jane Todd, of the Parish of Bolden, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 23 Thomas Wheatley, of the Chappelry of Kimblesworth, and Ann 

Appelby,. of the Parish of Merrington, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 26 W™ Jackson, of y« Parish of Horton, and Dorothy Ingah, of y« 

Parish of Sedgfield, Dioc. Dunelm. 
June 8 Samuel Ferguson & Jane Barrowman, of the Parish of S^ Nicholas, 

Newcastle upon Tyne, Dioc. Dunelm. 

' He of Bamshaw in ETenwood, and the name is spelt variously in the Begbters. This was pro- 
hably his seoond marriage, as there are several children of his baptised before this date at St Helen's. 
He appears to have been baptized 6 May 1678, the son of John Farrow by his marriage, 9 Sep. 1677, 
with Anne Bullock. William, eldest son of this Biark Farrah, Farrer, or Farrow, was baptised 
80 Aug. 1724, and other children follow. 

' She was probably Mary, dau. of William Errington, draper-taylor, of St. Oswald's (who has 
several other children baptised there), and was baptised 25 Jan. 1693-4. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1724 June 27 Thomas Bidley & Margaret Barker, of the Parish of Merrington, 

Dioc. Dun. 
July 25 George Edwards,^ of the Chappelry of Barnard-Castle, and Anne 

Humble, of the Parish of Ryton, widow, Dioc. Dunelm. 
July 27 Tho. Craggs, of y* Parish of Bishop-Weremouth, and Hannah 

Allinson, of y* Parish of Houghton le Spring, Dioc. Dunelm. 
July 30 Jonathan Buck & Hannah Gumesby, of the Parish of Gateshead, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Aug. 21 John Newton & Eliz. Damton, of the Parish of Staindropp, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Aug. 25 John Seddon, of Manchester in y^ County of Lancaster, & Hannah 

Linskill, of the Parish of S^ Nicholas in y* City of Durham, 

Aug. 27 John Bobinson & Isabel Wilkinson, of y^ Parish of Whickham, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Sep. 12 W"^ Richardson & Jane Shipley, of the Parish of Morpeth, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Sep. 13 Gteo, Shevill & Eliz. Turner, of the Parish of Boldon, Dioc. 

Oct. 9 Edward Brenkam & Alice Metcalf, of y« Parish of Kirkby 

Stephen, Westmorland Dioc. 
Oct. 18 Anthony Taylor and Eliz. Langstaffe, of y« Chappelry of Witton 

Gilbert, Dioc. Dun. 
Oct. 20 Samuel Scroggs & Ann Smith, Widow, of the Parish of Houghton 

le Spring, Dioc. Dun. 
Oct. 22 Thomas Byers & Hannah Talentire, of y^ Parish of Wolsingham, 

Dioc. Diinelm. 
Nov. 7 Cuthbert Eutter, of the Parish of Houghton le Spring, & Eliz. 

Averick, of y* Parish of Chester-le-Street, Dioc. Dun. 
Nov. 21 W°> Whitfield & Mary Beay, of the Parish of Houghton le Spring, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Nov. 24 Thomas Monkhouse, of y« Chappelry of All Saints, Newcastle 

upon Tine, and Ann Marley, of y* Parish of Chester le Street, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Nov. 26 Eic. Lawson & Is. Bearde, of the Chappelry of Auckland 

S* Belen's, Dioc. Dun. 
Dec. John Bainbridge & Dorothy Botcheby, of y* Parish of S* Nicholas, 


* He son of Qeorge Edwards, of Barnard Castle, tanner, who died intestate 1746, by his wife 
.... Garfoot. He married firstly Isabel Benison, and by her had several children, one of whom 
Isabella married General Hugonin, and was mother of General Hugonin, 4th Dragoons, and 
Charlotte, wife of Sir Boderiok Impey Murohison, Bart., F.B.S. She was widow of ... . Humble, 
of Byton-on-Tyne (by whom she had a son Joseph Humble, whose dau. and heiress married 
Joseph Lamb, of Byton, gtot), and dau. of ... . Omsby, of Lanchester, co. Pal., although she 
is not placed in that pedigree in Long^tafle's " History of Barlinginn." She had several children 
by her second marriage. Mr. Bdwards'b brother Ambrose died s.p. 1745, having married Anne, 
dau. of Thomas Norton, of Qnintley,cov York, Bsq., and aunt to the first Lord Grantley. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1724 Dec. 22 Joshua Makepeace & Haimali Eanson, Widow, of y« Parish of 

Sunderland by Sea, Dioc. Dun. 
Dec. 26 Ralph Lax <& Eliz. Bonner, of j« Parish of Sunderland by Sea, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Dec. 26 Charles Guy & Marg* Atkinson, of y® Parish of Chester le Street, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Jan. 26 W" Curstt & Ann Waugh, of the Parish of Sunderland by Sea, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 2 Richard Merrington & Eliz. Carter, of y* Parish of Long Newton, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Feb. 6 John Harrison &, Eliz. Adamson, of y^ Parish of Easington, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Feb. 6 Gbo. Oibson, of the Parish of Whickham, and Ann Chapman, of 

the Parish of Houghton le Spring, Widow, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 23 James Walker, of Gibside in the Parish of Whickham, & Eliz. 

Coates, of y^ same Parish, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 27 George Barker & Isabel Sofley, of y^ Parish of Jarrow, Dioc. 

Mar. 2 Tho. Bowry & Barbara Thumble, of y* Parish of Long-Benton, 

Dioc. Dun. 

1725 Mar. 31 John Todd, of the Parish of AicklifF, A Barbara Shipley, of y« 

Parish of Sunderland by Sea, Dioc. Dunelm. 
April 27 Newark Hudson^ A Eliz. Hobson, of the Parish of Chester in 

the Street, Dioc. Dun. 
May 15 Edw. Rosby, of the Parish of Houghton le Spring, & Ann 

Mowbray, of the Parish of Chester le Street, Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 20 John Collingwood A Sarah Harland, of y« Chappelry of Tanfield, 

Dioc. Dun. 
June 3 John Barras A Jane Dunn, of the Parish of Greatham, Dioc. 

June 29 W"» Taylor A Eliz. Baynes, Widow, both of the Parish of Sunder- 
land, Dioc. Ihin. 
July 10 Richard Thompson A Sarah Dawson, of y« Parish of Gbiteside, 

Dioc. Dun. 
July 19 Matthew Ingram A Rebecca Jurdison, of y* Parish of Pittington, 

Dioc. Dun. 
July 27 Charles Hindmarsh A Sarah Cook, of the Parish of Sunderland, 

Dioc. Dun. 
Aug. 3 Nicholas Straker, of the Chappelry of All Saints, Newcastle, A 

Frances Williamson, of the Chappelry of S* Margaret's, Dur- 

ham, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Aug. 5 M*" Anthony Wilkinson,^ of the Parish of S* Margaret, and 

M'^ Deborah Machon, of the Colledge, Durham. 

' [Matthew, son ot Newark Hudson, buried 81 Bee. 1749; and ICr. Thomas Hudson, son of 
Mr. Newark Hudson, buried 11 Not. l770^Che8ter-le-Street.] 

' He was the eighth son of William Wilkinson and Margaret Taylor, and was baptised at 
Crossgate 19 Sep. 1684. He was a Justioe of the Peaoe for the Cknuity Palatine, and was a Teiy 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1725 Aug. 11 Michael Walton, of y* Parish of Kelloe, & Mary Usher, of j^ 

Parish of Branspeth, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Aug. 24 John Hixon, of y* Parish of Sedgfield, & Eliz. Johnson, of y* 

Parish of S* Oswald, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Aug. 26 Jo. Stout, Lay Clerk, and Ann Vasey, both of y* Parish of 

8* Nicholas, Durham. 
Aug. 80 Tho. Johnson & Ann Evening, of the Parish of Barnard Castle, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Sep. 5 Tho. Cockaney & Jane Peers, of S* Nicholas, Newcastle upon 

Sep. 8 W" Hinmers A Eleanor Horseley, Widow, of All Saints, New- 
castle upon Tine. 
Sep. 18 Israel Jeffryson & Grace Rutlis, of y« Parish of Sedgefield, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 10 Robert Finch & Phyllis Forster, both of the Chappelry of Esh, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 10 Andrew Tumbull & Ann Shute, Widow, both of the Chappelry 

of All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dioc. Dun. 
Oct. 13 Edward Robson & Eliz. Ridley, of the Parish of Houghton le 

Spring, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Oct. 28 Tho. Reed & Mary Cook, of the Parish of Seaham, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Dec. 4 Rob. Oelson & Hannah Comeforth, of the Parish of Pittington, 

Dioc. Dun. Married by Bryan Turner. 
Dec. 28 James Gregory & Eliz. Barker, Widow, of the Parish of All 

Saints, Newcastle upon Tine, Dioc. Dunelm. By M' Waring. 
Jan. 2 Mich. Tayler, of the Chappelry of All Saints, Newcastle, & Eliz, 

Baynes, of y* Parish of Tinemouth, Dioc. Dunelm. By 

M' Waring. 
Jan. 11 W" Horseman 1 & Mary Smith, of y« Cplledge. By D' Mangey. 
Jan. 18 W™ Maston, of the Parish of S* Nicholas, & Jane Brack, of y« 

Parish of Brandspeth ; by M' Waring. 
Jan. 15 Thomas Todd, of S' Hellen's Auckland, and Christian Purbank, 

of All Saints, Newcastle, Wid. 
Jan. 22 William Walton, of Kelloe Parish, & Elianor Whitfield, of y« 

. Parish of Pittington, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Jan. 23 Adam Reavely, of All Saints, New-Castle, & Dorothy Hanby, of 

S* Nich., ibidem, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 10 John Metcalfe, of Lanchester, & Ann Laybume, of Tanfield, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 16 John Hodgson & Mary Gedlin, both of y« Parish of Bishop- 

Middleham, Dioc. Dun. 

wealthy man. He died on the 26th and was buried with his father in the south aisle of Grossgates 
28 March 1759. Will dated 3 April 1758 and proved at Tork. His wife the second dau. and 
coheiress of Gilbert Maohon, of Lichfield and the City of Durham, Esq. She was buried 24 Sep. 
1775. Her will, dated 1 April 1771, was proved at Durham 25 Sep. 1775. [MS. Fed. by 
B. A. W.] 

* Also entered in Bow Begister. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1726 Feb. 23 Geo. Peacock, of the Parish of Sunderland, & Mary HutchinBon, 

of y* Parish of Weremouth. 
Feb. 28 Anthony Hunter & Eliz. Clark, of the Parish of Pittington, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Mar. 12 Thoma« Clarke & Abigail Wilkin, of the Parish of Chester le 

Street, Dioc. Dun. 
1726 April 12 James Brankston & Jane Hall, of All Saints, Newcastle. 

April 16 John Ovington, of Branspeth, & Marg* Metcalf, of Lanchester, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
April 28 Rowland Green, of Siinderland by Sea, & Barbara Robinson, of 

y* College. 
April 30 W" Atkinson A Hilda Hodgson, of Brandspeth. 
May 3 Thomas Wren^ & Ann Curry, of the Parish of Wolm'ngham, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
May 5 John Richarby, of Croxdale, & Jane Brown, of Dalton, Dioc. 

May 21 Henry Thompson, of S* Andrew's, New-Castle, & Marg* Brittain, 

of Gateshead, widow. 
May 31 Robert Richmond, of Heighington, & Sarah Hutchinson, of 

S* Helen's Auckland. 
June 11 G^. Toward & Eliz. Willows, of Cockfield. 
June 12 Peter Pattison & Ann Earl, of Morpeth. 

(These two last married by M' Waring.) 
June 16 W" Morgan, of y« Parish of South Leath in Scotland, & Eliz. 

Green, of Houghton le Spring, Widow, Dioc. Dunelm. 
June 30 Samuel Watkin, of y« Parish of Bp. Wearmouth, & Mary 

Hogshon, of y* Parish of Sunderland by y* Sea. 
July 12 Rob* Willson,of Whickham, Dioc. Dunelm., & Dorothy Charlton, 

of Hexham, Dioc. Ebor. 
Aug. 18 John Wilkinson, of Staindrop, CI., & Eliz. Cole, of S* Mary le 

Bow in Durham. 
Sep. 3 John Brown, of Escomb, & Eliz. Almond, of Aukland S* Andrew. 
Sep. 7 Rob* Skelton & Jane Maddison, both of y« Parish of Stanhope. 
Sep. 12 Tho. DaTy & Ann Walton, both of y« Parish of Sunderland by 

y* Sea. 
Sep. 25 Tho. Sayer, of Yarum, Dioc. Ebor., & Ann Butterwick, of Eggs- 

cliff, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Nov. 3 Will. Wilkinson & Catherine Metcalf, both of y« Parish of 

Nov. 5 Peter More, of y« Chappelry of S* Margarett's, & Eliz. Dixon, of 

y« Parish of S* Nicholas in Durham. 

(Rob* Pigot, Sacrist, Nov. y« 20*\ 1726.) 
Jan. 8 Henry Lyddel & Mary Carr, both of y* Parish of Whickham, 

Dioc. Dunelm. ; by M' Waring. 

1 Thomas Wren, of Wolnngham. He died (aooording to tombstone at Wokingham) 20 Sep. 
1771, set. 74. She was the dan. of William Curry, of Scotoh Ealee, gent., by Barbara Walsh. 
She died (aooording to the tombstone) 28 Nov. 1770, set 70. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1726 Feb. 18 Lively Busby^ & Elizabeth Wilkinson, of y« Parish of Pittington, 

were married by M' Waring. 

1727 May 23 John Dixon & Jane Sharp, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas, 

July 25 John Hutchinson, of y* Parish of S* Nicholas, & Jane Weddell, 

of y* Parish of S* Mary le Bow in y« City of Durham. 
Sep. 9 John Potts & Mary Homsby, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas, 


1728 April 21 Thomas Potter & Ann Brown, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas 

in Durham. 
May 14 Edward Charlton & Ann Kell, both of y* Parish of Brancepath 

in y* County of Durham, were married by M' Newhouse. 
June 9 George Wheatley & Mary Askew, both of y« Parish of S* Nicho- 
las in Durham. 
June 11 John Spark & Ann Weams, both of y* Chappelry of Castle Eden, 

Dioc. Dunelm., were married by M' Delaval. 
June 12 Thomas Clarke & Ruth Watson, both of y« Parish of Gbinf ord, 

Dioc. Dunelm., were married by M' Delaval. 
June 16 William Orfeur & Mary Glassington, Wid., both of y« Parish of 

S' Nicholas, Durham, were married by M' Delaval. 
Feb. 11 Thomas Hudson, of y« Parish of Hartlepool, & Margarett Hobson, 

of Lumley Park in y* Chappelry of Chester le Street, Dioc. 

Mar. 7 Bobert Todd & Dorothy Ingoe, Wid., both of y« Parish of Jarrow, 

Dioc. Dunelm., were married by M' Simon. 

1729 April 19 William Wilson & Jane Dixon, both of y« Parish of Merrington, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Feb. 24 James Hesletine,* of y* Parish of S* Mary le Bow, Durham, & 
Frances Wheler, of y* College, were married by M' Waring. 

1730 June 2 Bobert Whitfeild,^ of y« Parish of Wolsingham,&Osytha Wright, 

of y* Parish of Brancepath, were married by D' Eden. 

» " Lively, 80ii of Mr. Henry Busbie," was baptized at St. Oswald's (born 20 Deo. 1707) 6 Jan. 
1708-9. The father was probably a son or grandson of Willimm Busby, of Cassop, gent., who 
married Mary, dau. of Rev. John Lively, B.D. (See note to baptism 12 Not. 1626.) 

' See his burial 23 June 1768. 

' He the last heir male of his ancient family, seated at Whitfield in Northumberland from a very 
early time ; he is said, by his extravagancies, to have caused the ruin of his bouse. He was eldest 
son of Matthew Whitfield, of Whitfield, Esq., by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Bobert Eden, of 

West Auckland, first Baronet. She, dau. of Wright, was buried (" Osith Whitfield *') 

4 April 1752 at Wolsingham, where her husband lived in, and presumably built, a fine old mansion, 
"Whitfield House," still remaining. Elizabeth the dau. of this marriage, heiress of her line, 
married 29 Jan. 1750-51, at St. Andrew's Auckland (she then "of St. Oswald's par.")> Hendry 
Hopper, of Wolsingham, gent., by whom she had twelve sons and seven daughters, and died at 
Sunderland 1807. This Mr. Hopper, elder brother of the ancestor of the Hopper- Williamsons 
(see " Landed Gentry '*), appears to have been of quite a different family to the Hoppers seated 
at Todepotts in Wokingham, temp. Henry VIII., repr^ented by the late Rev. Edmund Hector 
Hopper, afterwards Shipperdson, J.P., DJj., of Hermitage, co. Pal., although the name of Hendry 
is common to both. The Hendry Hopper above (died 1796 at Wolsingham) descended from a 
John Hopper living at Shincliffe in 1574 as a tenant under the Dean and Chapter, and the Begis- 
ters of St. Oswald's swarm with Hoppers from that date. 


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1731 Oct. 23 Robert Shadforth, of y« Parisli of Sunderland by y« Sea, & 

Margarett Padman,^ of y« Parisb of S* Nicbolas, Durham. 
Oct. 23 Robert Johnson & Dorothy Watson, of y« Parish of Stockton, 
Dioc. Dunehn. 

1732 April 20 John Hutchinson* & Isabella Richmond, both of y« Chappeliy of 

S* Margarett's, Durham. 
May 3 Robert Johnson, of y« Parish of Houghton le Spring, & Mary 

Bell, of y« Parish of S* Mary le Bow in y« City of Durham, 

were married by M' Waring. 
May 16 James Watson & Winnifred Reddish, both of y« Chappeliy of 

S* Mairgarett's, Durham. 
Nov. 4 Michael Robinson, of j* Parish of Brancepeth, & Elizabeth 

Trowlop, Wid., of y« Chappehy of S* Marg"« in y« City of 


1733 May 17 Joseph Forster^ & Elizabeth Yapp, both of y« Parish of S* Mary 

in y« South Bailey in y« City of Durham. 
Sep. 14 Robert Smith, of WTioriton in y« Parish of Gbinf ord, A Margarett 

Harrison, of y* Parish of Staindrop, Dioc. Dunelm. 
Sep. 24 John Wilkinson & Mary Gtent, both of y* Parish of Sedgefield, 

Dioc. Dunelm. 
Nov. 9 Thomas Nicholson, of y« Parish of Corbridge, & Susanna Willson, 

of y* Parish of Bywell S* Andrew's, Dioc. Dunelm., were 

married by M' Heme." 
Dec. 8 Robert Hawksworth, of y* Parish of Strenton, & Margarett 

Noble, Wid., of y« Parish of Sunderland by y* Sea, Dioc. 

Dunelm., were married by M' Bryan Turner. 
Jan. 31 The Rev^ M' John Branfoot,'^ Minor Canon of this Church, & 

M" Mary HaU. 

1734 April 22 Peter Fea, of y« Parish of Jarrow, & Sarah Beals, of y« Parish of 

Monk Wearmouth, Dioc. Dunelm. 
June 4 John Hodgson & Dorothy Bell, both of y« Chappehy of Witton 
le Wear in y^ Diocese of Durham. 

* She dau. of Mr. Biohard Padman, barber. 

2 He son of John Hutchinson, Esq., of Framwellgate, Durham, who died 1715, heing then 
Mayor, by Mary (marriage lioenoe 6 Oct. 1706), dau. of Thomas Shadforth, of Durham, gent. 
He was buried at Crossgate 1 July 1749, and his will, dated 24 June 1740, was proved by his 
sister-in-law Elizabeth Bichmond, as guardian to his younger son Christopher. See the marriage 
of his aunt Jane Hutchinson 2 Jan. 1704-5. She younger dau. and eventually sole heiress 
of Christopher Bichmond, Esq., of High-head Castle in Dalston and of Catterlen in Newton, 
Cumberland, representative of the families of Vauz, of Catterlen and Tryermayne. She was 
buried in Crossgate Church with her husband and several of his ancestors and her mother 
27 Nov. 1746. Her present representative is Bear- Admiral Thomas Hutchinson Martin, B.N. 
(M^jidie 5th Class), of Bittern, Hants, J.P. 

s See his burial 15 May 1767. 

* He Master of the Grammar School, Bector of St. Mary's, and afterwards Vicar of Bossall, 
00. York. He is called Jonathan by error in Surtees' Pedigree of Hall, vol. iv., part ii., p. 154. 
She (first wife) only dau. of John Hall of Hilton, co. Pal., gent., and sister of Anthony Hall, Esq., 
ancestor of the Standish family, late of Duxbury, oo. Lancaster, and Cocken, co. Durham. See 
baptism 28 Oct. 1771. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1734 July 3 Ralpli Emmerson & Dorothy Beach, both of the Parish of Gain- 

forth in y^ Diocese of Durham. 

Sep. 5 Gkorge Stott & Mary Sedgewick, both of y* Parish of Chester in 
y* Diocese of Durham. 

Sep. 28 Peter Watt & Jane Hudson, Widow, both of y« Chappelry of 
Hart le Pool in y« Diocese of Durham. 

Oct. 14 Thomas Grey & Margaret Blacket, both of y* Parish of Sedge- 
field & Diocese of Durham. 

Dec. 3 Ralph Bird, of y« Parish of Houghton le Spring, & Elizabeth 
Fewster, of y* College in Durham. 

1735 Aug. 25 Richard Hayton, of y* Parish of Aisgarth in y« Arch-Deaconry 

of Richmond, & Eleanor Bowes. 

1736 May 21 James Johnson & Ann Aisley, both of y« Parish of S' Nicholas 

in Durham. 
1738 Mar. 24 Thomas Hall, of Sunderland by Sea, Widower, & Mary Surat, 
of y« College in Durham, were married by D' Sharp. 

1741 Oct. 6 Henry Ibbotson,^ of y« Parish of Leedes in y« Diocese of York, 

Esq', & M" Isabella Carr, of y« Parish of S* Mary le Bowe in 
Durham, were married by M' Randolph. 
Nov. 12 John Ridley & Isabella Brown, Wid., both of y^ Parish of 
S* Mary le Bowe. 

1742 Sep. 4 Joseph Smith* & Ann Horseman, both of y« Parish of S* Nicho- 

las in Durham. 
Sep. 25 Robert Hull & Jane Laxe, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas in 

Nov. 4 Braems Wheler, of y^ Parish of Little S* Mary, & Mary Smith, 

of j^ Parish of S* Mary le Bowe, were married by D' Tho. Sharp. 

1743 June 23 John Coulson, of y* Parish of Sunderland, Widower, & Catherine 

Finch, of y* Parish of S' Nicholas in Durham. 
Feb. 2 John Barnes, of y^ Parish of Middleton in Teasdale, & Margaret 

Musgrave, of y* College in Durham. 
Feb. 6 Tobit Finch & Mary Reah, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas in 


1744 April 9 Robert White & Ann Reede. 

Aug. 26 Thomas White & Ann Hutchinson, Wid., both of y« Parish of 
S* Nicholas in Durham, were married by M' Huson. 

1745 April 20 James Bullock & Elizabeth Davy, both of y« Parish of S* Nicho- 

las in Durham, were married by M' Lamb. 

' He created a Baronet in 1748. (See Burke's " Peerage and Baronetage.") She dau. of 
Ralph Carr, of Cocken, co. Pal., Esq. See that Pedigree in Surtees^ vol. i. The second son of 
tiiis marriage Henry Ibbetson married Bliss Morton, who, as a widow, resided in the Bailey with 
her mother, her daughter, grand-daughter, and great-grandchildren, all occasionally being under 
the same roof at the same time. The Editor has considered this sufficiently curious and interest- 
ing to annex a tabular sketch of these five generations. Since he drew it up almost entirely from 
his mother's memory, the dates and circumstances have all been confirmed bj Lady Northboume, 
who writes that she herself visited her great-grandmother Mrs. Morton. (See page 81.) 

* It will be noticed that from this date to Dec. 1748 nearly all the parties married are from 
St. Nicholas Parish. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 














1745 June 29 William Middleton & Sarah Atkinson, both of y* Parish of 

S' Nicholas in Durham. 
Ralph Bales & Jane Stott, Wid.,both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas 

in Durham. 
The Rev<* M^ William Williamson, Minor Canon of this Church, 

& Catherine Homsby, of 3^* Parish of S^ Nicholas in Durham. 
Richard Sommers & Mary WUlson, Wid., both of y® Parish of 

S^ Nicholas in Durham. 

1746 April 2 Robert Wilkinson! & Ann Waison, both of y« Parish of S* Nicho- 
las in Durham. 

Patrick Sanderson* & Mary Dowson, both of y« Parish of 

S* Nicholas in Durham. 
John Huntley & Catherine Nicholson, both of y* Parish of 

S' Nicholas in Durham. 
Nov. 13 William Brownbridge & Mary Pearce, both of y« Parish of 

S' Nicholas in Durham. 
Dec. 2 Henry Wetherell,^ of j^ Parish of S* Nicholas, & Mary Harle, of 

y® College in Durham. 
Jan. 6 William Watson & Hannah Wood, both of j^ Pariah of 

S^ Nicholas in Durham. 
Feb. 21 James Mewbum,* of y® Parish of Croft in y* Diocese of Tork, & 

Margaret Aisleby, of y« Parish of Darlington & Diocese of 

Durham, were married by M' Lamb. 
Mar. 2 John Weybridge & Margaret Rashells, Wid., both of j^ Parish 

of S* Nicholas in Durham. 
Mar. 2 Joseph Simpson & Mary Wilkinson, both of y« Parish of Ghates- 

head & Diocese of Durham, were married by M' WiUiamson. 

1747 May 16 Joseph Wallis, of y* Parish of Whickham, & Dorothy Marley, of 

y* College in Durham. 
June 4 George Bassnett & Margaret Ridley, both of y« Parish of 

S^ Nicholas in Durham. 
June 25 John Bewes & Mary Charlton, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas 

in Durham. 

^ Robert Wilkinson, of Claypath, Durham, innholder, sixth and youngest son of Martin 
Wilkinson, of Crossgate, by his wife Elizabeth Rennison ; baptized at Crossgate 26 Jan. 1723-4 ; 
admitted free of Drapers' and Taylors' Companies 1745-6; buried at St. Nicholas, Durham, 
17 July 1792. [Ann Wilkinson, widow, died 3 and buried 6 Aug. 1802, aged 83. St. Nicholas 
Register.] [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' He was a well-known Diu-ham bookseller, and published " Antiquities of Durham Abbey," 
1767. He married secondly Sarah, dau. of Humphrey Norton, Organist of Sedgefield. See his 
marriage 1 Feb. 1721-2. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

' He the son of Cornelius Wetherell, by Margaret his wife, was baptized 1 March 1714 at 
St. Nicholas Church; buried 23 July 1772. His wife was buried at St. Nicholas 8 Jan 1776. 
[MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* He a son of Thomas Mewbum, of Blackwell and Darlington, who died ante 1760. She one of 
the three daus. and coheirs of Michael Aislaby, of Monkend, Darlington, tanner and gentleman, 
who died 15 Jan. 1762, and was buried in the nave of Darlington Church. See a Pedigree of 
Mbwbubn (incomplete) in Longstaffe's " Darlington." [" Francis Mewbum, of St. Nich. par., 
and Eliiabeth Homsby of this par." married 9 May 1773 at Crossgate.] There was inue of the 
above marriage. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1747 Feb. 13 George Langstaffe, of Bishop- Aukland, & Mary Shotton, of y« 

College in Durham ; by D' Sharp. 

1748 April 27 Ralph Taylor, of y« Parish of Monk-Wearmouth, & Alice 

Bainbridge, of y^ Parish of S* Nicholas in Durham. 
May 7 Gheorge Bone & Frances Aisley, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas 

in Durham. 
May 12 Thomas Johnson & Ann Reah, both of y« Parish of S* Nicholas 

in Durham. 
Oct. 9 Thomas Chipchace & Elizabeth Willis, Wid., both of y« Parish of 

S* Nicholas in Durham. 
Nov. 5 Thomas Thomson, of y^ Parish of Orindon, & Ann Monkhouse, 

Wid., of y* Chappelry of S* Margaret, Durham. 
Nov. 13 Thomas Bulman, of y* Parish of S* Nicholas in Durham, & Ann 

Bird, of y« Parish of Houghton le Spring. 
Dec. 26 Robert Wolfe^ & Margaret Enmierson, both of the Parish of 

S* Nicholas in Durham. 

1749 Oct. 26 Luke Athey, of Sunderland, & Jane Hardy, of y* College in 

Dec. 5 Francis Myddleton^ & Grace Smith, both of j* College in Dur- 
ham. By D' Sharp. 

1751 April 16 Thomas Attey & Hannah Dodds, both of y« Parish of Sedgefield 

in y* Diocese of Durham. 
Nov. 2 Michael Arrowsmith & Mary Emmerson, both of the chapelry of 

Barnard Castle. 
Sep. 17 Anthony Dobson, of y* Parish of S' Giles, & Margaret Hunter. 

By M' Davison. 

1752 Jan. 15 W"* Boyes, of y« Parish of GHsborough in y* County of York, & 

Ann Davison, of y* Parish of Redmarshall in y* Diocese of 
Durham ; by vertue of a Licence granted by Tho* Gyll, esq'. 

Feb. 4 George Emmerson, of y* Parish of Rombald-kirk in y* Arch- 
deaconry of Richmond, & Alice Gascoigne, of the chapelry of 
All-Saints in Newcastle upon Tyne ; by vertue of a Licence. 

Feb. 27 W" Topham, of y* Parish of Stranton in y« Diocese of Durham, 
• & Dorothy Linn, of Trimden ; by vertue of a Licence. 

April 28 0^0. Pickering, of Stockton, & Jane Baker, of S* Giles in 

May 16 Tho. Kilbum, of y« Parish of Witton le Wear, A Anne Buckton, 
of y« city of Durham. By Licence. 

May 18 Nicholas Bryan, of y« Parish of S* Nicholas in Durham, & 
Hannah Chapman, of y® same Parish. By Licence. 

May 18 Peter Burrell, of y* Parish of S* Helen Auckland, & Margery 
AUinson, of y* same Parish. By Licence. 

May 19 James Nicholson, of S^ Mary Le Bow in Durham, & Jane Smailes, 
of y* College in Durham. By License. 

A son of this marriage was Alderman John Wolfe, whoee burial see 80 May 1832. 

* See hii burial 1 Aug. 1771. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1762 June 9 Edward Dagnia,^ of y« Cliapelry of S* Hild's in y« Diocese of 

Durliam, & Hannah Johnson, of 3^* same. By Licence. 
June 30 John Porster,* of Peter's cheap & city of London, & Marg' 

Wetherell, of S* Nicholas in Durham. By Nathan Wetherell. 
June 22 W" Simpson, of Middleton Tyas in y« county of York, & Anne 

Peacock, of Dinsdale in y« Diocese of Durham. By Licence. 
Oct. 24 John Dale,^ of y« Parish of S* Oswald, & Lydia Maude, of y* 

college in Durham. By Licence. 

1753 Jan. 29 Tho. Hunter, of y« chapelry of all-S^ & Jane Cowle, of y« 

chapelry of S* Andrew in Newcastle. By Licence. 
Mar. 6 Benjamin Hunter, of S* Nicholas Parish in Newcastle, A Eliz. 

Rawlin, of S* Giles's Parish in Durham. By Licence. 
May 14 Joseph Thomlinson & Jane Gibbon, both of y« Parish of WoLdng- 

ham in y* Diocese of Durham ; by Licence. 
July 8 Tho. Smith, of y* Parish of Seaham in y* Diocese of Durham, & 

Prances Hilton, of y« Parish & Diocese aforesaid ; by Licence. 
Dec. 6 W^ Cummin & Ann Hills, both of y« Parish of Ghdnf ord in y« 

Diocese of Durham ; by License. 
Dec. 14 Geo. Morton, of y* Chapelry of S* John in Newcastle, & Frances 

Lowdon, of y* Parish of Stainton, both within y* Diocese of 

Durham ; by License. 
Dec. 22 Valentine Bowman & Mary Dent, both of y« Parish of Stockton 

and in y* Diocese of Durham ; by Licence. 
Dec. 31 John Smiles, of all S*", & EHonor Robson, of S* Nicholas in New- 
castle upon Tyne ; by Licence. 

1754 Jan. 23 John Chrishop & Martha Rooksby, both of y* Parish of Stockton 

<& Diocese of Durham ; by Licence. 
Feb. 9 R'* Marshall & Jane Mofit, both of y« Parish of Brancepeth in y« 

county of D". By Licence. 
Feb. 16 John Atkinson, of Staindrop, A Mary Marshall, of Brancepeth 

in y* County of Durham ; by Licence. 

^ He a younger son of John Dagnia, gent., of South Shields, who bought the Cleadon estate 
in 1738, and died 21 April 1743, aged 63, and was buried at South Shields. The above Edward 
died 24 Sep. 1799 according to his M.I. at South Shields. He had a son Benjamin Clayton 
Dagnia, baptised 2 Dec. 1756 at Sunderland ; and " Jane, dau. of Edward Dagnia, gent.," was 
baptized 9 Oct. 1754 at St. Andrew's, Newcastle. Oneeiphorus Dagnia (there were others of the 
name), of Newcastle gent., in his will dated 30 Sep. 1721, proved at Durham 24 March 1724-5, 
mentions his wife Margery ; Christopher and John, sons of brother John, deceased ; dear friend 
and relation John Dagnia ; brother-in-law Edward Johnson, upholsterer, and Hannah his wife ; 
nephew Edward Tounghusband, and nieces Susanna and Hannah Younghusband ; sister Hannah 
Johnson's children Edward, John, Elizabeth, and Rebecca ; and niece Elizabeth Hilton. 

' She was the dau. of Cornelius Wetherell by Margaret his wife. The clergyman performing 
was her brother and afterwards Dean of Hereford. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

' John Dale, baker, and Mary Maud were married 8 June 1737 at St. Oswald's, where his 
previous wife Jane was buried 26 Dec. 1736, and her children baptized. This presumably was 
his third wife. He died 24 Dec. 1757, set. 57, and was buried at St. Oswald's with a dau. Lydia. 
His M.I. affirms. 

This modest stone : What few vain marbles can : 
May truly say : Here lien an honest man. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1754 Mar. 21 Martin Dunn,^ of Bp. Auckland & Diocese of D^, & Jane Le : pla, 
of y« Cliapelry of Croxdale in y* Diocese aforesaid. By 

1836 July 13 Henry Charles, Viscount Chelsea,* & Mary Sarah Wellesley, 
daughter of the Hon**^ & Bev^ D' Wellesley, were married in 
the Cathedral of Durham, by special licence, by me George 
Townsend, Preby of Durham. (This marriage is also register'd 
in the Church of S* Mary le Bow in the City of Durham.) 

1883 Aug. 2 Eobert Thomewill, Widower, Esquire, of the Abbey, Burton-on- 
Trent, son of Bobert Thomewill, Esquire, and Eliza Arabella 
Sarah Hamilton^ Spinster, College, Durham, dau. of George 
Hans Hamilton, D.D., Archdeacon of Northumberland, Canon 
of Durham ; by Licence. 

1886 Oct. 1 Gerard Ford, Widower, Gentleman, Durham, son of John Ford 
(deceased), Solicitor, and Fanny Joan Atkinson, Spinster, 
Durham, dau. of Matthew Hall Atkinson (deceased), Ship- 
owner ; by Special Licence. 

1888 April 12 Hugh Lupton, Bachelor, Engineer, Leeds, son of Francis Lupton, 

Merchant, and Isabella Simey, Spinster, Durham, dau. of 
Balph Simey, Solicitor ; by Licence. 

1889 July 30 Henry William Michelmore, Bachelor, St. Leonard's Boad, 

Exeter, son of Henry Michelmore, Clerk of the Peace, Devon- 
shire, and Marian Simey, Spinster, The College, Durham, dau. 
of Balph Simey, Clerk of the Peace, Durham ; after banns. 

1890 June 26 Percy John Heawood, Bachelor, Tutor of Durham University, 

Old Street, Durham, son of John Bichard Heawood, Clerk in 
Holy Orders, and Christiana Tristram, Spinster, The College, 
Durham, dau. of Henry Baker Tristram, Canon of Durham ; 
after banns. 

1891 April 23 Henry Beginald Hutchings, Bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, 

> [It is singular how the name of Martin runs through all the northern (and at least one com- 
pletely southern) families of Dunn.] 

* [After this time the Marriage Act of 1764, prohibiting marriagee except in places licensed 
for the performance thereof, came into operation. The Cathedral being eztra-paroohial, the 
Chapter never applied for it to be licensed until quite a recent period after the date up to which 
these Begisters have been brought. Since then there have been three marriages, all of residents 
in the College. The marriage of Lord Chelsea, immediately following, was by a special licence 
from the Archbishop of Canterbury, which enables the parties to be married anywhere and at any 

* He eldest son of Admiral Henry Charles Cadogan, third Earl Cadogan, whom he succeeded, 
as fourth Earl, in 1864. He was bom 16 Feb. 1812, and baptised by the Bev. Matthew Arnold, 
Chaplain to the English Forces, 8 Oct. 1818 at Palermo, and afterwards, 4 Feb. 1814 at St. Luke's, 
Chelsea. He was a Privy Councillor, and died 8 June 1873 and was buried at St. Luke's, 
Chelsea. She, cousin to her husband, was bom 29 Nov. (Lodge's " Peerage " wrongly says 16th), 
and baptiaed at Hampton Court 1 Aug. 1809, and was the third dau. of Dr. Wellesley, whose burial 
see 27 Oct. 1848. Lady Cadogan died 11 Feb. 1878 and was buried at St. Luke's aforesaid. See 
the burial of their eldest dau. 9 Oct. 1848, and baptism of another 4 April 1844. Their eldest son 
Qeorge Henry, present and fifth Earl Cadogan, was also bom in the College, but was baptiied at 
St. James, Westminster, 26 July 1840. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Warter, Yorkshire, son of William Henry Hutchings, Eector 
of Kirkby Misperton, and Dora Emily Body, Spinster, The 
College, Durham, dau. of George Body, Canon of Durham *, 
after banns. 

1894 Jan. 23 Charles Waring Darwin, Bachelor, Major in the Army, The 
College, Durham, son of Francis Darwin, Gentleman, D.L., 
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, West Biding Torks, and Mary 
Dorothea Wharton, Spinster, Drybum, Durham, dau. of John 
Lloyd Wharton, Gentleman, Chairman of Quarter Sessions, 
Durham, M.P., D.C.L. ; after banns. 

1894 Feb. 3 John Bumell, Bachelor, Ghrdener, The Bank's Mill, St. Mar- 
garet's Parish, son of John Bumell, Farmer, and Grace Greig 
Dall, Spinster, The College, dau. of Andrew Dall, Gardener ; 
after banns. 

1894 Aug. 13 Geoffrey Edward Hale, Bachelor, Physician, 26 High Street, 
Eton, son of Edward Hale, deceased, Clerk in Holy Orders, 
Assistant Master to Eton College, and Mary Kynaston, 
Spinster, The College, dau. of Herbert Kynaston, Canon of 
Durham ; after banns. 

1896 July 23 William Joseph CoUings Merry, Bachelor, Doctor of Medicine, 
1 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, son of William Walter Merry, 
D.D., Eector of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Eleanor Charlotte 
Kynaston, Spinster, The College, Durham, dau. of Herbert 
Kynaston, D.D., Canon of Durham ; after banns. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 



See Note Q) page 76. 
I. § Sarah Bonkeb, dau. of Joseph Bonner, of Howden^Andrew Morton. Buried 19 Aug. 

Panns, Wallsend, Northumberland, gent. Baptized 
27 Aug. 1732 at Wallsend; married 16 June 1755; 
buried (" Sarah Morton, widow, of Durham '*) 12 Aug. 
1828, aged 96, at Wallaend. 

Idvimff, ai ike time of ker death, with her damgkter 
Mre, Ibbeteon, at 8 South Bailey, Durham. 

1798, aged 66. 

§ Mrs. Morton used to recount 
to her descendants the passing 
through Newcastle of the Scotch 
troops in 1745. As she would then 
be thirteen years old she would 
well remember it. 


II. Oracb Obd Mobtok. Baptized 29 June=7=Henry Ibbetson, of St. Anthony's, Newcastle, 

1756 at Wallsend; married 1784. 

Living a itielow t'li 1828 with her mother 
and daughter at 3 S<mth Baileg, 

Esq., second son of Sir Henry Ibbetson, first 
Bart., by his marriage with Isabella, dau. of 
Ralph Carr, of Cocken, Esq. 

III. Isabella Ob ace Ibbetson, elder dau. and ooheiress.n=Cuthbert Ellison, of Hebbum Hall, 

Married 21 July 1804. 

Vieiting with her mother in 1828 at South Baileg. 

00. Durham, Esq., M.P. (See 
Landed G^ew^iy— " CanvEllison.") 

IV. 1. Isabella CABOL]NE=p(Hon.) 

Ellison, eldest dau. and 
coheir. Bom 1805 ; 
married 30 Oct. 1824. 

Used to visit with her 
mother, and accompanied 
hg her child, at her 
grandmother Mrs. Ibbet- 
son** house in the South 
Baileg 1828. 

as fifth 
Lord Ver- 
non in 

2. Henbietta^ 
Ellison. Mar- 
ried Jan. 1824. 
Used to visit 
her grandmother 
Mrs. Ibbetson 
at South Baileg, 
accompanied bg 
her children, in 

Hall, 00. 
Esq., bro- 
ther of the 
first Lord 

B. Lou 

3. Louisa, Viscountess 
Stormont. =?= 

4. Laura Jane, Lady 
Kensington. =7= 

5. Sarah Caroline, 
Lady Northbourne. 

Caboline Mabia Vebnon, eldest child.=p(Be7.)Prederick 
Bom 2 Jan. 1826 ; married May 1845. i Anson, Canon of 
Used to accompany, as an infant, her | Windsor. (See 
mother when visiting her {CM. Vernon* s) Burke's Peerage 
great-grandmother Mrs. Ibbetson. Mrs. ' — " Lichfield, 
Anson herself is a grandmother now ' Earl of.") 
(1884). ! 



Hbnby Ralph Lambton, 
eldest child. Bom Nov. 

Used to accompany, as a 
child, his mother when visit- 
ing his great-grandmother 
Mrs. Ibbetson at South 
Baileg. =t= 

This is a remarkable instance of the number of generations of one family known to one 
person— the Editor's mother, whoee father's town house in Durham was abo in the South Bailey, 
Number 8. She has seen, and remembers distinctly, all the five generations set forth above ; and 
what is more remarkable and perhaps uninstanced— at any rate in the higher classes — all 
occasionally residing ai the same time under one roof. Mrs. Ibbetson lived in the South Bailey, 
and with her mother Mrs. Morton, then very old. Mrs. Ellison, her daughter, frequently visited 
her, and sometimes Mrs. Ellison's daughters and their children, there being thus at those 
times five generations under the same roof, and three generations of grandmothers. Mrs. Anson, 
who made the fifth generation, is now herself a grandmother, so that, should the Editor's mother 
meet Mrs. Anson's children and grandchildren, she would have known seven generations of the 
family, and could say to the last, " I remember > our grandmother's grandmother's grandmother !" 
The period here referred to would be, say, 1824 to 1828, the date of Mrs. Morton's death. 
Mrs. Ibbetson's house, the only one in Durham which externally has any claim, architecturally 
speaking, to be termed a " mansion," was previously the town house of the Edens, in the days 
when the county gentry wintered in Durham for ** the season," and it vras afterwards the property 
successively of Mrs. Fawcett, Mr. Hopper (later by change of name Shipperdson), and Mr. 
William Henderson ; and since {ijuantum mmtatus ah illo !) it has been nsed by the University for 
lodging students, and again as a Girls' High School. 

Digitized by 




1611 Feb. 4 Edwarde Smythe,^ Oi^aniste of this Church, buryed the 4 daye of 

Februarie, Anno D'ni Jacob! Eegis 9®, Annoque D'ni 1611. 
1613 April 24 Anne 8tobert,2 dan. of M' Richard Stobert, was Buried the 24'»» 
of ApreU 1613. 
July 19 John Barnes,' Esquier. 

Nov. 27 Tymothy Colmer,'* Bonne of M*" Docter Colmer, one of the pre- 
bends of this church. 
1616 Mar. 8 Henrye Philpot,^ sonn of M' John Philpot, peticannon in this 
Mar. 17 George Lightfoote,® Esquier, was Buried the 17^ (19 written 
above the 17) of March Anno 1615. 

* See the baptisms of his children, the first three entries in the Re^ster. He is the third 
organist that occurs, counting John Brimley, whose quaint M.I. see in Carlton's " Inscriptions/' 

^ The marriage licence of her parents is dated 6 Dec. 1609. This was the father's only child. 
The mother Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen Hegg, Notary Public (see his burial 16 Feb. 1627-8), 
re-married 25 April 1611, at St. Mary's, Toby Ewbanke, Esq., of Staindrop, co. Pal. (see 
EwBJLNKB Pedigree, which this adds to, Surtees, vol. iv., part i., page 141), and made her will 
1 Aug. following, and died same month, being buried 25 Aug. at the Cathedral, according to the 
missing Register. 

' Also registered at St. Marj-le-Bow. He was son of Bichard Barnes, Bishop of Durham 
1577 — 1587 (who is buried in the Choir), by his first wife Fredismund, dau. of Ealph Giffbrd, 
of Claydon, Bucks, Esq. He was Clerk of the Peace of the Palatinate, and died unmarried. His 
will, dated 18 July 1618, the day before his death, adds nothing to the Bishop's pedigree in 
Surtees. Mr. Edward Hutton and Mr. Barnaby Hutchinson were Ex'ors. One of the testator's 
brothers was named Barnaby, and it is possible that there was a relationship between the Barnes 
and Hutchinson families. The Bishop's second marriage is recorded at St. Oswald's thus: 
** Bychard Barnes, Bysshop of durham, & Jane dyllycote a french woman were maryed at his 
castle in durham vpon Wednesday in the seoonde weeke of lent, beinge the xxij of march a* 1682." 
This lady re-married Dr. Leonard Pilkington, brother of Bishop Pilkington, her husband's pre- 
decessor on the Palatinate throne. 

* Tenth son of Bev. Clement Colmore, LL.D., Prebendary and Chancellor of the Diocese (see 
his burial 20 June 1619), by his second wife. He was bom 18 Dec. 1691, and baptized at 
St. Mary-le-Bow. Sir Timothy Hutton, of Marske, Knt., Anne, Lady Calverley, of Littlebume 
(son and dau. of Dr. Hutton, then Bishop of Durham), and Thomas Chaytor, Esq., being 

* The parents (" S' John Philpott and Jane Wrangham ") were married 18 July 1595 at 
St. Mary-le-Bow. The father was appointed Perpetual Curate of Whitworth 1699, and was 
buried 8 Jan. 1619-20 at St. Oswald's. [The marriage, 14 July 1592, of John Phylpott and Jane 
Ferelesse occurs at St. Oswald's.] 

* This burial, as " in the abbey," is also registered at St. Mary-le-Bow under 19 March. He 
was Counsellor-at-Law and son of Simon Lightfoote. In Jan. 1601-2 he acquired the manor of 
Greystones, oo. Pal., from Francis TunstaU, of ScargUl, Esq. His will, dated 1 July 1616, 
mentions his nephews William Smith, Counsellor (see his burial 17 Dec. 1631), James Smith, 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1616 June M" Margarett Walter,^ widdow of Thomas Walter, of Whitwell, 

Mar. 19 James Fhilpot,^ sonn of Jolm Philpott, petycannon in this 

1617 May 12 William James,* Bushope of Durhame, iEtat. 75. 

Mar. 22 M"« Anne Huton,* wife of M' Edwarde Huton, Balife of the 
broughe of Durham. 

1618 Dec. 5 John Emmerson, gentelman, was buried in the cathedraU 

church of Durham. 

1619 June 20 Clemens Colmore,° legu* doctor, prebendarius & cancellarius in 


John, Simon, C^rge, and James Lightfoote, sister Elizabeth, Anthony Dodsworth, brother 
James Lightfoote, deceased, and two daughters of his late sister Rydale. He left £20 to ereot a 
school at Barnard Castle. 

* She was previously widow of the Eev. Ralph Lever, Master of Sherburn Hospital 1577—1585. 
Her second husband was as above. [Surtees, vol. i., p. 82, has this wrong.] Her will is dated 
18 May 1616. She desires " to be buryed in the cathedral! neere my late first husband." and 
mentions her son Balph Lever; to Mr. Robert Lawrence " a silver cupp guilt," dau. Thomazine 
Lawrence, dau. Jane FoUonsby " a silver tunn and £20," daus. Elizabeth Barton, Margarett 
Egglestone, and Jayne Watson; to Thomas, son of Robert Lawrence, her husband's signet ring ; 
to Mr. Samson Lever 20 nobles ; son William Dixon ; to Anthony Maxton, of Sherbum-house, 
£10 for a token; sons Robert Lawrence, Henry Follonsby, Edward Barton, and Christopher 
Lever, Clerk, Ex'ors. 

' See his brother's burial 8 March 1615-16. 

' Said to have been bom at Little Ore, Staffordshire. He was the son of John James, gent., 
of that place, by his wife Elenor, dau. of William Bolt, of Sandbach, Cheshire. Entered at 
Christ Church, Oxon, 1659; Master of University College 1572 ; Archdeacon of Coventry 1577 ; 
Dean of Christ Church 1584 ; Dean of Durham 1596 ; elected Bishop of Durham 5 Aug. and 
consecrated 2 Sep. 1606. His tenure of the See was uneventful, but we learn that in his 
" hospitallitie, which is a speciall grace in a Bishopp," he appears to have been very sparing ; and 
he made enemies of both the county gentry and the citizens of Durham by his opposition to 
reform and his refusal to consider their petition to be represented in the Parliament of the 
country. He entertained King James I. in May 1617, and Surtees relates that His Majesty 
" scolded him [probably with reference to his difference from the Durham burgesses] so roundly 
and roughly on the 8^ May, in his own castle at Durham, that he retired to Auckland and died 
of a violent fit of stone and strangury, brought on by perfect vexation three days afterwards 
[11*]." Hia will is dated 2 Oct. 1615. He was thrice married. By his first wife Catherine, 
dau. of William Risby, Mayor of Abingdon, Berkshire, he had an eldest son (who died vitd patrit), 
William James, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxon, Public Orator of that University. The Bishop 
was buried near the entrance to the Cathedral Choir. The brass is gone, but the epitaph may be 
read in Browne Willis's " Cathedrals." His arms remain on a mantelpiece in one of the state 
rooms of the Castle. 

* She was dau. of Francis Lasoelles, Esq., of Allerthorpe, co. York, and wife of Edward 
Hutton, Esq., B.C.L., Bailiff of the City of Durham 1615. Mr. Hutton was son of John Hutton, 
of Streatlam, co. Durham. His will bears date 7 Nov. 1629, and he was buried in Bishop Middle- 
ham Church 10th id. men., aged 72, his epitaph there recording : " Hko juris pnecepta, honeste 
vivere, alterum non Isedere, jus suum ouique tribuere, hie juris peritus calluit." The baptisms of 
several children of Edward Huton (probably the same) appear in the Registers of St. Mary-the- 
Less. See the marriage of a great-granddau. 19 Feb. 1684-5. 

» He, LL.D., was installed Prebendary of the eleventh stall 9 May 1590, and was Chancellor 
of the Dioceee for thirty-seven years. He was second son of William Olmore, of Birmingham, 
CO. Warwick (by Joan, dau. of Henry Hunt, of Tam worth), and grandson of another William, of 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1619 Dec. 25 Anna Hegge,^ uxor Stephani Hegge, sepulta est in ecdesia 
cathedrali Dunelm. vicesimo quinto die mensis Decembiis (in 
die natalis D'ni) 1619. 

1621 Mar. 4 Margaret, dau. of John Davies, Fettie-cannon of this Church. 

1622 Jan. 8 M' Jo. Eangall,^ laye singingman of this cathedral church. 

Feb. 12 M' Joseph Pilkinton,^ of Middleston, was buried in this cathedral 

Nov. 10 Nicholas Sheffeild. 

1623 Aug. 28 M' Thomas {John erased) Burden, servant to j^ right Beverend 

father in GKkL Kiched, Lo. Bushope of Durham. 
Aug. 10 Edward Bussye,^ lay singingman of this cathedral Church. 
Nov. 10 M' Eobert Murrey,^ Pettie can'on of this church. 

BirmiDgham, by his wife A. Lane. The Colmore Pedigree, oommeaoing with the Chanoellor's 
father, appears in the "Visitation of Warwickshire, 1619" (Harleian Society's Publications, 
vol. xii., p. 335). Dr. Colmore was named by the Privy Council, Sep. 1696, to accompany Toby 
Mathew, Bishop of Durham, and meet Commissioners from the King of Scotland to settle 
disputes and disorders. In his will, proved at York, he desires to be buried in the Cathedral 
" betwixt my two wives." His second wife (to whom, according to a MS. note of Sir Cuthbert 
Sharp, he was married 8 Jan. 1679) was Mary, dau. of Thomas Barnard, of Purton, co. Oxford. 
She died in child-bed 1592, and Dean (afterwards Bishop) Mathew preached her funeral sermon 
from Qen. xxxv. 16-21. [The burial occurM at Richmond, Yorks, 26 Jan. 1587 of " Isabel, ux. 
Clem. Cowlemer."] Dr. Cohnore had a very large (amily. See the burial of his tenth son 
27 Nov. 1618. 

^ She was dau. of Robert Swyft, LL.D., Spiritual Chancellor of Durham, and wife of Stephen 
Hegg, Notary Public, of Durham, whose burial see 16 Feb. 1627-8. Her father and mother were 
both buried in the Cathedral. The latter Anne, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Lever, Master of 
St. John's College, Cambridge, and Master of Sherbum Hospital, near Durham, and sometime a 
sufferer by the Marian persecution, made her will 12 Nov. 1607, which was proved by the above 
Anne Hegge, sole Executrix, 6 May 1609. 

^ John Rangall was appointed, 22 Oct. 1582, Song Master " to exercyse and have y* said schole 
and the yearlye stipende thereunto belonginge so longe as he shall honestlye behave himself 
therein." He viiis Master, not of the Choir School, but of Bishop Langley's Song School, other- 
wise the " Petty School," the " Schola puerorum," the " SchoU pro piano cantu et arte scribendi." 
(The Second Master of the present Grammar School is, as it were, the successor of John Rangall.) 
His burial is also registered at St. Mary-le-Bow, but there as on the 8th. See his son's burial 
1 April 1635. 

' Son of Leonard Pilkington, D.D., Master of St. John's College, Cambridge, Rector of 
Whitburn and Prebendary of the seventh stall, who was younger brother of James Pilkington, 
Bishop of Durham. He married Anne (baptised at St. Andrew's Auckland 30 April 1573 ; living 
1628), dau. of William Trotter, of Helmedon, co. Pal., gent, (see *' Visitation of Durham, 1615 "), 
by his wife Catherine Saunders, and by her had several children whose baptisms are registered 
at St. Andrew's Auckland. In his will he desires burial in the Cathedral near his mother; his 
wife Anne sole Executrix. See his sister Mrs. Hutton's burial 23 Sep. 1632. 

* [" M" Jayne Bustde, wedow, verie aiged," buried 6 Aug. 1624 ; and " M' John Bussie, 
Esquire and Counsellor in law," buried 8 March 1607-8. St. Oswald's Regbter.] 

* He was baptized 12 March 1594-5 at St. Giles, where his parents William Murrey and 
Elizabeth Ord were married 20 April 1591. The father was Curate of St. Giles 1584, and after- 
wards Vicar of Pittington, succeeding in 1594 his uncle Robert Murrey, a Minor Canon and 
Under Master of the School. The Robert here buried married 28 Jan. 1620-21, at St. Mary*s, 
Barbara, dau. of Jarard Hopper. His tombstone, now gone, described him as dying aged 29, 
10 Nov., and his merits in the hexameter— 

" Ingenium, pietas, candor, sapientia, virtus, 
Cuncta tibi, juveni, juncta f uere simul." 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1623 Nov. 18 Robert Cowper,^ lay Bingingman of this church. 

Nov. 25 Tho. Humble, lay eingingmau of this church, was buried in the 

church Novemb. 25, 1623. 
Jan. 12 M'' Anthonie Cradock' was buried in the cathedral church. 
Sep. 15 Bicherd,^ sonne of M' James, Frebendarie. 

^ His burial b also recorded at St. Oswald's — " a verie honest, grave and wise nigh bore, in the 
abbaie church yard." He married firstly 25 July 1691, at St. Mary's, Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Home, who was buried 9 June 1592, the same day her infant twin sons Matthew and John were 
christened at St. Mary-le-Bow. He married secondly 19 Aug. following, at " Madlen chappell," 
but registered at St. Oswald's, Margaret (buried " wedowe, aged," 18 Aug. 1641 at St. Oswald's), 
dau. of Robert Brantingham (he was buned 18 March 1600-1 at St. Oswald's). His will is dated 
11 Nov. 1623, and he desires burial at St. Mary's in the North Bailey (otherwise St. Mary-le- 
Bow, which at this time buried her dead in the Cathedral yard), " nigh the great north window 
of the cathedral church." He mentions his wife Margaret, son Matthew at the University of 
Oxford, Master of Arts, and son John. Matthew Cooper the elder son matriculated at Magda- 
len College (described tisjll, pleb,), and graduated B.A. 8 July 1616. He appears to have been 
deprived of his conunons for a day, 80 Aug. 1618, '' quod campanas pulsaverit inter boras undeci- 
mam et duodecimam noctumas." (Bloxam's '* Register of Magdalen College," 1857.) He was 
Curate of St. Oswald's and Vicar of Dalton-le-Dale 1621—1662, when he resigned. He married 
9 Oct. 1620, at St. Mary's, Alice Kyrby, and two of their children Francis and Matthew were 
christened at St. Oswald's 28 Aug. 1622 and 20 Feb. 1626-7 respectively. The Vicar had at least 
one dau. Katherine, buried 8 July 1645 at Esh, and another son Isaac Cooper, who married 4 May 
1654, at Bishopwearmouth, Margaret, dau. of Oeorge Taylor, of Monk-Hesilden, and his will, as '* of 
Elvet, surgeon " [buried 5 July 1697 at St. Oswald's], dated 4 March 1695-6, names his sons Francis, 
Robert, to whom his books, and Thomas, to whom a shilling, and dau. Catherine, Executrix. 
John Cooper, second son of Robert the singing-man, made his will 25 Dec. 1680 as " of EWet, 
yeoman," and desires burial at St. Oswald's [buried 31 Deo. 1630, " a verie honest younge man "], 
near his grandfather John Home [" John Home buried 9 Dec. 1683 "] ; and he mentions his 
brother Matthew, " to whom my filial pore on, which my mother-in-law hath yet unpaid," and 
his (Matthew's) wife Alice. There are many entries relating to these Coopers at St. Oswald's. 
There was another family of Cooper, very probably related, of whom Robert Cooper, Esq., 
Steward of the county Palatine, etc. ("vir pius, prudens, pacificus, variis officiis ao negotiis 
publicis decoratus "), entered his pedigree and had a confirmation of his arms by St. Oeorge in 
1615. To him Surtees (vol. iv., part ii., p. 150) has wrongly affiliated the Matthew baptised as 
above 9 June 1592, but the Register of St. Oswald's clearly states that " Mathe Cooper and John 
Cooper, sons to Robin Cooper, were christened in Bow church, & there mother buried y* same 
day." FiL pleb, decides to which Robert he was son. 

' Of Woodhousee, Auckland, Esq., second son of John Cradock, of Newhouses, Baldersdale, 
00. York, and afterwards of Qainford, oo. Pal. (by his wife, Anne, dau. of Anthony Latus, of 
Beck, Cumberland), and brother of Dr. John Cradock, Archdeacon of Northumberland, whose 
burial see 80 Dec. 1627. He married firstly .... dau. and sole heiress of ... . Dickinson, of 
Salthouse, Cumberland, and had by her Joseph, of Bishop's Auckland (baptiaed 26 May 1594 at 
St. Andrew's Auckland, his father then " of the deanery "), who married at St. Andrew's, 10 June 
1622, Margery Mawker, but died s.p., desiring burial near his mother at St. Helen's Auckland ; 
Cuthbert, baptized 1 Sep. 1598 at St. Andrew's ; and Mary, wife of Richard Curteis, of Durham, 
stationer, whose burial see 80 June 1670. Anthony Cradock married secondly Ann Williamson, 
of St. Helen's Auckland (where there was a respectable family of the name long settled), who 
administered to her husband Jan. 1629-80, and by whom he had William [buried 28 Feb. 
1711-12?], and whose dau. Catherine was buried 12 Sep. 1716; Timothy, Oeorge, and John, all 
living 1688 ; Grace, buried 22 Jan. 1678-9 ; Rachel, buried 10 Feb. 1696-6 ; and (perhaps) 
Elisabeth, buried 5 April 1706, all at St. Andrew's. See Pedigree of Crux>ck in Surtees, to 
which all this adds, vol. iv., part i., p. 18. 

* See his baptism 7 July 1622, and his father's burial 21 Jan. 1659-60. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 

Nov. 27 


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1624 Aug. 8 M' Richard Cradocke.1 
M' Doctor Birkett.3 
M^ Hurr. Neele. 

Biclierd,^ eonne of M*^ Pleasance. 

M"« Anne Bicliardson,^ the wife of M' John Bichardson. 
Thomas Tyler, Lay singing man of this church. 
Bobert Qrinwell,^ Lutenist. 
James,* sonne of M' Worlich (minister), was buried the said 12^ 

day of Aprill (hi tres simul fuerunt sepulti die scilicet 12® 

Aprilis 1627). 
Jane,^ dau. of M^ Thomas Wrighte. 
Johannes Cradocke,® SacrsB TheologiaB p*fessor, Prebendarius, et 

dioces. Dunelm^ Cancellarius in Spiritualib', morte' obiit 28* 

die Decembris, et sepultus fuit 30* die ejusdem mensis. 

^ Of Durham, Esq., Coansellor-at-Law, eldest son of Dr. Cradock, Prebendary, whose burial 
see 30 Dec. 1627; baptized 10 April 1592 at Gainford; married 3 June 1619, at Pittington, 
Dorothy, eldest dau. of Thomas Heath, of Kepyer, Esq., by whom he had 1, Margaret, baptized 
21 March 1620-21 and buried 8 June 1630 at ^t. Giles ; 2, Dorothy, baptized 2 Deo. 1621 at 
St. Mary-le-Bow and probably died young; 3, Anne, his heiress, christened 22 July 1628 at 

St. Oswald's (sponsors, " Mr. John Heethe the younger, mrs Mydforth, and mrs. Francis 

Hiljrard "), who married John Harrison, of Scarborough, Yorks, and had issue. 

' He was D.D., and installed in the sixth prebend 14 July 1619, but removed (installed 
5 Aug. 1620) to tenth prebend, in which at his death he was succeeded by Dr. Cosin, afterwards 
Bishop of Durham ; Vicar of Egglescliffe 1610, and Vicar of Winston 1620. By his will, dated 
24 Nov. 1624, he leaves to his dear wife Alice lauds in Aislaby, co. Durham, for life, and makes 
her Executrix; mentions his dear mother Mary Birkhead, sister Mary Birkhead, brother 
Nathaniel Birkhead, to whom the Aislaby property was to go, sister Mary Bull and nephew 
Thomas Bull, sister Barber and her dau Bridget Barber and her other five children, sister 
Thomson's children, sister Arrowsmith, sister Mrs. Place, Mr. Bobert Place, and Mr. Lampton. 
Dr. Birkhead*s wife was Alice (baptized at Dinsdale, oo. Pal., 1561), dau. of Bobert Place, of Dins- 
dale, Esq., and was living 1637. Her sister Mary is the "sister Arrowsmith" in the Dootor*8 
will. ** Mrs. Mary Birkhead, mother unto Mr. Doctor Birkhead, late Parson of Egslife," was 
buried at Egglescliffe about Feb. 1629. She presented a Bible to that church. 

' He was baptized at St. Mary's 22 May 1625, being the second son of Bobert Pleasanoe, Esq., 
of the South Bailey, whose burial see 14 May 1635. 

* She was dau. of Bichard Johnson of Durham. See her husband's burial 7 Feb. 1689-40. 

* Of the Cathedral Choir, no doubt. His burial is also registered at St. Mary-le-Bow, where 
occurs the baptism of his son John 10 Aug. 1623 ; the baptism 18 Jan. 1619-20, and the burial 
26 April following, of his dau. Elizabeth ; and the burial 21 Deo. same year of his dau. Margaret 

* Baptized 31 Oct. 1626 at St. Mary-le-Bow, where the name is spelt Woldrige. There also is 
the burial, 17 March 1624-5, of GJeorge, son of John Worliche. Perhaps Timothy, son of John 
Worley, baptized at same church 23 Nov. 1621 is another child. 

7 Baptized at St. Mary's 10 Oct. 1627. She was the eldest child of Thomas Wright, Esq., by 
his wife Jane Hutton, whose burial see 5 Oct. 1635. 

" Said to have been poisoned by his wife, for which she was tried bat acquitted. He was 
third son of John Cradock, of Newhouses, Baldersdale, co. York (see his brother's burial 12 Jan. 
1623-4) ; Vicar of Oainford 1594 ; Archdeacon of Northumberland 1619, but resigned it 6 Aug. 
same year, on being appointed Spiritual Chancellor to Bishop Neile, and was installed in the fifth 
prebend 18 Aug. (collated 7 Aug.) same year; and a Justice of the Peace. His wife was 
Margaret, dau. of William Bateman, of Wensleydale, and widow of ... . Robinson. By her he 
had a large family, and was ancestor of a family of Cradock still existing. He died at Woodhom 
Vicarage, which he held with CKinford, 28 Dec. See his eldest son's burial 8 Aug. 1624, and that 
of a grandson 8 Feb. 1689-90. See Ingledew's " Northallerton," of which Dr. Cradook was also 

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1627 Feb. 16 M' Steven Heggi (Notarius Publicus). 
Mar. 24 George Summer (servant to M*" Deane). 

1628 April 30 Bichard,* sonne of M' John Cosins, Prebendary. 
Oct. 12 Anne,' the wife of George Barcroft. 

Nov. 21 Elizabeth,* the daughter of M»" William James, Prebendary. 
Jan. 12 M' John Lampton,^ Draper. 

* Of Durham City and of Unthank. By his wife Anne (whose burial see 25 Dec. 1619) he had 
issue : 1, Robert (whose baptism the Editor has not found), who administered to his father, and 
is the author of the " Le^nd of St. Cuthbert." His grandmother Anne Swift, widow of the 
Chancellor, left to him by her will, dated 12 Nov. 1607, " the remainder of the lease of Sherborne 
tithes, so much as shall be unexpired at the hour of my death, for his better maintenance at 
school." We are told in Wood's " Athense " that this " prodigy of his time for forward and 
good natural parte was bom within the City of Durham 1599." In 1614 he was admitted at 
Corpus Christi College, and became a Fellow in 1624. In 1626 he wrote the ''Legend of 
St. Cuthbert," and his manuscript was, says Wood, '' so exactly and neatly written, that many 
have taken it to be printed." He died of apoplexy, " to the great reluctancy of those who were 
acquainted with his admirable parts," 11 June 1629, and was buried in the chapel of his College. 
Stephen and Anne Hogg's other children were (the following dates are from St. Mary's) : 
2, Frances, baptized 15 Oct. 1598 and buried Dec. 1599 ; 3, Stephen, baptized 30 Dec. 1599 ; 
4, John, baptized 7 Dec. and buried 26 Dec. 1600 ; 5, Isabel, baptized 21 Feb. 1601-2, and married, 
16 Feb. 1622-3, to John Calverley, gent. ; 6, Richard, baptized 3 July 1603 ; 7, Judith, baptized 
18 Nov. 1604, married to Marmaduke Gibbons, Clerk, and administered to her father after her 
brother Bobert's death; 8, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Stobert (see the burial of their dau. 
24 April 1613). Stephen Hegg, M.A., the second son, was presented to* the Perpetual Curacy of 
Whitworth 1628, and married there, 19 Dec. 1641, Frances Wilkinson (buried at St. Andrew's 
Aucldand 3 Feb. 1666-7), and by her had a son Robert, baptized at Whitworth 5 Aug. 1642. 
The Rev. Stephen was, presumably, also fi&ther of another Rev. Stephen Hegge, father of two 
children who occur at St. Andrew's Auckland, viz., Ralph, baptized 28 Nov. 1665, and buried 
(his father then dead) 4 Aug. 1688 ; and Stephen, baptized 26 Nov. 1667. The will of the second 
clerical Stephen is dated 21 July 1668, from hi$< death-bed presumably (*' these words spoken in 
the presence of Peregrina, wife of Charles Wren, Esq."), and was proved 5 Aug. following. He 
left his estate to his loving wife (Ann Coltpits— marriage licence 18 July 1663) and his son ; she 
Executrix. " Bir. Belt [the curate, died 1677] and my father to have a care of the education of 
my son ; Mr. Belt to choose out the best of my books to make him a schollar." The " loving 
wife " was married again, in the following November, to William Pratt, of Bishop's Auckland. 
["John, son of Richard Hegge," buried 16 Oct. 1623 at St. Oswald's.] 

' He was the second son of Dr. John Cosin, Prebendary of the tenth stall, Rector of Branoe- 
peth. Archdeacon of Cleveland, and afterwards Bishop of Durham, whose burial see 29 May 1672. 

' George Barecroft and Ann Sheffield were married 10 Oct. 1626 at St. Mary-le-Bow. He 
married again. See his burial 10 Feb. 1638-9. 

* See her baptism 8 June 1627, and her father's burial 21 Jan. 1659-60. She was buried in 
the church. 

' Third son of Robert Lambton, of Lambton, co. Durham, Esq., by Frances, dau. of Sir Ralph 
Eure, who fell at Halydon Hill, v.p., only son of the first Lord Eure. He was a " draper and 
taylor " (of which Guild the present Earl of Durham is " free "), and Mayor of Durham in 1626. 
He was twice married. His first wife Alice .... was buried 18 Aug. 1620 at St. Oswald's, the 
Register of which records that she was ** verie bountefull for house kepinge, both for riche and 
powre." He married secondly at St. Oswald's, 26 Aug. 1623, " Mrs. Kathrine Kirbie " (see her 
burial 1 Sep. 1641), who re-married Nicholas Briggs, of Broom Hall, gent. By his first wife 
Mr. Lambton had an only child Isabel, baptized 9 Sep. 1600 at St. Oswald's, and buried 7 Jan. 
1600-1 ; by his second wife he had an only son John, for whom see Surtees' " Durham," vol. ii., 
p. 175. The gentle draper's burial is also recorded at St. Oswald's, as " draper, one tyroe maiour 
of the Cittie of Durham, a verie honest and relegious gen., good to the powre, of the aige of 

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M' John Todd,^ Minor Cannon of this Cathedrall Clmrcli. 
M"" Francis Walton.^ the wife of M' Nicholas Walton. 
Margarett,^ the daughter of M' Geers, was buried the 19^ day of 
October 1631. 
Dec. 17 Gulielmus Smith,* de Baliva Boreali, Armiger, Conciliarius, pius 
ac prudens, annum agens sexagesimum tertium naturse con- 
cessit decimo sexto die Decembris, et sepultus est die 
Feb. 26 Richardus,^ filius Johannis Cosin, Doctoris & S* Theologi® pro- 
fessoris, diem extremum clausit vicessimo quinto die Februarii, 
et sepultus est die sequente anno domini 1631. 
1632 Aug. 25 Robert",^ filius Gulielmi Smith, Armigeri, egregia indole ac spe 
adolescens, annum agens 17, morte quievit placida yicessimo 
quarto die Augusti, et sepultus est die sequente. 
Oct. 13 BicharduB,^ filius Thoms Wright, generosi, bimulus, nature 

Ixxiiij yeares, was buryed in the abbaie Church." By his will he desires burial in the Abbey, 
nigh his brother James (whose will, dated 19 Jan. 1695-6, was proved 4 March following^) ; and 
he mentions " my shop in the market-place," and his brother-in-law Mr. John Browne, Gierke 
[he was Vicar of St. Oswald's]. John Lambton, with some of the best blood of England in his 
veins, closely connected with the highest families in the county, and the great-great-great- 
grandson of King Edward IV., is certainly an interesting type of the merchant-shopkeeper of his 

1 He married, 12 Jan. 1607-8, at St. Mary's, Timosin Toft. [The burial of <* Tl^omas Toft, 
gen.," occurs at St. Oswald's 1634.] 

' Wife of Bey. Nicholas Walton, M.A (his brother, Hugh Walton, several times Mayor of 
Durham, had a grant of arms from St. George in 1616), who was Master (" arohididasoalus ") of 
Bishop Langley's Grammar School, succeeding the Rev. John Inglethorpe (who, with the school, 
held the Bectory of Staintory), which post he resigned about 1628, retiring to his curacy at 
Croxdale, which he held with that of St. Nicholas in Durham. " Nicholas," relates Randall, 
" (puer ut videtur) orationem habuit coram Rege Jacobo, anno 1603, e Scoti& in Angliam 
▼eniente." His will is dated 13 April 1639, and he was buried at St. Nicholas 17th id. men. 

' Dau. of John Geers, Bachelor of Music and Singing-man. See her baptism 14 Sep. 1631^ 
and her father's burial 4 March 1641-2. 

* Of the North Bailey in the City of Durham, Counsellor-at-Law, Recorder of Berwick, and 
Attorney-General to Bishop Neile; son of Thomas Smith, of Barton, co. York, by his wife 
Margaret, dau. of Simon Lightfoote (see her brother's burial 17 March 1616-16). He was a man 
of substance, acquiring by purchase a considerable property in West Herrington, and reoeiying 
from St. George, at his Visitation in 1616, a grant of arms. His nephew James Smith, of 
Sneinton, co. York, entered his pedigree and shewed the same coat (differenced by a trefoil) at 
Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire 1666. Our Counsellor's will is dated 21 Feb. 1630-1, and he 
mentions a brother Francis Smith, then living, who is given neither in Surtees' nor Dugdale's 
pedigree. All the Counsellor's children, five, are baptised at St. Mary-le-Bow, and two of them 
are there buried. Margaret, his dau., married John Heath, of Kepyer, Esq., and her repre- 
sentative is the present Marquess of Londonderry, K.G. See his wife's burial 11 Deo. 1648 ; the 
marriage of his son Henry 10 June 1630 ; and the burial of his son Robert 26 Aug. 1632. 

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debitum soluit decimo tertio die Octobris, & sepultus est 
eodem die. 
1682 Sep. 23 Ghratia Hutton,^ vidua, olim uxor Eoberti Hutton, SacrsB tbeo- 
logisB profesBoria, matrona religiosa ac pia, annos nata sexaginta 
tres, frigidA paralyse in ecclesia inter precandum correpta, & 
non diu e^dem laborans, quiete nature concessit vicessimo 
secundo die Septembris, & sepulta erat die sequente 1632. 

1633 Feb. 4 Gulielmus Lowthrop, generosus, mortem obiit tertio die mensis 

februarii, & sepultus fuit quarto 1633. 

1634 April 3 Gulielmus,* filius Guliebni James, Ecclesiaa cathedralis Dunel- 

mensis prebendarii. 
May 24 Elsabeth,' uxor Gulielmi James, Ecclesisd cathedralis Dunel- 

mensis prsebendarii. 
June 2 Johannis^ [nc], filius ThomsB Wright, generosi. 
Aug. 16 Gulelmus Bridges,^ filius W^ Badelj. 

was baptised at St. Mary's 28 Oct. 1680. His burial, as taking plaoe at the Cathedral, is also 
recorded at St. Maiy-le-Bow, but there the date is inoorreotlj given 27 Oct. 

' Dau. of Dr. Leonard Pilldngton, Master of St. John's College, Cambridge, and niece of 
James Pilkington, Bishop of ]>urham. She married Robert Hutton, D.D., Prebendary of the 
third stall (installed 13 Dec. 1589), and Bector of Houghton-le-Spring (4 Dec. 1589—1623), who 
was nephew of Matthew Hutton, Bishop of Durham, and afterwards Archbishop of York. See 
the burial of one of her daughters 5 Oct. 1635, and of her brother 12 Feb. 1622-3. Her husband 
was buried in the chancel of Houghton Church 19 May 1628. 

' See his baptism 24 June 1632, and his father's burial 21 Jan. 1669-60. 

* Second dau. of Henry Ewbanke, MA., sometime Prebendary of the twelfth stall, Bector of 
Whickham, etc. (who died 1628 and was buried in the south aisle of the Cathedral, according to 
Brown Willis, though not here recorded), by his wife Anne, dau. of Dr. Thomas Sampson, Dean 
of Christ Church, Oxford. She was married at St. Mary's 3 Dec. 1620. See her husband's 
burial 21 Jan. 1659-60. 

* Baptised 28 Jan. 1632-3 at St. Mary's. He was second son of his father and " Mistress 
Jane Hutton," whose burial see 5 Oct. 1635. 

* Son of the first wife of Bichard Baddeley, of the North Bailey, gent., by a previous husband 
named Bridges. See his brother's burial 6 Nov. 1636. Mr. Bichard Baddeley published a 
reprint of Bobert Hogg's " Legend of St. Cuthbert " (see Stephen Hegge's burial 16 Feb. 1627-8) 
" at London, 1663, in octavo, in a very bad letter, and worse paper, not without some derogation 
to the memory of the Author by concealing his name and putting the two first letters of his own, 
and with the writing a prologue to it."— Preface to reprint of the " Legend of St. Cuthbert," 
by Bobert Henry Allan, Esq., F.S.A., 1824. The will of Bichard Baddeley is dated the last of 
Sep. 1670. In it he desires burial in the Cathedral, near his former wife's children and niece. 
It is singular that there is no record of his burial, nor of his second wife Cassandra, who he states 
was " daughter to that blessed confessor of Christ Mr. John Mole, who after thirty-two years' 
imprisonment in the Inquisition, for the testimony of Christ's true religion, there died." He 
bequeaths money to the poor of Kirby Moorside and Keldholme ''where I was borne." He 
accompanied Bishop Morton, whose life he wrote, from Lichfield to Durham as his Private 
Secretary and Amanuensis. The will of his second wife *' Mrs. Cassandra Baddely, widow," is 
dated 12 April 1673. She likewise desires burial in the Cathedral. Besides her children, she 
mentions her niece Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Stanhope, " now at Waterford, in Ireland," and her 
two children ; Mr. Thomas Stanhope and Mr. Anthony (or Arthur P) Stanhope her kinsmen ; her 
niece Annabella Hill, wife of Mr. John Hill, of Priston in Butlandshire ; Mr. John Hill her 
kinsman, etc. In addition to the other children of Bichard Baddeley, who will be found by 
consulting the Index, there was a dau. Mary, buried 5 Nov. 1634 at St. Andrew's Auckland, no 
doubt while the &ther was in attendance on the Bishop. 


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1634 Sep. 7 Ricardue,^ filius Eliae Smith, minoriB Canomci. 

Johanis^ [sic'], filius Henrici Palmar, lay singinma*. 

Elsabeth,^ uxor Roberti Blakesto', Eccleeds cathedralis Dunel- 

me'sis praBbendarii. 
Jane Jackson,* widdow. 

M' Robert Blakeston,^ prebend of this Cathedral Church. 
1636 April 1 George Banghall,* beinge one of the lay singinge men of this 
May 14 Robertus Flesant,^ senescalluB hujus ecclesi®. 

> See his baptism 30 Oot. 1631, and his father's burial 9 Deo. 1676. 

' See his baptism 27 Biaroh 1633, and his mother's burial 14 April 1638. 

* Dau. and coheiress of John Howson, Bishop of Durham from 28 Sep. 1628 until his death, 
aged 76, 6 Feb. 1631-2. See the burial of her husband 19 Jan. 1634-5. Her father, the Bishop, 
who was Student and afterwards Canon of Christ Churoh, Oxon, Vioar of Brampton, Oxon, 
Rector of Brightwell, Berks, Canon of Hereford, and Bishop of Oxford before his translation to 
Durham, was a well-known writer in his day against Popery, and is recorded to have said that 
" he would loosen the Pope from his chair, though fastened thereto by a tenpenny nail." He died 
in London, and *' over against the little North Door in the middle He, under a fair marble stone, 
without any inscription upon it, lieth buried " in St. Paul's Cathedral. Mr. John Calddeugh, of 
Durham, has a good portrait of the Bishop, supposed to be by Cornelius Jannsen. 

^ Her will, stating that she is the widow of Richard Jackson, Clerk, is dated 3 Sep. 1633. 
She desires burial in the Cathedral Yard in her mother's grave, and mentions Mr. William 
Smith; niece Elizabeth Jackson; James, Edward, Jane, and Sarah Moorecroft; and Mr. 
Ferdinand Moorecroft, Clerk, sole Ex'or. She was married, as Jane Tompcwn, 6 Jan. 1613-14, 
at St. Mary's, to Richard Jackson, clericut, [''Jane Tompson, widow," was buried 2 April 
1605 at St. Mary's.] 

* He was baptized at Sedgefield, co. Durham, 7 Jan. ie(>7-8, and was son of Marmaduke 
Blakiston (a descendant of one of the oldest territorial houses in the Bishopric— see his pedigree, 
Surtees, vol. iii., p. 163), Rector of Sedgefield, Prebendary of the seventh stall and Archdeacon of 
Cleveland,, who resigned his Archdeaconry to his intended son-in-law John Cosin, afterwards 
Bishop of Durham, and his rectory and stall to this son, Robert, in 1631, so that he lost both son 
and preferment almost together. Robert Blakiston married Elizabeth (whose burial see 18 Oct. 
1634), dau. and coheiress of Bbhop Howson, but had no issue. He was one of the Prebendaries 
who held the canopy over King Charles I. when he visited Bishop Morton at Durham Castle 
1 June 1683. His nuncupative will is dated 8 Jan. 1634-5. He was brother of John Blakiston, 
" the regicide," M.P. for Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

' Son of John Rangall, whose burial see 6 Jan. 1622-3. 

7 Of the South Bailey, and a Barrister-at-Law of Gray's Inn. His will is dated 13 May and 
proved 21 July 1635. By his wife Jane (whose burial see 15 March 1676-7) he had issue seven 
children, all baptized at St. Mary's, viz., 1, Anne, 19 July 1618, living the widow of ... . White 
in 1676, and sole Ex'or to her mother; 2, Grizell, 15 Aug. 1619, living 1676; 3, Mary, 18 Jan. 
1620-21, living 1676, married to ... . Morrioe and having a son William ; 4, Foster, 25 May 
1623, living 1701 [buried 26 April 1704 at Northallerton], married [Grace, wife of Mr. Pleasance, 
buried 18 Aug. 1698 at Northallerton], and had a dau. Jane, living 1676 [Mr. Forster Pleasaunoe 
and Mrs. Elizabeth Danby married 27 Nov. 1698 at Northallerton] ; 5, Richard, whose 
burial see 9 Aug. 1626 ; 6, Robert, 15 April 1627; 7, John, 17 May 1630, living 1644. Robert 
Pleasance, the sixth child, was of St. John's College, Cambridge, and afterwards of Bishop's 
Auckland, Clerk. He married, 4 Jan. 1655-6, at Boldon, "Mrs." Jane Wilkinson, who was 
buried at St. Andrew's Auckland Dec. 1687. His will, dated 21 April and proved by Robert 
Oowland 7 May 1701, states that he was bom in the parish of Little St. Mary's, Durham, and 
mentions his nephew Mr. George Watson, his niece Elizabeth Hackworth, widow, and her 
children, and niece Mary White, spinster. He was buried with his wife 30 April 1701. The 
first-named Robert had a sister Mary Pleasance, living 1644. 

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1685 Oct. 6 M'*" Jane Hutton,^ the wife of M' Thomas Wright, gentleman. 
1636 Nov. 6 G^eorgius Bridges' (QtQielmi Bridges, p'dicti frater). 

1638 April 14 Kateme,® wife of M' Henry Palmer, Lay singingman of this 

July 7 Richard,* sonn of M^ Henry Palmer, Lay singingeman of this 

Cathedrall Church. 
July 6 [sic] M' James Hilton,^ gentleman. 
Not. 3 Richardus Hunt,* Sacne Theologiffi professor, et Decanus hujus 

Ecclesiffi Dunelmensis. 
Nov. 21 Mathew,^ sonn of M' John Geeres, laye singingeman of this 

Feb. 10 George Barcroft,^ lay singingeman of this church. 

1639 Dec. 18 Dulcibella,^ filia Elis Smith, hujus ecclesi®, Minoris Canonici. 
Feb. 7 Johannes Richardson,^^ Armiger. 

^ The importance of this lady's close relationship to the episcopal fomilies of Hutton and 
PiUington (see her mother's burial 23 Sep. 1633) perhaps accounts for the above rather unusual 
entry. She was married to Thomas Wright, Esq., at St. Mary's 21 Dec. 1624. See burials of 
her children in 1627, 1632, and 1634. She also had two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, baptized 
at St. Mary's 5 Nov. 1627 and 4 Jan. 1628-9 respectively. Thomas Wright, of the North Bailey, 
was buried 4 Feb. 1640-41 at St. Oswald's, and Mary his dau. buried 12 Aug. 1638; also John, 
son of Thomas Wright, " laite deceased," 5 May 1642. 

' See his brother's burial 15 Aug. 1634. 

' See next entry, and that of 11 Sep. 1634. 

* See preceding entry, and his baptism 16 July 1631. 

' Second son of Lancelot Hilton, of Dyons, co. Durham, gent., by his wife Catherine, eldest 
dau. and coheiress of Ralph Alwent, of Dyons, Esq. He was baptized 28 April 1694 at Gainford. 
See further in the " History of Darlington," where the Hiltons have met with much careful 
attention from their descendant William Hylton Dyer Longstaffe, Esq., an exemplary and 
truthful genealogist and chronicler, and one of the most eminent and painstaking antiquaries the 
North has ever produced, and from whom the Editor has met with an ever hearty, ungrudging 
assistance in all matters genealogical 

* His monumental tablet of wood, with the inscription in gilt leters, having been taken down 
in the alterations of 1840, was, when the Editor copied it, lying a reproach to the authorities, 
neglected and dishonoured, in the south triforium of the choir. It seems incredible, but it is the 
fact, that the custodians of churches as a rule pay not the least respect to these memorials of the 
dead, their predecessors in ofEice very often. Stoves are clamped down on beautifully carved 
marble slabs, or the inscriptions themselves ruthlessly and sacrilegiously cut away to make room 
for a inpe or a new stained " conventional " deal seat, itself perchance the successor of a fine old 
black oak but unconventional pew. A worse fate attends the Communion plate which the piety 
of our ancestors induced them to give to the church where they and their forbears had simply 
worshipped. The service is not of the orthodox shape, and charming seventeenth-century plate 
of pure, if plain, design is thrown into the melting-pot to reappear in the severest ecclesiastical 
form, covered with vulgar emblems and chasing of the most meretricious order, positively calculated 
to disgust the Communicant. 

7 See his bi^tism 4 March 1637-8, and his father's burial 4 March 1641-2. 

" See his first wife's burial 12 Oct. 1628. He married secondly, at Houghton-le-Spring, 
4 Aug. 1629, Elizabeth Ley, of Elvet in St. Oswald's parish [Elizabeth, dau. of William Hey was 
baptized there 17 Jan. 1601-2], by whom he had issue (all baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow) Jane, 
6 May 1630 ; John, buried 25 May 1631 ; Thomas, 15 April 1632 ; Mary, 3 Dec. 1635 ; George, 
19 Feb. 1636-7 ; and Elizabeth (" posthumous dau. of Eliz. Barcroft, widow "), 1 May 1639. 

* See her baptism 16 March 1637-8, and her father's burial 9 Dec. 1676. 

'^ Solidtor-Qeneral to Bishops Morton and James, and previously Deputy Solioitor-Oeneral 

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Mar. 19 


Mar. 28 


Sep. 1 

Mar. 4 


April 3 

June 28 

June 28 

Nov. 3 

Nov. 27 

Jan. 12 


1639 Mar. 19 Gborgiua Cocknidge,^ Mc in Ecclesift Lector Epistolffi, sepultus 
est (EcclesiS. Buk p'ochiali). 

Tymotheo Commin,^ paroch. praedict., Gheneroso, sepult. eodem die. 

Anna,^ uxor Venab^ Viri Thomaa Burwell, in spiritualib' Cancel- 

Catherina,^ uxor Nicholai Briggs, de Broomhall. 

Johannes Geers,^ Music® Baccalaureus, et Mc in ecclesiA psaltes. 

Cutb'us Marley, sacrss Theologiaa p'fessor. 

Tobias Brooking,* hujus Ecclesisa psaltes, qua eccedens, sepultus 
est [etc.]. 

Georgius,^ filius Henrici Morecroft, Generosi. 

Francisca,® filia Pauli Neele, Militia. 

Elizabetba domina, uxor Alexandri Gt)rdon, militis. 

Flora, uxor Eleaz. Duncon,' sacrsB Theologiie professor, et Pre- 
bend, hujus ecclesiffi. 

to Bishop Hutton. His wife Anne, dau. of Bichard Johnson, of Durhftm, wis buried at St. Os- 
wald's 16 Oct. 1615. By her he had 1, John, Counsellor and Escheator of the Bbhoprio [baptism 
not found, and, like many first children, was perhaps born at the mother's home] ; 2, Thomas, 
baptized 10 Oct. 1589 ; 3, Anne, baptized 6 Nov. 1590, married as second wife, 12 May 1607, 
Alderman George Walton, of Durham ; 4, William, baptized 22 March 1591-2 ; 6, Helme (or 
Helene), baptized 6 June 1594, and buried 28 Oct. 1696 ; 6, Elizabeth, baptized 11 Feb. 1601-2 
— all registered at St. Mary-le-Bow. He had a confirmation of arms and a grant of a crest at 
St. George's Visitation 1615, when he entered his pedigree, commencing with himself. This 
appears in Surtees, vol. iv., part ii., p. 151, but is imperfect. He was the son of John Richardson, 
of Durham. He had a brother Bryan, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 10 Oct. 1572, who in his will, 
proved 14 April 1599, desires burial in the Cathedral, near his good friend Joseph Rudd. He 
mentions his sister Margaret Fairelas, Richard Fairelas, and his son Edward Fairelas ; sister 
Elizabeth Peart and her son George and three daughters ; brother-in-law James Eture and his 
wife Mary Eture (testator's sister) and Alice her dau. ; brother Michael Richardson ; sister Ann ; 
brother John Richardson (ex'or), his three sons and dau. Ann ; and mother Alice Watson. John 
Richardson's burial is also recorded at St. Mary-le-Bow. 

^ Clerk in Holy Orders. Occurs as Under Master (hypodidtucalus) of the Grammar School 
1604 — 1615 (perhaps longer), and as Rector, or, at any rate. Officiating Minister, of St. Mary in 
the South Bailey 1633. He first occurs as '* lector epistoUe " at the Cathedral Sep. 1638. 

^ Receiver-General to Bishops Howson and Neile. He was eldest son of Simon Comyn, of 
Durham, Registrar to the Dean and Chapter, by his first wife Alice, dau. of John Robson, of 
West Morton, co. Durham (see pedigree in Surtees), and sister to Simon Robson, Dean of Bristol. 
Simon Comyn's second wife was Elizabeth, widow of Cuthbert Baynbrigg, of Middleton Teesdale, 
where he himself was buried, dying 13 April 1620. He had a grant of a crest from St. George in 
1615. Francis 0>myn, son of Timothy above, entered his pedigree at Dugdale's Visitation of 
Yorkshire 1665, but it is very scant, and his own father's death much antedated. 

* See her marriage 19 Feb. 1632-3, and M.I. in Carlton ; also Bubwbll Pedigree in Surtees, 
vol. iv., part ii. 

* She was previously widow of Mr. John Lambton, whose burial see 12 Jan. 1628-9. 

' He married at St. Mary's, 29 June 1630, Isabel Harrison. See his children's baptisms 
14 Sep. 1681, 2 Oct. 1632, and 23 May 1635. 

* See his wife's burial 22 Aug. 1645. 

7 An infant son of Henry Morecroft, of Durham, gent., by his wife Barbara, eldest dau. of 
James Hilton, of Dyons, gent., whose burial see 6 July 1638. See also the baptisms of other 
children 1641 and 1646, and the Mobecboft Pedigree in Surtees, vol. ill., p. 416. 

* See her baptism on the previous day. 

* Dr. Eleazer Duncan, a Scotchman, was installed in the fifth prebend 8 Jan. 1627-a He 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Jan. 29 


May 19 


Mar. 31 

Mar. 28 

April 6 

June 20 


Aug. 14 

Aug. 22 

Aug. 29 


Sep. 9 


Dec. 22 


Feb. 8 


Dec. 18 


Dec. 11 


Elizabetha,^ filia Paul! Neele, militia. 
Dina Bolt, vidua. 

Captaine James Lindsey,^ under Oenerall Kinge. 
Richard,* flonn of M' John Robson, prebend of this church. 
Thomas Malchin, servant to the Bight Hon'*>^ the L"* Mansfield.* 
Elizabeth Henekar, servant to the Lady Ham'on.^ 
Elizabeth,* dau. of Toby Brookin. 
Magdalen,^ wife of Toby Brookin. 
Luke Huchinson,^ lay singingman of this Church. 
M' John Robson,* prebend of this Church. 
Francis,^^ wife of Luke Huchinson. 
M' Francis Tempest,ii brother to S' Tho. Tempest. 
Willia',^^ sonn of M' Henrye Blakiston. 
Deborah,^ dau. of M' Riched Badeley. 

Marye Smith,^* sometime wife to M' William Smith, Councellor 
at lawe. 

was Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, and was preferred to a prebend at Winchester 1629, 
and York 1640. In 1633 he was collated to the rectory of Haughton-le-Skeme, oo. Pal. ; was 
Chaplain to King Charles I., and is said to have died in exile about 1650. There is a marriage 
licence at Durham, dated 6 Nov. 1680, for Eleaser Duncan, of Bear Park [Chapter land near 
Durham] and Phoebe Boyer. This Eleazer, who may have been a grandson of the Prebendary^ 
has seven children baptised at St. Nicholas, Durham, between Jan. 1682-3 and July 1691. 

' She was the dau. of Sir Paul Neile, Knt., by Elisabeth, dau. of the Bev. Gabriel Clarke, 
D.D., Archdeacon of Durham. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' Troops were constantly quartered in Durham at thit time. 

' He was admitted at St. Peter's College, Cambridge, 22 Oct. 1638. See his baptism 24 March 
1621-2, and his father's burial 12 Apnl 1645. 

* Viscount Mansfield was the eldest son of Sir William Cavendish, Earl (afterwards Marquess 
and Duke) of Newcastle, the distinguished Boyalist, who at this time was commanding the King's 
forcee in the North. 

* Regarding Lady Hammond see note to Stuarta Balcanquall's marriage 6 Sep. 1642. 

* See her baptism 25 April 1631, and her mother's burial next entry. 

7 Tobias Brookin and Magdalen Dodsworth were married 11 July 1626 at St. Mary's. See 
her husband's burial 28 June 1642. 

8 See his wife's burial 9 Sep. 1645. [''Margaret, dau. of Luke Hutchinson," occurs as 
baptised at St. Nicholas 9 Aug. 1663.] 

' He was installed in the sixth prebend 1 Aug. 1020, having previously been Bector of 
Morpeth 1611» and Bector of Whalton, Northumberland, 1615, and Chaplain to Charles I. He 
was returned as one of the Members of Parliament for Morpeth in the third Parliament of 
James I., but, as a clergyman, declared incapable of sitting. His will, dated 9 April 1645, names 
his wife Margaret Executrix ; his only surviving son John (whose baptism see Feb. 1624-6) ; 
and his brother Joseph Bobeon. He bequeaths lands at '* Quarie Hill," co. Durham. He married 
Margaret, dau. of Archdeacon John Cradock, whose burial see 30 Dec. 1627. See his son's burial 
28 March 1644. 

*^ See her husband's burial preceding entry but one. 

^* He was a Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's Inn, and appointed Becorder of Durham Nov. 1642, 
and was younger son of Bowland Tempest, Merchant, of Newcastle (third son of Thomas Tempest, 
Esq., of Stanley, co. Durham), and brother of Sir Nicholas Tempest, first Baronet, of Stella. 

^ Son of Henry Blakiston, gent., whose burial see 15 May 1683. He does not appear in 
Surtees* Pedigree of Blakistok, of Gibside, vol. ii., p. 255. 

1* See note to the burial of William Bridges 15 Aug. 1684. 

^* She was married as Mary Heron, at St. Mary-le-Bow, 28 Nov. 1592, to Oswald Baker, of 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1648 Mar. 23 Margarett,^ dau. to M' Heiuye Blakistonn, gent. 

1649 Oct. 25 Peregrina,^ dau. to John Burrow. 

1650 Nov. 8 Marye,^ dau. of James Greene, minor Cannon of this Church. 

1651 Jan. 20 Elizabeth,^ dau. of M' Ellas Smith, minor Cannon of this Church. 

1652 Feb. 23 Thomas,^ sonn of M' Eichard Baddelay. 

Mar. 16 Patience Frickleton, M^ Elias Smith's sister's daughter. 

1658 Mar. 28 Joane Evans, servant to M' Devorax, minister. 

Nov. 21 John Hargrave, a minister. 

Jan. 25 Francis,* son of M' Francis Foster. 

1658 April 29 John,7 son of M^ Francis Foster. 

1669 Nov. 14 MiUe,8 wife of d*' Clarke. 

Jan. 21 M' Willia' James,^ prebend of this Church. 

1660 June 27 Jane,^^ dau. of Ezechell Tonge, beinge the first that was buiyed 

after the dissolution of y^ CoUedge. 
July 13 Elizabeth,!! dau. of M' Bobert Gray. 
Feb. 23 M' Eobert Tempest. 

1661 Mar. 31 Steven,^* son of Ambrose Myars. 

June 2 Elizabeth, wife of Nicholaus Bichardson. 

Nov. 29 George Blades, Steward to deane Balkanquall and to deane 

Oct. 30 Bichard Wikelin,!^ a minor Cannon of this Church. 

1662 April 9 Isabell,!* dau. of John Drury. 

Durham, and by him was mother of Sir G^rge Baker, Knt., ancestor of the family of Baker, of 
Elemore, co. Pal. She married secondly, at the same church, 3 Oct. 1608, four months after Oswald 
Baker's death, William Smith, Esq. (whose burial see 17 Dec. 1631), Attomey-Qeneral to Bishop 

I See her father's burial 16 May 1683. 
' See her baptism 26 June 1648. 

* See her baptism 1 March 1645-6, and her father's burial 14 May 1667. 

* See her baptism 24 Feb. 1633-4, and her father's burial 9 Deo. 1676. 

* See note to burial of William Bridges 15 Aug. 1634. 

* See his baptism 5 Feb. 1652-3, and his eldest brother's 5 Feb. 1652-3. 
7 See his baptism 8 Deo. 1657. 

" Mildred, wife of Dr. Gabriel Clarke, Prebendary (whose burial see 12 May 1662), and dau. 
of William Neile. 

* Nephew of William James, Bishop of Durham, whose burial see 12 May 1617. Installed 
in the twelfth prebend 6 Oct. 1620, and made Vicar of Merrington 1629 ; was preyiously Public 
Orator at Oxford 1601 ; Rector of Crayke, Yorks, 1614 ; Bector of Washington 1616 ; Bector of 
Bjton 1617. He was one of the Prebendaries who held the canopy over King Charles I. on his 
visit to Durham. See his wife's burial 24 May 1634, and consult Index for the baptisms of his 

i<> See her baptism 14 Dec. 1667. 

II See baptism of another chUd 4 Oct. 1653. 
» See the father's burial 18 March 1666-7. 

1' Married ('* Bichard Waiklinge, minister of Oods word ") by licence, at St. Oswald's, 13 Feb. 
1642-3 (where he was Curate in 1627), to Jane Sheffield. This marriage also entered at St. Mary- 
le-Bow (there " Wickelin "), of which he became Bector in 1645. See burial 21 Nov. 1698-9 of 
his son Bichard, besides whom he had baptised at Bow James, b^m 28 Oct. 1659; Barbara, 
24 Dec. 1651 ; Elisabeth, 15 Jan. 1648-9 ; Thomas, 23 Feb. 1645-6 ; and Ann, 18 Oct. 1648. 

^* See her baptism June 1655, and the marriage of her sister 29 Aug. 1682. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1662 May 12 Gabriell,i ^u Clarke, prebend of this Church. 
Doritye,* wife of M' Henrye Graye. 
Heniye,* sonn of M' Henrye Blakiston. 

1663 June 2 Willia', son of M' Robert Tempest. 
An, wife of Robert Burrow. 
Ralph Hedworth,* sometime of Pockerley. 

1664 April 28 John, son of M' Robert Tempest. 
Elizabeth, wife of Richard Blackett. 
Anthony, son of Willia' West, or Mitford. 
Elizabeth Thwing, wid. 
George,^ son of John Spearman. 
An Settles,* widow. 
Thomas Savill, Beadsman of this Church. 

1665 April 2 Willia' Robson, Cooke to our Bpp. 
Margarett, wife to William Taler, joyner. 
Sarah, wife of Anthony Glover, verger of this church. 
Doritye Myers, widdow. 
Matthew, son of Captain John Sissons. 
Robert Dobson, translator. 
Mary,? dau. of Thomas Massam. 
Isabell, dau. of John Miller. 
Willia' Lambe, glazier. 

1666 July 26 Richard Huchinson.® 
Eattem, dau. of Elizabeth Lambe, widdow. 

' Son of John Clarke, of Clothall, Herts, yeoman. Chaplain to Bishop Neile. Installed in 
sixth prebend 1 Aug. 1623, and in first prebend 1 Aug. 1688; collated to Archdeaconry of 
Northumberland 7 Aug. 1619, and to that of Durham 11 Oct. 1620, and same year made Beotor 
of El wick; Master of Greatham Hospital 1624. He acted as proxy for Bishop Cosin at his 
enthronement, and he was one of the Prebendaries who supported the canopy of King Charles on his 
Tisit to Durham, going north, 1 June 1688. He married Mildred, dau. of William Neile, brother 
to the Archbishop ; see her burial 14 Nov. 1669. Dr. Clarke died 10 May and was buried between 
the fourth and fifth pillars of the south aisle of the nave. His slab bears. On a bend between 
three roundlets as many swans ; on a canton sinister a demi-ram salient between two fleurs-de- 
lys ; over all a baton. Crest : A swan. Will dated 8 May and proved at York 9 July 1662. 

' See her M.l. in Carlton. She was second sister of George Wytham of Cliffe, co. York, Esq., 
who was aged 86 in 1665. The monumental slab, of blue slate, in the centre aisle of the Galilee 
Chapel, bearing the arms of Gbbt impaling Withah, and inscription (where the name is Greye) 
is beautifully cut and as clear as new. The " Visitation of Yorkshire 1666 " describes her husband 
erroneously as "HiUary Gray, of Bitchburne in oo. Northumbr., son of Edward Gray, Esq'." 
He was buried at St. Oswald's 18 July 1710. 

' See the father's burial 15 May 1688. 

* Baptised at Chester-le-Street 2 April 1615, and son of Richard Hedworth, of Pokerley, co. 
Durham, gent, (who with his brother Christopher sold that estate to Sir William Blakiston circa 
1688), by his first wife Alice Bobinson. 

* See his baptism 81 Jan. 1664-6, and his father's burial 22 Sep. 1703. 

* This name, as Bottles, Bettels, Beckles, etc., often occurs at St. Oswald's. His son Eobert 
Beckeles, " beare-bruer," was buried 1678. Mr. Richard Beckles, Attorney, was buried there 
1702 ; and his son, again, Mr. Robert Beckles, innkeeper, 1789. 

7 See her father's burial 10 Sep. 1675. 

* See baptism of James Huohinson 2 July 1615. 





































Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1666 Mar. 13 John Tinkler, beadsman of this Churcli. 
Map. 18 Ambrose Myers,* plum'er of this Church. 

1667 April 10 Samuell Eush,^ son to the Bight Eeverend father in god John, 

L"* Bpp*" sister was buryed in the Cathedrall Church. 
May 14 M' James Greene,^ one of the Minor Cannons and Sacrist of the 

Cathedrall, was buried on Tuesday. 
Aug. 2 Thomes Mudd, Ecclesisa Cathedralis Eboracensis Organista. 

1668 May 27 M' Will Tayler. 
May 31 M" Barbary Chapman. 
July 26 Mathew Tayler. 

Nov. 12 Margaret Stones,* dau. of M' Christopher Stones. 

1669 Aug. 29 Christopherus Mickleton,^ Attumatus et legum valde peritus, et 

in omnimod& scienti& eruditus. 
Nov. 21 Gulielmus,* Thome Massom filius ; obiit vigesimo die novembris 

post vidie sepultus. 
Not. 28 Timotheus Wilson, de baliva, hospes vicesimo octavo novembris 

sepultus fuit, pridie moriabatur. 
Jan. 1 XJxor^ Davidis Eeyles. 

1670 June 30 Eichardus Curtise,® hujusce Cathdralis Dunel. vergifer obiit. 
July 26 Georgius Kipling,' Eclesis Cath. Dunel. vergifer obiit. 
Sep. 8 Eatherina, Eoberti Headley uxor. 

Sep. 17 Maria Eobson, vidua, obiit. 

1671 May 29 Joannes,^^ Dunel. Episcopus, mortuus fuit 15 Jan. & mense 

Maii proximo sequente sepultus fuit. 

> Dr. Baine says that he gave, Jan. 1665, to the Chapter Library a oopy of Walton's Polyglot, 
ed. 1657, in six folio vols. See his wife's burial 8 July 1687, and his dau. Mrs. Crosby's 19, Aug. 

' He was son of Samuel Bush, of Norwich, by Mary (married 19 Nov. 1634 at St. Andrew's, 
Norwich), dau. of Giles Cosin or Cosyn, citizen of Norwich, and sister of Dr. John Codn, Bishop 
of Durham, whose burial see 29 May [April] 1672. No will or adm'on can be found at Durham. 

* See his widow's burial 19 Feb. 1691-2, and his children's baptisms 6 Jan. 1635-6 and 1 March 
1645-6. Margaret Green occurs as a sponsor to Margaret Stones 28 Nov. 1665. Christopher 
Green occurs as hypodidascalus schol» Duuelmensis 1577 — 1581. 

4 See her baptism 28 Nov. 1665. 

' He purchased the Crookhall estate. His monumental inscription in the Cathedral no longer 
exists. See numerous other Mickletons in the Index, and Micklbton Pedigree, Surtees, vol. iv., 
part ii., p. 140. 

* See the father's burial 10 Sep. 1675. 
7 See her husband's burial 2 Oct. 1681. 

^ He was also a stationer and bookbinder, and was son-in-law to Anthony Cradock, Esq., 
whose burial see 12 Jan. 1623-4. See his son's baptism 9 Feb. 1625-6. The baptisms of Eliiabeth, 
Margery, Anne, and Bridget, daughters of " Bichard Courtiss, bookbynder," occur at St. Nicholas 
between 1627 and 1636. The office of verger appears to have been of some importance in the 
seventeenth century. Here we find the office filled by a well-to-do oitiien, closely allied to one of 
the chief families in the county, and his wife being actually niece of one of the Arohdeaoons. 
Later we find a Mitford, son of an independent gentleman ; and, again, early in last century, it 
was held by the father of the future Dean Wetherell, who was the son of a substantial yeoman 
ranking among the lesser gentry, and the nephew of the Bector of Dinsdale and Middleton- 
St. George. 

* See his marriage 5 June 1667. 

^^ Dr. John Cosin, Bishop of Durham Nov. 1660 to 15 Jan. 1671-2, when he died in London, 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1678 May 15 Susanna,^ Eli. SmitH uxor ; obiit decimo quinto die Maii. 

May 15 Thomas Cartheret,^ filiua Doc. Car. 

May 19 Sarah Bobson, yidua, decessit decimo nono die Maii. 

June 1 Joyce Meggison, moriebatur prime die Junii. 
1675 Dec. 24 Jana,^ uxor Benjamini Borrow, 
filia W"^ Lorraine. 

April 14 Yenerabilis & Bgregius Vir D' Joh'es Neile,* SS* Theologiaa Pro- 
fessor, et hujus Ecclesiffi Cathedralis FraBbendarius Antiquus, 
natursB concessit. 

April 18 Cuthbertus Sisson,* Gen», annos agens octoginta Septem. & 
Curiffi Consistorialis Dunelm. Procuratoru' unus, pladdA quieyit 
Morte 17° die Aprilis, & die sequente sepultus est. 

July 4 Dorothea, uxor Lanceloti Hilton, Oenerosi. 

July 23 Margeria, filia W»* Mathew, Gen». 

July 26 Joh'es, filius Joh'is Yapp. 

Aug. 11 Jana, filia Joh'is Yapp. 

Sep. 10 Thomas Massom,* hujus Ecclesiffi Cantor, obdormivit in Domino, 
nono die mensis Septembris, et die sequente sepultus est. 

Sep. 28 Bichardus Wrench,^ SS. Theologi® BaccTus et hujus Ecclesiae 
Prebendarius ; obiit 26<* et 28° die mensis Octobris sep' fuit. 

Dec. 2 M» Maria Blakiston.^ 

where he wu embalmed. The body was subeequently oarried with great state to Durham, 
arriving 27th April. On the 20th it was taken to Bishop Auckland and buried in the chapel, 
which the Bishop had partly rebuilt. The date. May, given in the Begister here is an error. 
The stall canopies in the Cathedral, the fine staircase and other carved wood-work in the Castle, are 
due to Coein. See a brief but succinct memoir of him in Low's ** Diocesan History of Durham " 
(S. P. C. K.) ; " The Correspondence of Bishop Coein " (Surtees Society, where his will is printed, 
vol. Iv.) ; and his pedigree (which is not quite correct) in Surtees' " History," vol. i., p. cxiv. 
See his dau. Mrs. Granville's burial 14 Oct. 1691. 

> See her husband the Minor Canon's burial 9 Deo. 1676. 

' Seeti Cartwright. See his brother's baptism 7 June 1675, and his mother's burial 6 Jan. 

* See her husband's burial 26 April 1676. 

* Son of William Neile, Begistrar to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, by Catherine 
Stopes his wife. He was bom 9 Deo. 1609 ; of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, D.D. (Fellow 29 Oct. 
1629) ; Prebendary of third stall in Durham Cathedral, collated 1 Aug. 1635 ; Archdeacon of 
Clevehmd 1688; Prebendary of York 28 Jan. 1633-4; Vicar of Northallerton 1669; Dean of 
Bipon 25 May 1674 ; was also Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Southwell 3 Aug. 1633, 
and Chaplain to Charles II. He was deprived during the Commonwealth of his preferments, but 
they were restored at the Bestoration. Died 14 April 1675, and was buried in Bipon Cathedral. 
[MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' A prootor; died 17th, aged 87. See his widow's burial 4 April 1688, and his son's 19 Deo. 

* See, probably, his widow's burial 20 March 1687-8, and his children's 1665, 1699, and 1700. 
[John Massam and Ellinor Thompson were married 13 Feb. 1609-10 at St. Oswald's.] 

7 See his marriage 16 Aug. 1664. 

* She waa fourth dau. and coheiress of William BUkiston, gent., and Attomey-at-Law, of 
York, who was buried 12 Nov. 1635 at St. Helen's, York, where she was baptized 18 Jan. 1617-18. 
This York Attorney is not in Surtees' Pedigree of Bulkiston of Gibside, but he was probably of 
that fiunily. See the burial, 15 May 1683, of his son-in-law Henry Blakiston. 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1676 Jan. 6 Will'us/ filius Thorn© Cartwright, 8.T.P. et hujuB Bod'i® Pre- 
Mar. 28 Maria, filia Cuthberti Hilton, Gten"*. 

1676 April 26 Thomas White. 

April 26 BenjaminuB Borrow, annos agens octoginta norem., et hujuB 
Collegii, Janitor senex & fidelis, nature concessit 24^ die 
mensis Aprilis et die sequente sepnltus est. 

June 29 Dorothea,^ uxor Samuelis Martin, Clec'i & hujus Eccl'i© Minoris 
Canonici, NatursB concessit 28® die mensis Junii et die sequente 
sepulta est Anno D'ni (stylo Angliie) 1676®. 

Aug. 14 Joh'es,* filius Thom» Battersby, Gen*'. 

July 27 Francisca, uxor Isaaci Basire, S.T.P., et hujus EccPiie Pre- 
bendarii ; nature concessit 26® die Julii et die sequente sepulta 

Oct. 8 Gracia Hutchinson, vidua. 

Oct. 14 Isaacus Basire, S.T.P., & hujus Eocl'» Prebendarius Obdormiyit 
in D*no Id® die Octobris, et die sequente sepultus est. 

Dec. 9 Elias Smith,* hujus Eccl'i© Precentor. 

Feb. 20 Elizabetha,^ filia JoVis Foster, Organist®. 

Mar. 16 Jana Plesence,* vidua, annos agens octoginta duos, vel e6 circiter, 
fatis concessit 14® die Martii, et die sequente sepultus est. 

1677 April 21 Joh'es Foster,? Organista, Nature concessit vicesimo die mensis 

Aprilis, et die sequente sep** est. 
May 1 Dorothea Barnes, Sp'. 
May 18 Jana Smith, vidua. 
Aug. 17 Thomas Newton, Gton", Nature concessit 16® die Augusti, et die 

sequente sepultus est. 

> See his brother's baptism 7 June 1676, and his mother's burial 6 Jan. 1682-8. 

' She was baptised at St. Nicholas 12 March 1606-9, the dau. of Thomas Sonkey, gaoler, and 
Ann his wife, gaolotria. Her children are all baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow. Samuel, tiie eldest 
son, was admitted at St. John's College, Cambridge, 21 Jan. 1661-2. See the husband's burial 
20 April 1682. 

' See his baptism 1675, and his father's burial 6 Nov. 1716. 

^ He was Master of the Orammar School 1640 — 1666, when he resigned ; Librarian to the 
Dean and Chapter, Vicar of Bedlington, and Minor Canon (occurring as such in 1632, but was 
probably so earlier). The following curious record of the reverses of the School is extracted 
from the Mickleton MSS. in the Chapter Library : " Intravit Scholam circa Festum S** Petri ad 
Yincula A' 1640. Schola diruta, discipulos autdm doouit in Area Collegii, scilicet aliquandd 
in Dome pertinente ad tertium Pnebe, juzta le Guest Hall ibid, aliquandd etiam in Dome per- 
tineute ad primum prabend. Curam habuit dictus Elias, in nequissimis temporibus Librorum 
in BibliothecA Dec. & Cap. Dun. Etiamque Coparum k Yestimentorum k aliarum rerum ad 
Ecolesiam prodiotam pertinentium, salvaque omnia in eisdem temporibus custodivit. Elias, 
variis negotiis distractus, substituit sibi Pneoeptores," etc. See his wife's burial 15 May 1678, 
and his children's baptisms and burials by consulting Index. 

* See her other's burial 21 April 1677. 

* Widow of the Seneschal, whose burial see 14 Biay 1635. She was dau. of Henry Ewbanke, 
Prebendary of the twelfth stall (see his burial 15 March 1676-7), and sister of the wife (see her 
burial 24 May 1634) of Prebendary James. 

7 He first oocurs as Organist Feb. 1661. See his widow's re-marriage 29 Nov. 1677, and his 
son's baptism 25 Jan. 1664-5. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1677 Thomas Huchinson, sepult^ est. 
.... Nelflon, sepult" est. 

Jan. 26 Francisca,^ uxor Cuth. Sisson, apothecarii, h vivie discessit 25® 

die Januarii, & die sequente sepultus est. 
Nov. 10 M' Johannes Brakenbury, NatursB concessit nono die Novemb*, 

et die sequente sepult* est. 

1678 May 2 Isaacus,^ filius Isaaci Basire, Ar*. 
May 12 Anna,^ uxor G^orgii Bullock. 
May 25 Isabella, filia Gulielmi Beed. 

June 22 Franciscus,^ filius Joh'is Spearman, Gton*. 

* She was dan. of Henry Hutton, of Goldsborongh, oo. York, Esq., by his wife (see her 
burial 14 JftQ. 1699-1700) Elisabeth (Lady Burton), dau. of Bishop Codn. See her husband's 
burial 19 Pec. 1680. 

^ See his bqitism 18 Feb. 1676-7. 

* She was married, as Ann Pattison, at St. Mary-le-Bow, " on St. Mark's day/' 1665. See 
her sons' baptisms 26 Jan. 1665-6, 6 Jan. 1669-70, and 1 Not. 1676 ; also the re-marriage, 22 Oct. 
1679, of her husband (who appears to have been Churchwarden at Bow), by whom she had, also 
baptized at Bow, George, 29 May 1667, and Edward, bam 1 Jane 1674. 

< See his baptism 26 Jan. 1668-9, and his father's burial 22 Sep. 1708. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


^ ^tg\^ttt ot all Btirlanfi( 



And of all Affidavits of tbe persons being buried in Woollen from the first Day 
of August Anno D*ni 1678, according to an Act of Parliament intituled an 
Act for Burying in Woollen, made Anno Tricesimo Caroli Secundi Regis 
AnglisB, etc., together with Memorialls entered against the Names of the Parties 
where noe such Affidavits were brought within the time limited in the said Act. 

Bdyaedub Eibkbt, Sacrista. 

1678 Aug. 26 Timothy Brigham.^ (An Affidavit of his being buryed in 

Woollen, according to y« Act of Parliament, under y« hands & 
scales of two witnesses, & under y^ hand of y^ Magistrate 
before w"^ y« same was swome, was brought to me, September 
the 8^ —78^) 
Robert Mitford,^ sonn of John Mitford (Affidavit ut supra). 
Francis WicklifEe,' gentleman (AfE.). 
Richard Gierke,* sonn of Wilfrid Gierke (Aff.). 
Susanna Smith, dau. of Henry Smith, clerke (Aff.). 
Richard Rawe,^ gent. Mem**"" y* noe Affidavit of his being 
buried in Woollen was brought to me w^^'in eight days after his 
interment, and y* I gave notice y'of to George Bullock, 
Ghurchwarden, January y* 14fi^. 
[After thii the Editor hat omitted the worde '* AS." or '* No aff."] 
Mar. 4 Francis Frewin, gen. 
Mar. 15 Dorothy Lowther,* widow. 
Mar. 16 Georgius Lindsey. 
Mar. 19 Mary, dau. of Guthbert Bowes. 

1679 April 3 Thomas Hull, gent. 

April 4 Frances,^ dau. of M' Tho. Blakiston. 
June 18 Elizabeth,® wife of Guthbert Goulson. 

T ni J ^£ n..AA.i J. n 











Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1679 Aug. 18 Dorotby, dau. of M' John Cowle. 

Oct. 3 Christopher Bell, gent. (Mem*™ y* noe Affidavit of his being 
buryed in Woollen was brought to me w^hin 8 days after his 
interment; upon notice w'of to y* Churchwardens I was 
certifyed by y" of y* levying & receiving y« forfeiture in y* 
case made & provided, Oct' 10^ — 79.) 

Thomas Thompson, gent. 

Wilfrid Clerk,! gent. 

1680 April 6 Sarah Easter,^ widow. 
Nicholas Pewster,' clerk, Minor Canon of y^ Church. 
Christopher Rashell. 
Rebecca Myres, sp'. 
Samuel Adamson.^ 
John Horsman. 

Jane Weeres, wife of Tho. Weeres. 
John, sonn of Ralph Midleton. 
M'^ Cooper, widow. 
Richard Lewen. 
Thomas Bell,^ prisoner. 
Cuthbert Sisson,* gent. 
John Hutchinson, prisoner. 

1681 April 26 Jeronyma,^ wife of M' Thomas Battersby. 
Arthur Phillipps,® gent. 
John Nicholls,* gent. 
William,!^ sonn of &eo. Bullock. 
Barbara,!! dau. of John Mitford. 

(20**» Julii 1681. Johannes Milner, Sacrista.) 

* See his daughter's baptism 6 Feb. 1670-71. By his wife Biary he had, besides llaria, Ann 
and Richard, whose baptisms see 1670-71, 1673, and 1675 ; John, 10 Bfaroh 1663-4 ; William, 
16 July 1666 ; I>orothy, 11 Biay 1668 ; and Mary, 10 Feb. 1671-2, aU baptised at Bow. 

' Easter perhaps synonymous with Hester occurring before. 

' Of Peterhouse, Cambridge, B.A. 1675 ; M.A. 1679. He was sometime Under Master of the 
Grammar School. See his son's burial 22 Aug. 1681. ["Nicholas Fewster and Margrett 
Wright" married 24 Nov. 1607 at St. Oswald's.] 

* See note to burial of Samuel Adamson 24 July 1683. 

* The gaol was then in the parish of St. Mary-le-Bow. 

* See his wife's burial 26 Jan. 1677-8. 

7 See her husband's burial 6 Nov. 1716. 

" See his widow's burial 17 March 1694-5. Arthur, son of Arthur Phillips, occurs in the 
Barber-Surgeons' books as bound apprentice 31 July 1665. See baptism (of his dau. ?) 6 Jan. 

* Of Durham ; not improbably a descendant of " my brother Nicholls " mentioned in the will, 
12 Nov. 1607, of Anna, widow of Chancellor Swyft, and dau. of Thomas Lever, Master of Sher- 
burn. His will is dated 5 March 1680-81, and was proved by the widow and sole ex'or Hester 
Nicholls, whose burial see 2 Oct. 1699. See his son's baptism 22 April 1662. [Cuthbert Nichols 
was, in 1676, a Minor Canon, and occurs as kypodidascalus in 1587 — 1589 ; and a John Nicholls 
was appointed circa 1666 Master of Bishop Langley's Song-School.] 

1® See his father's burial 2 Aug. 1699, and his mother's 12 May 1678. 

" Bom 6 and baptised 13 Oct. 1678 at St Mary-le-Bow, where her burial also is entered. See 
her father's burial 4 Oct. 1704. 







































June 21 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1681 Aug. 1 Anne, wife of Robert Smith, gent. 
John,^ son of Dorothy Fewster, widdow ; on Monday. 
Cuthbert,^ son of Cuth. Bowes, Taylor. 
David Eales.^ 

William, son of William Snawdon. 
Martha,* dau. of Cuth. Hilton. 
Jane Chipchase, of Norton, spinser. 
Jane Hutchinson, widow. 

Ralph,^ the son of D' Hen. Bagshaw, in y« 9 Altars. 
Thomas,* spn of Peter Nelson. 
Henry Peirson. 
Thomasin Horseman. 
Mary Philips. 

1682 Mar. 31 Mary Mitchell, Spinst'. 
John Jackson, Porter. 

Samuell Martin,^ Minor Canon of this Church. 
Mary Brigham,® wid. 

Nicholas,* son of M" Dorothy Fewster, Wid. 
Isabell,^® wife of Jo. Benson. 
Meriell,^^ wife of M' Anthony Lodge. 
Ra. Colepitt, gent., of Bishop Auckland. 
William,^^ ^j^ ^f Jq Bowman. 

John,^^ son of Nicholas Barwick, Q^nt. 

Sarah,^* wife of D' Tho. Cartwright, Deane of Rippon. 

Priscilla," dau. of Tho. Battersby, Clerke. 

^ See his baptism 5 Jan. 1678-9. The mother was dau. of John Martin, of Elvet, gent., and 
was baptixed 18 April 1652 at St. Oswald's, where she married, 3 Feb. 1676-6, the Bev. Nicholas 
PewBter, whose burial see 18 April 1680. She was buried as " Mrs. Boroihy Feaster, widow," 
22 June 1687 at St. Oswald's. 

3 See the father's burial 22 Feb. 1714-15. 

' See his seoond marriage 20 June 1670, and his first wife's burial 1 Jan. 1669-70. 

* See her baptism 28 July 1679, and her father's burial 28 April 1686. 
^ See baptism of his brother Henry 2 April 1684. 

* See the father's burial 20 May 1708. 

' He was Master of Bishop Langley's Petty-School (" pro piano oantu et arte soribendi "), in 
which he had officiated during the incarceration of the loyal Thomas Wandless, commonly called 
"cayalier," son of Alderman Edward Wandless. Martin himself, we leam, was nicknamed 
" Baggs " by his pupils. He occurs as Perpetual Curate of St. NichoUs 1668—1680. See his 
wife's burial 29 June 1676. 

9 " Tymothie Bridgham and Mary his wiff " married 14 July 1688 at St. Nicholas. See her 
husband's burial 26 Aug. 1678. 

* See his brother's burial 22 Aug. 1681. 

*^ See burial of her husband, to whom she appears to haye been first wife, 19 Bee. 1696. 

" See her husband's burial 21 July 1687. 

^ See his baptism 31 Dec. 1678, and his father's burial 27 Jan. 1606^ 

1* See his baptism 81 Aug. 1682, and his father's burial 7 Dec. 1687. 

^* See her son's baptism 7 J^m 1675. 

» See her b^tism 17 July 1679» Mid her father's burial 6 Not. 1716. 



































June 10 

June 20 













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Jan. 27 


April 4 

April 23 

April 25 

May 16 

June 29 

Nov. 26 

Dec. 29 

Jan. 9 

Jan. 20 

Mar. 18 


May 16 

June 20 

Aug. 10 

Aug. 20 


Eichard Mathewes,^ gent. 

Elizabeth Mitford,* widdow ; Wednesday. 

John Archibald, gardiner. 

Anne Hunter, spinster. 

Henry Blakiston,'^ gent. 

Richard,^ son of Jo. Raw, Esq. 

Christian Foster ;^ on Monday. 

Frances Gravelle, niece to Isa. Casaubon.* 

Robert Hilton, Esq' ; on Wednesday. 

Katherine Hubbock ; on Sunday. 

Rebecca Mathewes ; on Tuesday. 

Sarah, wife of Nicholas Hodgson ; Thursday. 

John,7 son of John Taylor. 

Thomasin,^ wife of Ro. Adamson, clerk ; Sunday. 

Robert,* son of John Mickleton, Bsq^^ ; Wednesday. 


See his widow's burial 21 Deo. 1687. 
' She was married as Elizabeth Porter, 28 Oct. 1625, at St. Mary-le-Bow, to Robert Mitford, 
of tiie North Bailey, gent., to whose will, dated 24 Jan. 1666-7, she was Executrix, and who was 
buried 9 Feb. following at Bow. See the burial of their second son John Mitford 4 Oct. 1704. 
Their eldest son Christopher Mitford was baptized 9 Jan. 1627-8 at Bow, and died, tdtd patris, 
leaving two sons, Robert and William, the latter living with the grandfather in 1666-7, and both 
mentioned in his will. They also had Swinburne and Robert Mitford, baptized same place 1639 
and Nov. 1646 respectively. 

* Youngest son of Sir William Blakiston, of Gibside, co. Pal., Ent., by Jane, dau. of Robert 
Lambton, of Lambton, Esq., and brother of the first Baronet of Gibside (extinct). He married 
Elizabeth (her surname not given in Surtees), third dau. and coheir of William Blakiston, gent., 
Attomey-at-Law, of York, where she was baptized at St. Helen's 3 Oct. 1613. She was buried in 
^e ohanoel of the church of Danby-upon-Wiske, oo. York, of which her son Gabriel Blakiston 
was Beotor. [See burials of her sister Mary 2 Bee. 1675, and her great-niece Mrs. Bowes 
13 Nov. 1715.] See their children's burials 8 Feb. 1643-4, 23 March 1648-9, and that of their 
son Thomas Blakiston, Esq., 25 March 1711, and dau. Jane Blakiston 2 June 1714. 

* Eldest child, apparently, of his father, whose burial see 13 Feb. 1721-2. His baptism is not 
at St. Oswald's, with those of all his brothers and sisters. 

* See his baptism 29 Sep. 1667, and his father's burial 21 April 1677. 

' Mons. J. de Gravelle du Pin was son-in-law of Isaac Casaubon, and signs the dedicatory 
epistle of Casaubon's " Commentary on Polybius," published in 1617, after the author's death, 
and the above Frances was, with scarcely any doubt, his dau., and granddau. of Isaac Casaubon — 
not niece, which is probably a slip of the transcriber, who would be accustomed to hear the names 
of Isaac and Casaubon in conjunction. " Niece" and "cousin " also, in those days, had a much 
wider signification than at present. She was actually niece, however, to Dr. Meric Casaubon, 
Prebendary of Canterbury. Isaac Casaubon died, aged 54, in 1614, so that he would hardly have 
a niece to represent him in 1683, but it may be fairly assumed that he was grandfather of 
Frances Gravelle. The territorial du Pin would naturally be relinquished in England. Isaac 
Casaubon married Florence, dau. of the most eminent of the great French printers who bore the 
name of Estienne, or Stephen, or Stephanus. See Michael Mattaire's " Stephanorum Historia," 

7 See his baptism 29 Jan. 1643-4, and his mother's burial 26 Jan. 1709-10. 

B See baptism of her son 24 July 1683. The Bev. Bobert Adamson was admitted 20 April 
1672, then aged 18, at St. John's College, Cambridge. [" Mr. Robert Adamson, curate of 
Trimdon," buried 19 April 1709 at St. Oswald's.] 

* He was baptized at Crossgate 14 June 1683. See his father's burial 16 Jan. 1708-9. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1684 Dec. 3 Jo. Sudbury,^ Deane of Durham. 
Jo. Douthwaite, beadsman ; Sunday. 
Henry,* son of D' Henry Bagshaw. 
Dorothy,' wife of Jo. Mitford ; Wednesday. 
Mary Hilton, widdow ; Saturday. 

1685 May 10 Miles Stapylton, Esq' ; Sunday. 
Lancelot Hilton, gent. 
Dorothy Davison, wid. 
Elizabeth,^ dau. of Jo. Simpson. 
Richard Jackson. 

Anne,^ dau. of M' Jo. Morton, Prebendary. 
Catherine,* dau. of Jo. Raw, Esq'. 
Elianor, dau. of Rob. Hilton. 
Jane, the dau. of Thomas Skepper. 

1686 Mar. 80 Tho. Musgrave,^ D.D. 
Cuthbert Hilton, gent. 

Richard,® son of Tho. Crosby, was borne & buryed. 
Jane Milner,' an infant. 
Michael Spearman,^® gent. 
Ro. Adamson, prisoner. 
.... Bolton, prisoner. 
Joseph,** son of Henry Smith, Clerk. 
George Kirby,** gent. 

1687 April 17 Thomas, son of Geo. Bullock. 
Elizabeth Myres,^* widow. 

1 He wae made Dean 1661, suooeeding Dr. Barwiok, who had held the Deanery but a jear. 
He turned the old refectory of the Monks into a library, and at the end of that chamber, over 
the door leading into the Deanery, his full-length portrait hangs. He was uncle of Sir John 
Sudbury, of Eldon, co. Pal., created a Baronet 1685, who died 1691 s.p. See note to baptism of 
John Wilson 17 Aug. 1684. 

' See his baptism 2 April 1684. 

* She died 17th, according to Bow Register. See her marriage 11 Nov. 1669, and her 
husband's burial 4 Oct. 1704. 

* See her baptism 12 March 1682-8, and her father's burial 10 June 1688. 

* See her bi^tism 19 Oct. 1684, and her sister Dulcibella's 22 Aug. 1682. 

* Baptised at St. Oswald's 17 June 1684. Elder dau. by his first wife of John Baw, or Bowe, 
Esq., whose burial see 13 Feb. 1721-2. 

7 Of Queen's College, Oxford, matriculated 10 March 1656-7; B.A. 26 July 1659; M.A. 
5 May 1662; B.D. and D.D. 10 Oct. 1685; Hector of Salkeld, Cumberland, 1669; of Whitburn, 
00. Pal., Durham, 1675; Canon and Archdeacon of Carlisle 1669; Canon of Durham 1675; 
of Chichester 1681 ; and Dean of Carlisle 1684 until his death 28 March 1686. He was 
sixth son of Sir Philip Musgraye, of Edenhall, second Bart., who was created Baron Musgrave 
after the Restoration, but the patent was never taken out. He married Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas 
Harrison of Copgrove, Knt., by Margaret, dau. of Conyers, Lord Darcy. See the baptism of a 
grandchild 20 June 1688, the son of one of Dean Musgrave's daughters and coheirs. Another dau., 
Margaret Musgrave, married Balph Shipperdson, Esq., of Pittington Hallgarth, co. Pal., and her 
representative was the late Rev. Edmund Hector Shipperdson, formerly Hopper, D.L., J.P., of 
Pittington and Hermitage. 

B See his father's burial 9 Nov. 1707. * See her father's burial 5 June 1705. 

><> See hU father's burial 22 Sep. 1708. " See his father's burial 6 July 1696. 

u See his widow's burial 11 March 1693-4. >* See her husband's burial 18 March 1666-7. 



















































Digitized by VnOOQlC 





























June 26 






1687 July 21 M' Antho. Lodge.i 
Nicholas Barwicke,^ gent. 
Isabell Matthews, widow. 
Jo. Dun, porter. 
Jane Hutchinson, widow. 
George Campbell, gent. 
Mary Massam, widow. 

1688 April 4 Murial Sisson, widow.^ 
May 30 W" Skurfeild. (No affidavit brought to me, but as I suppose, 

to the Minister of Bow.) 
June 10 John Simpson.^ (The affidavit of his being buryed in Woollen 
delivered to M' Barton, Minister of Bow.) 
DulcibeUa Morton.^ 
Jane,* wife of W" Werdon, bookseller. 
Mary ,7 dau. of W"* Werdon. 
Elizabeth Morley, spinster. 
Anne,® wife of John Darbyshire. 
M' Edward Kirkby,* Praecentor of this Church. 

1689 June 26 Mary Spooner, spinster. 

(M' John Smith, Sacrista, Nov. 20, 1689.) 

Margaret, wife of M' Timothy Stott. 
Bichard,^^ son of D' Grayhm. 

^ He was son of Christopher Lodge, of Wolsingham, gent., who made his will 12 Nov. 1683. 
See his wife*s burial 7 July 1682, and daughters' baptisms 15 May 1665 and 30 Nov. 1666. 

' He was brother of Br. Peter Barwiok ^e Physician, and of Dr. John Bar wick, first Dean of 
Durham after the Bestoration 1660. In his will, dated 23 Nov. 1687, he is described as " of the 
college," and he mentions his brother Dr. Peter Barwick, son George, dau. Jane, and his brother- 
in-law Mr. John Milner, Mr. George Bead, etc. 

> She was baptized 1597 at St. Mary-le-Bow, the eldest dau. of Bobert Cooper, Esq., of Dur- 
ham, Steward of the County Palatine, and a Master of the High Court of Chancery, who entered 
his pedigree and arms at Dugdale's Visitation 1615. See her husband's burial 18 April 1675. 

* He was a Notary Public. See his wife's burial 31 Oct. 1711, and his daughters' 4 Oct. 1685 
and 15 July 1693. See also burial of Thomas Simpson 23 June 1710. 

* Wife of Dr. Thomas Morton, Prebendary, and Beotor of Sedgefi^d, and previously wife of 
Bev. Thomas Dalton. She was baptized 21 Jan. 1643-4 at Sedgefield, and was, in the words of 
that Begister, " filia venerabilis viri Josephi Naylor, sacre theologise professoris, et ecclesisQ hujus 
rectoris vigilantissimi." Her mother was DulcibeUa, dau. of Bichard Baddeley, Esq. See note 
to burial of William Bridges 15 Aug. 1634. See her daughter's baptism 22 Aug. 1682 for an 
account of Dr. Morton ; also her brother's baptism 18 Deo. 1637. 

* See her husband's burial 29 March 1703. 
' See preceding entry. 

' She was married, as Anne Borrow, 9 Jan. 1674-5 at St. Mary's, and was probably a grand- 
dau. of Benj. Borrow, buried 25 April 1676. 

> He was M.A., and admitted ft-ee of Mercers' Company, Durham, 15 Nov. 1681. See his 
widow's burial 16 July 1721. 

1® See his baptism 17 Sep. 1689. The father William Graham, D.D., of Christ Church, 
Oxford, was brother of Bichard, first Viscount Preston, and a younger son of Sir George Graham, 
second Bart., of Esk and Netherby, Cumberland, by his wife Lady Mary Johnstone, dau. of 
James, first Earl of Hartfell, and sister of the second Earl, created also Earl of Annandale. He 
Buooeeded Dr. Smith, on his promotion from the Deanery to the Bishopric of Carlisle in the 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 









April 1 
June 28 














1689 Jan. 12 Barbara,^ wife of William Snawdon. 
Thomas Cradock,^ Esq'. 
Sarah Taylor, wid. 

[^Affidavits of being buried in woollen cease here,'] 

1690 Mar. 25 Barbara,* wife of John Bowman. 
George Barkas,* Not. Pub. 
John,^ son of John Lisle, Clerk. 
William Wilson,* LL.B., Sp'ul Chancellor. 
George,^ son of John Morton, Preb*. 
Mary,^ wife of W" Wilson, ut sup. 
Aime Green,' widow of M' Green, M.C. 
John Watson. 

1691 Aug. 2 Margarett,io wife of John Eldridge. 
Anne,^^ wife of D' Granville, Dean of Durham. 

first prebend, being installed 16 Aug. 1684, and Buooeeded Dr. Hartwell in the Rectory of Whiok- 
ham 1685; made Bean of Carlisle 1686, and Bean of Wells 1704; Uerk of the Closet and 
Chaplain to Queen Anne. He died 5 Feb. 1711-12, and was buried at Kensington. From the 
Dean the present Baronets, both of Esk and Netherby, descend. See the marriage of his sister 
Lady Fenwick 18 May 1704. 

1 See her marriage 1 May 1678, and her husband's burial 15 Oct. 1692. 

' Died 25th. Eldest and only surviving son of Sir Joseph Cradock, Ent., LL.D., Commissary 
of the Archdeaconry of Richmond, and grandson of Archdeacon Cradock, whose burial see SO Deo. 
1627. He was a Fellow of Trinity, Cambridge, and Barrister-at-Law of Gray's Inn, 
Attorney-Cteneral to Bishop Cosin, sometime M.P. for Richmond, Yorkshire. He married, 
firstly, Sibella, dau. of Archdeacon (Gabriel Clarke (whose burial see 12 May 1662), who died 
2 March 1669; and secondly, Dorothy (baptized 10 Sep. 1689 at Crossgate, and buried there 
24 Feb. 1709-10), dau. of Nicholas Heath, of Little £den, oo. Pal., Esq., but had issue by neither. 
He is buried near his father-in-law, the Archdeacon, and his M.I. bears the arms : On a chevron 
three garba. Crest : A bear's head oouped and muzzled. 

> See her husband^s burial 27 Jan. 1695-6. 

* See his widow's burial 10 Oct. 1693. [Richard Barkas occurs as Minor Canon in 1576.] 

* See his baptism 1 Dec. 1689. 

* He was a Notary Public and Registrar to the Chapter, LL.B. of Trinity HaU, Cambridge. 
He was accidentally drowned. See his wife's burial 18 Feb. 1690-91 ; son's baptism 17 Aug. 
1684, and daughter's 15 Dec. 1685 ; and son's burial 6 Jan. 1700-1. 

7 See his baptism 30 Oct. 1683, and his mother's burial, if he was by the first wife, 22 Sep. 

> See her marriage 18 Deo. 1677, and her husband's burial 7 Dec. 1690. 
' See her husband's burial 14 May 1667. 

*® See her marriage 18 March 1688-9, and her husband's burial 24 Feb. 1697-8. 

1' She was fourth dau. of Dr. Cosin, Bishop of Durham (whose burial see 29 Biay, valdi April, 
1672), by his marriage (13 Aug. 1G26 at Crossgate) with Frances, dau. of Marmaduke Blakiston, 
D.D., Prebendary of Durham, Rector of Sedg<^field, and Archdeacon of Cleveland, which last 
preferment he resigned in favour of his son-in-law Cosin. There is a good memoir of Dr. Denys 
Granville in the " Diocesan History of Durham " (S.P.C.K.), p. 281, which gives a list of his prefer- 
ments, etc., but where the editor, Canon Low, is a little wrong in his genealogy. Dr. Granville was 
bom circa 1637, the youngest surviving son of the celebrated cavalier Sir Bevil Granville, of Stow, 
who has been termed *' the Bayard of England," and brother of the first Earl of Bath, and uncle 
of the first Lords Lansdowne and Granville, all of which peerages are extinct. Notwithstanding 
his emoluments as a Prebendary, an Archdeacon, and the Rector of two good livings, all of whidi 
he afterwards held together with his Deanery, he became, from his extravagant way of life, much 
in debt, and was actually arrested in the cloisters as he was coming from service, in the presence. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 














































1691 Dec. 2 Jolm Tappe,i Bailiff to y« D. & C. 
William Martiall, Clerk, M.A., Minor Can. 

1692 June 6 Robert Thornton, Clerk, Eector of Bolden. 
William Snawdon,* yeoman. 
Anne Scourfield. 
John Darby, yeom. 
William Stagg,* Not. Pub. • 

1693 May 18 Elisabeth, dau. of Henry Smith. 
Golibright, dau. of Henry Smith. 
Mary,* dau. of Isabell Simpson. 
James Mickleton, Esq'. 
Elisabeth Edmundson.^ 
Elisabeth Barkas,^ wid. 
Henry ,7 son of John Lisle, Clerk. 
Catherine Foster, wid. 
Thomas Were. 

Anne,® wife of Arch-D. Booth. 
Richard Mitchel, the Bishop's porter. 
Mary Kirkby,' wid. 

1694 April 12 Timothy Horseman.^o 
Edward, son of John Lisle, Clerk. 
Samuel Eyre, D.D., Prebendary of y« S'* preb*», & Reef of Whit- 

Dec. 1 Elisabeth,^! wife of Cuthbert Bowes. 

we are told, of many of the chief gentry of the coanty. He was I>ean from 1684 until the fall of 
James the Second, whom he followed to France (where he died), refusing to take the oaths to the 
new King. Hb preferments were not filled up until 1691. 

* John Yapp graduated at Magdalen College, Oxon, BJL. 2 May 1662. See his wife's 
burial 4 Aug. 1718, and his son the Rev. Abraham Tapp's 23 Deo. 1728, and other children in 

' See his wife's burial 12 Jan. 1689-90, and baptisms of his children, — Jan. 1678-9 and 
8 Jan. 1682-3. 

* See his wife's burial 27 Feb. 1718-19, and the baptism of his son 2 May 1678. 

* See her baptism — Nov. 1676, and her father's burial 10 June 1688. 
» See note to burial of WiUiam Edmundson 8 Dec. 1704. 

' See her husband's burial 1 April 1690. 

7 See his baptism 31 Aug. 1693. 

" She was dau. of Sir Robert Booth, Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, 
and first wife of Robert Booth, Archdeacon of Durham, who was father, by his second wife, of 
the fourth and last Lord Delamere. Dr. Booth, who succeeded Dean and Archdeacon Granville 
in the lesser preferment in 1691, was a younger son of Sir George Booth, second Bart., of Dun- 
ham Massie, an eminent Royalist, who was created Baron Delamere 1661, by his second wife 
Lady Elizabeth Grey, dau. of the first Earl of Stamford. He was made Dean of Bristol 1708. 

' She was dau. of Smith, Esq., of Bumhall (see Fed., Surtees, vol. iv., part ii., p. 187), 

and widow of George Kirkby, Esq., to whom she was married 14 April 1667 at St. Oswald's. See 
his burial 9 Feb. 1686-7. 

*® Son of William Horseman (whose burial see 17 Jan. 1728-4) by his wife Mary, dau. of 
Timothy Brigham. 

" She was married, as Elizabeth Barcroft, 16 Nov. 1671 at St. Nichobs, and was probably 
dau. of George Barcroft (see his burial 10 Feb. 1688-9), and baptised 1 May 1639. See her 
husband's burial 22 Feb. 1714-16. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1694 Dec. 28 ["M» Elizabeth Shuttle worth* of this parish was buried in the 

Abbie Churchyard." St. Oswald's Register, 1694.] 
Jane Philips,^ widow. 

1695 April 15 Richard, son of M' Mich. Mickleton. 
Elisabeth,* dan. of W" Horseman. 
Katherine Foster. 

(Franciscus Woodmas, Sacrista, Novemb. 20, 1695.) 
Michaell, son of M' Mich. Mickleton. 
John Bowman.* 
Elizabeth,^ dau. of M' John Spearman. 

1696 June 19 Tamar,« wife of M' Henry Smith, Clerk. 
M' Henry Smith,7 Clerk. 
Elizabeth,* wife of M' Thomas Crosby. 
Dorothy ,• wife of John Clement, porter. 
John,^^ son of John Clement, porter. 
John Benson.^^ 
Jane Yap. 

Morton Blakeston ; at Bow Church. 
Abraham Tap, inf*. 
Elizabeth Martin. 

(Abra. Tap, sacrista, Feb. xi. succeeded M' Woodmas.) 

1697 May 11 Ellenor Lewins ; Tuesday. 
Elizabeth Morton,^^ dau. of D' Morton ; Affidavit. 
James Smart, sen., one of the lay-clerks of the Cathedr^; 

Nov. 11 Jo. Martin, Minor Can'on of the Cath. Ch. of Durham. 

* She was elder dau. and coheiress of Thomas Moore, gent., owner of large fisheries on the 
south side of the Tweed, and was widow of Nicholas Shuttleworth, of Foroet, co. York, and 
Durham, Esq.— the first of that family there settled —to whom she was married 28 Sep. 1671 at 
St. Oswald's. See the burials of her son 2 Oct. 1704. and her sister 22 March 1701-2. 

' She was married, as Jane Hutchinson, at St. Oswald's, 12 Nov. 1643, to Arthur Phillipps, 
gent., whose hurial see 80 May 1671. 

' See her baptism 29 Sep. 1692, and her father's burial 17 Jan. 1723-4. 

* See his wife's burial 25 March 1690, and baptisms of his children in Index. 

* She was baptized 4 June 1695 at St. Mary-le-Bow. See her father's baptism 28 March 

' See her husband's burial next entry. 

7 See his baptism 10 Feb. 1642-3. He was Bector of St. Mary's in the South Bailey. He 
appears to have been given to drink, and was often admonished by the Dean and Chapter on that 
head, and was perhaps suspended for some time. See preceding entry and his children's burials 
9 Jan. 1678-9 and 2 Feb. 1687-8. 

> See her marriage 9 Oct. 1681. She was a dau. of Ambrose Myers, whose burial see 
18 March 1666-7. See her husband's burial 9 Nov. 1707. 

' See her husband's burial 11 May 1710. 

'® See preceding entry. 

1^ See his first wife's burial 30 June 1682, and his children's baptisms 21 July 1685 and 
21 Sep. 1686. 

^ See her baptism 22 April 1688. She was youngest child of Dr. Morton by his first wife, 
whose burial see 22 Sep. 1688. 







June 25 







June 19 
























Digitized by VnOOQlC 



















[ 9 












1697 Nov. 23 Will. Hawkins, one of the lay clerks of y« Cath. Ch. of Durh. 
M^ John Eldridg.* 
M" Jane Bowe,* widow of Rich. Bowe. 

1698 Sep. 22 Eliz.,» dau. of D' Dobson. 
Mary,* wife of Will. Horsman. 
Rich. Wakelin.6 
Mary,* dau. of D' Smith. 
M' Cuth. Hall. 
A woman in y« jail. 

1699 April 9 M" Longfield. 
Barbara,^ wife of Abra. Yapp, Clerk. 
George Bullock.® 

• son of D' Smith. 

John^® (" Bobert " erased), son of GHlbert Spearman. 
M" Hester Nichols,^^ widow. 

Jan. 14 Dame Eliz. Burton.^^ 

1 See his wife's burial 2 Aug. 1691. 

' She was the only dau. of Barnabas Hutohinson, Attorney and Proctor. Her M.I. says she 
died 14 Feb. 1700, which of course must be wrong, and was probably inscribed long after her 
death. The same altar-tomb, now almost illegible, described her father as dying 14 March 1633, 
and Jane his wife 28 Feb. 1699, et. 102, but both were probably buried at St. Mary-le-Bow, to 
which Barnabas was a benefoctor by will. See her husband's burial 6 Jan. 1678-9. 

' See her baptism same day. 

* She was dau. of Timothy Brigham, whose burial see 26 Aug. 1678, and was married at 
St. Oswald's 21 Sep. 1669. See her husband's burial 17 Jan. 1723-4. [Mary Horsman, widow, 
buried 26 Dec. 1684 ; and Biary Horsman, spinster, buried 9 Sep. 1684 at St. Oswald's.] 

* He was baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 29 March 1657, the son of the Bev. Bichard Wikelin, 
or Waiklinge, Minor Canon, whose burial see 30 Oct. 1661. 

* See her baptism 26 Jan. 1697-8. 

7 In her marriage licence, dated 24 Feb. 1693, she is termed Barbara Taylor, spinster. She 
is called sister, 1698, by John Taylor, a relation perhaps of Thomas Taylor, whose marriage 
with Mary Yapp see 13 Feb. 1699-1700. See burial of her husband, to whom she was first wife, 
23 Dec. 1728. 

* See burial of his first wife 12 May 1678, and his second marriage 22 Oct. 1679. 
' See baptism same day. 

10 See his mother's burial 26 Jan. 1700-1. 

^1 See her husband's burial 6 June 1681. 

" She was the second dau. of Dr. Cosin, Bishop of Durham (whose burial see 29 May 1672), 
and was bom 11 and bi^tized 17 June 1632 at Brancepeth. She married, firstly, Henry Hutton, 
of Goldsborough, oo. York, Esq. (son of Sir Bichard Hutton), by whom she had a dau. Frances, 
whose burial see 26 Jan. 1677-8; secondly. Sir Thomas Burton, Ent., of Brampton, Wetmorland, 
by whom she had two sons, Bichard Burton (of whom, for clearness sake, more below), and Henry 
Burton, who was buried 13 Jan. 1661-2 at St. Andrew's Auckland ; thirdly, 23 Dec. 1662, at 
St. Andrew's Auckland, Samuel Davison, of Wingate, co. Pal., Esq., who was buried 15 April 1671 
in the chapel at Auckland, much to the displeasure of the Bishop, his father-in-law, during his 
absence in London ; fourthly she married Isaac Basire, Esq., the burial of whose son by her see 
2 May 1678. The Bev. Bichard Burton, mentioned above, left a widow, " Mrs. Mary Burton," 
buried at St. Oswald's 21 March 1720-21. Their son Bichard Burton, Esq., lived, >tfr0 lurom, 
at Elemore Hall, having married at Pittington, 21 April 1729, Frances, only dau. of Thomas 
Mitford, Esq. He died s.p. and was buried 24 Feb. 1740-41 at St. Oswald's, where his widow 
also was buried 6 Feb. 1758. 

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1700 Aug. 21 Jo., son of Hemy Smith. 
Tho. Crosby, son of Francis Crosby. 
John,* son of M*" Cuthbert's. 
Charles,^ son of M' Cuthbert's. 
ME" Ann G-uorden,^ wife of M^ Alderman Guorden's. 
Mf Tho. Sherman, Minor Canon ; S* Andrew day. 
John Fairlesse, Virger. 
John Massam.^ 

Jane, y« wife of John Fairlesse. 
Sudbury Wilson.^ 
Mary,^ wife of M' Gilbert Spearman. 

1701 April 16 Ellenor Shaw,^ wife of Alexander Shaw. 
Gilbert,^ son of M' Gilbert Spearman. 
Marg. Huddleston,' widow, of Elvet Parish. 

1702 May 6 Ann,i<> dau. of M' Geo. Dixon. 

^ Eldest son of John Cuthbert, Esq., by his wife Dorothy Spearman, whose baptism see 
29 June 1670. 

' Pifth son of John Cuthbert, Esq. See previous entry. 

" Also entered in St. Nicholas Register—" in the Bf inster jard." She was second wife, and 
married as " Mrs. Anne Smith, sp%" to Mr. Gordon at St. Oswald's 29 July 1684. Alderman 
John Qordon, mercer, was son of James (Gordon, gent., of Durham and Hurworth-on-Tees, was 
apprenticed 20 March 1668, and admitted free of the Mercers' Company 21 May 1672. He was 
made Alderman 24 May 1689, being then of Shaddock Hall (a house near "The Sands," 
Durham), and Mayor 1695. He married, firstly, Isabella, dau. and coheir of Robert Bromley, 
Esq., of Nesbett, co. Pal., at Hesilden 24 July 1677 (by whom he had two children), who was 
buried at St Nicholas 1 Feb. 1679-80 ; secondly as above ; and thirdly, " Mrs. Ann Tatam " 
[? widow of " Mr. Robert Tatam, of St. Nicholas, draper taylor," buried at St. Oswald's 17 Nov. 
1699], at St. Nicholas 23 Nov. 1701, who was buried there 30 April 1706, dying 29th. The 
Alderman died 9 and was buried with his last wife 11 April 1713. See marriage also of Thomas 
Brumley and Anne Gordon 3 Feb. 1678-9. 

* [Mary, dau. of Mr. John Massam, baptized 9 July 1693 at St. Nicholas.] 

' Youngest son of William Wilson, Spiritual Chancellor of the Diocese (whose burial see 
7 Deo. 1690), and was baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 2 July 1688. See his brother's baptism 
17 Aug. 1684. 

' Died 23rd. She was dau. and coheiress of Robert Bromley, of Nesbett, co. Pal., Esq., 
and was married in 1697. Her desoendants quarter, in right of her. Quarterly per fess indented 
gules and or. See her husband's second marriage 1 Sep. 1701, and her sister's burial 8 Feb. 
1706-6, and note to Mrs. Gordon's burial 27 Oct. 1700. 

7 She died, according to Jacob Bee's Diary, 14th, and her burial is also registered, but as on 
15th, at St. Oswald's, where also her husband "Mr. Alexander Shaw, musician," was buried 
23 July 1706. See their marriage 29 ^ov. 1677. 

" See his mother's burial 26 Jan. 1700-1. 

' Also registered at St. Oswald's. She was younger dau. and coheiress of Thomas Moore, 
gent., and widow of Ferdinando Huddleston, by whom she had a son Ferdinando, who married 
Sarah Watson (she re-married .... Christian) and died s.p., and a dau. Elizabeth, wife of Robert 
Brace. See her sister Mrs. Shuttleworth's burial 28 Dec. 1694. 

^° Eldest dau. of (George Dixon, of Durham, Attomey-at-Law, by his first wife, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Alderman Robert Grey, baptized at Bow 5 May 1696. See her mother's burial 6 June 1708, 
and her father's 8 June 1738. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

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June 16 




























1702 May 23 OsBytlia,^ or Psyche, dau. of y« Eev* Jo. Morton, D.D. 
John Martin, of S* Nicholas Parish. 
William,* son of y* Rever^ Jn** Smith, D.D., Prebendary of y* 

Cath. Church, Dunelm. 
Mathew,* son of M' Peter Nelson, writ. mast'. 
Thomas,* son of Abra. Yapp. 
Jo.,^ son of M' Gilbert Spearman. 
Ann, wife of Zadock Smith,* taylour. 
John Yapp,7 son of Ellenor Yapp, widow. 

1703 Mar. 29 William Werdon,® bookseller. 
M' Peter Nelson,' writing-master. 
Theophilus,^^ son of Lawyer Cuthbert's. 
Barbara HaU, a servant to M" Reed, wid., living in y« South 

M' John Spearman," Under-SherifF. 
Horatius,** son of Tho. Horsman. 
M' Robert Smith, widower. 

* Dau. of Dr. Morton by his second wife, whose burial see 12 Feb. 1724-5. See her half- 
sister's baptism 22 Aug. 1682. 

' Query by which wife. See his brother's baptism 25 Oct. 1696. 

> He was baptised at Bow 30 Sep. 1688. See hift father's burial 20 May. 

* See his parents' marriage 28 Oct. 1700. 

* Also entered in St. Nicholas Register as ^* in the Minster yard." See his parents' marriage 

28 Oct. 1700. 

' See baptisms St. Oswald's. She must have been his first wife, for he has children baptized 
and buried at St. Oswald's later. 

7 See the father's burial 2 Deo. 1691. 
« See his wife's burial 17 Oct. 1688. 

* He was Under or Writing Master at the Grammar School. Originally this school was two 
schools, under different masters who were not responsible to each other, but in time they became 
united, and the Master of the ** petty school " (pro piano cantu et arte scribendi) was appointed 
and paid by the Master of the Higher School. To restore tlie schools to their former state was 
Nelson's great desire, and he was engaged in a long controversy with the Bev. Thomas Rudd, the 
Head Master, as to the stipend of the Writing or Under Master. Their letters display the 
rancour and personalities of any newspaper war of to-day. See some further remarks on the 
Schools in the Appendix. See the burial of Mr. Nelson's wife 28 Jan. 1721-2, and those of his 
sons' 21 Feb. 1681-2 and 16 Aug. 1702. He has three children baptized at St. Oswald's. 

** Seventh son of John Cuthbert, Esq., by his wife Dorothy Spearman, whose baptism see 

29 June 1670. 

^^ Died 21st, aged 58. "A sound and judicious lawyer and antiquary "; he was for twenty- 
eight years Under Sheriff. He was baptized 16 Jan. 1645-6 at (Tynemouth ?), the eldest son of 
Robert Spearman, gent., of- Preston, near Tynemouth, Northumberland. He may be termed Uie 
homo propontua of his family, for he purchased in 1678 the manor of Thomley, co. Pal., which 
was for long the seat and is still the property of his descendants. He married 3 Nov. 1663. The 
births and baptisms of all his children except Michael (whose burial see 14 Dec. 1686) are entered 
at St. Mary-le-Bow, but consult also this Index. See Pedigree of Spbarhak in Surtees, vol. i., 
p. 95, to which these Registers will be found to make some additions and corrections; also Burke's 
" Landed (Gentry." Mr. Spearman's large collection of MSS. is in Bishop Cosin's library at 

^ The father afterwards Apparitor. See the burial of another child 31 Jan. 1710-11. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 




































1704 April 25 M" Moop,i widow. 
Richard Shuttleworth.^ 
Jolrn Midf ord,^ apparitor. 

M" Eliz. Mickleton,^ wife of M' Mich. Mickleton. 
William,^ son of John Edmundson. 
Elizab.,^ dau. of John Edmundson. 
Mary/ dau. of Ellenor Yapp ; St. Paul. 

1705 June 5 M' John Milner,^ Pr»cent'. 
Geo.,» Bon of WiU. Graham, D.D. 
Will.,^^ son of M"" George Dixon, attomey-at-law. 
Robert," son of M' Michael Mickleton. 
Phyllifl,^^ dau. of M^ Brumly, of Nasebet. 
M" Jane Compton, wid. 
John Denton, barber. 

1706 June 9 Higgonfl,i» son of S' Geo. Wheler. 
Lancelot Lowther,** mercer. 

1707 Sep. 2 M« Mary," wife of D' Pinney. 

> She WM perhaps widow of Thomas Moore, Esq., and mother of Mrs. ShutUeworth and of 
Mrs. Huddleston, whose burials see 28 Dec. 1694 and 22 March 1701-2 reepectivelj. 

^ He was baptized 17 Dec. 1672 at St. Oswald's, and was eldest son of Nicholas Shuttlewcnlh, 
Esq. (younger brother of Sir Richard Shuttleworth, of Gawthorp, oo. Lancaster), of Foroet, oo. 
York, and Elvet, oo. Pal., by his wife Elinbeth Moore, whose burial see 28 Dec. 1094. He died 
j.p., and his brother Nichobs Shuttleworth, Esq., of Durham, was his devisee. 

' He was baptized 28 Oct. 1629 at St. Mary-le-Bow, the second son of Robert Mitford, of the 
North Bailej, gent., by his wife Eliabeth Porter, whose burial see 4 April 1683. He is named 
in his father's will of 24 Jan. 1666-7. See his wife's burial 18 Feb. 1684-6. He was perhaps 
married twice ; see burial of " Mrs. Jane Mitford, widow," 11 Feb. 1719-20. See also burials of 
his children 6 Oct. 1678, 21 June 1681, and 2 Jan. 1784-5. He had, besides, a dau. Dorothy, bom 
5 and baptized 10 March 1678-4 at Bow, and buried there 28 id. men. 

^ See her marriage 4 July 1687, and her husband's burial 19 Feb. 1710-11. She was dau. of 
John Spearman, the Under Sheriff, whose burial see 22 Sep. 1708. 

* John Edmundson and Mary Lamb were married 6 May 1679 at Crossgate. The above child 
might have been either son or grandson of that marriage. See the burial of John Edmundson, 
iemor, 14 Sep. 1708. 

' See preceding entry. 

7 See her mother's burial 4 Aug. 1718. 

" He was perhaps a son of Thomas Milner, Master of the Grammar School, between Nicholas 
Walton, who resigned about 1628, and Bichard Smelt, who occurs as Master in 1688. See his 
widow's burial 11 March 1780-31, his daughter's 30 Oct. 1686, and nephew's 3 Aug. 1706; also 
NichoUu Barwick's 7 Dec. 1687. 

' See his brother Richard's baptism 17 Sep. 1689. 

>® Eldest son of George Dixon, Attomey-at-Law, by his first wife. See note to his sister's 
burial 6 May 1702. [MS. Fed. by £. A. W.] 

" Baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 7 March 1695-6. See the father's burial 19 Feb. 1710-11. 

" Also entered at St. Oswald's, "at y cathedral." She was dau. and coheiress of Robert 
Bromley, of Nesbitt, co. PaL, Esq. See her nster Mrs. Spearman's burial 26 Jan. 1700-1. 

>> See his father's burial 23 Jan. 1723-4. 

^* See his marriage 4 June 1698. 

1* She was dau. of Davison .... and was first wife to Dr. James Finney, Prebendary, 

whose burial see 18 March 1726-7. 

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Oct. 22 

Nov. 9 

Feb. 24 

Mar. 10 

Mar. 11 


Maj 31 

June 6 

July 9 

Aug. 3 

Sep. 14 

Oct. 10 

Oct. 24 

Dec. 16 

Jan. 16 

Mar. 23 


Jan. 26 


May 11 

June 23 


Catherine,^ wife of M' John Bawe. 

Tho. Crosby.* 

Joseph Dixon,* Verger. 

One M' Ghravener, a Physician. 

John, son of Abra. Yapp. 

John Saxton.* 

Eliz.,^ wife of M' Qeo, Dixon ; laid violent hands on herself, as 

was supposed. 
William Tapp. 

M' Tho. Milner,* nephew to M' Jo. Milner, olim Praec. Ecc. Dunl 
John Edmundson,^ sen'. 
Ann,® wife of M' Eich. Baddely. 
M' Peter Burrell. 

Dorothy,' wife of Ralph Wilkinson. 
W John 
Theophilus,^^ son of M' Gilbert Spearman. 
Joyce Taylor.^* 

John Clement,^' CoUege porter. 
Thomas Simpson,^^ son of John, and grandchild of old Tho. 

Simpson, then alive and above an 100 years old. 

> She was married 21 Feb. 1688-9, at St. Oswald's, as " M" Catherine Lisle, of Litle S* Maries," 
to Mr. Rawe, to whom she was seoond wife. Her M.I. states she died 2l8t, leaving her husband 
(whose burial see 18 Feb. 1721-2) " moerens, deflens, dolens." 

' He was baptiaed 1 June 1658 at St. Oswald's, the eldest son of Francis Crosby, Esq. (buried 
28 Dec 1700 at St. Oswald's), Qerk of the Peace, co. Pal., by Ann (buried 9 Oct. 1700 at St. Os- 
wald's), dau. of John Richardson, Esq. (she was married 17 April 1666 at St. Oswald's). He was 
an Attomey-at-lAW, and, according to Sir Cuthbert Sharp, succeeded his father 4 June 1679, 
when yet under age, as Clerk of the Peace. Ten children of '' Mr. John Crosby," Attorney, 
evidently a brother of Francis above mentioned, occur at St. Oswald's. This Thomas Crosby had 
by his wife, whose burial see 19 Aug. 1696, three sons at least, Ambrose, Watson, and Thomas, 
who were baptised at St. Mary-le-6ow, besides Richard, whose burial see 24 May 1686. 

> See his widow's burial 11 Nov. 1711. 

* See a burial 6 Nov. 1768. 

* She was the dau. of Alderman Robert Grey and Ann his wife, of Claypath, Durham. She 
was married 11 June 1695, and had three sons and four daughters. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 
See also Pedigree of Gsbt, under " Scurfield of Hurworth," in Burke's " Landed Gentry." 

' See his said uncle's burial 6 June 1705. 

7 See note to baptism of William Edmundson 8 Dec. 1704, and burial of " Widow Edmundson " 
2 Feb. 1748-9. 

* See her first marriage 8 Feb. 1678-9, and her second marriage 23 Dec. 1699 to Richard 
Baddeley, whose burial see 16 Jan. 1713-14. 

* See her marriage 2 Dec. 1697. 

^® He was baptized at Bow 5 Biarch 1665-6, and was of Durham, gent. See his father's 
burial 29 Aug. 1669, and his two children's burials 20 Aug. 1684 and 16 July 1710. 

" See his parents' marriage 1 Sep. 1701. 

^ See her marriage 29 Aug. 1682. She was dau. of the Rev. John Dury, or Drury, Epistoler. 
See the baptism of her sister June 1655, and that of a nephew 25 Sep. 1681. 

i> See his first wife's burial 20 Oct. 1696. He married secondly, 8 Sep. 1698, by licence, at 
St. Oswald's, Elisabeth Moss, " of Branspeth par." See his son's burial 4 March 1732-3. 

^* See note to burial of Jo. Simpson 10 June 1688. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 













June 13 






















1710 July 16 Ann Mickleton,^ dau. of M' John Mickleton, deceased. 
Jane Langstaff, seir* to M*™ Ann Bowes, in y« College. 
Katherine,^ dau. of Tho. Horsman, Appar'. 
Mr. Michael Mickleton,' of Crook Hall. 
Sarah,* dau. of M' Geo. Dixon, attomey-at-law. 

1711 Mar. 25 M' Thomas Blakiston.* 
Mary Bullock, wid. 
Eatherine Taylor, wid. 
Isabel Simpson,* wid. 
Joseph Dixon's 7 widow, late Virger. 

(Robert Leeke, Sacrist, Nov. 20, 1711.) 
Tho. Smurfoot, a beadsman, aged 85. 

1712 May 20 M" Mary Hilton. 
Francis,® son of M' Geo, Dixon, attourney. 
M' Balph Clark. 
Horace Alston,* Esq^ nephew to the L** Crew. 

1713 June 6 Margaret,!^ wife of W«> Turner, Clerk. 
William,!! son of W" Turner, Clerk. 

> See her baptism 9 Aug. 1681, and her father's burial 16 Jan. 1708-9. 
' Tbe father (probably a son of William Horseman, buried 17 Jan. 1723-4), apparently 
succeeded John Baty as Apparitor 1710. See the burial of another child 21 Jan. 1703-4. 
' See his wife's burial 14 Nov. 1704. 

* Baptised at Bow 26 Dec. 1710. She was the eldest dau. of Mr. Qeorge Dixon by his second 
wife Sarah, dau. of Francis Johnson, of Newcastle, to whom he was married 2 Feb. 1709. See 
the mother's burial 6 March 1765. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* Son of Henry Blakiston, whose burial see 15 May 1683, by his wife Elizabeth, second dan. 
and coheiress of William Blakiston, of York, gent. He was Bailiff of Darlington in 1699. He 
married Frances, dau. and coheiress of Bishop Cosin, and widow of Charles Gerard, Esq. (buried 
at Darlington 15 April 1665), by whom he had an only child Frances, whose burial see 4 April 
1679. The place of their marriage is not known, and it has truly been said that the Bishop " was 
not altogether happy in his family " (Low's *' Diocesan History," p. 281), for, in a letter to Miles 
Stapylton, Esq. (see his burial 10 May 1685), 19 March 1667-8, he says, " 1 rec' the draught of 
the lease for Bedboume parke, etc. You have mentioned my daughter, not as the relict of 
Charles Gerrard, but as the wife of T. B., which I have not yet acknowledged, nor was it ever 
made knowne to mee that they were legally married, and whensoever it shall be so made knowne 

1 professe beforehand that I am extreamly displeased with it, for I was most treacherously used, 
and for my part shall never owne it." '' T. B." died 22 March, et. 73, and his will is dated 

2 Aug. 1706. His wife Frances was buried at Darlington 10 March 1668-9. 

* See her husband's burial 15 May 1683. 

7 See her marriage 19 July 1699, and her husband's burial 24 Feb. 1707-8. 
' Baptized at Bow 22 May 1712. He was the eldest son of Mr. George Dixon by his second 
wife. See note to his sister's burial 16 March 1710. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* He was ^ao^nephew to Lord Oew, Bishop of Durham, being the son of Sir Bowland 
Alston, second Bart., of Odell, Beds, by his wife Temperance, dau. of Thomas, second Lord Crew, 
elder brother of the Prelate and his immediate predecessor in the title. He was appointed Under 
Sheriff on the death of Spearman 1703, ''during the Bishop's pleasure." See the Bishop's 
marriage 23 July 1700. 

1® First wife of the Rev. William Parthericke Turner, Minor Canon. See her marriage 
1 Nov. 1708. 

" See preceding entry. 

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1713 Jan. 16 M' Eichard Baddelye.* 

Elizabeth Lamb, widow. 

1714 June 2 M" Jane Blakiston.* 
George, Bon of John Bullock. 
Dorothy,' dau. of M' Rob* Spearman. 
Cuthbert Bowes,* taylor. 
M' Phinehas Baddeley. 
M' Geo. Mitford,^ a Clergyman. 
M^ Thomas Skepper.* 

1715 Sep. 8 Mary,7 dau. of M' Geo. Dixon. 
M' Benjamin Jackson, singing-man. 
Madam Anne Bowes.^ 

1716 April 27 Mary,* daughter of M' Gilbert Spearman. 
M' Tho. Battersbye.^^ 

(John Powell, Sacrist, 9^ y« 20*»», 1716.) 
John Bell, Virger, & Steward to Dean Mountagu. 

1717 May 17 Jane,i^ dau. of S^ George Wheler. 
Susanna Smith.^^ 

1718 April 15 M' Christopher Mickleton,^' on y« Palace Green. 

^ Son of Mr. Richard Baddeley, of whom see note to burial of William Bridges 15 Aug. 1634. 
See his wife's burial 10 Oct. 1708. 

' She was dau. of Henry Blakitton, i^. (whose burial see 15 May 1683), by his wife 
Elixabeth Blakiston. Her brother (Gabriel Blakiston, Rector of Danby-upon-Wiske, co. York, 
in his will, dated 17 Sep. 1719, and proved at York 21 Aug. 1721, leaves to " my friend Mrs. 
Rowell, widow of Mr. John Rowell, late of Durham, for and in respect of her care of my dear 
sister Mrs. Jane Blakiston in her last sickness," 10 guineas. 

* See her father's burial 20 Oct. 1728. 

* Cuthbert Bowes, son of £dward Bowes, of Darlington, admitted free of Draper and Taylors' 
Company, Durham, 15 June 1666. See his wife's burial 1 Dec. 1694; see also burials of his 
children 21 July 1679 and 15 Sep. 1681. Edward, son of Cuthbert Bowes, was admitted Draper 
and Taylor 1699. 

* A George Mitford graduated at Christ College, Cambridge, B.A. 1688. 

* He was baptized 12 Feb. 1684-5 at St. Mary-le-Bow, the fourth son of Moses Skepper, 
Clerk of the Halmote Court, and grandson of Christopher Skepper, who entered his pedigree and 
arms at St. George's Visitation 1615. See his daughters' burials 15 Jan. 1685-6 and 15 Jan. 

7 Baptised at Bow 27 Dec. 1713. See note to her sister's burial 16 March 1710. [MS. Fed. 
by B. A. W.] 

' See her second marriage 30 Sep. 1706. 

' Dau. of Mr. Spearman by his second marriage, which see 1 Sep. 1701. 

*® He was appointed Blaster of the Grammar School, about 16 July 1666, in succession to the 
Rev. Elias Smith, and resigned about 1690. He is buried in the Cathedral Yard near the north 
porch. His grave-coyer has clearly never had an inscription, but bears the arms, a saltire paly, 
and a ram passant for crest. See his wife's burial 26 April 1690, and consult Index. [Richard 
Battersby was an " intruder " to the Rectory of Haughton. Surtees, vol iii., p. 342.] 

" See her father's burial 23 Jan. 1723-4. 

^^ Perhaps a dau. of the Rev. Elias Smith (see his burial 9 Dec. 1676) and his wife Susanna, 
but her baptism is not here. 

*' See his baptism 19 June 1664, and his father's burial 20 Aug. 1669. The name of his father, 
who had been dead nearly fifty years, being given is unusual, but it was doubtless to distinguish 
him from his great- nephew, whose burial see 1720. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1718 Aug. 4 Ellenor Yapp,^ widow. 
Feb. 27 Alice Stagger widow. 

1719 April 19 M' John PoweU,* Minor Canon of the Cathedral A Sacrist 

April 19 .... Massam. 

(Jo. Waring, Sacrist, Nov. 20, 1719.) 
Anne Kydley, serv^ to M" Eliz. Burrell, widow. 
M" Jane Midford,* widow. 

1720 April 2 Anne Denton,^ widow, a beadswoman, aged 106. 
Marg*, daughter of M' Christopher Mickleton. 
M' Christopher Mickleton. 
M' Peter Burrell,* of South BaQey. 
Thamar, wife of Will. Laye, singing-man. 
Christopher, son of M' Christopher Mickleton. 
M** Smith, wife of M' Posthumus Smith. 
Thomas,^ son of D' Morton, Prebendary of Durham. 
M' Balph Hutton. 

1721 May 8 John,® son of John Waring. 
M" Kirkby,* widow. 
Cath. Wilson. 

(W"» Parthericke Turner, Sacrist, Nor. 20, 1721.) 
M" Bobinson, a midwife. 
D' John Bowes, Prebendary. 
M" Nelson,^^ a widow. 
M' John Mickleton,!! of Crookhall. 
John ilowe,!2 Esq. 

1722 July 4 John,!* son of M' Peter Burrell. 

* See her marriage 3 Feb. 1667-8, and her husband's burial 2 Dec 1691. 

* See her marriage 29 Aug. 1677. See Surtees, vol. iv., part ii., p. 160. 
' See his daughter's burial 8 July 1784. 

* Perhaps second wife of John Mitford, buried 4 Oct. 1704. 

* See note to burial of John Denton 13 March 1705-6. 

* See his father's burial 24 Oct. 1708. He married, firstly, 12 Oct. 1686. at St. Oiles, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Lancelot Hilton, Esq., of Durham. See his second marriage 16 Feb. 1709-10. 
See the burial of his son-in-law John Garth 27 Jan. 1723-4, and the marriage of his dau. 2 Ftob. 

7 See his baptism 26 June 1694. 

" See his baptism 13 March 1720-21. 

' See her marriage 27 May 1674, and her husband's burial 10 March 1668-9. 

*® Her burial is also entered at St. Oswald's (*' widow of M' Peter Nelson, schole-master, dy'd 
here, & was bury'd i» y* Cathedr* "). She was married at Long Newton, oo. Pal., 1 June 1669— 
" Peter Nelson, of Durham, scrivener, and Ann Thorp, of Yarm." 

" See his father's burial 19 Feb. 1710-11. He was born at Crookhall 1689, and died unmarried. 

^ Died 11th. He was aged 18 at Dugdale's Visitation Aug. 1666. His first wife, Annabella, 
was buried 16 Oct. 1688 at St. Oswald's, where he has four children by her baptised, and eight 
by his second wife (whose burial see 22 Oct. 1707), and he is there invariably caUed " John Baw, 
Esq." See burials of his father 6 Jan. 1677-8, a son 29 June 1688, a dau. 9 Jan. 1686-6, and 
another son 29 Oct. 1769. 

>> See his father's burial 15 June 1720. 











June 15 





























Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1722 Sep. 13 W°» Smith, son of M' PoBthumus Smith, Eegiater to the Dean & 

M" Jane Hilton, wife of M' Cuth. Hilton. 
Eliz.,* wife of Geo. Garry, bellringer. 
Abigail,* Relict of M' John Mickleton. 
G«o,^ Bon of Geo. Garry, bellringer. 

1723 Jan. 17 W" Horseman,* a beadsman. 
S*" 0^0. Wheler,^ Prebendary, Rector of Houghton-le-Spring. 
M' John Garth,* of Headlam. 
Mary Bullock,^ wife of Jo. Bullock, taylor. 

1724 Sep. 8 M^ Cuthbert Hilton, son of M"" Rob^ Hilton, Register. 
Tho. Stonehewer, son of M' Rich. Stonehewer. 
Ann, daughter of y« Rev^ M' Ab" Yapp. 
George Garry,® bellringer. 
Ositha,* 2* wife of Jo. Morton, D.D., Preb. 

1725 June 4 D' William Hartwell,*® Prebendary. 
M' Posthumus Smith, Register to y« Dean & Chapter. 
Isabel Featherstone. 

1726 April 5 Eleanor Barwicke,^^ widow. 
Sam. Clarke, writing-master. 
Margarett Scruton.^* 
M" Read, wid. 
M"- Brabant. 
James Gturth.^* 

(Rob' Pigot, Sacrist, Nov' y« 20»»», 1726.) 

> See the husband's burial 2 Feb. 1724-5. 
' See her huslmnd's burial 16 Jan. 1706-9. 

> See the father's burial 2 Feb. 1724-5. 

* See his wife's burial 7 Oct. 1698, and other baptisms and burials of his family in Index. 

* He was bom at Breda 1650, where his Royalist parents were in exile. He was the son of 
Colonel Charles Wheler of the King's Guards, and of Charing, Kent, by Anne, dau. of John 
Hutchiu, Esq., of Egerton. He was knightei at Winchester 11 Sep. 1682. He married Grace 
(she died 20 April 1703), dau. of Sir Thomas Higgons, Knt., by Bridget, dau. of Sir Bevil 
Granville and sister to Dean Granville, the burial of whose wife see 14 Oct. 1691. See burial of 
a son 9 June 1706. M.I. (See also Le Neve's " Knights," Harleian Society's Publications, 
Vol. VIII., p. 866.) 

* He married at St. Mary-le-Bow (also entered at St. Oswald's), 2 Feb. 1718-14, Margaret, 
dau. of Peter Burrell, Esq., whose burial see 24 Oct. 1708. She re-married, as fourth wife, 
James, first Lord IVArcy, of Navan, Ireland, but died s.p. 1758. See burial of her sister Mrs. 
Bowlby 15 Aug. 1783. 

7 The husband perhaps a son of George Bullock, whose burial see 2 Aug. 1699. 

" See his wife's burial 18 Feb. and his son's 2 March 1722-8. 

' Her maiden name was Robinson. See note to Dulcibella Morton's baptism 22 Aug. 1682, 
and her children's burials 23 May 1702 and 28 Jan. 1720-21. 

>« He married, 18 Aug. 1702, at St. Nicholas, Newcastle, " M" Frances Marley," sole Ex'or 
and legatee of Henry Marley, of Newcastle, merchant, who died 1700. 

" See her marriage 21 Sep. 1667, and her husband's burial 7 Dec. 1687. 

" A fragment of her headstone still remains, recording that she died May 1, aged 67. 

» A son of John Garth, Esq., whose burial see 27 Jan. 1728-4. 





























April 5 
May I 
June 30 



Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1726 Dec. 17 Margarett,^ dau. of j^ Rev** M"" Jolin Waring, PrsBcentor. 
Mar. 13 D*" James Finney,* Prebendary. 

1727 Mar. 28 Elizabeth Waugh. 
April 2 M" Ann Barkhurst. 

May 9 Mary,^ dau. of M' Tho. Bowlby. 

June 27 Isabel,^ dau. of Jacob Eeadshaw. 

Mar. 22 Mary, wife of M' Tho. Hopper. 

1728 Mar. 27 Jane Bell. 

Oct. 7 Elizabeth, dau. of y« Eev«i M"^ John Rymer.** 

Oct. 20 M' Eobert Spearman.* 

Dec. 23 M' Abraham Yapp,^ formeriy Minor Canon of this Church. 

1729 May 11 M" Mary Smith, wid. of y« late D' Smith, Prebend, of this 


Aug. 4 John, son of John Bullock. 

Aug. 21 Thomas, son of Francis Walker. 

Sep. 21 Margarett,^ dau. of Hammond Clement. 

1730 Aug. 24 Ann Clarke, wid. 
Oct. 26 M' Thomas Bowlby.» 
Nov. 4 Q-eorge Snowden. 
Nov. 24 M' William Smith. 
Mar. 8 G-eorge Beadshaw. 

Mar. 11 M" Joanna Milner,^** wid. 

1731 April 27 Isabel Wood," wid. 

^ See her brother's baptism 18 March 1720-21. 

' lie was third son of William Fynney, or Finney, Esq., of Cheddleton, Staffs., by his wife 
Mary, dau. of Richard Bateman, Esq., of Hartington Hall, Derbyshire. See his first wife's burial 
2 Sep. 1707, and his second marriage 6 Oct. 1709. He died s.p., and by his will, dated 20 Feb. 
1726-7, left £2500 for two £40 Fellowships and two £10 Scholarships at Woroester College, Oxon, 
for natives of Staffordshire, and, in default, natiyes of co. Durham, but the Cknirt of Chanoeiy 
decided, 25 Jan. 1738, that only the former are eligible. (" Liber Scholastious.") 

' Bom 22nd and baptized 26 July 1725 at St. Mary-le-Bow, eldest dau. of Mr. Thomas 
Bowlby, of the City of Durham, Attomey-at-Law (see hb burial 26 Oct. 1730), by Biary his wife, 
dau. and coheiress of Peter Burrell, Esq., of Durham. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* See (presumably) the father's burial 25 July 1744. 

* See her baptism 15 Nov. 1715, and her father's burial 15 Feb. 1732-3. 

' He was younger brother of John Spearman the Under Sheriff, whose burial see 22 Sep. 
1703. See his marriage 11 Dec. 1701 ; his widow's burial 14 March 1737-8 ; that of a dau. 
18 Dec. 1714 ; and that of his granddau. Mrs. Fenwick 19 June 1838. 

7 Probably bom at his mother's home. Hilton in Staindropshire, oo. Pal. He entered at 
Trinity College, Cambridge, 8 Feb. 1686-7, aged 18, and graduated B.A. 1690; M.A. 1695; 
Minor Canon and, Feb. 1697, Sacrist. See his father's burial 2 Dec. 1691, his first wife's 18 April 
1699, and his widow's 17 Oct. 1732. 

' See her baptism 14 July 1729, and father's burial 4 March 1732-3. 

* Son of Richard Bowlby, merchant, of Stockton, and Mayor thereof in 1707, by Frances, dau. 
of Nicholas Swainston (marriage licence 18 Oct. 1697). Mr. Thomas Bowlby married Mary, 
youngest dau. and coheiress of Peter Burrell, Esq., of Durham (by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of 
Lancelot Hilton, of Durham), whom he married at St. Giles 23 May 1688. [MS. Ped. by 
E. A. W.] 

^® See her marriage 4 Nov. 1675, and husband's burial 5 June 1705. 

^^ Widow (presumably) of John Wood, College gardener. See baptism of their children 
12 June 1684 and 20 Jan. 1686-7. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 





































1731 June 9 Prances,^ wife of M' James Healetine. 
Robert Denton.^ 

Exton Sayer,* LL.D., & Spiritual Chancellour. 
James Hayes. 
M' Jolm Smith. 
Jolin Forster. 

1732 Oct. 17 M** Ann Yapp,* wid. of y« Rev*« M' Abr. Yapp. 
M" Jane Hilton, wid. 

Mary, wife of y* Rev^ M' Edward Gregory. 
Y« Rev^ M' Jobn Rymer.» 
Hammond Clement.* 

1733 April 2 Alice Massam,^ wid. 
Grace, wife of M' William Loftbouse. 
Robert,^ son of M' Robert Dixon. 
Frances Schepper.' 
Robert Johnson. 

1734 Nov. 30 Dorothy,io wife of y« Rev** D' Tho. Eden, Prebend, of this Church. 
Mary Mitford.^^ 

1735 April 25 John,^^ son of John Denton. 
Elizabeth Stagg." 

1736 Feb. 7 D^ William Watts,!* Prebendary. 

* See her marriage 24 Feb. 1729-30, and her husband's burial 23 June 1763. 
' See other Dentons in Index. 

* See ExTOM Pedigree in Le Neve's " Knights" (Harleian Society, Vol. YIII., p. 803). He 
married Catherine, younger dau. of William l^&lbot. Bishop of Durham 1722 — 1730 (grandfather 
of the first Eari Talbot, and ancestor of the present Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot). 

* See her marriage, 20 April 1700, to Mr. Tapp, and his burial 23 Deo. 1788 ; and consult 
Index for her children and other numerous Tapps. 

* Died 13th, aged 40. M.A., *' Scholarcha Sedgefeldensis "; Master of the Grammar School 
1711, on resignation of Bey. Thomas Bud ; Lecturer at St. Nicholas 29 Feb. 1719. See baptism 
of his dau. 15 Noy. 1715, and his widow's burial 2 Jan. 1747-8. 

* See his baptism 4 Sep. 1692, and his daughter's 14 July 1729 ; his wife's burial 28 March 
1739, and his other's 11 May 1710. 

7 Widow, perhaps, of John Maasam, buried 17 Dec. 1700. 

' The &ther was, perhaps, an apothecary, and identical with Bobert, baptised at Bow 17 Sep. 
1700, son of Mr. Bobert Dixon (baptized at Crossgate 14 March 1670-71), fourth son of Bobert 
Dixon, gent., of Bamshaw. 

* Bom 28 June 1667 and registered at St. Mary-le-Bow. See her father's burial 18 March 

*^ She was preyioosly widow of Bobert Shafto, of Whitworth, co. Pal., Esq., M.P., who died 
8.p., and' was dau. of Henry (Dawnay), second Viscount Downe. See her second husband's burial 
6 March 1754. 

^* Eldest dau. of John Mitford, whose burial see 4 Oct. 1704. She was bom 15 and baptised 
19 Aug. 1670 at St. Mary-le-Bow. 

^ See, perhaps, the father's burial 18 March 1705-6. 

^' See other Staggs in Index. 

'* His name is spelt Wats on his monument, which states that he was bom " in yill& de Barns- 
Hall, in agro Eboraoensci." He was a Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Bector of Wols- 
ingfaam, wfaioh he held with his stall. His arms. Or, three bucks passant asure; impaling 
Gules, a plain cross or, are on his monument. He was aged 50. See his widow's burial 8 Aug. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1787 May 4 W Eichard Stonehewer, Alderman. 
Eleanor Horseman. 
Ann Bell,* wid. 
M" Hannah Spearman,^ wid. 

1738 April 22 Ann,» dau. of y« Rev^ D' Thomas Sharp, Prebendary of this 

Wadham Chandler, M.A., Spiritual Chancellour & Prebendary 

of this Church. 
George Dixon,* attorn. 
The Eev^ M' Bryan Turner,* Pr»centor. 
M** Ann Hunter. 
Mary, wife of M^ James Hallyburton. 

1739 Mar. 28 Priscilla Clement,' widow. 
Catherine,^ wife of y« Rev^ M*" Eichard Dongworth. 
M' Jonathan Storey. 

1741 July 21 Mary Atkinson, wid. 
M" Elizabeth Burwell, wid. 
Elizabeth,® dau. of y* late Rev^ M' Bryan Turner. 
Esther Hawkins,' wid. 

1742 April 13 Eichard, son of M" Frances Middleton, wid. 
W Thomas Faucet. 
M" Margaret Hilton. 
Robert Renison. 
Elizabeth Snowden. 

1743 April 28 Walter Pearson. 
M" Mary Stonehewer, wid. 
Jonathan Hall, S.T.P., Prebendary of this Church. 
Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Chesterman. 
M' Charles Whitaker. 
M" Elizabeth Whitaker, wid., moth, of Char. 

1744 July 25 Jacob Readshaw.^<> 

1 See her marriage 28 May 1670. 

' See her marriage 18 July 1701, and her husband's burial 20 Oot. 1728. 

> See her baptism 19 April 1737. 

* Baptiied at Crossgate 7 April 1663, was of Durham and of Aykleyheads, Attomey-at-Law, 
and sometime Town Clerk of Durham, lie married, 11 June 1695, Elixabeth, dau. of Alderman 
Robert Grey, by whom he had three sons and four daughters. See her burial 6 June 1708. He 
married secondly, 2 Feb. 1700, Sarah, dau. of Francis Johnson, of Newcastle. She died 3 and 
was buried at the Cathedral 6 March 1766, aged 80. By his second wife he had two sons and 
three daughters. By his will, dated 2 March 2 George II., his children by his first wife are 
ignored. [MS. Fed. by B. A. W.] 

* See also burials of his married daughters 1 Feb. 1791 and 18 Aug. 1808. See the buriab of 
his widow 27 Feb. 1771, and daughters 80 Aug. 1741, 1 F^b. 1791, and 18 Aug. 1808. 

* See her husband's burial 4 March 1782-8. 

7 She died 27th, aged 29, and was the only dau. of John Coeens, of Waltham Cross, Herts, by 
his wife Sarah, whose burial see 81 Dec. 1747. See her husband's burial 26 Feb. 1761. 

" She was baptiied at St. Oswald's 17 March 1780-81. See her father's burial 14 Oct. 1788. 

* See, perhaps, her husband's burial 28 Nov. 1097. 

i<> See burial of hU dau. (?) 27 June 1727, and of his widow (?) 6 March 1744-6. 

















































June 15 

June 18 





Digitized by VnOOQlC 




















1744 Aug. 24 Eleanor Richardson, wid. 
Margaret Simpson. 
M' John Smith. 

Elizabeth,^ wife of Arthur Baty. 
Mary Readshaw,* wid. 

1745 May 29 Alice Denton,^ wid. 
Thomas Baty.* 
M" Jane Smart. 
John Schneeberger, a Swiss Captain of HirzeFs Regiment, & of 

y® Canton and City of Zurich. 
Feb. 11 Sam. Dav. Joseph de Monceaui d'Autin, a Captain in y« Dutch 
service, of Hirzel's Regiment. 

1746 April 14 M" Jane Bowes.^ 
Francis Walker. 
M' Hilton Shaw,* Alderman of Durham. 

1747 Aug. 1 Arthur Baty .7 
M" Ann Forster, wid. 
M'* Sarah Cosins,® wid. 
M" Michal Rymer,* wid. of y« late Rev** M' John Rymer. 

1748 Mar. 28 Thomas Baty.^o 
M" Elizabeth Hunter. 
M« Mary Watts, wid. of y« late Rev^ D' Watts, Prebend, of this 

M' John Pye." 

(Samuel Dennis, Sacrist, Nov. 20, 1748.) 
Martha Turvey. 
The Widow Edmundson.^^ 

1749 June 21 Mary BeU.^^ 

^ See burial of her husband 1 Aug. 1747. 

* Widow (perhaps) of Jacob, buried 25 July 1744. 

' Perhaps widow of John Denton, buried 13 March 1705-6. 

* A Thomas Baty was appointed Master of the Song School 14 Oct. 1720. The marriage, 
23 Sep. 1701, of " John Baty and Thomasine Croft, both serv" to y* Bishop, at y« Castle," and 
the burial, 28 June 1707, of " John Baty, apparitor ;" of " M'* Thomasine Baty, widow," occur at 
St. Oswald's. 

* Also entered at St. Oswald's. 

* Son of Geoffrey Shaw, of Barnard Castle, by his wife Barbara (whose baptism see 27 Oct. 
1670), dau. of Cuthbert Hilton, of Durham, gent. He married, at Stanhope, co. Pal., 3 April 
1739, " Mrs. Catherine Bickaby, of Durham," who re-married, at St. Giles, 15 April 1751, " Mr. 
Bichard Lowdon, wid'." 

7 See burial of his wife (?) 22 Feb. 1744-5, and burial of Thomas Baty 9 Aug. 1746. 

® Widow of John Cosens, of Waltham Cross, Herts, and mother of Mrs. Dongworth, whose 
burial see 30 May 1739. 

' See her husband's burial 15 Feb. 1732-3. 

»<> See note to burial of Thomas Baty 9 Aug. 1745. 

" He married, by licence, at St. Mary's, 6 June 1723, " Mrs. Margaret Burton," who was 
buried at St. Oswald's 7 Nov. 1727. [A burial of " Mrs. Pye, of Durham, widow," occurs 30 Aug. 
1711 at Northallerton.] 

" See note to burial of William Edmundson 8 Deo. 1704. 

*' Perhaps a dau. of Ann Bell, buried 6 Dec. 1737. 




























Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1750 June 18 Elizabeth Bullock. 

Jan. 27 Geo.,^ son of M"^ Christ. Johnson. 

1751 April 19 Eliz. Eainsford, granddaughter of S' Jno. Dolben,^ Baron*, Pre- 

bendary of this Church. 
Dec. 13 Eliz. Bawlin. 

1753 Jan. 4 M' W"» Pye.^ 
Aug. 18 Elizab*** Robinson. 

1754 Peb. 28 Christopher Readshaw. 

Mar. 6 Rev^^ D' Tho« Eden,* Prebendary of this Church. 

April 5 M" Jane Mowbray. 

July 20 Walter Pearson. 

Aug. 3 Dorothy Pax ton. 

1755 Mar. 10 Rev*»^ D^ Tho. Mangey,^ Prebendary of this Church. 

1756 Jan. 18 Margaret Thompson, widow. 
Jan. 24 Michael Conduit (drown*d). 

1757 April 9 Grace Whitaker. 
May 7 John Poole. 

July 2 M" Judith Sharp.« 

1758 Peb. 2 Thomas Foster, attomey-at-law. 

Mar. 23 Rev"^ D' Thomas Sharp,7 Prebendary of this Church. 

Nov. 1 M" Jane Rowe. 

Nov. 5 Elioner Sexton, widow. 

1760 July 13 Miss Mary Barker. 

Aug. 4 George Elleray. 

^ Born 19 July and baptized 11 Aug. 1749 at St. Mary-le-Bow, eldest son of Christopher 
Johnson, of Durham, Attomey-at-Law, by Tabitha his wife, youngest dau. of Oeorge Dixon, of 
Aykleyheads, who were married at St. Mary-le-Bow 27 Aug. 1747. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

2 Sir John Dolben, second Bart., married Elizabeth, dau. of William, fifth Lord Digby, and 
aunt of William Digby, LL.D,, Dean of Durham 1777—1788 (grandfather of the present Peer), 
and his dau. by her, Elizabeth, married John Nicholls Eaynsforth, Esq., of Brixworth, Northants, 
and was mother of the child above. Sir John Dolben died at Fineden 20 Nov. 1756. [" Diction- 
ary of National Biography," vol. xv., p. 193.] 

3 He was Registrar to the Chapter. His wife Mary was buried at St. Oswald's 15 April 

* He was baptized at St. Helen's Auckland, 27 Sep. 1682, the fourth son of Sir Robert Eden, 
first Bart., of West Auckland, by his wife, Margaret, dau. and heir of John Lambton, of Dur- 
ham, Esq. He was LL.D., Prebendary of the seventh stall and Official (Feb. 1723-4) to the Dean 
and Chapter. He died s.p. See his wife's burial 30 Nov. 1734. 

* Died 6th March 1755-6. D.D., LL.D., and Rector of St. Mildred's, Bread Street, London, 
He married, in 1728, Dorothy, dau. of John Sharp, Archbishop of York. She died at Dunmow, 
Essex, 6 March 1755. 

* Dau. of the Rev. Sir George Wheler, Prebendary of Durham and Rector of Houghton-le- 
Spring (whose burial see 23 Jan. 1723-4), wife of Archdeacon Sharp, who she married on the 
19th of June 1722, and mother of the celebrated philanthropist, Granville Sharp. Born 1700; 
buried in Galilee Chapel next her fkther. 

7 Bom 12 Dec. 1693 and baptized 1 Jan. 1693-4 at St. Martin's in the Fields ; of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, B.A. 1712; M.A. 1716; D.D. 1729; Rector of Rothbury, Northumberland. 
1720 ; one of Lord Crewe's trustees ; Archdeacon of Northumberland (collated 27 Feb. 1722-3) ; 
Prebendary of the tenth stall in Durham Cathedral (installed 1 Dec. 1732), and Prebendary of 
York and Southwell ; Official to the Dean and Chapter of Durham 1755. Died 16 March 1758, 
buried in the Galilee Chapel. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Dec. 31 


Feb. 26 


Jan. 14 

April 15 


May 31 

June 1 

June 11 

June 23 


April 11 

Sep. 26 


Mar. 6 

Oct. 7 


Nov. 24 


May 15 

June 26 

Sep. 2 

Dec. 20 


April 21 


R^ D' Wadham Knatchbull.^ 

The Eev'*'* M' Rich^ Dongworth.^ 

M" Margaret Moubray. 

M" Elizabeth Davison.^ 

M« Martha Fielding.* 

M" Frances Middleton, widow. 

Elizabeth Pearson. 

M' James Hesletine,^ Organist. 

M^ John Dixon,^ attomey-at-law. 

M'' Robert Doddesly,^ stationer in London. 

M" Sarah Dixon,^ widow. 

M" Dorothy Mickleton, widow. 

M" Sarah Dennis,* wife of the Rev°** M"^ Dennis, Sacrist of this 

M"^ Joseph 
M" Cuthbert,^* widow. 
W"»,^2 the son of Thomas Hogg. 
Thomas Paxton. 
EUzabeth Wardle.i^ 

* He was a younger son of Sir Edward Knatchbull, M.P., fourth Bart, (ancestor of the 
present Baronet and of Lord Brabourne), by his wife Alice, dau. of John Wyndhara, Esq., and 
granddau. of Sir Wadham Wyndham, a Judge of the Common Pleas Court. He (then " of 
Chilham, Kent")» married, 8 July 1743, at the private chapel of Somerset House, London, 
Harnett, dau. of Charles Parry, Esq. (" of Oakfield, Berks," she is described). He was LL.D. and 
Spiritual Chancellor of the diocese. 

' M.A. and Master of Grammar School Dec. 1732, and Vicar of Billingham ; he died 23rd, 
aged 58. His altar-tomb exists, but the inscription is nearly illegible. See his wife's burial 
30 May 1739, and sister's 17 June 1779. 

' Died 10th. She was dau. of William Davison, of Beamish, co. Pal., Esq., by his first wife 
Elizabeth, sister of Sir Benjamin Bawling. Her father re-married Dulcibella Morton, whose 
baptism see 22 Aug. 1682. Her will is dated 1 March 1762. M.I. at St. Oswald. 

* Of the North Bailey; dau. of Israel Feildinj?, of Startfortb, Esq., who was buried at 
St. Martin's in the Fields, London, 5 June 1723. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* See his marriage 24 Feb. 1729-30, and his wife's burial 9 June 1731. 

* Bom and baptized 11 March 1714-15 at Bow, second son of George Dixon, of Durham, by 
his second wife Sarah Johnson. See their burials 3 June 1738 and 6 March 1765. 

7 Rect^ Dodsley, the publisher and poet, born in 1703. [See "Dictionary of National 
Biography," vol. xv., p. 170.] 

' Second wife of George Dixon, Esq., of Durham and Aykleyheads, whose burial see 3 June 
1738. She was the dau. of Francis Johnson, of Newcastle, Esq., by his wife Eleanor, dau. of 
Eichard Bowser, of Auckland. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* See her husband's burial 14 Nov. 1775. ^^ See his marriage 17 May 1733. 

" Dorothy, widow of the Bev. Richard Cuthbert, Vicar of Kendal (to whom she married 
16 June 1735 at Houghton-le-Spring), and dau. of Christopher Mickleton, of Durham, gent. 
She was baptized 21 March 1715-16 ; see also the baptism of her husband's mother, Dorothy 
Spearman, 29 June 1670. Mrs. Cuthbert had a son George, who died about 1733, and a dau., 
whose burial see 6 Sep. 1796. Her husband died 7 Nov. 1744, set. 48, at Kendal. 

« See his baptism 13 March 1767. 

*^ She was the dau. of Christopher Mickleton, of Durham, gent., and married first (articles 
before marriage dated 11 Sep. 1785) Bichard Wilkinson, of New Elvet, who died in 1737. She 
married secondly, 6 June 1759, at St. Mary-le-Bow, Christopher Wardell, gent. [MS. Fed. by 
E. A. W.] 

Google — 

Digitized by VnOOQ 


May 12 

June 29 

July 25 


Oct. 29 


Feb. 8 

Feb. 27 

June 15 

July 7 

Aug. 1 


Mar. 22 

April 7 

June 14 


April 2 

Aug. 20 


Mar. 8 

Nov. 14 


The Eev'^d D' Bland,i Prebendary of this Church. 

Ch\' the infant dau. of y« Rev"* M' Weeton, Prebendary of this 

D' Tho8. Bradford, Physician. 
The Rev°^ M' Richard Rowe.* 
Anne Cordery. 
M" Elizabeth Turner.* 
M' William Dennis. 

M' Thos. Homsby,^ Alderman & apothecary. 
Francis Middleton,* Esq. 
M" Grace Middleton, widow. 
M" Catherine Russel, widow. 
Thomas,' son of M' Thomas Hogg. 

(James Deason, Sacrist, Nov. 1772.) 
The Honourable & R«v<* D' Spencer Cowper,® Dean of Durh^n. 
Christopher Walker. 

Thomasin,* widow of M' Homsby, apothecary. 
Samuel Dennis,^^ Minor Canon of this Church, Curate of S. 

Shields, & Rector of Beford in Yorkshire. 
Dec. 5 George BuUock,^^ batchelor. 

* Bora 1703. Henry, elder son of Dr. Henry Bland, Dean of Dorham 172&— 1746, Canon of 
Windsor and Provost of Eton College, by his wife Anne, dau. of Peter Hudson, Alderman and 
J.P. for Doncaster, by his wife Ursula, dau. of Robert Wildbore, of Arksey, near Doncaster. He 
was educated at Eton ; B.A. Christ Church, Oxford 1726 ; Prebendary of Lincoln and Rector of 
Gadway 1731 ; Rector of Washington and Bishopwearmouth 1735 ; installed in sixth prebend of 
Durham 2 Aug. 1737 ; D.D. 1747. Died 6 May, worth £80,000, which all went to his sisters. 
His epitaph was written by Dr. Louth, Bishop of Oxford. He is stated to haye been buried " in 
the transept," but his M.I. is in the Nine Altars. 

' Charlotte, dau. of Mr. Charles Weston, who was no relation to Dr. Phipps Weston, another 
Prebendary, whose burial see 24 April 1794. 

^ Baptized at St. Oswald's 14 Jan. 1689-90, the eldest son by his second wife of John Baw, or 
Bowe, Esq., whose burial see 13 Feb. 1721-2. 

* Widow of the Be v. Bryan Turner (whose burial see 14 Oct. 1738), to whom she was married 
as ** Mrs. Elizabeth Forster " 21 June 1722 at Crossgate. 

* See his widow's burial 8 March 1776. 

* See his marriage 5 Dec. 1749. 
7 See his baptism 17 Nov. 1763. 

® Died 25 March. He was younger son of Sir William Cowper, third Bart., who was afterwards 
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and Baron Cowper, and Lord High Chancellor of Great Brituu, 
and created, 1718, Earl Cowper (and is ancestor of the present Peer), by his second wife Mary, 
dau. and heiress of John daveriog, Esq., of Chopwell, co. Pal. He graduated B.A. 14 March 
1731-2 ; M.A. 1734; B. and D.D. by diploma 25 June 1746. He married. May 1743, Dorothy, 
elder dau. (by his second wife, sister of the Minister, Sir Bobert Walpole) of Charles, second Vis- 
count Townshend. He was made Dean of Durham 1746. His portrait hangs in the Chapter 

' She was married as " Mrs. Thomasine Foster " 31 Aug. 1732 at St. Oswald's. 

1® Poulson says, in his " History of Holderneas," that he obtained the Bectory of Beeford 
through the interest of his sister, who was housekeeper to Archbishop Blackburn. He appears to 
have resigned it before his death, as Poulson states that the Bey. Bobert Evans was instituted 
24 Nov. 1766, but query if correct. He graduated at New College, Oxford, B.A. 1723 ; M.A. 1726. 

" Perhaps a son of G^rge Bullock, biiried 2 Aug. 1699. 

Digitized by vnOO^J 



June 23 















June 17 









June 27 












1776 Jan. 25 Margaret Wright, virgin, Ciaypath. 
Elizabeth Allan, widow, of Elvet. 

1777 Jan. 8 Elizabeth Elleray, widow, housekeeper to the Bishop. 
Sarah Dennis,^ virgin, daughter of M"^ S. Dennis, late M. Canon. 

1778 Feb. 27 M" S. Wright, widow, of Ciaypath. 
Adam Scott, butler to D*" Sharp, Prebendary. 
Abraham Foster, batchelor. 

1779 May 7 Isabella Wright, virgin, of Clajrpath. 
M" Ann Fielding,^ virgin ; Bailey. 
M" Dongwith,^ old virgin ; Elvet. 

1780 Mar. 3 John King,* a trumpeter in the Huntington Militia. 
The Eev^ James Douglass,^ D.D., Prebendary of Durham. 

1782 April 14 John,® son of John Pearson. 
The Rev^ D"" Fawcett,^ Prebendary here. 
Tabitha,® daughter of Christopher Johnson, Esq', of Akleyheads ; 

Jane,* widow of D' Douglass, late Prebendary of this Church. 

1783 July 7 Donald MacPen, an old Scotchman ; pauper. 
Mary Bowlby,^^ widow, mother of D*^ P. Bowlby. 
Widow Innman (Mary),^^ sister to D*" Bowlby. 

1784 July 8 Sarah PoweU^ Her father died M. Canon in 1719. 

Stamp Duty paid, 

» See her father's burial 14 Nov. 1776. 

' Dau. of Israel Fielding by Margery his wife. Will dated 20 July 1772, wherein she says, 
** I desier to be kept four nights after I am dead. I would be buryed in woolling k a plain 
weinscot coffin, neather lined or covered." Proved at Durham in 1779. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

» Sister of the Rev. Bichard Dougwith, buried 26 Feb. 1761. 

* The Huntingdon Militia were quartered in Durham at this period, and there were barracks 
on the Palace Green. Several of the soldiers took wives from Durham, and their weddings occur 
at St. Nicholas. 

* Rectk Douglas. Vicar of Kelloe ; Rector of Long Newton 1742 ; Rector of Stainton 1760; 
Prebendary of the fifth and fourth stalls successively. He became, by the death of his elder 
brother in 1774, head of the Cavers family of Douglas (see ** Landed Gentry **), but died issueless. 
See his widow's burial 4 Sep. 1782. 

* According to the tombstone, which is much the more likely to be correct, John is in error 
for Jamet in both instances. See the father James Pearson's burial 7 Sep. 1801. The date of 
the son's death on the tombstone is given as 18th. 

7 Baptized 8 Oct. 1714, he was second son of John Fawcett, Esq., Recorder of Durham (whose 
portrait is in the Town Hall), by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Stonehewer, Esq., of Durham. 
He was Rector of Gateshead and Vicar of Newcastle. He married Miss Elizabeth Brown, his 
elder son by whom assumed the name of Pulteney. See Burke's " Landed Gentry.'' 

^ Bom 20 Jan. 1762, second dau. of Christopher Johnson, of Durham, Attomey-at-Law, 
whose burial see 13 Dec. 1787, by his wife Tabitha, dau. of George Dixon, of Aykleyheads, co. 
Durham (see her burial 18 March 1798). [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* The " Landed Gentry " states that she was Jean, dau. of Halyburton, of Pitcur, co. Forfar. 
See her husband's burial 2 Aug. 1780. 

*® Baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 2 Feb. 1697-8, youngest dau. and coheiress of Peter Burrell, 
Esq., of Durham, and widow of Thomas Bowlby, gent., and Attomey-at-Law. See their marriage 
2 Feb. 1719-20. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

" Baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 29 June 1727 ; married there (as second wife), 23 Oct. 1755, 
Charles Inman. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ See her father's burial 19 April 1719. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Nov. 6 


Sep. 1 




Feb. 1 


Mar. 21 


1784 Nov. 19 Ann Loadman, widow. 

1786 May 22 Elizabeth, daughter of the late Eev^ M' Hopper. 
Aug. 15 Margaret Foster, widow. 

1787 Dec. 13 Christopher Johnson,^ attomey-at-law, of Akleheads. 

Stamp Duty paid to Oct, 1, 1788, viz, 3' a head for baptisms Sf funerals, 

(James Deason, Sacrist.) 
Elizabeth Marsden,^ widow. 
Anthony Pearson,^ batch^ 

M" Ann Davison* (sister to Lady Eden), of the Bailey. 
Anii,5 wife of M' Will"^ Walker, of Gilligate. 
William Ambler,^ Counsellor-at-Law, South Bailey, Recorder of 
May 3 The Rev^ John Sharp,^ D.D., Archdeacon of Northumberland & 
Prebendary (the 11'^ stall) here. 

1793 April 25 Eliza, dau. of the Rev^ Dickens Haslewood, Minor Canon. 

Oct. 20 Henry, son of the Rev* D. Haslewood, M. Canon & Rector of 

Little S* Mary's (an infant). 
Dec. 13 Margaret, wife of James Bullock, taylor. 
Dec. 20 Ann,® widow of the late Will"* Ambler, Counsellor. 

1794 Jan. 9 Agnas, wife of Thomas Curry. 

April 24 The Rev* Phipps Weston,^ Prebendary here & Rector of Witney, 

* Born 7 April 1718 ; of Durham, Attorney-at-Law, and afterwards {jure uxorU) of Aykley- 
heads. He married, at St. Mary-le-Bow, 27 Aug. 1747, Tabitha, youngest dau. of George Dixon, 
of Aykleyheads, Esq., and sister and heiress of John Dixon, of Aykleyheads. See her bunal 
18 March 1798. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

2 Baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 31 Jan. 1730-31 ; married there, 1 July 1754, to Thomas 
Marsden, of Bamsley, co. York. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ A hairdresser, and died 30 Aug. ; baptized at Crossgate 16 Jan. 1748-9. See hb father's 
burial 21 Sep. 1806. 

* Dau. of William Davison, Esq., of Beamish, co. Pal. See Pedigree of Davison of Beamish 
in Surtees, vol. ii. 

* She died on Sunday, 30 Jan., and was a dau. of the Rev. Bryan Turner, M.A., whose burial 
see 14 Oct. 1738. 

' He died 15 March and is buried in the Nine Altars. He was son of William Ambler, a 
London conveyancer. See his widow's burial 20 Dec. 1793, and daughter's 4 March 1829. He 
was appointed Recorder of Durham. 

7 Born 21 March 1722-3 ; Vicar of Hexham Jan. 1759-60 ; Archdeacon of Northumberland 
(collated 21 April) 1762 ; Prebendary of the ninth stall (mstalled 11 Aug.) 1768; P.C. of Barm- 
brough 1773; of Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1743; M.A. 1747; J>.D. 1759); was also 
Vicar of Hartbum, and Lord Crewe's senior Trustee. Buried in the Galilee. [MS. Ped. by 
E. A. W.] 

^ She died 14 Dec., and was dau. of William Steele, gent., of Newcastle. Her sister Elizabeth, 
marrying Hauxley Surtees, of Newcastle, was grandmother of Surtees the historian of Durham. 

' He died 20 April, in his 56th year. He matriculated at Magdalen College, Oxford, 28 July 
1753, then aged 15. His father, the Eev. Phipps Weston, matriculated (son of John Weston, of 
Oxford, "pleb.") at Brasenose 17 March 1730-31, then aged 17; B.A. Christ Church 1734; 
M.A. 1737; B.D. and D.D. New Inn Hall 1772. The Prebendary married, circa June 1790, 
the dau. and sole heiress of Thomas Clarke, of Hammersmith, deceased. He was installed in the 
third prebend 17 July 1789 ; was also Bector of Witney, Oxon. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


June 19 

Sep. 17 

Sep. 25 

Oct. 9 

Oct. 26 


Jan. 20 


Mar. 15 

Sep. 6 


Jane,^ wife of John Pearson, bellringer. 

Boulby, son of D. Haslewood, Minor Canon. 

Thomas, son of Dick. Haslewood, Minor Canon. 

Martha,^ wife of the Rev^ Joseph Watkin, Vicar of Merrington & 
Minor Canon. 

Henry Howard,* batchelor. 

John Pearson,* a bellringer & shoemaker. 

Mary Cook, a servant in the College. 

Miss Cuthbert. Her father was Vicar of Kendal in Westmore- 
land in 1745, & left the town as the Rebels came in. 

1798 Jan. 31 Mary Sharp,^ of the South Bailey in Durham, widow of the late 

Rev<* John Sharp, D.D., Prebendary of 9*** and afterwards 
of the IV^ stall in this Cathedral, and daughter of the Rev** 
Heneage Deering, formerly Dean of Ripon. Died, in the 
77th year of her age, on 26*** & was buried on 31** day of 
January 1798 in the Gkliley. 

Mar. 18 Tabitha,* widow of the late Christopher Johnson, Esq', attomey- 
at-law, of Akleheads ; died at her house in Queen Street 
March 15*^. 

Sep. 23 Ann,7 wife of William Brecknell, Virger to the Dean of Durham. 

Dec. 14 Ann Pearson, spinster, aged 92. 

1799 June 9 Elizabeth,® widow of Captain Bright, & daughter of the late D'^ 

Stonehewer, Rector of Houghton-le-Spring, aged 72. 

1800 April 22 Charlotte Fielding,® spinster, aged 96. 

1801 May 26 James Bullock, bellows-blower to the Organist. 

Aug. 8 TJvedale Robert,!^ infant son of the Rev^ Robert Price, LL.D., 
Prebendary of Durham, & Mary Ann his wife. 

^ See her husband's burial 20 Jan. 1795. 

' Died 8th. She was married 9 June 1773. He married secondly Anna Maria, dau. of 

Owen, who died bis widow, aged 80, and was buried at St. Mary-the-Less 20 Jan. 1838. He 
was afterwards Yicar of Norham, where he was buried. 

» " In his 04th year." (" Newcastle Advertiser.") 

* See his wife's burial 19 June 1794. 

* Born 7 March 1720-21 ; married, 4 Dec. 1752, to the Rev. John Sharp, D.D. See his burial 
3 May 1792. 

• Youngest dau. of George Dixon, of Aykleyheads, co. Durham ; married at St. Mary-le-Bow, 
27 Aug. 1747, Christopher Johnson, Attorney-at-Law. See his burial 13 Dec. 1787. [MS. Fed. 
by E. A. W.] 

7 She died 20th. The Verger [a freeman of Durham] died 11 Jan. 1806, aged 76, and was 
buried at Wolsingham 13th. His son William Brecknell was a surgeon there, and had, by Jane 
Hall his wife, a dau. Jane, who married, 25 Jan. 1837, Joseph Snaith Wooler, gent., of Wolsing- 

' In Surtees' pedigree she is wrongly called Margery. Her sister was Margery, and the 
second wife of Nicholas Halhead, Esq. 

• Of the North Bailey, third dau. of Israel Feilding by Margery his wife. See her sisters* 
burials 3 June 1779 and 31 May 1763. Their tomb in the Cathedral Yard has a fine carving of 
the Feilding arms, in a maiden lozenge borne on the breast of the double-headed eagle of the 
House of Hapsburg. [MS. Fed. by B. A. W.] 

^^ Also Canon Residentiary of Salisbury. This child, according to a newspaper, was bom 
21 July 1801. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 











James Pearson,^ shoemaker ; Sadler Street. 
Mary,^ dau. of John Smith, Virger. 

The Eev^ Newton Ogle,^ D.D., Dean of Winchester & Prebendary 
of Durham. 
April 18 Philip Vavasor/ infant son of the Reverend David Durell & 

Anne his wife. M' Durell is Prebendary of Durham. 
Dec. 5 John,^ 4*^ son of the Reverend George Barrington, Prebendary 
of Durham and Rector of Sedgefield, & Elizabeth his wife. 

1805 Mar. 30 Ann,^ wife of Ambrose Wallice, Porter at the Castle. 
Oct. 28 Christopher JohnsonJ attorney -at-law ; Queen Street. 

1806 April 24 Elizabeth Hutchinson, housekeeper to D^ Zouch.® 

* Perhaps a brother of William Pearson the Verger, buried 21 Sep. 1806. See his widow's 
burial 20 Oct. 1829. 

^ See her father's burial 19 Dec. 1813. 

' " Father of the College." He was installed Prebendary 27 Oct. 1768, and made Dean of 
Winchester 21 Oct. 1769. He died 6 Jan., aged 78. See his daujfhter's burial 26 Feb. 1825, and 
Burke's " Landed Gentry "— " Ogle of Kirkley." 

* Baptized 25 Jan. 1804 at Mongewell, Oxfordshire, of which the father was about sixty years 
Rector, and fifty years Prebendary of Durham, where he was appointed to the ninth stall in 1801, 
and removed to the eighth in 1809. A native of Jersey, he was born 18 June 1762, a younger 
son of Thomas Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell (the representative of one of the oldest families in Jersey, 
and the direct descendant of John Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell, born circa 1497, and his wife Anne 
Messervy ) by his first wife Mary, dau. of John Aubin, Denunciator of the Eoyal Court of Jersey, 
and niece of the Eev. Philip Falle, Prebendary of Durham, Rector of Shenley, Herts, and Chap- 
lain to the King. He married Anne, dau. of Philip Robin, of another old Jersey stock, and by 
her, who died at Mongewell, Sunday, 16 Oct. 1836, had with other issue a son Thomas Vavasour 
Durell, who succeeded him in the Rectory of Mongewell. Dr. Durell's family present a curious 
instance of the ancient nomenclature of the Channel Islands. He used the ordinary arms of 
Vavasour, " Or, a fess dancett^ sable," but some of the family now use " Azure, a lion rampant 
erminois ducally crowned," which bearing differs but slightly from that of the English Darells. 
He graduated at Christ Church, Oxon, B.A. 1785 ; M.A. 1789 ; D.D. of Durham University. 
He died 15 Jan. 1852 and was buried at Mongewell. [David Durell, who graduated M.A. at 
Pembroke College, Oxon, and afterwards B.D. and D.D. at Hertford College, and Prebendary of 
Canterbury, was uncle of Dr. David Durell, and son of another Thomas Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell. 
John Durell, likewise a native of Jersey, of Merton College, Oxon, received a prebend from 
Bishop Cosin.] 

* The father (see the " Peerages ") succeeded in 1815 as fifth Viscount Barrington, and was 
nephew of the Hon. Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham. He married, 1788, Elizabeth, dao. 
of Robert Adair, Esq., by Caroline, dau. of the second Earl of Albemarle. He died 5 March 
1829, and his wife 2 March 1841. All their numerous children were bom at Sedgefield Rectory, 
it is believed. 

* She was married, as Ann Soott, 4 April 1775 at St. Mary's. See her daughter-in-law's 
burial 24 March 1837. 

7 Second son of Christopher Johnson, Attomey-at-Law, who was buried at the Cathedral 
13 Dec. 1787, by his wife Tabitha, dau. of George Dixon, of Aykleyheads, co, Durham, whose 
burial see 18 March 1798. He was born 10 Sep. and baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 9 Oct. 1750, 
and died s.p. 25 Oct. 1805. He married Mary, dau. of Thomas Carr, 17 July 1800. See her 
burial 16 March 1837. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Dr. Zouch was one of the Prebendaries and Rector of Wy cliff e-on -Tees. He married firstly 
Isabella, dau. and coheir of the Rev. John Emerson, Rector of Winston, whose other dau. and 
coheir Frances Emerson married Thomas Emerson Headlam, Esq., father of the late Archdeacon 
Headlam. He married secondly, Aug. 1808> at Sandall, near Wakefield, Miss Brooke, sister of 
William Brooke, Esq., of Wakefield, the Doctor being then about 73. He died, aged 80, at 
Sandal, 17 Deo. 1815. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1806 July 20 Betty Smith, servant to D' Price. 

July 26 Margaret,! wife of Rev^ John Pitchford, A.M. 

Sep. 21 William Pearson,^ late Yirger ; bom in 1722. 

Oct. 12 Margaret Cummins, servant to M"^ Woodifield. 

Oct. 27 Gibson Yarrow, spirit-merchant. 

1808 Jan. 14 Elizabeth, wife of Hendry Hopper, Esquire. 

Feb. 12 Ann,^ wife (widow) of the late Virger, Will" Pearson. 

Feb. 29 Francis Danes, infant son of the Rev^ M' Barrington,* Pre- 
bendary of Durham & Rector of Sedgfield, & Elizabeth his 

Aug. 18 Jane,^ wife of John Roddam, of Gateshead. 

1809 Jan. 21 Mary Hunter, housekeeper to the Bishop of S* David's.® 

Mar. 25 Judith Sharp,^ virgin, sister to D' Sharp, late Prebendary of the 

eleventh Stall. 
Sep. 22 Richard Samuel,® son of D' & M" Prosser. D^ Pressor was [«m?] 

Prebendary & Archdeacon of Durham. 
1812 Feb. 21 Harriet SibyUa,® fourth dau. of Rev<» Henry Phillpotts, Pre- 

bendary of the ninth stall, & of Deborah Maria his wife. Aged 

twenty weeks. 
April — Edmond,^^ son of Rev^ Rob* Gray, Prebendary of the ... . stall, 

& of Elizabeth his wife. Aged 4 days. Bom April 2"* ; died 

April 6t^ 
June 25 Hendry Hopper, Esq., of Hendon in the parish of Bishop-Wear- 

mouth : died June 21«*. 

^ The " Newcastle Advertiser ** statee thai she " died at Durham, in ohild-bed, in the very 
bloom of life." Although not in the Register, was buried in the Nine Altars, where her M.I. 
states she was aged 26 years and her infaut two days. 

' Died 20th. The " Newcastle Advertiser " stated that he " had held different situations 
about the Cathedral for upwards of 60 years/' See burials of his wife 12 Feb. 1808, his dau. 
28 April 1825, and his son Anthony 1 Sep. 1789, and other Pearsons in Index. [Possibly Mr. 
Anthony Pearson, who was appointed Under Sheriff of the county 1663, and was buried 24 Jan. 
1666-6 at St. Mary's, was his ancestor.] 

' See her husband's burial 21 Sep. 1806. 

* See burial of a son, John, 5 Deo. 1804. 

* Aged 80, according to " Newcastle Advertiser," and died 15th. She was dau. of Bey. Bryan 
Turner (see his burial 14 Oct. 1738). 

' The Bishop of St. Dayid's, John Bankes Jenkinson (a name so familiar as coming in the 
" bidding " prayer at the Cathedral), was also Dean of Durham 1827 — 1840. 
7 See her baptism 25 Nov. 1783. 

* Only son of his parents; died at Bamborough 15 Sep., aged 13 ("Newcastle Advertiser"). 
The father (Balliol College, Oxford) was Archdeacon of Durham 1808 — 1831, when he resigned, 
and Prebendary for thirty-five years. He died at Belmont, Herefordshire, «t. 91, 8 Oct. 1839, 
bequeathing his estates to his sister's grandson, the present Francis Bichard Wegg-Prosser, of 
Belmont, Esq. See the mother's burial 11 March 1824. 

* See her baptism 6 Oct. 1811. 

*^ Dr. Gray was Bector of Bishopwearmouth and Prebendary of the seventh stall, and after- 
wards Bishop of Bristol ; graduated B.A. 1784 ; M. A . 1787 ; B.D. 1799 and D.D. 1802. He married 
Elizabeth, sister of Alderman Camplm, of Bristol. He died at Bodney House, Clifton, 28 Sep. 
1834. See his dau. Mrs. Mowbray's burial 18 Feb. 1828. 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1812 Sep. 21 Jane,^ dau. of John Hall, Silver Street, parish of S* Nicholas, 

currier, & Elizabeth his wife. Aged 5 years. 

1813 Feb. 9 Faith,^ dau. of John Smith, Virger, and of his wife; Queen 

Street, in the parish of North Bailey ; 2 years & 4i months ; 

D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Mar. 28 Sarah, second dau. of Dickens Haslewood, Sacrist, and of 

Elizabeth his wife ; South Bailey ; 20 years 11 months and 19 

days ; Jn** Clarke, Minor Canon. 
April 2 Elizabeth,^ third dau. and fourth child of James "Wallace, flax- 
dresser, and of Ann Wallace his wife ; Claypath, in the Parish 

of S^ Nicholas, Durham; 5 years; Jno. Clarke, Minor 

May 3 Elizabeth,* dau. of John Hall, Currier, and of Elizabeth his wife; 

Silver Street, parish of S* Nicholas, Durham ; one year ; D. 

Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Nov. 16 Jane,^ dau. of Robert and Ann Hall (their second child and first 

dau.) ; Chapelry of S^ Margaret, Durham ; eleven weeks ; 

D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Dec. 19 John Smith,* Virger; Queen Street, in the parish of North 

Bailey ; 35 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1814 April 27 John Handy, footman to the Hon**^'' and Rev^ A. Grey, Pre- 

bendary ; College ; 37 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Dec. 15 Mary Atkinson ;7 Dun Cow Lane, parish of S' Mary le Bow, 
Durham ; 70 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1815 April 14 Christopher Sanders (servant with M' Woodifield, Sub-Treasurer) ; 

College ; 22 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
May 81 Edward Griffith,® son of John and Mary Griffith; S^ Mary le 
Bow, Durham ; one year and twelve weeks ; D. Haslewood, 

1816 Jan. 25 Mary Walker, widow (servant as housekeeper in) the prebendal 

house of D' Price ; 64 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Jan. 26 Ann Jemima Sharp,* spinster; South Bailey; 53 years; D. 
Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1 Died 19 Sep. Second dau. and third child of her parents, whose burials see 13 May 1841 and 
23 Feb. 1851. She was born 2 Deo. 1806. 

* See her father's burial 19 Deo. 1813. 

' See her mother's burial 24 March 1837. Her father, James, was son of Ambrose and Ann 
Wallace ; see the latter's burial 30 March 1805. 

* Bom 80 March 1812. Third dau. and fifth child of John Hall, whose burial see 13 May 

* Died 14th. See her father's burial 2 Oct. 1816. 

* See his daughters' burials 25 March 1803, 9 Feb. 1813, and 3 March 1831, and his wife's 
2 Feb. 1840. 

7 She died 12 Dec. She was housekeeper to the Dean, Bishop of St. David's. 

' Bom 6 March and baptized 22 May 1814. Son of John Griffith, of Durham, Under Sherilf 
of the Palatinate, by Mary, dau. of John Hays, Esq. See their burials 19 May 1845 and 21 Oct. 
1860. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

* Bora 15 Noy. 1762. Only child of her parents, whose burials see 3 May 1792 and 31 Jan. 
1798. She was buried near them in the Galilee Chapel. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1816 June 4 John Hall,i son of John and Elizabeth Hall; Silver Street, 

parish of S* Nicholas ; 6 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Oct. 2 Robert Hall;^ chapelry of S* Margaret, Durham; 29 years; 
D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1817 Feb. 22 Henry Evans Holder,^ M.D. ; North Bailey ; 35 years ; Dickens 

Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Mar. 22 Ann Hall,* dau. of John & Elizabeth Hall ; Silver Street, parish 

of S' Nicholas ; 12 years ; D. Haslewood, Sacrist. 
Nov. 23 Thomas Acton ;5 Queen Street, S' Mary-le-Bow; 62 years; 

P. Penson, off. Min. 

1818 Oct. 25 Mary, wife of William Evance ; Bow Lane, North Bailey ; 67 

years ; Dickens Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1819 Oct. 6 Arthur Johnston ; Palace Green ; twelve years; Dickens Hasle- 

wood, Sacrist. 

1820 April 6 Richard Buttler;* parish of S* Nicholas ; forty years; Dickens 

Haslewood, Sacrist. 

1821 Oct. 7 Dickens Haslewood, Sacrist and Librarian ; South Bailey ; 61 ; 

John Clarke, ofBc* Min'. 
Dec. 30 Robert Hall; 7 Pramwellgate ; 70; Tho" Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1822 April 20 Anne Bennett ;® Gilesgate ; 6 months ; Tho» Ebdon, Sacrist. 
June 11 Stephen George Kemble;^ Grove, South Street; 64; W. N. 

Darnell, offic* Min'. 

^ Second son and fourth child. See the father's burial 13 May 1841. Tombstone says buried 
2nd, but that is the date of his death, also the sixth anniversary of his birth. 

' A tanner ; died 29 Sep. Son of Robert Hall, whose burial see 30 Dec. 1821. He married 
Ann (bom 15 April 1792), dau. of Ralph and Sarah Jackson (see burial of Mary Dickons 6 April 

' Physician to the Durham Infirmary ; died 18th. His eldest dau. Ashley married, 5 Nov. 
1831, at Clifton, Gloucester, B. W. Elton, Esq., 16th N.I., nephew of Admiral Sir William 

* Eldest dau. and second child, born 8 Dec. 1804 ; died 20th, which tombstone wrongly gives 
as burial date. See her father's burial 13 May 1841. 

* The " Durham Adyertiser " says he died 21st, aged 60, and was a " gentleman " chorister. 
He married, 3 July 1796 ("Newcastle Advertiser"), at Chester-le-Street, Eliza Marshall, of 

* Described as of Sunderland on his tombstone. He married Margaret-Pearson (whose burial 
see 19 Feb. 1861), dau. of Alderman John Wolfe, of Durham, by his wife Elizabeth Pearson. 
His widow re-married the Bev. Edward Davison at St. Oswald's 11 May 1824. 

7 Died 28th ; of Pramwellgate, tanner and shoemaker. See his wife's burial 23 Feb. 1827, and 
those of his sons, Robert and John, and dau. Mrs. Wallace. Mr. Ebdon, the Sacrist, was Vicar 
of Billingham, and died in Claypath 18 Nov. 1852, aged 65, and buried at St. Oswald's. 

^ Dau. of George Bennett, a singing-man, afterwards a painter, who died, aged 71, 7 Oct. 
1864 in Gilesgate. See burial of another infant 6 Feb. 1824. 

' The least good actor of the Kemble family, and chiefly celebrated for being able to play 
Falstaff without padding. He was bom 3 May 1758 at Kingstown, Herefordshire, the second 
son of Roger Kemble (a Roman Catholic), by his wife Sarah, dau. of Mr. Ward, also an actor and 
a contemporary of Quin. Roger Kemble, who died about 6 Dec. 1802, very eariy in life appeared 
on the stage, but only once acted in London, and then for his son Stephen's benefit, but he was 
long a Bianager of strolling companies. Mrs. Kemble played, the very night Stephen was bom, 
the part of Anne Boleyn, which was just at the time when the Queen is supposed to give birth to 
the PrinoesB Elizabeth. Stephen Kemble, who was brother to John and Charles Kemble and Mrs. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1822 Dec. 10 Hannah Spoor (housekeeper in the) prebendal house of D'^ Gray; 

66 ; Tho" Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1823 Feb. 18 Elizabeth Mowbray,^ wife of George Isaac Mowbray, Esq., of 

Yapton House, Sussex, and eldest daughter of the Rev^ D' 

Gray ; Rectory, Bishop-Wearmouth ; 24 ; F. Haggitt, offic* 

Mar. 11 Anthony Hopper,^ Esquire; Silksworth; 85; W. N. Darnell, 

officK Min'. 
April 15 Francis Baker,^ Capt° in the Royal Navy ; prebendal house of 

D^ Price (College) his father4n-law ; 37 ; Tho« Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 2 George Isaac Mowbray/ Esq., of Yapton House, Sussex (and 

son-in-law of the Rev. D"^ Gray) ; prebendal house of D"^ Gray; 

31 ; Rev. W. N. Darnell, offic« Min'. 
Dec. 5 Elizabeth Russell; prebendal house of D"^ Gray (College) in 

whose service she had lived ; 65 ; Tho» Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1824 Feb. 6 Ann Bennett ; Gilesgate ; 5 months and 10 days ; Tho* Ebdon, 

Feb. 28 John Wilton,^ College Cook ; North Bailey ; 54 ; Tho« Ebdon, 

Mar. 11 Sarah Pressor,* wife of the Rev^ R. Pressor, D.D., Archdeacon 

and Prebendary of Durham ; D*" Pressor's house. College ; 70 ; 

R. G. Bouyer, offic«f Min'. 
June 22 Jonathan Linslay ; M' Woodifield's house. College (with whom 

he lived as servant) ; 29 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 22 Ann Phillips; 7 Sunderland; 7 weeks; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

SiddoDSj was firstly apprentioed to a surgeon at Coventry, and was afterwards Manager of the 
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, and other theatres. When he settled in Durham he 
lived at '* The Grove," near the present Grammar School. In Feb. 1820 he advertised as " Shortly 
to be published, * Durham College ; or, Portraits of the Living : a Poem. By S. G. Kemble. 
Dedicated to Viscount Barriogton.' " He died 5 June and is buried in the Nine Altars. See his 
wife's burial 28 Jan. 1841. 

^ She was married, in Nov. 1821, to George Isaac Mowbray, Esq., whose burial see 2 July 
1823. She died at the birth of her only child, Elizabeth-Gray, now the wife of the Bight Hon, 
Sir John Robert Mowbray (formerly Cornish), Bart., M.P. for Oxford, who sat for Durham City 
1863—1868. She is buried in the Nine Altars (M.I.). 

' Buried in the Nine Altars. 

^ Died 11th. He was buried in the outer south aisle of the Galilee. See his son's baptism 
10 Jan. 1817 and his daughter's 9 Feb. 1821. 

* He was elder son of George Mowbray, Esq., of Ford, co. Durham, and Mortimer, Berks, by 
Jane, dau. and heiress of Oliver Coghill, of Coghill, co. York, Esq., and grandson of George 
Mowbray, Esq., of Ford, whose wife was Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Wilkinson, Esq., of Crossgate. 
See the burial, 18 Feb. 1823, of Mrs. Mowbray, with whom he lies in the Nine Altars. 

» Died 24th. 

* Died 4th. She was the youngest dau. of Samuel Wegg, Esq., of Bloomsbury Square, 
London, and Acton, Middlesex, and was her brother's sole heiress. She was married 20 June 1796, 
by the Bev. Dr. Parker, Rector of St. James, Westminster, to Dr. Bichard Prosser, then Sector 
of Gateshead. See her son's burial 22 Sep. 1809. 

7 The mother was Mary Ann, dau. of James Wallace, of Claypath, grocer, by his wife Ann 
Hall, whose burial see 24 March 1887. She married, at St. Nicholas, 15 July 1823, Alexander 
Phillips, of the Sunderland Pottery. . 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1824 July 28 Mary Jane PhiUips;! Sunderland; 8 weeks; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Dec. 6 Mary Cowens ; Vise' Barrington's prebendal house, College 

(with whom she lived as servant) ; 20 ; W. S. Temple, offic^ 
Dec. 20 Jane Logan,^ wife of Alex' Logan, Esq. ; Old Elvet ; 79 ; W. N. 
Darnell, offic^ Min'. 

1825 Feb. 26 Susannah Ogle,^ sister of the Rev^ J. S. Ogle, Prebendary of 

Durham ; College ; 66 ; W. N. Darnell, offic« Min^ 
April 28 Ann Pearson;* GWesgate; 80; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 5 Elizabeth Haslewood, relict of the late Rev^ Dickens Haslewood, 

Sacrist of this Cathedral ; Bishop- Wearmouth ; 65 ; T. Ebdon, 

Sep. 6 William Tyler ;5 College ; 10 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Dec. 6 Anne Matilda Feilding,* eldest daughter of the late George 

Feilding, Esq., of Startforth Hall, in the County of York; 

North Bailey, Durham ; 77 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1826 Jan. 21 Andrew Philip Skene,7 Esq., of Hallyards, in Fife, and of Kil- 

macoc, in the County of Wicklow, Ireland, Officer in His 
Majesty's Army; Church Street, Durham; 73; T. Ebdon, 
Feb. 4 The Rev<* Reynold Gideon Bouyer,^ LL.B., Prebendary of this 

* See last entry. 

' Buried in the GUlilee. She was first wife to Alexander Logan, who married secondly, at 
St. Oswald's, 15 April 1827, Jane, dau. of Matthew Damon, of East Burdon. ("Durham Adver- 

' She was dau. of the Very Bev. Newton Ogle, D.D., of Kirkley Hall, Northumberland, Dean 
of Winchester and Prebendary of Durham (whose burial see 12 Jan. 1804), and sister of the Bev. 
John Savile Ogle, D.D., of Kirkley. Dr. J. S. Ogle died at Kirkley, 1 April 1853, aged 86, and 
his wife Catherine-Hannah, dau. of Edward Sneyd, Esq., of Dublin (and aunt of the Bev. Edward 
Sneyd, Minor Canon, of whom hereafter, under 11 Sep. 1837), died 18 March same year, aged 83. 

* Dau. probably of William Pearson, the Verger, whose burial see 21 Sep. 1806. 

* See his baptism 16 Dec. 1814, and his father's burial 14 July 184d. 

* Baptized at Startforth, co. York, 15 May 1748. Her father was buried there 13 June 1783 ; 
her mother, Ann, buried there 18 Nov. 1782. 

7 Died 18th. Pormerly Captain 9th Light Dragoons and Major of Brigade in Canada. He 
was the only son of Captain Philip [Wharton] Skene, Lieu tenant-Grover nor of Crown Point and 
Ticonderoga, Colonel of a regiment of Militia in America (Commission as Ensign 1st Boyals 
11 Sep. 1741 or 1742; Second Lieut. 26 Sep. 1745), and sometime Captain 27th Foot, by 
Katharine, only child of Samuel Heyden, of Arklow, co. Wicklow, by his wife Katherine Byrne, 
of Ballymanus. He was bom 25 March 1753 in Dublin Barracks, and baptized by the Chaplain 
of the Boyals and afterwards at Maynooth. Commission as Ensign 27th Begiment 1762, and 
so Oct. same year, Lieut. 72nd Begiment (being then nine years of age !), and Lieut. 43rd Begi- 
ment 1774. He married, at St. Dunstan*s, Fleet Street, Henrietta, only child of David James, 
Solicitor, of Serjeants' Inn (where she was born), and of Golygoed, Carmarthenshire, and by her 
had, with other issue, a dau. Henrietta, married to William Trotter, Esq., of Bishop's Auckland. 
Captain Andrew Philip Skene, who was the twenty-ninth head in male succession of the ancient 
Scotch house of Skene, of Skene and Hallyards, is buried in the outer south aisle of the Galilee 

® Died 30th Jan. Vicar of Northallerton, LL.B. Buried in the Nine Altars, where his M.I. 
displays the arms : " Azure, a lion rampant or ; impaling Azure, a bull passant argent." See his 
widow's burial 15 Aug. 1831. 

Google — 

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Cathedral, Archdeacon of Northumberland, etc.; Prebendal 
House, College; 84; The Very Eev** Charles Henry Hall, 
Dean of Durham. 

1826 Mar. 8 William Browning, coachman to the late Archdeacon Bouyer; 

the Archdeacon's prebendal house. College; 55; T. Ebdon, 

Mar. 30 Hannah E^ed,i widow; Old Mvet, Durham; 90; T. Ebdon, 

April II Ellen Elizabeth Carr,^ dau. of John and Eosetta Anne Carr; 

Palace-Green, Durham; 4 months; James Eaine, Eector of 

Nov. 3 Robert Wallace;^ Providence Row, Durham; 14 months; T. 

Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1827 Jan. 24 John Pearson ;* Durham ; 53 y"; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Feb. 22 Elizabeth Bowlby,^ wife of Capt" P. Bowlby, and dau. of the late 
Rev*' D. Haslewood ; North Bailey, Durham ; 29 ; T. Ebdon, 

Feb. 23 Ann Hall; « Durham ; 75. T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Mar. 22 The Very Rev^ Charles Henry Hall,? D.D., Dean of Durham ; 
Deanery, College ; 63 ; W. N. Darnell, Prebendary of Durham. 

1828 Jan. 11 Elizabeth Gargrave ; D' Fen wick's, North Bailey ; 65 ; T. Ebdon, 

July 9 William Pearson ;® Gilesgate, Durham ; 69; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

» She was dau. of Utrick Reay, Esq., of Newcastle. " March 14, 1757. William Reed, of 
Durham, Esq., was married at All Saints' in this town to Miss Beaj in Pilgrim Street, a young 
ladj celebrated for beauty, and distinguished for many valuable accomplishments, with £10,000 
fortune." ("Newcastle General Magazine.") Her husband William Reed, Esq., was buried 
22 April 1763 at Crossgate, where are the baptisms of their children Hannah- Jane 3 April 1759 
and Margaret 21 Jan. 1762. Mrs. Beed is buried in the inner south aisle of the Galilee. 

^ Bom 19 Nov. 1825. See the father's burial 6 Nov. 1833. 

' Youngest son of James Wallace, junior (by his wife Lucy Sanderson), son of James Wallace, 
by his wife Ann (Hall), whose burial see 24 March 1837. See his brother's burial 30 July 
1848 and sister's 4 Nov. 1849. 

* A maltster, and died 21st, according to newspaper, and " formerly a shoemaker in PuUin 
Corner." " At St. Nicholas, 17 Sep. [1803], Mr. John Pearson, an eminent ladies* shoemaker, 
to Miss Thwaites, milliner, both of Durham." (" Newcastle Advertiser.'*) See his widow's 
burial 14 June 1839. He was probably a son of John Pearson, buried 20 Jan. 1795. 

* Dau. of the Rev. Dickens Hazlewood, M.A., of Christ Church, Oxon, Minor Canon of 
Durham Cathedral ; born 22 Oct. 1798. Married, 24 March 1819, at St. Mary the Less, to 
Captain Peter Bowlby of the 4th Regiment, with which he was present at Waterloo. He died 
8 Nov. 1877 at Cheltenham. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

* Died 18 Peb. See her husband's burial 30 Dec. 1821. 

7 He died suddenly, 16th March, in Edinburgh. He was son of Charles Hall, Dean of Booking, 
and was educated at Westminster School ; Vicar of Broughton, Yorks, 1794 ; Canon of Christ 
Church, Oxford, 1799 (D.D. 1800) ; Vicar of Luton, Beds, 1804; Regius Professor of Divinity, 
Oxford, 1807 ; Dean of Christ Church 1809; and Dean of Durham 26 Peb. 1824, succeeding Earl 
Comwallis, who held the Deanery with the Bishopric of Lichfield and Coventry. He married, 
29 Aug. 1794, the Hon. Anna-Maria-Bridget Byng (who died 30 Oct. 1852), dau. of the fifth 
Viscount Torrington. 

» Son of James Pearson, whose burial see 7 Sep. 1801. He was brother to Mrs. Wolfe, whose 
burial see 4 Feb. 1847. 

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1828 Dec. 21 Isabella Hall;i Silver Street; 10; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Dec. 27 James Miller,^ son of the Rev<* J. Miller, Minor-Canon of this 
Cathedral ; Queen Street ; 6 years ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1829 Mar. 4 Elizabeth Ambler,^ dau. of the late Will™ Ambler, Esq., Recorder 

of this City; Old Elvet; 61; W. S. ailly, Prebendary of 
Ann Esther Forster;* Market Place ; 91 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Elizabeth Pearson ;S Church Street ; 84; T. Ebdon. 
Ji^ie Lambert;^ Queen Street; 42 ; T. Ebdon. 
laSO Jan. 6 Henrietta Skene 7 relict of A. P. Skene, Esq^ ; Church Street ; 
65 ; T. Ebdon. 
April 8 Ann Chaytor,® dau. of the late Rev^ Henry Chaytor, Prebendary 
of this Cathedral; South Bailey; 61; W. N. Darnell, Pre- 
bendary of this Cathedral. 
Dec. 29 Mary Chaytor,® sister of the above ; Palace Green ; 60 ; W. N. 
1831 Feb. 2 Elizabeth Woodifield,'" wife of Matthew Woodifield, Esq. ; South 
Bailey; 25; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

* Died 19th. She was born 5 Aug. 1818, eighth aud youngest child of John Hall, whose 
burial see 13 May 1841. 

* Died 25th ; born 5 Oct. 1822. The father was born at Cruff, Scotland, about 1782 ; was a 
Licentiate of the Scotch Church, but ordained by Bishop Barrington at Auckland 22 Sep. 1811, 
and became Minor Canon of Durham, and Vicar of Pittington, where he died 15 Jan. 1854 and is 
buried. He was D.D. of St. Andrew's University. He married at St. Andrew's, 23 Oct. 1821, 
Burnett, dau. of John Hunter, LL.D., Professor of Humanity of St. Andrew's (his portrait 
hangs in the Library there), and afterwards Principal of the United Colleges of St. Salvadore and 
St. Leonard. Mrs. Miller, who was born 11 Nov. 1789, died 24 Peb. 1873 at North Street, 
St. Andrew's, where she was buried. Besides the children buried here (they were all baptized at 
St. Mary-le-Bow, probably), there were Elizabeth Miller, bom 18 May 1824, dietl 25 July 1850 
and buried at Pittington ; John Burnett Miller, born 3 Nov. 1828, died 12 Oct. 1845 and buried 
at St. Andrew's ; and Henrietta B., living unmarried at North Street, St. Andrew's, in 1877. 

' Died 26th Feb. She was the only dau. of the Recorder (whose burial see 21 March 1792), 
and is buried in the Nine Altars. 

* Died 30 Sep. Called " Mrs." in newspaper, 

* Died 18th. She was widow of James Pearson (whose burial see 7 Sep. 1801), and mother of 
Mrs. Wolfe, whose burial see 4 Peb. 1847. 

* Died 10th. Was formerly housekeeper to Archdeacon Prosser. 

7 Died 30 Dec. See her husband's burial 21 Jan. 1826. She is buried in the same vault in 
the Oalilee. 

* Died 30 March. The second dau. of the Rev. Henry Chaytor, LL.D., Prebendary, by his 
second wife Ann, dau. of Charles Robinson, Esq., of Appleby, Westmorland. She was bom 
13 April and baptized 5 May 1768 at Kirkby Stephen, of which her father was then Vicar. 
Buried in inner north aisle of the Galilee (M.I.) with her sisters, whose burials see next entry, 
20 Oct. 1843, and 8 Nov. 1848. See Pedigree of Chaytob, Longstaff's " History of Darlington," 
and Surtees, vol. iv., part ii. 

* Buried with her sister ; see last entry. Bom 20 Sep. and baptized 27 Oct. 1769 at Kirkby 

*<* Bom 14 Sep. 1805 and baptized 18 Aug. 1806 at Houghton-le-Spring. She was second of 
the three daughters and coheiresses of Anthony Tilly, of Pittington and Durham (where he died, 
aged 70, 28 June 1826), by Sarah Haswell, of Cornforth (married 17 Sep. 1802—" Newcastle 
Advertiser "—and died in Church Street, Durham, 26 May 1839, aged 71). She was first wife of 


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1831 Mar. 3 Mary Ann Smith,^ dau of the late John Smith, Virger ; Queen 

Street; 25; T. Ebdon. 

Mar. 8 Rosetta Anne CaiT,^ dau. of the Rev** John Cair and EoBetta 
Anne his wife ; Palace Green ; 12 ; T. Ebdon. 

June 2 George Cayley,-^ M.D. ; Old Elvet ; 68 ; Thomaa Ebdon. 

Aug. 15 Elizabeth Bouyer/ widow of the late Rev^ R. G. Bouyer, Pre- 
bendary of this Cathedral ; North Bailey ; 80 ; Charles Thorp, 
Prebendary of this Cathedral. 

1832 May 30 John Wolfe,^ Alderman of this City; Framwellgate ; 74; T. 

Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Oct. 31 Anne Elizabeth Colberg;^ prebendal house of the Rev. W. S. 

GiUy, College ; 57 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Dec. 5 George James Miller,^ son of the Rev. J. Miller ; Queen Street ; 

7 months ; Thomas Ebdon. 

1833 Mar. 19 Margaret Charlton,® widow of W. Charlton, Esq., Hesleyside; 

Old Elvet ; 75 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Mar. 27 Grace Hunter Miller,* dau. of the Rev. J. Miller; Queen Street ; 
7 ; T. Ebdon. 

Mr. Woodifield (whose burial see 6 April 1857), and died 28 Jan., having given birth to a dau. 
(baptized at St. Mary's) on the 19th. She ia buried in the outer north aisle of the Qalilee. Her 
elder sinter, Ann Tilly (born 23 July 1803 and baptized at Houghton 26 June 1804), was wife of 
John Burrell, Esq., of Durham, and is buried at Crossgate with her husband. Her younger 
sister, Sarah Tilly (born 17 March 1806 and baptized at Houghton 25 Sep. 1809), became the 
wife successively of George Appleby, Esq., of Durham, and of Robert Ingram Shafto, Esq., of 
Durham, head of the Shaftos of Bavingtou, and is, with both her husbands, buried at Crossgate. 

1 See her father's burial 19 Dec. 1813. 

' Bom 1 Feb. 1819 ; died 5 March and buried in the aisle of the north transept, next her 
father, whose burial see 6 Nov. 1833. 

' Died 27 May (M.I.) and buried at the end of the nave, close to the great doors leading to 
the Galilee Chai>el. He was bom in 1763, the third son of John Cayley, Esq., Consul-General at 
St. Petersburg, and was great-grandson of Sir William Cayley, of Brompton, first Bart. He was 
Physician to the Russian Army, and elected Physician to the Durham Infirmary 13 Dec. 1798 ; 
Comet Yorkshire Hussars 6 June 1803, resigning 6 Dec. following. Burke's " Peerage " says he 
died s.p. 

* Her husband's monument (see his burial 4 Feb. 1826) in the Nine Altars records : " uxorem 
dnzit Elizabetham Ponton, de Ponton Parv&, in agro Lincolniensi, 1..D. mdcclxxi." Her own 
name does not appear thereon. 

* The son of Bobert Wolfe, of Durham (whose marriage see 26 Deo. 1748), he was baptized 
at St. Nicholas 12 Dec. 1758 ; was Governor of the Gaol, and commonly therefore known as 
" Jailer Jack ;" was an Alderman, and served as Mayor. He married firstly, 7 May 1786, at 
Crossgate (where she was buried 6 Dec. 1789), Caroline Wilson. See burial of his second wife 
4 Feb. 1847, and of his dau., Mrs. Davison, 19 Feb. 1861. Died 15th and buried in centre of 
nave (M.I.). 

* She was eldest dau. of Captain Samuel Colberg (by his wife Mary Belph), Barrack-Master at 
Liverpool, and was born in London. She was aunt to the second wife of Dr. Gilly the Prebendary, 
and was a considerable legatee in Bishop Barrington's will. 

7 Bora 16 May 1832. See his brother's burial 27 Dec. 1828. 

" Died 12th and is buried in the centre of the nave (M.I.). She was dau. of John Fenwiok, 
Esq., M.D., of Morpeth (see " Fenwick of Long Framlington," Burke's " Landed Gentry "), and 
sister of John-Balph Fenwick, Esq., M.D., whose burial ^ee 17 Jan. 1856. She married, 1778, 
William Charlton, Esq., of Hesleyside, Northumberland, who died 1797- See " Landed Gtentry." 

» Died 23rd ; bom 6 Feb. 1826. See her brother's burial 27 Dec. 1828. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1833 May 9 Emily Charlotte Henshaw,^ dau. of M' W. Henshaw, Organist of 

this Cathedral ; Bow Lane ; infant ; T. Ebdon. 

Nov. 6 The Rev** John Carr,* Master of the Grammar School, and Pro- 
fessor of Mathematics in the University of Durham ; Master's 
House ; 47 ; G. Townsend, Prebendary of Durham. 

Nov. 6 Charles Carr,* son of the above ; Master's House ; infant ; G. 

Nov. 22 William Harland,* Esq., Recorder of the Corporation of Durham ; 
North Bailey ; 83 ; T. Ebdon. 

1834 Mar. 8 Mary Salt,^ wife of George Salt, Virger of this Cathedral ; 

Bishop's Palace, Durham ; 60 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Aug. 19 Mary Chaytor ;« South Bailey ; 30 ; S. Gamlen, offic* Min'. 

1835 Feb. 2 The Rev^ Thomas Bowlby,^ late Curate of Painshaw; North 

Bailey ; 74; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

' Bom 3rd of same month. The father, William Henshaw, Mus. Doc., Organist of the 
Cathedral, son of Joseph Henshaw, of Marylebone, London, by his wife Anne, dau. of Thomas 
Tomlins, of Marylebone, was bom 1792. He married, 6 July 1825, at St. Clement Danes, 
London, his cousin Emily, dau. of James Tomlins, of Lambeth, who died 1 July 1877, at North 
Road, Clapham, aged 79. Dr. Henshaw was appointed Organist 1 Jan. 1814 and resigned 1 Jan. 
1863, when he was succeeded by Dr. Philip Armes, the present Organist (ex inform. Dr. Henshaw). 

' Died 30 Oct. A native of Staokhouse, in Giggleswick, co. York ; formerly Fellow of Trinity 
College, Cambridge (M.A. 1810) ; Vicar of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex ; Vicar of Brantingham, 
Yorks, 1818, on presentation of Dean and Chapter of Durham. He married at Scarborough, 
8 Jan. 1817, Eowtta-Anne (baptized 12 March 1795 at Wittou-le-Wear), eldest dau. of John- 
Thomas-Hendry Hopper, of Witton Castle, co. Pal., Esq. [The newspapers announced her death, 
12 Aug. 1876, aged 81, at Harley Bectory, Salop, as Anne only.] See the baptism of Dorothy 
Spearman, her great-great-grandmother, 29 June 1670. He is interred under a Gothic monument 
in the aisle of the north transept, with a coat of arms : On a chevron three mullets, a martlet for 
difference. M.I. on brass plate near. See burials of his children, 11 April 1826, 8 March 1831, 
and next entry. 

' Buried in the same coffin with his father. See preceding entry. 

* Died 16th. He was the eldest son of George Hoar, gent., of Middleton St. G^rge, co. Pal., 
and Deputy-Keeper of the Jewels in the Tower, by his first wife Frances (married at Bedmarshal 
1 Jan. 1749-50), dau. of William Sleigh, Esq., of Stockton-on-Tees, and he assumed the name of 
Harland, and had a grant of arms 25 Aug. 1802. Was gazetted Captain in the Durham Volun- 
teers 18 Oct. 1803, and was a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. His younger brother Charles also 
assumed the name of Harland, and received in 1808 a Baronetcy, which died with him 1810. 
The late William Charles Harland, of Sutton Hall, co. York, M.P. for Durham City, was son of 
the above Mr. William Harland by his wife Anne, whose burial see 21 Jan. 1842. See also 
baptism of his sister Mrs. Dickens' child 27 March 1787. 

* Formerly Mary Bee, upper-nurse and afterwards housekeeper to Lord Barrington, the 

' Died 13th. Bom 10 July 1804 ; she was younger dau. of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Chaytor, 
Grenadier Guards, by hb wife Jane, dau. of William Marriott, Esq. She is buried in the inner 
north aisle of the Galilee Chapel with her brother, sister, and aunts. (M.I.) The Bev. Samuel 
Gamlen, Vicar of Heigbington, Perpetual Curate of Croxdale, a Minor Canon, and afterwards 
Rector of Eirkley Mall, Leicestershire, died 2 June 1855. 

7 Bom 27 Sep. 1762 and baptized at St. Mary the Less the same day. Of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, B.A. 1784, MA. 1787. Perpetual Curate of Painshaw, co. Pal., for many years. 
Died, aged 73, 28 Jan. 1835. He married 3 March 1786, at Croxdale Chapel, co. Durham, 
Eleanora-Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Salvin, of Sunderland Bridge, co. Pal., Esq. See her 
burial at the Cathedral 20 Aug. 1842, aged 82. They had seven sons and six daughters. [MS. 
Ped. by B. A. W.] 


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1835 Mar. 12 Charles Surtees Marsden,^ infant son of T. Marsden, Esq., 

Proctor, & Dorothy his wife; Elvet Cottage; 8 months; T. 

April 28 Robert Hall ;2 Silver Street ; 32 ; J. Cartwright, offic» Min^ 
Dec. 10 Elizabeth Townsend,^ wife of the Rev** G. Townsend, Prebendary 

of this Cathedral; College; 48; The Eight Rev<» J. B. 

Jenkinson, Dean of Durham. 

1836 Feb. 27 Caroline Henshaw;* Bow Lane; infant; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Mar. 1 The Right Rev<> William Van Mildert,^ D.D., Bishop of Durham ; 

Episcopal Palace, Bishop Auckland; 70; The Right Rev<* 
J. B. Jenkinson, Dean of Durham. 

* Boru at Elvet Cottage 16 July 1834, son of Thomas Marsden, of Durham, Proctor, and his 
wife Dorothy, elder dau. of John Thomas Christopher, of Norton. See his burial 3 July 1857. 

* A currier ; died 23rd ; tombstone incorrectly says buried 23rd. He was bom 11 May 1803, 
eldest child of John Hall, whose burial see 13 May 1841. By his wife (whose burial see 21 June 
1875) he had an only son Ovington Hall, who died 10 March 1869, aged 37, and was buried at 
Chester-le-Street, leaving issue. 

' Died 3 Dec. She was the only surviving dau. of Samuel Fyler, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of 
Twickenham, Middlesex, by his wife (and cousin) Mary, only child of John I'Anson, Esq., and 
niece of Sir Thomas Bankes I'Anson, Bart., of Corfe Castle, Dorset. She was married 8 July 
1813, at the Parish Church, Brighton, to Dr. Townsend (see his burial 28 Nov. 1857), to whom 
she was first wife. She is buried in the Nine Altars. (M.I.) 

* Died 24th. Bom 14 Jan. 1836 and baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow. See her sister's burial 
9 May 1833. 

* Baptized 8 Dec. 1765 at St. Mary, Newington. Educated at Merchant Taylors ; of Queen's 
College, Oxford, where he matriculated, then aged 18, 21 Feb. 1784 (B.A. 23 Nov. 1787 ; M.A. 
17 July 1790; B. and D.D. 13 Oct. 1813). His first Curacies were at Sherborne, Hants, and 
Lewknor, Oxon, and afterwards at Witham, Essex, where he married. Bector of Braddon, 
Northampton, April 1795; Eector of St. Mary-le-Bow, London, 1796 — 1819; Vicar of Faming- 
ham, Kent, 1807 ; Precentor of Lincoln's Inn April 1812 ; Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford 
and Canon of Christ Church Sep. 1813—20 ; consecrated Bishop of Llandaff 31 May 1819 ; Dean 
and Canon Besidentiary of St. Paul's 1820; Bishop of Durham 3 April 1826, confirmed at 
St. James's Church, Piccadilly, 17 April, and installed in Durham Cathedral 30 May. He made 
his formal entry into the county on the 14th of July, and was attended by much pageantry, the 
falchion of the Lord of Sockbura being presented to the Bishop on Croft Bridge, and another 
falchion of the owners of Pollard's Lands at Auckland Castle, the Bishop wearing a coat and 
waistcoat of the Palatinate purple. His public entry into the City of Durham and enthronement 
in his Cathedral took place 21 July. He died at Auckland Castle 21 Feb. and was buried 1 March 
1836 in his Cathedral in a vault within the altar rails. The styles and titles of the deceased 
Prelate were proclaimed over the tomb by the Principal Surrogate. 

" The Herald breaks the Wand, while he proclaims 
The sainted Palatine's puissant names ; 
Yon Kingless throne is now for ever bare." — (Faber.) 

He was the second and only surviving son of Mr. Cornelius Van Mildert, of Newington, 
CO. Surrey, who died there, aged 76, 29 April 1799, by his wife Martha (who died at Newington, 
aged 86, 21 Sep. 1818), dau. of Mr. William Hill, of Vauxhall. The Bishop had married, 22 Dec. 
1797, Jane, youngest dau. of Lieut.-C^neral Archibald Douglas, Colonel 13th Dragoons, and 
M.P. for the Dumfries Burghs in 1771. See her burial 28 Dec. 1837. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

The Bishop, in conjunction with the Dean and Chapter, founded in 1834 the University of 
Durham. See a brief account of the changes the Ecclesiastical Commission made during this 
episcopacy in the constitution of the Bishopric and Chapter in Low's *' Diocesan History of 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1837 Mar. 16 Mary Johnson ;i South Street; 76; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Mar. 24 Ann Wallace ;2 Claypath ; 62; T. Ebdon. 

April 10 John Leyboume,* deputy-Treasurer and Receiver of the Dean 
and Chapter ; College ; 63 ; J. S. Ogle, Prebendary of Durham. 

Sep 11 Joseph Boruwlaski,* the celebrated little Polish Count; Banks' 
Cottage, Durham ; 98 ; Edward Sneyd, offic« Min'. 

Dec. 28 Jane Van Mildert,^ widow of William, late Bishop of Durham ; 
Harrogate ; 77 ; G. Townsend, Prebendary of Durham. 

1838 April 2 William Henshaw ;« Bow Lane; infant ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
April 26 Phillis Georgiana Marsden ;7 Shincliffe; infant; T. Ebdon. 
April 28 Francis Johnson,® Esq^ Aykley Heads; 80; W. S. Gilly, Pre- 
bendary of Durham. 

Durham" (8.P.C.K.).* In Canon Low's aooount of Dr. Van Mildert it is well to correct an 
error. He says, " the last Palatine was carried to his tomb in the Chapel of the Nine Altars." 
There indeed is erected the public monument, a sitting ef&gy of the Bishop, but he was buried in 
a vault within the altar rails, the covering slab bearing his initials and those of his wife. 

* Widow of Christopher Johnson, who died 1806. 

* Died 17th. She was wife of James Wallace, of Claypath, grocer (whose burial see 9 April 
1843), and dau. of Bobert Hall, whose burial see 30 Dec. 1821 ; and the burials of her dau. Eliza- 
beth 2 April 1813 ; her grandchildren (Phillips) July 1824; and a grandson 3 Nov. 1826. 

' He came from about Cotherstone, Yorkshire. He married at Crossgate (described as 
** junior " in the register), 16 Feb. 1810, Ann Mowbray, of Witton Gilbert. Ann, his only child, 
married 1 Dec. 1836, at St. Mary-the-Less, John Grace, third son of John Grace, Esq., of Pelling 
Hall, CO. Pal. See also next entry. 

* Died 6th. He was a native of Pokucia, in Poland. Refer to the Count's Memoirs of him- 
self, which, however, must be taken in parts cum grano. He was a polished gentleman, but vain 
and bombastic. He was only three feet three inches in height, and an exact life-size statue of 
him (some of his clothes are there also) is in the Museum on the Palace Green, and there is an 
oil portrait extant, now the property of Mr. Alan Green will. The " Count's Corner " on the 
banks is so called from the cottage, now demolished, where he lived with the Miss Ebdons — 
sisters of the Bev. Thomas Ebdon, Minor Canon— and which was situated in the lower garden 
(not then enclosed) of the last house (the Chaytors') in the South Bailey. The Count b buried 
in the north aisle of the nave, under the north-western tower, the slab marked J. B. Curiously 
enough his last earthly neighbour is Mr. Leybourne (see last entry), who was an unusually 
tall man. 

* See the Bishop's burial 1 March 1836. 

* Died 29 March ; bom 2 July 1837 and baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow. See his sister's burial 
9 May 1833. 

7 Dau. of Thomas Marsden, of Durham, Proctor, by his wife Dorothy, dau. of John Thomas 
Christopher, of Norton. See her brother's burial 12 March 1836. 

* Born 23 July and baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow 16 Aug. 1757 ; entered at Lincoln's Inn 
1779 ; a Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant, co. Durham, and Major (commission dated 
16 July 1804) of the Durham Volunteers ; died 23 April 1838. Will dated 9 Dec. 1836, and 
proved at Durham 1 Oct. 1838. He married at St. Nicholas, Durham, 29 Dec. 1801, Mary, 
second dau. of the Hon. Biohard Hetherington, President of the Virgin Island, West Indies, and 
of the Hill at Burton in Lonsdale, co. York. She was born 10 Oct. 1777 ; died 6 and was buried 
at the Cathedral 11 April 1861. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* This very readable little work contains a good account of the great temporal powers exercised 
by the Bishops of Durham down to as late a time as that of Bishop Barrington, powers which 
will be hardly credited by readers distant from " the bishoprick," as that part of the diocese 
bounded by the l^e and Tees was generally termed. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1838 June 19 Dorothy Fenwick,! wife of J. E. Fenwick, Esq., M.D. ; North 

Bailey ; 85 ; C. Thorp, Prebendary of Durham. 

1839 June 14 Mary Pearson;* Crossgate ; 67; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Sep. 22 Ann Wallace ;8 Claypath, Durham; 14 months; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1840 Feb. 2 Elizabeth Smith;* Market-place, Durham; 60; T. Ebdon, 

Nov. 26 William Hughes,^ student of the University of Durham ; Uni- 
versity House, Palace Green; 20; The Very Rev<* George 
Waddington, Dean of Durham. 

1841 Jan. 23 Harriet Chaytor,^^ youngest dau. of the Rev<* Henry Chaytor, 

Prebendary of Durham ; North Bailey ; 62 ; The Very Rev^ 

George Waddington, Dean of Durham. 
Jan. 28 Elizabeth Kemble,^ relict of Stephen George Kemble, Esq* ; 

Grove, near Durham ; 78 ; The Rev^ G. Townsend, Prebendary 

of Durham. 
May 13 John Hall,^ tanner ; Framwellgate, Durham ; 62 ; T. Ebdon, 

July 11 Sarah Moor;* University House, Palace Green; 3; T. Ebdon. 
Sep. 27 Jane Serpell, servant to the Bishop of Chester ;i<> College, Dur- 
ham ; 24 ; T. Ebdon. 
Nov. 1 Henry Griffith,ii youngest surviving son of John Griffith, Esq®, 

North Bailey, Durham ; No. 1 Little Argyll Street, Hanover 

Square, London ; 31 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 

^ Died 11th. Boru 19 Jan. 1753. She was eldest dau. and coheiress of Bobert Spearman, 
Esq., of Old Acres, co. Pal. (see Pedigree in Surtees), and was married 3 Aug. 1788 at St. Mary- 
le-Bow. See her husband's burial 17 Jan. 1855, and her grandfather Spearmau's 20 Oct. 1728. 

' Died 11th. See her husband's burial 7 Sep. 1801. Her mother kept a school in Fram- 

• See her brother's burial 3 Nov. 1826. 

* Died 29 Jan. See her husband's burial 19 Dec. 1813. 

* Died 22nd. Born 23 Oct. and baptized 3 Dec. 1820 at St. Chad's, Shrewsbury. He was the 
fourth son of Mr. Philip Hughes, of that town, wine merchant, by his wife Anne Palmer (married 
at Stockland, Dorset, 27 Oct. 1806), of Devonshire. (M.I.) 

' Died 16th. Born 5 Dec. 1778 ; probably baptized at Croft, Torkshire. See her sister's 
burial 8 April 1830. 

7 Died 20th. Formerly Miss Satchell, of the Covent Garden Theatre. She was married 
about Nov. 1783 to Mr. Stephen Kemble, whose burial see 11 June 1822. She lies with her 
husband in the Nine Altars on the north of St. Cuthbert's Shrine. 

'Died 9th. Was an Alderman of Durham. See his father's burial 30 Deo. 1821, and his 
wife's 23 Feb. 1851. His tombstone says erroneously buried 9th. See also the burial of his son- 
in-law John Robson 23 Dec. 1866. Besides the children already occurring as buried here 
(consult Indei), John Bobson had another child Mary, bom 2 June 1814, who married Thomas 
White. • 

• Died 8th. Elder child of John Moor, Verger, whose burial see 12 Jan. 1875. She was bom 
2 and baptized 11 Oct. 1837, and christened 15 March 1838. 

^^ The Bishop of Chester, Dr. John Bird Sumner, held a stall at Durham until his preferment 
to the Archbishopric of Canterbury. 

»' Born 4 March and baptized 1 April 1810 at St. Mary-le-Bow. See his brother's burial 
31 May 1815, and his parents* burials 19 May 1845 and 21 Oct. 1850. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1841 Dec. 16 Thomas Heming,^ prebendal house of the Rev** G-. Townsend, 

College, Durham ; 63 ; T. Ebdon. 

1842 Jan. 21 Anne Harland,^ relict of the late William Harland, Esq*^ ; North 

Bailey, Durham ; 81 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Feb. 5 Margery Burgess,-^ relict of the late D"* T. Burgess, Bishop of 

Salisbury ; North Bailey, Durham ; 77 j The Vener® Arch- 
deacon Thorp. 
Mar. 11 Elizabeth Eleanor Feilding;* North Bailey, Durham; 84; 

T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 24 Jane Jackson ; ^ Dun Cow Lane, Durham ; 3 ; T. Ebdon, 

Aug. 20 Eleanora Elizabeth Bowlby,^ relict of the late Rev^ Thomas 

Bowlby ; North Bailey, Durham ; 82 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Aug. 30 G-eorge Jackson,^ Clerk of the Works to the Dean and Chapter ; 

Dun Cow Lane, Durham ; 37 ; John Cartwright, oflBc* 


* Died 13th. He was an artist, and, according to the " Durham Chronicle," of Magdalen 
College, Oxford ; was Author of " Scripture Geography " and other works. He was on a visit to 
Dr. Townsend when he died. 

' Died 16th. Younger dau. of John Wilkinson, merchant, of Stockton-on-Tees and of 
Worcester. See " Landed Gentry *'— " Wilkinson, of Harperley.** She was baptized at Stockton 
18 April 1758, and married there, 30 Nov. 1780, to William Hoar, afterwards Harland, Esq. 
(whose burial see 22 Nov. 1833), with whom she rests in the same vault in the north transept. 

' Died 27 Jan. The only dau. of John Bright, Esq. She was baptized at St. Oswald's 6 April 
1764 ; is buried in the Nine Altars near her mother, whose burial see 9 June 1799 (M.I.). Her 
husband (married 1796), the Bishop, Thomas Burgess, D.D., F.B.S., F.S.A., was bom at Odiham, 
Hants, where his father William Burgess was a grocer ; was M.A. and Fellow (1787) of Christ 
Church College, Oxford ; Rector of Winston, co. Pal. ; Prebendary of Salisbury 1787 ; Prebendary 
of Durham (second stall) 1791 ; Bishop of St. David's 1803, and of Salisbury 1825, succeeding 
Dr. Fisher. He owed his advancement in life and preferments to his ever staunch friend and 
supporter Bishop Barrington, to whom he was Chaplain. He died 19 Feb. 1837, aged 80, at 
Southampton, and is buried in his Cathedral. Mrs. Burgess used to drive out in a coach and 
four, and so narrow are the streets of Durham that for safety, when she went into Elvet, her 
equipage was driven into the market-place, and the horses turned there. 

* Baptized at Startforth 18 Deo. 1757. Fourth dau. of George Feilding, of Durham and 
Startforth, Esq. Her aunt Anne Feilding left her her " common Prayer book with cuts in it, 
hair buttons set in gold, ring With the Duchess of Marlborough's hair, & silver shoe bukills." 
Died unmarried 11 March 1842, set. 81 (of the North Bailey). [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Died 20th. See her father's burial 30 Aug. 1842. 

* She was the dau. of Anthony Salvin, of Sunderland Bridge, co. Pal., Esq. ; baptized 1 March 
1761, and married 3 March 1786 at Croxdale Chapel, co. Durham; died 15 Aug. 1842. This 
lady, through the families of Belasyse, Fairfax, Ghiscoyne, Percy, and Mortimer, was fifteenth 
in direct descent from King Edward the Third. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] See her husband's 
burial 2 Feb. 1835. 

7 Died 26th. A natural son of Mary Jackson, afterwards Dickons (whose burial see 6 April 
1857), and was born 24 July 1805. He married Ann Bobson, of Durham, who died, aged 65, 
23 Jan. 1873, at HoUoway, London, and is buried at Highgate Cemetery. Their son Thomas 
George, born post pat. mort., whose death is also recorded on the tombstone (died 28 Aug. 1872, 
aged 29), is buried at Edinburgh. They had three other daughters and a son. See a daughter's 
burial 24 July 1842. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1842 Oct. 28 Sarah Pliutoff ;i North Bailey, Durham; 12 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Nov. 26 Francis Augustus Liddell,^ 3'^ son of the Hon* and Eev^ Rob* 

Liddell ; prebendal house of D"" Wellesley, College, Durham ; 
infant ; The Very Rev^ George Waddington, Dean of Durham. 

1843 Jan. 26 John Wright, footman to the Hon« and Rev^ D' Wellesley; 

College, Durham ; 28 ; T. Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Feb. 19 Catherine Phillips;^ Sunderland; 6 months ; T. Ebdon. 
Mar. 27 Bridget Beckett,* relict of Tho* Beckett, Esq% of Thomton-le- 

Moor, in the County of York ; North Bailey ; 77 ; G. Townsend, 

Prebendary of Durham. 
April 9 James Wallace ; ^ Gilesgate, Durham ; 66; T. Ebdon. 
Oct. 9 The Hon*^ Emily Frances Oeraldine Matilda Cadogan,^ eldest 

dau. of Viscount Chelsea ; prebendal house of the Hon® and 

Rev^ D^ Wellesley, College, Durham ; 5 ; The Right Rev^ 

Bishop of Chester. 
Oct. 20 Isabella Chaytor,^ fourth dau. of the late Rev^ Henry Chaytor, 

Prebendary of Durham ; Old Elvet, Durham ; 72 ; T. Ebdon, 


1844 June 7 Gustavus Adolphus Chaytor,® M.D. ; South Bailey ; 38 ; Thomas 

Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Nov. 19 The Rev^ James Frederick Townsend,^ son of the Rev** G. 
Townsend, Canon of Durham; Twickenham, Middlesex; 29; 
The Very Rev^ George Waddington, Dean of Durham. 

* Died 24th. Born 16 Aug. 1829 at Osmotherley, oo. York. See her father's burial 19 May 

^ Died 22nd. Third son and fourth child ; horn 11 May and baptized 25 July 1842 at 
Barking, Essex. The father, fifth son of Thomas Henry, first Lord Bavensworth, was bom at 
Famaores 24 Sep. 1808, and baptized at Lamesley, co. Pal. ; of Christ Church, Oxon (B.A. 1829), 
and of All Souls (M.A. and Fellow 1834) ; Vicar of Barking, Essex, 1886—51, when he went to 
St. Paul's, Knightebridge. He died 29 June 1888. The mother, Emily Ann Charlotte, eldest 
dau. of Dr. Wellesley (whose burial see 27 Oct. 1848), was bom at Hampton Court 23 Oct. and 
baptized there 22 Nov. 1803. She was married at St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, 26 Jan. 1836, and 
died in Wilton Place, London, 22 Oct. 1876, being buried 26 id. men. at Woking Cemetery. 
This child is buried in the Nine Altars. 

' See burials 22 and 28 July 1824. 

* Died 21st. Formerly Bridget Peacock. She married at Northallerton, 6 Jan. 1784, Thomas 
Beckett, Esq. (then described as *'of Westminster, bach'"), of Thornton-le-Moor, whom she 

^ A grocer. See his mother's burial 30 March 1805, his wife's 24 March 1837, a daughter's 
2 April 1813, and that of a grandchild 3 Nov. 1826. 

* Died 5th. She was the first child of her parents (whose marriage see 12 July 1836) ; wa8 
bom at Naples 22 Feb. 1838 and baptized there. She is buried in the Nine Altars. (M.I.) 

7 Died 12th. Bom 1 Aug. 1771 and probably baptized at Croft. See her sister's burial 
8 April 1830. 

^ Died Ist. Nephew of preceding; born 1 June 1844; the fourth son of Lieut.-Colonel 
Henry Chaytor, Grenadier Guards, by his wife Jane, dau. of William Marriott, Esq. He was 

' Died 14th. He was second child (by his first wife) of Dr. Townsend (whose burial see 
28 Nov. 1857) ; was bora 26 July and baptized 15 Sep. 1815 at Hackney Church, Middlesex. 
Of University College, Oxon, B.A. 1837 ; unmarried. Buried in Nine Altars. (M.I.) 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1845 April 2 Frances Amelia Bowlby,^ youngest dau. of the late Rev^ Thomas 

Bowlby ; North Bailey ; 44 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
April 11 Joseph Buchan;* Framwellgate, Durham ; 45; Thomas Ebdon. 
April 12 Michael Pearson ; ^ The Castle, Durham ; 35 ; Thomas Ebdon. 
May 15 James Moor;* Cold well, Northumberiand ; 36; Thomas Ebdon. 
May 19 ChariesRowlandson;^ College, Durham ; infant; Thomas Ebdon. 
May 19 John Griffith,* Esq®, solicitor ; North Bailey, Durham ; 81 ; 

Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 

1846 June 6 Jane Moor ,7 wife of M' John Moor, Virger ; University House, 

Durham ; 43 ; Bolton Simpson, Minor Canon of Durham. 

1847 Feb. 1 Elizabeth Inman,^ niece of the late Rev^ Doctor Bowlby ; Old 

Elvet, Durham ; 82 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Feb. 4 Elizabeth Wolfe,® widow of John Wolfe, Esq« ; Hartlepool, in 

the County of Durham ; 80 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Mar. 4 Elizabeth Davison,*^ son of Joseph Davison, Esq® ; South Bailey, 

Durham ; Infant ; Bolton Simpson, Minor Canon of Durham. 

(By a slip. Son is written instead of Daughter. Thomas 

Ebdon, Sacrist.) 

» Bom 27 Nov. 1800 and baptized 20 May 1801 at Houghton ; died 28 March 1846. See her 
father^s burial 2 Feb. 1835. 

' Died 8th ; a mason at the Cathedral. He was perhaps a son hy his first wife of one John 
Buchan, who married secondly Ellen Banks, widow of William Bigby, of Framwellgate. John 
Buohan returned to his native place, Flodden Field, and died there. William and Ellen Bigby 
had a son, also a mason, who fell from the scaffolding of the Cathedral and was killed. 

' Prohably son of Michael Pearson (see his burial 18 Aug. 1851), who was butler at the 

* Died 12th ; a farmer. Third son of Thomas Moor, of Eirkharle, Northumberland, and was 
bom at Bavington in that parish. His tombstone records his age as 39. See his brother's burial 
12 Jan. 1875. 

^ Died 17th. The father Samuel Bowlandson, gent., was appointed Deputy-Treasurer to the 
Dean and Chapter April 1837, at the death of Mr. John Leybourne. The son (by Sarah his wife, 
whose burial see 17 Dec. 1864) of Christopher Bowlandson, of West Shaws, near Barnard Castle, 
he was bom 27 Nov. 1805. He died in the College 22 Feb. 1883 and was buried in the 
Cathedral Yard. His wife (formerly Miss Hannah Kipling) died 21 Sep. 1884, and was buried 
with her husband and children. 

* Bom 30 Dec. 1763 and baptized 14 Feb. 1764. Attoraey-at-Law ; Under Sheriff of the 
Palatinate ; Deputy Prothonotary of the Palatinate Court of Common Pleas ; gazetted Captain in 
Durham Volunteers 18 Oct. 1803. Married, 3 March 1795, at St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, Mary, 
eldest dau. of John Hays, Esq., Senior Proctor of the Pahtinate Consistory Court, by his wife 
Eleanor, dau. and coheir of Bichard Wetherell, Dean of Hereford, and Master of University 
College, Oxford. See her burial 21 Oct. 1850. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

7 Died 2nd. Youngest dau. of Bobert Morrell, of Heighington, co. Pal. (who died there, aged 
79, 14 July 1839). She was bora 6 June 1803, and was married to John Moor (whose burial 
see 17 Jan. 1875) at St. Mary's, Durham, 16 March 1836. 

* See her mother's burial 26 Dec. 1783. 

* Died 29 Jan. Dau. of James Pearson, cordwaiuer and shoemaker, whose burial see 7 Sep. 
1801. [Elizabeth, dau. of James and Elizabeth Pearson, baptized at Crossgate 29 April 1770.] 
She was second wife to Mr. Wolfe (whose burial see 30 May 1832), to whom she was married at 
St. Nicholas 11 July 1790. 

1° Baptized 10 Dec. 1846 at St. Mary's. See the father's burial 17 Dec. 1868. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1847 Mar. 10 Elizabeth Marsden,* second dau. of Thomas Marsden, Esq* ; Old 

Elvet, Durham ; 18 ; Bolton Simpson. 

Mar. 16 Catherine Thompson,^ youngest dau. of the late Rev^ John 
Thompson, Vicar of Thomton-Steward, Torkshire; College, 
Durham ; 23 ; Bolton Simpson, Minor Canon of Durham. 

Mar. 27 Francis Morris, butler of the Eev^ Canon Douglas; College, 
Durham ; 19 ; Bolton Simpson. 

May 8 Catherine Bowlby,^ third dau. of the late Rev^ Thomas Bowlby ; 
North Bailey ; 49 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Sep. 19 Robert Hall;* Gilesgate, Durham ; 35 ; ITiomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Oct. 21 George Henry Bowlby,^ Esq., Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, 
3"* son of the late Rev. Thomas Bowlby, of Durham ; Edin- 
burgh ; 54 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 

Dec. 11 John Mingay,* head-butler at Bishop Hatfield's Hall, University 
of Durham; North Bailey, Durham; 31; Thomas Ebdon, 

1848 Feb. 7 John Humble Waite,^ Esq®, a Member of the University of 

Durham ; Framwellgate, Durham ; 21 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
Mar. 8 Edith Elder,^ infant dau. of the Rev. Edward Elder, Head Master 

of the Durham Grammar School; New Grammar School, 

Durham ; 10 months ; Thomas Ebdon. 
May 13 George Salt,* late Verger of this Cathedral ; Old Elvet, Durham ; 

74 ; The Venerable Charles Thorp, Archdeacon of Durham. 
June 2 Mary Dickons,^® second dau. of M"" Thomas Dickons, builder ; 

Claypath, Durham ; 23 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 30 Jabez Wallace,^ ^ second son of M' James Wallace ; Claypath, 

Durham ; 17 ; Thomas Ebdon. 

^ Bom 5 May^ baptized 2 June 1828 at St. Marj-le-Bow. See her brother's burial 12 Oct. 

' Died 13tb, set. suae xxii, and youngest dau. (M.I.) 

' Bom 11 Nov. 1798, baptized 10 June 1799 at Houghton. See her father's burial 2 Feb. 
1835 and her mother's 20 Aug. 1842. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ Died 16th. See his father's burial 30 Deo. 1821. 

' Bom and baptized 17 Jan. 1793, according to the Houghton Register. Lieut. Royal Navy ; 
Commander 21 May 1814 ; half-pay 28 Feb. 1817 ; served in the Expedition to Copenhagen in 
H.M.S. "Ganges" in 1807, and at the Siege of Sebastian in H.M.S. " Andromac" in Sep. 1813. 
Died 15 Oct. 1847, s.p. See his father's burial 2 Feb. 1835 and his mother's 20 Aug. 1842. 
[MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

• Died 8th. (M.I.) 

7 Died 7 Feb. He was son of the Rev. Joseph Waite, M.A., sometime Curate of St. John's, 
Weardale. His elder brother is the Rev. Joseph Waite, D.D., Vicar of Norham (1873), Canon of 
Newcaatle-on-Tyne, formerly Fellow and Tutor of University College, Durham, and afterwards 
the popular Master thereof. 

" Died 4th. See her father's burial 14 April 1858. 

• Died 8th. He was twenty-two years Verger of the Cathedral, and was previously butler to 
Bishop Barrington. He had a sister housekeeper to Archbishop Whately, and she was living, 
old and infirm, at the Palace, Dublin, some years since. See his wife's burial 8 March 1834. 

"^ Died 30 May. Born 2 Oct. 1824 (twin with Miss Sarah Dickons, now living, 1880), and 
probably baptized at St. Nicholas. See her brother's burial 6 April 1857. 

" Son of the younger James Wallace. See his brother's burial 3 Nov. 1816. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1848 Oct. 27 The Hon« and Rev^ Gerald Valerian Wellesley,! D.D., Canon of 

Durham, and Rector of Bishop- Wearmouth ; College, Durham ; 
77 ; The Very Rev^ Q-eorge Waddington, D.D., Dean of 

1849 Mar. 9 Samuel Rowlandson,* second son of Samuel Rowlandson, Esq* ; 

College, Durham ; 2 ; Thomas Ebdon, Sacrist. 
July 14 Anthony Tyler,^ late Verger at this Cathedral, & Porter at the 

College gates; College gates, Durham; 80; Thomas Ebdon, 

Nov. 4 Jane Wallace ; * Saint Nicholas ; 20 years ; Bolton Simpson, off* 

Nov. 8 Juliana Chaytor;^ North Bailey; 76 years; Bolton Simpson, 

oS^ Sacrist. 

1850 Feb. 20 Henry Rennet Relton,* student of the University ; University 

College, Durham ; 19 ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Oct. 21 Mary Griffith,^ widow of the late John Griffith, Esq. ; North 
Bailey ; 78 ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

* Died 2l8t. He was born (probably at Dangan Castle) 7 Deo. 1770, the fourth son of 
Garret, first Earl of Mornington, by his marriage, 6 Feb. 1759, at St. Mary's, Dublin (in the 
Register of which his name is spelt Gkurrett), with Anne, eldest dau. of Arthur (Hill) first Vis- 
count Dungannon ; M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1792 ; Chaplain at Hampton Court 
1793 ; Rector of Chelsea 1805 ; Eector of Therfield, Hants, 1822 ; Rector of Bishopwearmouth 
and Prebendary of Durham (in which he held the stall at his death) 1827. He married, 2 June 
1802, at St. George, Hanover Square, Lady Emily Mary Cadogan, eldest dau. (by his second 
wife) of Charles, first Earl Cadogan. Lady Emily Wellesley, who died at Boulogne 22 Deo. 1839, 
is buried at St. Luke's, Chelsea. Dr. Wellesley (he was D.D. Lambeth) was next younger 
brother to the first Duke of Wellington, to whom he bore an extraordinary likeness. His portrait 
hangs in the Castle Hall. He was buried in the Nine Altars. See his daughter's marriage 
12 July 1836. 

« Died 6th. Bom 26 June and baptized 7 Aug. 1846. See his brother's burial 19 May 1845. 

' Died 10th. A native of Essex (probably Dunmow or Heybridge) ; he was born circa Feb. 
1769. He was " of St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham, bachelor," at his marriage 1804. His portrait 
appears in Mr. Edmund Hastings' picture, hanging in the Chapter Library, of the Judges at the 
Cathedral servicje. See his wife's burial 20 Aug. 1861, and that of his son 27 Jan. 1871, and 
others in Index. His eldest child Elizabeth, the only one not baptized at the Cathedral, was 
born 15 Dec. 1804, baptized at St. Mary-le-Bow, and was living at Durham, unmarried, 1886. 

* See her brother's burial 3 Nov. 1826. 

* Fifth dau. of the Rev. Henry Chaytor, LL.D., Vicar of Kirkby Stephen, Rector of Croft, 
and Prebendary of Durham. She was bom 6 Aug. and baptized 29 Sep. 1773 at Kirkby Stephen. 
See her sister's burial 8 April 1830. 

* Died 18th. His second name should be Rennett. He was bom 12 Feb and baptized 
15 March 1831 at Down-Ampney, Gloucestershire, where his father the Rev. John Rudge Relton, 
M.A. (Queen's College, Oxon), was Curate. His mother was Sophia, dau. of the Rev. James 
Boyer, Rector of Colne Engain, Essex, and was married circa 1814. This youth, previously a 
chorister, Magdalen CoUege, Oxford (admitted 10 Nov. 1842) ; matriculated at Durham Uni- 
versity Oct. 1847. He was first class in cUissics in his first and second years' exams. ; Foundation 
Scholar Oct. 1848 ; and classical prizeman Oct. 1849. 

7 Eldest dau. of John Hays, Esq., Senior Proctor of the Palatinate Consistory Court, by his 
wife Eleanor, elder dau. and coheir of Richard Wetherell, Esq., of Durham ; married 3 March 
1795 at St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham. See her husband's burial 19th May 1846. [MS. Ped. by 

E. A. W.] 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1850 Oct. 23 Sarah Woodifield,^ wife of Matthew Woodifield, Esq. ; South 

Bailey, Durham ; 50 ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1851 Feb. 23 Elizabeth Hall; 2 North Eoad, Durham; 71; Edw^ Greatorex, 

April 11 Mary Ann Johnson;' Aykleyheads; 73; J. Cartwright, Minor 

June 28 Caroline Bowlby ; * Bailey, Durham ; 56 ; Edw^ Greatorex, 

June 28 Augusta Elder,- infant dau. of the Rev^ Edward Elder ; Bellasis, 

Durham ; infant ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Aug. 18 Michael Pearson ;« Hallgarth St., parish of S' Oswald, Durham; 

74 ; Edward Sneyd, Vicar of S' Oswald. 
July 6 Chariotte Davison; 7 South Bailey; infant; Edw^ Greatorex, 

Aug. 29 Alice Maude Bobson;^ North Road; If; Edw<* Greatorex, 


» Married at the British Legation, Naples, as Miss Sarah Fitch, 8 Oct. 1835 (Durham News- 
papers). See the burial of her husband, to whom she was second wife, 6 April 1857. 

' Formerly Elizabeth Wood, of Kimblesworth, co. Pal. Married at Chester-le-Street, 22 Aug. 
1802, to John Hall, whose burial see 13 May 1841. 

' Widow of Francis Johnson, Esq., of Aykleyheads. Her name was not Ann, and she was 
married as Mary only. 

"* Recte Caroline-Sophia. Widow of George Henry Bowlby, Esq., and dau. and coheiress of 
Henry Salvin, of Castle Eden, co. Pal., Esq. (see Surtees, vol. iv., p. 2). Married at Alston, 
Cumberland, 29 June 1844. Died 24 June 1851 and was buried by her husband (.<«ee his burial 
21 Oct. 1847). [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

^ Died 26th. See her father's burial 14 April 1858. Bellasis is the name of the fields on 
which the ijew grammar school was built. The present Head Master's house, though now enlarged 
bj' a wing and second storey, was already there. The situation of Durham School is perfect ; it 
is beautifully placed in a bracing part, conveniently near and yet at a discreet distance from the 
City, close to the river, and but a few minutes' walk from the Cathedral, its Alma Mater, for the 
Dean and Chapter are (governors. 

• Died 14th. Formerly butler at the Castle (University College), and previously butler to 
Dr. Burgess the Prebendary, Bishop of Salisbury. He was perhaps unconnected with the other 
numerous Pearsons buried here. See, however, his son's burial 12 April 1845. The officiating 
Minister, the Rev. Edward Sneyd, M.A. — who it may be presumed owed his appointment partly 
to his being nephew by marriage to Dr. J. 8. Ogle (see Miss Ogle's burial 26 Feb. 1825) — was son 
of Rev. William Sneyd (nephew of Nathaniel Sneyd, Esq., M.P., Lord -Lieutenant of co. Cavan, 
who was assassinated in 1833, and sou of Edward Sneyd, Esq., of Dublin, who was son of Archdeacon 
Wettenhall Sneyd, of Rilmore and Ardagh, by his wife Barbara, dau. of Dr. Marsh, Bishop of 
Limerick and Kilmore, by his wife Mary, dau. and coheir of the eminent Bishop Jeremy Taylor), 
a descendant of the Sneyds of Keele, oo. StaflFord, and his wife Maria (died 5 Nov. 1863, Kt. 90), 
dau. of Sir Ralph Fetherston, of Ardagh, first Bart. Mr. Sneyd was presented to the Vicarage 
of St. Oswald's 20 July 1848, resigning it in 1862. He was previously Perpetual Curate of 
Wokey, Somersetshire, and of Cowes, I.W. ; Chaplain to Lord Radnor ; and Rector of Witton 
Gilbert. He died 3 Aug. 1866, ait. 71, and was buried at El vet Hill Cemetery (registered at 
St. Mary-the-Less) with his mother. Mr. Sneyd will be long remembered in Durham for his 
moderate but Low-Church views, and his dignified person and manners. 

7 Charlotte is an error for Caroline. She was baptized 2 Feb. 1851 at St. Mary's. See her 
father's burial 17 Dec. 1868. 

* Died 26th. Born 26 Oct. 1849 and baptized 11 March 1850 at Crossgate, but entered in 
Register (the baptism being private, doubtless) 3 April. See her father's burial 23 Dec. 1865. 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 










1851 Sep. 24 William Jones ;^ Diviiiity House, Palace Qreen, Durham; 63; 
Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 

Annie Sarah Rowlandson ; ^ College ; 10 ; Bolton Simpson, ofl"« 

Kate Marion Rowlandson ;^ College ; 7 ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Edward Fariey Elder;* Bellasis, Durham; 2f ; Edw^ Greatorex, 


1852 May 18 George Griffith;^ North Bailey; 47; Edw<* Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Dec. 20 Frances Harriett Robinson ; ^ Sniperiey, Durham ; Geo. To wnsend. 

1853 May 25 Anne Jane Chaytor ;7 South Bailey ; 55 ; Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
July 26 Elizabeth Bowlby;^ Bailey, Durham; 66; Edw^ Greatorex, 

Dec. 2 Sophia Elizabeth Feilding;* North Bailey, Durham ; 65; Edw^ 

Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Dec. 31 Elizabeth Margaret Anne Holden,^^ wife of the Rev^ Henry 

H olden, Head Master of the Durham Grammar School; 

Bellasis, Durham ; 27 ; Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1854 May 15 George Murray,^^ student of the University of Durham ; Bishop 

Cosin's Hall, Durham ; 20 ; Edw*' Greatorex, Sacrist. 

* Died 20th. Was formerly butler to Dr. Gray, Bishop of Bristol, and during the Reform 
Bill riots there was of much service to his Master. His son is Mr. Thomas Jones, of Queen 
Street, Official to the Archdeacons of Durham, etc., and a Proctor. 

* Died 2l8t. Born 27 Sep. and baptized 1 Deo. 1842 at St. Mary's. See her brother's burial 
19 May 1845. 

' Died 14th. Born 4 Jan. and baptized 1 Feb. 1844 at St. Mary's. See her brother's burial 
19 Itfay 1845. 

* Died 20th. See the father's burial 14 April 1858. 

* Bom 17 Jan. and baptized 13 Feb. 1805. Son of John Griffith by his wife Mary Hays. 
See their burials 19 May 1845 and 21 Oct. 1850. He was an Attorney of Durham, and died 
unmarried 18 May 1852. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Died 7th. She was last surviving of ten children and youngest dau. of Sir William Penny- 
man, of Ormesby, in Cleveland, Yorkshire, sixth Bart., M.P., by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Henry 
Grey, of Howick, Northumberland, first Bart. The Pennymau Baronetcy is now extinct. She 
married firstly, at Walton Abbey, 29 Nov. 1808, Charles-John Berkeley, Esq., M.D., of Beverley, 
Yorks; and secondly, 26 Aug. 1820, at Bishopwearmouth, John -Christopher- Wall Robinson (who 
died by a fall from his horse 6 April 1823), of Sniperiey, near Durham, Esq. See burial of her 
adopted daughter's husband (through whom she acquired burial in the Cathedral yard) 17 Dec. 
1868. She died issueless, aged 76. 

7 Died 18th. Born 4 Deo. 1797. She was the eldest dau. of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Chaytor, 
Grenadier Guards. See other burials of her family in Index. She was perhaps the last kdy in 
Durham of her class who assumed *' brevet-rank," desiring to be addressed as *' Mrs." 

^ Dau. of the Eev. Thomas Bowlby by his wife Eleanora-Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Salvin, 
Esq. Born 22 Sep. 1787 ; baptized 25 Jan. 1788 at Houghton ; died unmarried 23 July 1853. 
See her parents' burials 2 Feb. 1835 and 20 Aug. 1842. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

' Dau. of Charles Israel Feilding, of High Holborn, silk mercer, in 1778. She lived at 
Durham with her sister Charlotte- Anne, who kept a ladies' school in New Elvet. [MS. Ped. by 
E. A. W.] 

*" She was bom 5 Jan. and baptized 10 Aug. 1826 at Woodleigh, co. Devon, and was eldest 
dau. of the Rev. Richard Edmonds, of Magdalen College, Oxford, B.A., Rector of Woodleigh, by 
his wife Elizabeth Nicholls, dau. of Robert Pell, Esq., of Tiverton, Devon, to whom she was 
married at Tormohun, same co., 27 Aug. 1824. 

" Drowned 11 May, while boating. He was second son of John Dairy mple Murray, Esq., of 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1854 Nov. 23 Mary Bowlby;i North Bailey, Durham; 57; Edw^ Greatorex, 


1855 Jan. 17 John Ealph Fenwick,^ Esq., M.D. ; North Bailey, Durham ; 94 ; 

Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. 

1856 Mar. 16 Editha Maude Greatorex,^ third dau. of the Rev«» Edward 

Greatorex, Sacrist of Durham ; The G^ove, Durham ; infant ; 
John B. Dykes, officiating Minister. 
Dec. 9 Thomas Dickons;* Claypath, Durham; 34; Edw^ Greatorex, 

1857 Mar. 4 Elizabeth Procter;^ Gilesgate, Durham; 54; Edw^ Greatorex, 

April 6 Mary Dickons ;* Claypath, Durham; 72 ; Edw<* Greatorex, Sacrist. 
April 6 Matthew Woodifield,' Esquire; South Bailey, Durham; 54; 

Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. 
July 3 Thomas Marsden,® Esquire ; South Bailey, Durham ; 66 ; Edw^ 

Greatorex, Sacrist. 
July 16 GranviUe Baker;* College; 19; The Reverend Edward Sneyd, 

officiating Minister. 

Murraythwaite, EcclefechaD, Dumfries-shire, by his second wife Anne Elizabeth, eldest dau. of 
the Bev. Henry Askew, of Bedheugh, co. Pal., Rector of Greystock, Cumberland. He was born 
16 Oct. 1838, according to the " Landed Gentry." 

* Dau. of the Bev. Thomas Bowlby by his wife Eleanora Elizabeth, dau. of Anthony Salvin, 
Esq. Born 1 Dec. 1796 and baptized 21 Jan. 1797 at Houghton ; died unmarried 20 Nov. 1854. 
See her parents* burials 2 Feb. 1835 and 20 Aug. 1842. [MS. Fed. by E. A. W.] 

' Died 11th, s.p. He was bora 14 Nov. 1761, and was second son of John Fenwiok, Esq., 
M.D., of Morpeth, by Mary, youngest dau. of John Thornton, Esq., of Nether witton, Northum- 
berland. He was D.L. and J.P., oo. Durham, and was gazetted Lieut.-Colonel of the Durham 
Volunteers 18 Oct. 1803. He lived in the house, North Bailey, now the residence of the 
Misses Fawcett. See his wife's burial 19 June 1888 and the " Landed Gentry "— " Fenwick of 

' Died 14th, aged one day, " a chrisom child." Her baptism, 14th, is entered in Crossgate 
Begister. See her sister's baptism 6 Jan. 1853. 

* Died 5th. Born 17 Nov. 1822 and probably baptized at St. Nicholas ; the eldest child of 
his parents. See his father's burial 26 Dec. 1862. 

* Died 28 Feb. Dau. of Alderman John Wolfe (whose burial see 30 May 1832) by his second 
wife. She married at St. Oswald's, 26 Feb. 1825, Bobert Procter, of Newcastle, general merchant. 

« Died 3rd. Bora 21 Sep. 1784 (probably at Brandon, co. Pal.) ; third dau. of Balph Jackson 
and Sarah Bobeon, who were married 19 May 1777. She married 20 Sep. 1821, at Crossgate, 
Thomas Dickons, builder. The newspaper describes her as " of Framwellgate." See burial of her 
husband 26 Dec. 1862 and of George Jackson 30 Aug. 1842. 

7 Died 29 March. See his baptism 1 July 1802 and the burials of his wives 2 Feb. 1881 and 
28 Oct. 1860. 

' Of Durham, Proctor; born 5 Feb. and baptized 21 March 1701. He married 29 Aug. 1825 
Dorothy, elder dau. of John Thomas Christopher, gent., of Norton. See their son's burial 
12 March 1835 and a dau. 26 April 1838. 

' Died 12th. Born 17 May 1838 and baptized at Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon. He was the 
third surviving sou of the Bev. James Baker, M.A., of New College, Oxford, Chancellor of the 
Diocese of Durham, Bector of St. Mary-the-Less, and afterwards Bector of Nuneham Courtenay, 
by his second wife Sarah Janetta, youngest dau. of the Bev. Frederick Ekins, Bector of Morpeth 
and J.P. Northumberland (son of Dr. Jeffery Ekins, Dean of Carlisle), by Anne, eldest dau. of 
Philip Baker, Esq., Deputy-Secretary of War, and Anne his wife, dau. of Dr. Dawion, Canon of 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1857 Nov. 28 The Uey^ George Townsend.^ D.D., Canon of Durham ; College ; 

69; The Very Rev^ George Waddington, D.D., Dean of 

1858 Jan. 28 George Lionel Andrew Dykes ; ^ South Bailey ; 3 months ; Edw^ 

Greatorex, Sacrist. 
April 14 The Re\^ Edward Elder,^ D.D., Head Master of Charterhouse 

School, London, and formerly Head Master of the Durham 

Grammar School ; Charterhouse, London ; 45 ; Edw^ Greatorex, 

April 15 Martha Bell;* College, Durham; 67; The Reverend John B. 

Dykes, officiating Minister. 

Windsor. Chancellor Baker died 6 Sep. 1854 and was buried at Nuneham Courtenay. His 
arms, Argent, a tower between three keys erect sable, are in the Town Hall, Durham. 

^ Died 23rd. Bom at Bamsgate 12 Sep. 1788. He was the eldest son of the Bev. George 
Townsend (his portrait penes his grandson Rev. George Fyler Townsend), a well-known Inde- 
pendent Minister at Bamsgate, who was brother to John Townsend, founder of the Deaf and 
Dumb Asylum, Old Kent Boad, London, by his wife Susannah Morris (portrait penes G. F. T.). 
He graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1812, M.A. 1816) ; ordained Deacon and 
Priest by Bishop of Ely 1812 ; Curate of Littleport, Isle of Ely, 1813-14, and of Hackney, 
Middlesex, 1814-15 ; Professor at the Boyal Military Academy, Sandhurst, with the Curacy of 
Famborough, 1817; Domestic Chaplain to Bishop Harrington 1822; installed in the tenth 
Prebend of Durham 1825; Vicar of Northallerton 1826, resigning 1839, when he took the 
Perpetual Curacy of Crossgate, Durham. He preached Bishop Van Mildert's funeral sermon. 
See his first wife's burial 10 Dec. 1835. He married secondly, 19 Dec. 1839, at St. George, 
Hanover Square, Charlotte Charlton, eldest dau. of J. Hollingbery, Esq., of Lamberhurst, Sussex, 
and grand-dau. of Thomas Hollingbery, D.D., Prebendary of St. Paul's, who was living s.p. 1877. 
By his first wife Dr. Townsend (he was D.D. of Durham University) had issue : 1, (Bev.) George 
Fyler Townsend (see the baptism of his son 1 Jan. 1849) ; 2, (Bev.) James Frederick Townsend 
(whose burial see 19 Nov. 1844) ; 3, Mar}' Susan, bom 25 Sep. 1816, and married 12 Feb. 
1840, at St. Mary's, Durham, (Jeorge Albemarle Cator, Esq., and was living with issue 1877. 
A portrait of the Doctor hangs in the Chapter Library and another in the Castle hall. His 
arms. Argent, fretty sable, on a cross gules five estoiles or, are in the Town Hall, Durham. 
Perhaps no Prebendary of Durham was ever better known than Dr. Townsend, and his memory 
is yet green in the Palatinate City. His principal works were : "Armageddon," a poem, 8vo; 
" Edipus Bomanus ;" " The Old and New Testaments," historically and chronologically 
arranged, 4 vols. 8vo; "Accusations of History against the Church of Bome," 8vo— a 
work written under the supervision of Bishop Barrington, and which gained him his stall ; 
" Life and Defence of Bishop Bonner," 8vo (anonymously) ; Pamphlets on Church Beform and 
Abolition of Pluralities ; two vols, of Sermons ; " Ecclesiastical and Civil History, philosophically 
considered," 2 vols. 8vo, 1847 ; " Communion with God " (an enlarged edition of his previous 
arrangement of the Bible) ; " Letter to Samuel Butler, Esq., on the Roman Catholic Belief Bill." 
He printed also " Journal of a Tour in Italy," in which is contained an account of his visit to 
Pius the Ninth. 

^ Bom 2 and baptized 30 Nov. 1857 at St. Mary's, Durham. His father was John Bacchus 
Dykes, of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1847, M.A. 1860. Minor Canon of Durham 
and Precentor until 1862, when he was appointed to the Vicarage of St. Oswald's, Elvet. 
Composer of several Anthems and of many of the Hymns " Ancient and Modem ;" Mus. Doc. 
He died at St. Leonard's 22 Jan. 1876 and was buried at St. Oswald's 28 Jan. 1876. [MS. Ped. 
by E. A. W.J See also ** Dictionary of National Biography," xvi., 292. 

» Died 1st. Born 1 Oct. 1812. 

* Died 12th. She was " empty-housekeeper " to Dr. PhiUpotts, Bishop of Exeter and Pre- 
bendary of Durham. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1858 July 8 William Charles Chaytor,i Esquire, Registrar to the Dean and 

Chapter of Durham; South Bailey; 67; The Reverend H. 
Jenkyns, D.D., Canon of Durham- 
Dec. 9 The Rev. James Raine,^ D.C.L., Librarian to the Dean and 
Chapter of Durham, Rector of Meldon and S. Mary in the 
South Bailey ; Crook Hall ; 67 ; The Reverend J. B. Dykes, 
officiating Minister. 

1859 Mar. 15 Ann Evett;^ Palace Green, Durham; 67; Edw^ Qreatorex, 

May 24 Anna Elizabeth Johnson;* Aykley Heads; 57; The Reverend 

J. Cartwright, officiating Minister. 
June 23 Alice Jane King;^ Grove House, Gilesgate; infant; Edw^ 

Greatorex, Sacrist. 
July 20 The Rev^ Henry Douglas,* M.A., Canon of Durham; College, 

* Died Ist. He was born 23 Oct. 1800. The second son of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Chaytor, 
Grenadier Guards, by his wife Jane, dau. of William Marriott, Esq. See the burials of his 
brothers, sisters, and aunts in Index. 

* Died 6th ; the eminent antiquary and historian of North Durham. He was born 25 and 
baptized 30 Jan. 1791 at Forcett, North Biding of Torks, and was second son of James Raine, of 
Ovington, same shire, by his wife Anne, dau. of William Moore. He was Second Master of 
Durham School 1812 — 27 ; Rector of Meldon, Northumberland, 1822; Rector of St. Mary's (in 
the South Bailey) 1828 ; he was also Librarian to the Dean and Chapter for thirty-scYen years, 
and Principal Surrogate of the Consistory Court of the Diocese ; M.A. (Lambeth Degree) and 
D.C.L. of Durham University. He married 28 Jan. 1828, at Denton, co. Durham, Margaret, 
eldest dau. of the Rev. Thomas Peacock, Perpetual Curate of that place, and sister of the Very 
Rev. George PeacfKjk, Dean of Ely, by whom he had a son and three daughters. His widow died 
4 Nov. 1874 and is buried at Elswick Cemetery, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Dr. Raine, says the 
"Gentleman's Magazine" (vol. li., p. 156), was "one of the last survivors of the old race of 
County Historians, whose works were produced in stately folios, and the founder of one of the 
most successful and useful of our printing clubs, the Surtees Society." Besides his " History of 
North Durham, * he was Author of " St. Cuthbert, with an Account of the state in which his 
remains were found upon the openinvr of his Tomb in Durham Cathedral,'' Durham. 1828, and 
was the Editor for the Surtees Society of fourteen of its volumes. The antiquarian mantle of the 
historian fitly fell on the shoulders of his son the late Rev. Canon James Raine, D.C.L., of York, 
the indefatigable Secretary to and Editor of many volumes of the Surtees Society. Dr. Raine's 
second dau. Margaret, wife of the late Alfred William Hunt, Esq., A.R.A., the distinguished 
artist, is the Author of several novels. [See also " Dictionary of National Biography," vol. xlvii., 
p. 175.] 

' Died 11th. Wife of William Evett, butler at the Castle (University College), whose burial 
see 18 Jan. 1864. 

* Born 26 Nov. 1802 and baptized at Crossgate 22 Jan. 1803. Dau. of Francis Johnson, of 
Aykleyheads, Esq. (by his wife Mary, dau. of the Hon. Richard Hetherington). See the parents' 
burials 28 April 1838 and 11 April 1851. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Died 21st. The father the Rev. Charles William King, M.A., was son of the Rev. William 
Clark King, Hon. Canon of Durham and Vicar of Norham, by his wife Sarah, eldest dau. of John 
Hodgson, Esq., of Elswick House, Northumberland (see " Landed Gentry " — " Hodgson-Hinde," 
and in later editions " Archer-Hinde "). He was Rector of St. Mary-le-Bow ; Principal of the 
Durham Training College for Schoolmistresses, and afterwards one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of 
Schools ; he died 1872. The mother (living 1890) was Mary Anne, third dau. of Canon Douglas, 
whose burial see next entry. 

* Died 15th. He was bom 17 April 1793, and was eldest son of the Rev. Robert Doughis 
(previously an officer in the Army), Rector and Patron of Salwarpe, Worcestershire, and was 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


Durliam; 66; The Very Eev<» George Waddington, D.D., 
Dean of Durham. 

1860 May 7 Elizabeth Cartwright;^ Old El vet, Durham; 86; The Reverend 

Edward Sneyd, officiating Minister. 
May 26 Ann Clues ;2 College, Durham; 50; Edw** Greatorex, Sacrist. 
Dec. 25 Elizabeth Ann Robson;^ North Road; 22; Edw<* Greatorex, 


1861 Feb. 19 Margaret Pearson Davison;* Church Street, Durham ; 66; The 

Reverend Edward Sneyd, Vicar of S. Oswald's. 
Mar. 2 Henry Bradley,^ student at the University ; Bishop Cosin's Hall ; 

20 ; Edw<^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
June 1 Frances Bell, cook and housekeeper; University College; 67; 

Edw^ Greatorex, Sacrist. 
July 25 Annie Martha Chaytor;^ South Bailey, Durham; 51; The 

Reverend J. B. Dykes, Precentor of Durham. 
Aug. 20 Elizabeth Tyler; 7 Old Elvet, Durham; 86; Edw*» Greatorex, 


brother of the late Robert Archibald Douglas-Gresley, Esq.. of Salwarpe and Hi^h Park, same oo. 
(see " Landed Gentry '* — "Douglas-Gresley "), and grandson of Lieut -General Archibald Douglas, 
Colonel of the 13th Dragoons, and M P. for the Dumfries Burghs 1771, who was father of Mrs. 
Van Mildert (see her burial 28 Dec. 1837). Mr. Douglas was sometime Rector of Salwarpe and 
Prebendary of Durham. He married in 1823 Eleanor, who died 24 April 1879, dau. of the Rev. 
Thomas Birt, Vicar of Newland, Gloucestershire, and had issue seventeen children, of whom the 
eldest dau., who died 1887, was wife of Dr. William Walsham-How, first Bishop of Wakefield. 
See the burial of a grandchild, preceding entry. 

* Died 2nd. She was the only child of James Tinkler, merchant of London, by his wife Mary 
Atkinson (died, aged 97, and buried at Norton, co. Pal.), sister of Thomas Atkinson, of Mold 
Green and Bradley Mills, Huddersfield, and was granddau. of John Tinkler, of Kirk-Oswald, 
Cumberland, gent., and his wife Barbara, third dau. of the Rev. George Lowthian, of Staflfold, 
Cumberland, and sister and coheiress in her descendants of Richard Lowthian, of Staffold, Esq., 
who died, aged 90, 1 May 1784, s.p., at Dumfries. She married, about 1801, John Cartwright, of 
Norton, Esq., D.L. and J.P. co. Durham, who was a native of Halifax, and died at Bath 5 March 
1854 and was buried 10th in the Abbey Cemetery there. The issue and only surviving child of 
this marriage was the late Rev. John Cartwright. He was born at Halifax 20 June 1804 ; of 
Christ's College, Cambridge (B.A. 1827 ; M.A. 1830) ; Precentor and Minor Canon of Durham 
1834 ; Perpetual Curate of Ferryhill 1843-4 ; Rector of Witton-Gilbert 1849 -1851. He was the 
author of several translations from Greek and German authors. He died unmarried, having 
given up his Minor Canonry some years before, 15 Dec. 1879, and was buried 19th at Elvet Hill 
Cemetery, being registered at St. Mary-the-Less. 

* Died 24th. " Empty-housekeeper " to the Bishop of Exeter, Dr. Phillpotts. 

3 Died 18th. She was bom 30 April 1838. See her father's burial 23 Dec. 1865. 

^ Wife of the Rev. Edward Davison, Vicar of St. Nicholas and Rector of Harlington, Middle- 
sex (who died 22 May 1863) ; lived in Church Street, Durham. She was the dau. of Alderman 
John Wolfe, of Durham, by his wife Elizabeth, who was the widow of Richard Buttler, of Sunder- 
land. Mrs. Davison was married at St. Oswald's 11 May 1824. She died 14 Feb. 1861 and was 
buried next her father and grandfather Pearson and Mr. Buttler. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Died 27 Feb. Only son of Henry Bradley, of Blackheath, Kent. 

* Died 20th. She was the only dau. of Thomas Greatorex, Esq., F.R.S., Organist of West- 
minster Abbey (the burial of whose widow see 30 July 1868). She married, 8 Sep. 1886, 
Colonel John Chaytor, R.E., whose burial see 12 Feb. 1862. 

« Died 16th. Bom 14 Nov. 1774, being the dau. of William Bates, of that parish, by his 
wife Elizabeth Bullock, whom he married at Marylebone 23 April 1767. See her husband's burial 
14 July 1849 and her son's 27 Jan. 1871. 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1862 Feb. 12 John Chaytor,^ Colonel Royal Engineers ; South Bailey, Durham ; 

60 ; The Reverend J. B. Dykes, Precentor of Durham. 
April 8 The Rev^ John Edwards,^ M.A., Canon of Durham, & Professor 

of Greek in the University of Durham ; College, Durham ; 73 ; 

The Very Rev** George Waddington, D.D., Dean of Durham. 
Dee. 26 Thomas Dickons ;''^ Claypath ; 70 y"; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1863 Nov. 24 Rosamond Evans; The College; 35 y"; George Bland, 

Archdeacon of Northumberland. 
Nov. 28 The Rev^ Henry Joseph Maltby,* Canon of Durham; The 

College; 51 y"; George Waddington, Dean of Durham. 
186i Jan. 18 William Evett;^ The Old Gram. School; 54 y"; J. Conran 

Lowe, Sacrist. 
April 7 Elizabeth Darnell ;<5 The Rectoiy, Stanhope; 76 y"; The Ven. 

Archdeacon Bland. 
May 19 David Flintoff ;7 Banks Cottage ; 71 y" ; The Ven. Archdeacon 


* Died 8ih. He was born 28 Jan. 1802, the third son of Lieut.-Colonel Henry Chaytor, 
Ist Foot Guards, by his wife Jane, dau. of William Marriott, Esq. His sons are the repre- 
sentatives of the Chaytors "of Uutterby." He died very suddenly of heart disease. See his 
wife's burial 25 July 1861. 

' Died 1st. He was born 14 Nov. 1789 and baptized at Huntingdon, being the son of the 
Rev. Edward Edwards, of that place, by his wife Sarah, dau. of Colonel Freeman, of Apsley, Bed- 
fordshire. He graduated, B.A. 1812, M.A. 181 5, at St. John's College, Cambridge, moving to Jesus 
College, and was for sometime Head Master of Bury St. Edmunds Grammar School ; Canon of 
Durham, and Professor of Greek in that University 1841. He married at Huntingdon Church, 
9 July 1816, Louisa (who died 13 April 1831 and is buried at Bury St. Edmunds), dau. of Robert 
Coooh, Esq., of Huntingdon, by his wife Ann, dau. of Samuel Wells, of Biggleswade, Beds. See 
his granddaughter's baptism 20 Oct. 1856. 

^ Died 23rd. Native of Sedgefield. He signed the Marriage Register at Crossgate '' Diokins," 
and was deetcribed " of Brancepeth." See his wife's burial 6 April 1857 ; his daughter's 2 June 
1818 ; and his sons' 9 Dec. 1856 and 21 May 1875. 

* Died 24th. He was born at Buckden (of which his father was then Vicar), Hunts, 2 July 
1814, and was the fifth and youngest son of Dr. Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham 1836—1856, 

by his first wife Mary, dau. of Hervey, Esq., of Norwich (who died at Buckden 2 May 

1825) ; of Caius College, Cambridge (B.A. 1835 ; M.A. 1838) ; Vicar of Eglingham, Northum- 
berland, Rector of Egglesclifle, co. Pal., and Canon of Durham. He married first, 13 Feb. 
1840, at Long Horsley, Northumberland, Julia Katherina (she died 27 April 1843 and is buried 
at Long Horsley), third dau. of Charles-William Bigge, of Linden, Northumberland, Esq., D.L., 
*f .P., by whom he had issue ; and secondly, 13 June 1847, at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, Elisabeth 
Mary, eldest dau. of Lieut. -General Sir Thomas Bradford, G.C.B., G.C.H., by his first wife Mary 
Anne, only dau. of James Atkinson, Esq., of Newcastle, and widow of Lieut.-Colonel Philip 
Ainslie, 4lh Dragoons. See his sons' burials 20 June 1864 and 24 Aug. 1866. His father, who 
was the first Bishop after the Palatinate powers were transferred to the Crown, resigned the 
Bishopric in 1856 ; died in London 3 July 1859, and was buried at Kensal Green. He was 
previously Bishop of Chichester. He had a grant of arms, viz. : Argent, on a bend gules, between 
a lion rampant in chief azure and a Maltese cross in base of the second, three garbs or. Crest : 
A garb, charged with a Maltese cross between two laurel branches. 

* Died 14th ; butler at the Castle. See his wife's burial 15 March 1859. 

* Wife of the Rev. William Nicholas Darnell, whose burial see 24 June following— dau. of the 
Rev. William Bowe, M.A., of Scorton, oo. York— married 15 June 1815. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.j 

7 Died 16th ; woodman and choir porter for forty-five years to the Dean and Chapter, and 
formerly steward to Dr. Townsend at Northallerton, where he was probably baptized. He was 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1864 June 20 Ralph Howard Maltby;i The College; 9 y«; Julius Conran 

Lowe, Sacrist. 
Dec. 17 Sarah Rowlandson;^ Gilesgate; 86 y"; Julius Conran Lowe, 

1865 June 24 Eev. William Nicholas Darnell ; » Stanhope ; 89 y" ; The Venerable 

Archdeacon Bland. 
Aug. 23 Vere Holden; Bellasis; infant; Edward Greatorex, off. Min'. 

Dec. 3 Charles Thorp Greatorex;* The Grove; infant; J. C. Lowe, 

Dec. 18 Christopher Hardinge Fenwick;^ South St., Durham; 12 y"; 

Edward Greatorex, off. Min^ [Cemetery.] 

1866 Mar. 20 William Nixon ; * The Grammar School (a native of Windsor) ; 

17 y" ; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist ; Died March 18. [Cemetery.] 
Aug. 24 Henry Charles Bradford Maltby;^ The College; 17 y"; J. C. 

Lowe, Sacrist. 
Dec. 23 John Robson;® Neville House; 52 years; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

third 9on of Thomas Flintoflf, of Bomanhy, near Northallerton, and grandson of David Flintoff, 
of Holdntead Hall, near Northallerton, gent. He had by his wife Beatrice (whose burial see 
80 Jan. 1871), besides the daughters buried 28 Oct. 1842 and 19 Oct. 1867, Jane, bom 21 March 
1816, married, living' with issue 1877 ; Thomas, born 28 Aug. 1817, ob. infant ; Marianne (from 
whom this information), bom 14 Jan. 1821 (whose burial see 2 Dec. 1878) ; James, bom 
22 July 1824, ob. infant — all probably baptized at Northallerton. Little did the Editor think, as 
a boy at Durham School, when he and hb fellow scholars were teasing " old Davy," that it would 
be his lot one day to write this ! 

* Died 16th. Third and youngest son, by his second wife, of Canon Maltby, whose burial see 
28 Nov. 1863. 

' Died 14th. Mother of Mr. Samuel Bowlandson, agent to the Dean and Chapter. See her 
grandson's burial 19 May 1845. 

* Baptized 16 April 1776 at All Saints, Newcastle ; of Christ Church, Oxon (B.A. 1796, M.A. 
1800) ; Sector of St. Mary-le-Bow, Durham (June 1809) ; Vicar of Stockton-on-Tees ; Prebendary 
of Durham Jan. 1816 ; Bector of Stanhope, succeeding Bishop Phillpotts. When Dr. Phillpotts, 
then Bector of Stanhope (the richest living the Bishop of Durham possessed, which is now vested 
in the Bishop of Bipon), was offered the Bishopric of Exeter, of so much smaller value than his 
own preferment, he exchanged his Bectory with Mr. Darnell for that gentleman's Prebend. 
[MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

^ See his baptism 15 May 1864 and his sister's 6 Jan. 1853. 

' His headstone records that he died same day. He was a pupil of the Bev. Julius Conran 
Lowe, MA., Minor Canon and Sacrist, in whose house he died. He was eldest child of Thomas 
Fenwiok, Esq. (now Fenwick-Clennell, of Harbottle Castle, Northumberknd), by hb wife Frances, 
eldest dau. of Frederick Hardinge, Esq., of Coatham Mundeville, co. Pal., younger brother of the 
first Viscount Hardinge. 

* B€ct^ William Yates Nixon ; died 18th. He was bora 17 March and baptized 2 May 1849 
at St. John's, New Windsor, Berkshire, and was seventh son of Thomas Nixon, of that place, by 
bis marriage at St. John's aforesaid, 2 May 1829, with Mary Ann, dau. of William Collison, of 
Leicester. He was a King's Scholar of Durham School. 

7 Died 19th. The eldest son, by his second wife, of Canon Maltby (whose burial see 28 Nov. 
1868). He was bom 9 April 1849 and baptized at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge. 

* Died 19th. He was the eldest son and second child of Thomas Bobson by his wife Ann 
Stokeld (married 1812), and was baptized privately 16 Sep. 1814, and afterwards at St. Nicholas 
9 July 1815. He married at Witton Gilbert, 20 June 1837, Frances (living 1877), fifth dau. and 


Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1866 Dec. 25 Jane Bond;^ The Deanery; 82 y"*; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1867 Jan. 27 Thomas Kaye,^ lay clerk; Sadler St.; 52 years; J. C. Lowe, 

Sacrist. ICemeteiy.'] 
Oct. 19 Elizabeth Flintoff ; » Halgarth St. ; 34 years ; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist 
Dec. 27 Agnes Harrison Johnson;'^ Aykleyheads; 56 y*^; Ber. Canon 


1868 Feb. 14 Alice Pedder;^ The College; 7 mtt»»; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 
July 30 Elizabeth Greatorex;* The Grore; 87 y"; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 
Dec. 17 Joseph Davison; 7 Greencroft, Lanchester ; 60 y"; The Bishop, 

assisted by Archdeacon Bland. 

1869 June 4 Phillis Hartley ;« College Grates ; 54 y" ; Canon Chevallier. 

seventh child of John Hall, currier, whose hurial see 13 May 1841. He was proprietor of the 
Durham flour mills, and elder brother of the late Robert Naisbitt Bobson, Esq., M.B.G.S. and 
J.P. for the City, who died 1888. See his daughters' burials 29 Aug. 1851 and 25 Deo. 1860. 

' Died 2l8t. 8he was cook and housekeeper to Dean Waddington. 

' Died 23rd. He was nineteen years a Lay Clerk of the Cathedral. 

' Died 15th. Born (according to family information supplied) 12 July 1825 at Northallerton, 
and her age, therefore, must be wrongly stated here. See her father's burial 10 May 1864. 

* Wife of Francis-Dixon Johnson, of Aykleyheads, Esq., whose burial see 22 Nov. 1898. She 
was the dau. of John Greenwood, of Polefield, oo. Lancaster, Esq., by his wife Agnes Harrison, of 
Poulton on the Fylde ; bom 30 Aug. 1811 ; married at Prestwioh 18 Jan. 1888 ; died 22 Dec. 
1867. Arms : Sable, a chevron between three saltiree argent. There is an oil portrait of her with 
her younger dau. at Aykleyheads. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

' Died 11 Feb. Dau. of Eev. John Pedder by his wife Harriet, eldest dau. of the Rev. Henry 
Jenkyns, D.D., Canon of Durham and Professor of Divinity in the University, and of Botley Hill, 
Southants. She was bom 28 June 1867. 

' Died 26th at the residence of her son the Bev. Edward Greatorex, Minor Canon. She was 
married to Thomas Greatorex, Esq., F.B.S. This gentleman, the only son of Anthony Greatorex, 
of Derbyshire, by his wife Miss Bingley, and grandson of Daniel Greatorex, was bom at Wing- 
field, near Chesterfield, 5 Oct. 1758 ; he was Organist of Westminster Abbey from 1819, and 
Conductor of the King's Concerts for Ancient Music for thirty-nine years. Not more distin- 
guished for his great musical talents than for his refined manners and knowledge of maUiematics, 
aatronomy, and even military science. As an archer, almost the first bowsman in England ; as an 
artist, chemist, and botanist, equally distinguished. In short, " he was one of those gifted beings 
who appear to have the power of excelling in whatever they undertake." As such he was aooept- 
able to the highest society, and received in the warmest friendship, not only by the Earl of 
Sandwich, the oelebrated Lord Chesterfield, the " old " Pretender, and a host of other well-known 
men of genius, but by George the Third and his Queen, as also George the Fourth. He died at 
Hampton, Middlesex, 18 July 1831 and was buried 25 July in the west cloister of Westminster 
Abbey. See his grand-daughter's baptism 6 Jan. 1853 and others in Index. [See "Dictionary 
of National Biography," xviii., p. 88, and " Westminster Abbey Begisters," Harleian Society'h 
Publications, vol. x., p. 604.] 

7 Died 13th. He was son of Thomas Davison, agent to Bishop Barrington (who left him 
£100), of Sedgefield, Croft, and Durham City (he died 1862), by his wife (died 1862) Miss 
Barker, of Sedgefield, who brought her husband the Diamond Hall property at that place. He 
was Begistrar to the Bishop of Durham and Begistrar of the Probate Court, Durham, and 
latterly was resident at Greencroft Park, Lanchester. He married at Witton Gilbert, 1 June 
1842, Anne-Caroline Bobinson, natural and adopted dan. of J. C. W. Bobinson, Esq., of Sniperky, 
and heiress of his wife, whose burial see 20 Deo. 1852. Mrs. Davison died al Brighton 18 and 
was buried at Durham Cathedral 18 Sep. 1879, aged 70. 

^ Died 1st. She was bora 10 May 1815 at Breadsall, Derbyshire, and was dau. of John 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1869 July 24 The Very Bev^ George Waddington,i D.D., Dean of Durham; 

The Deanery ; 75 y" ; The Bishop, aBsisted by Canon Chevallier, 

1870 Jan. 18 Thomas Griffith ;« The Bmley, Durham; 74 y"; J. C. Lowe, 

May 16 Arthur Thomas Fabian Evans;* College; 8 y"; The Very Eev* 
W. C. Lake, Dean of Durham. 

1871 Jan. 27 Edwin Tyler;* Old Elvet; 62 y"; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

Jan. 30 Beatrice Flintoff ;* North Road; 82 y"; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1872 Jan. 10 Elleanor Griffith ;« North Bailey ; 65 y" ; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 
Jan. 16 Elizabeth Bowlby ;7 Old Elvet ; 78 y" ; J. C. Lowe, Sacrist. 

1878 May 14 Frances Griffith ;» North Bailey; 72 y»; W. H. Robertson, 

Rowland, of that place, where she was married 22 Sep. 1840. See her husband's burial 25 April 

* Died 20tb. He was bom 7 Sep. 1793 at Tuxford, Notts, the elder son of the Be?. George 
Waddington, M.A. (died 1824), Vicar of that place, by his wife Anne, youngest dau. of Peter 
Bollond, the well-known optician, of St. Paul's Cburchyard (married 18 May 1790), and grandson 
of the Bev. Joshua Waddington, Vicar of Harworth, and of Walkeringham, Notts, and his wife 
Ann, dau. (but not heiress, although the Dean quartered her arms) of Uie Bev. Thomas Ferrand, 
of Bingley, Yorks. He graduated (BJi. 1815 ; M.A. 1818) at Trinity Ck>llege. Cambridge, of 
which he was Fellow ; Vicar of Masham, co. York, and, 1840, Dean of Durham. Notwithstand- 
ing the changes made by the Ecclesiastical Commission, the Deanery during Dr. Waddington's 
tenure was of much greater yalue than at present. The Dean, who refused the Bishopric of 
Manchester, was brother of the Bight Hon. Horatio Waddington, for long Permanent Under- 
Secretary of State, Home Department, and M. Waddington, the late French Ambassador, is 
of the same family. The arms his family used (Argent, on a fess sable between three fleurs-de- 
lys axure, a lion passant of the field), and which are in the Durham Town Hall« are wrong. This 
is the coat of Thwaites (whose heiress married into the Waddington family) differenced by the 
lion, though it was " confirmed " to William Waddington. Esq., uncle of the Dean, in 1769. The 
mistake first arose in 1665 through an error of the Herald Warburton. The right arms of 
Waddington are : Argent, a chevron between three martlets gules (sometimes sable). 

' Of North Bailey, Durham, and Morden, Esq., sometime an Attorney and Under Sheriff, 
eldest son of John Griffith, of Durham, by Mary, dau. of John Hays (see their burials 19 May 
1845 and 21 Oct. 1850). Bom 8 and baptized 23 Dec. 1795. Will dated 22 Dec. 1869, proved 
in London 10 Feb. 1870. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

' Died 12th. Youngest sod of the Bev. Thomas Saunders Evans, Canon of Durham, and Pro. 
feasor of Greek in the University. 

'* Died 22nd. See hb baptism 24 Oct. 1808. He was a Surgeon, and Surgeon to the North 
Durham Militia. He married at St. James's, Paddington, Maria (his cousin), third dau. of John- 
William Burt, of Westboume Terrace, London (by his wife Phyllis, dau. of William Burt, of 
Marylebone). See hb father's burial 14 July 1849, and his mother's 20 Aug. 1861. 

* Died 26th. She was the third dau. of James Sharpe, of Aycliffe, co. Pal., farmer. See her 
husband's burial 19 May 1864. 

* Bom 10 Nov. and baptized 5 Dec. 1806 ; died unmarried at North Bailey 6 Jan. 1872. 
Third dau. of John Griffith, of Durham, by his wife Mary, dau. of John Hays, Esq. (see their 
burials 19 May 1845 and 21 Oct. 1860). [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

7 Bom 10th, baptized privately 20 July 1793 and publicly 26 Sep. 1798 at St. Mary-the-Less. 
Eldest dau. of John Bowlby, Begistru' to the Dean and Chapter of Durham, by Sarah, dau. of 
John and Dorothy Elliot. She died unmarried at Old Elvet 13 Feb. 1872. [MS. Ped. by 
B. A. W.] 

^ Bora 18 March, baptized 14 April 1801. Third son of John Griffith, of Durham, Esq., by 
his wife Mary, dau. of John Hays, Esq. (see their burials 19 May 1845 and 21 Oct. 1850). Died 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1873 Nov. 4 David Lambert ;^ Saddler St. ; 40 y" ; J. C. Lowe, Minor Canon. 


1874 Feb. 4 W"^ James Martin ;» North E*; 55 j^; W. H. Kobertson, 

Sacrist. [Cemetery.] 

1875 Jan. 12 Jobn Moor' (for upwards of 37 years Verger of this Cath* 

Cburcb) ; The Palace Green ; 78 ; John B. Dykes, ofl^ Min'. 
May 21 John Ralph Dickons ;* Claypath ; 48 ; Th. Rogers, offic. Min'. 
June 21 Mary HaU ;& Old Elvet ; 67 ; W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. 

1876 April 25 William Hartley,* Dean's Verger for 37 years ; College Gates ; 

70 y" ; Edward Prest, The Archdeacon of Durham. 

1878 July 16 Willoughby Waite ;7 College ; 15 weeks ; H. B. Tristram, Canon. 
Nov. 4 James Lambert;® Old Elvet; 68 years; The Ven. the Arch- 
deacon of Northumberland. 

Dec. 2 Marianne Flintoff ;• North Road; 67 years; W. H. Robertson, 

1879 July 28 Mary White; North Road; 66 years; W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. 
Sep. 18 Anne Caroline Davison ;^^ Brighton ; 70 years ; H. B. Tristram, 


1880 Feb. 20 The Ven»>»« George Bland,^! Archdeacon of Northumberland and 

Canon of Durham; The College; 75 years; The Bishop, 
assisted by the Dean. 

unmarried at the North Bailey 10 May 1873. Will dated 12 March 1868, proved 7 Aug. 1873 
under £20,000 personalty. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] The Griffiths occupy a long row of nine 
nameless graves, extending from the Ahbey towards the railings arranged in the order they died. 
[A small headstone has lately, 1885, been placed at the father's grave.] 

* Died 30 Oct. in the Cathedral, during evening service. He was a son of James Lambert, 
also a Lay Clerk, the possessor of a magnificent bass voice, whose burial see 4 Nov. 1878. He 
was formerly in the choir of the Chapel Boyal, Windsor. He is buried at Elvet Hill Cemetery. 

* Died 30 Jan. ; was for thirty-five years a Lay Clerk. He is buried at Elvet Hill Cemetery. 
His children are baptized at Crossgate. 

' Died 8th. He was bom at Eirkharle, NorthumberUnd, 26 June 1796, the eldest of nine 
children of Thomas Moore (who died at Cold well, aged 81, 23 May 1841), farmer, and many 
years land agent to Sir William Loraine, of Kirkharle, Bart., by his wife Sarah Hedley, who died 
at Coldwell, same co., aged 73, 3 July 1841. By his wife (whose burial see 6 June 1846) he had 
an only dau. Jane Catherine, bom 7 Feb. 1841 and baptized at St. Mary's 2 Jan. 1842. 

* Died 17th. Bom 19 Feb. 1827 ; he waa younger son of Thomas Dickons, whose burial see 
26 Dec. 1862. He was a retired stationer and bookseller. 

* See her husband's burial 28 April 1835. 

* Died 22nd. He was bora at Knightsbridge, Middlesex, 31 March 1806. 

7 Son of the Rev. Joseph Waite, D.D., Vicar of Norham, Hon. Canon of Newcastle, and his 
wife Eosamond, dau. of Rev. T. S. Evans, Canon of Durham, and Professor of Greek in the 
University of Durham. 

* See his son's burial 4 Nov. 1873, and his daughter's 12 Sep. 1888. 

' Dau. of David FlintofP, woodman and choir porter to the Dean and Chapter. See her 
parents' burials 19 May 1864 and 80 Jan. 1871. 

*° She was a dau. of Mr. Robinson, whose widow's burial is recorded 20 Deo. 1862. She was 
the widow of Joseph Davison, who was buried 17 Dec. 1868. 

" Son of Michael Bland, Esq., F.R.S., by his wife Sophia, youngest dau. of George Maltby, 
Esq., of Norwich, and sister of the late Bishop Maltby. He was educated at the Grammar School 
of Bury St. Edmunds under Dr. Benjamin Heath Malkin ; graduated at Caius College, Cam- 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1880 Jiine 5 Frederick John Copeman ;^ University College, Durham ; 40 years ; 

The Very Rev. W. C. Lake, Dean of Durham, assisted by 
Canon Evans. Cath. Yard. 
Oct. 21 Rosamond Waite ; * Norham Vicarage, Northumberland ; 10 years ; 
H. B. Tristram, Canon. Cath. Yard. 

1881 Feb. 19 Dorothy Marsden;^ Altrincham, Cheshire; 83 years; W. H. 

Robertson, Sacrist. Cath. Yard. 
Sep. 7 Thomas White; North Road; 78 years; W. H. Robertson, 
Sacrist. Cath. Yard. 

1883 Feb. 27 Samuel Rowlandson ;* The College ; 77 years ; W. H. Robertson, 

Sacrist ; Lesson read by Rev. Canon Evans. Cath. Yard. 
Aug. 29 Mary Griffith ; ^ North Bailey ; 84 years ; H. B. Tristram, Canon. 
Cath. Yard. 

1884 Sep. 25 Hannah Rowlandson;® The College; 74 years; Rev. D*" Tristram, 

Canon of Durham, & Rev. W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. Cath. 

1885 Mar. 14 William Darnell ; 7 S. Leonards on Sea; 68 years; Rev. E. 

Greatorex, Precentor, <& Rev. W. H. Robertson, Sacrist. Cath. 

bridge, B.A. 1828; M.A. 1881 ; ordained in 1829; appoioted in 1836 by Bishop Maltby, then 
Bishop of Chichester, to the Beotory of Slinfold in Sussex. When Bishop Maltby was translated 
to Durham in 1844 Mr. Bland was appointed to the newly created Archdeaconry of Lindbfame, 
and held the living of Eglingham. In 1853 Bishop Maltby transferred him to the Archdeaconry of 
Northumberland, and he was at the same time presented to a Canonry of Durham Cathedral. In 
1856 he became Incumbent of St. Mary-le-Bow in Durham, which was then in the gift of the 
Archdeacon of Northumberland. In Dec. 1862* on the death of Archdeacon Thorpe, he was 
appointed Official of the Officialty of the Dean and Chapter of Durham. He married at Boldon, 
in 1846, Frances Sybel, eldest dau. of the Bev. John CoUinson, Rector of that place, and sister to 
Admiral Collinson. He died at his residence in the College on the 17th Feb. 1880. 

' Second son of James Robert Copeman, of Worcester, Esq. ; matriculated at Christ Church, 
Oxford, 19 Oct. 1859; Servitor 1859; Student 1860—1865; B.A. 1864; M.A. 1865; Classical 
Tutor in the University of Durham 1866 ; Proctor 1873—1876. Died 81 May 1880. 

' See her baptism 13 July 1870. 

' Widow of Thomas Marsden, of Durham, Proctor, whose burial see 3 July 1857. She was 
the elder dau. of John Thomas Christopher, of Norton, oo. Pal., by his wife Dorothy, second dau. 
of Crosier Surtees, of Bedworth and Merry Shields, Esq. Married at Qainford 29 Aug. 1825 ; 
died at Newcastle. Arms : Per chevron wavy azure and erminois, a chart of Chesterfield's Inlet 
between two estoilee in chief argent, and on a mount in base vert a beaver passant proper. Mrs. 
Marsden was granddau. of the Navigator, William Christopher. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Appointed Deputy-Treasurer to the Dean and Chapter April 1837 at the death of Mr. John 
Leyboume. The son (by Sarah his wife, whose burial see 17 Dec. 1864) of Christopher 
Bowlandson, of West Shows, near Barnard Castle. He was bom 27 Nov. 1805 ; died 22 Feb. 
1883. See his wife's burial 26 Sep. 1884. 

* Dau. of John Griffith, of Durham, Esq., by Mary, eldest dau. of John Hays, Esq. ; bom 
17 Sep., baptized 12 Oct. 1798 at St. Mary-le-Bow ; died 25 Aug. 1888, unmarried, in the house 
she was born in. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

* Widow of Samuel Bowlandson, whose burial see 27 Feb. 1883 (formerly Miss Hanp ^h 

7 The Bev. William Damell, son of the Bev. William Nichoks Damell, B.D., by his wife 
Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Bev. William Bowe, MA. (see their burials 24 June 1865 and 7 April 
1864). He was bom 19 Nov. 1816 at Stockton Vicarage ; of Christ Church College, Oxford, 
B JL. 1838 ; M.A. 1843 ; Vicar of Bamborough, Northumberland ; J.P. [MS. Ped. by E. A. W.] 

Digitized by VnOOQlC 


1886 Aug. 6 William Henrj Robertson;^ South Street; 45 years; Ven. 

G. H. Hamilton, Archdeacon of Northumberland, & Rev. 
V. K. Cooper & Rev. J. C. Lowe, Minor Canons, & Rev. H. B. 
Tristram, Canon of Durham. Elvet Cemetery. 

1887 Aug. 8 Julius Conran Lowe;^ South Bailey; 65 years; Very Rev. The 

Dean of Durham, Rev. Gr. Body, Canon of Durham, Rev- 
"W. M. Smith-Dorrien, Precentor of Durham. Elvet Cemetery. 

1888 April 3 Elizabeth areatorex;^ Croxdale Rectory; 60 years; The Ven^^ 

The Archdeacon of Durham, The Ven*»*® Archdeacon of North- 
umberland, The Rev. "W. M. Smith-Dorrien, Minor Canon of 
Durham. Cath. Yard. 

Sep. 4 John Alder Bedser; Prebend's Cottage; 72 years; George 
William Anson Firth, Sacrist. Elvet Cemetery. 

Sep. 12 Ann Beckwith;* Walker on Tyne ; 46 years; The Ven"* The 
Archdeacon of Northumberland & V. K. Cooper. Elvet 

Oct. 25 Mary Jones ; ^ Queen Street, Durham ; 96 years ; V. K. Cooper, 
Precentor, G. W. A. Firth, Sacrist. Cath. Yard. 

1889 Jan. 3 Maria Cooch;* North Bailey; 87 years; Rev. Canon Farrar, 

D.D., Rev. Canon Evans, Rev. Archdeacon Hamilton, Canon of 
Durham, Rev. G. W. Anson Firth, Sacrist. Cath. Yard. 
May 21 Thomas Saunders Evans,^ D.D., Senior Canon; The College; 
73 years ; H. B. Tristram, Canon. Cath. Yard. 

1890 ^lay 26, died May 24. Kate Tuke ; Crossgate, Durham ; 38 years ; V. K. 

Cooper, Precentor. Buried in Cemetery, Elvet Hill. 
June 16, died June 14. Edith Mary Tuke ; Crossgate, Durham ; 20 years ; 

V. K. Cooper, Precentor. Buried in Cemetery. 
Sep. 26 Robert Kirkup Liddle ; 14 years' Dean's Verger ; Palace Green, 

Durham ; 60 years ; W. C. Lake, Dean. Bow Cemetery. 
1893 Mar. 7 Francis Allan Ker ; « South Street, Durham ; 34 years ; Rev. H. B. 

* Born at Buxton, Derbyshire, 14 Feb. 1840, son of William Henry Robertson, Esq., M J)., 
P.R.C.P., J.P., of Buxton, by his wife Eliza, dau. of John Slater Gill, of Chesterfield ; of Christ 
Church, Oxon (B.A. 1863 ; M.A. 1866) ; successively Curate of Thorpe Mandeville and Houghton- 
le-Spring ; Minor Canon of Durham Sep. 1866 and Sacrist 20 Nov. 1872, and also Sub-Librarian. 
He married Frances Henrietta, second dau. of the late Francis Jones, 'M.JL, Vicar of Morton 
Pinkney, Northamptonshire. He died at Buxton 2 Aug. 1885. 

^ Son of the Bev. Richard Lowe, of Marylebone, Middlesex; of Queen's College* Oxford, 
matriculated 28 May 1841, B.A. 1845; M.A. 1854; Sacristan 1854—1872; Minor Canon 1854; 
Chaplain of the Durham County Prison from 1873 until his death 4 Aug. 1887. 

* Wife of the Rev. Edward Greatorex, Minor Canon and Precentor of the Cathedral, Rector 
of Croxdale, oo. Durham. She was the dau. of Charles Thorp, D.D., Archdeacon and Canon of 

'* Dau. of James Lambert, Lay Clerk, who was buried 4 Nov. 1878, and wife of James Sadler 
Beokwith, Vicar of Walker-on-Tyne, whose burial see 23 Jan. 1895. 

* Widow of William Jones, buried 24 Sep. 1851. 

* Sister of Rosamond Evans, buried 24 Nov. 1868. 
7 Professor of Greek in the University of Durham. 

^ Second son of Claud Buchanan Ker, M J)., of Cheltenham ; of New College, Oxford, matri- 
culated 26 Jan. 1878, BA. 1882 ; M.A. 1886. 

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Tristram, Canon of Durham, Eev. V. K. Cooper, Precentor, 
Eev. J. M. Marshall, Head Master. Elvet Hill Cemetery. 
1898 Nov. 22 Francis Dixon Johnson;^ Aykley Heads; 89 years; Eev. H. B. 
Tristram, D.D., Canon of Durham, & Rev. Q. W. Anson Firth, 
Sacrist. Cath. Yard. 

1894 Aug. 30 Henry Bond Bowlby,^ Bishop of Coventry ; S* Philip's Rectory, 

Birmingham; 71 years; J. J. S. Worcester. Cath. Yard. 

1895 Jan. 23 James Sadler Beckwith;^ Walker Vicarage, Walker on Tyne; 

51 years ; G. W. Anson Firth, Sacrist. Elvet Hill Cemetery. 

1896 April 29 William Henry Grice, Lay clerk; John Street, Durham ; 61 years ; 

H. B. Tristram, D.D., Canon of Durham Cathedral, & V. K. 
Cooper, M.A., Precentor of Durham Cath. Elvet Hill. 
Dec 11 Arthur Ernest Harcourt Armes ;* 17 North Bailey; 24 years; 
Geo. Body, D.D., Canon of Durham, J. T. Fowler, D.C.L., 
Lecturer in Hebrew. Elvet Hill. 

^ Born 25 Beo. 1803 and baptized at Crossgate 24 July 1806 ; of St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge, B.A. 1827 ; Barrister-at-Law, of Gray's Inn and afterwards of Lincoln's Inn (called to 
the Bar 1888) ; was a Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant for the County of Durham. 
Died 19 Nov. 1898, having married, 18 Jan. 1838, Agnes Harrison, third dau. of John Greenwood, 
of Polefield, co. Lancaster, Esq. See her burial 27 Dec. 1867. [MS. Ped. by B. A. W.] 

^ Son of Major Peter Bowlby by his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Bev. Dickens Hazlewood, M.A. 
(see her burial 22 Feb. 1827). Born 23 Aug. 1823, baptized 18 Sep. following at Bishopwear- 
mouth; late Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford ; B.A. 1844; M.A. 1849; Vicar of Oldbury, oo. 
Worcester, 1850; Vicar of Dartford 1868; Rector of St. Philip's, Birmingham, 1876; Hon. 
Canon of Worcester Cathedral ; consecrated Bishop Suffragan of Coventry 1891. He married 
first, at St. Hilda's, South Shields, Catherine, eldest dau. of Thomas Salmon, of South Shields ; 
she died 22 Jan. 1875 and was buried at the cemetery, Dartford, co. Kent. He married secondly, 
at St. Oswald's, Chester, 21 Sep. 1886, Sarah, third dau. of Harry King, Esq., of Windsor, Nova 
Scotia, and widow of Frederic Allison, Esq. He died at Edinburgh 27 Aug. 1894. [MS. Ped. 
by E. A. W.] 

' Late Scholar of University of Durham ; ordained Deacon 1876 ; Priest 1877 ; Curate of 
Ryhope, co. Durham, 1876—1878; of St. Matthew, Newcastle, 1878—1880; of Benfieldside, oo. 
Durham, 1880-81 ; B A.. 1880 ; M. A 1888 ; Vicar of Walker 1881 ; married Ann, dau. of James 
Lambert. See her burial 12 Sep. 1888. 

* Son of Philip Armes, Mus. Doc., Organist of the Cathedral. 

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The names in the Text are in Small Capitals, those in the Notes in ordinary type, and the 
italic letter n indicates that the references are in the Notes. 

Abbs, Sabah 62 

Aboyne, Charles, Earl of 20 

Acton, Eliza 131 

AcTTON, Thomas 131 

Adair, Caroline 128 

Adair, Lady Caroline 26 

Adair, Elizabeth 26, 128 

Adair, Robert 26, 128 

Adams, Dr. Fitz-Adams, Prebendary of 

Durham 18 

Adamson, Anna* 43 

Adamson, Blythman 53 

Adamson, Cuthbert 53 

Adamson, DoBOTHEAM 44 

Adamson, Dobothy 53 

Adamson, Bey. Edward Hussey 53 

Adamson, Eliz 53, 70 

Adamson, Elizabeth 53 

Adamson, Isabel 60 

Adamson, Isabellam 40 

Adamson, Jane 53 

Adamson, Johannes 44 

Adamson, Mabiam 40 

Adamson, Ralph 53 

Adamson, Randulphus 40 

Adamson, Ro 104 

Adamson, Rev. Ro 103 

Adamson, Robebt 53 

Adamson, Rev. RoBEBTi 14 

Adamson, Samuel 101 : n, 14 

Adamson, Samuell 14 

Adamson, Thomasin 103 

Adamson, William 60 

Adamson, Lient.-Col. William 53 

Adamson, William Blythman 53 

AOAB, An 38 

AOAB, Gulielms 41 


Agar, Mary Elizabeth 27 

AOAB, Willia' 38 


Ainslie, Mary Anne 152 

Ainslie, Lient.-Col. Philip 152 

AiBE, Aliciam.;.. 41 

AiBK, Gulielms 41 

AiBE, Jane 57 

AiBB, Wm 57 


Air8on,John 39 

Aislaby, Michael 76 




AisLBY, Joanna* 36 


Aisley, Robebt 36 


Albemarle, Earl of 26, 128 

Albebt, Dan 65 

Albebt, Maby 65 

Aldebson, Elizabeth 57 

Aldebson, Jane 48 

Aldebson, Joseph 48 

Aldham, Greorpfiana Bailey 31 

Allan, Elizabeth 125 

Allan, Jane 63 

Allan, John 62 

Allan, Mabgt 62 

Allan, Maby 61 

Allan, Robert Henry 89 

Allen, Fbances 53 

Allenson, Alice 15 

Allenson, Annam 45 

Allenson, Anthony 15 

Allenson, Gulielmub 40 

Allenson, Jannam 40 

Allenson, Mabia* 42 

Allenson, Mabmaduco 15 

Allenson, Marmadoke 15 

Allenson, Mary 15 

Allenson, Ralph I5 

Allenson, Robbbtus 45 

Allinson, Annam 39 

Allinson, Hannah 69 

Allinson, Mabgeby 77 

Allison, Elizabeth 53 

Allison, Frederic 159 

Allison, Sarah 159 

Allison, Valentine 53 

Almond, Eliz 72 

Alston, Henby 114 

Alston, Sir Rowland II4 

Alston, Temperance 114 

Alwent, Catherine 91 

Alwent, Ralph 91 

Am bleb, Ann 126 

Ambleb, Elizabeth 135 

Am bleb, William 126 

Ambleb, Willm 126, 135 

Andebson, Annam 39 

Andebson, Elizabeth 57 

Andbbson, Gulielmus 39 

Andebson, Maby 61 

Andbew, Babtholomew 64 

Andbew, Elizabeth 54 

Andbew, Jane 64 

Andbew, Jo 43 

Andbew, Maby 4g 

Annandale, Earl of 105 

Annandale, Marquess of 49 


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Anne, Queen of England 106 

Anson, Caroline Maria 81 

Anson, Rer. Frederick, Canon of Windsor 81 

Antrim, Anne Katherine, Countess of 22 

Apbdail, Ann 47 

Apbdail, William 47 

Apleby, Rebecgam 42 

Apleby, Rich'ub 42 

Appelby, Ann 68 

Appleby, Oeorge 136 

Appleby, Sarab 136 

Appleoabth, Anna' 45 

Applegabth, Guliblmus 45 

Abcheb, Anne 56 

Archer-Hinde, — 150 

Abchibald, John 103 

Arcy, see D'Arcy. 

iBMES, Abthub Eenbst Habcoubt 159 

Armes, Pbilip 159 

Armes, Dr. Pbilip 137 

Abmbtbon, Mabgt 63 

Abmstbono, Elizabeth 60 

Abmstbono, Rob 50 

Abmstbono, Sabah 50 

Abmstbono, Thomas 60 

Arnold, Rer. Mattbew 79 

Abbowsmith, Ann 50, 59 

Abbowsmith, Eliz 49, 62 

Abbowsmith, Elizabetham 89 

Abbowsmith, Henbicus 39 

Abbowsmith, Humphb'y 62 

Abbowsmith, Mabiam 39 

Abbowsmith, Maby 54, 77 : ». 86 

Abbowsmith, Michael 77 

Abbundell, Maboebiam 40 


Abtus, Maby 65 

Arundell, Alice 40 

Anmdell, Cbristopber 40 

Askew, Annam 44 

Askew, Anne Elizabetb 148 

Askew, Rev. Henry 148 

Askew, MABt 73 

Athey, Jane 77 

Athey, Luke 77 

Atkin, Elizabetb 55 

Atkin, Mariam 40 

Atkin, Wm 55 

Atkinson, Annam 41 

Atkinson, Bbyan 47 

Atkinson, Fanny Joan 79 

Atkinson, Fbangbs && 

Atkinson, Q-ulielmus 41 

Atkinson, Hilda 72 

Atkinson, James 152 

Atkinson, Jane 62 

Atkinson, John 78 

Atkinson, Mabo*tam 41 

Atkinson, Mabgt 70 

Atkinson, Maby 78, 120, 130 : «. 151 

Atkinson, Mary Anne 152 

Atkinson, Matthew Hall 79 

Atkinson, Rachel 44 

Atkinson, Sabah 76 

Atkinson, Sabam 41 

Atkinson, Susan 47 

Atkinson, Tho 62 

Atkinson, Thomas 151 

Atkinson, Wm 72 

Attey, Hannah 77 

Attey, Thomas 77 

Anbin, John 128 

Aubin, Ma^ 128 

Aubone, Elizabetb 58 

Aubone, William 68 

Aubrey, Alice 2 

Aubrey, John 2 

Auoher, Anthony 37 

Aucher, Marp^aret 37 

Anchor, — 37 

Auckland, Lord 13, 22 

Audley, G^rge, Lord 37 

Austen, Edward 20 

Austen, Jane 20 

Austin, see D' Austin. 

AvEBiCK, Eliz 69 



AwBBEY, Elizabeth 2 


Aybe, Anthonius 39 

Aybe, Edwabd 66 

Aybe, Janam 38 

Aybe, Kathbbinam 39 

Aybe, Maby 66 

Aybe, Susanna 66 

Aytus, Maby 55 

B., J 139 

Baddelay, An 37 

Baddelay, Richabd 6,94 

Baddelay, Thomas 94 

Baddeley, Ann 47 : n. 113 

Baddeley, Cassandba 5 : «. 89 

Baddeley, Duloibella 5, 105 

Baddeley, Mary 89 

Baddeley, Phinehas 115 

Baddeley, Richabd 47 : n. 5, 89, 105, 113, 115 

Baddeley, — 89 

Baddeleyb, Richabd 115 

Baddely, Ann 113 

Baddely, Cassandra 89 

Baddely, Rich 113 

Badeley, Debobah 93 

Badeley, Riched 93 

Badely, — 89 

Badyley, Richabd 5 

Bagshaw, Anne 15 

Bagshaw, Edwabd 16 : n. 14, 15 

Baoshaw, Elisabbtha 16 

Bagshaw, Elizabeth 16 

Bagshaw, Db. Hen 102 

Bagshaw, Henb., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 16 

Bagshaw, Db. Henbici, Pbebendaby 

of dubham 14 

Bagshaw, Henbicus 14 

Bagshaw, Hbnby 104 : ». 15, 16, 102 

Bagshaw, Db. Henby 104 

Bagshaw, Mary 15 

Bagshaw, Prudence 15 

Bagshaw, Ralph 102: n. 15 

Bagshaw, Sabah 17 : n. 15 

Bagshaw, Db.— 16,17 

Bagshawe, Dr. — 16 

Bailes, Dinah 54 

Baileb, John 57 

Bailes, Mabgabet 57 

Bailes, Thomas 54 

Bailiffe, Estheb 68 

Bailiffe, Thomas 68 

Bainbbidgb, Alice 77 

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Bainbbidok, Dobotht 69 

Bainbridok, Jamam 41 

Baivbbidob, John 69 

Bainbbidqe, Maboabetam 40 

Bainbbidoe, Susannah 39 

Bainks, Eliz 64 

Bainbs, Will 64 

Baiter, Eleanora 83 

Baiter, Dr. J. Q, S3 

Baiter, Snsaima 33 

Bakeb, Amelia Cathebins 2b 

Baker, Anne 148 

Bakeb, Cabolinb 28 

Bakeb, Caboline Mabt Anne 28 

Baker, Catherine 25 

Bakeb, Capt. Fbancis 28, 132 

Baker, Sir George 94 

Bakeb, Qbantille 148 

Bakeb, James 28 

Baker, Rev. James 25, 148 

Bakeb, Jane 77 

Baker, Mary 93 

Baker, Oswald 93 

Baker, Philip 148 

Bakeb, Bobebt 28 

Baker, Sarah Janetta 148 

Baker, Sybella 28 

Bakeb, Thos 28 

Bakiston, Elisabeth 3 

Bakiston, Dr. Bobert 3 

Baloanqnall, Dame Elizabeth 37 

Balcanqnall, Stoarta 37,93 

Baloanqnall, Dr. Walter, Dean of Durham 37 

Balcanqnall, — 6 

Balcanqnall, Dean of Durham 6 

Bales, Jane 76 

Bales, Ralph 76 

Balkanqnall, Dean of Durham 94 

Ballcanquall, Gualtebi, Dean of 


Ballcanquall, Stewabtam 37 

Balquanoallo, Gualtbbo, Dean of 




Bambbouou, Isabel 62 

Barber, Bridget. 86 

Barber, — 86 

Babchas, Geobge 7,8 

Babchas, — 9 

Babcboft, Anne 87 

Barorof t, Elis 91 

Barcroft, Elizabeth 91,107 

Babcboft, Geoboe 87, 91 : ». 91, 107 

Barorof t, Jane 91 

Barcroft, John 91 

Baicroft, Mary 91 

Barcroft, Thomas 91 

Barecroft, Ann 87 

Bareoroft, George 87 

Babkas, Anne 53 

Babkab, Elisabeth 107 

Babkas, ElizabethI 9 

Babkas, Geoboe 106 : ». 9 

Barkas, Richard, Minor Canon of Durham 106 

Babkas, Wm 53 

Barkas, — 8, 9 

Babkeb, Eliz 54, 71 

Babkbb, Fbancisoam 41 

Babkeb, Geobge 70 

BaBKKB, Twaih et. 70 

Babkeb, Joh'es 41 

Babkeb, Mabo 49 

Babkeb, Mabt 122 

Barker,— 154 

Babkhubst, Ann 118 

Barnard, Mary 84 

Barnard, Thomas 84 

Barnes, Barnaby 82 


Barnes, Fredismund 82 

Barnes, Jane 82 

Babnes, John 1, 76, 82 

Babnes, Maboabet 75 

Babnes, Mabt 66 

Barnes, Richard, Bishop of Durham 82 

Barnes, Rychard, Bishop of Durham 82 

Barnes, — 1 

Babbas, Eliz 61 

Babbas, James 61 

Babbas, Jane 70 

Babbas, John 70 

Babbinoton, Chablotte Belasyse 26 

Babbinqton, Elizabeth 27, 128, 129 : n. 26 

Babbinoton, Fbances Danes 129 

Babbinoton, Fbancis Daines 27 

Babbinoton, Rev. Geoboe, Pbebend- 

abtof dubham 27 

Babbinoton, Rev. Geoboe, Viscount, 

Pbebendabt of Dubham 26, 128 

Babbinoton, John 128 

Barrington, Maj.-Gen. Hon. John 26 

Barrington, Hon. Sarah 24 

Barrington, Shute, Bishop of Durham... 24, 26 
Barrington, Hon. Shute, Bishop of Dur- 
ham 128 

Barrington, Bishop of Durham 135, 136, 139, 

141, 144, 149, 154 

Barrington, Lord, Prebendary of Durham 137 
Babbinoton, Bey. — , Pbebendabt of 


Barrington, Viscount 26,132 

Barrington, Viscount, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 133 

Babbowman, Jane 68 

Barton, Edward 83 

Barton, Elizabeth 83 

Babtbam, Bmmettam 42 

Barwick, Elizabeth 10 

Barwick, George 105 

Babwick, Geobgius 10 

Babwick, Hellenen 38 

Babwick, Jana 10 

Barwick, Jane 105 

Babwick, Johannes 13 

Babwick, John 102 

Barwick, Dr. John, Dean of Durham 1 05 

Babwick, NicHOLAi 10,13 

Babwick, Nicholas 102: n. 112 

Babwick, Nicholaus 38 

Barwick, Dr. Peter 105 

Barwick, Dean of Durham 104 

Babwicke, Eleanob 117 

Babwicke, Nicholas 105 

Babwicke, Dean of Dubham 94 

Basiebe, Fbances 9 

Basiebb, Isaac, DJ>., Pbebendabt of 

Dubham 9 

Basiebe, Db. — 38 

Basire, Lady Elizabeth 12 

Basibe, Fbanoisca 98 



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Babibb, Isaaci, Prebendabt of Dub- 
ham 98 


HAM 11 

Babibe, Isaacus 12, 99 

Babibe, Isaacub, Pbebendaby of Dxjb- 

HAM 98 

Basire, — 9 

Basire, Dr. — , Prebendary of Durham. ..... 12 

Babsnett, Geobge 76 

Bassnett, Mabgabet 76 

Bateman. Haknam 40 

Bateman, Margaret 86 

Bateman, Mabt 47 : ». 118 

Bateman, Richard 118 

Bateman, Thomab 47 

Bateman, William 86 

Batebbby, Joh'es 12 

Batebsby, Thom^ 12 

Bateb, Elizabeth 27 : n. 151 

Bates, William 27 : n, 161 

Bath, Earl of 106 

Bath, Marquess of 37 

Bathurst, Alleai, Earl 25 

Bathurst, Benjamin, M.P 25 

Bathubst, Caboline 25 

Bathurst, Catherine 25 

Bathurst, Charles Henry 25 

Bathurst, Charles William 25 

Bathubbt, COOTE 26 

Bathurst, Frances 25 

Bathurst, Grace 25 

Bathubbt, Db. Henby, Pbebendaby of 

dubham, bibhop op nobwich 25 

Bathurst, Hester 25 

Bathurst, Jane 25 

Bathurst, Eatherine 25 

Bathurst, Mary 25 

Bathurst, Robert 25 

Bathubbt, Rev. RoBEBT 25 

Bathurst, Selina 25 

Bathurst, Susannah 25 

Bathurst, Tryphena 25 

Bathubbt, Rev. Db. — , Pbebendaby of 

Dubham 26 

Battebsbie, Elizabetha 11 

Battebbbie, Pbybcilla 12 

Battebbbie, Tho 11,12 

Battebbby, Ann 47 

Battebbby, Jebonyma 101 

Batterbby, Joh'es 98 

Battebbby, Pbiscilla 102 

Battersby, Richard 116 

Battebbby, Rev. Tho 102 

Battebbby, Thom^ 98 

Battebbby, Thomab 101 : n. 13 

Battebbbye, Tho 115 

Baty, Aethub 121 

Baty, Elizabeth 121 

Baty, John 114, 121 

Baty, Thomab 121 

Baty, Thomasine 121 

Bax-Ironside, Henry George Outram 43 

Ba3mbrigg, Cuthbert 92 

Baynbrigg, Elizabeth 92 

Baynes, Eliz 70, 71 

Beach, Dobothy 75 

Bbachman, Elizabeth 61 

Bbadnell, Maby 58 

Bealb, Sabah 74 

Beaufort, Henry, Duke of 30 

Beaumont, Delaval 66 

Beaumont, Eliz 55 

Beaumont, Hammond 65 

Beckeles, Robert 96 

Beckett, Bbidget 142 

Beckett, Eliz 142 

Beckpield, Maby 68 

Beckles, Richard 96 

Beckles, Robert 95 

Beckwith, Ann 158: n. 159 

Beckwith, Eleanor 63 

Beckwith, Jameb Sadleb 159: n, 158 

Beckwith, John 63 

Beckwith, Judith 63 

Bede, — 46 

Bedbeb, John Aldeb 158 

Bee, Fbancibcam 43 

Bee, Jacob 6, 110 

Bee, Maiy 137 

Bee,— 10,14,137 

Belasyse, — 141 

Bell, Ann 120:«. 13, 121 

Bell, Anna 13 

Bell, Annam 39 

Bell, Chbibtopheb 101 

Bell, Chbibtophebub 39 

Bell, Dobothy 74 

Bell, Fbances 151 

Bell, Geobge 61 

Bell, Ibabel 52 

Bell, James 52 

Bell, Jane 55, 118 

Bell, John 51, 115 

Bell, Mabiam 39 

Bell, Mabtha 149 

Bell, Maby 61,65,61,67,68,74,121 

Bell, Thomab 101 

Bellamye, Cuthb 6 

Bellay, Jane 37 

Bellay, Thomab 37 

Belli, Caroline Howley Turner 82 

BelU, William Hallows 32 

Belt, Rev. — 87 

Belwood, Cathebink 67 

Bennett, Anne 131,132 

Bennett, George 131 

Benbon, Elisabetha 16 

Benson, ISABELL 102: n. 16 

Benson, Jacobus 16 

Benson, Jo 102 

Benson, JoH'is 15, 16 

Benson, John 108 

Benton, Jane 67 

Benton, John 67 

Berkeley, Charles John, M.D 147 

Berkeley, Frances Harriett 147 

Besant, Walter 48 

Best, Dorothy 24 

Best, James 24 

Best, Jane 24, 46 

Best, Richard 45 

Bettles, An 95 

Bettles, — 96 

Beweb, John 76 

Beweb, Maby 76 

Bigge, Charles William 162 

Bigge, Julia Eatherina 152 

BiLTON, Dobothy 62 

BiLTON, Maby 64 

Bingley, — 164 

BiBD, Ann 77 

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BiBD, Elizabeth 76 

Bird, Ralph , 76 

BiBKET, — 1 

Birkett, Alice 86 

Birkett, — 1 

HAM 86 

Birkhead, Alice 86 

Birkhead, Mary 86 

Birkhead, Nathaniel 86 

Birkhead, Dr. — 1,86 

Birt, Eleanor 161 

Birt, Rev. Thomas 151 

BiSHOPBBio, Mabgt 64 




Blackbom, Archbishop 124 

Blacket, Maboabet 75 

Blackett, Elizabeth 95 


Blacklock, Alice 64 

Blacklock, Jno 64 

Blades, Geoboe 6,94 

Blaikeston, Elizabeth! 3 

Blaikston. Elizabeth! 4 

Blaikbton, Robebti, Pbebekdabt of 


Blakeslej, Alice Anne 29 

Blakeslej, G^rge Holmes 29 

Blakesley, Rey. Joseph Williams, Dean of 

Lincoln 29 

Blakesto\ Elsabeth 90 

Blakesto*, Robebti, Pbebendaby of 


Blakeston, Key. Francis 62 


Blakestok, Robebt, Pbebendaby of 


Blakiston, Ann 62 

Blakiston, Eliz 13 

Blakiston, Elizabeth 13, 90, 103, 114, 115 

Blakiston, Fbanoes 100: ». 106, 114 

Blakiston, Rey. Gabriel 66, 103, 115 

Blakiston, Henbt 103 : n. 13, 93, 97, 114, 116 

Blakiston, Henbye 93, 96 

Blakiston, Jane 61, 115: w. 103 

Blakiston, John, MJ* 90 

Blakiston, Mabia 97 

Blakiston, Mabmaduke, Pbebendaby 

of Dubham 3 

Blakiston, Marmadoke, DJD., Prebendary of 

Durham, Archdeacon of Cleveland 90, 106 

Blakiston, Mary 16, 103 

Blakiston, Ralph 61 

Blakiston, Robert 90 

Blakiston, Tho 100 : n. 14 

Blakiston, Thomas 114 : ». 103 

Blakiston, Willia' 93 

Blakiston, William 97, 103, 114 

Blakiston, Sir William 61,96,103 

Blakiston, — , Prebendary of Durham, 

Archdeacon of Cleveland 16 

Blakistonn, Henbye 94 

Blakistonn, Maboabett 94 

Blaklogk, Benjamin 67 

Blaklock, Maby 67 

Bland, Anne 124 

Bland, Geoboe, Abohdeacon of Nobth- 

umbebland 33, 162, 156 

Bland, Henry 124 

Bland, Dr. Henry, Dean of Dorham, Oanon 

of Windsor 124 

Bland, Michael 166 

Bland, Sophia 166 

Bland, Abohdeacon — 163, 164 

Bland, Rev. Db., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 124 

Blabton, Ellenoba' 41 

Blenkinsopp, Susanna 67 

Blenkinsopp, Thomas 67 

Bliss, — 11 

Blithman, Annam 40 

Bloxam, — 86 

Blunt, Alice 36 

Blunt, Matthew 36 

Blythman, Elizabeth 63 

Blythman, Mary 53 

Blythman, William 63 

BoASMAN, Annam 41 

Body, DoBA Emily 80 

Body, Rev. G., Canon of Dubham 158 

Body, Geo., DJ>., Canon of Dubham ... 159 

Body, Geoboe, Canon op Dubham 80 

Bolt, Dina 93 

Bolt, Elenor 83 

Bolt, William 83 

Bolton, John 8 

Bolton, Robert 37 

Bolton, Samuell, Minob Canon of 

Dubham 7, 8. 37 

Bolton, Sabah 37 

Bolton, Susanna 7 

Bolton, — 104 

Bond, Jane 164 

Bone, Fbances 77 

Bone, Geoboe 77 

Bonham, Francis Warren 19 

Bonham, Joyce 19 

Bonham, Mary Ann 19 

BoNNEB, Eliz 70 

Bonner, Joseph 81 

Bonner, Sarah 81 

Bonner, Bishop 149 

Booth, Anne 107 

Booth, Lady Elizabeth, Baroness Dela- 

mere r • 107 

Booth, Sir G^rge, Baron Delamere 107 

Booth, Robert, Archdeacon of Durham, 

Dean of Bristol 107 

Booth, Sir Robert 107 

Booth, — , Lord Delamere 107 

Borrow, Anne 106 

Borrow, Benj 106 

BoBBOW, Benjamini 97 

BOBBOW, Benjaminus 98 

BoBBOW, Jana 97 

BoBBow, Jane 64 

BoBBOw, John 64 : «. 6 

BoBuwLASKi, Count Joseph 139 


BOUCKE, Chbistopheb 2 

Boulay, see Du Boulay. 

Boutfiower, Elisabetham 44 

Boutflower, Gulielmus 44 

Boutfiower, Yen. Samuel Peach, Arch- 
deacon of Carlisle 44 

Boutflower, Thomas 44 

BouYEB, Elizabeth 136 

BouYEB, Rev. R. G 132 

BoiTYEB, Rey. R. G., Pbebendaby of 

Dubham 136 

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BomrsB, Rbv. Reykold Gideon, Pbs- 



BOUYBB, — 24 

Bowe, Elizabeth 29, 152, 157 

Bowe, Rev. WUliam 29, 152, 157 

Bowes, Andrew Robinson 24 

Bowes, Ann 50,114 

Bowes, Anne 50 

Bowes, Madam Anne 115 

Bowes, Cuth 102 

Bowes, Cuthbebt 100, 102, 107, 115 

Bowes, Edward 115 

Bowes, Eleanor 75 

Bowes, Elisabeth 107 

Bowes, Geoboe 50 

Bowes, Jane 121 

Bowes, Db. John, Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 116:». 50 

Bowes, Lady Maria 24 

Bowes, Mabt 100 

Bowes, Ladj Marj 24 

Bowes, Thomas 50 

Bowes,— 100 : n. 103 

Bowlbt, Caboline 146 

Bowlby, Caroline Sophia 146 

Bowlbt, Cathebinb 144 : ». 159 

Bowlbt, Eleanoba Elizabeth 141 : n. 137, 

147, 148 
Bowlbt, Elizabeth 134, 147, 155 : n. 23, 159 

Bowlby, Frances 118 

Bowlbt, Fbances Amelia 143 

Bowlby, Frances Eliza 34 

Bowlbt, Geoboe Henbt 144 : ». 146 

Bowlby, Henbt Bond, Bishop of 

Coventbt 169 

Bowlby, John 155 

Bowlbt, Mabt 62, 118, 125, 148 

Bowlbt, Capt. P 134 

Bowlbt, Db.P 125 

Bowlby, Capt. Peter 134 

Bowlby, Maj. Peter 159 

Bowlby, Richard 118 

Bowlby, Russell 23 

Bowlby, Sarah 165, 159 

Bowlbt, Tho 62,118 

Bowlbt, Thomas 118 : n, 125 

Bowlbt, Rev. Thomas ... 137, 141, 143, 144 : 

«. 147, 148 

Bowlby,— 117 

Bowlbt, Db. — 125 

Bowlt, Rev. Andrew 19 

Bowman, Babbaba 106 

Bowman, Cuthbebtus 16 

Bowman, Jana 14 

Bowman, Jo 102 

Bowman, Joh'es 12 

Bowman, Joh'is 12,14,15 

Bowman, John 106,108 

Bowman, Mabt 78 

Bowman, Valentine 78 

Bowman, William 102 

BowNAS, Isabella 42 



BowNAS, Mabt 50 

BOWNAS, Thom 50 

BowBT, Barbara 70 

BowBT, Tho 70 

Bowser, Eleanor 123 

Bowser, Jana* 43 

BOWSEB, Mariam 41 

Bowser, Richard 123 

BowsEB, Thomas 41 

Bowser, William 43 

Boyce, Ann, 38 

Boycke, Anne 2 

Boycke, Rev. — 2 

Boyer, Rey. James 145 

Boyer, Phoebe 93 

Boyer, Sophia 145 

Botes, Ann 77 

Botes, Wm 77 

Bbabant, Jane 50:n. 45 

Brabant, John 45 

Brabant, Margareta' 45 

Bbabant, Michael 50 

Bbabant, — 117 

Brabin, Jane 50 

Brabin, Michael 50 

Braboome, Lord 123 

Bback, Ann 47, 67 

Bbaok, Annam 41 

Bback, Dobotht 60 

Bback, Jane 71 

Bback, Jno 64 

Bback, Mabgt 64 

Bbacke, Isabell 38 

Bbackenbubt, Jana* 43 

Bbadelt, Eliz 67 

Bbadfobd, Dobotheam 39 

Bradford, EUzabeth Mary 152 

Bradford, Mary Anne 152 

Bbadfobd, Db. Thos 124 

Bradford, Lieat.-Gen. Sir Thomas 152 

Bbadlet, Henbt 161 

Bbakenbubt, Johannes 99 

Bbanfoot, Elizabeth 22 

Bbanfoot, Rev. John, Minob Canon of 

DuBHAM 74 : n. 22 

Branfoot, Jonathan 74 

Bbanfoot, Rev. Jonathan 22 

Bbanfoot, Mabt 74 

Bbanfoot, Thomas John 22 

Bbankston, James 72 

Bbankston, Jane 72 

Brantingham, Margaret 85 

Brantingham, Robert 85 

Bbass, Ann 60 : n. 11 

Brass, Cuthbert 11 

Bbass, John 8 

Bbass, Kattebn 8 

Bbass, Thomas 60 

Bbasse, Cuthbebt 11 


Bray, Reginald 47 

Bray, Temperance 47 

Bbecknell, Ann 127 

Brecknell, Jane 127 

Bbecknell, William 127 

Bbenkabn, Alice 69 

Bbenkabn, Edwabd 69 

Bbeyent, Daniell, D.D., Pbebendabt 


Brevint, Ann 11 

Bbbvint, D'NA Anna 11 

Breyint, Dr. Daniell, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham, Dean of Lincoln 9 

Bbeweb, Annam 39 

Bbeweb, Matth^us 39 

Bridges, Sir Brook 22 

Beidgbs, Euzab 6 

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Bbidoes, Oulelmus 89 

Bbidoes, Gulielmi 91 

Bridges, Harriet Mary 22 

Bridgee, William 5, 93, 94, 105, 115 

Bridgewater, Francis, Earl of 24 

Bridgewater, John, Earl of 24 

Bridgham, Mary 102 

Bridgham, T^mothie 102 

Brien, tee O'Brien. 

BBiQcm, Cathebina 92 

Bbioos, Isabel 66 

Briggs, Kathrine 87 

Bbioos, NiCHOLAi 92 

Briggs, Nicholas 87 

Bbioham, Mabt 102 :». 107, 109 

Brigham, Thomas 100 

Bbioham, Timothy 100 : n. 107, 109 

Bbioht, Elizabeth 127 

Bright, Frances 12 

Bright, John 141 

Bright, Col. Sir John 12 

Bright, Margery 127, 141 

Bbioht, Capt. — 127 

Brimley, John 82 

Bbittain, Mabot 72 

Bbitton, Eliza 24 

Bbitton, Habbiot Jane 26 

Bbitton, Isabella 23, 24, 26 

Bbitton, James 23 

Bbitton, Rev. James 24,26 

Bbitton, Rev. James, D.D 23 

Bbitton, Maby Ann 26 

Brocket, Elizabeth 42 

Bbockett, Eliz 42 

Bbockett, Qulielms 42 

Brockett, Isabella 13 

Brockett, William 1.3,42 

Brodriok, Eatherine 25 

Brodrick, Dr. Laurence, Prebendary of 

Westminster 25 

Bbomely, Ann 61 

Bromley, Anne 11 

Bromley, Isabella 110 

Bromley, Mary 110 

Bromley, Phyllis 112 

Bromley, Robert 11, 110, 112 

Bbomwell, Maboabetam 40 

Brooke, William 128 

Brooke, — 128 

Bbookin, Elizabeth 93 

Bbookin, Maodalen 93 

Brookin, Tobias 93 

Bbookin, Toby 93 

Bbooking, Elizabeth 3 

Bbookino, Tobias 92 

Bbookino, Toby 3 

Bbouoh, Annam 44 

Brougham, Mary Anne, Lady 13 

Brougham, Lord 13 

Broughton, — 8 

Bbowell, Eliz 66 

Brown, Abigail 10 

Bbown, Ann 73 

Bbown, Eliz 72 

Brown, Elizabeth 10, 125 

Bbown, Isabel 67 

Bbown, Isabella 75 

Brown, Janam 44 

Bbown, Jane 72: «. 10 

Brown, Jerrard 10 

Brown, Johannes 10 

Brown, Johannis 10 

Bbown, Joh'e 9 

Bbown, John 72 : ». 10, 44 

Bbown, Sabah 64 

Bbownbbidge, Joseph 58 

Bbownbbidoe, Maby 68,76 

Bbownbbidge, William 76 

Bbowne, Anne 64 

Bbowne, Eliz 51 

Bbowne, Ellinob 49 

Bbowne, Gebbabds 12 

Bbowne, Janam 44 

Bbowne, Joh'es 12 

Bbowne, Jo H*is 12 

Browne, Rev. John 88 

Bbowne, Maby 68 

Bbowne, Tho 49, 64 

Bbowne, Will 61 

Browning, William 134 

Bruce, Elizabeth 110 

Bruce, Robert 110 

Bbumley, Anna' 42 

Brumley, Anne 110 

Bbumley, Thomas 42, 110 

Bbumly, Phyllis 112 

Bbumly, — 112 

Bbyan, Hannah 77 

Bbyan, Nicholas 77 

Buchan, Ellen 143 

Buchan, John 143 

Buchan, Joseph 143 

Buckton, Anne 77 

Bull, Mary 86 

Bull, Thomas 86 

BuUmer, Alice 40 

Bullock, Anna 99 

Bullock, Anne 68 

Bullock, Edward 99 

Bullock, Elizabeth 76, 122 : ». 151 

Bullock, Geo 101,104 

Bullock, Geoboe 100, 109, 115, 124 : n. 99, 117 

Bullock, Geobgii 10,12,99 

Bullock, Geobgius 43 

Bullock, Gulielmus 12 

Bullock, James 75, 126, 127 

Bullock, Jo II7 

Bullock, John 115,118 

Bullock, Mabg'tam 43 

Bullock, Mabgabet 126 

Bullock, Maby 114,117 

Bullock, Nicholaus 10 

Bullock, Thomas 104 

Bullock, William , loi 


BuLLOCKE, John 8 

BuLMAN, Ann 77 

BuLMAN, Thomas 77 

BuLMEB, Sib Babtbam 2 

Bulmer, Sir Bertram 2 

Bulmer, Isabel 2 

BuBDEN, Elizabeth 63 

BuBDESS, Annam 44 

BuBDON, Anne 66 


BuBDON, John 84 

BuBDON, Maby 60 


BuBDON, Thomas 84 

Bubell, Maby 62 

BuBOESs, Mabgeby 141 


Digitized by 




BuBasss, Db. Thomas, Bishop of Salis- 

BUKY 141 

Burgees, William 141 

BUBGESS, — 24 

Burgress, Dr. — , Prebendary of Durham, 

Bishop of Salisborj 146 

Burke, — 19, 20, 24, 26, 27, 61, 75, 81, 113, 125, 

128, 136 

bublktson, dobotheam 44 

Bublbtson, Jane 63 

BuBLETSON, Thomas 44 


Burletson, Thomasine 7 

Burleteon, William 7 

BUBLISON, Maby 62 

BuBNE, Elizabeth 56 

BuBNE, Isabel 59 

Bubne, Samuel 56 


BuBNELL, John 80 


BuBNET, Johannes 39 


BuBNET, Db. Rob 47 

Burnet, Thomas 47 

BUBNOP, Mabiam 40 


BuBNOPP, Elizabbtham 42 


Burrell, Ann 136 


Burrell, Barbara 18 



Burrell, Elizabeth 118 


BUBBELL, John 116: n. 136 

Burrell, Martraret 117 


BUBBELL, HABY 52 : H. 118, 125 

BUBBELL, Petbb 52, 77, 113, 116 : n. 18, 117, 

118, 125 

BUBBELL, Rev. Thomas 36 

Burrell, — 118 

BuBBOW, An 95 

BuBBOW, John 6, 94 

BuBBOw, Pebeobina 6, 94 


Burt, John William 155 

Burt, Maria 155 

Burt, Phyllis 155 

Burt, William 156 

Burton, Anne 17 

Burton, Charlotte Belasyse 26 

Burton, Deborah 55 

BuBTON, Elisabeth 61 

BuBTON, Dame Eliz 109 

Burton, Elizabeth, Lady 7, 12, 99 

Burton, Frances 109 

Burton, Henry 109 

Burton, Rev. Henry 26 

BuBTON, Janb 37 

BuBTON, John 17, 61 

Burton, Margaret 121 

BuBTON, Mabtha 18 : n. 49 

Burton, Mary 109 

BUBTON, NiCH 17, 18 

BuBTON, Rev. Nioh 49 

Burton, Rev. Nicholas 109 

Burton, Richard 109 

Burton, Rev. Richard 109 

Burton, Sir Thomas 109 

BUBTON, — 49 

Burton, Archdeacon — 49 


BuBWELL, Elizabeth 120 

Burwell, Francis 4 


BuBWELL, Johanna 4 

Burwell, John 4 

BUBWELL, Seth 5 



BUBWELL, Thomas 5 

Burwell, Rev. Thomas 36 

Busbie, Henry 73 

Busbie, Lively 73 

BusBY, Eliz 53 

Busby, Elizabeth 73 


Busby, Lively 73 

BusBY, Maby 52 : n. 73 

Busby, Tho 63 

Busby, William 62, 73 

Bussie, Jayne 84 

Bussie, John 84 

BussYE, Edwabd 84 

Buston, Deborah 65 

Buston, Elizabeth Jane 24 

Butler, Hylton 43 

Butleb, Capt. James 52 

BUTLEB, Mabo 51 

Butler, Mary^raret 61 

Butleb, Mabia 15 

BuTLEB, Mabiam 43 

Butleb, Maby 62 

Butler, Samuel 149 

Butleb, Tho 16 

Butleb, Thomas 43 : n. 51, 62 



Buttler, Elizabeth 151 

Buttler, Margaret Pearson 131 

BUTTLEB, RiCHABD 131: ». 151 

Button, Jno 63 

Button, Margt 63 

Byebly, Mabg 51 

Bybbs, Dobotety 55 

Byebs, Hannah 69 

Bybbs, Maby 61 

Bybbs, Robt 55 

Byebs, Thomas 69 

Bybbs, Wm 61 

Byng, Hon. Anna Maria Bridget 134 

Byng, — , Viscount Torrington 134 

Byrne, Eatherine 133 

Cadogan, Charles, Earl 145 

Cadooan, Chablotte Geoboiana Maby 29 
Cadogan, Hon. Emily Fbanobs Gebal- 

DINE Matilda 142 

Cadogan, Lady Emily Mary 145 

Cadogan, George Henry, Earl 79 

Cadogan, Henby, Viscount Chelsea 29 

Cadogan, Admiral Henry Charles, Earl ... 79 

Cadogan, Henry Charles, Viscount Chelsea 79 
Cadogan, Maby Sabah, Visoountks 

Chelsea 29 : ». 79 

Cadogan, — , Viscount Chelsea 142 

Caffin, Rev. Benjamin Chables 32, 33 

Caffin, Bethia 82 

Digitiaed by 




Cafpin, Ebnbst Greoort 33 

Caffin, Admiral Sir James Crawford 32 

Caffin, Mabgaeet 32, 33 

CaflSn, William 32 

Caldcleagh, John 90 

Calddeugh, Phyllis 27 

Caldcleugh, William 27 

Caldwell, Susanna 6 

Calverley, Anne, Ladj 82 

Calverley, Isabel 87 

Calverley, John 87 

Campbell, Geoboe 105 

Camplin, Elizabeth 129 

Camplin, — 129 

Cane, Anne 20 

Cane, Catherine Louisa 20 

Cane, Col. — , M.P 20 

Cableton, Edvabdi 15 

Carleton, Elizabeth 8 

Carleton, Dr. Guy, Dean of Carlisle, Pre- 
bendary of Durham, Bishop of Bristol 

and Chichester 8 

Carleton, Hester 8 

Carleton, Jane 8 

Cableton, Mabtha 15 

Carleton, Prudence 8 

Carleton, — 8 

Cablible, Ann 58 

Carlisle, Sir Anthony 23 

Carlisle, Barbara 23 

Cablislb, Geo 49 

Cablible, Geoboe 50 

Cablisle, Jonathan 58 

Cablislb, Mabo 50 

Cablisle, Maboebt 49 

Carlisle, Thomas 23 

Carlton, Edward 14 

Cablton, Edwabdi 14 

Cablton, Geobgius 14 

Carlton, Bishop Guy 8 

Carlton, — 82 

Carlton, Lady — 8 

Cabnaby, Hannah 46 

Cabnabt, Rich 46 

Carr, Anne 137 

Carb, Bbidgetta* 40 

Cabb, Chables 137 

Cabb, Elizabeth 54 

Cabb, Ellen Elizabeth 134 

Cabb, Isabella 75 : «. 81 

Carr, Jane 8 

Carr, John 67, 134 

Carr, Rev. John 136, 137 

Carr, Mary 67, 72: ». 128 

Carr, Ralph 75, 81 

Carr, Robert 8 

Carb, Rosetta Anne 134, 136: n. 137 

Cabb, Thomas 54: ». 128 

Carr- Ellison, — 81 

Cabteb, Anne 57 

Carter, Dorothy 10 

Cabteb, Eliz 65, 70 

Cabteb, Henby 57 

Carter, Sir John 10 

Cabteb, Maby 64 

Cabteb, Will 64 

Carteret, Bridget 15 

Carteret, Edward, M.P 16 

Cabthebet, Thomas 97 

Cartington, Jane 67 

Cartwright, Carolus 11 

Cartwright, Elizabeth 151 

Cabtwbioht, Rev. J 138, 150 

Cabtwbight, J., MiNOB Canon of Dub- 
ham 146 

Cartwright, John 151 

Cabtwbight, Rev. John 141 

Cartwright, Rev. John, Minor Canon of 

Durham 151 

Cabtwbight, Sabah 102 

Cabtwbight, Thom^, Pbebendart of 

Durham 11, 98 

Cartwright, Thomas 97 

Cartwright, Dr. Thomas, Dean of 

RippoN 102 

Cartwright, Will'us 98 

Casaubon, Florence 103 

Casaubon, Isa 103 

Casaubon, Isaac 103 

Casaubon, Dr. Meric, Prebendary of Can- 
terbury 103 

Castlecoote, Charles Henry, Lord 25 

CATC heside, Dorothy 60 

Catcheside, John 60 

Catherick, Jane 50 

Cator, Georgre Albemarle 149 

Cater, Mary Susan ^ 149 

Catterick, Anna' 41 

Catterick, Francisous 41 

Cavendish, Sir William, Duke of New- 
castle 93 

Cavendish, — , Lord Mansfield 93 

Cayley, George, M.D 136 

Cayley, John 136 

Cayley, Sir William 136 

Chaimbers, Aliciam 41 

Chambers, Eleanor 63 

Chambers, Eliz 63 

Chambers, Georgiana Lambton 33 

Chambers, John 33 

Chambers, Richard 63 

Chambers, Sir Robert 63 

Chambers, Sophia Louisa 33 

Chandler, Joyce 19 

Chandler, Wadham, Prebendary of 

Durham 120 

Chandler, Dr., Bishop of Durham 19 

Chantrey, — 19 

Chapman, Ann 70 

Chapman, Ann! 3 

Chapman, Annam 36 

Chapman, Anne 3 

Chapman, Barbaby 96 

Chapman, Elizabetham 36 

Chapman, Grace 23 

Chapman, Hannah 77 

Chapman, Mabgabetam 39 

Chapman, Mabgt 61 

Chapman, Seth 36 

Chapman. Tho 61 

Chapman, Thomas 39 

Chapman, — 36 

Charles I., King of England 47, 90, 93, 94, 95 

Charles IL, King of England 47,97 

Charleton, Frances 62 

Charleton, Thomas 62 

Charlton, Ann 73 

Charlton, Dorothy 72 

Charlton, Edward 73 

Charlton, John 9 

Charlton, Margaret 136 

Charlton, Mary 76 


Digitized by 




Chablton, Pbudence 8 

Chablton, W 136 

Charlton, Waiiam 136 

Chaytob, Ann 135 

Chaytob, ANNE Jane 147 

Chaytob, Annie Mabtha 151 

Chajtor, Caroline Mary Anne 28 

Chaytob, Gustavus Adolphus, M.D. ... 142 

Chaytob, Habbiet 140 

Chaytor, Henry 28 

Chaytor, Lieut.-Col. Henry 137, 142, 147, 160, 

Chaytob, Rev. Henby, Pbebendaby of 

DUBHAM 135, 140, 142 : n. 146 

Chaytob, Isabella 142 

Chaytor, Jane 137, 142, 150, 152 

Chaytob, John 152 

Chaytor, Col. John 151 

Chaytob. Juliana 146 

Chaytob, Maby 135, 137 

Chaytor, Thomas 82 

Chaytob, William Chables 160 

Chaytor, Sir William 28 

Chelsea, Henby, Viscount 29 

Chelsea, Henby Chables, Viscount ... 79 
Chelsea, Maby Sabah, Viscountess 29, 79 

Cherry, Benjamin 27 

Cherry, Charlotte Cassandra 27 

Chesteb, J. B 30 

Chesterfield, Lord 154 

Chestebman, Elizabeth 120 

Chestebman, Joseph 120 

Chevallieb, Canon 154, 155 

Chilton, Joh'es 41 

Chilton, Mabgabetam 41 

Chipohace, Elizabeth 77 

Chipohace, Thomas 77 

Chipchase, Annam 44 

Chipohase, Gulielmus 40 

Chipchase, Janam 40 

Chipchase, Jane 61, 102 

Chipchase, Joh*es 44 

Chipchase, Mabia' 44 

Chbishop, John 78 

Chbishop, Mabtha 78 

Christian, Sarah 110 

Christian, — 110 

Christopher. Dorothy 138, 139, 148, 157 

Christopher, John Thomas... 138, 139, 148, 157 

Christopher, William 157 

Chubch, GuLi'o 6 

Church, Marg^aret 41 

Chubch, Mabiam 41 

Church, Mary 36 

Chubch, William 7: «. 41 

Chubch, — 7 

Chubnside, Dobothy 24 

Chubnside, William 24 

Clapham, Cibelle 63 

Clapham, Geobge 63 

Clabk, Ann 49 

Clabk, Anne 20 

Clabk, Cathebine 20 

Clabk, Edwabd 67 

Clabk, £ LIZ 57,72 

Clabk, Fbancbs 53 

Clabk, James 53 

Clabk, Jane 66 

Clabk, John 49,64 

Clabk, Maby 54 

Clabk, Robebt 20 

Clabk, Thob 20 

Clabke, Abigail 72 

Clabke, Ann 118 

Clabke, Anna 11 

Clarke, Elizabeth 6,93 

Clarke, Rey. Gabriel, D.D., Archdeacon of 

Durham 2, 6, 93, 94, 106 

Clabke, Db. Gabbielb, Pbebendaby of 


Clabke, Db. Gabbiell, Pbebendaby of 


umbebland and Dubham 95 

Clabke, Gualfbidi 11 

Clabke, Jno 28 

Clabke, Jno, Minob Canon of Dubham 130 

Clarke. John 95 

Clabke, Rev. John 131 

Clabke^Mabia 11 

Clarke, Mildred 94,95 

Clabke, Mille 94 

Clabke, Ralph 114 

Clabke, Ruth 73 

Clabke, Sam 117 

Clarke, Sibella 106 

Clabke, Thomas 72, 73 : n. 126 

Clabke, WiL» FBEDi 11 

Clabke, — 2: ». 126 

Clabke, Db 6 

Clavering, John 124 

Claverin^, Mary 124 

Claxton, Sabah 65 

Claypeth. Ann 47 

Clayton, Eliz 51 

Clayton, Fbanciscam 40,41 

Clayton, Rob't us 41 

Clayton, Will 51 

Clement, Dobothy 108 

Clement, Elizabeth 113 

Clement, Hammond 18, 118, 119 

Clement, Hamond 16 

Clement, John 16, 17, 108, 113 

Clement, Margaret 18 

Clement, Mabgabbtt 18, 118 

Clement, Maby 18 

Clement, Pbiscilla 18,120 

ClenneU, — lO 

Clerk, Ann lOl 

Clebk, AlNNAM 46 

Clerk, Dorothy 101 

Clebk, Henbicus 46 

Clerk, John 101 

Clerk, Maria 101 

Clerk, Mary 101 

Clerk, Richard 101 

Clebk, Wilfbid lol 

Clerk, William lOl 

Clebke, Henbicus 41 


Clebke, Mabg'tam 42 

Clerke, MUdred 2 

Clebke, Richabd lOO 

Clebke, Richabdus il 

Clebke, Rob'tus 42 

Clebke, Sibby 7 

Clebke, Wilfbid 100 

Clebke, WiLFBiDi 11 

Clebke, Db 2 

Clifton, Ann 65 

Clifton, Robert 65 

Close, Mabgt 68 

Clues, Ann 151 

Digitized by 




CoALE, Lady 8 

CoATEs, Ann 60 

COATBS, Euz 70 


CoATEB, William 60 


CocKANEY, Jane 71 


Cockayne, Charles, Visooiint Cnllen 48 

Cockayne, Hon. Maxj 48 

Cockayne, Lady Mary, Visooontess Cnllen 48 

CooKERELL, Jane 53 

CocKNiDOE, Rev. Geoboius 92 

Coffhill, Jane 132 

CogrhUl, OHyer 132 


Colberg, Jane Charlotte Mary 29 

Colberg, Mary 136 

Colberg, Capt. Samuel 136 

Colberg, Col. Samuel Thomas 39 

Cole, Anne 56 

Cole, Eliz 72 

Cole, Lady Margaret 9 

Cole, Sir Nicholas 9 


CoLLEDOE, Joshua 66 


Collin, Annam 41 

Collin, Joh'es 41 

Colling, Jane 58 

CoLLiNGWooD, John 70 


Collinson, Frances Sybel 157 

Collinson, Rev. John 167 

Collinson, Admiral 157 

Collison, Mary Ann 153 

Collison, William 153 



Colmore, A. 84 

CoLMOBE, Clemens, Pbebendaby of 


Colmore, Rev. Clement, Prebendary of 

Durham 82 

Colmore, Joan 83 

Colmore, Mary 84 

Colmore, William 83 

CoLSON, Annam 44 

CoLsoN, Jacob 44 

Coltpits, Ann 87 



CoMPTON, Jane 112 

Comyn, Alice 92 

Comyn, Elizabeth ...*. 92 

Comyn, Francis 92 

Comyn, Simon 92 

Comyn, Timothy 4 

Comyn, Tymotheo 92 

Comyn, — 4 

Conduit, Michael 122 

Coninsby, Julius 64 

CONINSBY, Maby 64 

Conyers, Sir Baldwyn 61 

Conyers, Sir Blakiston 61 


CoNYEBs, Jane 61 


Conyers, Mary 38 

Conyers, Sir Nicholas 61 


CoNYEBs, Ralph 62 


CoNYEBS, Thomas 8 : n. 13 

Conyers, Sir Thomas 61 

Cfoooh, Alice 152 

Cooch, Louisa 152 

CoocH, Mabia 158 

Cooch, Robert 152 

Cook, Eliza 3 

Cook, Isabel 59 

Cook, Maby 71,127 

Cook, Sabah 70 

Cooke, Margaret 4 

Cooke, Mabgabeta 5 

Cooke, Maby 62 

Cooke, Thomas 4 

Cooke,— 4 

Cookeson, Dorothy 8 

Cookeson, Frances 3 

Cookeson, John 3 

Cookeson, Susanna 3 

Cookeson, Xpofeb 3 

Cooling, Eliz 64 

Cooper, Alice 85 

Cooper, Catherine 85 

Cooper, Elizabeth 85 

COOPEB, Elizabetham 39 

Cooper, Francis 85 

Cooper, Isaac 85 

Cooper, John 85 

Cooper, Eatherine 85 

Cooper, Margaret , 85 

COOPBB, Mabiam 45 

Cooper, Mary 36, 46 

Cooper, Mathe 85 

Cooper, Matthew 85 

Cooper, Murial 105 

Cooper, Philadelphia 36, 46 

Cooper, Robert 85,105 

Cooper, Robin 85 

Cooper, Thomas 85 

CooPEB, Rev. V. K 158, 159 

Cooper, William 36,46 

COOPEB, — 1, 101 

Coote, Dr. Charles, Dean of Kilfenora 25 

Coote, Charles Henry, Lord Castlecoote ... 25 

Coote, Grace 25 

CoPAS, — 6 

CoPEMAN, Fbedebick John 167 

Copeman, James Robert 157 

CoPLiN, Annam 46 

CoPLiN, Thomas 46 

CoQuo, Mabgabeta 4 

CoQUo, Thoma 4 

CoBDEBY, Anne 124 

cobk, dobothy 51 

cobnefobth, ann 68 

Cobnefobth, Hannah 71 


Cobnefobth, Maby 62 

CoBNEB, Annam 44 

Comwallis, Earl, Dean of Durham, Bishop 

of Lichfield and Coventry 134 

Comwallis, — , Archbishop of Canterbury 21 

Cosens, Catherine 120 

Cosens, John 120, 121 

Cosens, Sarah 120 

Cosin, Anne 106 

Cosin, Elizabeth 99, 109 

Cosin, Frances 106, 114 

Cosin, Giles 96 

Digitized by 




CosiN, Joannes, Bishop of Dijbham ... 96 


CoBiN, Db. Johannis, Bishop op Dub- 
ham 88 

Cosin, Dr. Joho, Bishop of Durham 87, 90, 96, 


Cosin, Mary 12, 43, 96 

Cosin, BiCHABDUs 88 

Cosin, Dr., Bishop of Durham 9, 12, 43, 86, 95, 

99, 106, 109, 111, 114, 128 

CosiNS, Babbaba* 42 

COSINS, Geoboe 3 

CosiNs, Db. John, Pbebendabt and 

Bishop of Dubham 3, 87 

COSINS, Bichabd 87 

CosiNs, Sabah 121 


Cosyn, Giles 96 

Cosyn, Dr. John, Bishop of Durham 96 

Cosyn, Mary 96 

CouLsoN, Ann 67 

COULSON, Cathbbinb :.... 75 

COULSON, Cuthbebt 100 


CouLSON, Elizabeth 100 


COULSON, Isabell 54 

CouLSON, John 75 

Coultas, John 62 

CouLTAS, Sabah 62 



Courtass, Anne 96 

Courtiss, Bridget 96 

Courtiss, Elizabeth 96 

Courtiss, Marjfery 96 

Courtiss, Richard ^. 96 

COWENS, Mabt 133 



CowLE, Jane 78 

CowLE, John 101 

Cowlemer, Clem 84 

Cowlemer, Isabel 84 

CowLiN, Anne 56 

CowLiN, Geo 56 

Cowper, Dorothy 124 

Cowper, Elizabeth 85 

Cowper, Margaret 85 

Cowper, Mary, Countess 124 

Cowpeb, Robebt 85 

CowPEB, Hon. Rev. Db. Spenoeb, Dean 

OF Dubham 124 

Cowper, Sir William, Earl 124 




Cbacboft, Capt. John 23 

Cbacboft, Penelope Ann 23 

Cbacboft, Robebt 23 

Cradock, Ann 85 

Cradock, Anne 85,86 

Cbadogk, Anthonie 85 

Cradock, Anthony 85,96 

Cradock, Catherine 85 

Cradock, Cuthbert 85 

Cradock, Dorothy 86, 106 

Cradock, Elizabeth 85 

Cradock, George 85 

Cradock, Grace 85 

Cbadock, Johanne 2 

Cradock, John 86,86 

Cradock, Dr. John, Archdeacon of North- 
umberland 85, 93 

Cradock, Joseph 86 

Cradock, Sir Joseph 106 

Cradock, Margaret 1, 86, 93 

Cradock, Margery 85 

Cradock, Mary 85 

Cradock, Bachel 85 

Cbadogk, Richabdo 2 

Cradock, Sibella 106 

Cbadock, Thomas 106 

Cradock, Timothy 85 

Cradock, William 85 

Cradock, — 85 

Cradock, Archdeacon 106 

Cradock, Dr 2 

Cbadock, Dr., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 1 : w. 86 


Cbadocke, Jane 1 

Cbadocke, Jo 1 

Cbadocke, Johannes, Pbebendaby of 
Dubham, Abohdeaoon of Nobth- 

umbebland 86 

Cradocke, Margaret 86 

Cbadocke, RiCHABD 86 

Cbadocke, Db 2,3 

Cbaggs, Anne 61, 63 

Cbaoos, Geobgb 68 

Cbaggs, Hannah 69 

Cbaggs, Maey 68 

Cbaggs, Tho .• 69 

Crawford, Bethia 32 

Crawford, Lieut. George 32 

Cbawpobd, Maboabetam 46 

Cbawpobth, An 38 

Cbawfobth, Ciciliam 42 

Cbawfobth, Mabia* 41 

Cbeed, Chbistopheb 23 

Cbeed, Stephen 23 

Crespigny, tee De Creepig^y. 

Cbew, Dobothy, Lady 47 

Crew, Jemima, Baroness 47 

Crew, John, Baron 47 

Cbew, Rev. Nathaniel, Lobd, D.D., 
Dean of Chichesteb, Bishop of 

ozfobd and dubham 47 

Crew, Penelope, Lady 47 

Crew, Sir Randolph 47 

Crew, Temperance 47, 114 

Crew, Sir Thomas 47 

Crew, Thomas, Lord 114 

Crew, — , Bishop of Durham 45 

Cbew, Lobd, Bishop of Dubham 114 

Crewe, Jemima, Baroness Crew 47 

Crewe, John, Baron Crew 47 

Crewe, Nathaniel 47 

Crewe, Rer. Nathaniel, Lord, D.D., Dean 
of Chichester, Bishop of Oxford and 

Durham 47, 48 

Crewe, Penelope, Lady 47 

Crewe, Lord 18, 122, 126 

Cbeyton, Alice 62 

Cboft, Eliz 41 

Cbopt, Gulielmus 41 

Cboft, Hannam 43 

Cboft, Jambs 65 

Cboft, Maby 56,62 

Croft, Thomasine 121 

Crofton, Ann 24 

Digitized by 





Cbopton, Anthony Mowbbat 24, 25, 26, 27 

Crofton, Dorothy Basto 24 

Crofton, Elizabeth 26 

Crofton, Elizabeth Jane 24 

Cbopton, Jane 24,26,26,27 

Crofton, Mary Elizabeth 27 

Cbofton, BiCHABD 26: It. 24 I 

Crofton, Thomas 24 | 

Crompton, — 10 | 

Cromwell, — 7 | 

Crosby, Ambrose 113 

Cbobby, Ann 60:7^.113 

Cbosbt, Edwabd 49, 60 ! 

Cbosby, Eliz 49 I 

Cbosby, Elizabeth 108 

Crosby, Elizabetha' 44 

Crosby, Fbanois llO: ». 113 

Croeby, John 113 1 

Crosby, Richard 104: «. 113 i 

Crosby, Tho 104,110,113 ' 

Crosby, Thomas 44, 108 

Croeby, Watson 113 

Crosby, — 96 

Crosyer, Eleanor 66 

Crosyer. Qeorge 56 

Crosyer, Jane 66 

Crow, Ann 62 

Cnllen, Charles, Viscoont 48 

Cnllen, Mary, Viscountess 48 

Cummin, Ann 78 

Cummin, Do'ia 5 

Cummin, Wm 78 

Cummins, Margaret 129 

Cunningham, Elizabeth 61 

Cunningham, Robert 61 

Carrie, Charlotte Georgiana Mary 29 

Carrie, Rer. Maynaid Wodehouse 29 

Curry, Aonas 126 

Curry, Ann 72 

Curry, Thomas 126 

Cnrry, William 72 


CURSTT, Ann 70 

CuRSTT, Wm 70 

Curteis, Mary 85 

Cnrteis, Richard 85 

CuRTious, John 2 

CuRTious, Richard 2 

CURTISE, Richardus 96 

CuTHBERT, Charles 110 : ». 10 

Cnthbert, Dorothea 10 

Cnthbert, Dorothy 10, 110, 111, 123 

Cnthbert, George 10 

Cnthbert, Jane 10 

CuTHBERT, John 110:w. 10, 111 

Cnthbert, John, M J) 10 

Cnthbert, Margaret 10 

Cnthbert, PhiUdelphia 10 

Cnthbert, Ralph 10 

Cnthbert, Rev. Richard 10, 123 

Cnthbert, Robert 10 


Cnthbert, William 10 

CUTHBERT, Rev. — 127 

CUTHBERT, — » 110, 111, 123, 127 

Cutter, Barbara 63 

Cutter, John 63 

D., J 

D'Arcy, James, Lord 


D'Aroy, Margaret, Lady 117 

D'Aroy, Lady 18 

D'AuTiN, Sam. Da v. Joseph db Mon- 

CEAUX 121 

D'Este, Mary 47 

Dagnia, Benjamin Clayton....- 78 

Dagnia, Christopher 78 

Dagnia, Edward 78 

Dagnia, Hannah 78 

Dagnia, Jane 78 

Dagnia. John 78 

Dagnia, Margery 78 

Dagnia, Onesiphoms 78 

Dale, Eliz 57 

Dale, George 56 

Dale, Hannah 66 

Dale, Jane 78 

Dale, John 78 

Dale, Lydia 78 

Dale, Martham 42 

Dale, Mary 78 

Dall, Andrew 80 

Dall, Grace Greig 80 

Dallivall, — 6 

Dalton, Daloibella 105 

Dalton, Rev. Thomas 105 

Danby, EUzabeth 90 

Dand, Alce 87 

Dand, Robert 37 

Daniel, — 43 

Darby, John 107 

Darbyshire, Anne 105 

Darbyshire, John 165 

Darbyshire, Marg'tam 44 

Darcy, Conyers, Lord 104 

Daroy, Conyers, Earl of Holdemess 45 

Darcy, Margaret 104 

Darcy, Ursi^ 45 

Darnell, Eliz 67 

Darnell, Elizabeth 29, 152: n, 157 

Darnell, Elizabeth Jane 29 

Darnell, Frances 30 

Darnell, Jane Grace 29 

Darnell, Lucy Elizabeth 30 

Darnell, Philip Wheler 29 

Darnell, Thomas Charles 29 

Darnell, W.N 29 

Darnell, Rev. W. N 131,132,133 

Darnell, W. N., Prebendary op Dur- 
ham 134, 135 

Darnell, William 157 

Darnell, Rev. William 30 : ». 157 

Darnell, Rev. William Nicholas, Pre- 
bendary OF Durham 29, 153 : ». 152, 157 

Darnell, Rev. — , Prebendary of Dnrham 153 

Darnbton, Gulielmus 39 


Darnton, Eliz 69 

Darwin, Maj. Charles Waring 80 

Darwin, Francis 80 

Darwin, Mary Dorothea 80 

Davies, John, Minor Canon op Dur- 
ham 84 

Davies, Margaret 84 

Davison, Ann 61, 77, 126 

Davison, Annb 66, 63 

Davison, Anne Caroline 156 : n. 154 

Davison, Caroline 146 

Davison, Charlotte 146 

Davison, Cuthbbrt 66 

Davison, Dorothy 104 

Digitized by ' 

Google — 



Davison, Dnldbella 13, 123 

Dayison, Rey. Edward 131,151 

Davison, Elizabeth 123, 143 : n, 7, 109 

Davison, Blizabbtham 39 

Davison, Jane 133 

Davison, Johanna 66 

Davison, Johannes 39 

Davison, Joseph 63, 143, 154 : n. 166 

Davison, Mabg'tam 44 

Davison, Maboabet Peabson... 151 : i». 131 

Davison, Mabiah 41 

Davison, Mabt 37 : ». 112 

Davison, Matthew 133 

Davison, Samuel 109 

Davison, Samuell 7 

Davison, Thomas 44: n. 154 

Davison, Rev. Thomas 37 

Davison, Will 61 

Davison, William 13, 123, 126 

Davison, — 112, 136, 154 

Davy, Ann 72 

Davy, Elizabeth 75 

Davy, Tho 72 

Dawnay, Dorothy 119 

Dawnay, Henry, Viscount Downe 119 

Dawson, Anne 148 

Dawson, Eliz 52 

Dawson, Elizabeth 55 

Dawson, Jane 51 

Dawson, John 51, 55 

Dawson, Mabg 65 

Dawson, Sabah 70 

Dawson, Tho 52 

Dawson, Dr., Canon of Windsor 

Day, Elizabetham 40 

Day, Johannes 40 

De Crespigny, Caroline 25 

De Crespigrny, Rev. Heaton Champion 25 

De Felice, Augusta 33 

De Karp, Augusta 33 

De Karp, Eleanora 33 

De Kabp, El^onobe 33 

De Kabp, Louis Bebnabd 33 

De Kabp, Mabie Louise 33 

De Karp, Maurice 33 

Deane, — 87 

Deanham, Chbistopheb 41 

Deanham, Janam 41 

Deab, Maby 47 

Deason, J 27 

Deason, James 124,126 

Deason, — 22 

Dee, Ann 26 

Dee, Elizabeth 26 

Deemsteb, Susanna 48 

Deebino, Rev. Heneaob, Dean op Ripon 127 

Deebino, Maby 127 

Delabene, HcDry 23 

Delabene, Martha 23 

Delamere, Lady Elizabeth, Baroness 107 

Delamere, Sir George, Baron 107 

Delamere, Lord 107 

Delaval, Elizabeth 6 

Delaval, Thomas 6, 13 

Delaval, — 73 

Delavall, Rob 13 

Delavall, Robert 13 

Delavall, Robebto 15 

Denison, Isabel 69 

Dennis, S., Minob Canon of Dubham 125 
Dennis, Samuel 20, 121 

Dennis, Samuel, Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 124 

Dennis, Sabah 123, 125 

Dennis, William 124 

Dennis, Rev. — 123 

Dent, Isabel 52 

Dent, Jane 60 

Dent, Johannes 40 

Dent, Mabgabetam 40 

Deitt, Maby 78 

Denton, Alice 121 

Denton, Anne 116 

Denton, John 112, 119 : n. 116, 121 

Denton, Robebt 119 

Devobax, Rev. — 94 

Dickens, Geoboe 23 

Dickens, Henry John 22 

Dickens, Maboabet 21 : n. 22 

Dickens, Maby 23 

Dickens, Richabd 23 

Dickens, Capt. Richabd 23 

Dickens, Col. Richabd Mabk ... 21 : n. 23 
Dickens, Db. Samuel, Pbebendaby and 

Abchdbacon of Dubham 21 : n, 22 

Dickens, Samuel Richabd 23 

Dickens, — 137 

Dickens, Db., Pbebendaby and Abch- 
dbacon OF Dubham 23 

Dickenson, Ann 65 

Dickenson, Edwd 65 

Diokins, Thomas 152 

Dickinson, Eleanob 55 

Dickinson, Hanna 66 

Dickinson, — 85 

Dickons, John Ralph 156 

Dickons, Maby 144, 148 : n. 131, 141 

Dickons, Sabah 144 

Dickons. Thomas 148, 156 : n, 144, 152 

Digrby, Elizabeth 122 

^g^Ji William, Dean of Durham 122 

Digby, William, Lord 122 

Dikes, Isabel 57 

Dikes, Jebemiah 57 

DippEB, Joan 56 

Ditmas, Qeorgina 30 

Ditmas, John 30 

Dixon, Ann 46, 110 

Dixon, David 44 

Dixon, Dobothy 65 

Dixon, Eliz 72,113 

Dixon, Elizabeth 44, 110, 120 

Dixon, Fobtune 67 

Dixon, Fbancis 114 

Dixon, Geo 110, 113, 114, 115 

Dixon, Geobge 112, 120 : n. 122, 123, 125, 126, 

127, 128 

Dixon, Isabell 56 

Dixon, Janam 44 

Dixon, Jane 73 

Dixon, John 67, 73, 123 : n. 126 

Dixon, Joseph 46, 113, 114 

Dixon, Maby 67, 116 : n. 128 

Dixon, Robebt 119 

Dixon. Sabah 114, 123 : n. 120, 123 

Dixon, Tabitha 122, 125, 126, 127, 128 

Dixon, Will 112 

Dixon, William 83 

Dixon, — 114 

Dobbinson, Maby 62 

Dobbinson, Michael 62 

DoBBisoN, Alice 66 

Digitized by 




DoBiNSON, Alice 66 

DoBSON, Anthony 77 

DOBSON, Cath 67 


DoBSON, Elisabeth 61 

DoBSON, Eliz 13, 17, 67, 109 

Dobflon, Elizabeth 13 

DoBSON, Fitz-Hebbebt 18 

DoBSON, Hen., D.D 18 

Dobe<m, Rev. Henry, D.D., Prebendary of 

Durham 17 

DoBSON, James 68 


Dobson, Mabgabet 77 

DOBSON, Mabot 68 

Dobson, Maey 63 

Dobson, Penelop 17 

Dobson, Robert 95 

Dobson, Thomas 63 

Dobson. Welbury 13 

DobBon, Wheatley 13 

Dobson, Db 17, 109 


DoDDS, Eliz 63 

DoDDS, Hannah 77 

Doddfl, Hylda 46 

DoDDS, Isabel 57 

Dodd8,Jno 63 


Dodds, Tho 46 

DoDDS, Thomas 46 

Dodshon, Anne 39 

Dodflly, Robert 123 

Dodsworth, Anthony 83 

Dodsworth, Magdalen 93 


doeshon, gulielmus 40 

Doeshon, Maeoabetah 40 

Dolben, Elizabeth 122 

Dolben, Sib Jno., Pbebendaby op Dub- 
ham 122 

Dolben, Sir John 122 

DoUand, Anne 155 

DoUand, Peter 166 

DonjTwith, Rev. Richard 125 

Dongwith, Rev. Richb 123 

Dongwith, — 126 


Dongwobth, Richabd 120 

Don^rw'orth, — 121 

DoBMA*, Elizabeth 9 

Dorrien, tee Smith- Dorrien. 

DossY, Isabellam 40 

Douglas, Lieut.-Col. Archibald 138 

Douglas, Lieut.-Gen. Archibald 151 

Douglas, Eleanor 151 

Douglas, Rev. Henby, Canon op Dub- 
ham 150 

Douglas, Lady Isabel, Lady Drumlanrig 

and Countess 49 

Douglas, Rev. James, D.D., Prebendary of 

Durham 125 

Douglas, Jane 138 

Douglas, Lady Margaret 49 

Douglas, Maby 61 

Douglas, Mary Anne 150 

Douglas, RoBT 61 

Douglas, Rev. Robert 160 

Douglas, Robert Archibald 151 

Douglas, — 151 

Douglas, Rev. Canon 144 

, Douglas, Lord Drumlanrig and Earl 49 

{ Douglas-Qresley, Robert Archibald 151 

, Douglass, Rev. James, D.D., Pbebend- 


I Douglass, Jane 125 

I Douglass, Jean 125 


DouTHWAiT, Jno 65 


Douthwaite, Mabgabet 68 

Downe, Henry, Viscount 119 

DowNEs, Alice 64 

DowNES, Eliz 43 



DowsoN, Mary 64, 76 

Dowson, Sarah 76 

Dowthwaite, Elizabeth 38 

Dbizedell, Eliz 43 

Drum'er, Jane 61 

Drumlanrig, Lady Isabel 49 

Drumlanrig, Lord 49 

Drummond, Susanna 33 

Dbcby, Isabell 94 : «. 7 

Druby, John 94 

Drury, Rev. John 12,113 

Drury, Joyce 113 

Du Bonlay, Rev. Francis 28 

Du Boulay, Sybella 28 

Du Pin, J. de Grevelle 103 

Duckett, Ann 62 

Dudley, Ambrose 36 

Dudley, Anne 36 

Dudley, Isabel 36 

Duel, Mabgabet 60 

Dugdale,— 10,88,92,100,105,116 

Dun, Jo 106 

Duncan, Eleazer 93 

Duncan, Dr. Eleazer, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 92 

Duncan, Phoebe 93 

Duncan, — 4 

DuNCON, Db. Eleaz., Pbebendaby op 


DUNCON, Floba 92 

DUNCON, — 6 

Dungannon, Arthur, Viscount 145 

DUNKON, Do'iA 6 

Dunn, Anne 64 

Dunn, Eliz 67 

Dunn, Geobge 39 

Dunn, Jacob 64 

Dunn, Janam 39 

Dunn, Jane 70,79 

Dunn, Maetin 79 

Dunn, Mebbibll 39 

Dunn, Ralph 67 

Dunne, Annam 40 

Dubant, Isabella 49 

DuBANT, John 49 

DuBELL, Anne 128 

DuBELL, Rev. D 28 

Durell, David, D.D.^ Prebendary of Canter- 
bury 128 

DuBELL, Rev. David, D.D., Pbebendaby 


Durell, John 128 

DuBELL, Philip Vavasob 128 

Durell, Thomas Vavasour 128 

Durell, tee alto Vavasseur-dit- Durell. 

Durham, Earl of 87 

Digitized by 




Durham, Lord 81 



Duiy, Rev. Jolin 113 

Dury, Joyce 44, 113 



DuBYE, John 7 



Dykes, Rev. J. B 150, 151, 152 

Dykes, John Bacchas 149 

Dykes, Rkv. John B 148, 149, 166 

Dykes, Geobge Lionel Andbew 149 

Dyllycote, Jane 82 

Bales, David 102 

Eabl, Ann 72 

Eablb, Ann 58 

Eable, Robbbt 58 

Eastbb, Sabah 101 

Eastebby, Ann 46 

Ebdon, T. 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 

140, 141, 142 

Ebdon, Thomas 136, 142, 143, 144, 145 

Ebdon, Rev. Thomas, Minor Canon of Dur- 
ham 139 

Ebdon, Thos 131,132 

Ebutts, Grace 4 

Ebutts, Philip 4 

Ebutts, Philippo 4 

Eden, Catherine 13,22 

Eden, Chbistian Flobenoe 35 

Eden, DoBOTHY 119 

Eden, Elizabeth 73 

Eden, Flobence H5 

Eden, Hannah 16 

Eden, Henry, M.D 63 

Eden, Jane 53 

Eden, John 13 

Eden, Lieut.-Col. John Henby 35 

Eden, Rev. John Patrick, Canon of Dur- 
ham 36 

Eden, Marfiraret 122 

Eden, Mary 53 

Eden, Mary Anne 13 

Eden, Robebt 36 

Eden, Sir Robert 16, 22, 35, 73, 122 

Eden, Rev. Db. Tho., Pbebendaby of 

Dubham 119 

Eden. Rev. Db. Thomas, Pbebendaby 

OP Dubham 122 

Eden, Sir William 13 

Eden, — 36 

Eden, Db 73 : i*. 16 

Eden, Ladt 126 

Eden, Lord Auckland 22 

Edmonds, Elizabeth Margaret Anne ... 31, 147 

Edmonds, Elizabeth NichoUs 147 

Edmonds, Rev. Richard 147 

Edmundson, Elisabeth 107 

Bdmundson, Elizab 112 

Edmundson, John 112, 113 

Bdmundson, Mary 112 

Edmundson, William 112 : w. 107, 113, 121 

Edmundson, — 121 : n. 113 

Edward III., King of England 141 

Edward IV., King of England 88 

Edwards, Ambrose 69 

Edwabds, Anne 69 

Edwards, Rev. Edward 162 

Edwabds, Fbedebioa Louisa 31 

Edwabds, Geoboe 69 

Edwards, Isabel 69 

Edwards, Isabella 69 

Edwabds, Rev. John, Canon of Dub- 
ham 152 

Edwabds, Rev. John Geobge 31 

Edwards, Louisa 152 

Edwabds, Louisa Mabia 31 

Edwards, Sarah 162 

Edwards, Canon 31 

Eeyles, Davidis 96 

Eeyles, — 96 

Eoebton, Cathbbine 24 

Eoebton, Rev. Chables 24 

Egerton, Francis 24 

Egerton, Francis, Earl of Bridge water ... 24 

Egebton, Henby 24 

Egerton, John, Bishop of Durham 24 

Egerton, John, Earl of Bridge water 24 

Egerton, Mary 24 

Egerton, Bishop 20 

Egglestone, Margarett 83 

Ekins, Anne 148 

Ekins, Rev. Frederick 148 

Ekins, Dr. Jeffrey, Dean of Carlisle 148 

Ekins, Sarah Janetta 148 

Eldeb, Augusta 146 

Eldeb, Edith 144 

Eldeb, Rev. Edwabd 144, 146 

Eldeb, Rev. Edwabd, D.D 149 

Eldeb, Edwabd Fabley 147 

Eldeb, Jane 66 

Eldeb, Thomas 66 

Eldon, Lord 27 

Eldbidg, John 109 

Eldbidoe, Johannes 46 

Eldbidge, John 106 

Eldbidge, Mabgabeta' 45 

Eldbidge, Mabgabett 106 

Ellebay, Elizabeth 126 

Ellebay, Geobge 122 

Ellington, John 20 

Ellington, Maby 20 

EUiot, Dorothy 155 

Elliot, John 166 

Elliot, Sarah 165 

Ellison, Cuthbert, M.P 81 

Ellison, Henrietta 81 

Ellison, Isabella Caroline 81 

Ellison, Isabella Graoe 81 

Ellison, Laura Jane 81 

Ellison, Louisa 81 

Ellison, Sarah Caroline 81 

Ellison, see also Carr-Bllison. 

Ells, David 40 

Ells, Mabgabetam 40 

Elbington, Eliz 48 

Elstob, Aliciam 45 

Elstob, Ann 49 

Elstob, Edvabdus 45 

Elstob, Janam 40 

Elstobb, Gulielms 43 

Elstobb, Janam 43 

Elton, Ashley 131 

Elton, R. W 131 

Embleton, Alcb 37 

Emebson, An 38 

Emebson, Anna* 43 

Emerson, Anthony 52 

Bmsbson, Eliz 43 

Digitized by 




Emebson, Blizabeth 63 

EmenoQ, Frances 128 

Embbsok, George 63 

Emebson, Geobgius 43 

Emerson, Gulielms 42 

Emebson, Hanna 66 

Emerson, Isabel 59 

Emerson, Isabella 128 

Emerson, Jane 52 

Emerson, Rev. John 128 

Emebson, Mabgabetam 45 

Emebson, Mabt 48 

Emerson, Obadiah 66 

Em*bb8on, Isabellam 39 

Emmebson, Alice 77 

Emmebson, Anne 61 

Emmebson, Chbistopheb 64 

Emmebson, Dobotht 75 

Emmebson, Eliz 64 

Emmebson, Geo 61 

Emmebson, George 77 

Emmebson, Gbobgius 40 

Emmebson, John 83 

Emmebson, Mabgabet 77 

Emmerson, Mary 77 

Emmsrson, Ralph 75 

Erington, Jane 52 

Brrington, Ann 66 

Errington, Barbaba 63 

Ebbington, John 66 

Ebbington, Mabt 68 

Brrinjrton, William 68 

Bete, tee D'Bste. 

Estienne, Florence 103 

Etnre, Alice 92 

Etore, James 92 

Etnre, Mary 92 

Eubank, Aliciam 43 

Eubank, Milo 43 

Bubanke, Johanne 3 

Bure, Frances 87 

Eure, Sir Ralph 87 

Bure, Lord 87 

BvANCE, Mabt 131 

Evance, William 131 

Evans, Abthub Thomas Fabian 155 

Evans, JoANE 94 

Evans, Rev. Robert 124 

Evans, Rosamond 152 : i». 33, 156, 158 

Evans, Thomas Saundebs, D.B., Canon 

OP DUBHAM 53,168: f». 155 

Evans, Rev. T. S... Canon of Durham 156 

Evans, Canon 154, 157 

Evening, Ann 71 

EvETT, Ann 160 

BvETT, William 152 ;n. 150 

Ewbanck, Ann 59 

Ewbanke, Anne 89 

Bwbanke, Elizabeth 82 

Ewbanke, Blsabeth 89 

Ewbanke, Henry 98 

Ewbanke, Henry, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 89 

Ewbanke, Jana 98 

Bwbanke, Toby 82 

Ewbanke,— 2:ii. 98 


Bzton, Bridget 15 

Ezton, Sir "niomas * 15 

Btles, Ann 65 

Byles, Thomas 65 

Etbe, Samuel, D.D., Pbebbndabt of 


Faber, — 138 

Faibbabnes, Anna* 43 

Faibbabnes, Annam 46 

Faibbabnes, Mabiam 46 

Faibbabnes, Thomas 43,46 

Faibbabns, Isabel 47 

Fairelas, Edward 92 

Fairelas, Margaret 92 

Fairelas, Richard 92 

Fairfax,— 141 

Faiblbsse, Jane 110 

Faiblbsse, John 110 

Falle, Rev. Philip, Prebendary of Durham 128 

Fanshaw, Lady 15 

Farrah, Mark 68 

Farrah, William 68 

Fabbab, Rev. Canon 158 

Fabbeb, An 7 

Fabbeb, John 7 

Farrer, Mark 68 

Farrow, Anne 68 

Fabbow, Eliz 65 

Farrow, John 68 

Fabbow, Mabiam 38 

Fabbow, Mabk 68 

Fabbow, Mabt 68 

Fabbow, Nioholaus 38 

Farrow, William 68 

Faucet, Thomas 120 

Fawcett, Rev. Db., Pbebbndabt op 


Fawcett, Elizabeth 125 

Fawcett, John 125 

Fawcett, — 81, 148 

Fawdon, Alice 68 

Fawdon, Eliz 53 

Fba, Peteb 74 

Fea, Sabah 74 

Feaster, Dorothy 102 

Feathebstone, Isabel 117 

Feilding, Anne 141 

Feildino, Anne Matilda 133 

Feilding, Charles Israel 147 

PeUdingr, Charlotte 127 

Feilding, Charlotte Anne 147 

Feilding, Elizabeth Bleanob 141 

Feilding, Geoboe 133 : n, 141 

Feilding, Israel 123, 127 

Feilding, Margery 127 

Feilding, Martha 123 

Feilding, Sophia Elizabeth 147 

Fdlice, tee De Felice. 

Fells, Jane 50 

Fells, Robebt 50 

Fenwick, Christopher Hardinge >... 153 

Feitwick, Dobotht 140 

Fenwick, Db 134 

FPinviCK, Eliz 54 

Fenwick, Elizabeth 23:fi. 4 

Fenwick, Frances 153 

Fenwick, J. R., M.D 140 

Fenwick, Jane 51 

Fenwick, John, M.D 136, 148 

Fenwick, John Ralph, M.D. ... 148 : n. 136 

Fenwick, Ladt 49 : n. 50, 106 

Fenwick, Margaret 136 

Fenwick, Mary 148 

Fenwick, NicH 54 

A A 

Digitized by 





Fenwick, Sir Robert 49 

Fbnwick, Thomas 153 

Fenwiokf Tristram 4 

Fenwiok, — 118 

Fenwick-Clennell, Frances 163 

Fenwick-Clennell, Thomas 153 

Ferelesse, Jane 82 

Ferguson, Jane 68 

Ferguson, Samuel 68 

Ferrabt, Isabel 48 

Ferrand, Ann 155 

Ferrand, Rev. Thomas 155 

'Fethebstenhailgh, Jane 36 

Fetherston, Janam 44 

Fetherston, Joh'es 44 

Fetherston, Maria 146 

Fetherston, Mary 51,58 

Fetherston, Sir Ralph 146 

Fetherstonhalgh, Elizabeth 58 

Fetheretonhalgh, Mary 58 

Fetherstonhalgh, William 58 

Fewler, Mary 67 

Fewster, Dorothy 102 

Fewster, Elizabeth 75 

Fewbter, Joh'es 12 

Fewster, John 102 

Fewster, Margrett 101 

Fewster, Mary 55 

Fewster, Rev. Nich'ii 12 

Fewster, Nicholas 102 

Fewster, Rev. Nicholas .* 102 

Fewster, Rev. Nicholas, Minor Canon 

of Durham loi 

Fielding, Ann 125 

Fielding, Charlotte 127 

Fielding, Israel 125 

Fielding, Margery 125 

Fielding, Martha 123 

Filmoor, Joan 56 


Finch, Catharine 58 

Finch, Catherine 75 

Finch, Lady 22 

Finch, Mary 75 

Finch, Phyllis 71 

Finch, Robert 71 

Finch, ToBiT 75 

Finney, Db. James, Prebendary of 

Durham 112,118 

Finney, Mary 112: n. 118 

Finney, William 118 

Firth, Edmund Nelson May 34 

Firth, Rev. G. W. Anson 159 

Firth, George William Anson ... 34, 158 

Firth, Louisa Caroline 34 

Fitch, Sarah 146 

Fletcher, Aliciam 43 

Flintoff, Beatrice 155 :n. 153 

Flintoff, David 152 : n. 153, 156 

Flintoff, Elizabeth 164 

Flintoff, James 153 

Flintoff, Jane 153 

Flintoff, Marianne 156 

Flintoff, Mary Ann 153 

Flintoff, Sarah 142 

Flintoff, Thomas 153 

FoUonsby, Henry 83 

Follonsby, Jane 83 

Ford, Fanny Joan 79 

Ford, Gerard 79 

Ford, John 79 

Foreman, Maria' 42 

Foreman, R ad' us 42 

Forrest, Marg'tam 42 

FoRSAiTH, Andrew 65 

Forsaith, Dorothy 65 

Forster, Abigail 66 

Forster, Ann 121 

Forster, Ann Esther 135 

Forster, Catherina' 42 

Forster, CuTHBERT 66 

Forster, Dorothy 47 : n. 48 

Forster, Elisab 46 

Forster, Elizabeth 74 : n. 6, 7, 124 

Forster, Frances 7 

Forster, Francis 6, 45 

Forster, Gabriel 7 

Forster, Isab 53 

Forster, Isabel 69 

Forster, Joan 63 

Forster, John ., 78, 119 : n. 7, 41, 59 

Forster, Joseph 60,74 

Forster, Magdalenam 42 

Forster, Margt 78 

Forster, Maria' 42 

Forster, Martinus 42 

Forster, Mary 60,66 

Forster, Matthew 7 

Forster, Phyllis 71 

Forster, Thomas 6, 47 

Forster, Rev. Will., Minor Canon of 

Durham 63 

Forster, Sir William 48 

Foster, Abraham 125 

Foster, Ann 11 

Foster, Catherine 107 

Foster, Christian 103 

Foster, Christianus 9 

Foster, Elisab 46 

Foster, Elizabetha 98 

Foster, Ellenora' 41 

Foster, Francis 6, 7, 94 

Foster, Gabriell 7 

Foster, Jacobus 37 

Foster, Jana' 37 

Foster, Joh'es 98 

Foster, Joh'is 98 

Foster, JoHANNis 9 

Foster, John 7, 8, 94 : ». 16 

Foster, Joseph 123 

Foster, Eatherine 108 

Foster, Margaret 126 

Foster, Margarett 7 

Foster, Mariam 43 

Foster, Thomas 122 

Foster, Thomasine 124 

Foster, Willia' 8 

Fonntayne-Wilson, — 26 

Fowler, An 38 

Fowler, Eden 40 

Fowler, Isabell 38 

Fowler, J. T ,.... 159 

Fowler, John 38 

Fowler, Mariam 41 

Fowler, Thomas 88 

Fox, Sarah 51 

Frances, — 18 

Freeman, Sarah 162 

Freeman, CoL 152 

Frewin, Francis 100 

Frickleton, Patibncb 94 

Digitized by 




Fbievd, Mabt 49 

Fbizzxll, — 7 

Frowde, Penelope 47 

Frowde, Sir Philip 47 


Fulthorp, Timothy 43 

FuRBAKK, Christian 71 


FuRBAKK, Maria* 44 

Fyler, Elizabeth 138 

Fyler, Mary 138 

Fyler, Samuel 138 

Ftnnet, James, D.D^ Prebendary of 

Durham 62 

Ftnnby, Jane 52 

Fynney, Mary 118 

Fynney, William 118 

G., Sir John 7 

Gallaly, Isabel 59 

Gallaly, William 59 

Gallowly, Anna' 43 

Gamesby, Hannah 69 

Gamlen, Rev. S 137 

Gamlen, Bey. Samuel, Minor Canon of 

Durham 137 

Garpoot, Elizabeth 57 

Garfoot, Tho 57 

Garfoot, — 69 

Garfootb, Eatherinam 39 

Garoett, Jane 50 

Garorave, Elizabeth 134 

Garqrave, Franciscam 39 

Garorave, Johannes 39 

Garret, Eliz 51 

Garret, Lancelot 51 

Garry, Eliz 117 

Garry, Geo 117 

Garry, Georoe 117 

Garth, Ann 52 

Garth, Eliz 64 

Garth, James 117 

Garth, John 52, 117 : n. 116 

Garth, Marfraret 117 

Garth, Will 64 

Garthwaitb, Alice 50 

Garthwaite, Jane 48 

Gascoione, Alice 77 

Gabcoigne, Dorothy 62 

Gascoione, Will 62 

Gaecoyne, — 141 

Gaydon, Afrnea 4 

Gaydon, Johannis 4 

Gaydon, John 4 

Gaydon, Maroareta 4 

Gaynes, Anthony 2 

Gaynes, Christopher 2 

Gaynee, Eleanor 2 

Gaynes, Francis 2 

Gaynes, Jane 2 

Gaynes, Margaret 2 

Gaynee, Sarah 2 

Gbdlin, Mary 71 

Gee, Stephen 23 

Gee, — 23 

Geebes, Elizabeth 4 

Geeres, John 91 

Geeres, Mathew 91 

Geeres, — 4 

Geers, Gulielmus 5 

Geers, Isabel 92 

Geers, Jo 3 

Geers, Johannes 3, 92 

Geers, Johannis 3, 5 

Geers, John 88 

Geers, Maroarett 88 : n.B 

Geers, Matuew 5 

Geers, — 5 

Geldart, Ann 47 

Geldert, Annam 42 

Geldert, Joh'bs 42 

Gblson, Hannah 71 

Gelson, Ralph 60 

Gelson, Rev. Ralph, Minor Ouion of Dur- 
ham 60 

Gelson, Rebbecca ; 60 

Gelson, Rob 71 

Gent, Mary 74 

George, see St. George. 

George III., King of England 154 

George IV., King of England 154 

Gerard, Charles 114 

Gerard, Frances 114 

Gerard, Sir Gilbert 12 

Gerard, Mary 12 

Garrard, Charles 114 

Gerrard, Frances 114 

Gerrard, Gilberto 12 

Gibbin, Catherine 57 

Gibbon, Ann 24, 49 

Gibbon, Elizabeth 23 

Gibbon, Grace 23 

Gibbon, Hannah 26 

Gibbon, Jane 51,78 

Gibbon, John 49 

Gibbon, Thomas 23, 24 : ». 26 

Gibbons, Judith 87 

Gibbons, Rev. Marmaduke 87 

Gibson, Ann 60, 70 

Gibson, Annam 42 

Gibson, Eliz 51 

Gibson, Elizabeth 51 

Gibson, Franciscam 45 

Gibson, Geo 70 

Gibson, George 62 

Gibson, Gulielmb 42 

Gibson, Hannah 46, 62 

Gibson, Isabel 58 

Gibson, Jane 59 

Gibson, John 69 : «. 58 

Gibson, Joseph 59 

Gibson, Maro'tam 43 

Gibson, Mary 59 

Gibson, Thomasinb 62 

Gibson, Will 62 

Gifford, Fredismund 82 

Gifford, Ralph 82 

GiLKiN, Mary 61 

Gill, Anne 56 

Gill, EHza 33, 158 

Gill, John 56 

Gill, John Slater 33,158 

GiLLY, Alice Anne 29 

Gilly, Charles Pudsey 30 

GiLLY, Frederick Dawson 29 

Gilly, Jane Charlotte Mary 29, 30 

Gilly, W. S., Prebendary of Durham 135, 

136, 139 
Gilly, William Stephen, DD.. Pre- 
bendary OF Durham 29, 30 

Gilpin, Janam 40 

Glassington, Mary 73 

Digitized by 




Gloveb, Anthony 96 

Gloveb, Sabah 95 

GoLBOURN, Ann 66 



GooDCHiLD, Anne 67 


GooDCHiLD, John 64 

GooDCHiLD, Ralph 57 

Gordon, Alexandri 92 

Gordon, Ann 110 

Gordon, Anna' 42 

Gordon, Anne 110 

Gordon, Elizabbtha 92 

Gordon, Isabella 110 

Gordon, Jamee 110 

Gordon, John 110 

Gordon-Hallybnrton, Lady Catherine 

Lonisa 20 

Gordon-Hallybnrton, Lord Donglas, M.P. 20 



HAM 6 

Gowland, Robert 90 

Grace, Ann 139 

Grace, John 139 

Gbaham, Ann 67 

Gbaham, Geo 112 

Graham, Sir Georgre 49, 106 

Gbaham, Jane 65 

Gbaham, John 67 

Graham, Lady Mary 49, 105 

Graham, Richard 112 

Graham, Richard, Viscoont Preeton ... 49, 105 

Gbaham, Will., D.D 112 

Graham, William, D.D., Dean of Carlisle 

and Wells 105 

Graham, — 49 

Graham, Dr 50 

Gbahme, Richabdus 11 

Gbahme, Wmi, Dean of Cablisle and 

Pbebendaby of Dubham 11 

Gbainoe, Maby 62 

Grainoeb, Ann 67 

Gbainoeb, John 68 

Gbainoeb, Maby 68 

Grantley, Ix)rd 69 

Gbanville, Anne 106 

Granville, Sir Bevil 106, 117 

Granville, Brid(i:et 117 

Granville, Dean 117 

Granville, Dean and Archdeacon 107 

Gbanville, Db. Denyb, Dean of Dub- 
ham 106 

Granville, Dr. 9 

Granville, — 97 

Granville, Earl of Bath 106 

Granville, Lord 106 

Gbavelle, Fbances 103 

Gbaveneb,— 113 

Gbay, Db 7, 132 

Gray, Dr., Bishop of Bristol 147 

Gbay, Db., Pbebendaby of Dubham ... 132 

Gbay, Edmond 129 

Gray, Edward 96 

Gbay, Elizabeth 94, 129, 132 

Gbay, Elizabetham 39 

Gbay, Ellenobam 46 

Gray, Hillary 95 

Gbay, Johannes 39 

Gbay, Robert 7,94 

Gbay, Robbbto, Pbebendaby of Dur- 
ham 11 

Gbay, Rev. Robt., D.D., Pbebendaby of 

Dubham 129 

Gbay, Thomas 7 

Grays, An 7 

Gbaye, Dobitye 95 

Gbaye, Henbye 96 

Gbayhm, Db. 106 

Gbayhm, Richabd 106 

Greatorex, Annie Martha 161 

Gbeatobex, Annie MAimE 31 

Greatorex, Anthony 164 

Gbeatobex, Cecilia 31 

Gbeatobex, Chables Thoep 32, 163 

Gbeatobex, Constance Maby 32 

Greatorex, Dan 164 

Gbeatobex, Editha MAimE 148 

Gbeatobex, Rev. E 167 

Gbeatobex, Rev. Edwabd 148, 163 

Gbeatobex, Rev. Edwabd, Minob 

Canon of Dubham... 31, 32 : n, 154, 168 
Gbeatobex, Rev. Edwabd Habcoubt... 31 
Gbeatobex, Edwd., 31, 32, 146, 146, 147, 148, 

149, 160, 161 

Gbeatobex, Elizabeth 31, 32, 164, 168 

Gbeatobex, Elizabeth Antonia 31 

Gbeatobex, Mary Chbistine 31 

Greatorex, Thomas 31, 161, 164 

Greatorex, — 164 

Gbeen, Anne 106 

Gbeen, Babbaba 72 

Green, Christopher 96 

Gbeen, Eliz 72 

Green, Elizabetii 4 

Gbeen, Hellenen 38 

Green, Margaret 96 

Gbeen, Jacobi, Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 4 

Gbeen, Kathebina 4 

Gbeen, Mabgabbta 4 

Gbeen, Mabqabett 63 

Gbeen, Mubiel 66 

Green, Robert 63 

Gbeen, Rowland 72 

Gbeen, Wm 63 

Green, — 106 

Gbeene, James 6 

Geeene, James, Minob Canon of Dur- 
ham 6,94,96 

Gbeene, JoANE 6 

Gbeene, Mabgabett 8 

Gbeene, Mabye 6,94 

Gbeensidb, Maby 60 

Greenvile, Dionysio 12 

Gbeenvill, Dennis, Pbebendaby and 

Abghdeacon of Dubham 9 

Gbeenwell, Bliz 60 

Gbebnwell, Janam 38 

Gbeenwell, Thomas 38, 60 

Greenwill, Alan 139 

Greenwood, AjHies 154 

Greenwood, Agnes Harrison 164, 169 

Greenwood, John 154, 159 

Gbeoos, Geoboe 16 

Greggs, Jo 16 

Gbeggs, William 16 

Gbeqoby, Rev. Edwabd 119 

Gbeooby, Eliz 71 

Greooby, James 71 

I Gbeooby, Maby 119 

Digitized by 




Gbbobon, Ann 62 

Grefifson, Deborah 66 

OregBon, Geoivre 66 

Qrbgson, Hannah 65 

QreRTBon, Thomas 66, 62 

Gr^^n, William 66, 62 

Gbeobon, Wm 56 

Grenville, Isabel 36 

Grenville, Richard 36 

Gresley, ue Dooglas-Gresley. 

Grey, Hon. Rbv. A., Prebendabt op 

Durham 130 

Grey, Ann 113 

Grey, Eliz 113 

Grey, Elizabeth 110, 120, 147 

Grey, Sir Henry 147 

Grey, Lord 7, 26 

Gret, Mad 49 


Gret, Rob 14 

Grey, Robert 110, 113, 120 

Grey, Dr. Robert, Prebendary of Durham . 7 

Gret, Thomas 76 

Grey, — 7 

Greye,— 96 

Grioe, William Henry 169 

Griffith, Edward 130 

Griffith, Ellbanor 166 

Griffith, Frances 156 

Griffith, George 147 

Griffith, Henry 140 

Griffith, John ... 130, 140, 143 : %, 145, 147, 

155, 167 
Griffith, Mary 130, 167 : n, 143, 146, 147, 166 

Griffith, Thomas 155 

Grim, Isabellam 40 

Grim, Thomas 40 

Grinwell, Elizabeth 86 

Grinwell, John 86 

Grinwell, Robert 86 

Grinwell, Margfaret 86 

Grossier, Marot 68 

Grundy, Ellenr. 53 

Grundy, Tho 53 

Goidon, Agnee 4 

Guidon, John 4 

Guorden, Ann 110 

GUORDEN, — 110 

Guy, Anna' 44 

Guy, Charles 70 

Guy, Margt. 70 

Gyll, Thos 77 

Haokworth, Elizabeth 90 

Haogitt, Catherine 25 

Haggitt, Christina 26 

Haggitt, Rev. P 132 

Haggitt, Rev. Prancis, D.D., Pre- 
bendary OF Durham 26 

Haggitt, Luoy 26 

Hale, Rev. Edward 80 

Hale, Dr. Geoffrey Edward 80 

Hale, Mary 80 

Halhead, Margery 127 

Halhead, Nicholas 127 

Halifax, Carolus, Baron 46 

Hall, Agnes 4 

Hall, An 38 

Hall, Ann 66, 130 : n, 131, 132, 134, 139 

Hall, Hon. Anna Maria Bridget 134 

Hall, Annam 43, 44 

Hall, Anne 131, 134 

Hall, Anthony 74 

Hall, Barbara Ill 

Hall, Charles, Dean of Booking 134 

Hall, Rev. Charles Henry, D.D., Dean 

OF Durham 134 

Hall, Cuth 109 

Hall, Dorothea* 41 

Hall, Eleanor 2 

Hall, Eliz 63 

Hall, Elizabeth 64, 130, 131, 146 

Hall, Frances 163 

Hall, Francisoam 46 

Hall, Hester 46 

Hall, Isabella 136 

Hall, Isabella' 37 

Hall, Isabellam 44 

Hall, Jana' 37 

Hall, Jane 72, 130 : n. 127 

Hall, John 64, 66, 130, 131, 140 : n. 74, 136, 

138, 146, 164 
Hall, Jonathan, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 120 

Hall, Josephus 46 

Hall, Margt 67 

Hall, Mary 74, 76, 156 

Hall, Mattksus 37 

Hall, Ovington 138 

Hall, Philip 63 

Hall, Robert 130, 131, 138, 144 : ». 139 

Hall, Sarah 66 

Hall, Thomas 44, 65, 75 

Halliburton, Ann 58 

Hallifax, Georgiana 27 

HaUifax, Rev. R. F 27 

Hallifax, Samuel, Bishop of St. Asaph ... 27 

Hallyburton, James 120 

Hallyburton, Mary 120 

Hallybnrton, see Gordon- HallyburtoD. 

Hallyman, Elisabeth 62 

Hallyman, Will 62 

Halyburton, Jean 125 

Halyburton,— 125 

Hamilton, Eliza Arabella Sarah ... 79 
Hamilton, G. H., Archdeacon of 

Northumberland 168 

Hamilton, George Hans, D.D., Arch- 
deacon OP Northumberland, 

Canon of Durham 79 

Hamilton, Rev. Archdeacon, Canon 

OF Durham 168 

Ham'on, Lady 93 

Hammon, Domina Elizabeth! 6 

Ham'ond, Lady 6 

Hammond, Sir William 37 

Hammond, Lady 6, 37, 93 

Hanby, Dorothy 52,71 

Hanby, Elizabetha 16 

Hanby, Franoee 13 

Hanby, Francis 13: ». 52 

Hanby, Francisci 16 

Hanby, Isabella 13 

Hanby, Jonathan 60 

Hanby, Mary 60 : ». 13 

Hanby, Thomas 52 

Hanby, William 13 

Hanby, — 13 

Handy, John 130 

Harding, Isabell 55 

Hardinge, Frances 163 

Hardinge, Frederick 163 

Digitized by 




Hardin^e, Visooant 153 

Habdy, Janb 77 

Habebottle, Jane 65 

Habebottle, Wm 56 

Habobavb, Rev. — 94 

Harmiftoii, Frances 21 

Habison, Ann 37 


Habison, John 37 

Habison, Mabgabetam 38 

Habkeb, Maboabet 69 

Habkbb, Mabt 68 

Habland, Anne 141 : n. 137 

Harland, Charles 137 

Habland, SAbah 70 

Habland, William 137, 141 : ». 23 

Harland, William Charles 137 

Hable, Jacobus 44 

Hable, Maboabett 63 

Hable, Maby 76 

Hable, Rachel 44 

Habpeb, Cibelle 63 

Habpeblby, Fbanciscam 40 

Habpebly, Mabiam 41 

Habpebly, Thomas 41 

Harrison, Agnes 154 

Habbison, Anna* 41,46 

Harrison, Anne ^ 

Habbison, Anthony 57 

Habbison, Antonius 39 

Habbison, Ciciliam 41 

Habbison, Edvabds 41 

Habbison, Eleanob 65 

Habbison, Eliz 63, 67, 70 

Habbison, Elizabetham 39, 40 

Habbison, Ellbnoba' 43 

Habbison, Ellenobam 39 

Habbison, Fbancisca' 44 

Harrison, Isabel 92 

Habbison, Jacobus 39 

Habbison, Jane 57, 63 

Habbison, Johannes 39, 40 

Habbison, John 66, 67, 70 : n. 86 

Habbison, Maboabet 60 : ». 56, 104 

Habbison, Maboabett 74 

Habbison, Mabia* 41 

Habbison, Mabiam 39,40 

Habbison, Maby 67 : ». 104 

Habbison, Bichabd 60 

Habbison, Robt 63 

Habbison, Thomas 43 

Harrison, Sir Thomas 104 

Hartfell, James, Earl of 105 

Hartfell, Lady Margaret, Countess of 49 

Hartfell, Earl of 49 

Habtley, Phillis 164 

Habtley, William 166 

HartweU,Dr. 106 

Hartwell, Frances 117 

Habtwell, Db. William, Pbbbbndaby 

OF Dubham 117 

Harvey, Mary 162 

Harvey, — 152 

Harwood, Margaretta 10 

Harwood, Stephen 10 

Haslewood, Boulby 127 

Haslbwood, D 28,130,131 

Haslewood, Rev. D 134 

Haslewood, Dick., Minob Canon op 

Dubham 127 

Haslewood, Dickens IBO, 131 

Haslewood, Rev. Dickens 133 

Haslewood, Rey. Dickens, Minob 

Canon op Dubham 126 

Haslewood, Eliza 126 

Haslewood, Elizabeth ISO, 133, 134 

Haslewood, Henby 126 

Haslewood, Sabah 130 

Haslewood, Thomas 127 

Hastings, Edmund 145 

Haswell, Maby 54 

Haswell, Sarah 135 

Hauxley, Catherine 52 

Hauxley, Ellinob 49 

Hauxley, John 62 

Hauxly, Annam 44 

Hawdon, Annam 40 

Hawdon, Chbistoph. 40 

Hawdon, Janam 40 

Hawdon, Richabdub 40 

Hawkins, Estheb 120 

Hawkins, Sir John Caesar 27 

Hawkins, Will 109 

Hawkswobth, Maboabett 74 

Hawkswobth, Mabot 66 

Hawkswobth, Robebt 74 

Hawkswobth, Robt 66 

Hayes, James 119 

Hays, Eleanor 143,145 

Hays, John 130, 143, 146, 155, 157 

Hays, Mary 130,143,145,147,156,167 

Hayton, Eleanob 76 

Hayton, Richabd 76 

Hazabd, Jno 64 

Hazabd, Rebec' 64 

Hazlewood, Rev. Diokins 169 

Hazlewood, Rev. Dickins, Minor Canon of 

Durham 134 

Hazlewood, Elizabeth 134, 159 

Headlam, Aubelius 49 

Headlam, Frances 128 

Headlam, Maby 49 

Headlam, Thomas Emerson 128 

Headlam, Archdeacon : 128 

Headley, Kathebina 96 

Headley, Robebti 96 

Heads, Ann 68 

Heabd, Maby 54 

Heabde, Is 69 

Heath, Dorothy 86, 106 

Heath, Elizabeth 2 : ». 8 

Heath, Jane 65 

Heath, Johan*b 6 

Heath, JoHANNE 4,5 

Heath, John 8, 88 

Heath, Margaret 88 

Heath, Mabgabeta 5 

Heath, Nicholas 2: n. 106 

Heath, Robt 66 

Heath, Thomas 86 

Heaviside, Henby 65 

Heaviside, Isabel 65 

Heawood, Chbistiana 34, 79 

Heawood, Geoppbey Lbonabd 34 

Heawood, Rev. John Richabd 79 

Heawood, Peboy John 34, 79 

Hbcgles, Anna* 46 

Heckles, Gebabd 67 

Heckles, Isabel 67 

Hedlam, Ann 49 

Hedlam, George 49 

Hedlam, Hannah 49 

Digitized by 




HedUm, Phoobe 49 

Hedlam, Ralph 49 

Hedlam, Wiliiam 49 

Hedley, Sarah 166 

Hedlt, Cabolus 43 

Hedly, Mabo'tam 43 

Htdworth, Alice 95 

Hedworth, Christopher 95 

Hedwobth, Ralph 95 

Hedworth, Richard 95 

Heethe, John 86 

Hegg, Ann 87 

Heggf Anna 84 

Hegg, Anne 87 

Hegg, Elizabeth 82,87 

Heggf Frances 87 

Hegg, Isabel 87 

Hegg, John 87 

Hegg, Judith 87 

Hegg, Richard 87 

Hegg, Robert 87, 89 

Hegg, Stephen 82, 84, 87 

Hegg, Rev. Stephen 87 

Heqg, Steven 87 

Hegge, Anna 84 

Hegge, Anne 84 

Hegge, John 87 

Hegge, Ralph 87 

Hegge, Richard 87 

Hegge, Stephani 84 

Hegge, Stephen 87, 89 

Hegge, Rev. Stephen 87 

Heighinoton, Ambrosii 14 

Heighington, Catherine 14 

Heighington, Dsbobah 46 

Heighing^n, Frances 14 

Heighington, Gartrett 14 

Heighington, Mabia 14 

Heighington, Richard 14 

Heighington, William 14 

Heighlet, Richabdus 40 

Heighlbt, Thomasinam 40 

Helbstine, Fbanoes 73 

Helbstine, James 73 

Heming, Thomab. 141 

Hendbbson, Isab 53 

Hendebson, Jane 64 

Hendbbson, Maby 65, 66 

Hendbbson, Matthew 55 

Hendbbson, Rich 53 

Henderson, William 81 

Henbkab, Elizabeth 93 

Henshaw, Anne 137 

Henshaw, Caboline 138 

Henshaw, Emily 137 

Henshaw, Emily Chablotte 137 

Henshaw, Joseph 137 

Henshaw, W 137 

Henshaw, William 139: n. 137 

Hebne, — 74 

Hebon, Fbanoes 38 

Heron, Mary 93 

Herriee, Sir John Maxwell, Lord 50 

Heseltinb, Fbanoes 119 

Heseltinb, James 119, 123 

Heslop, Sabah 56 

Heslopp, Ann 49 

Hbslopp, Dinah 64 

Heslopp, John 49 

Hestbb, Mibbiama' 41 

Hester, Sfirah 101 

Hetherington, Mary 139, 150 

Hetherington, Hon. Richard 139, 150 

Hbtt, Mabgabetam 41 

Hewison, Geo 66 

Hewison, Maby 66 

Hewitson, Cathebine 66 

Heyden, Katherine 133 

Heyden, Samuel 133 

Hickebongill, Anna' 42 

Hickbrongill, Timotheus 42 


Higgons, Bridget 117 

Higgons, Sir Thomas 117 

Hildesley, Margaret 21 

Hildesley, Dr. Mark, Bishop of Sodor and 

Man 21 

Hill, Annabella 89 

Hill, Anne 145 

Hill, Arthur, Viscount Dungannon 146 

Hill, John 89 

Hill, Martha 138 

Hillaby, Maby 63 

Hills, Ann 78 

Hills, Geoegids 41 

Hills, Mabgbbia' 41 

Hilton, Annam 42 

Hilton, Babbaba 11 : ii. 6, 92, 121 

Hilton, Catherine 91 

Hilton, Cuth 102, 117 

Hilton, Cuthbebt ... 9, 59, 104, 117 :». 121 

Hilton, Cuthbebti 11, 12, 98 

Hilton, DoBOTHEA 97 

Hilton, Dobotheam 46 

Hilton, Dorothy 46 

Hilton, Elianob 104 

Hilton, Elizabeth 78, 116, 118 

Hilton, Bllenob , 38 

Hilton, Fbanoes 78 

Hilton, James 91 : ». 6, 92 

Hilton, Jane 69,117,119 

Hilton, Lancelot... 104 : n, 46, 91, 116, 118 

Hilton, Lanceloti 97 

Hilton, Lancelott 9 

Hilton, Mabgabet 120 

Hilton, Mabgabeta 12 

Hilton, Mabia 98 

Hilton, Mabtha 12, 102 

Hilton, Maby 104, 114 

Hilton, Rob 104 

Hilton, Robebt 9, 108 

Hilton, Robt 117 

Hilyard, Francis 86 

Hinde, see Aroher-Hinde, and also Hodg- 

Hindmabsh, Chables 70 


Hinmebs, Eleanob 71 

Hinmebs, Wm 71 

HiNSON, Isabella 34 

Hinson, James 34 

HiNSON, James-Abthub 34 

Hibzel, — 121 

HixoN, Bliz 71 : n. 61 

Hixon, Ellinob 61 

HixoN, John 71 

Hixon, Mabg'tam 41 

HixoN, Robebt 61 

Hixon, Tho 41 

Hoar, Anne 141 

Hoar, Charles 137 

Hoar, Frances 28» 137 

Digitized by 




Hoar, Qeorge 23, 137 

Hoar, Mary 23 

Hoar. WaUam 23, 137, 141 



HoBSON, Elbanob 65 

HOBSON, Eliz 70 

HoBSON, Jebimiah 40 

HOBSON, Mabqabbtt 73 

HoDGUSON, Jane 59 

HoDGSHON, Jane 48 

HoDGSHON, Mary 72 

HoDGSHON. Ralph 48 

HODGSHON, Susanna 59 

Hodgson, Dorothy 74 

Hodgson, Fortune 67 

Hodgson, Hilda 72 

Hodgson, John 71, 74 : n. 150 

Hodgson, Mary 71 

Hodgson, Nicholas 103 

Hodgson, Ralph 67 

Hodgson, Sarah 103 : n, 150 

Hodgson-Hinde, — 160 

Hodshon, Anna' 41 

HoDSHuN, Catherine 57 

Hodshon, Bliz 51 

Hodshon, Geo 57 

Hodshon, Michael 41 

Hogg, Anne 21, 22 

Hogrg, Christopher 43 

Hogg, Dorothy 23 

Hogg, Eleanor 43 

Hogg, Elizabeth 22 

Hogg, Isabel 21 

Hogg, Jane 22 

Hogg, John 21 

Hogg, Thomas 21, 22, 23, 123, 124 

Hogg, Thos 21, 22 

Hogg, Ursula 43 

Hogg, Wiluam 22 

Hogg, Wm 123 

HoLDEN, Beatrice Blandina 31 

Holden, Elizabeth Margaret Anne 31, 147 

HoLDEN, Florence TovEY 32 

Holden, Georoiana 32 

HoLDEN, Georgiana Bailey 31,32,33 

Holden, Rev. Henry 147 

Holden, Rev. Henry, D.D., Canon op 

Durham 31, 32, 33 

Holden, Henry Edmonds 31 

Holden, Hyla 32 

Holden, Josephine Fanny 32 

Holden, Rachel Belabyse 33 

Holden, Rose 32 

Holden, Verb 32, 153 

Holder, Aflhley 131 

Holder, Henry Evans, M.D 131 

Holdemess, Conjers Daroj, Earl of 45 

Holland, Dorothy 58 

Holland, Eleavor Mary 34 

Holland, Mary Gertrude 34 

Holland, Stephen 58 

Holland, Rev. William Lyall 34 

Hollingbery, Charlotte Charlton 149 

Hollingbery, J 149 

Hollingbery, Thomas, D J)., Prebendary of 

St. Paul's 149 

Hood, Marot 62 

Hopper, Anne 137 

HOPPBB, Anthony 132 

Hopper, Barbara 84 

Hopper, Rev. Edmund Hector 73, 104 

Hopper, Eliz 49 

Hopper, Elizabeth 126, 129 : n. 3, 73 

Hopper, Elizabetham 139 

Hopper, Hendry 129: n. 73 

Hopper, Jane 54 

Hopper, Jarard 84 

Hopper, John 49:ii. 73 

Hopper, John Thomas Hendry 10, 137 

Hopper, Margaret 54 

Hopper, Mary 118 

Hopper, Philadelphia 10 

Hopper, Tho 118 

Hopper, Ralph 10 

Hopper, Roeetta Anne 137 

Hopper, Wm 54 

Hopper, — 81 

Hopper, Rev. — 126 

Hopper-Williamson, — 73 

Home, Elisabeth 85 

Home, John 85 



HoRNSBY, Catherine 76 

HoRNSBY, Eliz 62 

Homsby, Elizabeth 76 

HORNSBY, Mary 73 


HoRNSBY, Thos 124 

HORNSBY, — 124 

Horseley, Barbara 48 

HoRSELEY, Eleanor 71 

Horseley, Tho 48 

Horseman, Ann 75 

Horseman, Brigida 15 

Horseman, Eleanor 120 

Horseman, Elisabeth 16, 108 

Horseman, Gulielmi 15 

Horseman, Mary 18, 71 : %, 107 

Horseman, Robert 18 

Horseman, Thomasik 102 

Horseman, Timothy 107 : n. 12 

Horseman, William 18 : n. 12, 107, 114 

Horseman, Wm 16, 71, 108, 117 

Horseman, — 100 


HoRSMAN, John 101 



HoRSMAN, Mary 109 

HORSMAN, Tho 111,114 

HoRSMAN, Will. 109 


HORSMAN, — 12 

How, Cath 57 

How, Francis 67 

How, Isabel 64 

How, Philip 64 

How, see Walsham-How. 

Howard, Henry 127 

Howell, Ellbnoram 46 

Howell, Mary 54 

Howell, Wm 54 

Howley, Dr. William, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury 32 

HowBon, £lizabeth 90 

Howson. Elsabeth 90 

HowBonj John, Bishop of Durham 90 

Howson, — , Bishop of Durham 92 

Hubbaok, Barbara 23 

Hubback, Jane 23 

Digitized by 




Hnbbaok, John 23 

HUBBOCK, Eathbbike 103 

HUBBOCKE, Mary 37 


HUCHINSON, Jambb 1 : ». 95 


HucK, Hannah 69 

HucK, Jonathan 69 

HuDD, Janam 44 

Huddleston, Elizabeth 110 

Huddleeton, Ferdinando 110 


Haddleston, Sarah 110 

Huddleston, — 112 

Hudson, Anne 124 

Hudson, Eliz 70 

Hudson, Isabel 51 

Hudson, Jane 75 

Hudson, Mabgarbt 54 

Hudson, Maboabett 73 

Hudson, Matthew 70 

Hudson, New ABK 70 

Hudson, Peter 124 

Hudson, Thomas 73 : n. 70 

Hudson, Ursula 124 

Hudspeth, Ellen 46 

Hudspeth, Isabell 54 

Hudspeth, John 46,54 

HUOALL, Mabt 53 

Huoall, Wm 53 

Hughes, Anne 140 

Hughes, PhiUp 140 

Hughes, William 140 

Hugonin, Charlotte 69 

Hugonin, Isabella 69 

Hugonin, Gkn 69 

Hull, Cathebina' 43 

Hull, Elizabeth 53 

Hull, Jane 75:». 61 

Hull, IfABT 56 

Hull, Rioh*us 43 

Hull, Robebt 7BL: ». 61 

Hull, Thomas 100 

Humble, Alice 51 

Humble, Anne 69 

Humble, Elisabxtham 45 

Humble, Jane 58 

Humble, Joseph 69 

Humble, Maboabbt 59 

Humble, Tho 51, 85 

Humble, — 69 

Hume, Oulielms 43 

Hume, Janam 43 

Humes, Eliz 64 

Humes, Jno 64 

Hunt, Alfred WUliam 150 

Hunt, Elisabeth! 4 

Hunt. Henby 83 

Hunt, Joan 83 

Hunt, Margaret 150 

Hunt, Db. Rich., Dean of Dubham ... 1 

Hunt, Dr. Richard, Dean 36 

Hunt, Richabdo, Dean op Dubham ... 3 

Hunt, Richabdus, Dean op Dubham... 91 

Hunt,— 5 : ». 36 

Hunteb. Ann 49, 120 

Hunteb, Anne 103 

Hunteb, Anthony 72 

Hunteb, Benjamin 78 

Hunter, Burnett 135 

Hunteb, Chbistopheb 48 

Hunteb, Eliz 48, 72, 78 

Hunteb, Elizabeth 121 

Hunteb, Jane 78 

Hunter, John 135 

Hunteb, Mabgabet 77 

Hunteb, Maby 129 

Hunteb, Tho 78 

Huntley. Cathebine 76 

Huntley, Dobotheam 38 

Huntley, Jane 53 

Huntley, JoH'is 38 

Huntley, John 76 

Huntley, Rich 53 

Huntlj, Charles, Marquess of 20 

Huntly, Jane 60 


HUSON, — 75 

Hotchin, Anne 117 

Hutchln, John 117 

Hutchings, Doba Emily 80 

Hutohings, Rev. Henby Reginald 79 

Hutchings, Rev. William Henby 80 

Hutchinson, Alicia* 42 

Hutchinson, Andbew 63 

Hutchinson, Ann 52, 75 

Hutchinson, Anna' 41,44 

Hutchinson, Annam.... 44 

Hutchinson, Anne 64 

Hutchinson, Barnabas 109 

Hutchinson, Bamabj 82 

Hutchinson, Cath 63 

Hutchinson, Christopher 74 

Hutchinson, Elizabeth 60, 128 : ». 10 

Hutchinson, Fbances 62 

Hutchinson, Fbancis 93 

Hutchinson, Gbacia 98 

Hutchinson, Henbicus ,.. 44 

Hutchinson, Isabella 74 

Hutchinson, Isabellam 40 

Hutchinson. James 62 

Hutchinson, Jane 50, 73, 102, 105 : n. 10, 74, 

108, 109 

Hutchinson, Jno 62,63 

Hutchinson, John 54, 63, 73, 74, 101 : ». 50 

Hutchinson, Luke 93 

Hutchinson, Margaret 93 

Hutchinson, Mabgt 63 

Hutchinson, Maby 54, 68, 64, 72 : n, 74 

Hutchinson, Richabd 95 : n, 10 

Hutchinson, Rob'tus 42 

Hutchinson, Robt 52 

Hutchinson, Sabah 72 

Hutchinson, Thomas 44,99 

Hutchinson, Thomasine 62 

Hutchison, Elizabetham 40 

HuTON, Anne 83 

Huton, Edwabde 83 

HuTTON, Annam 41 

Hutton,Anne 82,83 


Hutton, Edward 82, 83 

HUTTON, Elisabetham 44 

Hutton, EUzabeth 99, 109 

Hutton, Frances 109 

Hutton, Francisca 99 

Hutton, Fbanciscam 41 

Hutton, Geoboe 54 

Hutton, Grace 4 

Hutton, Gbatia 89 

Hutton, Henry 99,109 

1 Hutton, Jane 91 : n. 4, 83, 86, 88, 89 

B b 

Digitized by 




Hutton, John 83 

HuTTON, Maroeria' 41 

Button, Matthew, Bishop of Durham, 

Archbishop of York 89 

Button, Ralph 116 

Button, Sir Richard 109 

Button, Dr. Robert 4 

Button, Robert, D.D., Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 89 

Button, Robebti, D.D., Prebendabt 


Button, Sir Timothy 82 

Button, — 84 

Button, — , Bishop of Durham 82, 92 

TAnson, John 138 

TAnson, Ma^ 138 

I*Anson, Sir Thomas Bankes 138 

Ibbetson, Grace Ord 81 

Ibbetson, Benry 75, 81 

Ibbetdon, Sir Benry 81 

Ibbetson, Isabella 81 

Ibbetson. Isabella Grace 81 

Ibbetson, — 76 

Ibbotson, Sib Beney 76 

Ibbotson, Isabella 75 

Bey, Elizabeth 91 

Ilby, Isabbllam 38 

Bey, William 91 

Inqah, Dobothy 68 

Ingledew, — 86 

iNoo, Maby 63 

INOOE, Dobothy 73 

INGBAM, Ann 69 

iNGBAif, Matthew 70 

Inobam, Rebecca 70 


Inman, Charles 126 

INMAN, Elizabeth 143 

Inman, Mary 125 

INNMAN, Maby 125 

Irby, Sir Anthony 45 

Irby, Elisabeth 46 

Ironside, Mary 48 

Ibonside, Rad'us 43 


Ironside, William 48 

Ironside, tee aUo Bax-Ironside. 

IVESON, Eliz 42 

Jackson, Ann 131,141 

Jackson, Anna* 44 

Jackson, Benjamin 115 

Jackson, Charles 43 

Jackson, Dorothy 68 

Jackson, Elizabeth 90 

Jackson, Geoboe 141 : n. 148 

Jackson, Jane 90, 141 

Jackson, John 102 

Jackson, Lawrence 21 

Jackson, Maby 8, 65 : n. 21, 141, 148 

Jackson, Ralph 131, 148 

Jackson, Richabd 104 

Jackson, Kev. Richard 90 

Jackson, Sarah 131, 148 

Jackson, Susanna' 42 

Jackson, Thomas G^rge 141 

Jackson, Wm 68 

Jacques, Maeot 61 

James, Ann 6 

Jambs, Anna 6 

James, annb 2 

James, Catherine 83 

James, David 133 

James, Edwabd 2 

James, Elenor 83 

James, Elizab 6 

James, Elizabeth 3, 87 : ». 6 

James, Elizabetha 6 

James, Elsabeth 89 

James, Francis 6 

James, Gulielmi, Pbebendaby op Dub- 
ham 3, 4, 89 

James. Gulielmo, Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 6 

James, GuLiELMUS 3,89 

James, Babbie 2 

James, Benrietta 133 

James, Jane 56 

James, John 83 

James, Mabia 4 

James, Mabye 37 

James, Richabd 2 

James, Richebd 86 

James, Will'm, Pbebendaby op Dub- 
ham 2 

James, Willia*, Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 94 

James, William 3, 6,7: n. 83 

James, William, Bishop of Durham 94 

James, William, Pbebendaby op Dub- 
ham 83, 87: n. 37 

James, Prebendary 98 

James, — 3 

James, — , Bishop of Durham 2, 91 

James, — , Pbebendaby op Dubham 2, 5, 86 

James I, King of England 83 

James II., King of England 47. 107 

Jannsen, Cornelius 90 

Jeckell, Elizabetham 39 

Jeckell, Johannes 39 

Jeffebson, Ann 67 

Jeffebson, Elianob 59 

Jeffebson, Elizabeth 10 

Jeffebson, John 59 

Jeffebson, Nicholas 67 

Jeffbeyson, Jennettam 42 

Jeffbeyson, Joh'es 42 

Jeffbyson, Gbace 71 

Jefpbyson, Isbael 71 

Jenkinson, Rev. J. B., Dean of Dubham 138 
Jenkinson, John Bankes, Bishop of St. 

David's, Dean of Durham 129 

Jenkyns, Rev. H., D.D., Canon of Dub- 
ham 150 

Jenkyns, Harriet 154 

Jenkyns, Rev. Henry, D.D., Canon of Dur- 
ham 154 

Joby, Elizab 54 

John, Bishop of Durham 9 

Johnson, Aqnes Habbison 154 :n. 159 

Johnson, Alice 59:n. 50 

Johnson, Alicia* ' '41 

Johnson, Ann 52, 7i,"76, 77 

Johnson, Anna Elizabeth 150 

Johnson, Annam * 39 

Johnson, Anne 677Jir86.92 

Johnson, Anth 49 

Johnson, Anthony \\\ 49 

Johnson, Babbaibe ...'. 35 

Johnson, Chbist ^,\i,., 122 

Digitized by 




JOUNBON, Chbistophbb 125, 126, 127, 128 : 

n. 122, 139 

Johnson, DoBOTHSAM 39 

Johnson, Dobothy 74 

Johnson, Edward 78 

Johnson, Eleanor 123 

Johnson, Eliz 71 

Johnson, Elizabeth 78 

Johnson, Elizabbtham 41 

Johnson, Fbancbs 56 

Johnson, Fbancis 139 : n, 114, 120, 123, 146, 


Johnson, Fbancis Dixon 159 : n. 154 

Johnson, Geo 122 

Johnson, Geobgius 39,40 

Johnson, Gulielmus 40 

Johnson, Hannah 49, 78 

Johnson, Isabel 148 

Johnson, James 75 

Johnson, Janam 40 

Johnson, Jo 36 

Johnson, John 52, 66 : n. 78 

Johnson, Mabo 49 

Johnson, Mabg*tam 40 

Johnson, Maboebiam 40 

Johnson, Mabt 49, 58, 74, 139 : ». 139, 146, 


Johnson, Mabt Ann 146 

Johnson, Ralph 8,49 

Johnson, Rebecca 78 

Johnson, Richard 86, 92 

Johnson, Rob 48 

Johnson, Robebt 74, 119 

Johnson, Sarah 114, 120, 123 

Johnson, Tabitba 125, 127 : n. 122, 126, 128 

Johnson, Tho 71 

Johnson, Thomas 77 

Johnson, Tbotham 40 

Johnston, Abthub 131 

Johnstone, James, Earl of Hartf ell 1 05 

Johnstone, Ladj Margaret, Countess of 

HartfeU 49 

Johnstone, Lady Mary 49, 105 

Johnstone, — , Earl of Annandale 105 

Johnstone, — , Earl of Hartf ell 49 

Johnstone, — , Marquess of Annandale ... 49 

Jon, Henby 33 

Jon, Rebecca 33 

Jon, Robebt 33 

Jon, busANNA 59 

Jon, Thomas 59 

Jones, Frances Henrietta 33, 158 

Jones, Francis 158 

Jones, Rev. Francis 33 

Jones, Mabt 158 

Jones, Mary Anne Georgiana 33 

Jones, Thomas 147 

Jones, William 147: ». 158 

JoPLiN, Isabell 62 

JoPLiN, Will 62 

JoPLiNO, Anna' 44 

JoPLiNG, Elizabeth 62, 54 

JoPLiNG, Mabiam 46 

JoPLiNG, Thomas 44 






JUBDISON, Jane 38 

JuBDisoN, Rebecca 70 

Eabnabte, Hellen 7 

Karp, see De Earp. 

Eat, Mabgabet 53 

Kate, Thomas 154 

Eeabslt, Fbancisca' 44 

Kkabslt, Olivebus 44 

Kell, Ann 73 

Kell, Mabt 37 

Kell, Rowland 37 

Kellt, Hannah 62 

Kemble, Charles 132 

Kemble, Elizabeth 140 

Kemble, John 132 

Kemble, Roger 131 

Kemble, S. G 132 

Kemble, Sarah 131 

Kemble, Stephen 131, 132 

Kemble, Stephen Geobge 131, 140 

Kendall, Annam 39 

Kendall, Nicolaus 39 

Ke^nebte, David 67 

Kennebte, Eleanob 67 

Kensing^n, Lady Laura Jane 81 

Keppel, Lady Caroline 26 

Keppel, — , Earl of Albemarle 26 

Ker, Claud Buchanan, M.D 158 

Keb, Fbancis Allan 168 

Kerr, Lady Liabel 49 

Kerr, Margaret, Countess of Lothian 49 

Kerr, Mark, Earl of Lothian 49 

Ket, Mabt 39 

Kilbubn, Anne 77 

KiLBUBN, Tho 77 

King, Alice Jane 150 

King, Rev. Charles William 150 

King, Harry 159 

King, John 125 

King, Mary Anne 150 

King, Sarah 150, 159 

King, Rev. William Clark, Canon of Dur- 
ham 150 

King Charles I. of England... 47, 90, 93, 94, 95 

King Charles II. of England 47, 97 

King Edward IIL of England 141 

King Edward IV. of England 88 

King George IIL of England 154 

King George IV. of England 154 

King James I. of England 83 

King James II. of England 47, 107 

KiNOB, Gen 93 

Kipling, Alicia' 38 

Kipling, Geobgius 38,96 

Kipling, Hannah 143, 167 

Kirbie, Kathrine 87 

Kibbt, Elizabeth 8 

Kibbt, Geobge 8, 104 

KIP.BTE, Rogeb 7 

Kibkbt, Edvabdus 100 

KiBKBT, Edvabdus, Minob Canon of 


Kibkbt, Edwabd 105 

KiBKBT, Eliz 15, 40 

Kibkbt, Elizabetham 42 

Kirkby, George 107 

Kibkbt, Mabt 107 

Kibkbt,— 116 

Kibkham, Euanobam 44 


KiBKLET, Eliz 49 

KiBTLET, Mabiam 89 

Kibtlt, Dobotheam 44 

Digitized by 




KiBTON, Rev. — 105 



KiTCHiNG, Elizabetham 39 


Knaoos, ISABELLAH 38 

Knaggs, Thomas 38 

Knatchbull, Alice 123 

KnatchbuU, Catharine Maria 20 

Knatchbull, Catherine 20 

Knatchbull, Sir Edward 20, 123 

Knatchbull, Harriett 123 

Knatchbull, Harriot 20 

Knatchbull, Wadham 19 

Knatchbull, Rev. Dr. Wadham 123 

Knatchbull, Rev. Dr. Wadham, Pre- 
bendary OF Durham 19, 20 

Knatchbull, Windham 20 

Knewstob, Sarah 62 

Knight, Catherine 20 

Knight, Thomas 20 

Kynaston, Eleanor Charlotte 80 

Kynaston, Herbert, Canon op Dur- 
ham 80 

Kynabton, Mary 80 

Kyrby, Alice 85 

Lackenby, Dorotheam 44 

Lackenby, Ellen 46 

Lackenby, Janam 40 

Lake, Rev. W. C, Dean op Durham 155, 

167, 158 

Lamb, Elizabeth 115 

Lamb, Jane 58 

Lamb, Joh'es 42 

Lamb, John 58 : fi. 39 

Lamb, Joseph 69 

Lamb, Margaret 56 

Lamb, Mariam 42 

Lamb, Mary 50:«t. 112 

Lamb, — 75, 76 : n. 69 

Lambe, Elizabeth 95 

Lambe, Franciscam 39 

Lambe, Kattern 95 

Lambe, Robertus 39 

Lambe, Trotham 40 

Lambe, Willia* 95 

Lambert, Ann 159 

Lambert, David 166 

Lambert. James 156 : n. 158, 159 

Lambert, Jane 135 

Lambton, Alice 87 

Lambton, Catherina 92 

Lambton, Frances 87 

Lambton, Henrietta 81 

Lambton, Henry Ralph 81 

Lambton, Isabel 87 

Lambton, James 88 

Lambton, Jane 61,103 

Lambtoo, John 87, 88, 92, 122 

Lambton, Kathrine 87 

Lambton, Margaret 122 

Lambton, Robert 87, 103 

Lambton, William Henry 81 

Lambton, — , Lord Durham 81 

Lampton, John 87 

Lampton, — 86 

Lancaster, Peter 15 

Lane. A 84 

Langley, Bishop 84, 88, 101, 102 

Lakostaff, Jane 114 

Lanostaffe, Anne 54 

Lanostaffe, Eliz 64, 69 

Lanostaffe, Elizabetham 39 

Lanostaffe, George 77 

Lanostaffe, Henry 54 

Lanostaffe, Jeremiah 54 

Lanostaffe, Mary 77 

Lansdowne, Lord 106 

Lasoelles, Anne 83 

Lascelles, Frauds 83 

Latimer, Jane 69 

Latus, Anne 85 

Latus, Anthony 86 

Law, Aaron 61 

Law, Elisabeth 61 

Lawrence, Robert 83 

Lawrence, Thomas 83 

Lawrence, Thomarine 83 

Laws, Ann 67 

Laws, Geo 67 

Lawson, Alice 51 

Lawson, Is 69 

Lawson, Jane 59 

Lawson, Ric 69 

Lawson, William 59 

Lax, Eliz 70 

Lax, Ralph 70 

Lake, Jane 76 

Lay, Isabel 60 

Lay, Thomas 60 

Layburne, Ann 71 

Laye, Thamar 116 

Laye, Will 116 

Layne, Mary 68 

Lazenby, Catherina' 38 

Le Neve 117, 119 

Le Yavasseur-dit-Durell, Anne 128 

Le Yavasseur-dit-Duzell, John 128 

Le Yavasseur-dit-Durell, Mary 128 

Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell, Thomas 128 

Le: FLA, Jane 79 

Leake, Oeitherine 24 

Leake,—. 24 


Learmouth, Thomas 24 

Lechmere, Caroline Amelia 30 

Lechmere, Yice- Admiral William 30 

Lee, Anne 67 

Lee, CuTHBERT 58 

Lee, Isabel 68 

Lee,Marq'tam 42 

Lee, Wm 67 

Leek, — 57 

Leeke, Robert 53, 114 

Lbeke, Rev. Robt 18 

Leiohton, Frances 68 

Leivers, Anne 65 

Lem'an, Isabellam 44 

Lem'an, Joh'es 44 

Lesley, Anne 20 

Lesley, Barbara 19 

Lesley, Catherine Elizabeth 20 

Lesley, Sir Edward, MJP 20 

Lesley, Elizabeth 20 

Lesley, Rev. Dr. James, Prebendary 
OF Durham, Bishop of Limerick 19, 20 

Lesley, Joyce 19, 20 

Lesley, Martha 20 

Lesley, Mary Ann 19 

I Lesley, Rev. Richard 20 

Digitized by 




Leslie, Barbara 21 

Leslie, Rev. Dr. James, D.D., Prebendary 

of Diurbam, Bishop of Limerick ... 19, 20 

Lever, Aima 101 

Lever, Anne 84 

Lever, Eev. Cbristoplier 83 

Lbveb, Ellinob 51 

Lever, Margarett 83 

Lever, Ralph ... 83 

Lever, Rev. Ralph 83 

Lever, Samson 83 

Lever, Thomas 101 

Lever, Rev. Thomas 84 

Levbtt, — , Pbebendabt OF Durham... 6 

Lewen, Richard 101 

Lewin, Catherine 68 

LEWIN8, Ellenor 108 

Ley, Elizabeth 91 

Lejboome, Ann 139 

Letbournb, John 139 :». 143, 157 

Lichfield, Earl of 81 

LiDDEL, Ann 46 

LiDDEL, Georq 46 

LiDDEL, Jane 51 


Liddell, Elizabeth 23 


Liddell, Emilj Ann Charlotte 142 

Liddell, Frances 12 

Liddell, Francis Auoubtub 142 

Liddell, George 23 

Liddell, George William 23 

Liddell, Jane 23 

Liddell, Hon. Rev. Robt 142 

Liddell, Thomas 45 

Liddell, Sir Thomas 12 

Liddell, Thomas Henry, Lord Ravensworth 1 42 

Liddell, — 23 

LiDDLE, Ann 58 

LiDDLE, Robert Kirkup 158 

LlOHTPOOT, Annam 42 

Lightfoote, Elizabeth 83 

LiOHTFOoTE, George 82 : n, 83 

Lightfoote, James 83 

Lightfoote, John 83 

Lightfoote, Margaret 88 

Lightfoote, Simon 82, 8.% 88 

LiMET, Isabella 79 

Limey, Marian 79 

Limey, Ralph 79 

Lindsell, Dr. Angnstns, Dean of Lichfield 88 


LiNDSEY, Capt. James 93 

LiNDSLEY, Barbara 53 

LiNDSLEY, Isabel 51 

LiNDSLEY, Robert 51 

LiNDSLY, Isabel 60 

Linn, Dorothy 77 


Bishop of Peterborouoh and 

Hereford 3 

LiNSKiLL, Hannah 69 

LiNSLAY, Jonathan 132 

Lisle, Catherine 113 

Lisle, Edward 107 

Lisle, Henry 17, 107 : ». 16 

Lisle, John 106 

Lisle, Rev. John 106, 107 

Lisle, John, Minor Canon of Dur- 
ham 16 

Lisle, Manrioe 16 

Lisle, Samuel 16 

Lisle, — , Minor Canon op Durham ... 17 

Lister, Marot 63 

Litster, An 38 

Litstbr, John 38 

Lively, Edward 2 

Lively, John 3 

Lively, Rev. John 52, 73 

Lively, Kathbrine 3 

Lively, Mary 52, 73 

LOADMAN, Ann 126 

Loanesdall, Maro'tam 43 

Lock, George 63 

Lock, Margt 63 

Lodge, Antho 106 

Lodge, Anthony 8, 9, 102 

Lodge, Catherine 18 

Lodge, Christopher 105 

Lodge, Elizabeth 8 

Lodge, Frances 9 

Lodge, Jane 46, 67 

Lodge, Joannam 41 

Lodge, John 18 

Lodge, Margaret 57 

Lodge, Mariam 41 

Lodge, Meriell 102 

Lodge, — 79 

Lofthousb, Grace 6, 119 

LoFTHousE, William 119 

Loftus, Grace 67 

Logan, Alexander 133 

Logan, Alexr 133 

Logan, Jane 133 

Logan, John 51 

Logan, Marg 51 

Londonderry, Frances Anne Emily, Mar- 
chioness of 22 

Londonderry, Marquess of 22, 88 


Longstaffe, William Hylton Dyer 91 

Longstaffe, — 9,69,76,135 

Loraine, Sir William 156 

Lorraine, Wmi 97 

Lorraine, — 97 

Lothian, Margaret, Countess of 49 

Lothian, Mark, Earl of 49 

Louth, Dr., Bishop of Oxford 124 

Low, Canon 106,139 

Low,— 3,7,97.114,138,139 

Lowdon, Catherine 121 

LowDON, Frances 78 

Lowdon, Richard 121 

Lowe, J. C 32, 33, 152, 153, 154, 155 

Lowe, Rev. J. C, Minor Canon of Dur- 
ham 156, 158 

Lowe, J. Conran 152 

Lowe, Julius Conran 163,158 

Lowe, Rev. Julius Conran, Minor Canon of 

Durham 163 

Lowe, Rev. Richard 158 

Lowrie, Henrietta Marian 30 

Lo wrie, Capt. William Frederick 30 

Lowiy, Rev. James 20 

Lowry, Martha 20 

LowTH, Charlotte 22 

Lowth, Frances 21 

LowTH, Margaret 21 

Lowth, Maria 21 

Lowth, Martha 20: n. 21 

Lowth, Mary 20, 21 

Lowth, Rev. Robert 21 

Digitized by 




LowTH, Rev. Db. Robbbt, D.D., Pbb- 


OP Winchester, Bishop of St. 
David's, Oxpobd, and London 20, 21, 22 
Lowth, Rev. William, Prebendary of Win- 
chester 20 

Lowth, Arehdeaoon, Bishop of London ... 19 

Lowther, Dorothy 100 

LowTHEB, Jane 46 

LowTHEB, Lancelot 46, 112 


Lowtheb, Mabqabet 88 

Lowtheb, Maboabbta* 46 

Lowtheb, Thom^b 12 

Lowther, Thomas 38:n. 46 

Lowthian, Barbara 151 

Lowthian, Rev. George 151 

Lowthian, Mabo 51 

Lowthian. Math 51 

Lowthian, Richard 151 




LuPTON, Hugh 79 

LuPTON, Isabella 79 

LuPTON, Mary 50 

Lyddel, Henry 72 

Lyddel, Maby 72 

Lyn, Elizabeth 60 

Lynn, Jane 63 

Lynn, Mabiam 40 

Lynn, Tho 63 

Lyster, Anthony 19 

Lyster, Elizabeth 19 

Lyster, Joyce 19 

Lyveley, Sabah 2 

Lyveley, Rev. — 2 

Mac Pen, Donald 125 

Machall, — 5 

Machell, — 6 

Mac HON, Ann 50,66 

Machon, Debobah 70 

Machon, GUbert 50, 66, 71 

Machon, — 6 

Maddison, Jane 72 

Maddison, Maboabetam 39 

Maddison, Mabiam 41 

Mai BE, Jacob 41 

Maire, Mabo'tam 41, 42 

Maitland, Anne 61 

Maitland, James 61 

Majob, Maby 68 

Majob, Robebt 68 

Makepeace, Hannah 70 

Makepeace, Joshua 70 

Makepeace, Mabgt 66 

Makepeace, Robt 66 

Makins, Elizabetham 40 

Malchin, Thomas 93 

Malkin, Dr. Benjamin Heath 156 

Mall, DoBOTHY 64 

Mall, Jno 64 

Maltby, Rev. Edward, Bishop of Durham 34, 152 

Maltby, Elizabeth Mary 152 

Maltby, Frances Sybel 157 

Maltby, George 156 

Maltby, Gebald Edwabd 34 

Maltby, Gerald Rivers 34 

Maltby, Henby Ohables Bbadfobd ... 153 

Rev. Henry, Canon of Durham ... 34 

Maltby, Rev. Henby Joseph, Canon of 


Maltby, Hebcy Eliza Cecilia 34 

Maltby, Julia Katherina 152 

Maltby, Mary 152 

Maltby, Ralph Howabd ..; 153 

1 Maltby, Sophia 156 

I Maltby, Bishop 166, 157 

I Maltby, Canon 163 

' Man, DOBOTEtY 65 

! Man, Jane 55 

Man, Maby 50 

Man, Rich 60 

' Manchester, Anne, Countess Dowager of... 46 

Manchester, Henry, Earl of 46 

Mangey, Dorothy 122 

Manoey, Rev. Db. Tho., Pbbbendaby 


Manoey, Db 71 

Mansfield, Rt. Hon. Lobd 93 

Maboh, Ann 49 

Mabch, Humph 49 

Markendale, Evers 46 

Mabkendale, Maboabeta' 46 

Mabkup, Ann 57 

Mabkup, John 67 

Mablay, Maby 49 

Marlborough, Duchess of 141 

Mabley, Ann 68, 69 

Mabley, Db. Cubto 6 : *i. 6 

Mabley, Cub'us 92 

Mabley, Doboteiy 76 

Mabley, Eliz 42 

Mabley, Elizabetham 42 

Marley, FVanoes 117 

Mabley, Gulielms 42 

Marley, Henry 117 

Mabley, Mabo'tam 43 

Mabley, Maby 60 

Mabley, Thomas 68 

Mabley, Will 60 

Marriott, Jane 137, 142, 160, 152 

Marriott, WUliam 137, 142, 160, 152 


Mabsden, Dobothy ... 138, 167 : n. 139, 148 

Marsden, Elizabeth 126, 144 

Marsden, Georgriana Lambton 33 

Mabsden, Phillis Geoboiana 139 

Mabsden, T 138 

Mabsden, Thomas 144, 148 : it. 33, 126, 138, 

139, 157 

Marsh, Barbara 146 

Marsh, Mary 146 

Marsh, Dr., Bishop of Limerick and Kil- 

more 146 

Mabshall, Alice 60 

Marshall, Eliza 131 

Mabshall, Rev. J. M 159 

Marshall, Jane 78 

Mabshall, Mabiam 40 

Mabshall^ Maby 78 

Mabshall, Rd 78 

Marshall, Richabdus 40 

Mabshall, Rob 50 

Mabtiall, Rev. William, Minob Canon 

of Dubham 107 

Martin, Anne 66 

Mabtin, Dobothba 98 

Martin, Dorothy 63, 102 

Mabtin, Elizab 8 

Mabtin, Elizabeth 108 


Digitized by 




Mabtin, Ellinob 66 

Martin, Jo., Minob Canon of Durham 108 

Martin, John Ill : n, 63, 56, 102 

Martin, Joseph 66 

Martin, Samuel 98 

Martin, Rev. Samuelib, Prebendary 

OP Durham 98 

Martin, Samuell, Minor Canon op 

Durham 102 

Martin, Bear- Admiral Thomas Hntchinson 74 

Martin, Wm. James 166 

Martin,— 7,9 

Martindale, Mart 66 

Martindill, Isabel 66 

Martindill, James 56 

Mabtyn, Joh'is 16 

Mabttn, — 15 

Mabtyne, — 2 

Marwood, Anne 46 

Marwood, Sir George 45 

Mason, Ann 53 

Mason, Annam 44 

Mason, Gulielmus 39 

Mason, Janam 39,40 

Mason, Jane 46 

Mason, John 46,60 

Mason, Maby 60 

Massam, Alice 119 

Massam, Ellinor 97 

Massam, John 110 : n. 97, 119 

Massam, Maby 95, 105: n. 110 

Massam, Thomas 96 

Massam, — 116 

Massom, Gulielmus 96 

Massom, Thomje 96 

Massom, Thomas 97 

Maston, Jane 71 

Maston, Wm 71 

Mathew, Mabgebia 97 

Mathew, Toby, Bishop of Durham 84 

Mathew, Wmi 97 

Mathewes, Rebecca 103 

Mathewes, Richabd 103 

Mattaire, Michael 103 

Matthews, Isabell 106 

Maud, Mary 78 

Maxtbe, Lydia 78 

Mauoham, Eliz 61 

Maugham, Elizabeth 60 

Maugham, Peteb 60 

Maughan, Annam 40 

Maughan, Lancelotus 40 

Mawker, Margery 86 

MaxBon, Anne 36 

Mazson, Rev. Anthonius 36 

Maxson, Jane 36 

Maxston, Anthonio, Pbebendaby op 


Maxton, Anne 60 

Maxton, Anthony 83 

Maxton, Anthony, Prebendary of Durham 60 

Maxton, Jane 6 

Maxton, — 7 

Maxton, — , Pbebendaby op Dubham 6 

Maxwell, Sir John, Lord Herries 60 

Maxwell. Margaret 49 

Maxwell, Mabg't AM 41 

McDonnell, Anne Katherine, Countess of 

Antrim 22 

Meek, Ann 69 

Meek, Simon 69 

Meggibon, Joyce 97 

Meggison, Sabam , 39 

Melbanke, Ellenobam 39 

Melbanke, Robebtus 39 

Menspobth, Anne 67 

Mebley, Eliz 64 

Merbington, Eliz 70 

Mebbington, Hichard 70 

Mebby, Eleanob Charlotte 80 

Mebby, Db. William Joseph Collings 80 

Merry, William Walter, M.D 80 

Messenger, Christopher 39 

Messenger, Elizabetha' 39 

Messervy, Anne 128 

M etc ALP, Alice 69 

Metcalf, Cathebine 72 

Metcalp, Mabgt 72 

Metcalfe, Ann 71 

Metcalfe, John 71 

Mewburn, Elizabeth 76 

Mewbum, Francis 76 

Mewbubn, James 76 

Mewbubn, Mabgabet 76 

Mewbum, Thomas 76 




MiCKLETON, Abigail 117 

MiCKLETON, Ann 114 



Mickleton, Anne 39 

MiCKLETON, CHBISTOPHEB 8, 115, 116 : M. 9, 

39, 123 




MiCKLETON, Eliz 112 

Mickleton, Elizabeth 123 

Mickleton, Hannah 16 

MiCKLETON, Jacobus 16 

Mickleton, Jambs 107 : n. 16 

Mickleton, JoHAN'is 12 

Mickleton, John 103, 113, 114, 116, 117 

Mickleton, Mabgabeta* 44 

Mickleton, Mabgt 116 

Mickleton, Mich 108, 112 

Mickleton, Michael 45, 112, 114 

Mickleton, Michaele 108 

Mickleton, Michaelis 16 

Mickleton, Richabd 108 

Mickleton, Robebt 103, 112 

Mickleton, — 9 : ». 13, 44, 98 

Middleton, Ann 49 

MiDDLETON, Annam 88 

Middleton, Babbaba 67 

Middleton, Babbabiam 38 

Middleton, Cabolus 38 

Middleton, Fbances 120, 123 

Middleton, Fbancis 124 

Middleton, Geobge 64 

Middleton, Gbace 124 

Middleton, Hannan 40 

Middleton, Mabgt 64 

Middleton, Maby 48 

Middleton, Radulphus 40 

Middleton, Richabd 120 

Middleton, Sabah 76 

Middleton, Thomasine 60 

Middleton, William 76 

MiDPORD, Anne 3 : ». 1 

Digitized by 




MiDFOBD, BULMEB 2 .' n. 1 



MiDPOBD, Jane 116 

MiDFOBD, Johannes 39 

MiDPORD. John 1,3,112 

MiDFOBD, — 2 

Midleton, Anna* 45 


Midleton, John 101 

MiDLETON, Ralph 101 

MiLBOBN, Oath 63 




Milboubne, Ann 68 


Milburne. Mabot 65 

Milbubne, VVM 65 

Mildert, «ee Van Mildert. 

Miller, Burnett 135 

Milleb, Doritye 9 

Miller, Elizabeth 135 

Milleb, Ellenob 48 

Milleb, Geoboe James 136 

Milleb, Gbace Huntbb 136 

Miller, Henrietta B 135 

Milleb, Isabell 8, 95 

Milleb, Rev. J 136 

Milleb, Rev. J., Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 135 

Milleb, James 135 

Milleb, John 8,9,96 

Miller, John Burnett 135 

Milleb, Mabq'tam 44 

Millet, — 36 

Mills, Ann 58 

Mills, Elizabeth 23 

Mills, Henry 23 

Mills, Isabella 23 

Mills, John 58 

MiLNBB, Jane 104 

MiLNEB, Jo 113 

MiLNEB, Joanna 118 


MiLNEB, Johannes 101 

MiLNEB, Johannes, Minob Canon of 

Dubham 41 

MiLNEB, John 112: ». 105 

MiLNEB, Tho 113 

MiNGAY, John 144 

Mitchel, Richabd 107 

Mitchell, Annam 41 

Mitchell, JoH*ES 41 

Mitchell, Mabt 102 


MiTCHiNsoN, Mabt 67 



MiTFOBD, Anthony 95 

MrrFOBD, Babbaba 101 


MiTFOBD, DOBOTHY 104 : n. 112 

MiTFOBD, Elizabeth 103 : n. 112 

Mitford, Frances 109 

MiTFOBD, Rev. Geobge 115 

Mitford, Jane 112 

MiTFOBD, Jo 104 


MiTFOBD, John 100, 101 : n. 103, 116, 119 

MiTFOBD, Mabt 119 

MiTFOBD, ROBBBT 100 :». 103, 112 


Mitford, Swinburne 108 

Mitford, Thomas 109 


Mitford, William 103 

Mitford,— 96 


MoFiT, Jane 78 

Mole, John 89 

MONKHOUSB, Ann 69, 77 

MoNKHousE, Thomas 69 

Montagu, Anne, Countess Dowager of Man- 
chester 45 

Montagu, Cabolus, Babon Halifax ... 45 

Montagu, Elisab 45 

Montagu, Elizabeth 45 

Montagu, Hon. G«orge 45 

Montagu, Henry, Earl of Manchester 45 

Montagu,— 26 

Moon, Fbanciscam 40 

Moon, Kadulphus 40 

MooB, Cathebine 22 

Moob, Chables 22 

MooB, Eleanob 67 

Moob, Rev. Geobge, Canon of Canteb- 

buby 22 

Moor, Harriet Mary 22 

Moob, Jambs 143 

Moob, Jane 143 

Moob, John 143, 156 : ». 140 

Moob, Bev. Db. John, Pbebendaby of 
Dubham and Abchbishop of Can- 

tebbuby 22 

Moob, Sabah 140 

Moor, Thomas 143 

Moob,— 112 

Moororoft, Katheme 6 

MooBE, Annam 39 

Moore, Anne 160 

Moore, Catherine 13 

MooBE, Do'lA 13 

Moore, Elizabeth 108, 112 

Moore, George 13 

Moore, Jane Catherine 156 

Moore, John 156 

Moore, Dr. John, Archbishop of Canter- 

buiT 18 

Moore, Marg 110 

Moore, Sarah 156 

Moore, Thomas 108, 110, 112, 156 

Moore, William 160 

Moorecroft, Edward 90 


Moorecroft, Biev. Ferdinand 90 


Moorecroft, James 90 

Moorecroft, Jane 90 

Moorecroft, Sarah 90 



MOBE, Bliz 72 

MOBE, Peteb 72 

Morecroft, Anne 6 

Morecroft, Barbara 6, 92 


Mobecboft, Fabdinandi, Pbebendaby 

OF Dubham 36 

Mobecboft, Fabdinando 2 

Morecroft, Bev. Ferdinand, Prebendary of 

Durham S6 

Digitized by 







Moreorof t, Georgre 6 



Morecroft, Henry 6, 92 

Moreoroft, Joanna* 36 



Moreoroft,Dr 4 


Morecroft, — , Prebendary of Dnrham 6 



MoBOAN, Ann 67 



MoBOAN, Isabel 59 

MoBOAN, John 69 

Morgan, John Pilkington 69 

MoBOAN, William 67 

MOBOAN, Wm 72 




MoBLET, Elizabeth 105 

Momington, Anne, Ck>nntee8 of 146 

Momington, Garret or Garrett, Earl of ... 145 

Morrell, Jane 143 

Morrell, Robert 143 

MoBBESBTE, Anne 54 

Morrioe, Mary 90 

Morrioe, William 90 

Morrioe, — 90 

MOBBIS, Fbangis 144 

Morris, Sneannah 149 

MoBBisoN, Anna* 44 


MoBBow, Jane 61 

MoBBOw, Math 51 

Mortimer, — 141 

Morton, Andrew 81 

MoBTON, Anna 15 

MoBTON, Anne 104 

MOBTON, DULCIBELLA 13, 105 : It. 5, 17, 104, 



MoBTON, Elizabeth 108 


MoBTON, Geo 78 



Morton, Grace Ord 81 

Mobton,Jo.,PbebendabtofDubham 104,117 

MoBTON, Rev. Jo., D.D Ill 

MoBTON, Joh'is, Pbebendabt of Dub- 
ham 13, 14, 16 

MoBTON, Johan'is, Pbebbndaby of Dub- 
ham 15 

MoBTON, John, Pbebendabt of Dub- 
ham 106 

Morton, Rev. John, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham, Archdeacon of Northumberland 13 



MoBTON, Psyche Ill 

Morton, Sarah 81 

MoBTON, Thomas 17, 116 

Morton, Dr. Thomaa, Prebendary of Dnr- 
ham 106 

MOBTON, Db. 17, 108 

MoBTON, Db., Pbebbndaby of Dubham 116 

Morton, — 76 

Morton, — , Bishop of Durham ... 6, 89, 90, 91 

Moss, Eli«abeth 113 

Moubbay, Maboabet 123 

MouNTAou, Dean iir> 

Mowbbay, Ann 70: w. 24, 139 

Mowbray, Eliz 51 

Mowbray, Elizabeth 1.32 

Mowbray, Elizabeth Gray 132 

Mowbray, George 132 

Mowbbay, Geoboe Isaac 132 

Mowbbay, Jane 122: w. 132 

Mowbray, Rt. Hon. Sir John Robert 1 32 

Mowbbay, Will 61 

Mowbray, — 129 

Mowbbey, Annam 40 

MuDD, Thomes 96 

MUDD, — 6,7 

MuDSPETH, Annam 39 

Mudspeth, Johannes 39 

MuNDAY, Jana* 40 


Murohison, Charlotte 69 

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey 69 

Murray, Anne Elizabeth 148 


Murray, John Dalrymple 147 

Murrey, Barbara 84 

Murrey, Elizabeth 84 

Murrey, Robert, Minor Canon of 

Durham 84 

Murrey, William 84 


Musgrave, Catherine 14 

MusoBAYE, Mabgabet 75 : n, 104 

Musgrave, Mary 104 

Musgrave, Sir Philip, Baron 104 

MusGBAVE, Tho., D.D., Canon and 
Abchdeacon of Carlisle, Canon 
OF Durham and Chichester, Dean 

OF Carlisle 104 

Musgrave, Dr. Thomas, Prebendary of 

Durham, Dean of Carlisle 14 

musgbave, — 14 

Myabs, Ambbose 7,94 

Myabs, Steven 94 

Myddleton, Fbancis 77 

Myddleton, Gbace 77 

Mydforth, — 86 

Myebs, Ambbose 96 : n. 7, 8 

Myers, Doritye 95 

Myers, Elizabeth 8 

Mybes, Elizabeth 104 

Mybes, Elizabetha' 44 

Mybes, Rebecca 101 

Nailob, Chab 65 

Nailob, John 7 

Nailob, Joseph 5 

Nailob, Mabg 66 

Nailob, Maby 87 

Nailob, Thomas 6 

Nailor, Dr., Prebendaby op Dubham 6 

Nailob,— 4,5 

Nateby, Henby 89 

Nateby, Maby 39 

Nattbess, Maby 59 

Nattbess, Sabah 64 

Naylor, Dulcibella 6, 13, 105 

C C 

Digitized by 




Natlob, DulcibellI 13 

Naylor, JoBeph, D.D., Archdeaoon of North- 

nmberlfmd 6 

Naylor, Rev. Joseph, Prebendary 37 

Naylor, Joeephi 105 

Naylor, Mary 5, 37 

Naylor, — 4 

Nay lor, — , Prebendary of Darham 4 

Nbdby, Maby 58 

, Nedby, William 68 

Neele, Elizabeth 10 

Neele, Elizabetha 93 

Neele, Fbancisca 6, 92 

Neele, HuBB 86 

Neele, Pauli 6, 92, 93 

Neele, Richaed 10 

Neile, Catherine 97 

Neile, Elizabeth 6, 93 

Neile, Elizabetha 93 

Neile, Fbances 11 

Neile, Ven. De. Joh'es, D.D., Prebend- 
aby of Dubham, Abchdeacon of 
Cleveland, Pbebekdaby of Yobk, 

Dean of Ripon 97 

Neile, Maboabetta 10 

Neile, Mildred 94, 96 

Neile, Paul 11 

Neile, Sir Panl 6, 93 

Neile, Rigu'di 11 

Neile, RicHABDi 10,11 

Neile, William 94, 95, 97 

Neile, — , Bishop of Darham 2, 3, 86, 88, 92, 


Nelson, Ann 49:7t. 116 

Nelson, Mathew Ill 

Nelson, Pbtbb 102, 111 : n. 116 

Nelson, Thomas 102 

Nelson,— 99, 116 

Nesham, Dobothy 58 

Neve, $ee Le Neve. 

Nevill,John 25 

Newby, Ann 63 

Newby, Joan 63 

Newhouse, Babb 5 

Newhouse, Crabriel 9 

Newhouse, Jane 52 

Newhouse, Richabdo 5 

Newhouse, — 73 

Newton, Alice 64 

Newton, Anne 54 

Newton, CuTH 50 

Newton, Eliz 61, 69 

Newton, Jno 64 

Newton, John 69 

Newton, Jonathan 68 

Newton, Mabo 50 

Newton, Mabg ABET 58 

Newton, Mabgt 65 

Newton, Thomas 98 

Nichol, — 21 

Nicholls, Hester 101 

Nicholls, John 7, 101 : ». 45 

Nicholls, Samael 7 

Nicholls, Samuell 7 

Nicholls, Thomasina* 45 

Nicholls, Thomasine 7 

Nichols, Cnthbert, Minor Canon of Darham 101 

Nichols, Hesteb 109 

Nichols, Thomasina' 45 

Nicholson, Ann 66 

Nicholson, Cathebinb 76 

Nicholson, Elizabeth 66 

Nicholson, Elizabetham 40 

Nicholson, GeoBoius 40 

Nicholson, Qbace 64 

Nicholson, James 77 

Nicholson, Jane 51,77 

Nicholson, Mabo 62 

Nicholson, Mabia* 44 

Nicholson, Mabiam 41 

Nicholson, Mabtha 62 

Nicholson, Rich'us 41 

Nicholson, RoBT 62,62 

Nicholson, Susanna 74 

Nicholson, Thomas 44,74 

Nixon, Mary Ann 153 

Nixon, Thomas 158 

Nixon. William 163 

Nixon, William Yates 163 

Noble, Mabgabett 74 

Norcliffe, Stephen 7 

NorclifiTe, — 7 

Norfolk, — 43 

Norris, Jane 26 

Norris, Rev. Roger 25 

Northbonrne, Lady Sarah Caroline 81 

Northbonme, Lady 75 

NoBTON, Ann 65 

Norton, Anne 69 

Norton, Catherine 65 


Norton, Roger 65 

Norton, Thomas 69 

O'Brien, Henry, Earl of Thomond 48 

O'Brien, Lady Mary 48 

Oakeley, Cabolinb Howley Tubneb 32, 34 

Oakeley, Henby Evelyn 32,34 

Oakeley, Rev. Sir Herbert, Prebendary of 

St. Panl's 32 

Oakeley, Hilda Diana 32 

Oakeley, Mabion Adbla 34 

OoLE, Anne 29 

Ogle, Annie Charlotte 29 

Ogle, Maj. Abthub 30 

Ogle, Bebtbam Sa VILE 30 

Ogle, Cabolinb Amelia 30 

Ogle, Catherine Hannah 29, 1.S3 

Ogle, Dobothy 64 

Ogle, Edith 30 

Ogle, Edward Challoner 29 

Ogle, Edwabd Chaloneb 29 

Ogle, George 64 

Ogle, J. S.,Pbebendaby OF Dubham... 139 

Ogle, Dr. J. S 146 

Ogle, Rev. J. S., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 1.S3 

Ogle, Rev. John Savile, D.D 29, 133 

Ogle, Rev. Newton, D.D., Dean of Win- 
CHESTEB, Pbebendaby of Dubham 

128 : «. 133 

Ogle, Sabah 62 

Ogle, Sophia 29 

Ogle, Susannah 133 

Ogle, Tho 62 

Oliveb, Annam 40 

Olivbb, Jane 38 

Oliyeb, Will' 38 

Olliveb, Maboabet 57 

Obd, Ann 65 

Obd, Elisabeth 62 

Ord, Elizabeth 84 

Digitized by 




Ord, Jane 59 

Obd, Lucie 43 

Obd, Ruth 46 

Orfeur, Mabt 73 

Orfeitb, William , 73 

Omsbjf Anne 69 

Omsby, — 69 

Orton, Humphry 76 

Orton, Sarah 76 

OviNOTON, Frances 62 

OviNOTON, John 72 

OviNOTON, Mabot 72 

Owen, Anna Maria 127 

Owen, Maby 57 

Owen, William 57 

Pabman, Maboabett 74 

Padman, Richard 74 

Page, Alice 2 

Pallaceb, Jana* 40 

Pallaceb, Joh'es 42 

Pallaceb, Mabg'tam 42 

Pallasteb, Ann 49 

Palmab, Henbici 90 

Palmab, Johanis 90 

Palmeb, Annam 44 

Palmer, Anne 140 

Palmeb, Cathabinb 68 

Palmeb, Elizabeth 63:ii. 18 

Palmeb, Gulielmub 6 

Palmeb, Henbici 4, 6 

Palmeb, Henbt 3, 91 

Palmeb, Johannes 4 

Palmeb, Katbbne 91 

Palmeb, Nicholas 68 

Palmeb, Richabd 3, 91 

Palmeb, Sabah 66 

Palmeb, Thomas 44 

Palmer, William 18 

Palmebly, Ann 63 

Palmebly, Tho 63 

Pabkeb, Jane 63 

Parker, Mary 33 

Parker, Vice-Admiral Sir William 33 

Parker, Rev. Dr 132 

Pabkin, Eleanob 65 

Pabkin, Joseph 66 

Pabkin, Masy 68 

Pabkin, Thomas 68 

Pabkins, Thomasinam 40 

Pabkinson, Elisabetham 44 

Pabkinson, Mabo'tam 42 

Pabkinson, Thomas 44 

Parry, Charles 123 

Parry, Harriett 123 

Parry, Lucy 25 

Parry, WilHam 26 

Pabtis, Ann 61 

Pabtis, Fletcheb 61 

Pabtis, Tho 61 

Pate, Eliz 64 

Patebson, Joseph 63 

Patebson, Maboabet 53 

Pattbbon, Ann 37 

Pattinson, Isabel 67 

Pattison, Ann 72 : n. 99 

Pattison, Annam 40 

Pattison, Fbances 56 

Pattison, Isabel 47 

Pattison, John 54 

Pattison, Mabo 60 

Pattison, Mabgabet 64 

Pattison, Mebbiell 39 

Pattison, Pbteb 72 

Pattison, Simonus 40 

Paul,Janb 68 

Paul, Richabd 68 

Paxton, Babbaba 67 

Paxton, Babbabiam 39 

Paxton, Cathebina'....*. *2 

Paxton, Chbistophbbus 39 

Paxton, Dobothy 53, 55, 122 

Paxton, Eliz 61 

Paxton, Fbanciscam 41 

Paxton, Gulielmus 39 

Paxton, Janam 89 

Paxton, John 67 

Paxton, Rich'us 42 

Paxton, Thomas 123 : «. 63 

Peacock, Ann 61 

Peacock, Anne 78 

Peacock, Bridgett 142 

Peacock, Geo 72 

Peacock, Rev. George, Dean of Ely 160 

Peacock, Margaret 160 

Peacock, Maby 72 

Peacock, Simon 8 

Peacock, Rev. Thomas 160 

Peacocke, — 8 

Peabce, Maby 76 

Peabeth, Ann 60 

Peabson, Ann 127, 129, 133 

Peabson, Anthony 8, 126 : n. 129 

Peabson, Elizab 124 

Peabson, Elizabeth ... 123, 135 : n, 131, 143 
Peabson, James ... 128 : ft. 126, 134, 136, 143 

Peabson, Jane 127 

Peabson, John 126,127,134 

Peabson, Maby 140 

Pearson, Hon. Mary 48 

Peabson, Michael 143, 146 

Pearson, Robert 48 

Pbabson, Thomas 64 

Peabson, Walteb 120, 122 

Peabson, William 129, 134 : n. 128, 133 

Peabson, Willm 129 

Peart, Elizabeth 92 

Peart, George 92 

Peabt J^abg'tam 42 

Peabt, Stephanus 42 

Peabte, Annam 41 

Peabt E, Geoboius 41 

Peddeb, Alice 164 

Pedder, Harriet 164 

Pedder, Rev. John 154 

Peebs, Jane 71 

Peikson, Eliz 43 

Peibson, Ellenobam 46 

Peibson, Fbancisa* 42 

Peibson, Henby 102 

Peibson, Jacobus 46 

Peibson, Joh'es 43 

PeU, Elizabeth Nicholls 147 

Pell, Robert 147 

Pemberton, Anne 43 

Pembebton, John 51 

Pemberton, Mair 48 

Pemberton, Michael 43 

Pembebton, Thomasin 61 

Peniman, Jacobo 6 

Penniman, Lady 6: n. 7 

Penniman, — 5 

Digitized by 




Pezmjman, Elizabeth 147 

Pennyman, Fiances Harriett 147 

Pennyman, James 7 

PexuiTman, Sir James 7 

Pennyman, Thomas 7 

Pennyman, Sir William 147 

Pennyman, Lady 6 

Pbnson, Rev. P 131 

Pbnyman, Lady 7 

Percy, — 141 

Perkins, Isabellam 46 

Pbvbbell, Aliciam 39 

Pevebell, Annah 40 

Peveebll, Ellenobah 40 

Pbvbbell, Gulielmus 40 

Pbvbbell, RoBEBTUs 40 

Peveblby. Anne 56 

Peveblby, Thomas 56 

Phelps, Anne Katherine, Conntess of An- 
trim 22 

Phelps, Edmund 22 

Phenicke, Elizabeth 4 

Philips, Jane 108 

Philips, Maby 102 

Philipson, Cuthbebtus 44 

Philipson, Mabo'tam 44 

Phillipps, Abthub 101 : ». 108 

Phillips, Abba 47 

Phillips, Alexander 132 

Phillips, Ann 47,132 

Phillips, Abthub 9 : ». 101 

Phillips, Cathebine 142 

Phillips, Chbistian 9 

Phillips, Mary Ann 132 

Phillips, Maby Jane 133 

Phillips,— 139 

Phillipson, Godpbey 54 

Phillipson, Janam 48 

Phillipson, Joh'bs 43 

Phillipson, Sabah 54 

Phillpotts, Maj.-Gbn. Abthub Thomas 28 

Phillpotts, Chablotte Cassandba ... 27 

Phillpotts, Debobah Mabia 27, 28, 129 

Phillpotts, Edwabd Copleston 27 

Phillpotts, Geobob 28 

Phillpotts, Geoboiana 27 

Phillpotts, H 28 

Phillpotts, Habbiet Sibylla 27, 129 

Phillpotts, Rev. Henby, Pbebbndaby 

OF DUBHAM 28,129 

Phillpotts, Rev. Henby, Pbebbndaby 

OF DuBHAM, Bishop of Exetbb ... 27 

Phillpotts, John Scott 28 

Phillpotts, Julia 28 

Phillpotts, Sibblla 28 

Phillpotts, Bishop 29 

Phillpotts, Dr., Bishop 153 

Phillpotts, Dr., Bishop of Exeter 151 

Phillpotts, Dr., Bishop of Exeter, Prebend- 
ary of Durham 149 

Philpot, Henbye 82 

Philpot, Jambs 83 

Philpot, John, Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 82 

Philpott, Jane 82 

Philpott, John, Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 83 

Philpott, Sir John 82 

Phylpott, Jane 82 

Phylpott, John 82 


PicKBBiNo, Geo 77 


PicKEBiNQ, Isabel 47 

PiCKBBiNO, Jane 77 


PiCKEBINQ, Mabia' 42 

PiBBSON, Mabo 48 

Pierson, Hon. Mary 48 

Pierson, Robert 48 

Pigot, Charles 19 

Pigot, Edward 19 

Pigot, Edward Loyd 19 

Pigot, Elizabeth 19 

PiooT, Henby 19 

Pigot, Hollis 19 

Pigot, Richard 19 

Pigot, Robert 19 

Pigot, Rev. Robebt, Minob Canon op 

Dubham 19 

PiooT, Robt 18, 72, 117 

Pigot, Thomas 19 

Pigot, William 19 

Pilkington, Anne 84 

Pilkington, Grace 4 

Pilkington, Gratia 89 

Pilkington, Isabbllam 44 

Pilkington, James, Bishop of Durham 84, 89 

Pilkington, Jane 82 

Pilkington, Joseph 84 

Pilkington, Leonard, D.D., Prebendary of 

Durham 84 

Pilkington, Dr. Leonard 82, 89 

Pilkington, Richabdus 44 

Pilkington, Bishop 82 

Pilkington,— 82 

Pin, Me Du Pin. 


PiNKNBY, Maby 56 


Pitchfobd, Rev. John 129 

Pitchfobd, Mabgabbt 129 

Pitt, Alicia' 41 

Pitt, Baldwynus 41 

Pius IX., Pope 149 

Place, Alice 86 

Place, Robert 86 

Place, — : 86 

Pleasance, Anne 90 

Pleasance, Foster 90 

Pleasance, Grace 90 

Pleasance, Grizell 90 

Pleasance, Jane 90 

Pleasance, John 90 

Pleasance, Mary 90 

Pleasance, Richard 90 

Pleasance, Rtchbbd 86 

Pleasance, Robebt 86 

Pleasance, Rev. Robert 90 

Pleasance, — 86 

Pleasant, Robebt 3 

Pleasant, — 4, 7 

Pleasants, Janb 7 

Pleasaunce, Elizabeth 90 

Pleasaunce, Forster 90 

Plesant, Jane ; 90 


Plbsbncb, Jana 98 

Plesunst, Jane 4 



Ponton, Elixabetham 136 

Digitized by 




Poole, John 122 

Pope Pins IX. 149 

Porter, Elizabeth 103, 112 



P0BTE88E, Mabqabett 38 

PoTTEB, Ann 73 

PoTTEB, Elizabeth 53 



PoTTBB, Thomas 73 

Potter, Will 64 

Potts, Elizabeth 20 

Potts, GiLBEBTus 44 

Potts, Janam 44 

Potts, Jno 20 

Potts, John 73 

Potts, Maby 73 

Potts, William 20 

Poals<m,— 124 


PowEL, — , MiNOB Canon op Dubham... 125 

Powell, John 57,115 

Powell, John, Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham 116 

Powles, Frederica Louisa 31 

Powles, John Diston 31 

Powles, Thomaa Ootavins 31 

Pbat, Jane 51 

Pbat, Mat 51 

Pratt, Ann 87 

Pratt, William 87 

Pbest, Edwabd, Abchdeacon op Dub- 
ham 156 

Pbest, — ^ Abobdeaoon op Durham ... 33 

Preston, Riohard, Yiflcount 49, 105 

Pbice, Col. Babbinqton 24 

Price, Caroline 28 

Pbice, Ladt Mabia 24 

Price, Lady Mary 24 

Pbice, Mabt Ann 127 

Price, Robert 24 

Pbice, Rev. Robebt, Pbbbendabt op 

Dubham 127 

Price, Hon. Sarah 24 

Pbice, Uvedale Robebt 127 

Pbice, William 24 

Pbice, Db 129, 130 

Pbice, Db., Pbbbendabt op Dubham 132 : 


Pbibbtly, Eliz 65 

Pbiestly, Geobqe 65 

Prinoob, Isabel 64 

Pbogkt^ Dobothy 66 

Pbocteb, Ambbose 52 

Pbocteb, Elizabeth 148 

Pbocteb, Jane 52 

Pbocteb, Maby 65 

Procter, Robert 148 

Pbosseb, Rev. R., D.D., Abchdeacon and 

Pbebendaby OP Dubham 132 

Proeser, Dr. Richard 182 

Pbosseb, Richabd Samuel 129 

Pbosseb, Sabah 132 

Prosser, Archdeacon ,^ 135 

Pbosseb, Db., Pbebendaby and Abch- 
deacon OP DXTBHAM 129 

Pbosseb,— 129 

Proeser, see dUo Wegg- Prosser. 

Pboud, Anne 16 

Pboud, Cathxbikb 64 

Pboud, Cioilia 59 

Pboud, Fbances 17 

Pboud, Jane 64 

Pboud, JoH'is 16 

Pboud, Johan'es 16,45 

Pboud, John 16, 17, 54 

Pboud, Mabo'tam 45 

Pboud, Robebt 59 

Pboud, Thomas 16 

Pbuddus, Ann 60 

Pulteney, — 125 

PUB7IS, Oeo 67 

PUBVIS, Mabot 67 

Pye, Margaret 121 

Pye, Mary 122 

Pye, Wm 122 

Queen Anne of England 106 

Quin, — 131 

Race, Ann 58 

Raddon, Maboebiam 40 

Radnor, Lord 146 

Rain, Giles 50 

Rain, Maby 50 

Raine, Alice 50 

Raine, Annam 39 

Raine, Anne 150 

Raine, Elizabeth 50 

Raine, James 150 

Rains, Rev. James 134,150 

Raine, Rev. Canon James 150 

Raine, John 50 

Raine, Margaret 150 

Raine, Maby 64 

Raine, Dr 96 

Raine, — 6 

Rainspobd, Euz 122 

Raisbbck, Isabellam 46 

Ramsay, Ann 58 

Ramsay, Thomas 58 

Ramsey, Cath 66 

Ramsey, Robt 66 

Randall,— 88 

Randolph, — 75 

Ranqall, Elizabeth 2 


Rangall, John 2, 84, 90 

Ranghall, Geobqe 90 

Ransom, Alicia* 42 

Ranson, Ellenb. 53 

Ranson, Hannah 70 

Rashell, Chbistopheb 101 

Rashells, Mabgabet 76 

Raulin, Nicolai 4 

Rauun, Thomas 4 

Raw, Anne 61 

Raw, Cathebine 104 

Raw, Geobgb 55 

Raw, Janam 43 

Raw, Jo 103, 104 

Raw, John 104, 116, 124 

Raw, Mabgabet 55 

Raw, Mabia 42 

Raw, Richabd 108 

Raw,— 100 

Rawe, Cathebine 113 

Rawe,John 113 

Rawe, Richabd 100 

Rawe^-- 100 

Rawlin, Barbara 4 

Digitized by 




Rawlin, Eliz 78, 122 

Rawlin, Elizabeth 4 

Bawlin, Mary 4 

Rawlin, Nicholas 4 

Rawling, Sir Bonjamin 128 

Rawlinq, Eliz 48 

Rawling, Elizabeth 123 

Rawling, Magdalenam 42 

Rawling, Mabtham 42 

Rawling, Michael 48 

Rawling, Samuel 42 

Bawling, Thomas 42 

Raynsforth, Elizabeth 122 

Raynsforth, John NichoUa 122 

Bead, George 105 

Bead,— 117 

Bbadhbad, Maby 65 

Readshaw, Chbistopheb 122 

Readshaw, Geobge 118 

Readshaw, Isabel 118 

Readshaw, Jacob 118, 120: n, 121 

Readshaw, James 64 

Beadshaw, Jake 63 

Readshaw, Maby 121 

Readshaw, Bobebt 63 

Readshaw, Sabah 64 


Beah, Maby 76 

Beavelby, Adam 71 

Rbaveley, Dobothy 71 

Reay, Anne 56 

Beay, Hannah 134 

Reay. Joseph 10 

Reay, Margaret 10 

Reay, Maby 69 

Reay, Bobt 56 

Beay, Utrick 134 

Beddish, Winipbbd 74 

Redhead, Is 66 

Bedhead, Robt 66 

Redshaw, Jane 64 

Bedshaw, Jno 64 

Reed, Annam 40 

Beed, Eleanor 43 

Beed, Gulielmi 99 

Beed, Hannah 134 

Beed, Hannah Jane 134 

Beed, Isabella 99 

Reed, Janam 39,41 

Reed, Joanna 57 

Beed, Mabgabet 64:». 134 

Beed, Maby 63, 71 

Beed, Miohael 43 

Reed, Tho 71 

Beed, Will 63 

Reed, William 184 

Reed, — Ill 

Beede, Ann 75 

Bbedshaw, Babbaibe 36 

Beid, Maby 60 

Belph, Mary 136 

Bblton, Henby Bennet 146 

Belton, Henry Bennett 146 

Relton, Bev. John Radge 146 

Belton, Sophia 146 

Rbnison, Kobebt 120 

Bennison, Elisabeth 76 

Benny, Ann 67 

Benton, Mabgabetam 40 

Benwiok, Benjamin 24 

Benwick, Jane 24 

Benwiok, Matthew 24 

Bevely, David 69 

Bevely, Maby 69 

BiCABY, Annam 46 

BioHABBY, Jane 72 

BiCHABBY, John 72 

BiCHABDSON. Alice 60 

Bichardson, Ann 92, 113 

BiCHABDSON, Anne 64, 86 : «. 3, 92 

Biohardson, Anthony 2 

Bichardson, Bryan 92 

Richardson, Christopher 3 



BiCHABDSON, Elizabeth 65,94 : n, 3, 92 



Bichardson, Helene 92 

Bichardson, Helme 92 

BiCHABDSON, James 61 

BiCHABDSON, Janam 43 

BiCHABDSON, Jane 61, 54, 69 : 91. 3 

BiCHABDSON, Johannes 91 

RiCHABDSON, John 54, 86 : m. 3, 92, 113 

Bichardson, Margaret 3,46 



BiCHABDSON, Maby 60, 66 : n.S 

Richardson, Michael 92 


Bichardson, Ralph 2 


Bichardson, Sarah 2 

Bichardson, Thomas 92 

Bichardson, William 3, 92 



BiCHED, Bishop of Dubham 84 

BicHESON, John 1 


Bichmond, Christopher 74 

Bichmond, Elizabeth 74 

Richmond, Isabella 74 

Bichmond, Robebt 72 

Richmond, Sabah 72 

Bichmond, William 48 

Rickaby, Catherine 121 


Ridley, Eliz 71 

Ridley, Isabella 76 

BiDLEY, John 76 

BiDLEY, Mabgabet 69,76 

BiDLEY, Thomas 69 

BiDLEY, Wm 67 

Rigby, Ellen 143 

Rigby, William 143 


RippoN, Eliz 62 

BippoN, John 62 

RippoN, Susanna 67 

Risby, Catherine 83 

Risby, William 83 

BoANTBEE, Jane 68 

RoANTBEE, William 68 



Dubham 41 


Bobertson, Eliza 33, 168 

BobeBTSON, FbANCES HeNBIETTA ... 33, 34 : 


Digitized by 




Bobertaon, Gapt (George 30 

B0BEBT8ON, Hilda 34 

BobertBon, Marianne 30 

Robertson, Mary 33 

Robertson, Mary Anne Georgiana 33 

Robertson, Nobhan 33 

Robertson, Lient.-Col. Peter Taylor 33 

ROBEBT8ON, W. H 33, 34, 155, 166, 157 

RoBEBTSON. Rev. W. H 167 

ROBEBTSON, William Henby 168 

Robertson, William Henry, M.D 33, 168 

Robebtson, Rev. William Henby, 

MiNOB Canon op Dubham 33, 34 

Robin, Anne 128 

Robin, PhiUp 128 

Robinson, Alice 95 

Robinson, Ann 135 

Robinson, Anne Caroline 154, 166 

Robinson, Babbaba 72 

Robinson, Cathebinb 54 

Robinson, Charles 135 

Robinson, Doboth 62 

Robinson, Dobothy 48 : n. 10 

Robinson, Elizabeth 68, 74 : ». 10 

Robinson, Elizabetham 46 

Robinson, Elizabth 122 

Robinson, Fbances Habbiett 147 

Robinson, Fbanciscam 40 

Robinson, Oeobge 59 

Robinson, Geoboius 43, 44 

Robinson, Hannam 43 

Robinson, Isabel 69 

Robinson, J. C. W 154 

Robinson, Janam 44 

Robinson, Jane 58, 59 

Robinson, Joh'es 43 

Robinson, John 69 

Robinson, John Christopher Wall 147 

Robinson, Leonabds 42 

Robinson, Mabg'tam 48 

Robinson, Margaret 86 

Robinson, Mabia* 42 

Robinson, Mabiam 44 

Robinson, Maby 60 

Robinson, Michael 74 

Robinson, Nathaniel 40 

Robinson, Ositha 117 

Robinson, Thomas 68 

Robinson, William 58 

Robinson, — 116 : n. 10, 86, 156 

Robeon, Alice 92 

RoBSON, Alice Maude 146 

Robson, Ann 49:». 141, 163 

RoBSON, Anna' 42 

ROBSON, Edwabd 71 

Robson, Elianob 64 

Robson, Euonob 78 

Robson, Eliz 60,65,71 

Robson, Elizabeth Ann 151 

Robson, Frances 153 

Robson, J ohanne,Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 3 

Robson, Johannes 2 

Robson, Rev. JoHANNis 2 

Robson, John 2, 49, 163 : n. 92, 93, 140 

Robson, John, Pbebbndaby of Durham 93 

Robson, Rev. John 1 

Robson, Joseph 93 

Robson, Margaret 93 

Robson, Maboabeta 3 

Robson, MaboarbtJI 4 

Robson, Maria 96 

Robson, Mary 140 

Robson, Richabd 1, 93 : n. 2 

Robson, Robert Naisbitt 154 

Robson, Sabah 97 : n, 148 

Robson, Simon, Dean of Bristol 92 

Robson, Thomas 153 

Robson, Will 64 

Robson, Willia' 95 

Robson, William 50 

RoDDAM, Jane 129 

Roddam, John 129 

RooEBS, Rev. Th 156 

Rookby, Rad'us 42 

RooKBY, Susanna' 42 

RooKSBY, Eliz 64 


RosBY, Ann 70 

Rosby, Edw 70 

Rosden, Isabellam 39 


Ross, Elizabeth 42 

Ross, Patrick 42 

Rothwell, Anne 2 

Rowe, Annabella 116 

Rowe, Jane 109, 122 

Rowe. John 116: n. 104, 124 

Rowe, Rich 109 

Rowe, Rev. Richabd 124 

Rowe, — 16 

Rowel, Rebbecca 60 

Rowell, Eliz 53 

Rowell, John 116 

Rowell,— 8:». 116 

Rowland, John 164 

Rowland, Phillis 164 

Rowlandson, Annie Sarah 147 


Rowlandson, Christopher 143,167 

Rowlandson, Hannah 157: ». 143 

Rowlandson, Kate Mabion 147 

Rowlandson, Samuel 145, 167 : n. 143, 163 

Rowlandson, Sabah 163 : i». 143, 157 

RoxBY, Eliz 49 

Rnbridge, Emma 28 

Rnbridge, James 28 

Rnd, Rev. The 17 

Rnd, Rev. Thomas 119 

RuDD, John 17 

Rndd, Joseph 92 

RUDD, Tho 17 

RuDD, Thomas 17 

Rudd, Rev. Thomas Ill 

Rndd, Wilbraham 17 

Rnsh, Mary 96 

Rush, Samnel 96 

Rush, Samuell 96 

RussEL, Cathebinb 124 

RussEL, Isabel 56 

Russell, Elizabeth 132 

RussELLS, Janam 40 

RuTLiDGE, Mabiam 42 

RuTLis, Gbace 71 


RuTTEB, Eliz 69 

Rydale, — 83 

Rydeb, Elizabeth 38 

Rydbb, Ottiwell 38 

Rydlby, Anne 116 

Rye, John 121 

Rymer, Elizabeth 18, 118 

Digitized by 




Rymeb, Rbv. Jo 18 

Btheb, Rev. John 118, 119, 121 

Rthsb, Miohal 121 

St. George, — 85, 88, 92, 115 

Salkbilo, Jane 64 

Salkeld, Frances 62 

Salmon, Catherine 169 

Salmon, Thomas 159 

Salt, Geoboe 137, 144 

Salt, Maby 137 

Salvin, Ann 50 

Salvin, Anthony 14, 50, 137, 141, 147, 148 

Salvin, Caroline Sophia 146 

Salvin, Eleanoia Elizabeth... 137, 141, 147, 148 

Salvin, Gerard 50 

Salvin, Henry 146 

Sampson, Aliciam 40 

Sampson, Anne 89 

Sampson, Dr. Thomas, Dean of Christ 

Church 89 

Sandebs, Chbistopheb 130 

Sandebson, Eliz 62 

Sandebson, Ellenoba' 41 

Sandebson, Fbancisca* 43 

Sandebson, Joh'es 41, 43 

Sandebson, Joshua 43 

Sanderson, Laoy 134 

Sandebson, Mabiam 43 

Sandebson, Mabt 76 

Sandebson, Patbick 76 

Sands, Maboabett 38 

Sands, William 38 

Sandwich, Earl of 154 

Sandys, Edwin, Archbishop of York 37 

Sandys, Margaret 37 

Satchell, Elizabeth 140 

Saunders, Catherine 84 

Savaqe, Elizabbtham 39 

Savill, Thomas 95 

Saxton, John 113 

Satbb, Ann 72 

Sayer, Catherine 119 

Sayeb, Exton 119 

Sayer, Rev. George 24 

Sateb, James 60 

Sayer, Mary 24 

Sateb, Tho 72 

Sayeb, Thomasine 60 

Saybe, Cathabinam 45 

Saybe, Laubentius 46 




8cobeb,Jane 63 

ScoEEB, Will 63 

Scott, Adam 125 

Soott, Ann 128 

Scott, Catherine Elizabeth 20 

Scott, James 20 

Scott, John 60 

Scott, Maby 60 

Scott, Thomas 60 

ScouBFiELD, Anne 107 

ScBOOGS, Ann 69 

ScBOOos, Samuel 69 


Scbuton, Dobotheam 89 

Soruton, Dorothy 9 

Scbuton, Maboabett 117 

ScuBFEiLD, Alicia* 41 

Sbameb,Ann 60 


Seddon, Hannah 69 

Seddon, John 69 

Sedoewigk, Maby 75 

Sedgwick, Eliz 54 

Selby, Chbistopheb 50 

Selby, Jane 68 

Selby, Rebecca 50 

Sebpell, Jane 140 

Setton, Frances 11 

Setton, John 11 

Sexton, Elioneb 122 

Seymour, Caroline Mary Anne 28 

Seymour, John C. G 28 

Shaclock, Fbancisca* 44 

Shaclock, Johannes 44 

Shadfobth, Mabo 61 

Shadfobth, Maboabett 74 

Shadforth, Mary 74 

Shadfobth, Robebt 74 

Shadfobth, Thomas 74 

Shadfobth, Thomasin 61 

Shaffield, Elizabeth 59 

Shafto, Dorothy 116 

Shafto, Jannam 40 

Shafto, Maby 66 

Shafto, Robert 119 

Shafto, Robert Ingram 136 

Shafto, Sarah 136 

Shaf toe, Mary 62 

Shaklock, Mabo'tam 45 

Sharp. Rev. Andrew 19 

Shabp, Ann 19,120 

Shabp, Ann Jemima 130 

Sharp, Sir C 4 

Sharp, Catherine 18 

Sharp, Sir Cuthbert 84, 113 

Sharp, Dorothy 122 

Sharp, Elizabeth 18 

Shabp, Fbances 19 

Shabp, Gbanville 19 : ». 122 

Shabp, James 18 : n. 19 

Shabp, Jane 73 

Sharp, John, Archbishop of York 122 

Shabp, Rev. John, DD., Abchdeacon of 
Nobthumbebland, Pbebendaby of 


Shabp, Judith 19, 122, 129 : n. 18 

Shabp, Db. Tho 75 

Shabp, Rev. Db. Thomas, Pbebendaby 

of dubham 19, 120 

Shabp, Rev. Db. Thomas, DJ>,, Pbe- 
bendaby of dubham, archdeacon 

OF Nobthumbebland 18, 122 

Sharp, Archbishop 18 

Sharp, Archdeacon 122 

Shabp, Db. 76,77 

Shabp, Db., Pbebendaby of Dubham 

125, 129 

Shabpe, Annam 43 

Shabpe, Anthonius 43 

Sharpe, Beatrice 165 

Sharpe, James 156 

Shaw, Albxandeb 41, no 

Shaw, Alice 64 

Shaw, Barbara 11, 121 

Shaw, Catherine 121 

Shaw, Ellenob no 

Shaw, Ellenoba* 4i 

Shaw, Ellbnobam 40 

Digitized by 




Shaw, GeoflErey 11, 121 

Shaw, GuLiELMO 3 

Shaw, Hilton ;.... 121 

Shaw, Mubiel 66 

Shaw, Saram 41 

Shaw, Wm 66 

Shawb, Alexandb 8 

Shawb, Ciciliam 41 


Shawteb, Annam 39 

Shawteb, Lancelotus 41 

Shawtbe, Mabiah 41 

Sheffeild, Anne 36 

Sheffeild, Nicholas 84 

Sheffield, Aim 87 

Sheffield, Jane 94 

Sheild, Mabt 54 

Sheild, Ralph 54 

Shepheabdson, Elizabetham 39 

Shepheabdson, Johannes 39 

Shephebd, Agbetem 43 

Shephebd, Geoboius 43 

Sheppabd, Ann 52 

Sheppabd, James 61 

Sheppabd, Jane 61 

Shebaton, Elizabetham 40 

Shebman, Tho., Minob Canon of Dub- 
ham — 110 

Shbthum, David 49 

Shethum, Eliz 49 

Shevill, Eliz 69 

Shevill, Geo 69 

Shipley, Anna* 44 

Shipley, Babbaba 70 

Shipley, Edwabd 55 

Shipley, Jane 69 

Shipley, Maby 65 

Shipley, Miohael 55 

Shipperdflon, Rev. Edmund Hector ... 73, 104 

Shipperdson, Margaret 104 

Shipperdson, Ralph 104 

Shipperdson, — 81 

Shobt, Maboeby 49 

Shotton, Maby 77 

Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earl of 119 

Shute, Ann 71 

Shuttlewobth, Elizabeth ... 108 : n. 112 

Shuttleworth, Nicholas 108,112 

Shuttlewobth, RiCHABD 112 

Shuttleworth, Sir Richard 112 

Shuttleworth, — 112 

Siddons. — 132 

SiDQBWiCK, Eliz 53 


BiDOWicK, Maby 66 

SiDWicK, Jane 38 

SiMEY, Isabella 79 

Simey, Mabian 79 

SiMEY, Ralph 79 

Simon, — 73 

Simpson, Aliciam 39 

Simpson, Anne 78 : ». 43 

Simpson, Bolton, Minob Canon ... 142, 144 

Simpson, Rev. Bolton 145, 147 

Simpson, Dobothy 60, 68 

Simpson, Elizabeth 104 : ». 43 

Simpson, Elizabetha 14 

Simpson, Gbobgb 60 

Simpson, Isabel 114 

Simpson, Isabell 107 

Simpson, Jana' 43 

Simpson, Jo 104: n. 113 

Simpson, Joh'es 43 

Simpson, JoH'is 12 

Simpson, Johan*is 14 

Simpson, Johannes 39 

Simpson, John 105, 113 

Simpson, Joseph 76 

Simpson, Mabgabet 121 

Simpson, Mabia 12 

Simpson, Maby 76, 107 

Simpson, Tho 113 

Simpson, Thomas 105,113 

Simpson, Wm 78 


SiSSON, Cuthbbbtus 97 


SiSSON, Fbancisca 99 

SiSSON, Jos 65 


SissoNS, Capt. John 95 

SissoNS, Matthew 96 

SissoNS, Mebbill 8 

Skelton, Jane 72 

Skelton, Robt 72 

Skene, A. P 136 

Skene, Andbew Philip 133 

Skene, Henbietta 135 : n, 133 

Skene, Katherine 133 

Skene, Capt Philip (Wharton) 133 

Skepper, Christopher 116 

Skeppeb, Jane 104 

Skepper, Moses 115 

Skeppeb, Thomas 104,115 

Skinneb, Geobgius 43 

Skinneb, Mabiam 43 

Skinner, Mary 43 

Skinner, William 43 

Skinner, — 43 


Skubbey, Babbaba* 42 

Skubbey, Gulielms 42 

Slateb, Elizabeth 53 

Sleigh, Frances 23, 137 

Sleigh, William 23, 137 

Smailes, Jane 77 

Smallpage, Dan 46 

Smallpage, Ruth 46 

Smabt, James 108 

SMABT, Jane 121 

Smabt, Mabgabet 55 

Smart, Peter, Prebendary of Durham 3 

Smabt, Susanna 3 

Smelt, Mabqabetam 42 

Smelt, Richard 4, 112 

Smelt, Richabdo 4 

Smiles, Elionoe 78 

Smiles, John 78 

Smibk, Geobge 57 

Smibk, Joanna 57 

Smith, Alice 59 

Smith, An 38 

Smith, Ann 69, 76, HI 

Smith, Anne 64, 66, 102 : n. 110 

Smith, Babbaba 53 

Smith, Betty 129 

Smith, David 59 

Smith, Dulcebella 5 

Smith, Dulcibella 91 

Smith, Edwabd 1 

Smith, Eleanor 66 

Smith, Eli 37 

Digitized by 




Smith, Bli., Minob Canon op Dubham 97 
Smith, Ells, Minob Canon of Dur- 
ham 4,6,6,90,91 

Smith, Elias 3, 8 : ». 13 

Smith, Rev. Eliab, Minob Canon op 

Durham 37, 94, £8 : n. 115 

Smith, Elisabeth 107 

Smith, Elisabetha 4 

SMITH, Eliz 18, 66 

Smith, Elizab'a 5 

Smith, Elizabeth 94, 140 : n. 17, 46 

Smith, Elizabetham 36,39 

Smith, Ellinob 56 

Smith, Faith 130 

Smith, Fbances 78 

Smith, Frandg 88 

Smith, Rev. GTeorgre 46 

Smith, Golibbioht 107 

Smith, Gbace 77 

Smith, Gratia 4 

Smith, GuLiELMi 88 

Smith, Gulielmus 88 

Smith, Henb*o 5 

Smith, Henrious 36 

Smith, Henry 107, 110 : n. 88 

Smith. Eev. Henry 100, 104, 108 

Smith, Isabel 47 

Smith, Isabell 8, 56 

Smith, Isabella' 37 

Smith, James 66 : n. 82, 88 

Smith, Jana 98 

Smith, Jane 46,61 

Smith, Jo 110 

Smith, Joan 64 

Smith, John 17, 56, 106, 119, 121, 128, 130, 136 : 

n. 46 

Smith, John, D.D 17, 18 

Smith, Dr. John, Prebendary 36 

Smith, Rev. John, Pbebendaby of Dur- 
ham « Ill 

Smith, Joh'nes, Minor Canon and Pbe- 
bendaby of Dubham 45 

Smith, Joseph 17, 75, 104 : ji. 46 

Smith, Mabgabet 60 : n. 14, 88 

Smith, Maroareta 5 

Smith, Marqareta 14 

Smith, Margarbta' 44 

Smith, Maroaretam 41 

Smith, Maroarett 74 

Smith, Maria 4 

Smith, Mariam 46 : n. 43 

Smith, Mary 17, 62, 64, 66, 71, 75, 109, 118, 
128 : n. 18, 36, 46, 107 

Smith, Mary Ann 136 

Smith, Marye 93 

Smith, Peter 43 

Smith, Philadelphia 36, 46 

Smith, Posthumus 116, 117 

Smith, RiCARDUs 90 

Smith, Richard 3,56 

Smith, Rob 13, 14 

Smith, KoBEBT 1,64,74,88,102,111: w.12,14 

Smith, RoBT 53,62 

Smith, Sabah 6,7,37 

Smith, Susanna 6, 7, 97, 100, 115 

Smith, Tamar 108 

Smith, Tho 78 

Smith, Thomas 44: n. 88 

Smith, Dr. Thomas, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham, Bishop of Carlisle 13 

Smith, WiLLiA' 38 

Smith, William 1, 18, 47, 93, 111, 118 : i». 17, 

46, 82, 90, 94 

Smith, Rev. William 45 

Smith, Wm 18, 117 

Smith, Zadock Ill 

Smith, Db. 17, 109 

Smith, Dr., Bishop of Carlisle 105 

Smith, Dr., Dean op Carlisle 13 

Smith, Dr., Prebendaby op Dubham ... 118 

Smith, — 17, 109, 116 : n. 107 

Smith-Dobbien, Rev. W. M., Minob 

Canon op Dubham 168 

Smithson, Debobah 46 

Smithson, Geo 46 

Smubpoot, Tho 114 

Smubthwaite, Mabqebiam 40 

Smyth, Eli^e, Minob Canon op Dub- 
ham 6 

Smyth, Henbicus 6 

Smyth, Maboabeta 3 

Smyth, — 2 

Smythe, Edwabde 82 

Snaith, Eliz 65 

Snaith, Isabell 55 

Snaith, Peteb 65 

Snaith, Robt 65 

Snawdon, Babbaba 106 

Snawdon, Babbaba' 42 

Snawdon, Elizabeth 53 

Snawdon. Geobgius 14 

Snawdon, Gulielms 42 

Snawdon, Jacobus 40 

Snawdon, John 48 

Snawdon, Magdalena' 40 

Snawdon, Mabgareta 12 

Snawdon, Mariam 42 

Snawdqn, Susanna 48 

Snawdon, William 102, 106, 107 

Snawdon, Wilmi 14 

Snawdon, Wmi 12 

Sneyd, Barbara 146 

Sneyd, Catherine Hannah 29, 133 

Sneyd, Edward 29, 133, 146 

Sneyd, Rev. Edward... 29, 139, 146, 148, 161 
Sneyd, Rev. Edward, Minor Canon of Dur- 
ham 133 

Sneyd, Maria 146 

Sneyd, Nathaniel 146 

Sneyd, Archdeacon Wettenhall 146 

Sneyd, Rev. WiUiam 146 

Snowden, Elizabeth 120 

Snowden, Geobgb 118 

Skowden, Sabah 51 

Snowden, William 61 

SoPLEY, Isabel 70 

Somerset, Lord Arthur 30 

Somerset, Arthur Edward 30 

Somerset, Edith 30 

Somerset, Henry, Duke of Beaufort 30 

SoMMERS, Mary 76 

SoMMERS, Richard 76 

Sonkey, Ann 98 

Sonkey, Dorothea 98 

Sonkey, Thomas 98 

Southeron, Eliz 63 

Southeron, Robt 63 

Sowerby, Ann 60 

SowEBBY, Hannah 66 

sowebby, isabellam 44 

Spabk, Ann 73 

Spabk, Euz 51 

Digitized by 




Spabk, Janam 43 

Spark, John 61,73 

Spabks, Aknam 39 

Spabkb, Johannbs 39 

Spabks, Mabt 60 

Spbabe, Elisabetham 44 

Spearman, Anne 11 

Spearman, Dobothea 10 

Speabman, DobotheI 9 

Speabkan, Dobothy 115 : n. 11, 110, HI, 123, 

137, 140 

Speabman, Eusabbtham 45 

Spearman, Eliz 112 

Spearman, Elizab 16 

Spearman, Elizabeth 8, 108 : n. 11 

Spearman, Elizabbtha 9 

Spearman, Frangiscub 10, 99 

Spearman, George 8, 96 

Spearman, Gilbert 48, 109, 110, 111, 113, 115 

Spearman, Gilbebtus 11 

Speabman. Han 48 

Speabman, Hannah 120 

Spearman, Isabella 11 

Speabman, Jo Ill 

Spearman, JoH 'is 11,99 

Spearman, Johannes 11 

Spearman, JoHANNis 9,10,11 

Spearman, John 8, 95, 108, 109, 111 : ». 11, 


Spearman, Maro 48 

Spearman, Mart 110,115 

Spearman, Michael 104: n. 11 

Spearman, Phillis 11 

Spearman, Kob 48 

Speabman, Robebt 109, 118 : n, 48, 111, 140 

Speabman, Bobt 115 

Speabman, Theophilub 113 

Spearman, — 16 

Spbok, Mabt 60 

Spencelat, Isabellam 46 

Spencelat, Bobebtus 46 

Spencelet, Alicia* 38 

Spencelet, John 38 

Spenceb, Geobge 57 

Spencbb, Mabgabet 67 

Spooneb, Mart 105 

Spoob, Hannah 132 

Spoob, Mabgabet 60 

Spoob, Robebt 60 

Stagg, Alicia* 41 

Stagg, Elizabeth 119 

Stagg, Gulielmi 12 

Stagg, Gulielms 12,41 

Stagg, William 107 

Stagge, Alice 116 

Stainesbt, Anne 66 

Stainesbt, Henbt 56 

Stainsbt, Janam 42 

Stainsbt, Thomas 42 

Stanhope, Anthony 89 

Stanhope, Arthnr 89 

Stanhope, Elizabeth 89 

Stanhope, Thomas 89 

Stanhope, Dr 89 

Staplbton, Elizabeth 10 

Staptlton, Miles 104 : n, 43, 114 

Stapylton,— 10 

Stabkin, Gabbet 65 

Starkin, Mabt 55 

Stawart, Jane 52 

Stawart, John 52 

Steadman, Maria* 42 

Steele, Ann 126 

Steele, Elizabeth 44, 126 

Steele, Ralph. 44 

Steele, William 126 

Stell, Eleanor 65 

Stell, Wm 65 

Stephanas, Florence ^.. 103 

Stephen, Florence 103 

Stephenson, Ann 60 

Stephenson, Anne 63 

Stephenson, CoNON 63 

Stephenson, Doroth 52 

Stephenson, Eliz 67 

Stephenson, Henrt 67 

Stephenson, Jane 67 

Stephenson, John 50 

Stephenson, Margaret 57 

Stephenson, Will 52 

Stephenson, Wm 67 

Stevenson, Elizabeth 53 

Stevenson, Jane 10 

Stevenson, John 10 

Stevenson, Mabt 59 

Stevenson, Thomas 53 

Steward, Col 9 

Stewabt, Jana' 42 

Stobbebt, Eliz 60 

Stobbbt, Anne 82 

Stobert, Elizabeth 82,87 

Stobebt, Richabd 82 : n. 87 

Stockdell, Joh'nes 45 

Stockdell, Mabgabetam 45 

Stoddebt, Chbistopheb 38 

Stoddebt, Frances 38 

Stoddert, Jane 38 

Stoddert, Thomas 38 

Stokeld, Ann 163 

Stokeld, Elianoram 44 

Stokeld, Eliz 50 

Stokeld, Elizabeth 50 

Stokeld, John 60 

Stoker, Jane 24 

Stoker, William 24 

Stoker, Dr. William 24 

Stone, Mart 65 

Stone, Peter 55 

Stonehewer, Elizabeth 127 : i». 125 

Stoneheweb, Mabt 120 

Stonehewer, Rich 117 

Stonehewer, Richard 120 : ?i. 125 

Stonehewer, Tho 117 

Stonehewer, Dr 117 

Stones, Christopher 8, 96 : n. 41 

Stones, JoANNAM 41 

Stones, Margaret 96 

Stones, Margarett 8 

Stoney, Andrew Robinson 24 

Stopes, Catherine 97 

Storey, Jonathan 120 

Stormont, Visoountess Louisa 81 

SxoRT, Doroth 52 

Stort, Eliz 52 

Stort, Elizabbtha* 39 

Stobt, Hen 52 

Stobt, Mabg 60 

Stobt, Robt 62 

Stot, Anne 61 

Stothard, Barbara 38 

Stothard, Christopher 38 

Stothard, Frances 38 

Digitized by 




Stothard, Margaret 38 

Stothaet, Anne 65 

Stothart, Tho 65 

Stott, George 75 

Stott, Jane 76 

Stott, Joseph 68 

Stott, Margaret 105 

Stott, Mary 68,75 

Stott, Timothy 105 

Stott, — 67 

Stout, Abraham 67 

Stout, Ann 67,71 

Stout, Jo 71 

Straker, Frances 70 

Straker, Nicholas 70 

Strathmore, John, Earl of 24 

Stubbs, Mary 55 

Stukeley, Johanna 66 

SUDALL, — 13 

Sudbury, Anne 15 

Sudbury, Bridget 16 

Sudbury, EUzabeth 13, 14, 15 

Sudbury, Jo., Dean op Durham 104 

Sudbury, JoH*B 15 

Sudbury, John 15 

Sudbury, Sir John 104 

Sudbury, Dean 13,14,15 

Sudbury, Lady 16 


SuDDicK, Dr. George 1 

Suddick, Michael 37 

Suddick, Philip 1 

Suddick, Richard 1 

Suddicke, Franciscam 37 

Sugar. Alice 36 

Sum'erside, Jane 64 

Sumner, George 87 

Sumner, Dr. John Bird, Prebendary of 
Durham, Bishop of Chester, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury 140 

Sumner, Maria 30 

Sumner, Marianne 30 

SuRAT, Mary 75 

SuttETiBS, Ann 52, 61 

Sureties, Hauxley 52 

Suretyes, Marian 39 

Surtees, Catherine 52 

Surtees, Crosier 157 

Surtees, Deborah Maria 27 

Surtees, Dorothy 157 

Surtees, Edward 56 

Surtees, Elizabeth 126 

Surtees, Hauxley 52, 126 

Surtees, Jane 56 

Surtees, Robert 52, 56 

Surtees, William 27 

Surtees, — 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 43, 44, 

46, 50, 63, 74, 75, 82, 83, 85, 87, 88, 90, 92, 

93, 96, 97, 103, 107, 111, 115, 116, 126, 127, 

135, 140, 150. 

SwAiNESTON, Eden 40 


SwAiNSTON, Alice 62 

Swainston, Frances 118 

SwAiNBTON, Margaret 67 

Swainston, Mary 61 

Swainston, Nicholas 118 

Swainston, RoBT 61 

Swainston, Tho 62 

Swalwell, Eliz 66 

Swalwell, Jane 51 


Swift, Anne 87 

SwiNBORNE, Tobias 6 

Swinburne, filizabeth 8 

Swinburne, Marg*tam 41 

Swinburne, Thomas 8 

Swinsed, Elizabeth 56 

Swyft, Anna 84,101 

Swyft, Robert 84 

Swyft, — 101 

Symson, Eliz 50 

Talbot, Catherine 119 

Talbot, Ellenoram 46 

Talbot, Tho 46 

Talbot, William, Bishop of Durham 119 

Talbot, Earl 119 

Talbot, see also Shrewsbury and Talbot. 

Talbntire, Hannah 69 

Taler, Margabett 95 

Taler, William 95 

Tarn, Alice 58 

Tarn, John 68 

Tatam, Ann 110 

Tatam, Robert 110 

Tayler, Eliz 71 

Tayler, Mathew 96 

Tayler, Mich 71 

Tayler, Will 96 

Taylor, Alice 77 

Taylor, Ann 67 

Taylor, Anne 61 

Taylor, Anthony 69 

Taylor, Barbara 109 

Taylor, Barbariam 39 

Taylor, Catherine 68 

Taylor, Eliz 69,70 

Taylor, Frances Anne 22 

Taylor, George 85 

Taylor, Gulielmus 39 

Taylor, Janam 40 

Taylor, Bishop Jeremy 146 

Taylor, JocosAM 44 

Taylor, Johan'es 44 

Taylor, Johannes 14 

Taylor, Johannis 14 

Taylor, John 103: ». 109 

Taylor, Joyce 113 

Taylor, Eatherine 114 

Taylor, Margaret 58, 61, 70, 86 

Taylor, Margaretam 39 

Taylor, Mary 47, 67 : n. 109, 146 

Taylor, Rt. Hon. Michael Angelo 22 

Taylor, Petrus 40 

Taylor, Ralph 77 

Taylor, Sir Robert 22 

Taylor, Rutham 45 

Taylor, Sarah 106 

Taylor, Tho 47 

Taylor, Thomas 68 : n, 109 

Taylor, Wm 61, 70 

Taylor, Wrightington 46 

Taylour, Isabella 49 

Teasdaile, Alice 68 

Teasdaile, Sarah 50 

Tempest, Bridget 16 

Tempest, Elizabeth 8,13,14,16 

Tempest, Elizabetha 14 

Tempest, Fitz-Herbert 18 

Tempest, Frances 22 

Tempest, Francis »*.•. 93 

Digitized by 




Tempest, OuLiELia 14 

Tempest, GuLiBLMO 15 

Tempest, Gulielmus 13 

Tempest, Isabel 2 

Tempest, John 8, 96 : «. 7, 22 

Tempest, Margaret 7 

Tempest, Maboabett 7, 38 

Tempest, Sir Nich 2 

Tempest, Sir Nicholas 93 

Tempest, BoBEBT 94,95 

Tempest, Rowland 93 

Tempest, Sib Tho 93 

Tempest, Thomas 93 

Tempest, Willia' 95 

Tempest, Col. William 8, 13, 14, 15, 18 

Tempest, Wmo 14 

Tempest, Col 8 

Tempest, see also Vane-Tempest. 

Temple, Rev. W. S 133 

Thin, Stuabta 6 

Thin, Thom^ 6 

Thistlethwayte, Tryphena 25 

Thomas, Fbedebick John 30 

Thomas, Rev. John, Canon of Ca^jteb- 

bubt 30 

Thomas, Mabia 30 

Thomas, Thomas 30 

Thomlinson, Eliz 62 

Thomlinson, Jane 78 

Thomlinson, Joseph 78 

Thomlinson, Riohd 62 

Thomond, Henry, Earl of 48 

Thompson, Agnes 27 

Thompson, Aliciam 36 

Thompson, An 38 

Thompson, Ann 49, 60, 67 : «. 63 

Thompson, Anna' 41 

Thompson, Anne 66 

Thompson, Anthonitjs 36 

Thompson, Anthony 41 

Thompson, Babbaba 48 

Thompson, Cathebine 144 

Thompson, Rev. Christopher 63 

Thompson, Cuthbebtus 43 

Thompson, Elianob 59 

Thompson, Eliz 40,43,48 

Thompson, Ellenobam 45 

Thompson, Ellinob 97 

Thompson, Ezekiel 52 

Thompson, Fbancbs 68 

Thompson, Geobqe 68 

Thompson, Gbacb 67 

Thompson, Gulielms 43 

Thompson, Gulielmus 45 

Thompson, Hannah 55 

Thompson, Henby 72 

Thompson, J an AM 44 

Thompson, Jane 67 

Thompson, John 38, 67 

Thompson, Rev. John 144 

Thompson, Lucie 43 

Thompson, Maboabet 122 : «. 41, 46 

Thompson, Maboab'tam 46 

Thompson, Mabot 72 

Thompson, Mabt 67 

Thompson, Michael 60 

Thompson, Richabd 70 

Thompson, Rob 67 

Thompson, Robert 46 

Thompson, Robebtus 46 

Thompson, Sabah 62, 70 

Thompson, Susan 47 

Thompson, Thomas 101 

Thompson, William 27 

Thompson, — 36 

Thomson, Ann 77 

Thomson, Annam 39 

Thomson, Thomas 77 

Thomson, — 86 

Thobnewill, Eliza Ababella Sabah 79 

Thobnewill, Robebt 79 

Thobnton, Hannah 55 

Thornton, John 148 

Thornton, Margaret 65 

Thornton, Mary 148 

Thobnton, Rev. Robebt 107 

Thornton, Roger 65 

Thorp, Ann 116 

Thobp, C, Pbebbndaby op Dubham ... 140 

Thoep, Chables, Abchdeacon of Dub- . 

HAM 144 

Thorp, Charles, Archdeacon and Prebend- 
ary of Durham 30, 31 

Thobp, Chables, Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 136 

Thorp, Charles, D.D., Archdeacon and 

Canon of Durham 158 

Thorp, Elizabeth 31, 158 

Thorp, Frances 30 

Thobp, Abchdeacon 141 

Thorpe, Archdeacon 167 

Thumble, Babbaba 70 

Thwaites, — 134, 165 

Thwino, Elizabeth 95 

Thynne, Maria 37 

Thynne, Stewabtam 37 

Thynne, Thomas 37 

Thynne, Sib Thomas 37 

Thynne, — , Marquess of Bath 37 

Tilly, Ann 135 

Tilly, Anthony 135 

Tilly, Elizabeth 135 

Tilly, Sarah 135 

Tilson, Grace 25 

Tilson, Thomas 25 

Tindall, Mabiam 44 

Tinkler, Barbara 151 

Tinkler, EU2abeth 151 

Tinkler, James 161 

TlNKLEB,JOHN 96 : ». 161 

Tinkler, Mary 151 

TiPLADY, Jane '. 49 

TiPLADY, Jo 49 

Todd, Ann 62 

Todd, Anthony 52 

Todd, Babbaba 70 

Todd, Chbistian 71 

Todd, Doboth 52 

Todd, DoBOTHY 73 

Todd, Eliz 50 

Todd, Ellenoba* 42 

Todd, Isabel 62 

Todd, Isabell 62 

Todd, Jana' 42 

Todd, Jane 68 

Todd, Joh*es 42 

Todd, John 70 

Todd, Rev. John, Minob Canon op 

Dubham 88 

Todd, Mabk 8 

Todd, Robebt 73 

Todd, Tho .'. 62 

Digitized by 




Todd, Thomas 71 

Todd, Timosin 88 

Todd, William 8 



Toe, JoH*£s 42 

Toe, Mabiam 42 

Toft, Thomas 88 

Toft, Timosin 88 

Tomlins, Anne 137 

Tomlins, Emily 137 

Tomlins, James 137 

Tomlins, Thomas 137 

Tompson, Jane 90 



ToNOE, Jane 7, 94 

TooNo, SiE Geobob 3 



Torrington, Yisoonnt 134 

Tonchet, George, Earl Audley 37 

Tonchet, Maria 37 

Toward, Anne 62 

TowABD, Eliz 72 

TowABD, Geo 72 

TowABD, Jo 62 


Townsend, Charles John Henry Fyler 30 

Townsend, Charlotte Charlton 149 

Townsend, Charlotte Constance Spenser... 30 

Townsend, Elizabeth 138 

Townsend, G., Pbebendaby op Ditbham 137, 

139, 142 

Townsend, Rev. G 29 

Townsend, Rev. G., Canon op Dubham 142 
Townsend, Rev. G., Pbebendaby op 

Dubham 138, 140, 141 

Townsend, Geo 147 

Townsend, Rev. George 149 

Townsend, Rev. Geoboe, Pbebendaby 

OP Dubham 79 

Townsend, Rev. Geobge, D.D., Canon 

OP Dubham 30, 149 

Townsend, Geoboe Chablton Leuoebs 

Babnabd 30 

Townsend, Rev. Geoboe Fyleb 30 : n. 149 

Townsend, Geoboina 30 

Townsend, Georgina Elizabeth Frances ... 30 

Townsend, Henrietta Marian 30 

Townsend, James Frederick 30 

Townsend, Rev. James Fbedebick ... 142 : 

i». 149 

Townsend, John 149 

Townsend, Mabel Snrtees 30 

Townsend, Mary Susan 149 

Townsend, Stephen Chapman 30 

Townsend, Susannah 149 

Townsend, Dr. 162 

Townshend, Viscount Charles 124 

Tbeab, Anne 57 

Tbbab, John 57 

Trevor, Bishop 21 

Tristram, Caroline 28 

Tbistbam, Chbistina 79 

Tristram, Frances Eliza 34 

Tbistbam, Rev. H. B., Canon op Dub- 
ham 34, 156, 167, 158, 169 

Tbistbam, Rev. Henby Bakeb, Canon 

op Dubham 79: n. 34 

Triitram, Mary Gertrude 84 

Tristram, Thomas Barrington 28 

Trotter, Anne 84 

Trotter, Catherine 84 

Teottbb, Ellenoba* 43 

Tbotteb, Hannah 55 

Trotter, Henrietta 133 

Tbotteb, Jane 62 

Tbotteb, Thomas 65 

Trotter, William 84, 133 

Tbowlop, Elizabeth 74 

tuabt, dobothy 51 

Tuabt, Lamebick 61 


TucKEB, Thomas 41 

TuKE, Edith Maby 168 

TuKE, Kate 158 


Tubnbull, Andbew 71 

Tubnbull, Ann 71 

Turner, Ann 126 

TUBNEB, Bbyan 71, 74, 120 : ». 124, 129 

TuBNEB, Rev. Bbyan 120 : «. 126 

TuBNEB, Eliz 69 

TUBNEB, EUZABBTH 120, 124 : ». 51 

Turner, Jane 129 

Turner, John 51 

TuBNEB, Joseph 68 

TUBNEB, Mabo 51 


TuBNEB, Maby 68 


Turner, Theophila 51 

TuBNEB, Will 51 

TuBNEB, William 114 : n. 51 

Turner, Rev. Dr. William 51 

Turner, William Parthericke 51 

Turner, Rev. William Parthericke, Minor 

Canon of Durham 114 

TuBNEB, Rev. Wm 114 

TUBNEB, Wm. Pabthbbicke 65, 116 


Tubvill, Andbew 9 

TUBVILL, Elias 9 



Tyleb, Agnes 27 

Tyleb, Anne 36 

Tyleb, Anthony 27, 28, 146 

Tyleb, Anthy 27 

Tyleb, Chables 28 

Tyleb, Edwin 27,155 

Tyleb, Elizabeth 27, 28, 151 : n. 145 

Tyler, Emma 28 

Tyleb, Phyllis 27 

Tyleb, Susannah 27 

Tyleb, Tho 36 

Tyleb, Thomas 86 

Tyleb, William 28, 133 

Tyndall, Janam 42 

Tynte, Sir Hugh 47 

Tynte, Penelope 47 

Ubanke, Philadelphia 4 

UsHAw, Anne 56 

UsHEB, Maby 71 

Van Mildert, Cornelius 138 

Van Mildebt,Jane 139: n. 138 

Van Mildert, Martha 138 

Van Mildebt, William, DJ)., Bishop 
of Dubham 138, 139 

Digitized by 




Van Mildert, Bishop 149 

Vane, Ann 66 

Vane, Frances 22 

Vane, Lady Frances 12 

Vane, Frances Anne 22 

Vane, Geo 66 

Vane, George 8 

Vane, Henry 22 

Vane, Rev. Dr. Sir Henry, Prebendary 

OP Durham 22 

Vane, Eev. Sir Henry 66 

Vane, Hester 8 

Vane, Lionel 66 

Vane, Thomas 12 

Vane, D'na 12 

Vane-Tempest, Anne Katherine, Conntess 

of Antrim 22 

Vane-Tempest, Frances Anne Emily 22 

Vane-Tempest, Sir Henry 22 

Vasey, Ann « 71 

Vasey, Joan 36 

Vasey, John 36 

Vasie, Aorelins 49 

Vasie, Mary 49 

Vasie, Phcebe 49 

Vasie, Thomas 49 

VASIUS, Franciscam 36 

Vasi us, Johannes 36 

Vavassenr-dit-Dorell, tee Le Vavasseor- 


Vernon, Caroline Maria 81 

Vernon, Hon. George John, Lord 81 

Vernon, Isabella Caroline 81 

ViNBR, — 6 

ViPONT, Janam 44 

ViPONT, Rebec' 64 

Vipont. Thomas 44 

Vipont, William 44 

W., E. A. 2, 6, 10, 11, 19, 23, 30, 31, 39, 58, 61, 
65, 71, 72, 76, 78, 93, 97, 110, 112. 113, 114, 

118, 120, 122, 123, 126, 126, 127, 128, 130, 

134, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 143, 144, 145, 

146, 147, 148, 149, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 
155, 156, 157, 169. 

Waddell, Archibald 2 

Waddell, Elizabeth 2 

Waddington, Ann 155 

Waddington, Anne 155 

Waddington, Rev. George 155 

Waddington, Rev. George, D.D., Dean 

OF Durham 30, 140, 142, 145, 149, 151, 

162, 155 

Waddington. Rt. Hon. Horatio 155 

Waddington j Rev. Joehna 155 

Waddington, M 155 

Waddington, William 165 

Waddington, Dean 164 

Waddington, Dr., Dean of Durham 1 

Waiklinge, Jane 94 

Waiklinge, Rev. Richard 94 

Wainwright, Ann 52 

Wainwright, Tho 52 

Waistell, Alice 60 

Waistell, Christopher 56 

Waistell, John 50 

Waistell, Marg'tam 43 

Waistell, Sarah 66 

Watte, Arthur 33 

Waite, John Humble 144 

Waits, Rev. Joseph 33 : ». 144 

Waite, Rev. Joseph, DJ)., Canon of New- 
castle 144, 156 

Waite, Rosamond 33, 157 : n, 156 

Waite, Willoughby 166 

Wake, Ellenor 48 

Wake, Jane 62 

Wake, Mary 66 

Wake, Tho 66 

Wake, Thomas 48 

Wakelin, Rich 109 

Waldegrave, Edward 47 

Waldegrave, Jemima 47 

Wales, Jacobus 43 

Wales, Marg'tam 43 

Walker, An 38 

Walker, Ann 126 

Walker, Christopher 124 

Walker, Eliz 70 

Walker, Francis 118, 121 

Walker, James 70 

Walker, Marg 51 

Walker, Mary 57, 130 

Walker, Thomas 118 

Walker, WiLLM 126 

Wall, Eliz 49 

Wall. Elizabeth 51 

Wall, Geo 66 

Wall, Mariam 46 

Wall, Mary 56 

Wall, Richardus 46 

Wallace, Ambrose 130 

Wallace, Ann 130, 139, 140 : ». 132, 134 

Wallace, Elizabeth 130 : n. 139 

Wallace, Jabe* .: 144 

Wallace, James... 130, 142, 144 : n, 132, 139 

Wallace, Jane 145 

Wallace, Lncy 134 

Wallace, Mary Ann 132 

Wallace, Robert 134 

Wallace. — 131 

Wallass, Marg 52 

Waller, Gartrett 14 

Wallice, Ambrose 128 

Wallice, Ann 128 

Wallis, Dorothy 76 

Wallis, Joseph 76 

Walpole, Sir Robert 124 

Walpole, — 124 

Walsh, Barbara 72 

Walsh. Rebeccam 42 

Walsham-How, Dr. William, Bishop of 

Wakefield 151 

Walsham-How, — 151 

Walter, Margarett 83 

Walter, Thomas 83 

Walton, Ann 72 

Walton, Anne 53: n. 92 

Walton, Barbara 48 

Walton, Elianor 71 

Walton, Eliz 64 

Walton, Francis 88 

Walton, Geo 2 

Walton, Gteorge 92 

Walton, Hugh 37, 88 

Walton, Isabell 66, 62 

Walton, Jane 48 

Walton, Jo 62 

Walton, John 7,37 

Walton, Mary 71 

Walton, Marye 37 

Walton, Michael 71 

Digitized by 




Walton, Nicholas 112 

Walton, Rev. Nicholas 88 

Walton, William 71 

Walton, Wm 55 

Walton, — 96 

Wandless, Edward 102 

Wandless, Thomas 102 

Wanless, Jane 62 

Wanlesse, Jane 55 

Wanlesse, William 55 

Warburton, — 155 

Waecup, Jane 59 

Ward, Ann 59 

Wabd, Annam 41 

Wabd, Cathbeina' 38 

Wabd, Chbistophebus 38 

Ward, Fbancisca' 43 

Ward, Sarah 131 

Wabd, Thomas 41 

Ward, — 131 

Warden, Christopher 123 

Wardell, EUzabeth 123 

Wabdlb, Elizabeth 123 

Wabino, Babbaba 18 

Wabing, Jno ^ 18 

Wabing, Jo 62,116 

Wabing, John 18.116 

Waring, Rev. John 118 

Wabing, Rev. John, Minob Canon of 


Wabing, Maboabett 118 

Wabing, — 71, 72, 73, 74 

Warren, Elizabeth 19 

Wabben, Isabel : 67 

Warren, Joyce 19 

Wabben, Richabd 67 : n. 19 

Wasgob, Eliz 67 

Wascoe, John 67 

Watkin, Anna Maria 127 

Watkin, Rev. Joseph, Minob Canon 

op dubham 127 

Watkin. Mabtha 127 

Watkin, Mary 72 

Watkin, Samnel 72 

Watkins, Dobothy Kate Gwyllyam... 34 
Watkins, Gwendolen Edith Gwyl- 
lyam 35 

Watkins, Helen Mabgabbt Gwyl- 
lyam 34 

Watkins, Henby William, Abch- 

deacon of dubham 34,35 

Watkins, Kate Maby Mabgabet ... 34, 35 
Wats, Dr. William, Prebendary of Dur- 
ham 119 

Watson, Alice 1 66 : n, 92 

Watson, Ann 52: ». 48 

Watson, Anthonius 41 

Watson, Dobothy 52, 74 

Watson, Elianob 64 

Watson, Elizabeth 58 

Watson, Elizabetham 40 

Watson, George 90 

Watson, Gulielmus 40 

Watson, Hannah 76 

Watson, Hbbteb 46 

Watson, Hugh 46 

Watson, Tb a bell a 42 

Watson, Isabellam 39 

Watson, James 74 

Watson, Jane 59, 62 : w. 46 

Watson, Jayne 83 

Watson, Jo 48 

Watson, John 106 : ». 48 

Watson, Mabg*tam 40 

Watson, Mabgt 66 

Watson, Mabiam 41 

Watson, Maby 48, 52, 53, 59, 66 

Watson, Ruth 73 

Watson, Sabah 52 : n. 110 

Watson, Sabam 42 

Watson, Suzanna 50 

Watson, Tho 62 

Watson, Thomas 39,59 

Watson, William 52, 76 

Watson, Winifbed 74 

Watson, Wm 66 

Watt, Jane 75 

Watt, Peteb 75 

Watts, Cathebinb 54 

Watts, Maby 121 

Watts, Dr. William, Pbebendaby of 


Watts, Rev. Db., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 121 

Waugh, Ann 46, 70 

Waugh, Anna' 41 

Waugh, Euzabeth 118 

Waugh, RiCH*us 41 

Weams, Ann 73 

Weabmouth, Maby 61 

Webstbb, Han 48 

Websteb, Jane , 64 

Web6Teb,John 64,66 

Websteb, Mabg'tam 42 

Websteb, Rob'tus 42 

Websteb, Susanna 66 

Webster, WUliam 48 

Weddell, Jane 73 

Weems, Jane 67 

Weebes, Jane 101 

Wekbes, Tho 101 

Wegg, Samuel 132 

Wbgg, Sabah 132 

Weggr-Prosser, FranciB Richard 129 

Welbnry, Elizabeth 13 

Welfoot, Fbanoisoam 43 

Welfoot, Rob'tus 43 

Welfoote, Geobge 50 

Welfootb, Jane 50 

Wellesley, Anne, Countess of Momington 146 

Wellesley, Emily Ann Charlotte 142 

Wellesley, Lady Emily Mary 145 

Wellesley, Garret or Ghurett, Earl of 

Mornington 145 

Wellesley, Hon. Rev. Gbbald Vale- 
BiAN, D.D., Canon of Dubham... 29, 145 

Wellesley, Mary Sarah 79 

Wellesley, Db., Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 142 

Wellesley, Hon. Rev. Db. 79 

Wellington, Dnke of 145 

Wells, Alice 152 

Wells, Mabiam i 43 

Wells, Samnel 152 

Wblsfobd, Maby 64 

Welsh, Annam 89 

Welsh, Michael 39 

Wennington, Anne 56 

Webdon, Jane 105 

Webdon, Maby 106 

Webdon, William ill 

Webdon, Wm 108 

Digitized by 




Webb, Thomas 107 

Wkst, Anthony 95 

Wbst, George 57 

West, Maboabet 57 

West, Willia* 95 

Westgabth, Sabam 89 

Wbstoabth, Thomas 39 

Westmobeland, Mabia* 44 

Weston, Arabella 22 

Weston, Charles, Prebendary of Dor- 
ham 124 

Weston, Chables, Pbebendaby of Dub- 

ham, Abchdeacon of Wilts 22, 23 

Weston, Prebendary Charles 26 

Weston, Charlotte 124 

Weston, Chl 124 

Weston, Edwabd 22 

Weston, John 126 

Weston, Penelope Ann 23 

Weston, Db. Phipps, Pbebendaby of 

DUBHAM 126 : n, 124 

Weston, Rev. Phipps 126 

Weston, Rev. — , Pbebendaby of Dub- 
ham 124 

Weston, — 124 

Wethebell, Alice 63 

Wetherel], Anne 45 

Wetherell, Comelins 76, 78 

Wetherell, Eleanor 143, 145 

Wetherell, Elizabeth 45 

Wetherell, Giles 45 

Wethebell, Hbnby 76 

Wetherell, Margaret 76 

Wethebell, Mabgt 78 

Wethebell, Maby 76 

Wethebell, Nathan, Dean of Hebe- 

FOBD 78 

Wetherell, Richard 145 

Wetherell, Richard, Dean of Hereford ... 143 

Wetherell, Dean 96 

Weybbidoe, John 76 

Weybbidoe. Maboabet 76 

Whabbam, Ellenoba* 42 

Whabbam, Gulielm^s 42 

Whabton, John Lloyd, M.P 80 

Whabton, Maby Dobothea 80 

Whatbly, Abchbishop 146 

Wheat, Cathebine 65 

Wheat, Robt 65 

Whbathey, Janam 40 

Wheatley, Ann 68 

WHEATIjEY, Dobothy 60 

Wheatley, Obobqb 73 

Wheatley, Mabtha 62 

Wheatley, Maby 73 

Wheatley, Thomas 68 

Whbatly, Ann 60 

Wheatly, Mabot 64 

Wheblbioht, Jane 59 

Wheblbight, Joseph 59 

Whbebs, Elizabetha 3 

Whebbs, Johannis 3 

Wheldell, Emmbttam 42 

Whbldell, Pabcivallus 42 

Wheldon, Blxzabetham 40 

Whbldon, Henbious 40 

Wheler, Anne 117 

Whbleb, Bbaems 75 

Wheler, Col. Charles 117 

Whbleb, Pbances 73 

Wheleb, Sib Gbo 112 

Wheleb, Sib Geo., Pbebendaby of 

Dubham 117 

Wheleb. Sib Geobge ., 115 

Wbeler, Rev. Sir (George, Prebendary of 

Dnrham 18, 122 

Wbeler, Grace 117 

Wheleb, Higgons 112 

Whbleb, Jane 115 

Wheler, Jndith 18,122 

Wheleb, Maby 75 

Whethebell, Alice 63 

Whethebell, Robt 63 

Whight, Joan 64 

Whitakbb, Chables 120 

Whitakeb, Elizabeth 120 

Whitakeb, Gbace 122 

White, Ann 75 

White, Anne 90 

White, Fbangiscam 39 

White, Isabellam 46 

White, Johannes 46 

White, Mabgabet 38 

White, Maby 156 : n. 90, 140 

White, Robebt 75 

White, Thomas 75, 98, 157 : n. 140 

White, — 90 

Whitfeild, Elizabeth 49 

Whitfeild, Osytha 73 

Whitfeild, Robebt 73 

Whitfield, Elianob 71 

Whitfield, Elizabeth 73 

Whitfield, Maby 69 

Whitfield, Matthew 73 

Whitfield, Osith 73 

Whitfield, Robert 59 

Whitfield, Wm 69 

Whithead, Mabgt 63 


Widdifield, John 26 

Widdifield, Matthew 26 

Wikelin, Ann 94 

Wikelin, Barbara 94 

Wikelin, Elizabeth 94 

Wikelin, Jane 94 

Wikelin, Richard 94 

Wikelin, Rev. Richabd, Minob Canon 

OF Dubham 94 : n. 109 

Wikelin, Thomas 94 

Wild, Elisabeth 61 

Wildbore, Franciscam 37 

Wildbore, Rev. GUbert 37 

Wadbore, Robert 124 

Wildbore, Ursula 124 

Wilde, Anthony 48 

Wilde, Dobothy...: 48 

wade, Mary 48 

Wilkin, Abigail 72 

Wilkinson, Alice 58 

Wilkinson, Andbe.£ 14 

Wilkinson, Andbbas 44 

Wilkinson, Ann 76 

Wilkinson, Annam 44 

Wilkinson, Anne 141 

Wilkinson, Anthony 70 : i». 132 

Wilkinson, Cathebina' 43 

Wilkinson, Cathebine 72 

Wilkinson, Debobah 70 

Wilkinson, Dobothbam 46 

Wilkinson, Dobothy 68, 113 

Wilkinson, Eliz 72 

Wilkinson, Elizabeth ... 73 : «. 76, 123, 132 


Digitized by 




Wilkinson, Ellenoram 45 

Wilkinson, Frances 61 : n. 87 

Wilkinson, Isabel 69 

Wilkinson, Jane 53, 61 : ». 90 

Wilkinson, Jo 61 

Wilkinson, Johan'bs 14 

Wilkinson, John 68, 72, 74 : n. 141 

Wilkinson, Mabqaret 54 : n. 58, 61, 70 

Wilkinson, Mabqt 66 

Wilkinson, Martin 76 

Wilkinson, Maby 58, 63. 68, 74, 76 

Wilkinson, Radulp 46 

Wilkinson, Ralph 113 

Wilkinson, Richard 123 

Wilkinson, Robebt 50, 76 

Wilkinson, Rowland 53 

Wilkinson, Suzanna 50 

Wilkinson, Tho 61 

Wilkinson, Thomas 54, 58 

Wilkinson, Will 72 

Wilkinson, William 58, 61, 70 

WiLLANS, John 67 

WiLLANs, Maby 67 

WiLLCOCKS, Eliz 49 

WiLLCocKS. John 49 

Williams, Alyn Abthub 34 

Williams, Cathebine 34 

Williams, Maby Elizabeth 34 

Williams, Richabd Howabd 34 

Williams, Rev. Samuel Blackwell 

Guest 34 

Williams, Wabben Kibkham 34 

Williams, Wynne Austin 34 

Williamson, Ann 85 

Williamson, Cathebine 76 

Williamson, Fbancbs 70 

Williamson, Joseph 47 

Williamson, Mabgabetam 39 

Williamson, Maby 47 : n, 58 

Williamson, Rev. William, Minob 

Canon op Dubham 76 

Williamson, Sir William 58 

Williamson,— 76 

Williamson, tee also Hopper- Williamson. 

williamstone, joseph 40 

Williamstone, Mabgabetam 40 

Willis, Browne 83, 89 

Willis. Edwabd 53 

Willis, Elizabeth 53, 77 

Willows, Eliz 72 

WiLLSON, Ann 76 


WiLLsoN, Maby 76 


WiLLSON, Susanna 74 

Wilsby, Hannah 49 

Wilsby, James 49 

Wilsher, Dorothy 15 

Wilshere, Marj 15 

Wilson, Agnas 26 

Wilson, Alice 56 

Wilson, Allan Aylmbb 84 

Wilson, Ann 49 

Wilson, Aknam 41, 45 : n. 39 

Wilson, Anne Louisa 34 

Wilson, Babbaba' 42 

Wilson, Bridgret 15, 16 

Wilson, Bbigida 16 

Wilson, Caroline 136 

Wilson, Oath lie 

Wilson, Dobothbax 38 

Wilson, Eliz 65, 65 

Wilson, Elizabeth 57:n. 15 

Wilson, Gulielmi 15, 16 

Wilson, Gulielms 42 

Wilson, Henby 59 

Wilson, Is 65 

Wilson, Janam 40 

Wilson, Jane 49, 56, 58, 73 

Wilson, Johannes 15 

Wilson, John 104 

Wilson, John Geobgb 34 

Wilson, Mabgabbt 59 

Wilson, Mabgabetam 40 

Wilson, Mabia 42 

Wilson, Mabia' 42 

Wilson, Maby 50, 52, 60, 106 : n. 15 

Wilson, Rebecca 50 

Wilson, Rich*us 42 

Wilson, Richabd 26: n. 15 

Wilson, RicHABDUs 40 

Wilson, Robbbtus 39 

Wilson, Rogeb 49,57 

Wilson, Sudbuby 110 : n. 15 

Wilson, Tho 65 

Wilson, TiMOTHEUs 96 

Wilson, Will 50 

Wilson, Willlam 73, 106 : n. 110 

Wilson, Wm 106 

Wilson, see also Fonntayne-Wilson. 

Wilton, John 132 

Winship, William 57 

WiNSHiPP, Eliz 67 

WiNSHiPP, Maby 57, 68 

WiNSHIPP, Welbeby 67 

Woldrige, James 86 

Woldrige, Rev. — 86 

Wolfe, CaroHne 136 

Wolfe, Elizabeth 143 : ». 131, 148, 161 

Wolfe, John 136, 143 : ». 77, 131, 148, 151 

Wolfe, Mabgabet 77 

Wolf e, Margaret Pearson 131,151 

Wolfe, Robebt 77 : n. 136 

Wolfe,— 134,135 

Wood, Andbbw 68 

Wood, Ann 24 

Wood, Eliz 64 

Wood, Elizabeth 38, 49: ». 146 

Wood, Elizabbtham 39 

Wood, Fbancis 54 

Wood, Hannah 76 

Wood, Isabel 118 

Wood, Jane 68 

Wood, Joh'is 16 

Wood, Johan'es 16 

Wood, Johan'is 15 

Wood, John 24, 118 

Wood, Mabg'tam 42 

Wood, Robebtus 15 

Wood, Tho 49 

Wood, Willia' 38 

Wood,— 87 

Woodger, Elizabeth 17 

WooDiPiELD, Ann 26 

WooDiPiELD, Elizabeth 26,135 

WooDiFiBLD, Hannah 26 


WooDiFiELD, Matthew 26, 135, 146 

Woodifield, Robert 26 


Woodifield, — 129, 130, 132 : n. 136 


Digitized by 




WOODMAS, Franciscus 108 

WooDMAS, Joseph 59 

Wooler, Anthony 69 

Wooler, EUiabeth 69 

WooLEB, Isabel 69 

Wooler, Jane 127 

WooLEB, Jonathan 69 

Wooler, Joseph Snaith 127 

Worley, John 86 

Worley, Timothy 86 

Worlich, Georsre 86 

WoBLiCH, James 86 

Worlich, John 86 

WoBLiCH, Rev. — 86 

Wrangham, JaDe 82 

Wbay, Ann 69 

Wbat, Jacob 69 

Wbbn, Ann 72 

Wben, Babbaba 6 

Wren, Charles 87 

Wren, Peregrina 87 

Wren, Thomas 72 

Wbench, An 37 

Wbench, Bichabd, Pbsbendabt of 


Wbench, Richabdus, Pbebendabt of 


Weight, Aliciam 40 

Weight, Ann 66 

Wright, Dorothy 46 

Weight, Buz 57 

Wright, Elizabeth 91 

Weight, Elizabetham 39 

Weight, Gulielmus 39 

Wbight, Isabella 125 

Weight, Jane 91 : «. 4, 86, 88, 89 

Weight, Johannes 36,40 

Weight, Johannis 89 

Weight, John 142 : n, 91 

Weight, Maeg 61 

Weight, Mabgabet 125 

Wright, Margrett 101 

Wright, Mary 91 

Weight, Osytha 73 

Weight, Richabdus 88 

Weight, S 125 

Weight, Sabam 36 

Weight, Tho 67 

Weight, Thoma 4 

Weight, Thom^ 88, 89 

Weight, Thomas 91 : ji. 86, 88 

Weight, Will 51 

Wright,— 73 

Weighte, Jane 86 

Weights, Thomas 86 

Wyckliffe, Ann 68 

Wykeham, William of 21 

Wyndham, Alice 123 

Wyndham,John 123 

Wyndham, Sir Wadham 123 

Wytham, Doritye 95 

Wytham, G^rge 95 

Wyvill.Sir Christopher 45 

Wyvill, Mabgabbta' 45 

WyviU, Ursula 46 

Wyvill, Xpofebus, D.D., Dean of 


Yap, Abba. 47, 108 

Yap, Abbaham 108 

Yap, Ann 47 

Yap, Jane 108 

Yape, Johannis 11 

Yape, Mabia 11 

Yapp, Abba 48,49,111,113 

Yapp, Rev. Abba 109, 119 

Yapp, Abbaham, Minob Canon of Due- 
ham 118 

Yapp, Rev. Abraham 107 

Yapp, Rev. Abm 117 

Yapp, Ann 117, 119 

Yapp, Babbaba 109 

Yapp, Elizabeth 74 

Yapp, Ellbnoe Ill, 112, 116 

Yapp, Jacobus 13 

Yapp, Jana 11,97 

Yapp, Joh*es 97 

Yapp, Joh*is 11, 13, 97 

Yapp, John Ill, 113 : n. 107 

Yapp, Maby 47, 112 : ». 109 

Yapp, Thomas ill 

Tapp, William 113 

Yappb, Ellenob 38 

Yappe, John 38, 107 

Yabeow, Gibbon 129 

Yaebow, Isabel 59 

Yabeow, Feecival 69 

Yelverton, Anne 45 

Yelverton, Bir Christopher 46 

York, Mary, Duchess of 47 

York, Duke of 47 

Young, Agnetem 43 

Young, John 66 

Young, Lucye 55 

Young, Maby 46, 55, 59 

Young, Robt 65 

Young, Admiral Sir Williiun .,. 131 

Younghusband, Edward .*. 78 

Younghusband, Hannah 78 

Younghusband, Susannah 78 

Zouoh, Isabella 128 

ZoucH, Db 128 

Zouoh, — 128 

London: Mitchell and Uuyhei, Printera, 140 Wardoor StrMt, W. 

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